CORRECTION: The Start Nothing times/days from the June 2 column were posted in last week’s (June 16-22) column. I’ve since corrected them. I might  prevent future mistakes by posting a whole month’s S/Ns at once. (It will be under the heading: “Start Nothing” — tho’ I haven’t done it yet.)

MERCURY goes retrograde from June 26 to July 20. We should avoid starting new projects — stick with ongoing ventures, tasks and relationships, or reprise these from the past. (E.g., if looking for employment, contact former employers.) This particular retrograde has two unusual features: 1) it begins less than 12 hours after the planet Jupiter leaves GEMINI and enters CANCER. This starts a whole new 55-week luck cycle for every sign.(I’m slowly producing the luck forecasts — VIRGO’s is below.) This new luck cycle seems to have a connection to the past. (For instance, this spells romance for PISCES, but it might be with an old flame. Or it indicates good money for Gemini, but perhaps linked to an old job or accomplishment.) If you encounter what seems like a lucky opportunity now to July 20, 2013, and it is NOT connected to the past, be cautious: you might be wiser to wait. (Otherwise, you could spend the next 13 months working on a huge, expanding, seemingly lucky project that somehow never completes, never finishes…and thus never rewards.)

The second unusual feature of this retrograde period is that Mercury “stops and turns back” (in relation to the Earth’s orbit — from our perspective) — the very minute — 6:08 am June 26 — that the Moon trines Mars. This hints that this retrograde can/will bring a definite circumstance connected to a past conversation or trip. It might also urge us to plunge forward — to the past. The triggering connection or event will be unusual, nerdy, techno, or connected somehow to social activism. I’ll try to discuss this more in the weekly messages below.

GOLD has been soft the last few months. But it should become even cheaper over the 8-10 months ahead — I think.

The Woman from Samaria. Detail from a pencil drawing by Edward Burne-Jones (1833-1898).

THE WOMAN FROM SAMARIA — Detail from a pencil drawing by Edward Burne-Jones (1833-1898).

VIRGO LUCK FORECAST — From June 25, 2013, to July 16, 2014, your main luck resides in your social life. For you, advancement always comes with change. During these 55 weeks your social circle will expand, but this might be accompanied by a shrinking of your old circle. Your popularity will soar; you could make many new friends. This is THE time to join a new club, sports team, political movement, spiritual group, entertainment venue (e.g., join the foreign film club). The contacts and bonds you form now can bless you for up to 12 years ahead.

You’ll receive many invitations. Accept overtures quickly and happily, this is not a time for caution or suspicion. If you’re married, you and your mate could become “party central” — dinners, picnics, even “blast out the walls” house parties will bring more guests than you anticipate! Light romance will certainly visit singles, because your cheerfulness and wit will rise, and this attracts admirers.

Wishes will come true, especially in real estate, family, security and retirement zones, with children, and in businesses involving food or shelter. A secondary luck also seeps into publishing, far travel, legal affairs (and lawsuits) religion, philosophy and higher education — but this luck can be bad luck. If something in this area (publishing, etc.) drops into your lap unbidden, it is probably beneficial. If you must chase it, or it is beset with delays, walk away from it, the sooner the better. A wish about marriage can also be granted. This is a great time to dream up a new future. Wishes formed now will tend to come true down the road. It’s a splendid time to look ahead, even a decade ahead, to see where you want to be, and to make plans to get there.

One thing: when Jupiter opposes Pluto in August 2013, Jan./Feb. 2014 and April 2014, you might have to choose between two pleasures: deep, heavy romance, or light, friendly romance; or between your own children’s interests, and those of a larger community. Or, between hunkering down in the attic to write your great book, and being part of a creative committee. The choice between these is yours — it depends on your personal chart. So, go with your intuition. During these months, be cautious in what you say. Someone can be hurt, even if you’re just spouting the truth.

Whatever happens, you’ll bask in a fresh happiness!

0:09 am to 1:08 am Sun.

7:24 pm Mon. to 0:26 am Tues.
6:08 am Wed. to 1:32 am Thurs.
5:16 pm Fri. to 6:06 am Sat.

Aries icon, weekly forecastARIES March 21-April 19

Recent restlessness is replaced by a mellow, sluggish feeling. (Well, almost replaced — Mars indicates that you will “redo” a recent trip or important communication.) The weeks ahead bring domestic, property, nutrition, security and retirement concerns  — but don’t  start anything new, relationship or project, before July 20. Instead, deal with ongoing situations, repair what has fallen apart, tackle neglected chores. This home and property phase is actually a lucky one, and the luck lasts a year. So either tackle a past (related) opportunity, or wait until late July onward (to mid-2014) to begin. You could buy a house or significantly improve your food, kid-related, and real estate situation before August 2014. Be ambitious Sun./Mon. Friends, social joys Tues./Wed. Rest, retreat Thurs./Fri. Your energy surges upward Sat.

Taurus icon, weekly forecastTAURUS April 20-May 20

The bad news is, your relatively bouyant money over the last year might sag a bit. The good news is, you’re going to be friendlier, and travel, communications, and relationships will improve, flow easily, and cheer you up. You will discuss a secret matter — or many of them — over the month, and year, ahead. This could mean research or detective work, confidential management meetings, a strong concentration on investments, or “almost inappropriate” conversations (e.g., boldly talking about sex, double-entendres, etc.). The year ahead also is a tremendous learning phase — just be curious, and that will lead you to the right place/field. Start nothing before July 20 — unless a past matter seeks your attention. (Tax man?) Gentle love, big understanding come Sun./Mon. Be ambitious midweek. Popularity, friends, wishes fulfilled Thurs./Fri! Retreat, Sat.

Gemini icon, weekly forecastGEMINI May 21-June 20

Start nothing new before July 20, especially in spending, selling, earning, and home-related areas. A former wish (perhaps about these money, home areas) might come true — something significant is brewing from your past, something/someone you desired then gave up on. An old flame might return. If so, he/she is not a blazing sexual passion, nor a hugely romantic vision, but someone who attracts you in a human, perhaps frustrating way. The month and year ahead promise much money luck. If this does not come from a past project or connection before July 20, then wait, and act that day onward. Lust, large finances, subconscious urges nudge you toward mystery Sun./Mon. Large view, far travel, gentle love midweek. Be ambitious Thurs./Fri. You’re popular Sat!

Cancer icon, weekly forecastCANCER June 21-July 22

Your energy, charisma and effectiveness soar now thru the few weeks ahead, Cancer. But don’t start any new projects nor relationships before July 20 — they would go in circles and never get anywhere. Your personal luck will grow powerfully until July 2014 — so will your pile of chores. The two together could bring a promotion or pay raise. Aspects hint that the few weeks ahead might bring the return of a career opportunity: if so, seize it. It probably comes via a casual acquaintance or communication. Relationships, exciting meetings, opportunities and opposition fill Sun./Mon. Secrets, lust, large finances midweek. Gentle love, understanding, learning and far travel are lucky Thurs./Fri. Be ambitious Sat.

Leo icon, weekly forecastLEO July 23-Aug. 22

Don’t start any new projects or relationships before July 20, Leo. But do welcome past associations, especially flirty friends, the foreign-born, and schoolmates. The weeks ahead nudge you into retreat, rest and quietude. Contemplate, but, until July 20l, don’t form any solid plans. Instead, use these weeks to catch up on neglected governmental or administrative obligations. Meditate, be charitable, seek therapy. Tackle chores Sun./Mon. Midweek brings relationships and challenges, one of which might lead you to intimacy or to a good financial move. This deepens Thurs./Fri. Gentle love, understanding and cultural venues Sat.

Virgo icon, weekly forecastVIRGO Aug. 23-Sept. 22

Start nothing new before July 20, Virgo. An investment or other financial (or intimate) opportunity might return from the past now or over the next few weeks (perhaps June 29 and 30). It will work out successfully, so grab it. The month and year ahead bring a full basket of siblings and casual acquaintances, short trips, communications, errands, reports, and paperwork. You’ll be talkative, friendly, curious and “absorbed.” Sun./Mon. are romantic, pleasure-oriented. Tackle chores Tues./Wed. (Only routine chores Wed.) Relationships, negotiations, relocation themes arise Thurs./Fri. — so might opposition, so be diplomatic, flexible. Life’s secets Sat. — proceed cautiously.

Libra icon, weekly forecastLIBRA Sept. 23-October 22

The month and year ahead feature ambition, career, relations with higher-ups, bosses and parents, and your status/reputation in the community. Now to July 20, don’t start new projects in this (or any) area. A former or ongoing partner (or associate) can be instrumental, over the weeks ahead, in bringing you an opportunity, a long voyage, an international affair, educational admittance, or a legal affair/success — or a love mate (more a marriage love than a fun/romance love). Focus on home, family, property, privacy, security and retirement issues Sun./Mon. Romance, creative expression, pleasure and beauty visit midweek. Tackle chores Thurs./Fri. Relationships, Sat. — diplomacy might not win, but it protects.

Scorpio icon, weekly forecastSCORPIO Oct. 23-Nov. 21

The month and year ahead emphasize legal, far travel and foreign relations, educational, publishing, import/export, cultural affairs, and gentle, understanding love. But don’t start projects nor relationships before July 20. Instead, continue with the ongoing, or reprise a past contact/venture. If this “past connection” appears, it will likely be “attached” to a co-worker, a job you once performed, or a financial or sexual situation. Travel, talk and paperwork fill Sun./Mon. Home sweet home Tues./Wed. — a major romance might be brewing: first, something must “collapse.” Romance, too, Thurs./Fri., now more obviously (or charming kids or creative projects if you’re married). Chores, Sat.

Sagittarius.svg, weekly forecastSAGITTARIUS Nov. 22-Dec. 21

Start nothing before July 20, Sage, especially in career, partnerships, negotiations, and financial and sexual zones. A former half-romantic, half-lustful affair might return: if so, it is whispering “marriage.” The month and year ahead feature subconscious urges, hunches, intuition, research and detective work, life’s mysteries, critical health questions, investments, lifestyle changes, sexual yearnings — and generally, great luck in all these, tho, again, wait until after July 20 to start anything new in these zones. (Mostly, you’ll be mulling over old loves, old finances, sifting the remains for clues.) If you chase someone new before late July, you’ll probably never catch them. Chase money Sun./Mon. Midweek’s for travel, talk. Home, Thurs./Fri. Romance or creativity (or a gamble) Sat. — morning best.

Capricorn.svg, weekly forecastCAPRICORN Dec. 22-Jan. 19

The month ahead features relationships, and the year ahead brings the sparkle of luck and cheerfulness to relationships. This could be one of the most opportune years of your life; chances, new people, new horizons, open doors will abound! But until July 20, stick with ongoing partners and projects, or returnees from the past. In fact, the last seems emphasized: a former relationship might return so you can put a firm ending to it, or it returns and the two of you establish a new foundation (including a domestic one). This might be tied to work (maybe a co-worker, past?) or to a money/spending/earning situation. Your energy and charisma surge Sun./Mon. Chase money midweek. Talk, travel, paperwork Thurs./Fri. Home, property Sat.

Aquarius icon, weekly forecastAQUARIUS Jan. 20-Feb. 18

The month and year ahead bring much work, which can lead eventually to a promotion and/or pay raise. You should also protect your health, for 13 months. Don’t start any new chores, important projects or relationships before July 20. Instead, stick with ongoing or past ventures. (A former employment might return.) A romance might be reborn, or re-intensified, over the few weeks ahead. It starts as a short conversation or trip, and might stay that way — that is, not grow deep. Still, it has a beneficial effect on your life and — inexplicably — on your earnings. Lie low, rest and contemplate Sun./Mon. Your energy and charisma soar midweek. Chase money Thurs./Fri. Errands, conversations Sat.

Pisces icon, weekly forecastPISCES Feb. 19-March 20

An enjoyable month — and year — begin now. The 55 weeks ahead are packed with luck in love, romance, creative projects, training pets or teaching kids, sports, speculation — pleasure, beauty — you’re on a winning streak, a big one! Still, be reluctant to start a new relationship or project before July 20. That leaves the door open to an old flame in the few weeks ahead — but you have to decide, if he/she shows, whether to proceed or not. If you do proceed, marriage is quite possible. A neglected home/family matter, or child support, etc., can come due in unmistakable ways soon. Enjoy friends, flirtations and “future dreams” Sun./Mon. Rest, retreat Tues./Wed. (DON’T form solid plans.) Your energy, charisma soar Thurs./Fri. Money, spending Sat.