WEEKLY FORECAST ~ JUNE 21 – 27, 2019

“QUE SERA SERA” ~ Doris Day
(written by Ray Evans & Jay Livingston)

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Politics: All the angry people get together and blame each other.
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  ARIES:  March 21-April 19

Your home life remains active, maybe argumentative, Aries. Friday’s happy, flirty, optimistic — you feel popular. But this day you start 4 weeks of intensified domestic influence, kids, garden, rest, contemplation, digestion. You’ll “feel” this by Saturday, when tiredness flows over you. Sunday and Monday, too. Saturday’s easy, fortunate.

Sunday holds out many lures, friendship, love, but many of these are wonky, fall apart or mislead you — but it’s no one’s fault, just a gust of cosmic breeze. A fascinating day, if you take no one seriously.  Monday’s weary, too, but, even more than Saturday, flows with good fortune. Contemplate, plan, be charitable and spiritual.

Your energy and charisma surge upward Monday eve (PDT) to pre-dawn Thurs. Use this energy to tackle long-standing problems, especially those impacting your reputation, worldly status or career. You’ll be fine! A slender romantic streak starts Wed. night, to last a few weeks. It will be mostly talk, but in 2019 talk can lead to bigger things. (Slowly, this first month of summer.)

Chase $ Thursday, buy/sell, seek bargains, cultivate clients, etc. The whole day flows easily after a possible morning snafu. Everything’s friendly. A sensual attraction might arise, would have a smooth path to intimacy.

taurus weekly forecast  TAURUS:  April 20-May 20

Your money luck remains favourable, Taurus. Be ambitious Friday — not a good time to start a new project, but a good time to impress the powers-that-be with your perspicacity (wow, haven’t seen that word for awhile) — insights and dutifulness. A month of communications, trips, visits, errands, paperwork and easy, quick chores begins Friday.

The weekend — Saturday through Monday suppertime — is bound to fulfill some of your wishes! You’ll feel popular, the sky’s blue, optimism buoys you, and friends welcome you to the group. Issue and accept invitations. Flirtations occur, too — Sat. and Mon. are fortunate here, esp. Monday. But Sunday’s wonky — love, attraction, laughter are high, but lots of misdirection, missed chances/contacts, maybe illusion. Still, celebrate life!

Retreat quietly Mon. night to dawn Thurs. — catch your second wind, rest, ponder and plan. Look at those long-standing problems with your academic, religious, legal, publishing or similar projects/circumstances, think of ways to solve or reduce them. (NOT a good time to tackle them with action, though.)

Your energy, pizzazz and confidence soar Thurs! (And into the weekend, June 28/29/30.) Start things, be a leader, call in markers, get out, see and be seen. You’re going to be noticed — and romanced, if single!

  GEMINI:  May 21-June 20

Friday’s a bit of a dud, in that very little of consequence occurs (unless you live in Europe or Asia). Still, it’s your kind of day — filled with the gentle breeze of love, with profound ideas and questions, and visions of faraway lands. Friday also starts a month of money for you. (As if money wasn’t whirling around you for the last few weeks already. But this is different, productive and you’ll feel, at last, in command of your $.)

Get serious this weekend — Saturday dawn to Monday eve, when your career, worldly standing, reputation and prestige relations are top of the agenda, and luckily so. Sunday’s a bit more turbulent, yet studded with a major opportunity or two. Your charm is evident, but do higher-ups want charm? Maybe! Not the best time to fall in love, but an excellent time to write poetry, absorb beauty.

Relief comes from all that work Mon. night to Thurs. dawn, in the form of optimism, popularity, happiness and flirtations and social delights. If anything could cloud these few golden days, it’s your investments, assets, sexual entanglements, or a health concern — all these have been problematic for years. Don’t engage in these more practical things now.

If single, you might meet a future life mate Tuesday. (But your intimate life could be difficult.) You could also meet a potential business-type partner, but this won’t achieve a profit. Best stance: just enjoy! Thursday dawn (PDT) until Sat. noon lies you down in weariness. Seek quietude, rest. Ponder and plan. All will be well!

  CANCER:  June 21-July 22

Friday holds secrets — but investigate them before dawn if you want to see them clearly, find answers. The day is generally quiet, deep, provokes lust for power or flesh. Sign nothing — it’s too late. One major benefit of Friday: it starts a month of energy, charisma, effectiveness and accomplishment! June’s weary cloak falls from your shoulders.

Saturday to Monday opens the door to love, wisdom, far travel, publishing, law, higher education, culture and belief. You’ll feel mellow, understanding. Someone might reveal their attraction to you. But love and wisdom could conflict, esp. Sunday. Be assertive, speak your piece Monday — others will agree, admire. A beautiful weekend for a long, lover’s date, though fantasy needs a bit of skepticism.

Your career, worldly standing and prestige relations come into focus Mon. eve to dawn Thurs. (PDT). Work hard — you’ll succeed. But work independently. A Capricorn, a Scorpio, are not your best “supports.” Avoid making big changes. Thursday morning brings a joyful, celebratory mood, invitations, popularity, entertainment — and it lasts until the Saturday to come (June 29). This sets up a splendid weekend for singles, dates, starting a friendly love affair. A dream could come true. Look for, join, a special interest group.

Leo icon, Luck Forecast  LEO:  July 23-Aug. 22

Friday emphasizes partnerships, opportunities, relocation themes — but unless you start very early, pre-dawn, or live in Europe/Asia, not much gets done, not much permanent. Stick to routine. Friday also starts 4 weeks of quietude, weariness, pondering and planning. Repair your karmic account — do a good deed for someone unfortunate.

The weekend is mysterious, like a spy novel. Research, perform detective work, invest or pay down debt. Respond to medical demands. You’ll feel a deep yet maybe puzzling lust. This year blesses many Leos with romance with a capital R. But Sunday makes you think: do you want lust or romance? They seem to fight each other, or have trouble lying in the same bed. Be careful, deception and fantasy hover, caused by your own wishes.

Monday’s successful, esp. for investigating medical cures, seeking to “clean” your record, or contacting civil servant types. Monday eve to dawn Thursday brings a mellow, wise mood, enlarged horizons, higher education, far travel, law, publishing, cultural or religious involvements. But circumstances are difficult — all these great things, far travel, education, etc., conflict with your work duties. Be cautious, self-protective, go slow.

Tuesday might bring love, real love — but will it survive? Give it time, time enough to see the practical and domestic side of this love. Thursday sparks your ambitions — charge ahead, you can make solid progress in career, status zones.

  VIRGO:  Aug. 23-Sept. 22

Friday releases you from pressures, and starts a month of social delights, popularity, optimism, flirtations, friendly romance and wish fulfillment. The day itself is for work, but stick to routine chores. Saturday dawn to Mon. suppertime (all PDT) emphasizes relationships, bonds, relocation, opportunities and challenges, allies and enemies, negotiation and litigation, agreements and dealing with the public (or strangers). These are 3 very intriguing days.

Saturday flows smoothly — get things done, make contact with others. Saturday and Sunday, higher-ups favour you, and fortunate career/ambition ideas arrive. But your home, real estate and family interests shine with good fortune, too. Which to lean toward? Actually, you could combine these by “house/apt. hunting” in a more prestigious area. Move up by changing your neighbourhood.

Your mate might or might not agree, but he/she is probably excited, and feeling lucky. If you’re single, this can be an exciting, confusing weekend for love. I have no advice — just be a smidgeon realistic.

Monday daytime offers success in all relationship areas, from contracts to intimacy. All relationships veer into deeper, more consequential waters Mon. eve to daybreak Thurs. Sexual, power, financial and “political” sirens sing, luring you to crash on the rocky reefs of reality. Means be careful, slow to commit, promise or sign anything. Best day: Tues., when domestic matters, even real estate, can succeed with cheerful aplomb.

A mellow, understanding mood flows into you Thursday — a day that favours love, education, publishing, far travel, legalities, culture and intellectual pursuits.

  LIBRA:  Sept. 23-Oct. 22

A month of wool-gathering (and of important love decisions) ends Friday, and four weeks of pressure, ambition, career, prestige relations and neighbourhood status begin. (These 4 weeks will involve a choice between home and outside ambitions — pick “outside.” Now to July 1 bosses remain temperamental, impatient. Otherwise, a fairly standard month.)

Friday itself is romantic, creative and kids charm you — but nothing permanent gets established, unless you’re in Asia, Europe. Just enjoy! Tackle chores Saturday morning to Monday suppertime (PDT). Guard your health: dress, eat sensibly, careful with extreme temperatures, etc. Saturday flows smoothly.

Sunday might bring a new friend or contact, or a teacher, someone who inspires you mentally, someone quite compatible. Yet work/health seem to restrict love or socializing — which might be a good thing, as romantic/sexual fantasy or “misdirection” could lead you down a path, to later thorns.

Monday’s great for action, impressing the boss or a working partner. Relationships improve this day. But Mon. night to Thurs. dawn bring the real “hard truth” about your crucial links — good, cheerful through Tuesday, then problem-prone Wed. to pre-dawn Thurs.

The pebble in your relationship boots is probably a domestic or real estate one, and it’s joined to an income/spending problem. These problems have existed since 2009, and continue to 2025, so probably won’t be solved immediately. Think long-term, envision what you might have to face if you move, or split up, or the opposite, get a place together, etc. Not a good few days to buy real estate — not good until after May 5, 2020. In relations, be diplomatic, discreet.

Thursday daytime starts a 3-day interval of mystery, sexual longing, investigation, financial actions, medical answers, lifestyle changes, commitment and consequences. March forth here — all favourable!

  SCORPIO:  Oct. 23-Nov. 21

Not much happens Friday, Scorpio. (Though it’s a lovely day for love in China to 4 pm, in Europe to 8 am.) Yet Friday is “momentous” — it starts four weeks of gentle love, travel, law, education, cultural or religious involvement. It’s a good day to settle into home and get some deep rest.

You’ll want your energy and bright-eyed side Saturday through Monday, when romance is top of the ticket; and beauty, pleasure, adventure, risk-taking, sports and creative surges are not far down the list. Saturday’s fine, Monday’s productive, gets you to your goal (even to a love or sex goal). But Sunday’s a strange one: money opportunities early, then you cycle through a “sweet gauntlet” of “sweet problems.”

Love’s huge, tempting, but so’s sex, and the two seem to be centred in different people. If this applies, then, perhaps oddly, the sexual person would make a better future mate. Anyway, watch a tendency to fantasize about someone to the point that reality will, when it catches up to you, deflate, disappoint.

You can take confident strides Monday in legal, intellectual, far travel, international, cultural and love situations. Tackle chores Mon. suppertime to dawn Thursday (all PDT). Best progress: Tuesday, esp. in earnings, work for pay. Problems in communications, travel during this mid-week interval. Everything that worked Monday, won’t now. Eat, dress sensibly.

Thursday brings opportunities and relocation themes, relationships, public dealings. (Problems in Europe, Asia.) You might meet a very different person, quirky, unpredictable, fast-changing yet always the same. Such people will grow important to you over the next 6 years. Anyway, it’s a great time for relationships, right into the following weekend.

  SAGITTARIUS:  Nov. 22-Dec. 21

Friday doesn’t yield many results, but it does kick off a month of mystery, investment, secrets, investigation, medical demands (e.g., surgery), lifestyle changes, major debt (e.g. mortgage) — and sex. Both surgery and sexual intimacy are more intense, and more likely, in June; less so in July. (BTW, July into mid August, avoid law suits.) Stick to routine Friday: message, handle paperwork, sweep the walk.

Saturday starts a weekend of “down home” stuff — kids, spouse, garden, nutrition, repairs, security, and, above all, a rest from the rat race. (Unless you work in real estate — then you’ll be quite busy.) Saturday flows well, but Sunday’s all over the place: good luck mixes with deception, opportunity with misdirection.

You have been attracted to someone gracious, talkative but diplomatic, for the past two weeks: now you meet, or try to. Realize this attraction, and your need for security, conflict, leaving you a bit stymied. My advice: wait until Monday, when solutions, understanding, even powerful intimacy, are very possible. (But no need to force anything: this person will be “available” until early July, and after that, deeper things can bind you together, if you wish to.)

Romantic notions, and perhaps real romance, hover around you Monday eve to daybreak Thursday. But a possessive attitude, or money/earnings circumstances or a secret you’re hiding, could stymie your advances. Same regarding creative, beautifying, gambling or teaching urges. Tuesday’s best, especially if you want to chase love. But proceed cautiously, with an eye on the long-range future. (Soon, a Gemini or Virgo will give you wise advice.) Tackle chores Thursday — you’ll make good progress — the following day (Fri.) too. Dress, eat sensibly. All’s well!

  CAPRICORN:  Dec. 22-Jan. 19

Friday starts a month of significant relationships, Cap. Be co-operative, diplomatic, and eager to join. (Joining is more important now — 2019 — than it has been for the last 17 years.) You’ll face opportunities and challenges, enmity and allies. (Careful to July 1, as others can be aggressive, temper-prone. In July, relations become affectionate, even loving.) But Friday’s a dud for new projects or important “missions.” (Good, though, in Europe and more so in Asia.) Buy only routine items, e.g., groceries.

Saturday starts a “long” weekend (it lasts to Monday eve) of talk, travel, visits, errands, friendly contacts, paperwork — easy, quick chores. The day speeds along well. Sunday’s confused, jumbled, and holds the possibility of misunderstandings, deception or misdirection in work and health zones. But it also holds work-related and $-related opportunities, early day. By Monday, you’ll know what to say, how to act toward someone, and this could solve or deepen a relationship, even spark a new, vibrant partnership. (If you want to let go of someone, this is the day for firm, amiable partings.)

Lean toward home, the ‘hood, family, security, and comfort Mon. suppertime to dawn Thurs. Take a few “power naps.” At work, study sales territories, premises and their costs, expansion of business areas — fundamentals. Tuesday into dawn Wed. is super — contact civil servants or management types, seek information, permission (less probable) even “admittance.” The remainder of this interval needs caution. Side-skirt arguments.

Romance, beauty, creative and risk-taking urges call you Thursday daytime, and on into next Saturday. Plunge into this, Cap — it’s your time, if single, to “become involved.” If you’re attached, it’s simply a time for loving, praising and cooing. A good week, overall.

  AQUARIUS:  Jan. 20-Feb. 18

You attract a lot of glances, smiles and nods Friday, as your energy and charisma remain on an upward elevator. But little of lasting value occurs this day, unless you live in Europe (early day) or Asia (good to act until mid-late afternoon). So enjoy the attention, without starting anything important. Friday is important, though, as it begins 4 weeks of work and health concerns for you — work as in employment, but also as in caring for dependents, hiring service personnel, and using/buying tools/machinery. (This last item, tools/machinery, is better tackled before July. Best June 22, 24 and 27-29.)

Chase money, casual/sensual sex, Saturday morning to Monday suppertime. Saturday’s fine — go ahead. Sunday’s confusing, as  fantasy mingles with reality. Someone attracts you (a Gemini or Virgo?) — your friends say “great!” but your money (or sexual urge) says “no.” (In truth, if single, your sexual urge now is actually a freedom urge — you want sex with someone who won’t possess/restrict you.) Still, an opportunity hovers around you Sat. and Sun., which can make a wish come true! You discern it, you act on it — I only know it has a strong romantic and/or social element.

Monday, you actions are quick, precise and effective — great time to buy machinery or to tackle/start a major chore. Talk, trips, visits, paperwork, contacts, all swarm in Mon. eve to daybreak Thurs. (PDT). These go best Tuesday to pre-dawn Wed. (again, PDT). By early Wed. morning to daybreak Thurs., obstacles and delays stymie your efforts. Lighten up, go slow, carefully. Thursday nudges you toward home, family, rest and rejuvenation, and this lasts right into midday Sat. Dive into the domestic — good luck (not spectacular but solid) accompanies you!

  PISCES:  Feb. 19-March 20

Lie low Friday, Pisces. Your energy is low, and the day offers little of consequence. (Unless you’re in Europe, to 9 am, or China, 4 pm — in which case love, family, home — and gov’t liaisons — reward.) But this day is still “significant,” as it begins 4 weeks of romance, passion, beauty, pleasure, charming kids, adventure, creative/inventive surges. So get out of the house, stretch, take a big breath, and start an adventure big or small. Take risks — you’ll be riding a winning streak or two! You could fall madly in love, but remember that your great luck in 2019 lies in career, status zones… romance might be merely a distraction, or temporary.

Your energy, presence, clout, and effectiveness soar Saturday dawn to Monday suppertime. Saturday’s fine, smooth, and you’re very effective Monday (esp. in romantic, creative, etc. zones). But Sunday’s a confusing hash of good and bad. Opportunities (in career, and home) mingle with self-doubt. Listen, Pisces, be yourself, that’s all you need to do.

Pursue $ Mon. eve to dawn Thurs., but carefully, esp. Wed. morning to daybreak Thurs., when tiffs, sluggish “help,” and clumsiness trip you up. Earlier, Tuesday to pre-dawn Wed. opens a career door —step through, ambitions will be blessed! Thursday breakfast time starts a round of visits, errands, travel, communication, paperwork and quick, easy chores, lasting into next Saturday. Plunge in Thursday, all’s favourable.



Writers are recorders. Creative writers record the depths and freshness of our consciousness — fresh because they, like painters, sculptors, et al, either “see” mankind’s developing consciousness before most of us, and so lead us to a subtle enlightenment — or, at least to some degree, they create the new consciousness.
***   ***

Many Canadians love to disparage Prime Minister Justin Trudeau. He’s a “lightweight,” “pretty boy,” “embarrassment to Canada,” etc. In personalty, he’s careful, diplomatic, willing to advance one step at a time, polite to a fault, and PC — almost the polar opposite of Donald Trump, yet he draws almost identical scorn from large swathes of the citizenry. Justin’s a Capricorn, so the worst sides of his personality will be on display and he will draw an unusual amount of criticism, November 2018 to May, 2020.  But, like most Capricorns, he will soldier on through. You can embarrass Capricorns, but you can seldom shame them.

But will this affect his election chances in October? Well, I’ll look at this next week, or in July, no time now.
***   ***


The trouble with illegal immigration, especially during a surge such as the U.S. is presently absorbing, is that it creates (or enlarges) a black market. Black markets are bad because they pay no government taxes, yet their participants use/enjoy many of the facilities that are paid for by the gov’t, such as roads, libraries, utilities, welfare, health facilities, etc.

Say 50% of the population — just to exaggerate the effect — is illegal, and pays no taxes. This 50% cause an “energy/services/financial” drain on the nation that doubles the burden on the system, yet this doubling is entirely paid for, solely, by the other 50% of the population. The “legal citizens” therefore pay twice as much as they should for what they receive in return; while the illegal immigrants, no matter how it is couched, pay nothing but consume the “legal citizen’s” income. They become parasites, draining the energy and wealth of the nation.

The cure is remarkably simple: grant all illegal immigrants citizenship, after an interview and a background check. That way, the gov’t would be able to tax the former “illegals” and spread the financial (tax) burden fairly among all. An upside exists to keeping illegal immigrants, in that they will tend to have (is this eugenics?) better genes, as they tend to  be physically stronger, more adventurous, and intellectually above average. It takes a lot to leave your native country, ‘hood, and family. It takes a big, strong heart. In addition, these immigrants bring enthusiasm and ambition with them. And they expand the gene pool. Trump shouldn’t deport those millions of illegal immigrants — he should grant them citizenship, a.s.a.p.
***  ***

A thought: regarding reparation for black slavery in the US. I think the best solution is merely to let every African American go 2 years income tax free; and everybody else’s would increase proportionately so the government receives the same amount. (Maybe DNA tests would be required and results would have to show over 10% African.) After 2 years it would revert back to normal.  Anyone earning under say, $30,000/year wouldn’t have to pay the increased tax rate.  That should be enough.  It gives AAs a boost and doesn’t bankrupt anyone else.  (I know no politicians would do this.)


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