WEEKLY FORECAST ~ JUNE 14 – 20, 2019

“QUE SERA SERA” ~ Doris Day
(written by Ray Evans & Jay Livingston)

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This week I am switching this column’s forecast to run Friday through the following Thursday, so people can look ahead to their weekend. I am also dropping the “two weeks ahead” forecast, as I suspect that can lead to confusion. If you don’t like the change, please email me. I MIGHT change it back to the old format, I’m just trying this out for awhile.

Also, temporarily, I might write less on the “whole week” ahead, for some signs.
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  ARIES:  March 21 to April 19

Friday’s for secrets/investigations, surgery, finances and intimacy, any of which can go well. Still, this day to the 19th (Wed.) be prepared to choose between career/outside world, and home/security. Maybe not an easy choice, but for now (to May 2020) I’d go toward home/security, land, respite, hugs.

Saturday starts a weekend (lasting to Mon. morning) of love, understanding, profound thoughts, far travel, legalities, media and intellectual or cultural pursuits. Saturday’s sweet, shows you someone’s beauty — chat him/her up!

Sunday’s not simple, though. It starts with great insight, inspiration, a “secret ally,” and the love of your family — but again, there’s that home-vs-outside world choice. Your purest motives/ideals conflict with gov’t (or head office’s) expectations. Remain idealistic, Aries, it brings you deep, broad luck in 2019 (perhaps to appear August onward, when you’ll be rewarded for spring/summer’s good behaviour).  You might hear a tall tale Sunday.

Monday morning (after dawn, PDT) to suppertime Wed. offers you the chance to dive into danger — in this case, career, status or prestige motives can lead you to a dead end or costly mistake. You might not believe me, as everything flows smoothly, but on deeper levels disappointment can brew in career/ambition zones if you dive into them now. You might not “wake” to it until some time (weeks?) later.

Your hopes rise Wed. eve and Thurs. People call, welcome your visit — you’re popular! Thursday heads toward love, esp. at night, so flirt, chat, display your wit and great sense of humour. (Aries is the most humorous sign.)

taurus weekly forecast  TAURUS:  April 20-May 20

Friday emphasizes relationships, optimism and good friends, and a problem with communications or travel. Do you go long or short, deep or surface, profound or casual? My advice (it lasts to Wed. June 19 very strongly, then less but still “in force” to May 2020) is to lean toward the short, superficial, casual, “just friends.” Ten per cent possibility of a deep, cruel fight Fri. daytime; 90% possibility of a satisfying, opportunity-laden day.

Delve into mysteries and “deep matters” this weekend to Mon. morning. Saturday opens a door to sensual intimacy and/or money/investments — both before suppertime PDT. (All night in Europe and Asia.) But you have to knock: when you spy beauty or a profit, chase it! “Light” contacts or loves/friendships dovetail with your favourite wishes Sat. and Sun., but they flee your deeper urges (for sex, or for truth). Be alert to deception Sunday.

From Mon. to Wed. suppertime, deep, profound love or your intellectual, far travel, legal and cultural pursuits — all flow easily and productively on the surface, but be cautious; deep down, this zone is filled with long-term delays and dead-ends. Again, choose “light” over “heavy,” casual over profound. (Your path to great good fortune in 2019 lies, at least partly — and essentially — in commitment. Without it, there is no consequence for good or bad. But Mon. to Wed. is NOT the time to commit.)

Your status, neighbourhood reputation, career and ambitions are highlighted Thurs./Fri. After an initial disruption Thurs. (caused by you?) you face gracious responses, and the chance to boost your earnings.

  GEMINI:  May 21-June 20

Your energy and charisma remain high, Gemini. Get out there, push forward, be friendly, charm and lead. Someone’s attracted, or ready to be. If you’re unattached, give chase. You are more attractive than usual; you’re ready for real love, and just might find it. (Remember, 2019’s great good luck emerges from partnership, among other things.) This isn’t challenging, nervous love; it’s sweet, accommodating.

One thing, though: until May 2020, deep, binding intimacy (and sharing of assets) will be rare or difficult to achieve. So lean toward light, casual sex. Not a good period (to May/20) to seek pregnancy. Friday (June 14) continues work demands, and can reward your efforts with extra pay. But you face a choice Friday and into next Wednesday, between daily/monthly earnings; and investments, equity. Choose earnings — right into next May.

The weekend sparks meetings, opportunities, relationships — and possible good fortune. Singles could meet a future mate. Realize you will be challenged, “looked over,” so keep your smile going! Saturday’s affectionate, calls you via beauty. (Before suppertime, PDT. — all night in Europe, Asia.) This day (and Sunday) also offers you tremendous status, career, or earnings potential if you approach a higher-up, communicate. But “no” (through Wed.) to deep sex, big finance. A partner or potential mate could conflict with your ambitions: choose partnership.

Monday to Wednesday brings everything I’ve been talking about. Plunging into an investment, a deep sexual bond, an illicit affair, a deep medical procedure or a major lifestyle change – all these succeed on the surface, in small ways; but are likely, deeper down, to be traps and dead-ends. The gov’t favours you Mon. (And will for 7 years.) Thursday’s accident-prone pre-dawn, but then expands into a vista of sweet love — for him/her, and for humanity.

  CANCER:  June 21-July 22

This is your last week of rest, quietude, low energy and restrictions, Cancer. (It’s nature’s way of forcing a “hibernation” on you every June, of turning you from the outside world, into “spring cleaning” for your spirit, soul, inner heart.) Friday (June 14) shows you romance, passion, creativity, and nudges you toward (usually beneficial) risk. But this day also pits your new-found assertiveness (somewhat at odds with your weary solitude) against another’s diplomatic, stubborn attitude.

Now, and strongly through to next Wed., and to some degree right into May 2020, you need to choose between independent action, and becoming entwined with another. Independence is best.

Tackle chores Saturday/Sunday. They’ll flow smoothly Sat. and early Sun., with an emotional and intellectual (or travel, legal or media) bonus. But again, esp. Sunday, choose independent action over “teamwork” — and honest work over daydreaming. Partnerships, relocation, negotiation, litigation, public dealings, contracts — these succeed in small things Mon. to Wed., but contain massive “sub-surface” problems. I’d remain independent for now. (Keep your temper, tho!)

Life’s depths, mysteries, powerful karmic forces fill Wed. night through Fri. Again (will I ever stop saying this?) choose independence over a consequential commitment. Someone supports you or your cause Thursday — someone loving, gentle, witty and oddly unpredictable. Thursday also favours gov’t contacts, dealing with head office, and medical exams. Investments go well, sex too.

Leo icon, Luck Forecast  LEO:  July 23-Aug. 22

This is your last week of “celebration” and of having fun, Leo, so don’t waste it on mere work or other drudgeries. Friday’s domestic — be close to home, family members, at least in your thoughts. Plan a weekend garden party/picnic. This day, and Sunday, and Wednesday (and to some degree until May 2020) you might have to choose between retreat, rest, contemplation and helping the downtrodden on one hand, and hands-on, difficult work on the other. Or, simply between management and delegating tasks, or tackling jobs yourself. Choose management, retreat, charity — reject heavy, hands-on, physical effort.

The weekend could make a wish come true; romance, creative surges, beauty and pleasure fill you with deep, sweet joy. You could fall madly in love. Saturday waves a flag of beauty and flirtation. But by Sunday, you again have a choice: you can share a secret, or learn one, esp. about finances, gov’t. Communications around investments and sexual intimacy go well, yield results. Or, you can pursue romance, creative projects. Romance is hugely favoured (and is your source of great luck in 2019) but it seems to have a sexual glitch. (Perhaps a health one?)

Monday morning to Wed. suppertime calls you to work, hands-on efforts. You’ll succeed in small ways, which, a week later, you’ll see were irrelevant successes. Don’t waste your time. Default to rest, pondering, planning: much better results, long-term.

Relationships fill Wed. night, Thurs. These start off a bit wonky, but by dawn onward (PDT) Thursday you could meet, or re-meet, a gracious, entrancing person. Speak your piece if you’re in love — might be your last chance for awhile.

  VIRGO:  Aug. 23-Sept. 22

It’s your last week of career prospects, ambitious efforts, prestige relations, worldly status — and pressure to perform. Do what’s expected of you, but before you go overboard, remember that your major source of good fortune in 2019 lies in the home, in family, security, anything relating to food or shelter. One good “ambition thing” to do this year would be to rent new premises, re-arrange warehousing or office set-ups, and/or secure/expand sales territory. (If you already work in food or shelter areas, you don’t need my career advice!)

Virgo, I’ll only mention this once, so I don’t have to repeat it below: Friday (June 14), Sunday and Wednesday — and to some degree every day to May 2020 — confronts you with a choice between light, friendly love, social group, flirtations and laughter, versus deep, enthralling romance, the kind that drugs your senses. Pick light, social — deep romance allures, run fine on the surface, but holds deep, hidden barriers and eventual disappointment. This is my entire message for Monday morning to Wednesday suppertime.

Earlier, Friday brings messages, paperwork, a short trip (which might be necessary to wrap up/seal a great agreement already made/broached). Easy, quick chores. Dive into home, family this weekend. Saturday’s affectionate, good day to sell/buy real estate or tease/entertain family. Your mate (or another peer) will embrace the same goals as you. (Act quickly — later, Sunday daytime PDT, he/she might disagree.)

If you’re single, one who makes you feel “equal” could become a good mate. One whom you put on a pedestal will later kick it over. Both types hover around you Sunday. For Mon.-Wed., read above. Wednesday night, pre-dawn Thursday, might start with a jolt, but after this you’ll succeed if you dive into chores. Co-workers friendly, gracious.

  LIBRA:  Sept. 23-Oct. 22

Chase money Friday, Libra, as early as you can. This day brings to a head a choice between home and outside ambitions. Choose outside ambitions. This choice will arise again, likely next Sunday and Mon. to Wed., in a similar manner but with a money angle. And in a quiet way, it exists until May 2020. In every case, choose prestige over humility, career over home. (I don’t mean abandon your home/family — but just do what’s necessary, while giving extra effort and time to career, etc.)

The weekend will be busy with friends, calls, texts, trips, visits — and some paperwork. Be curious, ask questions, soak up the news. Your work and career meet open doors, smooth luck, but home concerns fight your progress. Some deception — or an urge to travel versus a need to get some work done. Saturday’s sweet, Sunday’s “buoyant.”

Home, kids, property, security, rest, all are emphasized Mon. morn (PDT) to Wed. suppertime, and all flow well on the surface. But deeper down, hidden snags and problems lurk, will eventually disappoint. So do what’s needed here, but no more — DON’T buy real estate.

A last shot at love in this loving month comes Wed. night, Thursday. Wednesday night, pre-dawn Thurs. are disruptive or “mind changing,” but the rest of Thurs. is made for romance, beauty, pleasure, sports/games, and risk. Take a chance, you’re on a wee winning streak. A “date” makes you think of marriage — and why not? (It would succeed.)

  SCORPIO:  Oct. 23-Nov. 21

Your energy, charisma and sense of timing are top notch Friday, Scorpio. Start something significant, see and be seen, ask favours, be a leader. One caution: now to May 5, 2020, favour big ideas, profound relationships, far travel, and law, over casual links, daily details, trips around town or country. The small, short, quick, surface — these lead to eventual disappointment or simply wasted time. This advice is “strong” Fri., Sun., and Mon. to Wed.

This weekend, pursue money, buy/sell, seek new clients, hunt for bargains, ask for a pay raise, attend garage sales, etc. Your luck is very mixed — good $ opportunities Saturday, but a sweet sensual attraction arises, also. You can feel love, talk of love, will say just the perfect thing. But Sunday pits money against love — e.g., do you go to work, or play in the boudoir? Which wins? Both are powerful. Just remember: profound wins, superficial loses in the long run. You could tape that message to your door, Mon. morning to Wed. suppertime (PDT).

Errands, paperwork, communications and friendly contacts are slated, but time-wasters. Study instead, or contemplate ideas, or send a profound, meaningful message to someone, not polite fluff. DON’T buy a car or computer or hand tools. Steer toward home Wed. night to pre-dawn Thurs., when disruption or “a fresh view” occurs. The rest of Thursday blesses you, your home, family, with beauty, affection and sweet rest. All’s well!

  SAGITTARIUS:  Nov. 22-Dec. 21

Lie low Friday, Sage. Rest, research, liaison with civil servants or “head office,” meditate, ponder and plan. Especially, ponder your money situation. You need to choose between major money (investments, debt, assets, home/mortgage, etc.) and daily money (earnings, sales, purchases of depreciating assets — anything from lettuce to a car). My advice, pick the former, “major money.” This choice faces you until May 5, 2020, but is brought to several peaks, today (Friday) and Sun., and Mon. to Wed.

Your energy bounces back all weekend — you’ll be noticed, admired, sought after. Be a leader, go where your enthusiasm points. A Gemini might be particularly kind, affectionate. Saturday’s easy, sweet, and (Sunday, too) helps you investigate, improve the home (or find a new one), gain gov’t aid, or invest. You might face some deception. Again, that choice between daily money and major investments, debt, etc. — it’s here Sunday, but also carries over, right through Wednesday. Again, go long, deep, major.

Spend what you must, earn what you must Mon. to Wed., but don’t overdo it. Moderation. Thursday starts all a-jumble, disrupted, but by dawn (PDT) onward, you begin to receive smiles, glances — write a love note, do errands, paperwork, travel, call — a beautiful day! If you have begun a love or business “association” in May/June, it will begin to turn into deeper realms, deeper commitment soon.

  CAPRICORN:  Dec. 22-Jan. 19

The world looks bright and friendly Friday, Cap! Make and accept invitations, join a group, flirt, laugh, seek fun. You have a rare (in 2019) flash of bullet-proof optimism. Now to May 2020, interacting with others without a self-serving agenda will bless you. Being staunchly independent will hurt you.

Remember this on Friday, when you face this choice. (Likely good results, since you’re feeling so social.) But the choice keeps occurring, Sunday too, and Mon.-Wed. Always, pick inter-dependence. This might not be the easiest thing right now, as those others you’re supposed to be cozying up to are assertive, snarly and hot-tempered. Well, grin and plunge in!

Retreat this weekend. Find a cozy spot to contemplate, examine your spiritual condition, relax and plan future actions. Saturday’s sweet, co-workers are gracious, ditto service people. You also face a splendid opportunity to communicate with someone about a relationship, an agreement, or an opportunity. Remember, inter-dependence.

A secret might stumble out — take care with gossip if your own past isn’t pristine. Deception might occur. Your energy, charisma and sense of timing rise to a monthly high Mon. to Wed. — yes, lead, start important projects, ask favours, see and be seen — but do so in the service of joining, not “utilizing.” Thursday starts with a surprise, but soon stretches out luxuriously to offer you bargains, new clients, a money plum, or a sexy companion. A day for “mild love.”

  AQUARIUS:  Jan. 20-Feb. 18

Friday, give your career or other ambitions one big push (before noon PDT). This day also nudges you to choose between doing tasks hands-on, or delegating them; between mere work, and policy. Choose hands-on, forget management and policy stances. The former gives you peace of mind and success, while getting others to do the work is asking for trouble, and an eventual dead-end. This choice arises Friday, and Sunday through Wednesday — and to some degree, right into May 2020. Until then, hands-on wins.

Your hopes rise all weekend. Saturday’s best. Optimism, popularity, social joys, entertainment, flirtations and wish fulfillment fill both days, but Sat. offers sweet, romantic feelings with a sprinkling of sensuality (and, oddly, a work-money opportunity, or romance with a co-worker). Sunday’s more complex — a big wish can come true, a new group could welcome you, a light affair could spark, but money worries could bother you, and you face that choice, again: do the work yourself.

Retreat, lie low and rest Mon. morning to Wed. suppertime (PDT). Ponder and plan. But DON’T sink too deeply into withdrawal or “hibernation” as this is a “dead zone” for you until May 2020. Also, not the best idea to rely on gov’t or admin. workers for support, aid, or permission — you could wait a long, long time for it. An antidote to this? Hands-on efforts, get involved.

Your energy returns Wed. night to Friday — and your charisma climbs. After a mild “wake-up” incident Thursday early, this day evolves into a day-into-night of good fortune. Start something — a beauty or pleasure project, an intellectual, travel, legal or cultural project, or a love affair. It’s a bit late for these, but you can succeed if you’re aiming for quick results, or are reviving something ongoing.

  PISCES:  Feb. 19-March 20

The general accent remains on home, security, nutrition and relaxation, Pisces. Friday’s lovely, your mind wanders to exotic places, to inspired thoughts. Far travel, intellectual, legal and cultural pursuits are favoured. However, you face a choice this day — and Sun. through Wed. — and actually to May 2020: do you lean toward passion, creativity’s fine fury, infatuation, beauty? or toward social joys, light, flirtatious romance, being popular? My advice: go for depth, passion, beauty, rather than toward flirty, social stuff, every time (until May).

The weekend swells your ego a bit, as waiters and such call you “sir” or “madame.” Be ambitious, strut your stuff for higher-ups, VIPs. Doors open, opportunities exist, if you knock. Your creative juices flow. Charge ahead!

Celebration, in some form, arrives Mon. morning to suppertime Wed. (PDT). Your popularity rises, social delights call you, flirtations tickle your heart — enjoy all this, but don’t chase it, and don’t expand it, as this zone offers mostly “empty results” this year.

Retreat Wed. night, Thurs. — this period starts with a “change in messaging” or travel, a disruption that brings in fresh air. But by dawn (PDT) onward, Thursday brings you sweet solitude, a beautiful rest, and success in dealing with charities, spiritual organizations, civil servants, admin. workers, agents and advisors. Good day to visit a psychic or more mainstream counsellor. You’re about to enter a month of pleasure and romance.



Every being creates its/his/her karma, and karma has a trillion routes. It meanders down busy pathways, dabbling in infinite lives. You can sense it loves its victims as a farmer loves his plants. It’s as complex as nature, and tied to her in some way.
***   ***

If you want to defeat Trump in 2020, send a Capricorn or a Pisces against him. Capricorn, unfortunately, has foot-in-mouth disease until May 2020. (Are the primaries over by then?) Capricorn Buttigieg has, in his zeal to impose a sober gravitas, used his gay “credentials” to shove a knife in someone who not only treated him well, accepted his homosexuality, was kind and amiable to him, and helped him in his budding political career despite his being in the opposite political party: Republican Vice President Pence.

Why the betrayal? Well, partly because Buttigieg is a Democrat and he wanted to score political points. Buttigieg made a serious mistake: he revealed his cruelty and lack of loyalty, publicly throwing away a good (at least potential) friend for his political ambitions. (I won’t say “friendship,” as obviously Buttigieg was not a friend. Ah, traitorous heart!)

This was a lunar south node mistake, some version of which is tempting and/or plaguing many Capricorns. On the plus side, all Caps are freed from this influence by May 5, 2020. (And it doesn’t return until 2037.) The real plus side, this 18 months, for this influence began some months ago, is that your soul is being cleansed, and you will emerge with a stronger sense of self, and a fresh conscience (unless, like a pan burned with eggs, yours takes many tries to scrub clean).

But who among the Democratic hopefuls is a Pisces?
***   ***

It came while I was speeding down the freeway: the thought that psychics who “see the future” are actually remembering, not fore-seeing. Accessing something already known. Otherwise, how could they be so accurate at times? Perhaps the future is ingrained in our collective, usually hidden or unfathomable memory. (I’d say unconscious memory, but it might lie somewhere else.) This accompanies the concept that, on certain levels, there is no time. It also means the future is a memory, or something similar.

Why, then, was the Biblical God so set against “fortune-tellers?” (They should be stoned to death, says the Old Testament.) Because they were accessing the timeless realm He lives in, and He considered that presumptuous? I don’t know why.

In the same vein, I think our thoughts are records, not instigators. For instance, when I think, “I’ll reach out and grab that cherry danish”… close observation seems to show that my hand actually starts moving before the thought starts. In other instances, the mind observes, even catalogues, identifies and forms a reaction, before the thought occurs. A simple (and not quite to the point) example: you see a beautiful sunset, and think, after, even if only by a millisecond: “A beautiful sunset.”


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