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NOTE: in the Forecasts every week, I will not be inserting (“stay 6 feet apart”) every time I mention romance or intimacy or “garden party.” But you can insert it for yourself.

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Your Weekly Forecast might be shorter, as I’ve moved but am only about 1% unpacked.
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A Gemini wrote about surgery — I gave some conflicting advice between my 2020 book and my July 12 column. To clarify: Gemini’s best surgery period is Nov. 14, 2020 to Jan. 4, 2021 — best of this phase is Dec. 24/20 to Jan. 4/21.
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Covid’s lightening up a bit now, and won’t re-assert itself strongly again until approx. November. One proviso: if there’s a serious war, it might “substitute” for covid-19. (As “mass death” will occur someway.)
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Did you see the item about a 6-year old boy who saved his 4-year old sister from an attacking dog? He received 90 stitches, mostly on his face and head. His little sister escaped unharmed. I think this boy needs re-training to rid him of, well, toxic masculinity.
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Every time I come upon a sea of (mis?)understanding, and swim to the other side, after a short period of basking in my success, of congratulating myself for my new wisdom, another sea of (mis?)understanding appears.
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Yes, there is an AFTERAMBLE.
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aries icon  ARIES:  March 21-April 19

Ah, sweet romance! The weeks ahead seduce you with nature’s beauty, whether it gleams from a person’s face or a landscape. Your courage, sexual magnetism and effectiveness ride high and strong, until next January. (With, perhaps, a mildly puzzled pause mid-Sept. to mid-Nov. — not the best 2 months to impress in the boudoir, if you’re a man; if you’re a woman, bite your tongue before you attack a man’s ego.) You continue to communicate with family, and/or your own soul, this week and next. The topic? Likely investment in or change to your domicile, family history/skeletons, or an 8-pound “new arrival.”  A Gemini intrigues you.

Sunday accents partnerships, co-operation, but the luck is bad after 4 am PDT. If you “found love” last (Sat.) night, make a quick exit, and return Tues. Be diplomatic, and work alone. You veer into deeper waters Mon./Tues. Monday holds deception, argument/sharp words, and stress (or unpredictable but lovable people). But Tuesday offers better stuff, in finances, research, sex and life changes — act early.

A loving, mellow mood steals over you Wed./Thurs. — good fortune touches its magic wand to far travel, cultural involvements, publishing, law, intellectual pursuits, and love. (Maybe a wee bit of fuzzy thinking around noon PDT Thurs.) Love prevails! Ambition (or interfacing with powerful people — including judges) fills Fri./Sat. Not much Fri., but Sat. offers promotion, the “opportunity of crisis,” and a clue (daytime PDT, peaking at 5 pm) to the next 5 months in career/ambition zones: you will either fight higher-ups, or charge ahead to impress them. Choose the latter!

taurus icon  TAURUS:  April 20-May 20

The emphasis continues on home, family, security, and “semi-hibernation.” (Until late August.) Your money picture remains pretty, but only to Aug. 7, so don’t delay actions, projects, or purchases too long. Much interaction with a gov’t agency or admin. for 5 moths ahead. If it’s taxes, or money owed, try to settle BEFORE Aug. 7. Casual friends, short trips and all communications speed along, also to early August.

Tackle chores Sunday, but cautiously, as problems outweigh solutions. Relationships flow in, Mon. (potential enemies, disputes, closed doors or “difficult opportunities” ) and Tues. (potential friends and agreements, open doors, fresh opportunities) — act accordingly. (Many of your opportunities, 2008 to 2025, will be connected, somehow, to education, your cultural bias, far travel, legal or intellectual pursuits.)

You enter deeper levels of commitment and consequence Wed./Thurs. This is an excellent interval to grow closer to someone, to invest or reduce debt, to investigate/research, or to alter your lifestyle. You’ll fare better if you don’t let your friends sway you. (Though they have good advice for you regarding a casual love attraction.) A mellow mood and expanding awareness come Fri./Sat. — good, both days, for learning, far travel, love, fame, media and legal pursuits (esp. if you can join another, or “partner up”) — but watch an argumentative streak Sat. daytime (PDT).

gemini icon  GEMINI:  May 21-June 20

Busy, busy — calls, errands, texts, easy chores, office/paperwork, organizing files, etc. This, until late August. You’re a natural at such activities. Venus remains in your sign until Aug. 7, so romantic chances/choices will still occupy your thoughts, and bring “approaches” this week and next, but it’s getting short — only 2 weeks left of a four-month influence. Your friendships are growing, or will soon. Spend money, but astutely.

Romantic notions fill Sunday, but they hit a bit of a wall that says: “no intimacy, no depth, no sex.” Tackle chores Mon. (be cautious: surprises, sharp tools, unclear directions) and Tues. (general success, progress and help/approval from higher-ups). Wednesday/Thursday bring relationships, opportunities, fresh horizons, relocation themes, public responses, negotiations and agreements (and on the negative side, disagreements, litigation, enmity, non-co-operation). Be diplomatic, willing to join another’s parade (esp. as others temporarily hold the power, the aces).

Both days are benevolent, so march forth! Life’s depths, mysteries and “power pivots” fill Fri./Sat. A treasure awaits if you dig deep — investments, physical intimacy, revelations, discoveries, medical cures, lifestyle changes are possible prizes. Some degree of co-operation is demanded for success. Avoid dispute, esp. about friends or the future, Sat. daytime (PDT).

Cancer icon  CANCER:  June 21-July 22

Focus on money, buying and selling, client satisfaction, pay raise, possessions, memory, and casual sensuality/sex. You’re still quite communicative (two weeks). Same two weeks, your inner world, spiritual self, remains blessed… but time is short if you want to start a meditation program, ask God/karma for help, etc. Your ambitions (you’ll say this in December/January) have almost never been so high, so strong — set a significant career goal, with a 5-month plan.  Like Aries, you have a choice the rest of 2020: fight higher-ups, or work hard to join them.

Sunday’s for home. Veg out, relax. Not much will go well in an activity way, anyway. Romantic feelings, beauty and pleasure, creative and speculative urges dominate Mon./Tues. Monday’s pretty difficult; Tuesday’s good. Time actions accordingly. Tackle chores Wed./Thurs. Eat, dress sensibly, protect your daily health. Both days go well. If choice or confusion faces you Thurs., a friend, even a casual acquaintance, can point you in the right direction. A mother or nurturing type will not.

Relationships arise Fri./Sat. So do relocation themes, public interactions, possible fame, business and other opportunities, fresh horizons. Co-operate, smile and agree. Avoid a sore spot or out-and-out competition or enmity Saturday daytime (PDT).

Leo icon  LEO:  July 23-Aug. 22

You’re the star, Leo! Your energy, charisma, talent and upbeat mood make you the leader. Lead well, get out and about, see and be seen, express your ideas and desires, your vision and emotions. The expression of these might do better Aug. 5 onward… before this, you can communicate effectively with gov’t, large corporations, and “head office.”

You’ve invested a lot of hope in Gemini, Libra and Taurus people over the last few months. Keep this up to Aug. 7, then let it subside. A long distance, a big idea, a formal rite to celebrate love, schooling, statistics, law, media and fame — these are “stirred up” over the next 5 months, so take advantage. (But be careful with law suits and lawyers — might be beneficial, might not.)

Sunday’s for errands and casual friends — but good luck is scarce. Just muddle through w/o big risks. Steer your heart toward home and family Mon./Tues. Monday’s not great (don’t buy real estate or machinery, and avoid sharp words, arguments). But Tuesday’s fine, can bring you closer to family members, might “encourage” an investment. Romance soars Wed./Thurs. — if you’re not already attached, chase someone! A good interval for pleasure, art, creativity and games/gambles. Tackle chores Fri./Sat. Take care with tools at home, and protect yourself from burns, sunburn, chemical rashes, to mid-afternoon Sat. Otherwise, much gets done!

virgo icon  VIRGO:  Aug. 23-Sept. 22

It’s quiet time, Virgo: rest, contemplate, watch, plan, meditate. You are undergoing a significant life change, July to December. Could come via finances, via love/intimacy, or even simply from a change of residence. Higher-ups continue to favour you, but only to Aug. 7, so if you want to seek/engineer a new position, do so fairly quickly. You could enter management now. Hope and friendly relations surround you — but again, only to early Aug.

Sunday’s for money, shopping and selling — but there’s no luck this day, so proceed cautiously, stick to routine items. Errands, communications, friendly interactions fill Mon. (not so friendly, arguments, disruptions, false fantasies about love and power), and Tues. (friendly, successful, sweet, relationships grow). So be cautious Mon., eager Tues.

Home, family, security, Mother Nature, rest and recuperation are your focus Wed./Thurs. Both days are fine, fortunate, but events might show you that one partner is a poor (or confusing, entangling) choice, another a great one. Friday/Saturday imbue you with a vulnerable, sweet romantic feeling. I’m not sure you should chase anyone you have to impress, as your charisma and assertiveness are at a yearly low. Even so, a late Friday night date could lead to a great friendship (Americas only – Sat. morning in Europe). And late day, a “bonus” could bring you a happy, cheerful person. But in-between, avoid argument, and don’t push for intimacy.

libra icon  LIBRA:  Sept. 23-Oct. 22

It’s celebration time, Libra — life’s social joys, optimism, expanding friendships, flirtations and entertainment fill the next four weeks. Until Aug. 5, communications with higher-ups can stir up opportunities. Until Aug. 7, your international, intellectual and cultural scene is blessed with good luck — and love, if you want it. As said before, Gemini and/or Aries might play a key role. (Gemini = deep love. Aries = pure partnership.)

Sunday, your energy and charisma are tops — use them to solve domestic or security or child-related problems. Chase $ Mon./Tues. — buy/sell, cultivate clients, seek a pay raise, etc. Monday’s tough, argumentative, but Tuesday’s much better, offers job and money luck. So be patient, act Tues. — ditto for sensual interludes.

Errands, trips, communications, paperwork fill Wed./Thurs. Both days good. You might have to choose between two jobs/tasks — pick the one that’s career-oriented. Your home, family, security come into focus Fri./Sat. Yes, there are problems here, have been for a decade. But you can solve a part of them — maybe, with a stroke of generosity or fortune, a big chunk of them. Still,
avoid dispute Sat. morn to suppertime (PDT). Not the best time to chase a relationship.

scorpio icon  SCORPIO:  Oct. 23-Nov. 21

The accent, now to late August, lies on ambitions, career, reputation, worldly standing and prestige relations. You’ll be tested, and will pass handsomely! But there will be pressure. Your work scene grows more and more intense July to next January, and the present few weeks let you turn that hard work into career credits, even a promotion. (Look for it!) Your intellectual musings continue until Aug. 5. Your happy sexual attraction toward someone remains blessed until Aug. 7. Act on it soon, if you haven’t already.

Lie low Sunday. Rest, ponder. Action will tend to hit barriers. (In Europe, good luck until suppertime.) Your energy and pizzazz return Mon./Tues. Monday’s tough, but you’ll rise to challenges, you can “push” solutions. (Still, avoid love’s fantasy, and sidestep arguments at work — beware sharp tools, also.) Tuesday’s the opposite: ease, love, romance, sex, financial astuteness — charge ahead!

Money and possessions, rote learning and simple (casual) pleasure-sex are emphasized Wed./Thurs. All’s good — go ahead. You might face a choice between meaningful, profound romance and “just for the moment” romance. Pick the former. Errands, trips, calls, texts, paperwork fill Fri./Sat. Be curious, ask questions. Read the media. Something in what you see, or in a conversation, or a letter you send, spells “treasure” or money bonus. But don’t work Saturday — rest, see friends. If you do work, follow safety rules.

sagittarius icon  SAGITTARIUS:  Nov. 22-Dec. 21

Ah, a month filled with stuff you love: far travel, cultural exploration, higher learning, ideas and principles, law, social rituals, statistics and insurance, fame…and, of course, love, the kind of love that leads to weddings. Even better, you also have a perfect combo going on until August 5-7: Venus, planet of love and sweet responses, sits in your marriage sign (Gemini); Mercury, your planet of marriage and relationships, lies in your sign of sexual intimacy (Cancer); and Mars, your planet of romance and passion, sits in your sign of romance (Aries).

Mars actually lasts far longer than the other two — it sits in your romance sign until the fifth day of 2021. But the “combo” seems almost perfect for the two weeks ahead. If you haven’t chased someone yet, be quick! (A Gemini might last forever, but can frustrate you; an Aries will offer life-transforming love, but might “pale” after a year or two. A Cancer isn’t really recommended, though it can work for some Sages.)

Sunday’s filled with hope and social goodwill — and obstacles. Well, enjoy the mood! (If you live in Europe, a beautiful, fortunate vibe promotes love, flirting, to noon (CET); if in Asia, good love luck shines until early evening. If you live on the west coast, you have to grab this love luck before 3:45 am — so stay up Sat. night (July 25). Withdraw, seek quietude, rest, Mon./Tues. Recharge your emotional and physical batteries. (The brain is physical, too.) If you want to deal with civil servants, management types, institutions, advisors or agents, do so Tues., not Mon.

Your energy and charisma soar Wed./Thurs. Get out, see and be seen, be a leader! Both days excellent. (In large terms, you haven’t been certain of your direction since about mid-May, and won’t be until mid-September, but in everyday things, you’re confident and effective — charge ahead, seek love while others “feel” your presence.) Chase money Fri./Sat. — not romance.

capricorn icon  CAPRICORN:  Dec. 22-Jan. 19

Dig deep, Cap — treasure lies beneath surface appearances. The weeks ahead emphasize changes, financial involvements, investigation/research, sexual yearnings/intimacy/pregnancy, medical procedures and lifestyle choices. You are ready, and will become even more ready in coming months, to quit a situation or relationship. At the least, you will prune your social garden. You might rebuild your home, or quit one job and replace it with another. Think about endings and new beginnings now to Jan. 5, 2021.

Your work place and work mates remain pleasant and cheerful. Discussions between you and a spouse or partner continue — good discussions — until Aug. 5. You might find, now to mid-December, that you need to go over old ground, might need to reprise a major project you abandoned, or thought “finished.”

Sunday’s for ambition — chase  a goal or idea. Most fortunate to 3:30 am Sun. (PDT — or before noon in Europe, before night time in Asia). Your hopes rise, so does your popularity, Mon./Tues. Monday’s filled with problems and obstacles; Tuesday is filled with beneficial vibes. Time actions and “launches” accordingly.

Withdraw from the hustle and bustle Wed./Thurs. Lie low, rest, ponder and plan. It’s a pretty good interval. (Though someone might say, “Do you mean this? Or this?”) Good time to connect/converse with a spouse, business partner, or someone who represents an opportunity for you. Your energy and charisma surge back Fri./Sat. — you’re in command, so be a leader, initiate projects, encourage others. That “pruning your garden” I mentioned above, might become more clear or obvious Sat.

Aquarius icon   AQUARIUS:  Jan. 20-Feb. 18

The emphasis lies on relationships, opportunities, fresh horizons, possible relocation, dealings with the public, fame, co-operation or not, negotiation and agreements, or enmity and litigation. Much depends on you: honesty, diplomacy and a co-operative approach will bring the best of all this. Until Aug. 5, a lot of talk on the work scene. Until Aug. 7, sweet good fortune in romance or creative, teaching or gaming interests. You’re more active, talkative than usual, for the rest of 2020. Speak up!

Sunday’s mellow, wise, intellectual and travel-oriented — but all the aspects are difficult, so go slow. (If you read this in advance, Sat. night, July 25, is a winner for love — ditto to about noon in Europe, 7-9 pm in Asia.) Be ambitious Mon./Tues. Monday’s rather un-cooperative and argumentative, whereas Tuesday’s happy and successful. Your optimism and popularity soar Wed./Thurs. Dive into social delights, groups, flirtations, entertainment — a good time to express or hunt for love, and for earnings. But withdraw Fri./Sat. — seek peace, solitude, rest, spirit, inner realms. Friday’s rather uneventful, but Sat. needs care with speech, driving. Saturday also might yield a gov’t or corporate bonus or “gift.”

Pisces icon  PISCES:  Feb. 19-March 20

The main emphasis will be on work and daily health, machinery and service personnel. for the few weeks ahead. This should run fairly smoothly. Until Aug. 5, romantic conversations, creative writing or a spiffy new car purchase are favoured. Until Aug. 7, your home and those in it will remain sweet, agreeable. Until next January, more money than usual will pour toward you, but you might also spend more than usual, and end up “net zero.” Use this rare money trend to put yourself on a new, lasting earnings plateau.

Sunday’s only good to 3:45 am PDT (to noon in Europe, to 8 pm in Asia) — after this, avoid making any commitments, investing, or pushing for sex. Monday/Tuesday “inform” you with big ideas, profound insights, love for humanity, and nudge you toward higher learning, culture, religion. But Monday’s rather unlucky, and Tuesday’s the opposite: gentle, loving and beneficial.

Be ambitious Wed./Thurs. — both days favour your efforts, and bring approval from higher-ups — so march forward, impress bosses, start a project, submit a proposal, etc. Your joyful side emerges in full bloom Fri./Sat. — popularity, social delights, hope, wish fulfillment, flirtations and entertainment surround you. (A career celebration might be overdue!) But these are not good days to launch anything, so receive, don’t cause. Two friends might reveal they’re alienated from each other. Sidestep arguments before suppertime (PDT) Saturday.



There is a possible way for the U.S. to cure Covid-19. Unfortunately, months of mixed messages and citizen rebellion have made this “answer” doubly painful. All they have to do is:

      • 1) close all borders to everyone, even essential workers, for six months, and after that test and quarantine every applicant;
      • 2) order every citizen to stay at home without exception;
      • 3) every business to close its doors;
      • 4) one exception: army, police, whoever, to patrol the streets (drones, too, and police state cameras, which are already in place in many cities);
      • 5) anyone caught outside will be arrested and put in jail for 2 years, without court appearances.

There needs to be a 2-week warning of the new regimen to give people time to stock up on food, return to their nation, etc. Then no exceptions. Police/army to be tested every day. Could this ever be instituted, and enforced? Who knows. If they had done it in February or March, there would be a lot of good health around!

Now, what to do about rural/farming areas, and places where the pop. is less than, say, 10 people per square mile? They could be ordered not to drive any vehicle on a public road (monitored by drone, et al). Anyone caught driving will be arrested for a 2-year sentence, and their vehicle confiscated (forever). Faced with such penalties, most people would trade 21 days in their home for 2 years — heck, make it 10 years — in a prison. Draconian, yes.

One problem remains: people who, during that 21 days, are infected by family/housemates. First, tests will be distributed to every person at the start of the 21 days. The “indoors” people will have a “hotline” to report positive tests, and another to report serious symptoms. Ambulance personnel with haz mats will pick up any sufferers and take them to designated hospitals.

Police and EM personnel who contract Covid, will be put in isolation, with all amenities and needed medical access.

The economy will “shut down” for 3 weeks, but workers  will continue to use  Zoom and internet, and a 21-day plunge, economically, will be 100 times better than the slow death of the economy during the U.S.’s present “confusion period.”

***   ***

Remember about two weeks ago, I mentioned that my 2019 forecast that affluent people will tend to abandon cities and live “in nature” had already shown signs, locally, of coming true. While Vancouver house prices have been falling, prices have soared in the little fishing/lumber village where I lived. I’d say, anecdotally, prices in Vancouver suburbs have fallen about 10% to 15%, while prices in Gibsons have risen by even more.

Well, now there’s further result: Fox News reported today (July 23) that 40% of New Yorkers had abandoned that city. (I think 40%? Memory! Or was it 4 million? I tried to fact check it, but there’s nothing on the internet more current than early July, and w/o hard numbers.)


I consistently receive emails from readers saying, in effect: You’re a good astrologer, so how can you could support Trump and want him to be re-elected?

Here’s a partial, typical quote:

“Do you not see the damage this malignant narcissist, demagogue, liar (and I could go on with multitude of nouns) is doing  for everybody, except for the 1%.

On the other hand you feel that Obama should be in jail(?)

Does not make any sense to me and it is very strange that you think this way.”

Here’s my answer, for all time:

I am neither a Trump nor Biden supporter. I only hate one thing: injustice. So I took Trump’s side after the democrats acted illegally (and undemocratically) to undermine his campaign, and later his presidency. (Which I predicted, btw, before his election.) My political beliefs actually align with the democrats, but I will not support their Nixon-level lies, dirty tricks, cruelty and malignant behaviour. If the dems want my support again, they have to find an honest person among themselves. Haven’t done so yet.

I receive quite a few emails like yours, all of them ignoring the criminal, even treasonous behaviour of Shift, Comey, Strozck (sp?), Page, Mueller, Obama, Rice, Biden, Clapper, Brennan, McCabe… the list goes on — all driven by rage and hatred to commit perjury, entrapment, character assassination, false/ malicious prosecution, slander, et al. I am amazed that you, dear emailer, totally ignore such criminal behaviour, then accuse Trump of every sin under the sun.

Sure, Trump’s arrogant, unpredictable, dictatorial, but he’s basically honest, despite his lies, which are mostly exaggerations and therefore obvious. Obama, Susan Rice, Biden, et al, are smooth, sneaky liars — much more dangerous. Documents now show that Obama was present when the illicit scheme to trap Mike Flynn was concocted. That alone is a felony. Biden, if the “evidence” is true, is a Judas who should be tried for treason, then jailed for life if convicted. The democrats, remember, were slave-owners who fought the Civil War to keep slavery. They lost that war, but then found another way to keep Blacks enslaved: welfare.
***   ***

Well, I wrote here months ago that Trump’s campaign manager was a dud. Now (couple of weeks ago?) he’s demoted him. Damn, Trump should hire me, at half what he pays these goobers.
***   ***

Trump could boost his re-election chances by doing one thing: announcing that the White House will be rebuilt and re-named, in many colours, with white and black, brown and red being used in roughly equal amounts. He’s the master builder. So build a monument to the U.S.A., not to white people.