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Hitler and Dr. Mengele performed “experiments” on the Jews. It was one of the “sinks” or lowest depths of humanity, condemned by all western nations. Now, at the heart of these western nations, Biden and his doctors are experimenting on another captive group: children. A group who cannot have freedom or self-determination are subjected to often secret (i.e., parents are excluded, even arrested if they interfere) surgery and experimental drugs to change or block children’s sexuality, creating artificial boys from, out of, girls, and vice-versa. In one of Biden’s experiments on 240 kids, 2 committed suicide, 11 became suicidal, and some — in the double digits — were rendered sterile. Only 240 kids — but hundreds of hospitals are performing similar experiments in North America. When doctors turn evil, their civilization is in danger. (More on trans subjects in the Afteramble.)





aries icon  ARIES:  March 21-April 19

Errands, short trips, paperwork, contacts and communications remain your main path, Aries. You’ve just started a very lucky money year — let your curiosity wander in a $ direct. Sweet peace at home, beautifying projects go well. A fine steak of romance winds through your days.

Tackle chores Sunday. Eat, dress sensibly. Pretty good time to buy machinery, computer. Relationships, public dealings, relocation themes and fresh opportunities fill Monday morning (PDT) to Wednesday afternoon. Monday best for love, getting your own way. Life’s mysterious, financially and sexually potent undercurrents run strong Wed. suppertime through Friday. This interval starts with “opposing forces” and ends with smooth success (Fri.). Saturday brings wisdom, calm, international and profound news/ideas, and gentle (but full) love.


taurus icon  TAURUS:  April 20-May 20

The focus remains on money, income, buying/selling, rote learning, and casual sex. You are starting one of the luckiest years of your life. Your confidence will, finally, recover. Friends, others remain affectionate and gracious. But your home life holds some friction until July 10.

Sunday’s for romance, creativity, risk, adventure, beauty and pleasure. Monday to late Wednesday afternoon presents you with chores. Good time (esp. Monday) to seek employment. Protect your daily health, eat sensibly. Relationships arise Wednesday suppertime  through Friday — so do opportunities, public dealings, and fresh horizons. Best: Friday. Saturday holds secrets, lust, financial “treasures” — dig deep for success, “privileged” (it isn’t really) information.


gemini icon  GEMINI:  May 21-June 20

Your energy, charisma, clout and effectiveness remain at a yearly high, Gemini. Get out, see and be seen, start projects. Communications and short trips can bring wishes true, will increase your friends. Money remains fairly fortunate. You have just entered a year of quietude, of fortunate (probably!) dealings with gov’t, and management opportunities. But you might have to exert to hold your own with a mate or partner. Sleep when tired, now to May 2024.

Sunday’s for home. Hug spouse, kids. Romance enters Monday to late afternoon Wed. Ditto creativity, beauty, pleasure, sports, risk, adventure. Monday’s best. Tackle chores Wednesday eve through Friday. Friday best for buying equipment, computer, paint. Saturday excites as relationships expand or first occur — best after 11 am (PDT).


Cancer icon  CANCER:  June 21-July 22

Lie low, rest, contemplate and plan future moves. Seek advice, liaise with gov’t and “head office.” Be charitable, spiritual. Much money will flow to you until July 10 — save it, squelch unnecessary spending. Despite your weariness, others find you attractive, will send a glance your way. You have just started a year of wish fulfillment, happiness, work success, friendly romance and popularity.

Sunday is for short trips, calls, and texts and paperwork. Settle into your domestic situation Monday to Wednesday late afternoon. Hug the kids, start a home project. Monday’s best. Wednesday eve through Friday brings romance, creative urges, risk and adventure, beauty and pleasure. Friday’s best — love could blossom! Saturday, tackle chores, fix things. All’s well.


Leo icon  LEO:  July 23-Aug. 22

Wish fulfillment, popularity, social delights, friendly romance, entertainment and high hopes fill your days until late June, Leo. Celebrate! You radiate sexual energy to July 10, will succeed in romance and more profound areas. Gov’t, head office still favour you, your case, until June 5 — take advantage while you can. Now to May 2024, your prestige, worldly status and career are blessed with good fortune.

Chase $ Sunday, buy/sell. A casual coupling might be offered, or accepted. Communications, paperwork, and travel fill Monday to late afternoon Wednesday (PDT). Monday’s most productive. Steer toward home, family, nature, soul, rest and recuperation Wednesday eve through Friday. Friday’s best, filled with sweet dreams and affections. Saturday’s romantic — 11 m (PDT) onward.


virgo icon  VIRGO:  Aug. 23-Sept. 22

The accent remains on prestige relations, worldly standing and your career, Virgo. Protect your interests, esp. financial and sexual ones — and avoid belligerent people, dark alleys, until July 10. Friends remain affectionate this week, so accept invitations. Socializing can benefit your ambitions. The year ahead — to May 2024 — will bring luck in intellectual, far travel, legal, learning and social ritual zones.

Your energy and charisma shine Sunday. Start something. Chase $ Monday to late afternoon Wed. (PDT) — buy/sell, collect and pay. You’re easily memorize things this interval, and might see an open door to casual sex. Wednesday eve through Friday brings errands, communications, trips and paperwork. Friday’s best. Saturday, head home, to spouse, kids, nature, rest and contemplation. All’s goo


libra icon  LIBRA:  Sept. 23-Oct. 22

Far travel, profound thinking/communicating, higher learning, law, insurance, social and cultural rituals (e.g., a wedding) — these, and gentle love, fill these weeks, Libra. Mars, your partnership planet, stays in Leo until July 10. This portends a lot of socializing and, probably, a wish coming true in “relationship land.” Bosses remain in your corner, but only to early June, so act quickly if seeking favours, promotion. Now to next May (24) your financial, sexual and “life changes” zones are blessed with good fortune. Some of you will become rich.

Lie low, rest, ponder and plan Sunday. Seek the spiritual. Your energy and charisma shoot upward Monday to late afternoon Wed. (PDT). Monday’s best. Start something! Chase $, buy/sell, memorize something, and/or seek/accept casual intimacy Wednesday eve through Friday. Saturday’s for errands, rips, calls, texts, friends and paperwork. (Don’t promise anything.)


scorpio icon  SCORPIO:  Oct. 23-Nov. 21

The emphasis lies on life’s secret currents, Scorpio — the very thing you like to plunge into, to investigate, research, and commit. Financial bonanzas, good investments, debt, lust and “consequential sex,” life style changes and medical processes — these tend to dominate your thoughts and actions until late June. Your philosophical self remains unusually sweet and tolerant. Until July 10, be very diplomatic with impatient, temperamental bosses. Now to next May (2024) good fortune will blossom in relationships, in love and business.

Sunday’s for happiness, socializing. Retreat from the fray Monday too late afternoon Wed. — rest, contemplate, seek advice, and plan. Monday best, esp. in dealing with gov’t or head office. Your energy and pizzazz return Wednesday eve through Friday. Launch projects, get things done. Friday’s best — true romance possible! (Seek someone out.) Chase $, buy/sell, memorize, have “lazy sex” Sat.


sagittarius icon  SAGITTARIUS:  Nov. 22-Dec. 21

The emphasis remains on relationships, fresh horizons (relocation possibilities) dealing with the public, and opportunities. This can be an exciting time, Sage. With your love ruler (Mars) in your wedding sector until July 10, you could, if single, meet a prospective life mate. If you’re in a love affair, it could hit the next stage, a healthy, growing one. Sex remains sweet, sensual — only through June 4, so act accordingly. Now to May 2024, your work will expand.

Be ambitious Sunday, somehow. Dreams come true Monday to late afternoon Wed. You’ll feel popular, optimistic and flirty — expect one or two gratifying social interludes (and maybe romantic ones). Monday best. But retreat Wednesday eve through Friday; lie low, rest, contemplate and plan. Seek advice, and be charitable. Your energy and pizzazz rebound Saturday — a relationship might come to a climax. All week, all June, be diplomatic, and search for like-minded individuals.


capricorn icon  CAPRICORN:  Dec. 22-Jan. 19

The emphasis lies on employment and health, dependents (kids, pets, invalids) and chores, Cap. But you don’t mind working. In money areas, you might uncover a lucrative deal, investment, etc. between now and July 10. Be prepared to commit if/when you find something good. This applies on the intimate scale, too. Until June 5, others (including spouse) treat you affectionately.

Sunday’s for profound pondering, gentle love, and mellow wisdom. Be ambitious Monday to late afternoon Wed. Monday best. Approach higher-ups, display your skills, steer a project to success. Wishes can come true Wednesday eve through Friday. You’ll feel a bit more popular, flirty, optimistic. (Not 100 %, as this is still a work month.) Friday pm is filled with “magic moments.” You’ll either be in love, or spy it in others. Retreat Saturday: rest, ponder and plan.


Aquarius icon  AQUARIUS:  Jan. 20-Feb. 18

The accent lies on romance, Aquarius — and on beauty, pleasure, sports/games, creativity, risk and adventure. Until July 10, Mars sits in your partnership sign, Leo. You might get into a fight, or talk a lot to someone who attracts you. Be diplomatic, and receptive to love. Co-workers treat you well until June 5. Good time to beautify anything. Now to next May (2024) your property, home, security and “soul” face a bountiful blossoming of good fortune. Best time in 12 years rio buy/sell a home. Children born now will be “outstanding” in some good way.

Sunday’s for mysteries: dig deep. Make no promises pre-dawn (PDT). A mellow, far-sighted mood steals over you Monday to late afternoon Wed. Monday’s best, for legal, international, far travel, learning or cultural affairs. Be ambitious Wednesday eve through Friday, when your career and worldly standing are emphasized. Friday pm best, great for $, income. (Ask for a pay raise?) Saturday’s for fun, friends, social delights, flirting, hope and joy!


Pisces icon  PISCES:  Feb. 19-March 20

Until late June, Pisces, the accent lies on home, children, nature, real estate, security, soul and stomach. It’s generally a fair to good time for major projects in this domestic zone. A smidgeon of romance continues (to June 5) and creativity remains, also — so a good time to decorate, renovate, etc. Until July 10, work can be hard, intense, but money-blessed. For the 12 months ahead, errands, trips, calls, communications and paperwork will occupy many hours.

Sunday’s for relationships, agreements, negotiations. (Don’t act before 7 am PDT.) Life’s secret side — finances, debt, lust/sex, research and spying, medical issues, heightened intuition and subconscious promptings — these fill Monday (best) to late afternoon Wed. A wise, tolerant, gently loving mood steals over you Wednesday eve through Friday. (Friday best — you could fall in love, with a person or a beautiful thing.) Good for far travel, law, education, cultural venues. Be ambitious Saturday — after mid-morning PDT. The full moon spells g-r-e-e-d.




The CRA (Canada Revenue Agency — the tax people): I just waited 30 minutes to have my call answered, and as soon as I spoke 2 sentences (without swearing) the woman hung up. This entire agency shut down ALL its offices from the Pacific Ocean to the (always favoured) Ontario and the East — without telling anyone. So I mailed my return to my local office, and now this agency is charging me for a “late filing” — because they were too neglectful to pick up their mail? Now they are trying to pretend I did not pay my 2020 taxes — although I have the actual cancelled check in my hand. What a failure. What a frustration. What a pile of inefficiency.


This whole controversy around reparations payments to blacks in the USA: I think the solution that is both just and efficient of money is to give reparations, even generous reparations, to those blacks who truly are descendants of the slaves. A recent article stated that there were about half a million enslaved blacks just before the Civil War, and that 90% of today’s existing blacks either came to America after the Civil War’s abolishment of slavery, or their parents or grandparents or great grandparents did. (I don’t know if the math here is correct, but its “statement” is — that a majority if blacks living today never had enslaved ancestors.)

To treat all equally, these 90% of present-day blacks should also share in having to pay the reparations to that 10% who truly did have enslaved ancestors. The only flaw in this is how any present day black can prove he or she came from a slave ancestor. It would be cruel and unjust to require a black person to prove a family tree that goes back to an enslaved black man or woman. It would probably be impossible in most cases. So there has to be a relaxation of this requirement, but how relaxed, and what are the dangers of relaxing it and or of keeping it strong? I don’t know the answer to this; I think social scientists, researchers, ethnographers and others might be enlisted in creating a structure or list of inquiry that could be used in judging the likelihood of a black  person’s claimed heritage/patronage.

The number of present day American blacks is around 49 million, meaning that About 5 million are from an enslaved heritage, and 44 million should pay as fully as any Caucasian, Asian or Indian, for reparations to their black brothers.


Trump can win E. Jean Carrol’s second defamation suit against him with one argument: her first suit against him and her recent court appearances and court victories have made her a celebrity, often featured on network and cable TV news stations. (Easy to prove.) His “$ 5 million” sin? He called her a “whack job” and supposedly sexually assaulted (not raped) her. (Counter-indication: he was convicted by a judge and jury who were royal-blue democrats, Trump haters who decided that, without any evidence whatsoever, no eyewitnesses, no police report, no rape kit, no girlfriends she told about the supposed incident, nothing — except the claim that, 25 years ago, but she could not name the year, much less the date, he had raped her in a department store fitting room. The indeterminate date meant Trump had no ability to present an alibi. For this reason alone, the case should have been thrown out. The principle is: you cannot deny a defendant the chance to present his/her innocence, by claiming something happened 25 or so years ago. This is asking the defendant to prove his innocence, rather than the accuser having to prove her case. This is pure railroading, which will happen to Trump in every blue state that has brought charges — and the court cases outstanding are ALL in blue states, where jurors, prosecutors and judges are corrupt.

This is how the Dems will try to win the 2024 election: by tying Trump up in so many false lawsuits (winnable or not, the Dems don’t care)  that the average Joe or Jess will think to themselves: “with all these lawsuits, there must be SOMETHING wrong with him. Maybe I’d better vote for the drooling guy in diapers.”

So I offer my much weaker defence, which will probably be like straw in the wind of the voluble Dems — I Ean, if they can convict a man without any proof whatsoever, so an action someone claims happened 25 or 26 years ago, if they can be that corrupt and crooked, that evil, call it what it is, then the “celebrity” logic (see below) will be a mere straw they trample in their jackboots, the kind the Nazi SS wore.

Celebrities have to accept a deeper amount of calumny than the average person. Trump’s team could easily find hundreds of instances, photo and film records, magazine headlines, etc., that said similar or much worse things about celebrities than “whack job.” For example, look at what every Trump-hating tv network/cable show has called Trump, with impunity.

One chance: if he can take these kangaroo cases to the Supreme Court, where bias and bigotry are reduced.


Target stores in the US are selling transgender children’s bathing suits. (And evidently have sold trans fashions — e.g., women’s onesie bathing suits for emasculated men — for 10 years.) So it’s come to this: the years-long and recently peaking transgender revolt is in the first stages of decline. When middle class merchants start buying and selling products based on a particular movement in a sort of second copy, it shows a trend has become a fad, in this case I suspect a deeply affecting fad. Many children‘s psyches will be contorted by the Biden era experiments on children, yet in the long run the whole process will add a new and more complex layer to humanity’s nature. — Accompanied by a certain increase in trauma for the unwitting victims of mistaken, misguided, or  simply evil actions.

To a degree it’s a matter of proportion. If, for instance, the entire media hoopla around LGBTQ and rainbows and trans people, what if despite all the hoopla the number of medically altered children in the USA is only, say, 3500.  That means only one in 100,000 people. If there are 35,000 medically enforced minor-age trannies, that translates to 1 in 10,000 little boys or girls who had unauthorized sexual changes through surgery or medicine.  Whatever the stats, it means one in 100,000 or 1 in 10,000 population would be a traumatized child. This rate can be easily absorbed by the diverse American population. However, it has had and will continue to have an effect on the American psyche that is far  more than one in 100,000 on this or that emotional/psychological scale. How this turns out I don’t know. I suspect it will be at least part of the process toward a unisex Human. This might affect our ability to, or probability of surviving, space  or other travel.

They affectionate Way Biden fondles children leads one to believe that he had what he thought was a glorious awakening in store for them. He certainly did awaken some, with or without their parents permission, or knowledge.


You know Merrick, said Joe one day, it has just come into my mind that I have a fair quantity of classified documents in what could be seen to be my private possession. How do I handle that Merrick?

Merrick thought a moment.

“ When that slime Trump left office, he told us he found a few classified documents in the boxes delivered to Mat-A-Lago. The DOJ asked him how many and he said about 10 or 20 documents. We asked him to hold them for us, and to put them in a locked room. Which he did.”

He thought a moment.

“But he did take classified documents after his presidency ended and that’s technically a crime.“

Then I want, said Joe, I want, let’s see, I want you  to arrest him and search his houses, Starting with Mar-A-Largo. A big affair. Lights flashing, 20 cop cars, a swat team, and all that and make sure the networks have a heads up. Talk of arresting Trump. Then at just the right time, we reveal that I have discovered some classified documents from long ago and  that I had volunteered this information as soon as I remembered. So that’ll cover the Penn Centre and maybe my garage and well maybe beyond that we better hide anything. Anyway that will send the wolves after two superficial charges that we can easily refute, while  they miss our main root and substance — that is, the fifty years I’ve been stealing these documents, and using them in handling donations from, you know, our allies such as Romania and Russia.

Thy will be done. Merrick bowed and left.