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Israel faces more intense “war activities,” probably culminating March 22/23. I mentioned this in my talk last Tuesday, but forgot to mention it here in the blog. (So I’ve just done that, March 14.)
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ALL SIGNS: continue to avoid new starts, new relationships or projects, and big purchases before March 28. (Actually, I have written March 30 in many of the weekly forecasts below, just to get past a “pothole” lying in the road March 28/29.)  Readers sometimes ask what I mean by “major purchases”. Well, clothes, bikes, cars, computers, machinery, etc. — almost anything but food and regular supplies. (If you run a business that constantly consumes materials, you should order extra as soon as I start warning about a Mercury retrograded slow-down. The next slowdown starts July 7, 2019.)
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People who always root for the underdog, show a bias toward the norm or mean. People who back apparent winners contain a bias toward the extreme.
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In 200 years, both (male) chauvinism and feminism will disappear.
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History rewrites itself.
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So I no sooner brag about the editors of “100 Horoscopes” giving astralreflections.com 5 stars, than the 100 Horoscopes site disappears! (The domain’s for sale, if you want it.) Ah, well.
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Well, I told you, several times over the last year or more, that March 5, 2019 (to 2026) would bring an upheaval to banks. The week of March 4, Canadian banks dropped markedly. It’s a bit of a pointer — not a full-fledged trend — yet. I don’t know how this new trend — techno-finance (not “fintech” exactly) will affect banks. We’ll have to wait and see.
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BTW, there is an AFTERAMBLE this week.
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ARIES:  March 21-April 19

Your weariness and semi-solitude continue — but only to Wed. This day starts a month of higher energy, charisma and effectiveness. (However, true effectiveness does not arrive until March 28 onward, so continue to avoid new starts, relationships, projects or significant purchases until then.) If negotiations (or whatever) have not gone so well with the gov’t or  another “faceless body”, wait until March 27 into late April, when these bodies will treat you well. Remember, no new contacts, relationships or ventures before the 28th. Remain wary of spending to month’s end.

Romance calls Sunday/Monday, and only possessiveness or $ problems could interfere. (Sunday to dawn Mon. — most of Mon. daytime is a dud.) Creativity, a gamble, beauty and pleasure also soothe, bless you.

Tackle chores Mon. suppertime to Wed. suppertime (PDT). Eat, dress sensibly. Possible deception, fuzzy thinking Tues. — read directions twice. Generally, all goes well — career, money factors advance with smooth “luck”.  Avoid legal things.

A relationship could appear and climax (emotionally) Wed. suppertime to Fri. suppertime. If a new attraction, it will hit major obstacles. If an ongoing bond, it faces some deep adjustments. Either way, it hits romantic turbulence, but ends with affection (and maybe opens a small blue-sky crack promising a possible future — but is it for real?).

Life’s secrets appear, subterranean forces move, Fri.. night, Sat. Money surprises Fri., great intuition, inspiration and aid Sat. A psychic or advisor is “right on”. The gov’t wants to help.

taurus weekly forecast TAURUS:  April 20-May 20

Keep enjoying life and love/pleasure until Wed. Then a month of quietude, rest, spirituality and contemplation begins. There will be two good things about the month ahead (to late April):

  • 1) friends will be affectionate, and your love hopes remain buoyant;
  • 2) more money will flow in (but in April I’ll have a wee warning about this).

This week, a former “sexy” friend might reappear, your sexual magnetism glows, your determination and confidence remain high, and bosses/parents remain affectionate, encouraging. Remember, avoid new relationships, projects and large purchases (clothes to cars) before March 28.

Sunday/Mon. emphasize home, family and security. All’s well, and ends well — you could make a good investment. Don’t be too forceful, esp. with family.

Love, romance, beauty, pleasure, and the joys of children fill Mon. eve to Wed. eve. Your creative juices flow. Friendship Monday, a very attractive prospect or person Tues., possibly deep love as the day/night evolves. But “marriage agreement” might be elusive.

Tackle chores, esp. neglected chores, Wed. night to Fri. suppertime. Not a good time to pursue love. Your energy might impress the boss; you emerge from this small work interval with a gold star in your career book.

Relationships fill Fri. night and Sat. — at first surprise (and you act in ways that surprise you, too) Friday, then friends, bright future, flirtation, a feeling of deep, quiet happiness, visit you Saturday. Hug someone!

GEMINI:  May 21-June 20

Remember, don’t start any ventures, new relationships nor make major purchases, before March 28. Career and other status or “dealings with authorities” pressures continue, but more mildly from Wednesday onward, as midweek starts a whole month of anticipation, social delights, optimism, flirtation/love, and bright prospects. However, some career/status questions linger, and remain puzzling or encounter small delays, until March 28 (even beyond, on a declining scale of importance, to mid-April).

This week, others (perhaps esp. an Aquarian or Libran) continues to show or feel affection toward you, and vice-versa. Legal matters go well. Continue to protect yourself against needless violence, pushy people (esp. those in large companies or gov’t-related organizations/ departments), thieves and false friends, until the end if March. (On the good side, someone might become a firm ally and helper.) If you’re unattached, April might bring a bright, assertive, friendly love prospect — and you’ll have the hutzpah to pursue and charm!

Sunday/Monday bring errands, calls (all communications) paperwork, visits, easy, quick  chores. Overall, these are blessed with good fortune, esp. if you’re communicating with a lover, spouse, business associate or the public, or about an opportunity or possible relocation. (Remember, avoid anything brand new.) But avoid background people (e.g., civil servants, advisors).

Home and family, security and Mother Nature, these fill Mon. eve to suppertime Wed.  A friendly time Monday (but don’t start a new friendship). Tuesday features a choice between home and outside ambitions, or a puzzling prospect/relationship. To solve the puzzle, just think emphatically:  what are this person’s desires/aims? From their point of view, there is no puzzle, everything’s clear.

Sexual intimacy might arise, or a request for funding, perhaps before you’re ready. There’s a yes, an acquiescence here, but look far ahead — is this the right path to be going down? Romance, creative surges and gambling urges, beauty and pleasure flow in Wed. night (danger of early climax, or falling madly in love without cosmic support) and Thursday (events, conditions erect barriers) and Friday (it ends with affection, grace).

Tackle chores, esp. neglected ones, Fri. night and Saturday — your efforts will be noticed by “power people”, and will enhance your career prospects. Find inspiration, Sat., about work, judges, ambitions, your worldly status.

CANCER:  June 21-July 22

Your pondering and mellow wool-gathering, your intellectual and gentle love phase end in most respects Wed. That day starts a pressure month of ambition, prestige relations, worldly standing and dealings with authorities. But your intellectual, gently loving streak will continue at a reduced pace, to mid-April. Right now, all these puzzle you, or are mired in delays: marriage, weddings or other rites of passage, school, far travel, insurance, statistics, legal affairs… and love. That puzzlement continues through March, then dissolves. (It takes a week or two.)

Meanwhile, don’t start any new projects, relationships, and avoid large purchases before March 28. You still possess an assertive social link to power people (all March) and good luck, satisfaction, in sex, finances and research, until the 26th (next week).

Sunday/Monday feature money, earnings, purchases (avoid significant ones, clothes, computers, cars — and up) and sensual embraces. Everything’s good, benevolent, except what I recommended above: social/career blending.

Easy chores, errands, calls, paperwork,  short travel, enter Mon. eve to suppertime Wed. These go well, but are not useful for work (so stick to the personal, or private goals). You might, in a huge instant, understand just how vast, deep and significant love is — for a person, or for humanity. (And the two are one, this week anyway.)

Turn your thoughts toward home, kids, Nature, garden, and security Wed. eve to Friday suppertime. This interval is difficult; you need to wind your way through various mazes and obstacles. Something might nudge you into a big commitment, or “drag you back” from an outside ambition. Take care; you’re flirting with deep domestic things which can make or break a lifetime bond. Looks like you succeed, or choose right, as it ends with love, and sexual/financial serendipity.

Friday night, Saturday emphasize romance, creative surges, risk-taking urges, pleasure, beauty and wonderful kids — plunge in, joy and inspiration abound!

Leo icon, Luck Forecast LEO:  July 23-Aug. 22

A month of mystery (and 50 unanswered questions) ends mid-week, to start a month of understanding. You move from the deep, dank walls of heavy concerns, sex, commitment, large finances and lifestyle decisions, to the light of compassion, a world view, and intellectual growth. However, those mysteries will hang on a little longer, whispering to you right into mid-April.

Don’t start any new projects or relationships, nor buy anything significant, before March 28. Until then, roughly, bosses will remain impatient and temperamental (but open to reason) and others, your peers, will treat you with affection and grace. This contrast, between bosses and equals, reaches a head, a climax, Wed./Thurs. — you might have to choose between love and status, or between power and co-operation. My advice? Pick love, co-operation.

Your energy, charm and clout surge upward Sun./Mon. Lead, contact, ask favours. Love luck soars, but career/bosses aren’t happy. (Just smile… for North Americans this influence will occur pre-dawn Mon., while you’re asleep, so little problem.)

Chase $, buy/sell, memorize, learn, Mon. eve to suppertime Wed. Monday’s friendly, hints at a “new day” in career, other ambitions. (That new day, at present, is just the first trickle of a flood — a good, 7-year flood!) Tuesday’s filled with dark attractions, sexual lures, deep inspiration, perhaps deception and mistrust. It leans toward benevolence, fascination. Work goes well. Leave romance for another time.

Errands, easy chores, communications and short trips fill Wed. eve to suppertime Fri. Be cautious, act slowly, double-check addresses, read instructions twice. Life erects barriers, but this interval ends well, with affection, gratitude.

Be home Fri. night and Sat. A wee disruption Friday pm, but a smooth, fortunate Sat. Tuesday’s lures, ideas or introduction can now be solved, advanced. A lucky day for investments and sex (which often is an “investment” that creates a future).

VIRGO:  Aug. 23-Sept. 22

Relationships have drawn, excited, and puzzled you for some weeks. The puzzlement continues into mid-April (and by then might finally yield a solid answer, decision). Mostly, these links and attractions have been open, honest, “upfront”.  But Wednesday starts a month in which bonds will be private, deep, and consequential, as either intimacy (in love), or funding (in business) will be required.

It’s an “all or nothing” month ahead — either you embrace and contribute to this consequential commitment, or the link will wither. Some might face surgery. Research or detective work will fascinate you. But don’t make any commitments or firm decisions before March 28. Ditto for new contacts, projects and purchases. Continue to avoid lawsuits, all month. Co-workers remain affectionate, humorous.

Retreat, rest and contemplate Sun./Mon. Your energy’s low. Deal with gov’t, agents, advisors, charities and spiritual matters. All’s well — but forget sex, and don’t invest.

Your energy and pizzazz returns Mon. eve to suppertime Wed. You’ll feel an odd, new wakefulness or clarity Mon., a friendliness. Tuesday holds a potentially huge attraction, opportunity, or confusion/indecision. Safest bet: don’t commit, yet. Still, romance, sex and deep harmony pull and bless you this day and pre-dawn (PDT) Wed. Even in the throes of love, say “Wait, wait, wait just a little…”.

Pursue $ Wed. eve to suppertime Fri. — again, buy nothing important, but do pay bills and collect $. This interval is studded with conflicts and obstacles, so go slow, force nothing. Whatever happens, you end with satisfaction and affection.

Errands, quick tasks, communications and travel fill Fri. night and Sat. All’s well, so go forth. Saturday spells success in love, opportunity, negotiation and agreement, distant lands, public appearances, music, film, perfume, oceans, and partnership. Someone might stun you with their beauty and mystery.

LIBRA:  Sept. 23-Oct. 22

Ah, the slavery ends. A month of hard work and possible health complaints, ends mid-week. These, work and health, plagued by delays and indecision so far in March, will shrink to become only minor concerns after Wednesday. Still, they’ll remain puzzling until early April. (A relationship will end this puzzle.)

Wednesday starts four weeks of intense relationship dealings. Someone will likely want to marry you (or form a working partnership if you’re already attached). None of this is “pure” before April (actually, March 31). Until then, love is sexual and romantic, but not necessarily “socially approved”. You’d be wise, anyway, to avoid starting big new things, projects, weddings, relationships or major purchases, until at least March 30.

That duality, sex and romance, can reach a climax of conflict by Wed./Thurs. This is a hint or first trumpet of a new “atmosphere” in love now forward (to 2026) — in which romance is decidedly physical, and could be verboten (e.g., extra-marital).

A wish might come true Sun./Mon. — there will be flirtation, optimism, social joy, and entertainment. Love life, for it loves you! Oddly, not the best time to seek partnership or marriage. (Not before March 31.) You’ll be happy, as you catch a refreshing hint of your future.

Retreat to rest and ponder your life and your soul Mon. eve to suppertime Wed. A former secret could open the door to friendship Mon. Choose between work and a more supportive or spiritual role Tues. You could spy a solution to a long-standing domestic or property or security problem Tues./Wed. — note it, believe it.

Your energy and charm return Wed. eve to suppertime Fri. Lead, but mostly lead yourself to another, one whom you want to be with. Co-operate, but also express your own needs, desires. However, don’t push. Just “be there”.  That “conflict” between sex and romance peaks Wed. night, Thursday. Domestic problems call for patience, not “smashing”.

You end with a sweet whiff of romance and agreement Fri. This night and Saturday  offer good money luck — collect it, pay bills, schmooze with clients or bosses. Work will be well rewarded.

SCORPIO:  Oct. 23-Nov. 21

The “romance” (of life) lasts to Wednesday, then shrinks into a month of work and health concerns, dependents and machinery and service people. All month, esp. this week and next, your work scene offers two different possibilities: a fight with someone, or a work opportunity. Which it will be, is a result of small “d” destiny and your own approach. (But that opportunity should have some connection to the past. Remember, purchase nothing significant, nor start brand new relationships or ventures before March 28.)

Higher-ups still like you, so show off your hard work. An old flame might have returned recently: good. But if he/she first re-appears from Wednesday onward, the results will be more practical than loving.

Sunday/Monday emphasize your ambitions, relations with higher-ups and authorities — fortunately. Despite what I just wrote above, do not work hard — it somehow will trip you up. Instead, schmooze with bosses and peers, look and respond to the bigger career picture, your wider, less tangible opportunities. (You’re on the rise this year.)

Wishes might come true Mon. eve to suppertime Wed. You’ll feel popular, optimistic, flirty rather than romantic. (Still, Tuesday offers a long, sweet drink of love — welcome it.) Good talk pre-dawn Wed., with a sociable co-worker, maybe. Work efforts pay off.

Withdraw from the crowd Wed. eve to Fri. suppertime — rest, watch, ponder. All good deeds will be noted in your book of karma. Decide between work and staying home. (Despite popular wisdom, home will reward more.) Expect obstacles, difficult communications/travel. But this rough little phase ends well, with something coming from your family to warm your heart.

Your energy and charisma surge back Fri. night and Sat. A surprising relationship or unexpected reaction Fri. (but it could spark friendship). Paternal love, romance, creative surges and blessed inspiration Saturday — dive in!

SAGITTARIUS:  Nov. 22-Dec. 21

A down-home, child-security-nature oriented phase ends Wed., although a smaller but significant streak extends into mid-April. This slender steak seems to want you to split with someone (or to get very domestic with him/her).  Trouble is, at least in March, that you can’t make a firm decision about an important (or potential) link. Just be patient; what will be will be.

(Avoid new relationships, projects and important purchases until March 28 onward.) Work remains intense, demanding this week and next. Wednesday starts a month of romance, beauty, self-expression, creative and risk-taking urges — all better AFTER March 29. Friends remain affectionately friendly.

Sunday/Monday bring a mellow, wise, broad vision of life and society. These two days bless almost every activity — except romance. On other love levels, you might contemplate marrying someone, or a long trip afar, or higher education. Yes, good, right ideas — but wait until April to pursue them.

Be ambitious Mon. eve to suppertime Wed. A good, productive interval, but you might have to choose between home/security and ambition/risk Tuesday. It seems to work out well — deep down, money streams favour you.

Your optimism and social urges burst to the surface Wed. eve to Fri. suppertime (all PDT). Events and circumstances are against you, but it hardly matters — your happiness won’t be dented! (Still, take no big chances, esp. with $ or sex.) It ends well, with good feelings, friendly meetings.

Retreat Fri. eve through Sat. — rest, ponder,  deal with gov’t, head offices, agents, advisors. Ignore a sudden call that asks you to work — it would disrupt, enervate you. Splendid time to look for, tour or contemplate warehouses, if you’re in the market, esp. Saturday. This day offers beautiful nature, gardening, child and home ideas — and success. If you’re a homeowner, think about a decorative pool (or about fixing your plumbing, water table).

CAPRICORN:  Dec. 22-Jan. 19

You don’t particularly like chit-chat, living on the surface, or hurried but inconsequential work. So you’ll be glad to know that only a few days remain of March’s flurry of errands, trips and calls. These have been necessary over past weeks, but have also been delayed, confused and yielded indeterminate results.

Wednesday starts a new general emphasis, on home, family, Mother Nature, security, nutrition, ending and starting projects, relationships. You’ll be pruning, cutting out wasteful situations and links, and forming or welcoming new, budding ones. However, deal only with the past in everything (projects, relationships, big purchases) before March 28.

Those errands, calls and paperwork flurries still drift into your days now to mid-April, but don’t initiate or choose anything here until April. Your income, $ generally, remain fortunate for the next ten days. Your romantic, sexual courage remains high all March.

Life’s secrets, and your intuition, your subconscious desires, burst to the surface Sunday/ Monday. This promotes lust, investigation, and commitment to an investment or other financial plan. All is benevolent here, except romance, and real estate.

A gentle, empathic understanding drifts over you Mon. eve to suppertime Wed. A great time to contact relatives and siblings, to write notes, to study, to attend cultural or social rituals or university/college functions, to examine insurance, advertising or publishing projects (what’s missing in them?) — and to love.

Your career, worldly standing, and prestige relations are in focus Wed. eve to suppertime Fri.  Be prepared to face an obstacle or two, but also to act — this interval ends with small but gratifying success.

Wishes, popularity, optimism, entertainment, flirtations and general happiness bless you Fri. night, Sat. Saturday holds huge, reliable inspiration, hunches, and information. Be curious, ask friends questions. A satisfying week.

AQUARIUS:  Jan. 20-Feb. 18

Wednesday ends a month of $ focus, sensual attractions, memories and rote learning; and starts a month of errands, easy chores, communications, travel and paperwork. But those money and “ownership” concerns don’t completely disappear — a streak of them lasts into mid-April. That’s good, as March has not, and won’t, free your monetary interests from delays and indecision… wait until at least March 30 to start anything new, relationships, projects or major purchases. Your domestic scene continues to foment friction, all month. You’re attractive now, others appreciate your grace and receptivity.

Sunday/Monday feature relationships, relocation, opportunities and public appearances. Good luck here — but not in family/home matters.

Monday eve to suppertime Wed. brings secrets, hidden forces, sexual desire, major financial turns/commitments, lifestyle decisions, medical needs, and research. The entire interval is fortunate, except socially. If you ask, you’ll learn secrets, perhaps from or about gov’t or large organizations. Finances thrive, but Tuesday faces you with a choice: do you go short, immediate with money, or invest for the long-term? And is someone telling you the truth, or just mounting a lovely illusion?

You’ll answer most questions Wed. eve to suppertime Fri., when a broad view shows you things from a different, lighter, brighter perspective. This isn’t an easy time: though love, travel are accented, they run into nail-studded walls. Now gov’t and admin, workers will not help you. Still, you’ll maintain your cool, which earns you a bit of satisfaction, flirtation or affection late Fri. morning.

Be ambitious Fri. night, Sat. Friday’s a bit disruptive, or makes you see “change is coming”. Saturday’s filled with inspiration and good fortune in earnings zones — tell a boss you’re inclining toward asking for a pay raise.

PISCES:  Feb. 19-March 20

You remain energized, empowered, a leader, and the destination of many people’s gaze — until midweek. Wednesday starts a month of money, purchases, possessions, rote learning and sensual (but perhaps boring) attractions. You might feel frustrated that your high energy hasn’t led to big steps forward — indecision, delay on your part and others’ has stymied progress.

You’ll remain indecisive all March — don’t make a major purchase nor start any new relationships or projects before March 30. Your inner world, your spiritual self and your relations with gov’t, remain gracious, mildly lucky. Be thrifty — you can overspend on travel, phones, car, etc.

Tackle chores and protect your health Sunday/Mon. All goes well – except travel, communications, and paperwork. Work alone, for others will chatter your valuable time away. Your efforts will make a higher-up think about promotion. (Not a big deal; this will happen at least 30 times in 2019 — your best career year in a decade!)

Relationships confront you Mon. eve to suppertime Wed. Relocation, opportunities, challenges and opposition, publicity, partnerships in love and business, these arise. (Remember, touch nothing brand new.) These relations start friendly (Mon.), grow to immense implications (Tues.), shunt into wishful, light romance (Tues. night, pre-dawn Wed.), and finally end with a realization that it’s either bonding or bright career — maybe not both (Wed. morning).

A great little run that will answer some questions about you and another, and leave you puzzled about other Q’s. (Saturday will bring more answers, heart-lifting answers.) You must swim through a series of obstacles Wed. eve to suppertime Fri., as subterranean forces, secrets and mysteries emerge. Be cautious, esp. with money, sex, health. Neither make nor accept promises. Commitment is best delayed.

A mellow, wise mood steals over you Fri. night and Sat. Friday begins with a bit of tension or disruption, but Saturday spreads its splendid wings to carry you to the heights of inspiration, far travel, love, social and cultural, philosophical and religious understanding/insight. Think about law, justice. See a foreign movie. Kiss someone.



Of all the media talking heads, I consider CNN’s Van Jones one of the worst. He knew, and admitted, on camera, back in late 2016, early 2017, that the Russia collusion thing, as he put it, was bogus, a trumped-up (no pun!) false charge. I don’t know if he knew he was being recorded — the conversation took place on the sidewalk. Yet he has never repeated his statement, and two years later, he has graduated to host his own show at CNN — perhaps a reward for keeping his mouth shut and locking away the truth.
***   ***

Alexandria Octavio-Cortez, the new firebrand senator who has effectively rallied a significant portion of the American Democratic Party to support the Green New Deal, is a Libra with an Aries Moon and Sagittarius rising — all in great degrees. This young woman has a big heart, is loved by power-brokers, and is slightly clairvoyant. She naturally will like Trump, believe it or not.

She’s a talented politician with a killer instinct and a strong sense of justice. Two potential flaws:

  • 1) she can act impulsively or with reckless passion, and get into trouble, and
  • 2) she might fade out around 40-50 years of age, as her charisma and her early energy fades. The first flaw might already be showing, as she stands recently accused of stealing almost $900,000 in campaign funds.
  • Still, she has started something (green deal, socialism) that will expand and come to deeply affect the American democracy for many years, even centuries. (God deliver me from these bloody “bullet points” that refuse to disappear.)
    ***   ***

A neighbour’s abundance is your friend; to envy him is fruitless. Consider, hazelnut sprouts emerge from seed every spring. Young hazelnuts are a medium-desired food for deer. So as the deer graze the edge of the meadow, in lean years they will notice and consume the hazelnut shoots, which outlast grass and flowers, and appear green in a drought. But in years where the grass is healthy and the flowers abundant, the deer ignore the less tasty hazelnut shoots, letting them survive — literally, because by the plant’s second, third year, deer dislike the harder stems. They almost never nibble on hazelnut leaves. It’s a food that becomes less attractive with age. If a hazelnut lives to 3 years, it will outlast most insects, deer, etc. (Though a blight recently wiped out entire plantations of nut growers in the Fraser Valley, close to me — my hazelnuts seem okay.)

But my point: the happier and healthier the grass and flowers are, the more likely hazelnuts will survive and grow.

So if our neighbour’s abundance can save our ass, and his poverty provide no shield, shouldn’t we be glad for him or her and wish them every success?

(BTW, hazelnuts are rather inefficient food producers; a dwarf pear, occupying the same amount of earth, roughly as tall and wide, would yield almost ten times the volume/weight of fruit. But hazelnuts have a virtue: they are easily stored, can last for years in a tough shell. Pears will rot within a week, and need laborious handling (though the product is sweet.)
***   ***

Luck is like a grazing deer to the person who can’t see the cause of events, and doesn’t realize his/her behaviour carries its own punishment or reward, like a satchel heavy beside him.
***   ***

Billionaires are the new newsworthy class. They strut on a stage, released from their self-imposed discretion. The percentage who remain silent might tell you how much, as a class, billionaires are practical; and what portion of them is idealistic, emotionally empathic or humanitarian.
***   ***

Lanny Davis (of Hillary Clinton’s Morgana court) used Michael Cohen as a mouthpiece for the Dem’s villainy. Lanny’s co-conspirator, Adam Schiff, coached Cohen for ten hours to ensure his testimony to Congress would reflect the Dem’s “story”. Then, when Cohen had outlived his usefulness, Davis dumped him and destroyed him.

It was easy: Lanny and his happy crew pricked Cohen’s pride until he swore under oath that he had never sought a pardon from Trump. The day after this testimony was in the record, Lanny Davis — supposedly Cohen’s lawyer! — revealed to the world that Cohen had asked his lawyers to seek a pardon from Trump. Presto: perjury, if proved. Why do it, other than vindictiveness? I suspect they want to put Cohen into even more hot water, in case they need to bully him into uttering more falsehoods.

The trouble with Cohen’s stance is that it is obviously created: he wears the face of woe, contrition, self-pity, mingled with a newly found courage and idealism, which he displays by showing alligator outrage at the crimes of his fellow sinners. It makes you not pity Cohen, but look on him with fascination, revulsion, and condemnation.