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START NOTHING:  10:10 pm Sun. to 3:53 am Tues., 11:35 pm Wed. to 2:26 pm Thurs., and 12:37 pm to 9:04 pm Sat.


In some areas, in the next seven years, real estate prices will drop suddenly and sharply. But not in high production zones. Banks will undergo dramatic changes, partly involving their real estate. It looks like a 1950’s street, a bit empty and with trash blowing in the gutters. General shake-up in the Middle East — and Britain. Iran’s population might revolt. Israel will be seen as the maverick, the mad atom, of the region, and will be more stubborn, staunch than ever. This causes stress in Israel itself — many “dislocations” and sudden re-arranging, both in the body politic and the economy, but much-increased ambition. Accelerated change for India, much faster pace. These little indications are based on their names, Iran, Israel, etc: I need to look at the charts.
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Yes, there is an AFTERAMBLE, after Pisces, below.


     ARIES: March 21-April 19

The focus continues on easy but hurried chores, errands, communications, short trips, and paperwork. This is a nice, light, friendly time. However, especially during the first half of this week, avoid gossip, don’t believe rumours, and handle any queries from gov’t-type agencies with the truth (or spend the medium-term future trying unsuccessfully to cover up). Also during the first few days, you might be undecided whether to aim for family affection or career clout. Happiness sings your song Sun./Mon. as your popularity, mood, and luck rise. If you need to accomplish anything, do it Sunday daytime, PDT — simply enjoy Monday, don’t try to launch anything. But retreat Tues. to mid-afternoon Thurs. Sink into rest and your thoughts — you have much to think over — re-read the “however” stuff above for clues.

Your luck isn’t terribly high, although someone stands staunchly with you — still, don’t attempt a lot. Your energy, charisma and clout return strongly Thurs. afternoon to Sat. night. Show what you can do in career/reputation areas — higher-ups are watching, judging, appraising. Whether it’s apparent or not, you’re being given a new or second chance, now to 2020, to resurrect your career or social standing. Remember, humility is not hypocrisy, but a useful tool when faced with something huge. Outside the career zone, all should go well, but not in domestic, spousal, and “power play” zones.

taurus weekly forecast     TAURUS:  April 20-May 20

Chase money, buy/sell, pay bills and collect, cultivate (new?) clients, seek a pay raise. A sensual attraction might occur, and would be quite easy to indulge in —another will treat your advance(s) co-operatively. Also a good time for rote learning. In general, next week will be a bit more fortunate in these areas than the present one.  But Sun./Mon. do emphasize your career and prestige, which can benevolently affect your money stream. (Sun. daytime, PDT, is best for action.) Hopes, wish fulfillment, social joys, flirtations, entertainment fill Tues. to mid-afternoon Thurs. You might have to choose between one friend and another, or one enjoyment or another. Choose whichever one is more intellectual, well-travelled, or most conforms to social norms. Don’t mix money and friends, and realize some of your most wishful goals are not supported by money realities. You end these few days with a feeling of rightness and satisfaction. Retreat Thurs. afternoon to Sat. night. Rest, contemplate, meditate. You might need to examine your life through a moral, spiritual lens — are you doing the right thing, living the right life? Probably, but it doesn’t hurt to do a reality check. Don’t chase romance, love, far travel, scholastic or legal goals, nor make plans involving these. All’s good, problems are minor.

     GEMINI:  May 21-June 20

Your clout, effectiveness, charm, magnetism and energy soar, Gemini! But this week (mostly the first half) contains a few puzzles, especially involving your career (versus your own needs or “break-out” urges) and money. In money zones, you might have to choose between short-term $ (e.g., a pay check, or spending on depreciating items) and long-term (investments, appreciating assets, and debt reduction). I can’t advise you, except to say that the long-term, though less obvious at present, is essentially “more powerful” — and longer-lasting, of course. Your choice might also be between a light, casual sensual link and a deep, life-affecting attraction or bond. If choosing the latter, be honest, moral. (I.e., no cheating!) You flow with sweet mental empathy Sun./Mon. Sunday’s better for action, results, esp. in love, culture, far travel, legal, publishing, intellectual and similar areas.

As noted before, strictly avoid legal hassles/fights now to November. (That includes you, Mr. Trump.) (He’s a Gemini.) Be ambitious Tues. to mid-afternoon Thurs., PDT — but carefully. Doing a good job at work can earn you the reward of more work. (And, eventually, a career/status reward for it.) Display your skills, give important projects a heave forward. Not a good few days to fall in or seek love. Wait until late Thurs. to Sat. night for that — but even in this, be aware that love/romance does not necessarily ensure sexual intimacy; they might even preclude each other. Still, you’ll love these few days, as popularity, flirtation, wish fulfillment, optimism and general joie-de-vivre visit you!

     CANCER:  June 21-July 22

Continue to stay in the background, Cancer. This gives you plenty of room to contemplate and plan, to access your inner world and deepest thoughts, to soak in the warm light of spirituality.  You’re in a very good year for work, love and adventure, but even in great years we need a rest, a second wind, and yours is now. Rest rather than volunteer. Sunday/Monday hold mysteries and revelations. Dig deep — valuables lie hidden. Your intuition peaks, and your unconscious desires reach the surface, especially sexual, power, and financial desires. Act Sunday, as Mon. returns little for your efforts. A mellow, compassionate, contemplative mood steals over you Tues. to mid-afternoon, PDT, Thurs. I usually call such intervals “wise,” but wisdom could be hard to achieve, as indecision and/or illusion, fuzzy thinking prevails. (A conflict might arise between your spiritual side and your religious/social views.) Someone might display an attraction to you — if so, this person is diplomatic, true to the core, but powerfully stubborn (and hopeful). Home, family call Thurs. afternoon to Sat. night. You want security, peace. This interval isn’t easy, either, so step forward cautiously, think it through before acting. Spouse, others might disagree with your desire to repair, garden, camp in Mother Nature — or on how to raise the kids. It’s all minor stuff, though… your weekend will brighten up soon!

Leo icon, Luck Forecast     LEO:  July 23-Aug. 22

Optimism, friends, bright horizons, flirtations and love prospects, entertainment and popularity — these combine to lift your heart for a few weeks, Leo. The week ahead isn’t the best or easiest for practical results, but you’ll be in such a good mood you’ll hardly notice! A wish might come true — might involve your family, roots, home. Sunday/Monday bring relationships, which fits nicely into this friendly, social time. Sunday daytime’s best — a good new friend, or a friendly romance, might land in your lap. (But this one will take work to balance rights, duties, who’s in charge.) Mysteries and revelations, deep desires (sexual, financial, and an urge for power or “special knowledge”) and deep consequences call you Tues. to mid-afternoon Thurs. (PDT). Be careful — investments, finances, seeking intimacy, all can get you into trouble. Someone’s being deceptive; someone’s being gullible. A wise, mellow atmosphere of understanding settles over you Thurs. afternoon to Sat. night. Love could be in the air. (This comment, and others I make week-to-week, are about short-term influences — your HUGE year for romance will be Dec. 2018 to Dec. 2019.) Avoid legal hassles. Publishing, educational and cultural interests could hit obstacles (likely work or health demands). 

     VIRGO:  Aug. 23-Sept. 22

Your June accent lies on prestige, worldly standing, career, and business/practical projects. Be ambitious, reject the humble or stay-at-home approach. You have a lot to offer — offer it! (Hopefully, to someone powerful who can aid you, a boss, mentor, parent, etc.) If married, you might be “finding” your best role/position as a parent. Your work remains intense, swift, for months ahead — so work hard now, to impress the right people — especially Sun./Mon., when chores emerge everywhere. (Sunday PDT, daytime best — lucky chores.)  Relationships confront you Tues. to mid-afternoon Thurs. This is not the best time to try to further a love affair, marriage or practical bond. Chances are, you and another have different ideas about how to proceed, even about goals. Still, it ends well, with affection or a solution. Sex, commitment, big finances, debt, medical exigencies, life style choices, research and detective work — these fill Thurs. afternoon to Sat. night. Again, obstacles outnumber open doors, so proceed cautiously. If you’re male, watch remarks, approaches, to women. Late Saturday a stunning revelation could hint that your intellectual and love lives are going to become more exciting.

     LIBRA:  Sept. 23-Oct. 22

Your mind wanders far now, Libra. Over hill and dale, across international borders, beyond rigid rules and “philosophies.” If single, you contemplate humanity and wonder which one/type is for you. Actually, it’s quite easy to find sensual, physical intimacy in 2018, but much harder to find loving, lasting compatibility. (That goes better in 2019 and 2021, and hugely, 2022/23.) The last 7 years offered many different “choices,” but made you a bit restless with them all. Sunday/ Monday are strongly romantic until suppertime Sun. (PDT) then a bit off-centre. Tackle chores and protect your daily health Tues. to mid-afternoon Thurs.  Digestion, mold might be problems. Not a good little interval to make (or accept) promises. You want to dream, not work, but do what’s needed. Relationships, fresh new horizons, opportunities, relocation themes, public appearances — and potential challenges, competitors, even enemies — fill Thurs. afternoon to Sat. night. The usual gnawing little problems enter, involving home, family, house, real estate, location, etc. Work to solve, ameliorate them. You will, over time.

     SCORPIO:  Oct. 23-Nov. 21

Your intuition soars. Let it guide you, respond to even the smallest “nudge” — e.g., just a small impulse to cross the street. In the weeks ahead, logic won’t guide you as well as your hunches – let intuition guide you, then use logic on what you find. Be honest, too, as these few weeks (to June 21) will tempt you, will offer verboten sexual urges, mysterious power corridors, secrets and actions that commit a large chunk of your assets to an investment or similar project. All these, with dishonesty, will fail eventually. (Sorry, I’m not being critical!) Your domicile and family relations might be anything from sparky to scrappy — diplomacy, gentleness your best stance. Especially Sun./Mon., when home, nature, security, etc. are emphasized. Sunday daytime (PDT) best — charge into tasks, repairs, decorating, give the kids a huge hug, etc. Romantic notions flood your heart midweek (Tues. to mid-afternoon Thurs.) — but you might want to let them remain notions. Despite misgivings, missed connections or missed kisses, it ends with affection — in the big picture, all’s well with your world! Tackle chores Friday eve to Sat. night. Reject restlessness, urges to chat or drive around — settle in and quietly get chores done. Friends, phone calls will only distract you. Eat, dress sensibly.

     SAGITTARIUS:  Nov. 22-Dec. 21

Relationships are uppermost. Be diplomatic, co-operative, jump on someone else’s bandwagon. This is not a major time, and all relationship “themes” will adhere to a reasonable, mildly advancing path — relocation, public dealings, fame, fresh horizons, opportunities and exciting newcomers. Enemies, challengers and competition are also slated, so dodge fights, look for common ground. Errands, travel, communications and paperwork fill Sun./Mon. Sunday daytime (PDT) is best. You could have a heart-lifting conversation/contact with your partner if married, or with a potential lover if single. Monday’s a bit of a dud. Turn your thoughts toward family and your domicile mid-week. Though your mate might not agree, this is a good (or necessary?) time to handle such issues as plumbing, foundations, water table, mold, etc. Conquer these (or at least start) now, as they will grow. Soon, you’ll say, “enough! I’m satisfied!” Romantic feelings swarm over you Thurs. afternoon to Sat. night — love of children, beauty, pleasure, art, creativity and risk-taking, these lure you. You might feel you’ve fallen in love. (But wait, wait six months before deciding.) These few days might show you the present obstacles to romance: mainly money, management at your workplace, assets, gossip, a set-back or “condition” you’ve kept hidden from others, or simply a lack of energy. Still, it’s nice to get a shot of love’s adventure, even if it’s only in your thoughts.

     CAPRICORN:  Dec. 22-Jan. 19

Keep slogging away, Cap. Only 18 more days of drudgery. Eat, dress sensibly, preserve your health. You’ll probably celebrate rather than groan at extra work now, as your earnings pour forth in bountiful flow. Chase money, buy/sell, cultivate new clients, seek a pay raise, look for bargains Sun./Mon. Sunday daytime (PDT) best — a real success awaits your efforts. Don’t mix friends and money Sun. night. Midweek (Tues. to Thurs. afternoon) brings busy but easy chores: errands, paperwork, filing, communications, visits. Be alert, double-check addresses, instructions, as fuzzy thinking prevails. A wish might come true involving someone attractive and gracious. Head for home, at least in your heart, Thurs. afternoon to Sat. night. All’s well here, but lighten up on any discipline or “heavy”  home projects. All week, lots of work-related talk and/or travel. This week and next, others will treat you with affection, so don’t be shy. 

     AQUARIUS:  Jan. 20-Feb. 18

Romance exists. Pleasure, beauty, creative and risk-taking urges fill this week and the next two. You’ll ride a winning streak!  Much communication takes place between you and a heart-throb. You’re uncharacteristically assertive, also, now to November. You are beginning a 7-year phase of intense security focus — this includes home, family, soul. You will, in some ways, change your very nature/character. In 2018, this will mostly affect your prestige and ambitions. But this June, your love urges are inextricably tied to your security, home, kids, etc. For instance, if you’re unattached and seeking love, something in your urge is deeply tied to a need for a stable, rewarding home. (If you have a father/mother complex, it emerges now to steer your desires.) Your energy and charisma peak Sun./Mon. — get out, make contacts, seek favours and permission, impress someone who attracts you, start significant projects — be the leader. (But a leader who seeks co-operation with someone else.) Sunday’s best, esp. for love. Chase money, buy/sell midweek (Tues. to Thurs. afternoon, PDT) — but step cautiously; don’t be surprised by delays, indecision or subtle refusals. This could end well for you in a career/work way. Errands, casual friends, short trips, communications and paperwork fill Thurs. afternoon to Sat. night. All’s good, easy, but beware/handle gossip, gov’t expectations, and keep an eye on your own limitations, dark secrets (which probably aren’t as dark as you fear!) and self-imposed “rules.” 

     PISCES:  Feb. 19-March 20

Hi, Pisces. I made a mistake in last week’s message for you. As Mars is now in your gov’t and management sector until November, I advised pursuing job/career opportunities in these zones. However, as a sharp reader pointed out in the “Comments” section, I had earlier written (in the “Karma Platform”) that Pisces should avoid these same zones (gov’t, management, etc.) until the same November. The karmic advice was based on the lunar south node being in your management sector for the same period. I corrected the message (for May 27) but wanted to mention it here in case you read the first version. Having both Mars (your money planet) and the south node (usually bad karma) together might mean:  a) that your income will face various tests or dead-ends or unproductive temptations; or b) that — and this will occur in about 20% of cases — the results in this “management” zone will be good, even very good. But if delays (or unrealistic pies-in-the sky) keep occurring, you’re not in that 20%, and should turn away.  Be aware, look far ahead, and ask: “will I be happy here?”

This week the emphasis lies on home, family, security and soul. Where are your roots, and where do you want them to be? Be restful, especially Sun./Mon., when your energy and charisma are at a low ebb. Think, plan, be charitable, tackle neglected chores, meditate — especially Sunday, when life flows with you. Your energy, pizzazz and clout return midweek (Tues. to Thurs. afternoon, PDT) —get out, see and be seen, start things. You might have to decide between romantic passion, and a more friendly, group involvement. Chase money and bargains Thurs. afternoon to Sat. night, but cautiously. Don’t mix money and friends. (E.g., avoid an investment club — for two years.)

The End.


In so many years, in the U.S., abortion will be handed over to the states, so that some will support abortion, and some will deny it outright. Intra-state migration will then, to some degree, reflect this.
***   ***

Okay:  the film of North Korea’s destruction of a nuke testing site. The way that soil blew when they exploded the charges: 1) it looked like soil, not rock, like a light loam, which many farmers would love to possess; 2) the entry shaft appeared to be at the bottom of a cliff/hill/ravine, which was entirely composed of the same light loam soil. This is not the stuff you build tunnels in, for it would collapse. Nor caverns to withhold the test of a nuclear bomb — if a tunnel would collapse of its own weakness, how could one possibly build an entire underground facility?

It’s possible that this brown soil is merely the first 50 feet (16 meters) of the earth’s cover, and beneath it lies a granite bedrock riddled with diamond-drilled tunnels and ventilation ducts. But if so, I wonder if only the “dirt entrance” was blown up — for we only saw clouds of brown dust.

Man, what a skeptical pessimist I am. (I think pessimists secretly want adventure, more excitement than the world holds.) Yes, pessimism’s partly a feature of depression, maybe of bitterness, or could be due to failure to accept a great loss. But I suspect there’s an excitement-starved urge also. Perhaps acting impulsively and chaotically has been “imprinted” in childhood. Fast physical or mental/emotional action often makes people feel alive. Those who become addicted to this heightened state might look on ordinary life as a series of catastrophes and/or dangers, for this whets their desire for extreme living. This lifestyle choice might not be voluntary. Children who grow up in chaotic households often spread chaos around themselves as adults. Few things are more dangerous than chaos. And imprinting is far more pervasive and powerful than we like to admit. For instance, why do single-parented children almost massively become single parents?
***   ***

Oddly enough, considering it was a drug-addled time, the main themes of the 1960’s/70’s now, from a distance, appear to be Loyalty and Freedom. One of the most popular songs was “Stand By Me.” Loyalty was the theme of the Viet Nam war soldiers. Freedom was the whole basis of the hippie (“Free Love”) movement, the “generation gap,” and MLK’s movement.


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  1. B G

    Hi Tim,

    Your comments regarding real estate – are you referring to the lower mainland? How does your prediction relate to our market? Will prices drop or climb next year?

    I understand what you mean by housing prices being too high but there are many many people who have $1M mortgages to pay for those houses. If the market truly crashes here it will be greatly impact many lower mainlanders on many levels – not just financial.

    1. Tim Stephens Post author

      Hi, BG,

      No, I was referring to the world. Real estate has far outpaced other assets, earnings growth, etc. It is the repository of inflation and presently the preferred asset class. Lower Mainland prices might drop or rise next year, but over the long ru, as I’ve been trumpeting for 4 decades, Vancouver can only go higher, as it becomes a world class city. As for a market crash, that will occur if interest rates rise strongly — even to 6 % is strong — but prices are partly high now because rates have been kept at rock bottom by politicians for many many years now.



  2. goldentree

    Hi Tim,
    Thanks for writing the pre and after ambles. They’re a always interesting!
    Regarding your real estate comment, do you see a drop in prices in Southern California?
    We want to buy but everything’s too high.
    Thank you
    Golden tree

    1. Tim Stephens Post author

      Hi, golden tree,

      I’m not sure about CA realty prices. Haven’t studied it. However, CA is reputedly a Virgo state (I’m not at my workplace so can’t check this). Virgo has great real estate luck in 2019…often, on a mass scale, this means prices actually drop. But conditions will be more localized, too — e.g., SF high demand, the lake district not so much…?



  3. dora

    hello Tim

    on my wedding day Saturn was retrograde in my 5th house, Jupiter in my 11.
    is it good or bad ? what does this say? i am curious 🙂
    have a good day !

    1. Tim Stephens Post author

      Hi, dora,

      Saturn in the fifth indicates deep but slow romance….sometimes boring. Jupiter 11th indicates many friends and lucky social connections, as well as much optimism about the future, and the tendency sometimes to set goals that are a it too big. To tell more I’d have to look at your chart.



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