Mercury’s retrograde. We should avoid new starts, new relationships, and  major purchases before July 20.

Let’s get to the Luck Forecasts, two this time. (I’ve received various requests to reprint or locate earlier Forecasts for Aries, Taurus and Gemini. In a few weeks, every Luck Forecast will be posted under “Platforms.”)


Libra is the diplomat or negotiator of the Zodiac — weighing and balancing different measures


From June 25 2013 to July 16 2014 your major good luck lies in career, prestige relations, ambitions and status. You can gain a promotion or a pay raise. Bosses will be impressed by your efforts — even simply by your style and personality — the “cut of your jib.” If you’re courting someone, your prospective parents-in-law embrace you gladly. If you marry during these 55 weeks, you’ll likely marry “up.” Even if you marry an economic and social peer, your status soars. This is an excellent time to seek employment, start a new career or change careers. You’re headed upward, especially if you work in distribution, communications, media, office-systems or travel-related industries — or domestic areas (see below about this). If you’re self-employed, clients praise you to other clients. Your profile rises. You could be featured in the media. You’ll tend to win appointments and elections. You could be headed for fame!

However, two “kinks” lurk in this once-in-a-decade boost to your prospects. Usually this Jupiter period would be a  good time to start a new business, or, if you’re self-employed, to formally incorporate your business. If you want to do either of these, however, wait until March  2014 onward — earlier, such moves would likely lead you into an unprofitable dead-end. In the same vein, be wary of investing money in your career projects or in an expansion of business until March onward.

The second “kink” comes courtesy of Pluto, your planet of earnings. In August 2013 and January/February and April 2014, lucky Jupiter in youre  career sector opposes secretive, plotting Pluto in your domestic arena. This can cause a tug-o-war between job and family, beween your security needs and your urge to risk and climb. For instance, a great promotion might call you overseas, but your  kids and spouse say “Don’t go!” Pluto is also your money planet, so if you neglect your home, house or family for career, you might find you actually lose money in the big picture. (E.g., while you’re giving a speech at the Young Entrepreurs Club, your neglected domicile’s roof collapses.)

These conflicting forces can actually add to your success if you combine them. For example, if your career is in a domestic arena — food, shelter, real estate, agriculture, mining, geology, archeology, construction/demolition, restaurants, child care, etc., you can find your success builds and builds. Otherwise, you might have to choose between home and career, or at least be very diplomatic during those four months. The entire 55 weeks, accent humility, no matter how high you climb — for Pluto brings down the proud.

All that said, though, you’re in for a year of almost unprecedented success!


Drawing by Jeff Dahl, based on New Kingdom tomb paintings


Scorpio, your 55-week luck cycle (June 25/13 to July 16/14) brings rewards in foreign travel, legal matters, higher education, broadcasting/media, publishing, fame, advertising, religion, philosophy, intellectual pursuits and cultural affairs. You’ll experience a thoughtful, gentle, compassionate mood. You’ll gain a new, wider view of humanity and society, and a new understanding of the “why” of life.

Your mellow attitude will help keep love afloat — and you could increase love by taking your amour on a voyage — or you might meet a new, deep and abiding love in a foreign land. (Or in a library, law office, transportation hub or university — or while engaged in any of the activities mentioned above — broadcasting, advertising, etc. All these provide fertile ground for romance this year.) Many Scorpios will wed in these 55 weeks. Someone who loves you now, falls for you, really loves you. To him/her, it’s true love. Make sure you deserve it, by returning it. (Or, if you can’t return it, be honest.) This kind of true love connection might arise in August 2013, or January, February or April of 2014. A  Cancer person can be especially attracted to you, and especially frustrated by your inscrutable attitude: open up, welcome love. (Despite all this, do not wed before March 2014.)

Though your luck rises in legal affairs, think hard before you step into a lawsuit, for your lawyer’s fees could grow and grow. This is a great time to write — but if you do, don’t start your best-seller from November through February. During this period, many of your lucky projects might seem to tread water. That’s okay, Nov.-Feb. is a “catch your breath” phase, a time to examine what you’ve done, and where you go after February. It also gives others time to contemplate and decide on your proposals.

Some, probably many, of the lucky projects and relationships of these 55 weeks could contain a definite connection to the past, especially if they arise June 25 to July 20, 2013. So if you find yourself stumped, wondering where you should chase Lady Luck, try sifting through your memories of projects or relationships you thought were good in the past, but for some reason you neglected or let fade. They might remain available, like a treasure destiny set aside for you.


11:48 pm Sun. to 2:43 pm Mon.

8:51 am Wed. to 2:22 am Thurs.

5:30 am to 3:14 pm Sat.


Aries icon, weekly forecastARIES March 21 – April 19

Your energy and charisma remain high and solid Sunday and to mid-afternoon Monday. Get things done, ask  favours — but DON’T start anything new before July 20. (It would meet delays, go in circles, and perhaps never succeed.) Use your higher energy to handle any new, emerging problems in domestic and career areas: change is needed (and probably imminent) in both areas — this is a slow process, and won’t be complete until about 2025. (The problems might exist in your kids’ or  parents’ lives instead — if so, help out. DON’T start a love affair. Chase money late Monday thru Wed. — an overdue  debt might be involved. If you’re fighting a war, be unpredictable; otherwise, try not  to surprise others. Helpful, chatty friends appear Thurs. to Sat. Real estate opportunity Saturday eve.

Taurus icon, weekly forecastTAURUS April 20 – May 20

July is a fairly casual month for you, Taurus. Visit siblings  and casual friends, take  short trips, do errands, keep paperwork and communications/emails current, and be curious — follow your nose. (You could learn something that gives you an advantage in an argument or a money situation later — but more importantly, you could solve an old mystery.) Rest, lie low Sunday to Monday afternoon. Your means of travel or communication might need to be changed, or you could receive an important “message.” Avoid all negotiations, contracts and new relationships these two days. Start no new projects nor  relationships — and buy nothing important — before July 20. Your energy and charisma surge upward Mon. eve to Wed. A  secret, gov’t edict or background matter might affect your reputation. Chase (old or owed) money Thurs. onward. Sexy friend Sat. eve!

Gemini icon, weekly forecastGEMINI May 21 – June 20

The weeks ahead accent money, earnings, possessions, and spending — curb the last, as lemons abound until July 20. This  would be the WRONG time to start new realty-related projects, such as renos or building a new sun deck — but it’s the right time to tackle overdue repairs and finish up projects started months ago. Generally, avoid new starts and new relationships in any area before July 20. Sunday to midday Monday bring a bouyant, friendly mood — which helps you digest the disappointments or barriers that lurk. (Lurk: a job doesn’t seem to pay enuf, or someone wants too much for their help.) You need to bring your earnings and your assets into “agreement.” (E.g., it’s no good making an extra thousand a week if your stock account is losing two thousand a week.) Retreat, rest and contemplate Mon. eve thru Wed. Friends and money won’t mix. You energy and charisma roar back Thurs. to Sat. Enjoy sensuality. Money luck, late Sat,

Cancer icon, weekly forecastCANCER June 21 – July 22

This is your peak month of the year, Cancer. Your energy climbs, your charisma turns on, and you feel competent and effective. “Effective” might stretch the truth, as now to July 20, a series of minor glitches, mistakes, missed meetings, delays and second thoughts plague any new project or  relationship (and deal a glancing blow to ongoing ones, also). Escape this quagmire by heading straight for the past: past projects, old friends, former flames, old neighbourhoods, etc. There is some unusual profit or joy in these — particularly in career or ambitious zones. AFTER July 1, perhaps, as Sun./Mon. emphasize career but also highlight two problems: 1) a powerful person (who could be your spouse or lover) will only co-operate if you conform to their desires; 2) a romance, creative project or child might interfere with your ambitions. This could reach a climax Wed. Happiness visits Mon. eve to Wed. Retreat, rest Thurs.-Sat, (Sat. night, a lucky weekend begins.)

Leo icon, weekly forecastLEO July 23 – Aug. 22

Lie low, rest, contemplate and enjoy sweet solitude all week (and  most of July). Usually, this “down time” would be a good planning period, but avoid trying to build firm plans before July 20 — at best, you would have to change them after that date; at worst, you would not change them and they would lead to dead-ends and failure. Instead, use this time, this contemplative phase, to visit the past, to mull over what still lies back there and might  be resurrected — a project you left to one side, an old flame, a business relationship — a tax return you meant to file or refile. From the “past revisited” a long voyage, a wedding, or a new education (even a new book for authors) might emerge in future. Focus on what gave you hope, once. Hints of this Sun./Mon. — handle a work, safety or health problem. Your career, relations with VIPs need caution Tues./Wed. Happiness and hope late week!

Virgo icon, weekly forecastVIRGO Aug. 23 – Sept. 22

Wishes can come true, Virgo, as July will show! But this time around, chase only old wishes (and friends and lovers and projects) before July 20. A particular wish might  return — you might see it as simply a memory of happy times socially and romantically. If  you “revisit” this time, perhaps even the locale it occurred in, but especially the people involved, you won’t be disappointed. You could seize a chance long lost but now available. Could be a member of the opposite sex (same sex for gays). This could  even refer to 20, 40 years ago. (Likely the 1984-98 period.) Your relationship scenario is changing, hugely. Present confusion, frustration will give way to remarkable partnership opportunities, now or later. Friends dispute, but you love both, Sun./Mon. Still, DO NOT chase love these two days. Gentle love, understanding Mon. eve to Wed. Be ambitious Thurs./Fri. (but start nothing new). Attend that gathering Sat. night.

Libra icon, weekly forecastLIBRA Sept. 23 – Oct. 22

No matter what else I say, Libra, do not  start new projects nor relationships before July 20. Be ambitious during the weeks ahead, but don’t begin a business, ad campaign, new career, etc. Instead, stick with ongoing projects, and protect them from misunderstandings, delays and/or missed meetings — order essential supplies long before they’re needed, have a Plan B ready. Perhaps even more beneficially, look at the past 25 years, and be willing to reprise a former venture, relationship or ambition. This one could lead to a partnership in love or business. Clue: a foreign-born person, a voyage, higher learning or a legal or publishing situation could have been involved. Relationships themselves don’t  face a rocky road Sun./Mon,, but career and home wrestle with each other, and money and friends conflict. Be cautious, demure. Relationships do get buffeted Tues./Wed. — accept “oddness.” You might see why sex is elusive. Gentle love late week. Read your luck forecast above — clues come Sat. eve/night.

Scorpio icon, weekly forecastSCORPIO Oct. 23 – Nov. 21

This is one of the nicest times of any year for you, Scorpio. A mellow breeze of understanding, gentle love and compassion lifts your heart. Far travel, higher education, law, export/import, publishing, religion, philosophy, culture and social rituals will, not only this July but the full 12 months ahead, both lift your heart and fill your bank account. However, DON’T start any of these (nor any relationship) before July 20. Until then, a past venture in one of these zones (including, perhaps, wedding plans) could bring success, especially if the “link” to this past situation/person is sex or work. Tackle chores Sun./Mon. — but avoid all legal areas and romance. Relationships, public interfacing, opportunities and opposition arise Mon. eve thru Wed. — be cautious, things aren’t what they seem. Sex, secrets, investments, power corridors Thurs. to Sat. First three sentences above “come true” Sat. eve/night.

Sagittarius.svg, weekly forecastSAGITTARIUS Nov. 22 – Dec. 21

Sexual attractions, mysteries and secrets, research, subconscious promptings, high finance (e.g., investments, mortgages) deep health concerns and lifestyle changes — these fill this week and the next two, Sage. (And bring you luck until July 2014.) A government agency might help you pursue one of these things. But don’t start any new ventures nor relationships before July 20. Instead, reprise a former sexual attraction or an investment you  missed out on previously, etc. Stick with the past, or what was begun before mid-June. A former flame might return, offer marriage and romance combined — yes, I’d accept, or chase! Except, perhaps, Sun./Mon., when your romantic sensors quiver, but love is doomed. Tackle chores and protect your health Mon. eve thru Wed. Relationships excite and challenge Thurs. to Sat. — you’ll know the truth (about him/her/it, and your urges) Sat. night.

Capricorn.svg, weekly forecastCAPRICORN Dec. 22 – Jan. 19

The weeks ahead emphasize relationships and opportunities, negotiations and opposition, the choice to co-operate or go your own way. (Co-operating better.) The entire 12 months ahead will bring luck to all these. But , before July 20, decline to pursue any new opportunities or relationships — they would “dissolve” before any reward or solid accomplishment occurred, but after they’ve wasted your time and/or money. Instead, stick with ongoing ventures/links, or ressurect past ones.  A past job, duty, or domestic situation might be involved. Be cautious with money (and sexual liaisons, flirtations) Sun./Mon. Romance, creativity and speculative urges arrive Mon. eve thru Wed. — be cautious again. A sudden action/mood/word could end a relationship. Tackle chores Thurs. to Sat. A love connection or prosperous friend Sat. night!

Aquarius icon, weekly forecastAQUARIUS Jan. 20 – Feb. 18

Chores fill the weeks (and whole year) ahead, Aquarius. Two things: 1) these chores will be lucrative, might even bring you a permanent pay hike; 2) tackle only routine and ongoing chores before July 20 — DON’T begin anything new and important in any area before that date, but especially avoid, say, new employment, or bidding on a work contract, or buying a new excavator or computer. (Lemons abound — and/or you’ll later find you bought the wrong machine for the job.) Do, however, continue with ongoing tasks, or reprise a past related situation — e.g., if you’re out of work, contact a former employer. Sun./Mon. are chatty, active, but DO NOT start a new relationship or love affair, do not sign anything, and keep a low profile with management types. Rest, Mon. eve to Wed., but don’t sink into a slough of sloth. Romance, beauty catch your attention Thurs. to Sat. Hint of “big work” Sat. night.

Pisces icon, weekly forecastPISCES Feb. 19 – March 20

The weeks — and the 12 months — ahead bring romance, pleasure, beauty, creativity and self-expression, charming kids, sports and games, vacations, travel, and speculation. You’ll be riding a winning streak! Unless, that is, you pursue new items in this list before July 20 — if you do, you’ll probably fail, perhaps after years of effort. Instead, stick with “old faithfuls” or resurrect a past romance, creative work (NOT a written one), vacation, etc. Here, you might gain not only a rebirth of love or creativity, of a winning hand, but you might also gain a monetary or  career advantage. Careful with money, work, co-workers, legalities and travel Sun./Mon. (A money “surprise” might await you around midweek.) Be careful, too, with short trips, errands and communications Mon. eve thru Wed. — don’t waste all your time on these. Home, security, retirement programs (RRSP, IRA, etc.) consume your attention Thurs. to Sat. — all fine. Sat. night, love’s possible!