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5:54 pm Sun. to 12:29 pm Mon., 11:53 am to 3:12 pm Wed., and 2:23 pm to 6:09 pm Fri.


(There is an AFTERAMBLE this week, a somewhat confused one.)

Let me reproduce a segment of my article (in PLATFORMS) on Biblical Astrology:

“So it might not be that God and Satan are a hair’s breadth away from becoming one another, but that each represents a node or direction, a choice between two opposite sides or qualities of the same ‘isness,’ the same existence: God/Christ being the unselfish grace of love, Satan the selfish sin of love. In other words, the whole God/Satan dichotomy is not God’s nor Satan’s, it is our choice. In our choice lies sin or grace, goodness or evil, and our choice might be small and only ‘tinted’ by good or bad (e.g., a white lie) or it might be large, and definite (e.g., murder). We’re put on our guard, we must be discerning, because, as Revelation says, both Jesus and Satan use the lamb to represent themselves, both Jesus and Satan are the morning star. Here is the crux of free will; its origin and central point. If both Jesus and Satan are the Morning Star, then an essential element of free will is discernment.”

A reader wrote last week about the above passage, saying this: “Trump is a ‘morning star’ because he has become, according to your other blogs, an imperfect ‘hero’.  That’s why he can manipulate/deceive the masses so easily and it takes a great deal of will power to break free from his evil charisma.”

Sorry, I don’t equate Trump with Satan. History holds a thousand leaders more cruel and draconian than Trump — Hitler, Madam Woo, Stalin, etc. In fact, the Democratic Party’s Antifa wing has promoted far more violence than Trump.


       ARIES:  March 21-April 19

Work-related communications arise this week and next. Your “job” might split into many small chores or trips for a few weeks. Nothing bad. You’re in a good period to buy, work with or learn machinery — especially this Sunday before 5 pm (PDT) and Sat. Your skill with tools or machines might open the door to increased pay or a better job, now to late Octobeer. Pursue money and make purchases Sun. before supper. Errands, communications, paperwork and travel fill Mon. afternoon to Wed. afternoon. Take care all Mon. — obstacles litter your path. Tuesday isn’t a lot better, but it does support a quiet, sober romance. Wednesday’s odd — it opens the door to lucky finances or valuable research (early morning) but shuts the door quickly, too, especially if ethics, legalities or foreign countries involved. You might have to decide between work, efficiency, and “bigger themes” such as freedom, religion. Your home and family loom larger Wed. eve to suppertime Fri. You might face a familiar choice, between career, ambitions, and security, family. Your intuition and dealings with civil servants go well Thurs. morning. You might make a sudden decision, course-change, Fri. Drive carefully. Friday night and Sat. bring romantic notions — and they might even become true! Chase beauty, pleasure, love and creative/inventive projects.


taurus weekly forecast       TAURUS:  April 20-May 20

Your month of romance, pleasure, beauty, creativity and speculation continues, Taurus — and intensifies. This week is a bit mixed, luck-wise, so be aware and nimble. Be ready to switch paths, approaches. Your home remains affectionate, supportive and rejuvenating. You might make or receive “love notes.” Your energy and charisma soar Sun. to Mon. noon (PDT). Act Sunday daytime for best results. Chase money, but keep a strong grip on your wallet Mon. noon to Wed. afternoon. Monday eve could spark irritation and fuzzy thinking. A used article for your home is a good buy Tues. Work and income seem lucky Wed. morning but don’t invest this day. (Nor seek easy sex — it won’t be easy.) Errands, paperwork, trips and communications arise Wed. pm to suppertime Fri. Thursday morning opens a door to wish fulfillment — contact someone! A “deep” relationship (or alienation) could occur Thurs. eve. Friday brings an intriguing new link, and “breaks” an old one. Head for home Fri. eve and Saturday — all’s well, the family’s happy.


        GEMINI:  May 21-June 20

The major accent remains on your home, children and parents, security, renovations, garden, resting, nutrition and Mother Nature. This week is a bit jumbled, so step carefully in starting new projects. Now to late Oct., avoid fire hazards at home. Lie low, rest and plan Sun. to noon Mon. Act Sunday daytime for best results. Your energy and charisma rise nicely Mon. noon (PDT) to Wed. afternoon. But you can be confused, argumentative Mon. into Tues. morn. You can firm up a “deal” or agreement Tues., or reach peaceful understanding with a spouse. Still, an underlying, rather major domestic disagreement might brew Wed. Despite early hope, don’t start big things this day, especially not in domestic/property areas. Chase money Wed. eve to suppertime Friday. You’re favoured during most of this interval, but you have to choose between earnings and investment, or between casual sex and a deeper intimacy Thursday. Careful with electricity, computers and driving Fri. afternoon. This night and Saturday bring errands, communications, trips and paperwork — plunge in. Be curious.


       CANCER:  June 21-July 22

You’re very busy, and will be for a few weeks, but you’re not in an important time, the stakes aren’t high. So relax “within” your busyness. Letters, emails, calls and visits whirl around you. Take a moment, each day, to make sure your communications are gentle and friendly. You might be engaged in a back-and-forth with a prestigious person, or a boss. Make a good impression! Wish fulfillment, popularity, social delights, optimism, flirtations and entertainment fill Sun. to noon Mon. (PDT). Sunday daytime is best. You could meet love at an afternoon party or event. Retreat Mon. noon to Wed. afternoon. Rest, contemplate the recent past, and plan the future. Connect with civil servants or support people (including agents and therapists). This is not a lucky interval, so generally lie low. Don’t try a co-worker romance. You might gain a wee money promise or pay raise. Your energy and charisma surge upward Wed. eve to suppertime Friday. Get out, impress people. If you want to start a project, act Thurs. morn. Other times, watch for glitches, snags. Grab a “crisis opportunity” if it appears Fri. afternoon. Saturday’s for bargains, good purchases.


Leo icon, Luck Forecast       LEO:  July 23-Aug. 22

The accent remains on money, buying/selling, possessions, rote learning, and sensual intimacy (but with someone you might not want, long-term, so don’t promise more than you honestly should). Your attractiveness still shines, others are inclined to favour you and your opinions. Much money will flow to you sometime between now and Oct. 22. Bank it, pay down debt. DON’T overspend, or you’ll end up poorer. Be ambitious Sun. to noon Mon. (PDT). Deal with higher-ups, authorities. Sunday daytime’s best; Monday’s a dud. Your optimism, popularity, social joys and flirtatious ways blossom Mon. noon to Wed. afternoon. Events won’t be very lucky, but that won’t stop your upbeat mood. Don’t buy anything, particularly tools, machines. Retreat Wed. eve to supper Fri. Rest, contemplate, plan, and handle neglected chores. Both Thurs. (investments, investigation) and Friday (friendship, affection) mornings offer success. Careful buying computer or electric-related items Fri. afternoon. Your energy and pizzazz leap upward Friday night, Saturday — get out, mingle, impress and lead! Start new, significant projects. If single, you might find love soon (Sunday?) but “at the last minute.”


       VIRGO:  Aug. 23-Sept. 22

Wow, you’re impressing everybody! Your energy, magnetism, effectiveness and determination to change your life are at a two-year high. But realize, Virgo, that while you’re changing things the cosmos is ultimately in charge — destiny seems close around you. E.g., you think you’re seducing someone while really life is seducing you. You think it’s just sex, but you could end up with a mortgage, a marriage and a baby. Now to Oct. 22, you’ll be sexually magnetic (men more so) so remember this: commitment means consequences. (They could be good ones!) In sex, love, finances, investments, research and investigation — and health matters — be aware, not impulsive. The present week is mixed, so be nimble. Ethics, law, far travel, intellectual pursuits, media and cultural venues fill Sun. to Mon. noon (PDT). Act before Sunday suppertime for success. Your social and economic standing is highlighted Mon. pm to mid-afternoon Wed. Be ambitious but discreet and cautious. Get things done, but be wary in launching new ventures. Somehow, they lack practical strength. You might hear or spy, Tues., some comforting news, perhaps about home, family, perhaps from a gov’t. Wishes come true Wed. afternoon to suppertime Fri. Your popularity rises, reflects your heightened charisma. Optimism, friendly love/romance, entertainment and general good luck visit you. Careful Wed. — don’t commit nor promise. Love, Thurs. morning/noon. Careful with tools, cars Friday afternoon. This night and Sat. bring chores — dive in, you’ll get them done easily.


       LIBRA:  Sept. 23-Oct. 22

Sink into delicious solitude, Libra. Contemplate and plan. Meditate, seek spiritual knowledge. Be charitable. Deal with head office, gov’t agencies, institutions, therapists, counsellors and agents. Research yields rewards. One wish about affection might come true (Tues.? Fri.?). Until Oct. 22, your partnerships (including marriage) might seem like more of a burden than a blessing. But true partners will be supportive, comforting. Sexual desires, financial opportunities and secrets that lead to investigation, arise Sunday to noon Monday (PDT). To succeed, act on these Sun. daytime. A wise, mellow mood steals over you Mon. noon to mid-afternoon Wed. You’ll want to pursue intellectual, media, cultural, religious, legal or travel goals, but proceed carefully. Your present low energy can interfere with travel or communications — though Tues. parts the clouds here, gives you a chance to truly express yourself, especially to family members. Bosses and VIPs might put you to the test Wed. pm to suppertime Friday.  Wednesday is a bit dicey: stick to routine tasks. Your work yields good results Thurs. and Fri. mornings, but anticipate someone’s sudden moves Fri. afternoon. Drive carefully. This eve and Saturday bring hopes, wishes, light flirtations, a mild uptick in your popularity. Be with good friends, and have a fun, satisfying weekend!


       SCORPIO:   Oct. 23-Nov. 21

Happiness hovers around you, Scorpio. Your popularity, optimism and wishfulness remain high. Expect social joys, flirtations, and entertainment. Issue and accept invitations. Your social life might be strongly tied to your employment this month and next. If single you might have a friendly affair with a co-worker or someone in the same field. The sex will be intense, but the affair’s duration might be short. Higher-ups and authorities still favour you, so present proposals, schmooze, and socialize with power types. Relationships fill Sun. to noon (PDT) Mon. Be diplomatic, sidestep quarrels, but be alert for opportunities. For success, act before 5 pm (PDT) Sunday. Life’s mysteries — and your own subconscious — lift to the surface Mon. pm to mid-afternoon Wed. Medical diagnoses, lifestyle decisions, research, financial manoeuvres and sexual urges occur. Realize one thing: your hopes about these will not equal your ability to handle them, so go slow. Practical realities fight you. Still, Tues.’s good for dealing with powerful people (career might get a monetary boost). A mild, wise mood flows through you Wednesday afternoon to suppertime Fri. Love exists — and romance could blossom, especially Thurs. Drive carefully Fri. afternoon. This night and Saturday steer you toward home and the ‘hood — repair, decorate, garden, rest, hug the kids/spouse, or dive into something domestic — a fine weekend!


        SAGITTARIUS:  Nov. 22-Dec. 21

The pressure-cooker’s on, Sage. You have to perform, to live up to expectations, in career, status (including marriage), reputation, prestige, business and similar areas. In addition, bosses and authorities are impatient and testy, until Oct. 22. You’ve faced a few bigger than usual problems the past two years. You’ve become sober and cautious. This might sometimes be a good thing, but this week could show you (esp. mid-week) that your cautious attitude is actually interfering with your success. (On a deeper level, caution is a  form of greed: a determination to keep what you have.) Dive into chores Sun. — success is certain before 5 pm (PDT). Tackle only routine tasks afterwards, to Mon. noon. Monday pm to Wed. mid-afternoon brings relationships — be diplomatic, cautious yet hopeful. Arguments, illusions and practical barriers abound. But a sweet, sober, enduring affection appears Tues. daytime, and others are friendly, helpful Wednesday morn. Sex, secrets, research, finances, lifestyles and medical diagnoses fill Wed. afternoon to Fri. suppertime. Act late Wed. night and Thurs. morning for success. No romance Fri. afternoon. But this night and Saturday start a lovely romantic, creative, risk-reward, pleasure-and-beauty-packed weekend. (Some Sage singles could fall in love Sunday — Sept. 17!)


       CAPRICORN:  Dec. 22-Jan. 19

This is your intellectual month, Cap. Culture, media, higher education, far travel, world events and their meaning — these attract you. It’s a good time to study anything, including avenues of power, political and economic lore, management techniques — and above all, real estate. Learn how others become rich. The emphasis is on the why more than the how. (Why is the deepest kind of how.) This area will intensify until Oct. 22. One danger: stay out of law suits. This is a jumbled week, so stay alert and nimble. You might make a good investment (Tues.? Sat?) but not if the government is involved or there is a legal glitch. Sunday to Mon. noon is a romantic, creative and speculative interval, but make your play before 5 pm Sun. (PDT) for success. Tackle chores and protect your health Mon. pm to mid-afternoon Wed. Monday holds friction and confusion. Tuesday brings a valuable secret, a good investment, or a bit of intimate success. Wednesday morning’s okay, but during the pm a problem rises like a dark sun. One possible problem might be: when you’re operating in secret, or colluding, how can you remain ethical or legal? Relationships fill Wed. afternoon to suppertime Fri. Thursday’s best, with co-operation, understanding and attraction flowing between you and another. Friday eve and Sat. begin a splendid weekend, filled with secrets, secret attractions, financial opportunities and revelations.


       AQUARIUS:  Jan. 20-Feb. 18

Others treat you with affection and grace this week. But the real emphasis lies on the more secret or consequential side of relationships — and this emphasis grows more intense through late October. Sexual desires (and extra-marital temptations) investments, debt, research and investigation, medical diagnoses, lifestyle choices, commitment and consequence fill your days. There will be much “whispered talk” for the next six weeks. The present week needs care, as your luck is mixed. Focus on home, family, security and real estate Sun. to noon Monday (PDT). Act Sunday before suppertime for success. Romantic notions, beauty and pleasure, creative surges and risk-taking urges arise Mon. pm to mid-afternoon Wed. Monday’s argumentative, confusing — don’t spend appreciable sums. One you’re attracted to might help a (fairly sober) wish come true Tues. DON’T invest or make other crucial commitments Sun. through Wed. Tackle chores Wed. afternoon to Fri. suppertime. You can make a good money move Thurs. morning. Listen to, talk with a smart, helpful person Friday morn. Relationships blossom Fri. night, Sat. — good ones. Seize opportunities, approach others. You might, if single, fall in love or meet the person with whom you will, this Saturday/Sunday.


       PISCES:  Feb. 19-March 20

This month’s focus on relationships not only continues, but intensifies. Now to Oct. 22, you might form a money/earnings partnership — or you could start a war. Be diplomatic, co-operative, and willing to jump on another’s bandwagon. Relocation, opportunities, dealings with the public, possible fame, negotiations, contracts, litigation — these themes rise in importance for six weeks. You’re in the end-phase of a potentially very lucrative and/or very sexually intimate and/or life-changing influence, which ends Oct. 10. So some of the relations that arise now to then could contain a treasure chest of possibilities. Be alert and nimble this week, as your luck is jumbled. Errands, communications, paperwork and short trips fill Sun. to noon (PDT) Mon. For success, act before suppertime Sunday. Turn your attention to home, family, security, nature and nutrition Mon. pm to mid-afternoon Wed. Careful Mon. night — arguments don’t go your way. Co-workers are affectionate, and could help your career or relations with higher-ups (Tues.?). But at the same time, someone might oppose your ambitions (Wed.?) — could be a spouse or business “partner.”  Romance blesses you Wed. night to suppertime Friday. You’ll lean toward pleasure, spy beauty, feel creative, and want to take a chance, a risk. Any of these should reward, Thurs. (esp. Thurs. morning). Careful with money Fri. afternoon — don’t buy anything electric. Friday night starts a weekend of work, health, and practical concerns — and offers you easy, gratifying success in them!



A reader pointed out recently that a passage in my “Bible Astrology” article (in PLATFORMS, under the big blue picture) contains a large arithmetical error. Here’s that passage, below. I was suggesting that World Wars I and II might have been the Armageddon described in Revelation, the last chapter of the Bible. Then I wrote (with my present comments in italics):

“If we add the 1,000 years” (after Armageddon) “that Satan was to be imprisoned before being freed again ‘for a short time’ we come to about 2045.”

(This was the mistake. If WW II ended in 1945, 1,000 years equals 2945, not 2045. So I went on, in my error, to describe the Pluto transits for 100 years later, NOT 1,000 years later:)

“In 2044, Pluto, the planet of crime, death, destruction and the underworld, enters Pisces, the sign of the angels… *

“Revelation says that a second struggle then occurs. And the aspects in 2046-49 do show some upheaval, Uranus opposite Pluto, which can cause massive deaths, etc.” (Here I repeated the mistake:)  “Also, at the 1,000 year mark (2045 if the World Wars were Armageddon) the souls of the dead awaken and are judged. The good ones get a ticket to heaven, the bad ones get thrown into the lake of burning sulphur. Hmm. That’s only 34 years away. Perhaps it’s time to start praying.”

(I don’t agree with this last statement. I think we’re headed, generally, toward angel-hood, and 2229 to 2476 AD will accelerate this transformation.)

The thing is, what I describe/suggest for 2045 (really 2046 to 2049) probably WILL come true. (Except for the awakening of the souls of the dead, and what follows.) So my math was wrong, but my planetary positions were right.

Now, in my favour, the Bible often is inaccurate or uses numbers symbolically. The 1,000 years in Revelations might be such, meant to convey a long time, rather than a specific time. Or, the 1,000 could be a mistake, or a misperception of an actual 100 years. I might seem arrogant saying this (forgive me if so) but, as I said, the Bible was written by men, and men are often wrong.

(* In WWI, Pluto was in Cancer, the sign of families and nations. Pluto started WWII in Cancer, but spent most of it in Leo, the sign of kings and kingdoms – almost every viable kingdom was wiped out by that war.

If we take the Bible (i.e., Revelation) at its word, then 1,000 years will bring us to 2945 (1945 + 1000). Now if WWI AND WWII were Armageddon, then we should see major upheaval in approximately 2945 AD. Looking at the position of Pluto in 2945, I don’t see upheaval.

6 thoughts on “WEEKLY FORECAST ~ SEPTEMBER 10 – 16, 2017

  1. Phoenix Rising

    Tim, It was great to see you after so many years when you were in Vancouver. I was over to see you a few months ago on Salts Spring. Tim, you said for Virgos to forgo real-estate food shelter ect for the week of Sept 17th in your column. For us late degree virgos Sept 22nd I believe 28 degrees, when can we pursue. I was hoping to buy some property up in Osoyoos to live and have some farm land.

    Thank you

    1. Tim Stephens Post author

      Hi, Phoenix,

      Actually, I wrote: Wait until Friday (Sept. 22) onward. That means, buy from Sept. 22 to Oct. 9. The trouble is, the Sun in your $ house will fight Pluto in your pleasure house, until Oct. 10. It would have been better to act earlier. (This money luck has existed since September last year. I mentioned this in the “Luck Forecast” in PLATFORMS, and have mentioned the real estate angle at various times in the last 12 months.)



  2. rd38

    Tim- No one says the KKK are Republicans. Maybe far-right extremists but that’s as far as the accusations fly. On the other hand, try and find reference to ANTIFA without the word “Democratic” ( in some form) affixed to it.

  3. rd38

    While many quickly identify ANTIFA as Democrats, it is non-existent in commentaries and other forms of media, to identify white supremacists as Republicans. That pronouncement is as biased as the general opinion of Republicans regarding the news of pro- Democrats as ‘untrue’. BTW, when did nitpicking details become “false” news?

    I still hold onto a wish that Trump rights himself. However the U.S. has more internal problems now, brought on by his gross example of ignoring basic forms of decency because he hasn’t the diplomatic smarts to succeed any other way. Trump create both ANTIFA and the emergence of neo-Nazi groups.

    There was no one to back during the presidential election but why does Hillary being so wrong make Trump acceptable?

  4. clairej

    Tim, if you’re going to associate the extreme, fringe group Antifa with the Democratic Party, then you will have to refer to the KKK and the white supremacists/hate groups as belonging to the Republican Party. Neither party wants to associate with the extremists, but if you’re insisting on putting them in a category/party/group, this is the only logical thing to do.

    1. Tim Stephens Post author

      Hi, Clairej,

      I agree, the antifa is equivalent to the kkk (at al). If the Dems (and their handmaidens, CNN, MSNBC, etc.) constantly accuse the Repubs of embracing the alt. right, kkk, white supremacists, etc., then they, Dems, must accept that they embrace the antifa. Ironically, the Repubs have publicly rejected the alt right far more often than the Dems have repudiated the antifa. Only recently has Pelosi denounced the antifa. But again, I agree with your point!



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