WEEKLY FORECAST — JUNE 21 – 27, 2015

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ALL TIMES/DATES ARE PDT (Pacific Daylight Time Zone). PDT is 8 hours “before” Greenwich (England). (As long as Britain is also on Daylight time.) For example, when it is noon PST, it is 8 pm in England. The “World Clock” in the right margin gives you some clues. (You can also Google “time zone converter.”)


START NOTHING: 9:09 am to 9:59 am Sun., 10:12 pm to 10:41 pm Tues., and 4:22 pm Thurs. to 10:57 am Fri.

(Notice that the “Start Nothing” times are very short this week. The same happened last week. During the recent Mercury retro period, every week had huge “S.N.” periods; as soon as it’s over, the S.N.’s shrink to one-tenth what they were. A nudge from the cosmos, telling us to get busy!)




Gee, I hate to rub it in, but I did write here last (winter? autumn?) that British Columbia’s rain forest weather would become distinctly Californian. B.C. has now experienced the driest, sunniest spring on record. A local rag this week ran photos of various creeks, some hundreds of feet wide, completely dry, with a front-page headline shouting about drought.


Canada’s Bill C-51 (now law) is somewhat a copy of America’s Patriot Act. I am not deeply familiar with C-51, so some of what I say here might be incorrect in fact. The problem with this incredible law is not the stripping of individual citizens of their rights, not that it eliminates habeas corpus, nor that it transgresses Canada’s Charter of Rights, nor even that it opens the door to dictatorship. The worst thing about this law is not its injustice nor its cruelty nor the huge power it gives the police, not that it establishes a “secret police” mentality, not that it establishes secret courts, not that it’s a naked power grab by our politicians, nor even, finally, the oppression it fosters. (We don’t see that oppression yet, but  this opens the door to it. When you have secret police, you have oppression.)

The worst thing has not bloomed yet, and I don’t know how close it is; it partly depends on the political, human weather. The worst thing might not occur for decades, or might slowly creep upon us, as more and more laws reflect C-51, and use it as a bold template for exercising power. Acceptance of this worst thing is itself the worst thing. The worst thing is deeply allied to oppression, but lies one step further: impotence, the impotence it forces upon every man, woman and child. The feeling that one has no power to change things and must simply obey, enervates a nation.The groups which might be relatively immune to this societal mood are scientists, engineers, technicians, mathematicians, etc., since so much of their attention is focused on the non-human. (In the human sciences — psychology, social work, anthropology, economics, etc. — we need to guard against bias. The strongest bias is the one that doesn’t know itself.)

This bill, C-51, suppresses divergent intelligence (i.e., people who think outside the box) because it makes “difference” or non-conformity a justification for arresting anyone. It suppresses a citizen’s right to speak with Opinion or Passion. Of course the Bill seems to restrict he activities it governs — it purports to address only terrorists, would-be terrorists, and those who discuss terrorism in any way — it gives the secret police the right to arrest anyone for suspicion of terrorist sympathies, and leaves the determination of these “sympathies” up to the arresting officer. In fact it leaves the very definition of terror up to the secret police. For example, a ridiculous one, I could be saying “the sky is blue” to a dinner date, and the cop at the next table can arrest me for a reference to 9/11.  Making the hammer’s head so broad, depresses everyone’s hope of living without punishment. A society of guilt is created. It suppresses not only genius, but creativity in every way; it turns a population into porridge, a sludge that earns its meal, makes its bed, and lives an unthinking life. The suppression of genius will eventually lead to a lack of innovation, and a passivity that makes the nation weak, sick, and stunted. We saw this impotent citizenry in Soviet Russia (the U.S.S.R.). The irony is that the U.S. and Canada, while braying their intense dislike of – even enmity toward – such a nation/system (“communists,” “reds,”) are slowly and surely doing everything to create one here. With one difference: here a capitalist, independent north american character will lead to a fascist dictatorship rather than a communist one. In both systems, a tiny power class controls the populace.

There is a time when nations stand on the brink of self-destruction. Pre-WW II Germany, a relatively free society, let  Hitler’s unlawful antics overwhelm the “parliament,” and led finally to Nazism. I suspect Canada and the U.S. are on such a brink, and that these laws, C-51 and the Patriot Act, are the open door to oppression of the citizenry.

That’s dangerous, in a world where politicians have become inured against their own electorate.
Well, I warned you for many years that the 1983-2232 period would create a police state. (2009 to 2024 is a particularly strong phase of this development.) In a way, we can’t blame the politicians. As bad as their actions are, they are simply part of a centuries-long trend. At some point, a “Philosopher King” will come along to battle this trend. Don’t rely on judges or universities to fight this slow slouching toward a police state. In America, the judiciary has already become the hand maiden of the politicians (as witness the secret courts). Universities, as I predicted in the late 1980’s, will contain as much iniquity as Parliament and Congress from 1984 to 2232. We’ve already seen this trend develop, with the schooling scandals in the U.S., and the massive debt required to be a student. Universities will shrink, partly because they are greedy and partly because they will become, not irrelevant, but…well… luckless.


BTW, I forgot to mention two things last week:

1) When I said Russia’s woes would ease after November this year (technically, after Nov. 12) I forgot to mention that Putin’s “cosmic protection” ends about the same time. His “open enemies” will increase, expand from August 2015 to autumn 2016.

2) Discussing Capricorn, I’m not sure I mentioned that they’re sceptical. For instance, 9 times out of 10 when a potential client wants me to demonstrate my abilities before they will consider booking, or want a free “mini reading” first, or don’t want to pay me until after the reading, almost always it’s a Cap. (BTW, I always say no.) This sign is very cautious.

Now, I don’t mean 9 of 10 Caps are like this – perhaps 1 in 5 or 1 in 10 Caps is so sceptical. But I’d say only 1 in 100 Scorpios, or Pisces, or Leos, etc., show the same wariness.

Capricorn is ruled by Saturn. Wherever this planet sits in your chart – there you’re cautious. E.g., my Saturn is in my 11th house of friendships, and I have (almost) always been very cautious/uncertain about my social life. Saturn is also very practical, so I use the social for gain, for a job – astrology and this column, for instance, in which my success depends on my popularity. (That’s why putting those dismal short stories on this blog – the “Afteramble” – was such a gamble, because they could [and probably did] reduce my popularity among readers. Ah, well – what is a life without risk?)
IN astrology, if you move, you create another “birth chart.” For example, if you are 1 degree Virgo rising on the west coast, by moving east to Toronto, New York, Miami or Montreal, you will create a new ascendant – instead of 1 Virgo it is likely now in early Libra. This secondary or “locational” chart usually has little effect if you are merely passing through. But if you settle and stay in this new location, then this secondary chart gains muscle, and starts to govern many events. You could look at it this way: the locational chart (early Libra in the example above) begins more and more to rule practical, daily, in-your face matters, and the near future, especially in practical areas.
The primary, original birth chart will never go away, nor stop governing you. (By governing I mean that which, in the broad view, the chart indicates.) Your first, actual birth chart, if you remain in a “second” location long enough, will tend to shrink back a bit from the details of daily life. It will begin to embrace and absorb a more spiritual, philosophical, religious, or “upper level” role, one which ultimately chooses your direction. I suspect impulsive people, such as Aries can be, would be found to have a thin “original chart” and a very active secondary chart.




Aries.svgARIES March 21-April 19
Sunday starts a month of down-home issues, Aries – real estate, family, gardening, Mother Nature, nutrition, security, retirement. You’ll feel sluggish, so it’s a great time for a vacation, especially in nature. Nap often. Your romantic life remains sweet and favoured until October. (If you meet someone before Aug. 11 – and this goes back to late July, 2014 – a wedding and conjugal bliss can result. If you meet someone August 11 to Oct. 8, marriage – i.e., co-habitational bliss – can result. But don’t wait until October to chase someone!) Tackle chores and protect your health Sun. through Tues. Monday’s best, until early eve (PDT) – otherwise, step carefully around a few glitches, and if confused (Tues. morning) do nothing. Relationships fill Wed./Thurs., can bring the kind of love mentioned above, or hostility; co-operation or competition. Be diplomatic, eager to join. Everything’s solved by communication or a short trip Wed. Someone “unusual” but interesting might appear Thurs. Mystery, sexual desires, large finances, lifestyle changes, health diagnoses, research, commitment and consequence fill Fri./Sat. Your luck is great here, so charge ahead (Fri. better).

taurus weekly forecastTAURUS April 20-May 20
A moneyed month (whether you were paying or gathering) begins to end – but watch spending until Wednesday. (Some money matters will continue to early July – little things you have to do, perhaps to “clean up” early June’s wee mess.) The weeks ahead emphasize short travel, media, news, errands, paperwork and details, communications, siblings and casual friends. Be curious, Taurus – follow your hunches, explore, take a different route home from work. If you have recently moved, this is a great few weeks to explore your new location and befriend the neighbours. (In the bigger picture, now to early August, and to some degree past that, to October, is one of the best real estate “lucky streaks” in your life. To late July, travel, exploration, paperwork can be luckily involved.) Sunday morning to Tuesday night are romantic, creative, pleasurable, and beauty-filled. Take a chance Monday – your luck runs high, especially in love, real estate, dealing with government or institutions, management circles, career and prestige. You might hear of a couple breaking up, or you might worry/be confused about a money, tax, fine or similar matter Tues. Best approach all day: let others explain themselves. Reveal no secrets. Tackle chores Wed./Thurs. Protect your daily health: eat, dress sensibly. If you want to buy tools, machines, be cautious: glitches lurk. Relationships thrill and please Fri./Sat. – seize opportunities, chase someone, be co-operative, negotiate a good deal.

Gemini.svgGEMINI May 21-June 20
Your energy remains high, but the focus shifts, now through the weeks ahead, to practical matters: money, income-outgo, possessions, (rote) learning, buying/selling, and sensual attractions. Chase new clients, ask for a pay raise, etc. This isn’t the best year for employment or money matters, but the month ahead is the best so far. On Wednesday, Mars leaves Gemini (so your sexual magnetism fades somewhat) but enters Cancer until August 8. During this time, a lot of money will flow toward you; but a lot will try to flow from you, also. Save, conserve, only pay past outstanding bills, try not to rack up new debts. You still have a lot of people to phone, to see, contacts to make, communications to perform. Sunday to Tuesday is a down-home time – embrace your family, rest and nap, garden, fix the house, start security or retirement or children’s future programs. Monday is the easiest, most productive time (dawn to 3 pm, PDT) – a conversation or idea could lead to a good investment or property action. Careful Tues., when indecision, illusion or confusion – and a late day tantrum – can impede you. Don’t fall for an emotional (or physical!) “sucker punch.” Romance, creative and speculative urges, pleasure and beauty are slated for Wednesday/Thursday – you express yourself well, and could meet an unusual, interesting person. Befriend him/her! Tackle chores Fri./Sat. – all’s well, and you can make huge strides both days.

Cancer.svgCANCER June 21-July 22
Your energy, clout, effectiveness, charisma and sense of timing rise now, to stay high for weeks.
In addition, Mars enters your sign Wednesday, to bring seven weeks of heightened determination, ambitions, and sex appeal. You’re ready to go! Sunday to Tuesday brings errands, friends, communications, travel, curiosity, paperwork and details. You’ll get along with someone Mon. (especially the afternoon) – this could lead to a truce, a partnership, or an opportunity. Careful this night and Tues., though – misunderstandings or illusion/confusion could lead to late day anger. Wednesday/Thursday lure you toward home, family, kids, nature, garden, all life’s “basics.” Rest, relax, putter around the house. In business, expand or plan sales territory. You might have to make a slight adjustment for your partner’s (or someone’s) sake. Romance, beauty, pleasure, risk-taking and creative urges – these fill Friday/Saturday, and superbly! You could attract love, and keep it.

Leo icon, Luck ForecastLEO July 23-Aug. 22
You’ve been enjoying a lot of “good hair days” – and popularity, social joys, optimism, etc. But that all (almost all) changes now, as life shunts you into a quiet, background role for a few weeks. I said “almost all” because 1) your good hair days (i.e., physical charms) last right into early October, and 2) your luck continues (until early August) in romantic, creative and speculative zones. Still, get your rest now. Retreat, contemplate, plan. Be charitable, deal with civil servants and institutions. From this Wednesday to Aug. 8, avoid dark alleys and violent people, far travel, law suits (and lawyers generally) advertising and publishing, and entering higher learning (or, at least, don’t choose your courses until Aug. 9 onward). If you work in these fields, just proceed with quietude and thoughtfulness, not impulse or bravado. Chase money Sunday to Tuesday – buy/sell, seek new clients, ask for a pay raise, etc. Your memory is good; rely on it. A sensual attraction might lure you – but if that’s all there is, you’ll be bored before long: consider this before leaping. Best day: Monday. Caution with illusion, fast talkers, and temper Tues. Errands, communications, friends, short trips, paperwork and details fill Wed./Thurs. You could encounter an exciting person. Head for home Fri./Sat. – two splendid days for decorating, yard work, gardening, home repairs, and for hugging the kids, planning their future, even for dealing with real estate. (Though your lucky period for realty begins August 11.)

Virgo.svgVIRGO Aug. 23-Sept. 22
The focus, for the weeks ahead, lies on popularity, social delights, optimism and wish fulfilment, flirtations and friendly romance, and group membership/activities. Your career will continue to grab your attention with announcements, plans, meetings, etc., until early July. But the heat, the impatience and temperament that bosses and parents have shown toward you since mid-May, will end Wednesday (for two years). Hopefully, you didn’t over-react to their “rudeness.” But, overall, it’s celebration time! You face a unique influence, Wed. to early August: of the two love planets one, soft Venus, doesn’t help you; in fact, might hinder you in chasing romance. The other, hard Mars, will excite and heat you up, and will give you the courage to chase others, especially for purely physical interludes. However, believe me or not, it is that soft Venus that “holds” your innocence and goodness, as if in a tightly-clutched bag. The Mars might get you mixed up with the wrong people, or could spark you into chasing lust – and paying for it. So, this month ahead, be social, happy, friendly, but a bit private or passive when it comes to intimacy. Your energy and charisma soar Sunday to Tuesday. Monday’s great. Tuesday brings a possible tiff. One you meet this day will NOT be a good mate. Chase money, buy/sell, Wed./Thurs. A splendidly lucky Fri./Sat. brings errands, calls, trips, visits, casual friends, fascinating news. If you have to write or call, do it now.

Libra.svgLIBRA Sept. 23-Oct. 22
The weeks ahead emphasize career, ambition, prestige relations, worldly status, and dealings with parents, bosses, VIPs and authorities. This won’t be the easiest time, Libra, because Mars sits atop your career zone from this Wednesday to August 8. During this time, bosses can be impatient, temperamental – partly because their own ambition gets a strong injection of energy. Be diplomatic, grin and bear it. In some cases, a partner, spouse, or enemy, or co-operator, is the cause of your friction with higher-ups. If this person attacks you, remain forgiving and passive – fighting would draw you into their dismal, angry world. On the other hand, this person might want to do something together, an ambitious partnership. Here, too, be diplomatic but bide your time. That’s the rough side of the month ahead. On the plus side, your social, light romantic, and optimistic self meets blessings after blessing. You’ll say, “howcum I’m so popular?” Retreat, rest, contemplate and plan Sunday to Tuesday. (Tuesday’s plans won’t be so good – avoid a belligerent person, or a drinker, this day.) Your energy and charisma soar Wed,/Thurs. – start significant things, get out, see and be seen. Chase money Fri./Sat. – buy/sell, call clients, etc. – your money luck is high both days!

Scorpio.svgSCORPIO Oct. 23-Nov. 21
The main emphasis, now to late July, lies on higher mind – intellectual pursuits, higher education, publishing, media, advertising, far travel, import-export, international affairs, law, culture and social rituals – and love. In all these, you’ll feel a new invigoration, a new determination and assertiveness – tone this down, if you want success. Strictly avoid lawsuits until August 8. Someone (a Cancer?) might become passionately attracted to you; you, too, might fall in love. (My advice is: not with a co-worker.) Your career continues under good auspices, to August, even to October in a slightly different way. You will benefit from detective work, research, until July 8. This interval also piques your lust – which is good if it’s the same person toward whom you feel romantic. Sunday to Tuesday ramps up your optimism, friendly feelings, and popularity. A wish could come true. That lust-versus-romance thing shows strongly Tues. morning (PDT). My advice: wait, choose neither. Retreat, rest, contemplate and plan Wed./Thurs. – Wed.’s best, especially for paperwork, contacting civil servants. Your energy and charisma soar Friday/Saturday – start important projects, get out, be seen, if unattached pick the top of the line and chat him or her up. You’ll glow, you luck is bountiful!

Sagittarius.svgSAGITTARIUS Nov. 22-Dec. 21
Until late July, the emphasis lies on mysteries, life’s depths, subconscious promptings, large finances, sexual desires, health diagnoses, lifestyle changes, commitment and consequence. This zone will intensify Wednesday onward, to early August. You could bond with someone sexually, financially, or in a project. One relationship might end, another start. Be careful in both instances: look deep within. If your motives are pristine, go ahead. If you’re really trying to get something else, aim directly for that something. A secondary trend keeps a relationship hope alive until early July. Your love remains sweet until early October – if you’re unattached, use these months to seek, and accept. Be ambitious Sunday to Tuesday – approach VIPs, bosses, parents, especially Monday dawn to 3 pp-m (PDT). Be alert Tues., when your spouse might be dissatisfied, or you must choose between a co-operative link and another opportunity. (Hint, that co-operative link isn’t so co-operative.) Forget romance this day. Light romance, flirtations, popularity, optimism, entertainment and happy plans for the future visit you Wed./Thurs. Retreat from the hustle-bustle Friday/Saturday. These are two splendid days, but not particularly for outside matters. Instead, contemplate, plan, clear up issues with government, welfare charities and institutions. All’s good!

Capricorn.svgCAPRICORN Dec. 22-Jan. 19
The month ahead features relationships, relocation ideas, negotiation, litigation, contracts, and interfacing with the public. (When you think about it, all these are relationships.) Be diplomatic, co-operative, and to win, emphasize another person’s ideas/desires/needs – others hold the aces now. This interactive month can cut both ways: it might make you very passionate about someone (love or enmity) or it might nudge you into ending a fairly major link. (Both might occur.) If you and another co-operated in home, real estate and similar areas, the partnership could succeed – more in its human than its practical side. Either way, your destiny now seems to hinge on where as relationship goes – I know you won’t, but don’t be impulsive. Sunday to Tuesday is gentle, mellow, wise. International themes, far travel, higher learning favoured. You might have a sudden breakthrough in a financial or intimate situation. Careful Tues., when you could misunderstand directions, then get angry hours later when it didn’t work — or some combination of confusion and frustration. Be ambitious Wed./Thurs. This (career) is a good area for you until November; it receives cosmic protection. Don’t be too abrupt Thurs. afternoon. Your optimism, wishes, popularity, general joy, social involvements surge upward Friday/Saturday – two days of pure smiles!

Aquarius.svgAQUARIUS Jan. 20-Feb. 18
The weeks ahead feature work, health, dependents and machinery – in other words, drudgery! Ah, well, just plod along until it’s done (late July). There’s one twist: work now will tend to be intense, heated. So take care with safety, hot implements, electricity, etc. In general, it’s not the best time to buy machinery or tools, so purchase only what’s necessary. A secondary trend favours love, both romantic and marital. The romantic will last to early July; the marital will last to October – and offers you many opportunities. People in general have been kind and gracious toward you all June, and will continue so until October. This is not the time to be shy or hesitant. Sunday to Tuesday brings mysteries, depths, subconscious promptings, financial opportunities (dangerous but potentially lucrative ones to July 6, then more ordinary ones) and sexual yearnings. Sunday’s okay, Monday’s great to mid-afternoon (you might hear from, or contact, “real love” – or agree with a spouse on a great idea/adventure).Tuesday’s illusive, untrue, and frustrating – go slow. Gentle love, wisdom, empathy, higher learning, far travel, cultural events – these types of things arise Wed./Thurs. Proceed with these, but remember, this is a work month, so you might not get far. Be ambitious Fri./Sat. – it would be hard to find two luckier days in a row for your career, so charge ahead, impress higher-ups, ask for a chance to show what you can handle!

Pisces.svgPISCES Feb. 19-March 20
The weeks ahead will please you, Pisces. They hold passion, creativity, speculation, beauty, pleasure, charming kids – and romance. You might, if single, meet someone with whom you’ll become much more serious this autumn into late 2016. One thing: you might find love relationships develop very quickly, and, perhaps, have a money angle. If this money tempts you, or if you charge impulsively into an affair, the results could disappoint. So think, observe, and act on quiet decisiveness, not impulse. Your work place remains pleasant, even lucky – until early October. Sunday to Tuesday brings relationships. The best ones appear Monday. (You could get a pay raise this day – ask for one anyway.) New people you meet Tuesday will “never work out.” Co-operate, be diplomatic. Life’s depths rise to the surface Wed./Thurs., so your intuition will be strong, and you can profitably chase investments, financial actions, intimacy, health answers, and lifestyle changes. Be willing to change direction Thurs. midday. Love, intellectual pursuits, far travel, cultural events, all meet super luck Fri./Sat. – if you have a love affair going, now’s the time to sit down and discuss it – love, a mutual future, etc. Great time to plan a wedding! But also great for buying international travel tickets, applying for school, starting an ad campaign, or finding the right life philosophy.

The End

(No Afteramble this week.)