All times/dates are PST (Pacific Standard Time). To find the equivalent time in your own location, go to www.worldtimezones.com, or look at the “international clocks” in the right-hand margin on this page.)

START NOTHING: Before 6:36 pm Sun., 6:34 am to 11:39 pm Tues., and 12:57 pm Thurs. to 6:49 am Fri.


            Well, I told you Prem Watsa (Fairfax Financial) should not have bought smart phone maker Blackberry. On Monday, November 4, the company’s CEO departed, and it was admitted that the financial partners Prem sought all turned him down. The stock plunged 20 %, and is now about 30 %, below where he bought his shares last year…and about $9, or 60 %, below its recent peak….


Notice all the huge sign-up glitches with Obamacare during the past three weeks, weeks when Mercury was retrograde? (It goes direct today, November 10, so we can all begin to entertain new projects, plans and ideas, relationships and opportunities.) But the Obamacare snafu was so massive that I suspect it (the computer programming for the sign-up and other functions) was begun during a Mercury retrograde period – three such periods, sometimes four, occur every year….

On the retrograde subject: A reader asked, If the planet Jupiter goes retrograde November 6, before the Mercury retrograde even ends (Nov. 10) does this mean we’re hooped?

She’s worried about Jupiter being retro because it is the planet of great good luck; and it retrogrades (or seems to move backwards from the Earth’s perspective) for a very long time – now to March 5, 2014.

When Jupiter retrogrades, our luckiest project(s) seem to hover in the air, without moving. Often this is a good, or at least necessary thing. It provides a catch-up period, a breather that lets us re-consider where we’re going, lets us make adjustments and fill in missing pieces. For example, say our “Jupiter project” was to invent and build a new kind of car, and our main object at present is to show it off to a VIP or investment company, to fund our venture. While Jupiter’s direct, all goes well: we develop the car, build it, and send notices out to a bunch of big venture capital companies. Then Jupiter goes retrograde, and we don’t hear from any of those prospective investor/partners, and when we try to reach them, they’re out of town. Frustrated, now not even sure anyone’s interested, we have a choice: 1) fold our tent, give up; 2) keep hitting our heads against brick walls, or 3) turn toward the new car and test and examine it – lo and behold, when we choose # 3) we discover a critical flaw that we can correct, or a way to vastly improve the car’s performance. Four months later, seemingly “out of the blue” (but really because Jupiter has turned direct, ending the retrograde) an investor contacts us, we show him the new, improved car that the retrograde period has produced, and he funds us. Mission accomplished – partly because Jupiter went retrograde. (For if it hadn’t retro’d, we wouldn’t have found and corrected the manufacturing flaw, and might have failed the demo with the new investor.)

So a Jupiter retro started last Wednesday, and now to March 2014 it might seem that our luckiest projects have slowed down, or failed – but from March onward, either we will see another road to our goal, or we will simply resume forward motion – sometimes with the same project and people, sometimes with an “out of the blue” event, sometimes with someone new.

But that’s for big projects, the ocean liners among our activities. The small, daily business and bustle, emails, travel, account-balancing, errands, paperwork, etc. – these now proceed well, as Mercury’s back, direct, un-retrograding….

Speaking of retrogrades, two rather rare ones are looming; even more rarely, they roughly occur simultaneously. (One now to March, one December to July.) This “partnership in regression” occurs between Mars and Venus, the love planets. I’ve tried to mention them briefly in your weekly sign forecasts, but I’ll tackle them more fully in a future preamble….


Aries.svgARIES   March 21-April 19

The accent continues on mystery, large sums of money, lifestyle changes, health factors, and an urge toward intimacy with someone. The retrograde period is over (1 pm PST November 10) so you can charge ahead with these and other zones now. You still have lots of work to do, and the pressure is not letting up. The good news is, VIPs, bosses and higher-ups are looking more kindly toward you until early March 2014 – you’re going places – upward! So seek meetings, present your proposals, show higher-ups what you can do. This, and hard work, promise to bring a success, perhaps a very good success, by early December – but somehow it won’t quite gel. This could actually be a good thing: for just as you seem about to succeed in a B-level project, the powers that be say, Hey, forget that, come join us in an A-level venture. Even more comes: in early December, also, a very important relationship trend starts, lasting to July 2014. If you wanted adventure, here it is: intensified relationships and boosted career pressures/rewards. Solve money, debt, sexual, diet and health concerns now, so you’ll be free for this “intensified life” – it’s coming soon!


taurus weekly forecastTAURUS   April 20-May 20

Everyday delays have ended, Taurus. You can march ahead with projects and relationships. (Remember, until March 2014 don’t act independently – the best thing to march toward is “others” – toward relationships, partnerships, co-operation, love, negotiation, relocation.) You are favoured, now to early March, in intellectual, far travel, international, cultural, educational, and love zones. Concerning the last, you might experience a split, or two attractions. One, romantic and sensual, one gentle, deep but almost intellectual. The latter is good, the former could get you in trouble. Sunday eve to Tuesday raises your hopes, boosts your popularity and could bring a dream true! This is an excellent time (Sunday eve to predawn Tuesday) to make progress, meet friends, widen your social circle, even to meet a future love (it will be witty, flirty and light at first). But retreat, rest and contemplate Wednesday/Thursday. Your energy and charisma come roaring back (well, within limits) Friday/Saturday – love’s destiny Fri. Start something Sat. afternoon.


Gemini.svgGEMINI   May 21-June 20

Many chores face you – might as well plunge in, tackle them. Recent delays and glitches end now – you’re free to march ahead, especially with chores, machinery, service agreements, hiring and firing. Your financial and sexual needs/yearnings, ignored for so long by the cosmos, get some payback now to early March/14. Investments will tend to grow, intimacy will be available (to both marrieds and singles) and any research you do will improve your position or “ability to win.” Don’t waste this influence by chasing a married person. There’s another angle to this: from early December to July/14, a powerful romantic wave will pick you up and deposit you somewhere. From December to March, these two trends, lucky sex and powerful romance, both apply. If you’re mixed up with someone you can’t have (e.g., someone married) or with someone you are simply seeing for physical gratification, you could miss out on a major love. Be ambitious Monday!


Cancer.svgCANCER   June 21-July 22

Recent delays (especially in romance, creative and child-related areas) end now. March ahead confidently. There’s time left to find romance if you’re single, this week and next. In addition, others are going to treat you graciously and affectionately now to next March. Even if you ask for a date and are turned down, you’ll be rejected with such sweet appreciation it will almost be better than a yes. Until December, travel or errands, emails or phone calls will advance love’s prospects. Oddly, for some attached couples, this gracious relationship influence can lead to separation. (Venus, the planet I’m talking about here, not only rules love and marriage – it also rules divorce, as medieval astrologers knew.) If you do meet and develop love, DO NOT move in together between December 7/13 and July 25/14 – or your love will soon end in argument. Sunday eve to Tuesday bring gentle joys and wisdom. Friends, flirtations, Friday/Saturday.


Leo icon, Luck ForecastLEO   July 23-Aug. 22

Recent delays end now, so charge ahead on many fronts. You’ve been held back (or if you didn’t wait, you might have committed mistakes) on the home front: push into these for the next 11 days, correct and complete. Includes kids, parents, real estate, gardening, house repairs, food supply, etc. You’re still making unusual (or unexpected) amounts of money, but you’re still in danger of wasting it all on unwise purchases, until December 7. Work goes well now to early March, 2014. Your workplace will be pleasant, co-workers affectionate. It’s a good few months to upgrade office decor, and/or purchase status symbols, etc. A Libra, a Taurus and/or a Capricorn will aid your cause. (In decorating, the Libra especially.) Usually, this would be a good influence for career, but your career/prestige zone is a bit of a dead-end for virtually the same period. At least, this sweet work influence should keep you out of danger in office politics and pink slips situations. Secret attraction Monday/Tuesday – caution.


Virgo.svgVIRGO   Aug. 23-Sept. 22

At last, delays end, especially in career, prestige, communications, travel and personal areas. You can now make decisions, form plans, and march forward. A sweet, lucky romantic streak enters now to early March, 2014. If you’re single, this could bring a love affair that has marriage potentials – IF you meet after November 14. (If before this, you’ll find sexuality to be a problem: impotence or lack of fertility, or simply sudden capriciousness. So wait until then to prowl!) Very probably, you’ll be faced with a dilemma of choice: from this December into next summer, you’ll want to hang onto someone who’s very sexy, but you’ll feel romantically sweet about someone else. Your choice. I’d pick the romantic one, because the sexy one won’t prove durable, might even have reactive (emotional) problems. Relationships succeed splendidly Sunday night, Monday daytime. This is better for business, practical partnership, than love. DON’T invest Wednesday.


Libra.svgLIBRA   Sept. 23-Oct. 22

Many Librans have suffered the slings and arrows of fate in home, family and property arenas for the last five years; others have turned challenges here into triumph, mostly by effort and acceptance. In either case, a sweet healing comes to this zone now through early March, 2014. Property matters will work out to your benefit, family (especially children, and your “nurturing” parent) treat you with renewed affection, and luck imbues gardening, cooking, etc. It’s a splendid time to plan retirement or start an RSP or 401-K. On other fronts (especially money ones) recent delays now end, so you can march forward confidently, make decisions, etc. (Continue to sidestep new loves; December onward will bring plenty of action here.) Enjoy Sunday: beauty fills the air. Tackle chores this night to Tuesday (routine chores only, Tuesday). Relationships demand patience, endurance Wednesday/Thursday. Large finances, sexual intimacy, health diagnosis, hunches flow through Friday/Saturday: be cautious, subtle traps exist here.


Scorpio.svgSCORPIO   Oct. 23-Nov. 21

Charge ahead, Scorpio – delays and fuzzy thinking have ended, and your energy, charisma, clout and effectiveness are at a yearly high. You don’t necessarily need advice: reject any unsolicited “pointers” – be independent. Start important projects, don’t “slide into the easy.” Communications become gracious, affectionate, now to early March. Like a ball of wool, you can get wound around one of your communicators in a sweet prelude to love. (But a relationship started before Saturday eve – November 16 – will tend to break apart, so be patient. Sunday night to Tuesday promotes love, romance, creativity, speculation and pleasure – but stick to people you already know.) Earlier Sunday, rest, recuperate. Tackle chores (safely, cautiously) Wednesday/Thursday. Relationships rise in importance Friday/Saturday – best to avoid commitments, promises (except about work Sat. afternoon, PST).


Sagittarius.svgSAGITTARIUS   Nov. 22-Dec. 21

Recent delays, mistakes and indecision end now; you can start things, projects and relationships, that will march steadily toward their goal or end. However, don’t become too ambitious. You’re still tired, in the midst of a recuperation phase (11 more days). But you can now form plans, initiate new ventures with the government, institutions or head office, or dive into new charitable, spiritual, management or research projects. (Or you can keep resting, and wait until late November to burst into action.) Your money picture improves nicely now to March 2014. Make plans to ask for a pay raise, to corral new clients, to make a large luxury purchase, etc. – but DON’T act on these money trends before Nov. 16. After a busy Sunday daytime, turn your attention to home and family, to Tuesday. Romantic notions, beauty, pleasure and sports fill your dreams Wednesday/Thursday, though your body might not be up for the exertion. Tackle routine chores Friday/Saturday.


Capricorn.svgCAPRICORN   Dec. 22-Jan. 19

The delays and indecision of the last three weeks ends now (Sunday afternoon). You can march ahead confidently in many areas – though a major relationship, specifically any effort to solve the restrictions or problems of a relationship, can be delayed until next March – still, this and other relationships remain benevolent, lucky. Also to next March, a healthy glow of attractiveness, a “graceful charisma” floats over you. You’ll attract affection, admiration, and could fall in love. This love itself, or this taste of pleasure, could put you in a dilemma about your career – should you quit, to enjoy life more? But this question won’t even arise until December. At present, you’re popular, optimistic, and a wish could come true. Despite an inclination to, don’t buy anything major Sunday. Trips, calls, errands Monday/Tuesday. Home, family and security need attention Wednesday/Thursday. Romantic urges calls Friday/Saturday, but don’t fall “heavily” – a subtle trap awaits the infatuated.


Aquarius.svgAQUARIUS   Jan. 20-Feb. 18

The accent remains on ambition, prestige relations, reputation and status, Aquarius. Recent delays and glitches now end in this zone, so you can march forward confidently. (If unemployed, use the 11 days ahead to job search – you’ll be luckier than you expect.) Now to Friday, emotional or love situations can be volatile, might even bring an abrupt split – probably something to do with living arrangements, or a legal or philosophical disagreement. From Saturday onward to early next March, your internal life will relax, solitude will be sweet, and a “protector” or mate will show affection and gentleness. Until early December, your sexual and financial urges are very much alive – but don’t do anything “sly” (nor defiantly violate boundaries) or you could find yourself in ethical or legal hot water, right into July 2014. Tackle chores Monday/Tuesday. Trips, calls, visits, paperwork and errands midweek: proceed cautiously. Turn toward home, family, Friday/Saturday (but start nothing big here).


Pisces.svgPISCES   Feb. 19-March 20

Recent delays and indecision end now, especially in religious, ethical, legal, philosophical, educational, far travel, publishing, cultural and love interests. So pick up any pieces and march ahead – you still have a week and a half to succeed in these same areas – and success in any of these could lead indirectly to (possibly large) career or ambition success. Your popularity is going to rise now to March 2014. Wishes will come true, and you’ll envision new and workable goals. You’ll be happy, and a flirty, friendly love is possible! But the present week might feature an unexpected split – don’t begin a new affair, especially a love affair, before Saturday, as the person will prove to be capricious and stubborn, impervious to you. Rest Sunday. Your charisma and energy soar Sunday night (PST) to Tuesday – start something significant. Handle money midweek – caution’s more important than quick action. Trips, visits, errands, siblings and casual friends Friday/Saturday – be aware of “eventual consequences.”


The End