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Justice is not the imposition of morality.
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ALL SIGNS: Mercury turns direct at 3 pm Pacific, 11 pm British time, Tuesday, opening the doors to forward action.

(So the Mercury retrograde seemed to be passing harmlessly. Then I drove to the ferry w/o checking the schedule: arrived the minute the gates shut, had to wait 2.5 hours for the next ferry. Exactly the same on the other end. Two hours twenty minutes to wait. Then I arrived home and realized I’d left my phone on the last ferry. So, another 90 minute drive to the ferry “lost and found.” Mercury retro!)
***   ***

The police arrested a second pastor in Calgary, Alberta, for holding religious gatherings. The pastor’s name? Tim Stephens. I kid you not. No, not me! (See the AFTERAMBLE for full story.)
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aries icon  ARIES:  March 21-April 19

The month ahead (it starts late Sunday PDT, Monday in Europe/Asia) features home, family, garden, nutrition, vacation and/or rest. Ground yourself in preparation for a new cycle or adventure, to begin late July. Recent delays and mistakes, esp. in travel or communications areas, end Tuesday. You can now reach someone you couldn’t.

A powerful romantic streak distracts you all the way to the end of July, when another romantic influence begins. For romance you can substitute creativity, sports/games, and teaching children. This week, your home and family are affectionate and happy.

Sunday to dawn Tuesday introduces secrets, hidden treasure, heightened intuition and subconscious promptings. These involve either a sexual attraction, financial actions, or simply a need to know more. Some bad luck Sun. afternoon (PDT) to pre-dawn Mon., but otherwise this is a great interval, with gratifying results (but be honest, socially moral!).

Understanding comes Tues. morning to dawn Thurs. — perhaps partly because the recent weeks of delay and mistakes, confusion and indecision, end Tues. Gentle love, far travel, the principles you live by, intellectual and cultural pursuits fill this midweek interval. Great potential success Tues., early Wed., but the remainder of Wed. is packed with alienation and deception/illusion.

Be ambitious, interface with higher-ups, show your skills Thurs./Fri. You’ll do well, could impress someone. Saturday’s for laughter, well-being, friends — be social, be happy!

taurus icon  TAURUS:  April 20-May 20

A month of paperwork, desk duties, office systems, trips, communications and errands starts now, Taurus. This is your time to make contacts, to explore your ‘hood or state/province. Be curious, you might learn something that spells profit later. Listen to anecdotes, reports. All this will be blessed by an affectionate, mildly lucky atmosphere this week (not next, so act quickly).

Recent delays, indecision and confusion (esp. about money, possessions) ends Tuesday. (Tho’ indecision might linger for awhile.) Your home remains both a place of refuge, and a place of friction, until July 29.

Sun. to dawn Tues. (PDT) brings relationships, opportunities, fresh and far horizons. Much of what you deal with here is old or ongoing. Be careful Sun. night, Mon. morn., when tempers, refusals and disruptions rule. Otherwise, this interval promotes allegiances, bonds, opportunities and relocation themes. A love wish could come true.

Midweek (Tues. morn to Thurs. dawn) features appetites, lust, and financial opportunities. Dig deep for special info, success. Wednesday’s tough, alienation begets suspicion, mistrust, but Tues. surges with good luck (into very early Wed.). Understanding, a mellow approach, intellectual, legal, cultural and religious pursuits visit you Thurs./Fri. — all’s well, so march forth. Love possible! Be ambitious, kow-tow to authorities Sat.

gemini icon  GEMINI:  May 21-June 20

Tuesday starts a month of money interests, Gemini. The first week (i.e., this one) will be the most fortunate, so get busy! Good time to buy a luxury item. Errands, trips, communications and paperwork swirl around you until July 29. These could involve a relationship wish or similar happy goal. Communicate or lose out.

Higher-ups remain favourably disposed toward you, also until the end of July. Recent delays, shortages, confusion and indecision end now (technically, 3 pm Tues. PDT) — though you might still feel a lingering indecision, your actions will not be in vain.

Dawn Sun. to dawn Tues. (PDT) brings work, employment affairs, machinery/tools, and health/nutrition needs (esp. for pets and kids). Early Sunday’s lucky, but the pm and pre-dawn Mon. reject, disturb and oppose. The rest of Monday is good for machinery purchases (esp. a status car). (Yes, Merc’s still retro until Tues. eve, but I think it’s safe — and satisfying — to buy now.)

Midweek brings relationships, opportunities, public appearances, relocation themes and fresh horizons — and opposition, enmity if you abandon co-operation and diplomacy. (This might actually be the right thing to do, as those who stand before you might be “lacking” in moral ways. You decide.)

Wednesday’s rough, alienating, deceptive, but Tues.’s not only fine — a quick streak of luck might increase your future position/earnings. Secrets, “buried treasure,” inheritances, family funds, sexual temptations, financial, political “behind the scenes action” might occur.  Schedule surgery if appropriate. All is fine. Saturday’s for love, understanding, intellectual and international pursuits — it starts a great weekend!

Cancer icon  CANCER:  June 21-July 22

A month of weariness ends, Cancer: Sunday night (Monday in Europe, Asia) starts 4 weeks of energy, charisma, pizzazz, clout and effectiveness. People will notice you! Get out, see and be seen, be a leader, start important projects, esp. those that depend on your personal presence, style. Recent weeks of delay, indecision and mistakes end now (Tues. pm) so you can charge ahead on many fronts.

Money gushes toward you until late July; careful, Cancer: bank it, as more than usual bills/outgoes will occur, also. (Good time, to late July, to ask for a pay raise or hike your client fees.) You’re very attractive this week — expect an admiring look or two. Gov’t matters that have been “hanging fire” will be resolved soon. Romance, creative and gambling instincts perk you up Sun. dawn to Tues. dawn (PDT).

Sunday  afternoon to pre-dawn Mon. throws obstructions at you, but before and after good fortune reigns. You could fall in love, or someone does, with you. Tackle chores and protect your daily health Tues./Wed. Tuesday’s great, Wed.’s bad. Don’t buy machinery/tools. Relationships fill Thurs./Fri. — good ones. Again, you might feel the stirrings of love. Some situation climaxes. Good for financial discussions, and intimate ones.

Leo icon  LEO:  July 23-Aug. 22

Plan for a month of rest, Leo. The four weeks ahead favour spas, retreats and resorts, contemplation, spiritual searches, charity (giving or receiving), admin and management work, and seeking advice. (Gemini the best person to ask this year.) Despite your weariness and hunger for solitude, your sexual side simmers hot as a frying pan. You’re determined, too, maybe about a love or legal, cultural or intellectual or media project (until July 29).

Being alone is sweet until next week, when you’ll be noticed and maybe pursued in affectionate ways. Recent delays, misunderstandings and indecision end, technically, Tuesday; this could “set you up” until mid-July, for a wish to come true, or to meet a happy, talkative new friend, or to be welcomed into a new group.

Seek home, family, putter around the ‘hood, garden, repair, paint Sun./Mon. Caution late Sun. night to pre-dawn Mon. — disruptive, humourless obstacles. Monday daytime/night — great success at home. Young couples can achieve pregnancy. Midweek’s romantic, creative; you’ll pursue beauty, pleasure and risk. You might win Tues., but not Wed.

Tackle chores Thurs./Fri. — there’s a big one — and success should happen. Saturday’s for relationships, opportunities, distant horizons, and possible enmity, opposition if you don’t co-operate. All’s well, esp. if you don’t argue as midnight approaches.

virgo icon  VIRGO:  Aug. 23-Sept. 22

A month of joy, of popularity, social delights, flirtation and optimism starts now, Virgo. (The first week — this one — is best for “new affection.”) You are still blessed in career and public rep, but sluggish or constrained in home/property — until Jan. ’22. Until late July, beware belligerent people and dark alleys. You might lose your temper with a civil servant.

A “cheerful partnership” beckons all summer, but break new ground. (Also those known will work better than those newly met going forward — to October.) Your career, status and worldly ambitions, delayed by recent confusions, delays and mistakes, move forward again Tuesday. In this arena, be bold and confident.

Sunday/Monday send you off on errands, trips, calls, and bring communications and paperwork flurries. Be cautious, non-combative, Sun. afternoon to Mon. dawn (PDT). The rest of Mon. is splendid, could even bring love, a compatible partnership prospect. Excellent time to send an affectionate message.

Attend to home and family, property and security interests Tues./Wed. Don’t bury yourself too deeply in this zone, as it yields very few (if any) good results in ’21. Still, you and another can reach a good, lucky agreement, perhaps about something recently discussed (2 weeks, a month ago?). Sweet romance sidles into your heart Thurs./Fri. — good creative, speculative period. Tackle chores Sat. — all’s fine if you go slow, are methodical.

libra icon  LIBRA:  Sept. 23-Oct. 22

The four weeks ahead will focus on ambition, career, prestige relations and worldly status, “street rep.” The present week is one of the best for this, Libra, as higher-ups continue to favour you through the 26th. It won’t be all hard work, for your “party side” is up and smiling — flirtations, entertainment, and social joys not only call you, they might bring a viable mate to singles. (This trend lasts to July 29.) Alternatively, you and your mate or lover will experience some weeks (to July’s end) of bliss.

A recent expansion of your work duties ebbs mildly now, shrinks until late July. Recent legal, love, intellectual, far travel and advertising snafus (“situation normal, all f***** up”) end now, freeing you to push forward in these areas.

Chase money and pay bills Sun./Mon. A good interval, except Sun. pm to pre-dawn Mon. Your request for a pay raise will be taken seriously. (So…?) Errands, trips, paperwork and communications fill Tues./Wed. Tuesday’s fortunate, Wed. not so much. Your contribution is noted, you “fit” into a career or work role like a hand in glove.

Lean toward home and family, garden, nutrition, rest and contemplation, Thurs./Fri. All’s fine! Saturday’s for beauty, pleasure, romantic notions. You’ll be quite happy if you don’t expect too much.

scorpio icon  SCORPIO:  Oct. 23-Nov. 21

The weeks ahead emphasize intellectual, legal, cultural, publishing, international, travel and idealistic pursuits, Scorpio. The present week is best, and my recent general advice against forward action ends Tuesday. Romance might bloom, ditto creative, speculative urges — but here, the best stuff is a continuation of the past few weeks rather than something new.

Bosses, VIPs are impatient, temperamental to late July. If you work hard, disfavour will melt. Investment, financial, sexual, medical, lifestyle and research situations, stymied or delayed since May’s end, now are free, good themes for you to pursue.

You’re the star Sun./Mon. Your energy rises, charisma blossoms; others are willing to follow, to aid. Careful Sun. pm to pre-dawn Mon. Before and after, great stuff awaits! Love’s sweet depths surround you Mon. Chase money Tues./Wed., but not too hard. (Income, earnings are not an easy thing for you until Jan./22.) Far better to invest than earn. Love’s questions, Wed.

Short trips, paperwork, communications and errands — swift, easy chores — await you Thurs./Fri. No problems, all’s smooth. Head home for a domestic weekend Saturday. Rest, think, hug the kids, bury your hands in garden dirt. Avoid an argument late night.

sagittarius icon  SAGITTARIUS:  Nov. 22-Dec. 21

Recent delays and confusions in relations end now (Tuesday) freeing you to charge ahead on all association, opportunity, relocation and contract fronts. The four weeks ahead, though, steer you into deeply intimate, or consequential, perhaps secret bonds, into sharing (or profiting) on a financial level. Dig deep, do your research — you might find hidden treasure.

Medical or “changing lifestyle” decisions might crop up. You’re getting lots of good “home vibes” now (May through July) but there might not be enough room, financial or otherwise, to do what you want to in home, family, property areas. These will be exceptionally lucky in ’22, so waiting isn’t unwise. Until late July, your legal, international, love, intellectual and idealistic interests intensify. Avoid lawsuits.

Lie low Sun./Mon. Rest, avoid competition and public appearances. Meditate, ponder and plan. Seek advice. Monday daytime best (after noon in Europe). Your energy and charisma rise again Tues./Wed. Act Tuesday — to dawn (PDT). After this (Wed.) be wary, sceptical. You might be in a situation/conversation, in which you have a hunch the other person is right, but something makes you win the argument, prevail to have your way/idea followed. Wrong. Listen to that small, quiet intuition.

Chase money Thurs./Fri. All flows smoothly here, so don’t hesitate.  Pay bills, collect debts, buy bargains. Something might be overpriced Thurs. Saturday’s for errands, casual conversations, and curiosity. Ask questions!

capricorn icon  CAPRICORN:  Dec. 22-Jan. 19

A month of relationships starts now, Cap. Often, this period also favours opportunities, relocation, and “fresh revelations” about yourself versus your environment. (This last is what I mean when I sometimes write “fresh horizons.”) To succeed, be your usual diplomatic self, and join others’ bandwagons — they have more clout, growth than your own, this month.

Recent delays end Tuesday, esp. in work, employment, health and machinery areas. You can now start new projects, find stable employment, buy tools/appliances, etc. — though this will not be your main focus. Until late July, don’t be too impulsive in finances, investments, life-style changes (which in this case would mean ending a major situation, perhaps supplanting it with another) or sex. Be absolutely ethical — reject extramarital temptations, etc.

If you’re half of a young couple seeking pregnancy, next week (June 27 onward) to mid-late August is one of the best times in many times. Errands and communications continue to be more than usual, but this is dying down a bit — much of the paperwork, etc. you have to do now is a “holdover” from earlier (May/June).

Wishes can come true Sun./Mon. — you’re popular, optimistic, gently flirtatious, good to be around! Monday daytime is best for action. Withdraw from the crowd Tues./Wed. — rest, ponder and plan, be spiritual, charitable, but don’t sink too heavily into these, as they have “poor results” until Feb./22. DON’T seek/accept advice.

Tuesday’s good (even into Wed. in Europe, Asia) — but generally Wed.’s challenging, tough. (That Tues. goodness might manifest as a great agreement or a splendid, cheerful “connection” to someone, maybe someone new.) Your energy and charisma surge upward Thurs./Fri. All’s smooth, so be a leader, start things. Saturday’s for money and shopping. As Sat. deepens into night, you might approach those “impulsive decisions” alluded to above,

Aquarius icon  AQUARIUS: Jan. 20-Feb. 18

Work, work and more work will fill the 4 weeks ahead, Aquarius. Ah, well, just plod through it. Watch your daily health. A good time to buy machinery or tools, to apply for employment — one of the best times in months for the latter (or for buying “status” machinery — e.g., a Porsche) occurs this Monday. Don’t procrastinate! (Yes, the “start nothing” period technically lasts until Tuesday, but it’s very weak, and the good fortune of Monday is very strong, at least in career and money areas.)

Your income looks “bountiful” (mid-May to late June) but the real bounty comes in the first 5 months of next year. As a sort of “relief” from all the work, an intense relationship streak winds through your days until July 29. This streak could have you travelling or furiously communicating, to seize an opportunity, or a mate. Careful — this influence can also spark anger, even violence, from others. Avoid road rage situations.

Be ambitious Sun./Mon. See “Monday” above. Avoid a Sunday fight. Your hopes and wishes bob to the surface Tues./Wed. You’ll feel social, popular, optimistic. But don’t get ahead of yourself — this interval mostly holds temptations and false promises rather than productive results. Some struggle behind the scenes or within your inner world, Wed.

Retreat from the crowd to rest, contemplate and plan Thurs./Fri. A smooth, pleasant interval — you might need to decide what work you will do, what you will not do. Your energy returns Sat. — get out, see and be seen, start projects. You’re admired! An attraction late this night might not last.

Pisces icon  PISCES:  Feb. 19-March 20

A month of romance starts now Pisces. This also includes creative, speculative activities, and the pursuit of beauty and pleasure. You’ll ride a winning streak! Recent delays and confusion will end Tuesday, letting you march forward, especially in home and real estate areas.

Your buoyant, ambitious mood of the last few weeks continues now to late July… However, not much may come of this — the big bloom of good luck will occur in the first half of 2022. Your work has turned intense recently, and will remain that way until late July. During this period, exercise care with sharp tools, heavy machinery, driving, etc.

Sunday/Monday bring wisdom, the bigger picture, as well as legal, cultural, intellectual or media involvement. Sunday’s dicey, Monday’s splendid. Be ambitious Tues./Wed., but not so far that it tempts you to use short-cuts or tell little lies. Until next February, ambition, career, won’t live up to the hype (or your fantasies). Just plod through. Tuesday’s okay; Wed.’s rough.

Wishes come true Thurs./Fri., as flirtations, social delights, popularity, optimism and entertainment visit you. Both days rewarding! Retreat Sat. — rest, ponder, plan, be charitable and spiritual. All’s well, but don’t get too “adventurous” late this night.



TWO WEEKS AGO I promised you predictions rather than politics in future AFTERAMBLES. Well the items below are in some cases political, but you will also find predictions scattered here and there — at least 6 of them today. And I am slowly working my way out of political comment. Soon, just astrology! (But I’m an old guy, so give me time to turn this ship around.)
***   ***

Every pleasure is sweeter when delayed.
***   ***


The NY Times report came out last year stating that UFO’s were real, that the Pentagon admitted this, that many navy pilots had witnessed them — and they released video of the moving objects. When I heard this, I looked at the aspects: Mercury was square Neptune, which has one major meaning: the news is false, incorrect and/or deceptive. I think I wrote this at the time, not sure. (Also, of course, it was the New York Times, which is famous now for false stories.)

But if these are not aliens, what are they? Five possible explanations:

1) mass hallucination (an actual phenomena, which historians suspect occurred in cases of miracles during the Middle Ages, etc.);
2) the vehicles/lights existed all right, but they were “angels” — beings from a higher plane;
3) it was an elaborate hoax;
4) — have you ever held a flashlight at night? If so, you know that one tiny twitch of your hand can make that light zoom instantly 50 feet or more. Someone on a mountain with a mirror reflecting the sun can move that reflected sunlight ten miles in a 1/4 second simply by twisting his/her wrist a small amount. Those images of UFO’s skirting the waves at impossible speeds would be considered downright sluggish by a mirror holder.
Oh, and 5) — years ago the U.S. military floated the idea of using huge, mile-high holograms in warfare. The Pentagon’s example was: in a conflict with an Islamic army, the U.S. could project a huge face of Prophet Muhammed over the battlefield, telling devout Muslims to lay down their arms. Could these UFO’s be some kind of hologram projection?

Perhaps Russia, or whoever is behind the brain-crushing “microwave” attacks on U.S. and Canadian embassies (incidents in Cuba and Washington DC) is also messing with the American military’s minds, using something similar to 4) or 5) above.
***   ***

Did’ja ever notice that Anthony Fauci’s and Ellen Degeneres’ faces are very similar, esp. the eyes?
***   ***


Remember Jonah in the Bible, who was swallowed by a whale and lived to tell the tale? Another unbelievable “miracle” that we were taught was a symbol, an allegory, as it could not actually ever occur. Oops! — turns out a lobster fisherman in Cape Cod, Michael Packard, was recently “swallowed” by a humpback whale, which, after 30 seconds of blackness and terror, spit him out. (You can’t actually go down a humpback’s throat, as they have a “filter gate” there that rejects anything larger than, I think, a few inches. But the mouth itself is cavernous, and could hold a pick-up truck.) His story was corroborated by a fellow diver.

People laugh at Noah and the Flood, too — impossible for the earth to be completely under water. Yet civilizations around the world, with no connection to or even knowledge of Jews, Christians or the Bible, have a “world flood” item in their history. Or what about the “Red Sea” parting to let the Jews flee Egypt unharmed? Absolutely impossible! Turns out, though, that it’s really the “Reed Sea,” a marshy area capable of being crossed on foot.

Then the walls of the sea came crashing in, to drown the pursuing Egyptians… or did the Egyptians, in their heavy chariots, armour and horses, sink into the mud that supported the Jews, who had nothing to carry, no extra weight? So the Bible might have been telling the truth.

Turns out these old historians/religious myths are more accurate and “real” or “solid” than we, in our 20/21st century arrogance, dismiss out of hand because we “know” such things could not really happen, not in our world. Like we know no one could have built the pyramids, because we don’t know how to do it, or how they did it. Yet the pyramids stand as a constant rebuke to our arrogance — and ignorance.

Sometimes people complain: how come WE don’t get to see/experience any miracles? It was easy for people 2000 years ago to believe in God and get all enthusiastic, because miracles convinced them. But in our day there are no miracles, so you can’t blame us for not believing in God.

Yet the lobster fishermen, by accident, reproduced the exact thing that happened to Jonah and the Bible… A bona fide miracle! Or a story no one in their right mind would ever believe?

This brings up an interesting point: perhaps miracles do not come down out of the sky to convince us to believe in a higher power; perhaps natural events are — at the time or later —characterized as miracles. In other words, the Divine emerges from thoughts about events, rather than events sculpting a belief in God.
***   ***


I see Nigeria banned Twitter (run by head Twit Dorsey) because the Twits banned Nigeria’s leader, just like they banned Trump. Now Twitter is crying foul: “They can’t ban us — we’re a basic human right!”

Does Twitsville mean the same “basic human right” Trump enjoys by being permanently banned, or the other 5,000 republican leaders’ voices Twit has banned? (I guess to preserve the “basic human rights” of democrats.)

So the solution to Twit is easy: just get 100 or so countries to ban them. Let them die or become a limping shell of what they were. They deserve no less.

But Twitter will actually expand for 3 more years.
***   ***


The police arrested a second pastor in Calgary, Alberta, for holding religious gatherings. The pastor’s name? Tim Stephens. I kid you not. Meanwhile, Alberta’s Premier, Jason Kenney, violated the same covid rules by hosting a large indoor gathering in a plush restaurant. But Kenney wasn’t charged, arrested, nor even questioned.

The police truly are the army of the elite. Too bad. Police are also, though physically brave, civic cowards. Not one of the four cops sent to arrest this pastor at home, would dare try to arrest Kenney. Why? Because no elite, no one “on high” has asked them to. Police follow orders, even illegal orders, as long as someone up the command chain has issued them. It’s how they keep their jobs. (This “following orders” defence — which the pastor-arresting cops said at least four times in the video — it’s on “Rebel News” — was rejected in the Nuremberg trials of Nazi enforcers after WW 2.)

During the arrest, his — were there 6? — children, who looked 2 to maybe 10 years old, were crying and holding onto their dad’s legs as the cops took him. (He didn’t resist.) Man, I know that grief and fear; it’s mountainous to a child. Really smart move — the cops just created 6 future citizens who will never trust the police.

Good move, coppers! Good move, faceless authority who sent them. Good move, Canada, to ignore the Charter and Bill of Rights, and imprison citizens for breaking “rules” that not only are not laws, but contradict the law.
***   ***

IF YOU’RE an American, and a conservative, take your money out of WELLS FARGO bank. They have started freezing the accounts of conservatives who speak out against CRT or who have publicly criticized pedophilia. They left one woman with only the change in her pocket. Her crime? Seeking the Republican nomination for a local political seat.

Sure, you can get your $ back, if you take them to court. PAY PAL has started doing the same thing! They kept one small business’ entire income “frozen,” over $35,000, for months (it’s still frozen, as far as I know) so the business could not operate any longer, could not purchase the raw materials to fill their backlog of orders. The intent was to put this family enterprise out of business. The reason, the business’ crime? It manufactured and sold American flags. Not Nazi flags, white supremist (sp?) banners, etc. — just pure, simple, humble American flags.

(Sounds incredible, outrageous — I doubt my sanity even telling you this — but unfortunately it’s true… unless, of course, all news is false.)
***   ***

I have a sense June will prove to have been soft in property prices, at least in the Vancouver area; the mood in the lower mainland seems a little subdued.

***   ***

I see stock markets are pausing, perhaps stalling. This might be the beginning of that long slide that I said would follow a spike upward from that March ’20 pit. That prediction was a little off centre, because the spike turned into a mountain. Still, in the most basic way they both rose!

The trouble with that forecast is that Jupiter, often associated with luck in stock markets, has just turned retrograde for a few months. This could reduce optimism, make it hesitant. But until July’s end, Jupiter remains in Pisces, the sign ruling all U.S. stock markets (because the first market [under an oak tree?] started when the sun was in Pisces). This should keep the markets buoyant until late July.

Another weird thing: the south lunar node is ensconced in 10 degrees Sagittarius, a degree of wealth, sometimes great wealth — an unusually long time, May 7 to July 13. (The south node travels at an average speed of 1 degree per 18 days. This 10th degree of Sage is hosting the s. node for 68 days.)

The south node, most of the time, brings dead-ends, temptations followed by troubles, and like a pied piper often draws us down a path of chasing a goal which tempts and promises great wealth or sex or fame or whatever, but keeps placing an endless row of obstacles in the way… eventually, usually *, the goal is never reached, often after a significant loss of money or time. So which wins? The benevolent, generous degree, or the malevolent, negative node?

I’ve got a feeling we’ll see a “stasis” in the markets through July, then a new set of conditions will face us, which sounds odd, as May brought many new conditions, also — inflation mostly. Awhile ago I forecast inflation for May to July, but I said it would be light, slim, just a forewarning of the real blossoming of inflation in the first half of ’22. However, the magnitude is remarkable: inflation of — you hear different reports — but of 5% or 7%? If THAT is just a hint, watch out for Jan. to May, ’22.

* I’ve used “usually,” not as a cop-out to cover a bad forecast — who cares? we just do our best here on the rock — but because the south lunar node is not always negative. I haven’t seen any literature on this, so I’m in uncharted territory, just giving my view. In my experience, about 10 to 20 per cent of the time, the south node seems to reward a person, even significantly so.

For example, usually when the s. node is in the marriage sector, we counsel someone away from mating as well as partnerships and other things. Also, one should never attempt to build a life with someone who was first met during such a phase, even if a relationship didn’t start until ten years later. Yet, in 10 – 20% of instances, the s. node brings you your destined mate. Or brings you an inheritance, or opens the door to a huge step up in career.

Let’s take the first example, it’s the simplest. Say you’re sitting in Starbucks having a coffee and a member of the opposite sex trips and falls in your lap. He looks up at you and says you’re the most beautiful person I’ve ever met can I have your phone number? So you give him your phone number. That night, he calls. You agree to a date in the near future and you attend and so does he and the relationship proceeds from there without any glitches. This is probably one of the destined ones.

Nothing remarkable actually happened, but with the south node going through someone’s marriage sector, when a new relationship runs smoothly it is probably a beneficial one. Now look at the same event, but with two small differences: one, he either does not phone on the first night, and when he does phone you are not home, so he leaves a message. You phoned him and have to leave a message. Then the next day you do meet on the phone.

This is enough of a delay to consign this relationship to the garbage bin, whether it lasts a few weeks or a half a year, or even an unhappy lifetime, it will not improve your life. There can also be really bad consequences, such as a partner who cheats on you, or a business partner who is either very unlucky or a thief, etc. Notice the delay doesn’t have to be “large,” though it often is, especially during this covid phenomena. Delay is your warning sign.

(Note that this example uses landline phones, so in many senses is 10 years out of date. Today, with mobile phones, such delays would be rare, especially since mobile users do not need the phone to be answered to get a quick response by text. This example of technology eliminating a large portion of the lunar nodal effect on relationships I think is a macro trend that is moving modern man slowly beyond the grasp and world of astrology.

When we do actually inhabit Mars, if we ever do, astrological meanings will tend to weaken, if not devolve into something overly precise, overly complicated, and much reduced in effect. This is in parallel to another development in which high tech and space exploration are beginning to move us out of the macro spiritual/religious environment of the Bible.

Jeremiah in the Old Testament says that when humankind can leave the earth, and can overcome the steady interchange of night and day, we will not need God anymore in the same sense. In essence, Jeremiah hence, we will all become little bits of God, or angelic. It is hugely gratifying to know we are solidly on that path, even though only in the early stages of it. In effect, both the Bible and astrology will become items more of historical interest than of belief and or operation. This should not be unexpected, as the Bible in many ways was founded on astrology; the two held hands over the last few millennia, though astrology preceded (and was far more wide spread than) the Bible.

The second indicator that the s. node is working against you is temptation. In our present example, the Starbucks lap fall, this guy’s so handsome my friends will all be envious. Oops, indication of the negative. Often, it builds more subtly and deeply, such as a growing desire (and conviction) that this guy is rich, and will provide a life of indolent luxury — this is a strong indicator of an s. node trap.

So is this market in a south node trap, or is it destined to thrive now to July’s end?
***   ***

What’s most important in the US immigration is the personnel treat the immigrants with kindness. First impressions breed a lifetime of response. This border crossing will be a life-changing event for those doing it, a traumatic event which will magnify and make indelible every action and reaction, experience and decision.

It will also be a very early fork in the road. (As always, the earlier the more radical, so the more it affects everything that follows.) If an immigrant enters with resentment and a feeling that he is in a hostile environment, he is likely to become a negative citizen. Those who enter and experience kindness, charity, or are given food and shelter and later help in finding permanent abodes and employment, or school placement if under 19 years old — these are entering with a smile and a comfortable feeling of gratitude at being treated kindly and generously, and they enter at least for their first tender existence, the feeling that they are in a benevolent environment.

Both these attitudes, resentment and gratitude, create their own outcomes. A lowered brow will elicit challenge or mistrust from others, making it hard to succeed in normal channels, most of which depend on openly friendly social skills. A head held high with a smile and interest twinkling in the eyes, will meet the embrace of social people, who will more or less protect/promote him/her. These are likely to become good citizens, productive, family oriented, ambitious and usually ethical taxpayers.
***   ***

The denigration of information: information used to be valuable and somehow “tasty,” or something almost organic, esp. if it arose from a familiar situation or lay close to our dreams or ambitions. Whether it’s that Marilyn Monroe wore black panties to bed, or Kazakhstan invaded Poland, or there’s a sale on at Ralph’s Stone Furniture, there is something, in traditional (old) information, to get your teeth into, to mull over, taste and test.

Then computers were born, and a wave of enthusiasts dove in and created this new world of information: bits and bites, where all is reduced to 1’s and O’s. That K. invaded Poland is still conveyed, but it now suffers on two fronts:

1) Engineers and other computer freaks (said in admiration) have conveyed to the world a picture of this binary intelligence, and its ability to function on high and vast levels with an unusual strength and force, and a remarkable ability to affect the “knowledge receptivity” of ourselves — in short, the concept of machine language, then digital language (these concepts will evolve similarly for decades, maybe 2 centuries) has begun to be accepted as a valid consciousness link or source; at the very least, it became the first challenge to confront or detract from the “market share” of the written and spoken language. This has changed the quality or atmosphere of information.

2) What was fresh knowledge (as a salad is fresh) is now conveyed AFTER being processed through the digital 0+1 world. This “middle-manning” of information did not begin with computers. In the pre-tech world, data flowed from one face to another, and many humorous studies show how it is distorted in proportion to how long the line of sharers is. But then radio, telephone, television began to insert themselves between speaker and hearer. That was the electronic age.

Now we’re in the Digital Age, and this world of X’s and O’s now absorbs and stores our information. There are great advantages to this, but for some reason the information comes out — even if it’s word for word — tasteless, cold, somehow lacking something… like processed cheese vs. the tangy original.
***   ***

Oddest thing happened: last week, after many years “absent,” I downloaded and opened FaceBook’s “Messenger,” because my darn sister keeps sending me messages, which I recently felt obliged to look at/answer.  Since that day, my computer has been flooded with spam. Until now, I have almost never received spam, and what did come was automatically put in the “Junk:” folder.

So is there a connection between signing up for Facebook’s “Messenger” and then getting tons of spam? Does FB sell these intrusions to advertisers? (Most, BTW, look like phishing scams, all asking you to click on a link/URL. So in essence, FB, if it is them, is co-operating in a criminal enterprise.)

Now, June 8 and 9, often when I click on a critical WND or Epoch Times article about Biden or Kamala or the democrats in general, I get an error message: “400 BAD REQUEST.” It denies access to some (not all) articles critical of the left, Dems, Biden, et al, but permits me to read things like: “Police Rescue Drowning Dog.” (UPDATE: now, June 14, almost every news item or opinion piece that is critical of Democrats is “refused” with a “400 BAD REQUEST.” The error message says the cookie is too large, which I’m certain is a lie. Suddenly, after a year of accessing these articles, their cookies are too large?)

(Recent “refusals” — Schumer’s labelling of children as ”retarded.” — an embarrassing gaffe for a cancel culture/politically correct politician. — or the Epoch Times’ list of the people, journalists among them, who have mysteriously died after exposing the Clinton’s sins — an 18 second video showing those first into the Capitol building in the Jan. 6 “insurrection” [Nancy’s word] were not Trump supporters. Perhaps they were Antifa? But we’re not allowed to know, as this is not leftist propaganda.) All examples from 1 day.

Is Facebook doing this?
***   ***

I’ve made two massively wrong predictions on real estate. (I’ve made many correct ones, too!) One mistake occurred last year, the other was sometime in the early 1990’s (?). Both times, I predicted property values would fall, and both times they rose markedly. (*) Both times, the government, terrified of economic collapse, lowered interest rates so low that a carpenter could afford a mansion. I shoulda seen it coming, but didn’t. Now, how does the gov’t extricate itself from the interest rate basement while not triggering a collapse in property prices?

(*) Not totally wrong. Prices are soaring in many parts of North America, but (anecdotally; I haven’t seen stats) they’re dropping in, for instance, San Francisco and New York. And industrial properties, et al, are dropping like a rock in places. (E.g., San Fran’s office occupancy, once tight as a drum, has now the hollow sound of a 14% drop y/y — this was several months ago.)

Speaking of unreliable predictions, readers have asked me for years whether I have abandoned my prediction of three decades ago, that Vancouver would “burn” sometime between 2023 and 2025. I’ve been tempted many times to abandon that prediction. I can’t even find any astrological basis for it. Still, a lot of my “bigger” predictions don’t really depend on astrology, at least not closely. So, yes, no? Let’s say no for now.
***   ***

I think we’ll see increased violent attacks on whites by blacks, at least before 2025. Ultimately, Blacks need to remember, they’re only 13% of the U.S. pop. Remember Spartacus.
***   ***

FACEBOOK has deleted/banned an American Jewish prayer site that has over 72 million followers (worldwide, including 18 million Muslims). No explanation. Just deleted it a month ago. (It is a site that has daily prayer.) Appears a Jordanian anti-semite “convinced” FB to kill the site by flooding it with 800,000 anti-semitic curses (obscenities).
***   ***

In some ways, I like Biden over Trump. Joe banned 59 Chinese tech companies. Trump (I think?) only managed to tie Huawei up in knots, with its financial officer still held in Canada for extradition (2 years and counting?). Trump’s attempt to ban TikTok failed. But can I reconcile that with Biden’s criminal past, his “accommodating treason,” his past racist comments and actions and his vengeful, nasty lies? Not sure yet.

Trump’s lies were largely boastful. Biden’s lies are often meant to harm someone, or to denigrate their contribution (e.g., Biden claims he, not Trump, developed the Covid vaccine).
***   ***

The present “buoyancy” in stock markets might last to mid-July.
***   ***

So many writers get it so wrong, I don’t know why. (Well, probably because they have never been brave; they imagine what it’s like.) Bravery isn’t “overcoming fear” or acting despite one’s dread *; most brave acts are done impulsively, without planning, aforethought, or emotion. A good brave person will act impulsively to right a wrong, say a bully beating a child. This person isn’t ignoring his/her own self-endangerment; he/she simply is not even thinking about it.

True bravery is thoughtless. A bad brave person, at the extreme, is a psychopath. Most of us are not brave; but that’s in conformity with our nature: we’re neither good nor bad either.

(*) — Though I think “courage” has a  chance of describing someone who acts in the face of danger despite his own fear.
***   ***

We have gone from mass production to proliferation. At first it was machines and cars produced in the hundreds of thousands; then it was DVDs and CDs in the millions. Now it is iPhones and apps and constantly available information or entertainment, and companies like Facebook measure their clientele in the billions.

Those mass production cars weighed (still do) thousands of pounds; the new proliferation carries a freight of weightless things: information, ideas, thoughts, communications, opinions, etc. By only this metric, the mass-produced vehicle is on the decline, as the digital chariot takes over. As usual, progress takes something away from us (cheap cars and gasoline) but gives us the better side of the bargain: more security, entertainment, ease of research, less expenditure of energy, in many fields, the ability to work from any location using a laptop.

Sometimes it’s a doubtful bargain: they take away my tasty, nutritious hand-beaten bread and sell me this pasty junk. Or, my yard’s a lot smaller but I’ve got a colour tv.

I don’t think this proliferations is directly related to the Antifa and BLM riots over the last 2 years, but it does provide a field of operation and growth for entrepreneurs-cum-billionaires. For example, a clever person who realized decades ago that CD’s and DVD’s could be produced for pennies a piece and sold for many dollars — a mark-up of about 10,000% — could have (and I’m sure did) become a billionaire. Previously, mass manufacturers (e.g., cars, toaster ovens) could only mark-up, say, 100%. Now, in the digital age, profit mark-ups are almost infinite. Apple, Google, et al, knew this (or discovered it).

The growth of billionaires and of the publicity around them has perhaps heightened the contrast between rich and poor. This then becomes fodder for communist leaning groups, such as Democratic progressives, BLM and Antifa.
***   ***

If 90% of whites were too poor to own slaves. are they and their descendants then liable to pay reparations to Blacks whom they never owned nor harmed? Is a recent white immigrant from, say, Lithuania, liable? Yes, say the CRT guys, cuz all whites have benefitted from the oppression of Blacks, even if it was done by their cousins. CRT people say Whites created a system in which Blacks are systemically and often unconsciously discriminated against.

This is certainly true, but it’s also the only thing they can say/claim, because it is ultimately impossible — well, might be possible with an army of researchers and pristine records over 200 years — to tell who is a descendent of the slave owners and who is not. This is a real problem for the reparations side: the impossibility of identifying the oppressors, so they have come up with the theme that “all whites are oppressors.”

No, stop, say some, for this is tantamount to declaring a person is responsible for his brother’s crime. If that stands, they say, then all blacks are responsible when one of them beats up a white person. (Which happens more frequently than in reverse, according to stats. Those stats were presented in the last blog — about 550,000 attacks by Blacks on Whites, versus 50,000 attacks by whites on blacks.)

By black rationale, every “white trash” person is also owed reparations from rich whites, white governments, etc.

Regarding the whites who did not own slaves, at least a portion of these must be counted innocent: legally and morally, if someone has benefitted from a situation which they did not create, and did so with good intent and no malice, they are not culpable. BLM and the CRT folks adamantly dispute this, and they come up with “systemic racism” and “whiteness as natural, societal malignancy” so that every white is slimed with the guilt blacks assign to them — and which 50 per cent or so of whites accept, embrace and plead guilty to. Unfortunately, this is bigotry in its highest form, an angry, determined racism by blacks.

The reparations people are basically saying “There is no innocent white person.” Or, “If you’re white, you’re guilty.” This is itself blatantly racist. (It’s exactly what white people said about black suspects in the 19th and early 20th centuries. Unfortunately the whites, outnumbering the blacks about 6 to 1, got their way, whereas it is going to be difficult for blacks to enforce the same kind of bigotry. This obvious imbalance and perception of impotence is probably at the root of our present day black rage. (If I was black, I would be enraged everyday by this injustice of circumstance.)

These reparations people need to ask, who originally enslaved the blacks? Other blacks. Who ran a lot of the slave markets and slave ships? Arabs. In America, who owned and used slaves? Only the rich and the politicians, who, incidentally, have always “owned” (or exploited) 90% of whites, also. When you buy a new car, you’ve been exploited, to some degree.

Whites who ruled over blacks decades ago were prisoners of their beliefs and perceptions; today, whites have grown more sensitive to racism and to the rights of blacks. Blacks endanger this growing sensitivity, sympathy and willingness to change amongst whites, by growing overly violent; they might at some point trigger a violent reaction and regression by whites. If when, and so, blacks will destroy all their progress.

Like the Catholic Irish, to succeed, they need to carry out targeted and premeditated strikes; a campaign of violence, if they wish, but without going so far that the Brits send in their entire army to crush them. In some part, blacks have chosen CRT — psychological, intellectual. and societal warfare — over violence.

So if there is a significant portion of “innocent whites,” who is to say what that portion is? And who can point out the innocent versus the “guilty?” It is impossible to clearly apportion blame with any degree of accuracy. Therefore, all whites must be exonerated because we cannot separate the guilty whites from the innocent, and it goes against all concepts of justice to punish the innocent simply because we don’t want some guilty persons to get away.

This road, if followed, would eventually give us federal agents machine-gunning down entire towns like Hitler’s SS did. (It seems like a ridiculous leap, but when the rights of the innocent are denied/ignored, only evil and ever-deepening tyranny can result.)
***   ***

I think the New York Times building in New York might be bombed before 2024.
***   ***

You gotta give Biden one thing: he doesn’t seem to have much “dementia” any  more.
***   ***

Conservative Party of Canada (CPC) MP Michelle Rempel Garner, wrote on social media last week: “I humble myself and ask forgiveness, and seek to make things right. I have privilege; I am cis/straight/white.”

— My answer: Sorry, Guys I’m not going to ask anyone’s forgiveness for being born, nor for being alive.
***   ***

I see Patrisse Cullors, the BLM self-proclaimed Marxist (you know, all wealth must be shared equally among all citizens) who owns 3 or 4 million dollar homes in California, is building a fence around the one she occupies, with electric gate, video/intercom, etc, — “to keep out the riff-raff,” her fencing contractor said. BTW, Patrisse paid cash for the $1.4 million home.

Meanwhile BLM seems to have absconded with over $90 million in funds, giving almost all of it to the founders and “admin staff.” Of the 90 million, only 6% has trickled down to local BLM chapters. Patrisse was one of the founders. She has now quit BLM, but she keeps her houses.

Topher Campbell, a British artist/playwright, has accused me of defaming Patrisse. What say you now, Topher?

BTW, one of the leaders of the British BLM was shot and killed a few weeks ago — by a black.
***   ***

What puzzles me is why some of the richest exploiters of other people on earth — George Soros, Zuckerberg, Dorsey, and the others — spend billions of their dollars trying to defeat the very capitalism that permitted their rise to multibillionaire status. All of them are giving many many many millions to leftist organizations.  Zuckerberg, for instance, reputedly gave $400 million to election counting organizations of different counties/states, but only if they agreed to permit leftists to run the show. In other words, he paid 500 million to at least lean heavily on, if not outright pervert and control the federal election process in key areas. George Soros reportedly does much the same, over many years, but he spends his money on affecting local U.S. elections.