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START NOTHING: 7:44 pm Mon. to 7:43 am Tues.; and 3:35 am to 8:05 pm Thurs.
(Notice how few “start nothing times” there are this week — only two, indicating that this should be a week of much action. Only Scorpio and Sagittarius are limited in action. It’s an odd limitation: it means “act quickly, don’t procrastinate, start those projects, time is limited.”




So enough  of politics. The moon is silver on the trees. Though it lays in a wide slab at my feet, on the porch, on the porch stairs and on the lawn, the light itself feels light; gentle, cool, a feminine touch unlike the hot energy of men. When the moon loves you, you are admitted into a mysterious range of experiences, deep down, none logical, all softly enveloping you and unfurling around you like a magical queendom of every emotion, emotions everywhere like flowers abundant in the garden, where you can hardly leave the waft of one’s scent when you are in the midst of another — but also of coolness, of severance from outcome anxiety, a calmness in which each emotion can be experienced without trauma. Under the Sun, failure burns, conquest elates. But under the Moon, sadness is delicious; happiness is delicious.

Aries.svg ARIES: March 21 – April 19

Sunday/Monday highlight the main themes of the entire month ahead:  secrecy, mysteries, research and investigation, hidden valuables, desire for sexual intimacy or pregnancy, high finance (investments, debts) lifestyle changes, commitments and their consequences. You’ll be helped in all these during the month ahead by a heightened intuition. Sometimes your subconscious will direct your actions – let it, for it is leading you well. Start new projects in these areas Sunday/Monday – all aspects are “go,” especially Sunday morning (but invest mid afternoon Sunday). Tuesday dawn to Thursday eve brings intellectual, educational, legal, cultural, and international affairs – and gentle love. This interval is also studded with good aspects, so proceed confidently in these areas; however, you’ll fare best by acting Wednesday rather than Tuesday or Thursday. You might buy a ticket to a foreign nation. Be ambitious Thursday 8 PM (PDT) through Saturday. Show off your talents, make proposals to higher ups or parents, mingle with prestigious people, and make a bid for a VIPs attention. Again, unbelievably, all aspects remain good – except Saturday afternoon, when you might be the cause of some mild disruption. Drive carefully.
taurus weekly forecast  TAURUS: April 20 –May 20

The weeks ahead feature relationships, opportunities, exciting meetings, relocation themes, contract signed agreements, litigation, new horizons and fresh air. The zones are highlighted Sunday/Monday – two perfect days to start a project in these areas, as all the aspects are good, beneficial. You might meet a future mate, although the larger overriding trend this winter leans toward work rather than Love. (Many Taurus singles will meet splendid mating prospects from late 2017 to November 2019. The best of these will occur before 2019.) Tuesday dawn (PDT) to Thursday eve heightens your intuition and brings your subconscious close to the surface:  you will see and sense secrets, and “feel” your way into unknown territory, especially in finances, investments, death, sexual intimacy, medical issues, research, and lifestyle changes. You could be deceived or woolly minded Tuesday, and make some wrong decisions. But Wednesday flows with accomplishments, and ends with affection. If you met someone new several days ago, you might now enter intimate zones – or in the case of business affairs, you now enter the “put up or shut up” phase.  Buy advice: only “put up” on Wednesday. A mild, mellow, wise mood flows into you Thursday night through Saturday.  Friday/Saturday it is a magic time, filled with odd luck – some bad but mostly good. You might be tempted by an extra-marital attraction. An atmosphere of friendly affection prevails. Intellectual pursuits, far travel, and legal matters come up for review. Drive carefully Saturday afternoon.
Gemini.svg  GEMINI: May 21 – June 20

Your sexual and financial drives remain intense from till November 8, Gemini. This can help a recent romance blossom into a more fully life embracing relationship. You are also continuing to receive affectionate responses from others this week and next. You’re luck in love will remain high until the autumn of next year. But this week and the two to come emphasize chores, drudgery, machinery, service personnel and your daily health.  Sunday/Monday highlight these themes, and encourage you to start important projects – e.g., new employment, purchase a new machine or car, etc.  All goes well these two days. Relationships confront you Tuesday dawn (PDT) to Thursday night. Tuesday’s interactions might contain an element of deception or misguided thinking, whereas everything is realistic and ultimately cooperative Wednesday and predawn Thursday–  this interval can bring a sober, mature, and realistic bond with someone Wednesday afternoon, and a loving, affectionate bond Wednesday night. Depending on your life situation, you might be dealing with a future mate. Secrets, mysteries, research and investigative work, medical diagnoses, sexual impulses, lifestyle changes, investments and major financial actions – these fill Thursday night through Saturday. Friday showers luck in odd directions –you might fall in love. Careful with tension, stress, driving and conversations Saturday afternoon.

Cancer.svg  CANCER: June 21 –July 22

Relationships remain intense, Cancer. Until November 8, this intensity can cause an enemies, Angry reactions, or hot attractions, or even career partnerships. Fortunately, you are immersed in a month of love, affection and romance, which should tell you a lot about the intensity that you feel this week and next.  Sunday/Monday are very romantic and could even trigger a new love affair.  (However, you might be dealing with someone who is having various difficulties; realize falling in love will make you half owner of these difficulties.)  Everything goes well these two days – creative projects, sport/games, risk taking, teaching and raising children and enjoying the beauty of life.  Dive into chores Tuesday dawn (PDT) to Thursday night. Tuesday goes well enough, but you might later find that you had laboured under some misconception. Wednesday is packed with good luck, progress, and if a new job appears this day it is likely to be a stable, fulfilling position. Stick to routine most of Thursday. This night through Saturday brings significant relationships, especially in career and work areas. A work partnership made Friday night is almost certain to bring reward and high fives – eventually! Take care with machinery and driving Saturday afternoon.

Leo icon, Luck Forecast  LEO: July 23 – August 22

Your work is still intense, Leo, until November 8. Balancing this, romance is sweet and affectionate until November 11. But the main emphasis now to late month remains on your home, children, garden, nutrition, landscaping, renovations, nature, foundations, sales territory at work, security, retirement prospects – and rest. Be sure to take power naps. This is an excellent time to decide who and what still belongs in your life, and who and what have shrunken in importance, are no longer growing, or are simply irrelevant. It’s like pruning your garden. Sunday/Monday emphasize these very themes and give you a green light to proceed, even to start an important new projects such as renovations or landscaping – or even buying a new home, although this will be luckier for you from November 2017 to November 2018. Romance, beauty, immediate pleasures, speculation and risk, sports and games, creativity and teaching children – these fill Tuesday dawn (PDT) to 8 PM Thursday (PDT). Tuesday is fine, might have some mild misdirection. Wednesday is deep and solid, might slow in the afternoon, but affection will increase this night into the wee hours Thursday. If single, you might meet a future mate or someone who will be like your future mate. Tackle chores Thursday night through Saturday – this stretch flows smoothly and allows you to accomplish a good amount – except Saturday afternoon, when disruptions occur.
Virgo.svg  VIRGO: August 23 – September 22

A romantic streak, existing since late September, continues until November 8. Your home remains a place of affection and ease until November 11. But the main emphasis this week and the next two lies on quick trips, errands, paperwork, calls and messages and casual acquaintances. This themes are highlighted Sunday/Monday.  Both days are filled with benevolent aspects, so you can proceed and succeed at your own pace. This is a good couple of days to begin new projects in communications, mail, travel, office systems and filing, and similar areas. (Buying a car, phone, TV, etc., is also favoured.)  Head for home, at least in your thoughts, from dawn Tuesday to Thursday night.  If married, you have just come off two days of great closeness and agreement – but your actions on the home front on Tuesday might bring a frown to your mates brow.  Wednesday, however, offer success in all home zones. You could feel affectionate and sexy this day and night, even into early Thursday – and it’s likely your mate agrees!  Romance tip toes in Thursday night through Saturday. Creative urges, speculative risk taking, beauty, pleasure and charming kids also flock through these three days. Friday night might surprise you with a powerful sexual attraction. If you enter this, it will likely end as a friendship, likely a good one. Take care Saturday afternoon – avoid stressful situations, erratic driving, and depending on computers.

Libra.svg  LIBRA: September 23 – October 22

Your home life remains under stress, which could have one of two outcomes for singles:  either a potential love affair breaks up or never even begins due to some negative situation on your home front; or a love affair might begin on the home front, and that negative situation becomes a spur to draw you together to fix it.  For married Librans, this is a time of friction that will end after November 8. Overall, you’ll be better served in the outside world, then by staying in the home.  Friends, neighbours, even casual acquaintances treat you with affection and grace. The overall trend this week and the next two leans toward earning money, possessions and sexual attractions. Sunday/Monday emphasize these themes in a lucky, workable way. You can safely start new projects in the zones – e.g. start a new job, sell unwanted items, or chase someone who you feel easy and friendly with and yet have no deep desire for.  (Tell him/her that you’re just scratching a temporary inch.  Errands, short trips, casual acquaintances, paperwork and details, and communications arrive Tuesday dawn (PDT) to Thursday night.  Wednesday is best – conversation and reactions might slow around midday, but late night brings affection, beauty, even a new love.  Before this, you can get a lot done Tuesday, but make sure you’re going in the right direction.  Stick to routine Thursday. This night through Saturday turns your focus toward home and family.  Again believe it or not, looking to fall in love – probably Friday.  But also spend this interval cleaning house, trying to resolve domestic problems, resting and showing affection to your family. Slow down Saturday mid afternoon – tension causes disruptions.
Scorpio.svg  SCORPIO: October 23 – November 21

Although you are immersed in a year of quietude and contemplation, this month – to November 21 – fills you with energy and successful action. You will attract attention, you will be a leader, and in general you will get your way. Sunday/Monday brings both a peak and a start to this trend. Expect to be noticed, expect calls – but mostly, turn your attention towards starting a significant project.  However, no matter how big the temptation, avoid new starts in romance, creative projects, and speculative situations – and to some degree any projects involving the ocean, oil and gas, and marine food.  All these represent a primrose path to a dead-end.  So begin this week as if you’re fired out of a cannon, Scorpio. Chase money, possessions, and sexual satisfaction from Tuesday dawn (PDT) to 8 PM Thursday. Be careful Tuesday that you are not pursuing a speculative or creative money situation; otherwise this is a productive day. Wednesday is great, all proceeds smoothly, and night time could bring a delightful surprise – your stocks went up, you find a new job, or an affectionate family member praises your taste in furniture etc. – or a sensual relationship might begin.  Stick to routine Thursday. This night through Saturday brings you short trips, paperwork, communications and errands, and casual friends. Be curious: you might find something such as valuable data, that lets you take advantage of a situation down the road. For example, on Friday you might, just by following your curiosity, drive into a neighbourhood where you might purchase your next home. You might watch a budding romance between two of your friends. Be careful Saturday mid afternoon, especially if driving.
Sagittarius.svg  SAGITTARIUS: November 22 – December 21

Your energy is low for the next three weeks. Your recent hot hunger for money, and your determination to get it, evident all October, will fade by November 8. Even so, the entire three weeks ahead will bring you flavor in money zones. This is a good time to cultivate clients, seek a pay raise, sell unwanted items, and to purchase special items. This trend reaches a peak and a new beginning Sunday/Monday – all aspects are good, so charge ahead to start projects in these zones.  However much it might tempt you, stay out of real estate deals, and don’t buy furniture or appliances unless you need them. Find a restful place to contemplate and plan these two days. Your energy and charisma soar Tuesday dawn (PDT) to 8 PM Thursday.  This is a good interval to start projects in a quiet, productive way. If you announce your intentions or try to gain a following, you will meet dead ends. Wednesday night’s affectionate encounter or message could lead to love – let friendship show you the way. Chase money or new possessions Thursday night through Saturday – Friday is best. You could be struck with the unexpected good luck – a friend or social acquaintance might be involved. This night, you could fall in love or start an affair, but remember you’re in a low energy and low charisma cycle – so being noncommittal or letting things ride for a week or three could be a good idea. Some irritation or disruption midday Saturday – no big deal.
Capricorn.svg  CAPRICORN: December 22 –January 19

This is a lovely month, Capricorn. Your popularity rises, your optimism is bombproof, light romance dances around you, and a wish might come true. (Your biggest wishes will tend to come true from autumn 2017 to autumn 2018.)  This theme fills Sunday/Monday: charge ahead, be social, make new contacts, and dream of future possibilities. You can start a strong, healthy social or romantic project. Your luck’s great, all lights are green.  Retreat Tuesday dawn to 8 PM Thursday (PDT). Lie low, rest and contemplate, plan for the future, be charitable and spiritual. Deal with civil servants and other administrative types. Tuesday is probably best spent resting – you will think you’re accomplishing a lot but your words or messages will subtly create the wrong response.  Wednesday is good all day, and ends with peace and affection. Thursday, stick to routine. Your energy, charisma and effectiveness rise Thursday night through Saturday. You’re the leader now, start at least one significant project–  in career and prestige areas before 8 PM Friday; and in domestic, real estate, or foundational issues after 8 PM into Saturday morning.  Avoid stress and erratic driving, computers and electricity midday Saturday.

Aquarius.svgAQUARIUS January 20 –February 18

This is your month of ambition, Aquarius (although it takes place within a larger trend which steers your attention and efforts toward more philosophical, humane, and intellectual activities than ambition usually affords).  A fine streak of affectionate socializing lasts until November 11 and helps your career networking efforts, which can yield substantial rewards. The themes of ambition, career, prestige relations and worldly standing are emphasized Sunday/Monday in a lucky, productive way. This is a perfect time to start a career or business project which will aid your income; however if you focus on money earnings, you could subtly change your direction into an eventually disappointing one. Popularity, entertainment, flirtations, optimism, social joys and simple happiness visit you Tuesday dawn (PDT) to 8 PM Thursday. Again, beware the false lure of earning money. Tuesday’s productive.  Wednesday’s filled with meaningful events. Someone you meet around 1 PM is a nice friend but might prove burdensome or boring in future. Someone you meet late this night is or could become a true friend, and possibly a true love. In any case, get out and mingle!  Retreat, rest, contemplate and plan Thursday night through Saturday. Friday’s best, especially late at night, when once more you could meet true friendship or true love. Careful Saturday mid-afternoon – tension or quirkiness could throw a stone at the loving relationships of the past three days. Late Saturday night, avoid dark alleys and sketchy clubs.

Pisces.svg  PISCES: February 19 – March 20

Ah, Pisces – you’re in for a pleasurable month! You still have great money optimism until November 8. In addition bosses and parents favour you, and will give a willing ear to your suggestions or requests until November 11. But these are secondary issues. This week and the next two feature romance, love, adventure, pleasure, beauty, charming kids, speculation and creativity, and generally lucky risk taking.  All these are doubly emphasized Sunday/Monday –two great days for starting a project in these areas of pleasure and romance, or for diving into a present love, painting a picture, taking the kids on an adventure, etc. Be ambitious Tuesday dawn to 8 pm (PDT) Thursday. Avoid dealing with real estate, home and family, or foundational or territorial issues in business. Otherwise, this little interval gives you free rein to pursue almost any practical goal, especially Wednesday mid day, when you could set the wheels in motion to make a career wish a reality. This night, you could be praised by coworkers, or meet someone very attractive who also happens to be above you on the socioeconomic ladder. There’s no harm in pursuing this person – even if you fail, he/she might open the door to job or economic security for you.  Happiness arrives Thursday night through Saturday – popularity, social delights, entertainment, sexy flirtations and bright optimism about your future – these visit you too.  Again, you may have a good, even surprisingly affectionate relationship with a higher up of the opposite sex. Be mildly cautious Saturday afternoon, when you might overspend, misplace your wallet, etc.


(It’s just my political rants, folks.)
To quote Hamlet: “There’s something rotten in the state of Denmark.” The FBI is corrupt, the DOJ is corrupt, Obama is corrupt, Hillary is corrupt, Donna Brazil is corrupt, the entire DNC is corrupt. How do you operate in such an environment? Hamlet feigned madness. The I Ching advises the same thing:  (I paraphrase) “When the superior man is surrounded  enemies, he feigns madness.”  Is that Trump’s game?
I Ching 4th hexagram, Line 3: “Do not marry a maiden who, on seeing a wealthy man, loses control of herself. Nothing advantageous.”

If a man bragged to an acquaintance that he had robbed a bank, but the bank was not robbed, do we throw him in jail? CNN and others believe that Donald did all those inappropriate things with women because he bragged that he had. To these news organizations, his braggadocio is all the proof they need, even though they are perfectly aware 1) that many men engage in such bragging, and 2) many of them — a majority, at least — do not engage in the actions they brag about.  CNN and (worse still) MSNBC care nothing about true right and wrong. Fox is almost as bad, in the opposite direction. They stack their “panels of pundits” with partisans and try to pull on their masks of neutrality. These are not news organizations, they’re propaganda arms. I’ve seen much more objectivity on international stations; to find actual news (versus propaganda) you have to go to the BBC (British), al-Jazeera (Arabic), RT (Russian), PBS (American) , CBC/CTV (Canadian) etc. These stations report what they see, not what their heated minds see.

I can forgive Michelle Obama her duplicity and her crocodile tears over the sad future of all the world’s women (all of ‘em doomed, because Donald Trump lives). I can’t forgive Barrack Obama’s lies nor his criminal connections. (Met with a known felon 47 times! What for, Obama-rama? Hillary is a bag of lies, shamelessly told and re-told. Donna Brazil — she looked so guilty when trying to deny she has criminally interfered with the election (feeding the questions to Hillary before the debates). Republicans lie, too. Trump lies so often it becomes entertainment.  But none of these are as black-souled as journalists, who hide their true biases yet let these biases overwhelm every word they shout. One of the worst is Don Lemon, with his monk haircut and his lips pursing in disapproval or smirking disdain (and his “I’m your teacher” arrogance) every time anyone defends Trump.

Now it comes out that the Democrats purposefully infiltrated Trump’s rallies and started fights — in several instances they raised riots. But the handmaiden press, the limp-souled, morally bankrupt media, blamed it on Trump! Then they castigate Trump for suggesting that voter fraud might occur. Lo and behold, a month later the Dems are caught on video, not only planning to bus phoney voters to different polling offices so they can vote multiple times each, not only have they been planning this NOW, in this election, they also bragged about doing this on a massive scale for fifty years!  Contrast that to Anderson Cooper’s mealy-mouthed assertion that “professors” have studied and found only a 1-in-one-billion chance of voter fraud.  (Which reminds me, as I forecast in 1984: “Universities will be places of crime, bad karma and immorality, they will decline, for 247 years.” Never take a “professor” at face value. Objectivity does not exist anymore in universities; it’s main lair, now, is the public. This particular professor — well, covering up voter fraud for the mincing media sounds pretty immoral to me.)
Then, icing on the cake, the Dems and their paid thugs (the Dems boasted about hiring homeless, mentally ill people to do their violent work) fire bomb and utterly destroy a Republican election office.  Then there’s the minor, but apparently typical, widespread stealing of Trump lawn signs by Dems.

Oh, there’s just too much. But an age-old principle applies here: that the leader is responsible for his/her followers’ actions. And this leader is Hillary (or Obama, you choose). (God, I thought Obama was a great guy. Now it makes me sad to see his lies and machinations, too. Meeting over 40 times with a convicted felon — and letting the same felon into the White House over 300 times. I can only guess that the 260 times this criminal henchman was not there to meet Obama, he was there to meet Hillary. (I hate to be a conspiracy type — actually, it’s kind of fun — but I keep having this nagging notion that Hillary ran the White House once she was embraced (stupidly) by Obama; that through sheer will, malevolence, ambition and subterfuge, she unmanned Obama and took the reins of power.

How else did she get the DOJ and FBI to forgive all her crimes? For God’s sake, this woman, after receiving a subpoena to produce emails, proceeded to destroy them. In Canada, that’s called obstruction of justice, and leads to jail terms. The U.S. was willing to charge a very prominent Canadian businessman (Conrad Black) with obstruction because he took files from his Canadian office.  U.S. prosecutors demanded punishment, and the judge gave him seven years. The difference was, 1) he was foreign, and American courts are generally biased against non-Americans; and 2) he was not Hillary. Style maven Martha Stewart wasn’t Hillary, either, so she received a prison sentence for supposedly lying to the FBI. Of course Hillary wasn’t lying, she was negotiating with an underling — Comey, the FBI Puppet Director, just as her husband — not even in the government any longer — “negotiated” with Lynch, the DOJ director who obviously eats a lot, but has not been able to grow a backbone.

Let’s not even talk about Hillary’s anti-Catholic, anti-Jewish “private” views. Nor the “Foundation,” nor the selling of favour, the bribery and treason she engaged in. (Is it not treasonous to accept a foreign government’s money/payment in secret, then govern to please those who bribe her, and to keep the entirety of this secret from the population she was sworn to serve?)  And let’s not even mention her department’s attempt to collude with the FBI to change the classification of certain documents.


Okay, now, let’s attack the Republicans:
No Democratic election offices firebombed.
No Democratic lawn signs stolen.
No Republican riots outside Hillary rallies. No fomenting of violence and blaming it on the other party.
No “ownership” of the media. (93 % of all media election dollars went to Hillary; less than 7 per cent to Trump’s part.)
No FBI – Trump  collusion.

BUT ENOUGH! I WILL NOT WRITE ABOUT THE ELECTION UNTIL IT’S OVER.  Meanwhile, I invite your comments, as mentioned far above. (OR SEE BELOW:)

Since I don’t want to talk about politics now to the election, holding an “open forum” where I’ll put 3 or 4 “arguments” from readers — in their own words — in next week’s preamble. These texts/submissions could be by-lined, or anonymous, as the writer wishes. If you’d like to sound off about the election, or Trump-Hillary, or man-woman abuse/sexual aggression, etc., please send your thoughts, written, of course, to me at: suningem@gmail.com. I’ll put them in the next two preambles. You can be anti-Trump, anti-Hillary, pro-woman, pro-man, whatever — I’ll put them all in the preamble (unless I receive too many). You can use your own name, or a pen name, or simply remain “anonymous” — I will respect whatever level of privacy you ask for.

3 thoughts on “WEEKLY FORECAST — OCTOBER 30 – NOVEMBER 5, 2016

  1. Casimir

    Thank you..You’re predictions are spot on. I am a Pisces woman, I got into a relationship sometime after 25 Jan with a Virgo man. We’ve been friends for 8 years now.Everything was like magic but suddenly around September 18 things communication been us started declining. Later during the next week I came to know he was caught up in family restrictions regarding me especially coming from his mother. Since then it’s been a decline. I don’t know wether to wait or to move on. whether this will heal in the future or should i just let go..I felt this actually had an amazing potential for the future, since we connected like magic. I have no clue how to deal with this heartbreak.

    1. Tim Stephens Post author


      In Pisces ” year ahead” and in your luck forecast, and quite often in your weekly messages I have advised forming partnerships in Lahbib business. However in the same articles I have advised Virgos not to form any permanent relationship before May 10, 2017. This Virgo probably does not read me, but intuitively or because of his family he has come to the same realization: he thought he should not be forming a permanent relationship. And he was right. So I would let this man go; he is unlikely to return, and even if he does you both face the same dilemma again, And it is unsolvable. At the same time you should continue having relationships before May 2017, because even the ones who reject you, Will leave you healthier and more emotionally content–perhaps just because you tried, and that boosts your confidence.



  2. pbrouwer

    Wikileaks revealed a lot from stolen emails. My guess is you’d have just as many complaints about other candidates, if all their email threads were revealed as well. There’s a self-righteous tone in criticism due revealed emails — I’d like all critics to make all their email threads public too. So we can see just how holy anybody is. Or there’s plain not understanding political process … something like this happens in every political campaign. The irony of the stolen emails is that republicans are reassured from them about how moderate Hillary is (vs left or right), and I’m sure this has helped her gain undecided republican voters.

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