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5:55 pm to 9:52 pm Sun., 10:30 pm Tues. to 3:06 am Wed., and 6:04 am to 10:40 am Fri.


Remember, some time ago, I said Vancouver/British Columbia would start to experience California-style, Mediterranean weather? Banana trees have started to bear fruit in Van, and two of the last three summers have brought a drought in the rainforest, hot and dry.

Inventions I’d like to see:

A lawnmower with a fifth, spherical wheel at the back, sitting about two inches off the ground. When you came to the end of a row, instead of fighting with the mower to turn it completely around, you would simply tilt the front up (tilt the mower handle slightly down) and turn the machine on the fifth wheel.

A device built into cars, enabling the cops to flip a switch and make any car’s engine stop or slow down. Good for high-speed chases.

A device built into traffic lights, so cops, ambulances and fire trucks could turn all intersection lights in their path green — flashing green to announce danger — and flashing red for cross-wise drivers. This would clear intersections for them.

A toilet seat with a little side protuberance, shaped to accommodate a finger, to lift the toilet cover and/or seat up without having to grip the actual lid or seat. Would keep hands cleaner, especially in cases where the lid has, through loosening or flattening, gotten to such a state that you have to push your fingers in and under to lift it. The “finger lift” could even be detachable, for easy washing. It could even be sold in stores unattached to toilets, with a little rubber grip-spring, or adhesive, etc., allowing people to attach their own to older toilets.



       ARIES:  March 21-April 19

This is your last week of work, boredom, drudgery and “everyday” health concerns, Aries. At least generally — for the following weeks (to Oct. 22) still tie you to a project, invention or task that for some reason is important to your life. On the plus side, you’ll enjoy your work, and co-workers will be affectionate, to mid-Oct. You might buy machinery, but don’t do so this present week. Sunday’s romantic — you could fall in, or inspire, love! People you meet this daytime (before supper, PDT) are or will become good friends, upbeat. They like your odd ball side. (It’s the same after suppertime, but new people met then won’t stay in your life.) To work, Sun. night through Tuesday. Dress and eat sensibly — don’t over-imbibe. One job might disappear, another begin. Instructions could be wonky, so remain alert. Relationships face you Wed. to mid-morning Friday. Subtle difficulties here Wed. into Thurs. morn, but after this relations stabilize. You might meet an intriguing person Thurs. night into Friday’s wee hours. Someone’s interested in you. A co-worker (or your own efforts) boost your career prospects. Chase secrets/mysteries (or medical advice) financial opportunities and/or intimacy, Friday mid-morn through Saturday — luck’s good, even though you’re a bit confused.


taurus weekly forecast       TAURUS:  April 20-May 20

Beauty, pleasure, romance continue, Taurus. Normally this would be your last week of these, but several planets will carry you on a loving wave right into late Oct. The only problem with this wave is that it also seems to contain some secret or hold-back for you.  (If so, be honest — this will keep you from trouble. If you are hiding something, confess it to your loved one: he/she will forgive, love you more. Perhaps because it will provide an innocent, true explanation for recent behaviour. You won’t think it’s innocent; they will.)  Spend Sun. at home, with family or close, faithful friends.  All is lucky, content. Take someone into your confidence. A gov’t program can greatly help in renovations, mortgages, etc.  Act before 6 pm (PDT) for success. Late this night through Tues. boosts romantic prospects, and infuses you with a fine creative, gambling, sports or pleasure-seeking urge. DON’T invest nor press for sex, but do meet new people, express your feelings, create something! Tackle chores Wed. to mid-morning Friday. Eat and dress sensibly. Work alone until Thurs. noon, as others won’t really co-operate. A love vow might occur, especially late Thurs., early Fri. There’s an odd mixture of old and new in your relationships — or in a particular bond — Friday. This day and Saturday emphasize meetings, opportunities, co-operation, attraction and/or (unlikely but possible) repulsion. You could go gaga over a love that’s a mirage (or extra-marital): be realistic!


       GEMINI:  May 21-June 20

The broad emphasis on home, family, nurturing, rest and recuperation ends Fri., when a month of very significant romance (etc.) begins. However, strong streaks of “down home” influence continue right into Oct. 22. Until then, DO NOT start living with someone, nor move into a new abode.  (Unless you enjoy fighting.)  On the plus side, your home and family will be sweet mid-week to mid-Oct. Friction might also arise, but it will hold hands with optimism. Errands, paperwork, short trips and communications fill Sunday. A casual friend might become much more, or you might take trip with your sweetheart. You might be admitted to a new group. For success, act before 6 pm (PDT). This night through Tues. intensifies that home, family, nurturing trend. You might change homes (not advised). A decision is needed: do you pursue outside ambitions, or opt for security and family?  Don’t form a new partnership, nor count on your spouse’s co-operation.  Tuesday starts a few weeks of “happier home.”  Romance floats in Wed. to mid-morn Friday. This prefigures a whole month of the same, Fri. afternoon to late Oct. The problems you encounter with romance, creative projects and speculation Wed. to mid-morn Thurs., will also impede amour in a larger sense, to Oct. 9. (Your loved one has domestic problems, or you have sexual ones.)  But the successes/support you experience late morning Thurs. to mid-morn Fri., will also blossom fortunately from Oct. 9 onward. If you haven’t fallen in love already, act soon. Friday mid-morn and Saturday bring chores, minor health concerns. Dive in — you’ll make good headway, easily.


       CANCER:  June 21-July 22

This is your last week of being overwhelmed with errands, small chores, paperwork, communications, trips, visits, appointments, etc.  (However, these won’t “disappear”.  Until Oct. 22, other factors keep the merry-go-round spinning. On the plus side, communications and paperwork are necessary, now, to boost your career or worldly status, reputation.) The present week isn’t easy, so step ahead nimbly, and keep your sense of humour. Chase money Sunday to 10 pm (hold a garage sale?). Buy/sell, cultivate clients, etc. For success, act before 6 pm (PDT). You could stumble upon a great investment. For some, a sexual attraction could blossom, and find a quick “reward.” Those errands, paperwork, communications, etc. reach a peak late Sun. night through Tuesday.  A wee bit of deception might be going on. Don’t let restlessness, wanderlust, interfere with your work duties. Tuesday to mid-Oct., communications will be affectionate. Turn toward home (even if only in your thoughts) Wed. to mid-morn Friday. A “quiet disagreement” might exist with spouse, others, before mid-morn Thurs. But after this, both stability and love and good real estate luck exist. Romance, creative and gambling urges, pleasure and beauty fill Fri. and Sat. You could be headed toward love, but of a flaring, ephemeral, insubstantial (yet thrilling) kind — illusion might reign!


Leo icon, Luck Forecast       LEO:  July 23-Aug. 22

The general emphasis lies on money, earnings, buying/selling, possessions, memory and rote learning – and sensual attractions/affairs with the kind of persons who you know, from the outset, won’t fascinate you for long. These currents are doubly emphasized late Sun. night through Tues. Friday ends this general trend, but three planets extend it, ultimately to Oct. 22. DON’T marry that sensual attraction before Oct. 22 — after this, you’ll lose the urge — if not, you can proceed. Up to you. Your charisma and energy remain high Sunday— act before 6 pm (PDT) for success. You could fall in love, be approached regarding love, or meet your future love. For married Leos, success lies at a distance, perhaps in another country, or with an international organization. Retreat from excitement late Sun. night through Tuesday. Lie low, rest, contemplate, deal with gov’t, institutions, and shut-ins. Not much goes right in romance, and gambling can empty your pockets. Sex calls, but illusion, possible deception accompanies it. Plunge into errands, paperwork, travel and communications Wed. to mid-morn Fri. You’ll have more success after Thurs. morning — before this, you could be mildly frustrated by a technical glitch. You might hear good news about, or have a sober but enduring insight into, work and health zones. Settle into home, family, real estate, security, nutrition and soul mid-morn Fri. through Saturday — all’s well, comfortable. But don’t invest, particularly in property.


       VIRGO:  Aug. 23-Sept. 22

Your energy, effectiveness and charisma continue high. Friday will start a month of changed focus, to earnings, possessions, buying and selling. You are very lucky in this money-related zone until Oct. 10, so be ready to act quickly (Fri. onward). Your energy will quietly abate in the month ahead, but your magnetism and interest in sex will remain intense until Oct. 22.  A very physical affair is quite possible.  Avoid tawdry temptations, and make sure, if sex is all you want, that your lover holds the same motive. Your investment urges also rise, same period. You could make a good financial move, but avoid impulse: think, act deliberately. Be quiet, restful and contemplative Sunday. You might spy a true financial/investment (or debt reduction) opportunity. Late night through Tues., your energy and effectiveness return — start things, but make sure whatever you start doesn’t involve real estate, family, security, or the entire “food and shelter” portion of life. Generally, success is more reliable after noon (PDT) Tuesday. On both Mon. and Tues., you face a puzzling yet attractive person or partnership opportunity. Chase money, buy/sell, cultivate clients and protect possessions Wed. to mid-morn Friday. This begins a whole month of the same. You’ll succeed most Thurs. pm onward. Errands, friends, visits, communications, paperwork flow swiftly and fortunately Fri. and Sat.


       LIBRA:  Sept. 23-Oct. 22

Continue to lie low, rest and contemplate, Libra. Think over your past, and plan adjustments to your path forward, if necessary. Charity, mercy, spirituality are important. To some degree, your “sequestration” will end late this week, as a gush of energy and newly-polished charisma makes you bounce up and engage life.  (With the Moon, Wed. to Fri.; with the Sun, Friday to late Oct.)  But the concerns you studied the last few weeks, and will see again this Tues./Wed., don’t go away quickly. Confidential discussions occur this week and next. You actually desire some solitude now to mid-Oct. — and will gain from gov’t, institutions, or large corporations. Your partnership interests will be mildly burdensome until Oct. 22, and you could feel a bit ignored (especially if you deal with the public, or with fame). This week, Sunday lifts your spirits, brings a social “uplift,” and could introduce you to (or deepen) true love!  But retreat this night through Tues. — rest, plan, perform neglected chores. Protect your health. Your energy and charisma bounce upward Wed. to mid-morn Fri. You’ll succeed more Thurs. pm. and Friday. A month of success and strong energy begins Fri. This pm and Saturday bring money — and money luck!


       SCORPIO:  Oct. 23-Nov. 21

Talk about over-laps, Scorpio. A new, quiet month begins on Friday – you’ll feel it as early as Wed./Thurs.  And though a month of social delights, optimism, happiness and flirtations ends Fri., three planets extend the same influence (though reduced) as far as Oct. 22. During this month ahead, you will be a bit tired, solitary and contemplative. Your best social life will consist of co-workers and dependents — and, perhaps, a special Taurus person. Sunday is loaded with prestige, reputation and career concerns — and very luckily so. You might be praised for your work, or treated like a VIP at your local cafe.  Or, you could work up a proposal, whatever, to present to higher-ups. For success, act well before 6 pm (PDT). This night through Tues. lights the flirtation fires again, stokes your optimism and boosts your popularity — happiness hovers! Romance could start with a mere word or a whole conversation. Beware Tues. morning, as dejection (or monetary loss) could irk you. Retreat from the crowd Wed. to mid-morn Friday. Dream, nap, examine your past and envision your future. Be charitable, spiritual, and look at “management” in any form. Friday begins a month of such quietude, management issues, rest and contemplation. However, Fri. also starts three days of additional energy, charisma and significance. Note the last word. True romance might visit Sat. morning, but a flare of fantasy seems to accompany it, so proceed realistically.


       SAGITTARIUS:  Nov. 22-Dec. 21

The broad thrust of your “career month” subsides after Fri., when a month of social joys, popularity and happiness will begin. So your urge to climb the ladder, to outshine and perform, lessens late week; but career and/or prestige/status events continue, right into Oct. 22. You might have stirred up quite a storm, which is about to go on with or without your permission! My advice: be gentle with bosses, etc., as they remain impatient for another month; but also look for creative ways to enhance your career or status, as a “winning key” hides there. Sunday’s mellow, wise.  A great day — until 6 pm PDT — to show, speak of, or vow love. If single, you might meet a potential (and good!) lover. But ambition returns, Mon./Tues. (Bosses and judges will favour you, Tues. to Oct. 14.) You might need to decide between security and “branching out” — or security and freedom.  Realize only your own reluctance impedes your progress. Social delights, popularity, optimism, friendly flirtation and entertainment buoy you Wed. to mid-morn Fri. Friday also begins a month-long trend of the same — you’ll be happy! Plunge in, have fun — but watch your money Thurs. A brilliant but “quiet” money/career idea could come Fri. Friday pm and Saturday nudge you to rest, nap, think and plan. All’s well. Home, family bless you Sat. morning.


       CAPRICORN:  Dec. 22-Jan. 19

Sunday holds secrets — and valuable gleanings for those who search, dig and investigate. This day also smooths the rails of friendship, even of intimate embraces. You might profitably invest, especially in food or shelter zones (e.g., real estate).  To succeed, act before 6 pm PDT.  Late this night, through Tuesday, a mellow, wise mood steals over you. However, don’t buy travel tickets, apply for school, or start any legal, intellectual, cultural or publishing project until Tues. pm. A practical barrier lurks earlier. Be ambitious, talk to higher-ups, show your skills Wed. to mid-morn Friday. Luck rides with you — though what you start or seize this interval might be only a beginning, an opening gambit, as the whole month ahead (Fri. onward) adds “juice” to your ambitions and efforts. You’ve had a lucky career year so far — do all you can to start something before Oct. 10, while your luck’s super-high. Friday might bring you an unglamorous but solid idea/inspiration — about your social life, or about how to “engineer” your future. Friday morning begins a weekend of play, social joys, popularity, optimism and — happiness! Until Oct. 22, continue to avoid law suits.


       AQUARIUS:  Jan. 20-Feb. 18

You remain surrounded by mysteries, treasure chests, financial opportunities, sexual lures, and, if you look for them, deep and valuable answers. The broad “push” behind these — the Sun — leaves the field Fri. But three planets are just starting to get going, in the same zones (mysteries, finances, etc.) — and will keep these themes alive until Oct. 22.  Some of this will be “just talk” but there will also be opportunities, especially the first two weeks of Oct. Be prepared to travel to gather essential information, or to grab an opportunity. Your intuition remains strong, into late Oct. — listen to it, obey your hunches. Sunday’s for relationships — and could bring true love!  Or will deepen, enliven ongoing love. To succeed, act before 6 pm (PDT). Those mysteries, finances and sexual urges soar late Sun. night through Tues. DON’T commit yourself (sign a contract, buy an investment, surrender to intimacy, etc.) before 1 pm Tuesday. You might have to choose between short money (e.g., earnings) and long  (e.g., investments) or between deep, meaningful intimacy and “pleasure sex.” Legal, cultural, philosophical, intellectual, media and international interests blossom Wed. to mid-morn Fri. Success is more likely Thurs. pm onward than before, but the whole interval blesses you with compassion and mellow feelings. Love, too, has a chance.  All these, from law to intellect to love, will grow to bigger proportions Fri. onward to late October. If you want to declare your love to someone, propose marriage, do it between Oct. 9, 6 pm (PDT) to 1 am Oct. 10.  Ambition takes over Friday pm, Sat.  — and luckily so! Be forward, tug the boss’s sleeve, propose a project.  (Even if it’s rejected, higher-ups will take note, favour you in future.)


       PISCES:  Feb. 19-March 20

Your broad urge to relate, to form partnerships (or to attack an enemy) dies off late this week, but many relationship events will still occur, right into Oct. 22. These events will involve money (an earnings partnership?), sexual attraction, agreements, negotiation or litigation, or communications. You might have met someone last year (2016) or this one, that could veer toward a wedding after Oct.  (More on that in a month or so.)  Plunge into chores Sunday — you’ll whip though them quickly, easily.  While working, you could stumble upon a great employment opening, or somehow turn your efforts into surprising profit. To succeed, act before 6 pm PDT. This late night through Tues. brings relationships, and might, at the last minute (Tues. night) bring a new one.  However, commit to nothing and no one before Tuesday pm. Now to mid-Oct., others will treat you with affection and generosity. Sex, secrets, big finances, heightened intuition, research and investigation, medical diagnoses, lifestyle choices and commitments fill Wed. to mid-morn Friday. Be thoughtful, dig deep and think deeply: this small interval is just a preliminary, a hint, of the month that starts Fri. afternoon. Your hopes about a relationship seem correct, will probably come true. A compassionate, mellow mood steals over you Friday pm and Saturday. All’s well, so march forth — buy far travel tickets, apply for school, “publish” your thoughts or findings, join a cultural group, or express your love — for a person or humanity itself.


3 thoughts on “WEEKLY FORECAST ~ SEPTEMBER 17 – 23, 2017

  1. mayberrysq

    Thanks Tim!!!! A glimmer of hope from your response. I’m so looking forward to feeling light and energized again 🙂 Hope your days are good ones !!!

  2. mayberrysq

    Hey there Tim,
    I’ve been reading your astrology site since late 90’s. I also had a personnel phone reading with you in early 2000’s. You have some very interesting perceptions. I find it fascinating and your predictions seem to hit the nail on the head quite often, especially your long range ones. I’m a Sag with a Taurus rising and Taurus moon. GOOD LORD ! I’m at my wits end with this Saturn baloney, it’s quite hopeless feeling. The last 3 years have been down right rotten. Before that? Taurus was getting slammed, much family tragedy,job loss , housing loss,needless to say it’s been very very difficult for a long time. Where’s the bright spot so I can have enough hope and energy to get to December? Seriously!! This old dog needs a bone lol
    My birth data : 11/23 /1958 4:08 pm Fond du lac, Wisconsin Any insight would be greatly APPREACIATED thanks for your time

    1. Tim Stephens Post author

      Hi, Mayberry,

      Two pieces of good news: 1) Saturn leaves Sage in December (19th) and won’t return again for 3 decades; 2) lucky Jupiter will be in Scorpio (Taurus’ sign of relationship and opportunity) from Oct. 10 to Nov. 2018 — 13 months, bringing many opportunities, love potentials, lucky relocation, etc. Read the Oct.1 column (available here next Monday) where all this is discussed. One “downside” — being a Sage, you’ll experience some weariness and seclusion for 13 months, and the grim effects of Saturn, while lifting off your sun sun, will then affect your money/earnings for two + years (2018/19 and some 2020) so you might need to be fiscally conservative. Another “upside” — the good fortune in relationships in 2018 will be sexual and lucrative — and 2019 will be even more so. (2019 will be your huge luck year, best in many, many years.)



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