All times are Pacific Standard Time  (8 hours before GMT).

START NOTHING: 8:23 pm Sun. to 12:14 pm Mon., 8:48 am Tues. to 1:44 pm Wed., 11:39 pm Thurs. to 3:30 pm Fri., and after 9:57 pm Sat.




I’m no calendar expert nor historian, but wouldn’t it be simpler to have 7 months with 30 days, 5 with 31?

There’s a solar eclipse this Sunday – but it’s a good one, boosted by lucky Jupiter. CANCERS and SCORPIOS will benefit most, though in human and love terms, not in practical matters….

Mike Duffy is a Canadian senator currently in a fight to the death with Canada’s Prime Minister, Steven Harper. Harper’s a Taurus with an Aquarian Moon – as my friend Diana says, a “real control freak.” Duffy was a journalist in print, radio and tv. He’s a Gemini, with an Aries Moon.

Usually, Taurus defeats Gemini. Round one to Harper. But Duffy’s Aries Moon defeats Taurus. Round two to Duffy. Duffy’s Sun is in 5 degrees Gemini – so he loves money (which is why he’s in trouble) and he burns his bridges without hesitation. Well, he’ll never be invited to Thanksgiving dinner at Harper’s place.

Duffy also has Pluto and Mars (the two “killer planets”) opposite Harper’s moon – Round three to Duffy. At present, the lunar south node of difficult karma is travelling through Harper’s Taurus Sun sign – Round four to Duffy.

I think Duffy will win this fight. Harper, who has squelched dissent with an iron fist, who sports a baby-face in public but is a fierce fighter in private, has, it seems, finally met his match… His only hope for survival (or for reputation) is to shut Duffy up, take away his public stage – which is why Harper is trying to remove Duffy from the Senate.

Though he is somewhat besmirched by his greed and expense accounts, Duffy the Gemini is, in a sense, a whistleblower – and he  claims to have documents which show Harper has lied to the electorate for months. I don’t doubt it. Geminis are often good at keeping evidence. Another whistle-blower, Ed Snowden, also had/has the documents to embarrass the powers that be – and is also a Gemini.


Aries.svgARIES   March 21-April 19

An aura of mystery, of hidden facts and forces, flows around this week. Remember, start nothing brand new before November 10. Sunday accents those hidden matters, as well as lifestyle changes, health, research, large finances and sexual desires. Any or all of these face good luck, especially if you’re knocking on a door you’ve entered before. You should not start anything new, but life might – if so, it will be a slog, a slow-grower, that eventually reaches a splendid, bountiful result. E.g., life brings pregnancy, and eventually a very favoured baby. (In this particular case, the child would be a Leo with the lucky planet Jupiter in his/her sign – and grow to be lucky, creative, and a lover.) Your ideas and ideals could grow confused Monday, a hint that soon you’ll change your life philosophy. Be ambitious Wednesday afternoon (PST) and Thursday. Friends, happiness, entertainment, flirtations and optimistic hopes arrive Friday eve through Saturday – events might disappoint, but you’ll remain happy!


taurus weekly forecastTAURUS   April 20-May 20

Remember, start nothing new, relationships nor projects, before November 10. That said, relationships fill the weeks ahead, especially this Sunday, which might start slow, but builds to a lucky evening. Speak of love, or embrace a business partner’s (or spouse’s) desires/ideas. If you’re single, and an old flame or ex appears, don’t hesitate – say yes, seize, embrace the opportunity. Ditto re a returning opportunity in business, relocation, negotiation, litigation, or public interfacing. All month, be diplomatic, eager to join and co-operative. Seek advice. Use agents. Defer to another. Life’s depths, mysteries, research, detective work, subconscious promptings, lust, financial hunches – these fill Monday afternoon to Wednesday noon. Give this entire spectrum (depths to hunches) a skeptical examination, rather than acting. Foreign countries, high learning, gentle love, social rituals enter Wednesday pm and bless you to Thursday night. Friday eve, Saturday bring ambition – but again, start nothing.


Gemini.svgGEMINI   May 21-June 20

The emphasis lies on work and health this week and the next two, Gemini. Sunday might even start a new health trend (for the better, due to another person’s guidance or influence) or a new job – but let life start these. You should not start anything, especially in these zones, before November 10. A former job role – or simply a pile of overdue tasks – could confront you. Be diplomatic on the home front, until early December. Relationships, relocation themes, interacting with the public/strangers fill Monday noon to Wednesday noon. Be guarded, self-protective: no one, right now, cares about your hopes. Lust, financial desires, mysteries and subconscious promptings rise to the surface Wednesday pm to Friday afternoon – except for a possible conflict with your social group, much good (and good will) resides here. (But start nothing.) Gentle love, understanding, travel and learning, Friday eve, Saturday.


Cancer.svgCANCER   June 21-July 22

The weeks ahead emphasize romance, creativity, pleasure, speculative winnings, beauty and raising or teaching kids – charming kids, at least for a few weeks. These drip with luck Sunday. The cosmos might start a new trend or development here. If so, let it – but remember, you yourself should not start anything new before November 10. An old flame might appear (or you might hanker to chase one) this week, especially Sunday, Wednesday or Thursday. If this happens, examine your first go-round – did it end due to an irreconcilable difference? If so, let it go; if not, it could be better than good. Monday noon to Wednesday noon bring chores, health matters – stick to routine, downplay temper. Relationships bless you Wednesday pm to Friday afternoon – co-operation accomplishes much! Secrets, intimacy in love, funding in business, change in other areas, arises Friday eve, Saturday – stick to love; practical matters hit irksome walls.


Leo icon, Luck ForecastLEO   July 23-Aug. 22

The weeks ahead focus on home, furniture, kids/parents, security, garden, soul, stomach and nutrition. That goes doubly Sunday, when life might begin a lucky new phase in these – you might receive a notice that affects your home life, or you might have to redo something at home. But don’t start any big new projects before November 10. Monday pm to Wednesday noon brings romantic notions, creative urges, and pleasure forays. Enjoy, without forcing anything. Tackle chores Wednesday noon to Friday – all’s smooth, productive, but stick mainly to routine tasks. Relationships, relocation, negotiations arise Friday eve through Saturday. It’s difficult to make a good relationship now to late 2015, but you’ll do a lot better next summer (2014) onward. For now, enjoy security, snuggle up to “old faithful.” Inspiration about changing your home strikes Saturday – remember a dream, a notion. Stop over-spending!


Virgo.svgVIRGO   Aug. 23-Sept. 22

This isn’t an important month, Virgo. You’re very busy, but the stakes aren’t high. So charge forth without pressure. (Charge forth, get things done, but don’t start major new things before November 10.) Communications, short trips, visits, paperwork, details, siblings and casual friends fill your days (especially this Sunday) – double-check addresses, billed amounts, etc. for mistakes. Though casual friendships are accented, your sexual magnetism radiates powerfully (until early December) so a friendship might become intimate – perhaps before you’re ready, circumstantially or emotionally. Turn your attention to home, mate, kids, security, property and foundations in all areas, Monday noon (PST) to Wednesday noon. Romance, pleasure, beauty, and winning speculations Wednesday pm to Friday midday – all lucky, if you don’t go deep. (E.g., speculate, don’t invest; romance, not sex, etc.) Tackle chores Friday, Saturday. A chance for true love all week.


Libra.svgLIBRA   Sept. 23-Oct. 22

Chase money this week, Libra, but without starting a new project. Respond quickly to bosses, clients, bills, etc., but if they bring you a new proposal or project, diplomatically delay implementing any part of it until next week. A former sensual partner might re-connect – if Sunday, good. If any other day, the relationship won’t have a big future. DON’T chase a brand new romance (or any partnership, even in business) before December 7. (Until then any new person – and even some old ones – will tend to restrict, control, and dominate you.) Sunday’s for earning, buying. Talk, travel, run errands, do paperwork Monday pm to Wednesday noon. Avoid belligerent people, drive carefully. Home, family, security, nutrition and “soul rejuvenating” naps Wednesday noon to Friday. All’s fine, but major forces are in play (to 2023). Romance, pleasure, creativity, speculative wins, fill Friday eve, Saturday – be cautious Saturday afternoon.


Scorpio.svgSCORPIO   Oct. 23-Nov. 21

Your charisma, energy and clout remain at a yearly high, Scorpio. The “max” occurs this Sunday, when everything goes your way – and a lucky late-day stroke could drop a money plum in your lap! Still, don’t start brand new projects nor relationships before November 10. You remain popular with co-workers, and your job is “uplifting” – to December 7. (Yes, a promotion is possible. If you’re looking for work, canvass friends and relatives – they’ll help more than usually.) Chase money, attend to overdue bills and collections, and shop (for routine items only) Monday noon to Wednesday noon. Friends, siblings, paperwork, trips, visits, communications slated Wednesday noon to Friday – all’s well, but drive carefully pre-dawn Thursday (PST). Turn your thoughts to home, kid/parent relations, security, gardening, soul, food Friday eve, Saturday – go slow, let events parade by as you watch, relaxed. An old flame might contact you – it’s like true love, blocked by a steel wall. Let it go.


Sagittarius.svgSAGITTARIUS   Nov. 22-Dec. 21

Continue to conserve energy and emotional reserves, Sage. Protect your health and reputation. Rest often, dress and eat sensibly. Enjoy sweet solitude, contemplate, meditate, be spiritual, charitable. Make a list of enemies and forgive everyone on it. Don’t make plans, though, and don’t start anything new before November 10. These themes of solitude and recuperation are strongest Sunday – and could lead to a valuable revelation, insight, or open a door to better money or a health cure. Your energy rises nicely Monday noon to midday Wednesday – use it to accomplish neglected chores. Remember, bosses are impatient (Tuesday morn) so be diplomatic, don’t shirk duties. Chase money Wednesday pm to Friday afternoon – shop (routine items) protect possessions, and welcome a sensual person. Trips, errands, casual friends, siblings and communications fill Friday eve and Saturday – you might learn a secret about home, family, property.


Capricorn.svgCAPRICORN   Dec. 22-Jan. 19

Wishes can come true, especially Sunday. (And, perhaps, Wednesday/Thursday.) This entire month is oriented toward the future, toward making plans and forming goals. But you should not start anything new, not even form a new plan, before November 10. So use this week to study the past, and how you arrived at your present place. This will give you a lot of information about your future. In general, you feel happy, popular, and optimistic – mere events won’t dampen that! Socialize Sunday. Retreat, rest, contemplate Monday noon to Wednesday noon. Protect your health; eat, dress sensibly. Your energy and charisma soar Wednesday pm to Friday – pursue love, friendship, more than money. Chase money Friday eve through Saturday, but let caution flags fly late Saturday afternoon. You could hear something wise, or hear from someone you admire, perhaps love.


Aquarius.svgAQUARIUS   Jan. 20-Feb. 18

Remember, start nothing before November 10, especially in career, reputation and ambition zones. That said, life (not you) could begin a career project Sunday, a beneficial one. It should emerge so you can see it, early next week. Your “commitment and consequence” area remains intense through early December – you’ll be tempted to commit in several ways: sexually, financially, lifestyle-wise, perhaps to a health regimen or mortgage. Don’t chase these this week, and even after that, talk (or read all information) before you commit – acting impulsively could be dangerous. Friends, social delights, flirtations, popularity and hope arrive Monday pm to Wednesday noon. Retreat, rest, seek healing solitude Wednesday pm to Friday – a good time to fulfil duties and finish any neglected, government-related chores. Your energy and charisma rise nicely Friday eve, Saturday – money’s good, but prestige is elusive.


Pisces.svgPISCES   Feb. 19-March 20

The accent remains on intellectual, far travel, cultural, legal, educational and love matters, especially Sunday. Be understanding; don’t let anyone restrict your view. You’re in a very good romantic, child-raising, creative and speculative year (to next summer) – but these go into a mild “reverse gear” now to early March (2014). Until then, stick with attractions already formed, ventures already begun. One you met since last June could turn out to be your next true love – and/or a lucky business partner. This person might contact you this week. (But not necessarily – he/she could appear anytime to March.) At the same time, your relationships intensify through early December. Many trends are nudging you to a) fall in love or b) turn love into something more (e.g., a wedding). BUT – with the exception of a returning amour or returning potential business partner – you should start nothing this week, in any arena. Monday-Wednesday pressure your career. Wish fulfillment, popularity, love Wednesday-Friday. Retreat Friday eve, Saturday.


The End.