WEEKLY FORECAST — JULY 16 – 22, 2017

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7:19 pm to 10:04 pm Sun., 11:11 pm Tues. to 0:31 am Wed., 10:40 pm Thurs. to 1:09 am Fri., and after 11:05 pm Sat.


The plethora of forest fires in Canada and the U.S. (B.C. and California), of apartment and building fires (e.g., the London apartment several weeks ago) should start to abate by this Thursday onward.

During the U.S. federal election campaign, I drew some Tarot cards on Drumpf, Hillary, and Bernie Sanders. They said all three would be President. I discarded it as a faux reading. But is it possible Drumpf’s “Russia win” could cause the election results to be withdrawn, and Hillary given the White House, but then Hillary’s also investigated/incriminated, so Bernie’s “next up?” I know this goes against the traditional procedures, but…. Oops, forgot, if Drumpf then Clinton are removed and imprisoned, and Bernie finally gains the White House, his wife won’t be allowed in, as she’s under indictment for fraud. Good old political class.

The blue sky, luminous but in the deep side of twilight, is bellied by a hundred small, lumpy clouds, like sausages of pillow-fluff. Within this bowled field of royal blue sky and softly glowing silver blimps, Jupiter is already shining, new to the night. This planet of good luck was retrograde from February through early June, causing a lot of clients to ask: Well, where’s my luck? But Jupiter’s in full swing now, so the good luck I promised you in your “Luck Forecast” (in PLATFORMS) should be obvious, openly available by now. Next week (July 23) is the time to leap forward — quickly, as this luck trend will end in October.

Every day I grow a little wiser. Why then am I still so foolish?


Aries.svg       ARIES:  March 21-April 19
Last week of domestic emphasis, Aries. It’s also your last chance to soak up some valuable, deep rest. It’s a little late to start extensive renovations/repairs, unless you were born past mid-April. Even if this applies, know that August 12 will bring mistakes and re-do’s, so time things accordingly. Your energy and clout remains high Sunday, but remain clear-eyed, and use your energy on the home front, with family, etc. Avoid a wild goose chase, especially in love. Money and possessions become the main theme Mon./Tues. — quell your most eccentric or impulsive side Mon. daytime (accidents possible with machinery); but from 7 pm (PDT) onward through Tues., you hit several success buttons. Someone you meet casually Tues. could become a great, happy yet affectionate partner. Or, an ongoing relationship can be healed, revivified through conversation. Run errands, travel, call, answer and perform paperwork Wed./Thurs. Take care Wed. night (possible deception) Thurs. lunch hour (possible rejection) and Thurs. suppertime (disruption affecting the home, possible fender-bender). Otherwise, this is a good, even lucky interval. Home and family, security, the themes of July, reach a peak Friday (your intuition’s accurate and strong, and civil servants, medical workers co-operate) and Sat. (possible disruption, insomnia late night). Saturday also begins a month of romance and pleasure.

taurus weekly forecast       TAURUS:  April 20-May 20
The accent remains on errands, easy chores, communications and short trips, Taurus — until Sat. morning. Make a list — get absolutely everything done in this zone as you can, mail, return calls, fill out applications, etc. By next week onward, you won’t want to do any of this, and your results will be impaired by sluggishness. Lie low, retreat and rest Sunday. Don’t be drawn into an argument. Late this night (10 pm PDT) through Tues., your energy and charisma surge upward, so start things (but only things you can complete rather quickly, say in 2 weeks) ask favours, and propose actions, be a leader. Monday is disruptive and unpredictable until late suppertime. Practice safety with tools, and when driving. Then, this night through Tues., almost everything goes well, especially if you focus on work and earnings. (Ask for a raise about noon – 1 pm PDT.)  Money, earnings, possessions, buying power become the main focus of Wed./Thurs. Avoid buying anything marine or gas related (e.g., boats, sea food) used, or computer or electric. Again, work and money are a successful duo. Errands, short trips, calls and messages fill Fri./Sat. Friday’s great — a social wish could come true. But Sat. needs care, again, driving, and with government. Saturday also starts a month of domestic matters.

Gemini.svg       GEMINI:  May 21-June 20
This is your last week of monetary concerns, Gemini. And, thankfully, the last week of overwhelming spending or debt. Use it to square accounts and set your money house in order. Sunday is social, hopeful, but not particularly easy event-wise. Risk nothing, avoid arguments, and resist even more calls for you to spend. This pm to dawn Monday might bring deceptive messages or misguided fantasy in love or career zones. Which can be the root cause of temper tantrums or accidents later Monday. Take care, be alert and diplomatic. Someone wants you to spend, again! You’re weary, out of your depth Mon. and Tues., so retreat, rest, think. Tuesday’s splendid for handling government related tasks, seeking charity or therapy, and re-affirming love. Your energy and charisma soar Wed./Thurs. You’ll impress others, so ask favours, make new contact, and push your agenda. But beware: deception Wed. night, rejection Thurs. noon (PDT) and disruption/impulse Thurs. suppertime. A swift, new social circle is about to surround you! Chase money, avoid debt, overspending, Fri./Sat. Your career, status and ambitions are blessed Fri. — follow that slight hunch. Saturday’s not so great: nerves and discontent mingle: avoid important purchases. This day starts a month of easy but not important chores, writing, travel, paperwork and casual acquaintance.

Cancer.svg      CANCER:  June 21-July 22
The emphasis remains, for one last week, on you, your goals, your preferences, your personality, charisma, and determination. The last few weeks have been quite a ride, with your determination strong and intensity high. Now use this week to wrap up projects, to make last minute, important contacts, to impress the right people. You could end July with a solid success tucked under your belt. You’re ambitious Sunday (or you run into authorities, VIPs) — be calm and careful, but march ahead, all lines up in your favour ambition-wise. This night (10 pm PDT) through Tues. brings social delights, optimism, popularity, entertainment, and perhaps a flirtation or two. Beware a rosy fantasy Mon. morning, especially about someone “secret.” And take care this eve, also, when someone odd and unpredictable might not agree with your ambitions. But late night Monday, and all Tues., events turn your way — you could be celebrating a success. It’s an excellent day, before 1 pm (PDT) to buy property and/or list your home for sale. Retreat Wed./Thurs. — contemplate, plan, deal with gov’t, charitable and spiritual organizations, and get some deep rest. Wednesday pm is a bit deceptive or indecisive,  Thurs. noon dejects, and Thurs. suppertime brings tension — but otherwise, both days support home-finding, land ownership, family solutions, and status advancement. Your energy and charisma surge upward Fri./Sat. Friday’s great, intuitive, loving — far travel, intellectual activities and legalities are blessed. But Saturday’s more jumbled, carries themes of alienation and (late night) disruption. Saturday begins a month of money, sensual attractions, and rote learning.

Leo icon, Luck Forecast       LEO:  July 23-Aug. 22
This is your last week of being under the cosmic weather, Leo. Remain contemplative, restful, and mildly withdrawn. Deal with gov’t, spiritual, charitable and institutional workers/offices. Seek counselling or therapy, if needed. Indulge a bit of nostalgia. You’re wise, mellow, far-seeing Sunday: but someone might still bug the heck out of you, especially around suppertime. He/she “unfairly” hits your hidden buttons. Sigh and smile — you’ll be on top soon, in a week. Be ambitious from 10 pm (PDT) Sun. through Tues. Take care Mon. — someone could try to talk you into a terrible but very attractive investment or sexual liaison (dawn) or your ethics and your hidden desires could cause a clash, even an accident, later this day. Tuesday blesses your career or other ambitions, especially around noon — communicate, contact someone you like. Happiness comes Wed./Thurs. — so do popularity, optimism, entertainment, a flirtation — all mildly, as you’re still in a weary, quiet trend. Don’t fool yourself about sex or finances Wed. pm, or about romance Thurs. noon, and be settled rather than tense Thurs. suppertime. One last big retreat, rest Fri./Sat. — Friday’s great, intuitive, successful with sex and/or finances. But Sat.’s jumbled, a bit disruptive, probably for this reason: although the Moon holds you in “retreat,” the Sun has moved into your sign (Saturday morn) energizing you. The energy will win, you’ll be the star next week onward.

Virgo.svg       VIRGO:  Aug. 23-Sept. 22
All your revels now have ended, Virgo — well, they will after the present week, which still favours (and brings) popularity, social joys, optimism, entertainment and “deep flirtations.”  “Deep”, because friends and light romance have combined with a strong lust on your part, from June and to this Thurs., the 20th.  You might also have been “flirting” with large financial investments. This veering into the depths beneath the social surface is pronounced Sun., but runs into some obstacles this day and Monday. Keep your temper, and don’t force issues. (If you do you could cause an argument, or make a spectacularly bad investment. Monday night, a mate offers solace.) You’re wiser, more mellow Mon./Tuesday, so let that wisdom save you. Almost everything goes well Tues. — a career-money situation is packed with luck — grab it! Your career, prestige relations, neighbourhood status and ambitions are emphasized Wed./Thurs. Stability reigns Wed. am; but the pm brings deception, unwise fantasy or indecision. Careful with machinery, driving, Thurs. suppertime (PDT). Past lust, financial greed, flows off you now, lifts like a winter cloak, leaving you freer and more sprightly in months to come. One last shot of celebration Fri./Sat., as your popularity climaxes, social delights and flirtations pop up, and optimism grabs you. You might meet a great mate Friday, or grow blissfully closer to your ongoing partner. Saturday’s more jumbled, and shows you, late night, that the social and sexual no longer combine. This day begins a month of sweet solitude, rest, depth, spirit and truth-seeking.

Libra.svg       LIBRA:  Sept. 23-Oct. 22
One last week of pressure, ambition, dealings with parents, bosses and authorities, Libra. This week is bumpy, so put on your thick skin, your best smile, and remain diplomatic. Be ready to jump on the opportunities that crises can create. Sunday can propel you upward, or trigger disagreement. Don’t rely on co-operation — you’re the one who has to co-operate. Life’s depths — sexual intimacy, major finances, power plays and hidden powers, secrets, and your own subconscious intuition — burst to the surface Sun. night (10 pm PDT) through Tuesday. Be cautious until after suppertime Mon. — deception (involving ethics and work?) in the morning; disruption, possible volcanoes, in the pm. Tuesday is far different — co-operation, success, especially in love/sex, legal, cultural, international and intellectual pursuits. These same themes (legal, international, et al) are doubly emphasized Wed./Thurs. But now your luck is jumbled. Stability Wed. morning, deception or unwise fantasy (or just poor heath) this night. Some dejection or unenthusiastic people Thurs. noon, and disruption, stress, around suppertime. But otherwise (!) both days offer success. Two months of an intense, possibly fractious career influence ends Thurs., letting you breathe easier in ambitious arenas in future — good news if you’re in a legal fight. Give your ambitions one last push Fri./Sat. Friday’s better: your work efforts automatically aid your career. Hard to settle down, to gain co-operation Saturday. But this day has a very bright side:  it starts a whole month of popularity and happiness!

Scorpio.svg       SCORPIO:  Oct. 23-Nov. 21
Your mellow, understanding and compassionate mood continues, Scorpio. However, this is a week of jolts and jerks, and you might find some of your beliefs challenged. (Sometimes, this leads to learning.) So proceed with caution and diplomacy, but do proceed. You’ll hear news about your ambitions. Strictly avoid lawsuits. The “opposite sex” (in quotes, because it includes same sex for gays) is affectionate, welcomes physical intimacy. The general atmosphere is fortunate for investments or other financial actions. Sunday’s difficult — tackle chores, but follow safety rules, especially with sharp tools (and avoid arguments). Relationships confront you from 10 pm (PDT) Sun. through Tues. Monday morning might deceive in sexual, romantic zones (quit dreaming!) and this pm holds machine or relationship disruption. DON’T buy computers, apps, etc. Late Mon. night through Tues. brings financial luck, loving intimacy, and benefits from gov’t agencies. Life’s secrets, finances, sex, research, lifestyle choices, medical concerns, and “partnerships” that aren’t “public,” are featured Wed./Thursday. March ahead with these, but watch three minor obstacles: deception/illusion Wed. pm, earnings limiting an asset purchase noon Thurs., and stress all Thurs., peaking around suppertime. Your mellow mood returns Fri./Sat. Plunge into romance, beauty, a creative project Fri., but step carefully Saturday. (Drive carefully.) This day begins a month of ambition, prestige relations, and worldly status concerns.

Sagittarius.svg       SAGITTARIUS:  Nov. 22-Dec. 21
This is your last week of swimming through murky waters, Sage. (Murky, but every once in a while a bolt of sunshine shot into the depths and revealed a valuable investment, a psychological insight, an unsuspected sexual attraction, or “rare” knowledge.) The week ahead accents these matters, but 1) is the last week of such, and 2) bad luck mingles with good. Since early June, romance and sex have blended intensely. You might be deep into a lust-filled affair — you might also have pursued someone you long assumed held a torch for you, and found he/she had lost interest. Ah, well. Other people will treat you graciously and affectionately to month’s end, so forget any past slips, and (if you’re unattached) chase someone new. At the very least, you’ll make a good friend. A lover might talk about marriage, or about travel. Sunday’s romantic but difficult — a break-up is possible if you let tempers rise. Chores and minor health concerns arise Sunday night (10 pm PDT) through Tuesday. Careful before Tues. — love and security fight each other, or fantasy leads you astray, and a lover’s quarrel, a driving accident, or financial problems follow. But Tuesday’s great — other than a minor morning disagreement, all goes well — a love/friendship bond might grow. Relationships confront you Wed./Thurs. — a good, stable but mildly boring one Wed. am, a deceptive or puzzling one Wed. pm, a good, possibly mate-material one Thursday. Careful, though — a romance, especially a fiery or swift one, might break up, probably over a sexual or financial problem. Thursday ends two months of intense sexuality, impulsive financial actions and/or lifestyle changes. These themes, sexuality, finances, depths, research, medical concerns, lifestyle choices, commitment and consequence, fill Fri. (successfully — buy real estate or furniture, REITs, or snuggle with your spouse, etc.) and Sat. (not so good, beware alienation and disruptive conditions). Saturday begins a month of far travel, intellectual, legal (careful!) cultural and love pursuits.

Capricorn.svg       CAPRICORN:  Dec. 22-Jan. 19
This is your last week of crucial “open” relationships, Cap. (By Saturday, your links veer into more private, hidden depths of finances, sexual intimacy and commitment — for a month.) Discussions and information can open your eyes to financial opportunities or intimate commitments all week. Work goes well, co-workers remain affectionate all July. Sunday, though domestic and relaxation-prone, brings friction. You might end an association. A romantic, pleasure-prone note enters Sun. night (10 pm PDT) through Tuesday. Monday morning brings deception, could make you doubt love; this pm brings a conflict between a “partnership” (or an opportunity, perhaps involving relocation) and your home/family. But Tues. is great — love, woo someone, be creative, take a chance. Work and career combine in lucky ways. Tackle chores Wed./Thurs. Eat, dress sensibly. You’ll get things done, if you can untangle mixed directions Wed. pm, and brush aside annoyances Thurs. pm. If a door suddenly slams, smile — it’s granting you freedom. Relationships are re-energized Fri. (excellent co-operation, good communications) and Sat. (not so good, some opposition, and night-time strains.) Thursday ends seven weeks of relationship intensity — the possibility of a break-up fades. Saturday starts a month of depths, secrets, and power plays.

Aquarius.svg       AQUARIUS:  Jan. 20-Feb. 18
Your last week of work, drudgery and health problems, Aquarius — and it’s a rather hard one. Soon, fresh opportunities and new horizons will face you. (You’re probably already seeing or hearing some of these.) You feel romantic through July. A Gemini figures prominently. All week, dress and eat sensibly. Sunday’s for errands, communications, travel and casual friends. Not an easy day, and small frustrations might build to an argument around suppertime. This night (10 pm PDT) through Tues. leans toward your domestic interests. Be home, hug the kids, enhance security. Monday’s difficult — the morning’s illusion-prone, and a monetary bias might kibosh romance. The pm highlights disruption, impulse and unpredictable results, especially in communications, travel and work. Drive carefully. Tuesday brings luck and progress at home (but don’t start big renovations). A romantic wish could come true, or you meet a friend who beguiles you. Romance, creative and risk-taking urges, pleasure and beauty pour in Wed./Thurs. and provide some relief from your chores. Re-read directions Wed. pm. Friends, ringing phones might interfere with your work Thurs. pm — be safe around machinery, electricity, cars. Chores grow Fri./Sat., but they are also the end of the work trend. Friday’s excellent for making money through work. Saturday’s a bit disruptive, but on the bright side this day starts a month of intense relationships — actually, seven weeks of intensity, though the last three will be “beneath the surface.”

Pisces.svg       PISCES:  Feb. 19-March 20
This is your last week of passion, Pisces — of romance, creative and speculative surges, pleasure and beauty. Enjoy it — but realize some obstacles and frustrations will occur. Sympathy and understanding is half of love. Your home/family continue to be supportive, affectionate. Sunday’s for chasing money, garage sales, etc. — but act early, as the pm promotes arguments, anger. Errands, communications, short trips, casual friends, paperwork and details fill Sun. night (10 pm PDT) through Tues. Monday’s not great — the morning holds candy-coated deception, but is good for dreaming — the pm hints at a struggle between your (love, artistic) desires and your unpredictable money situation. Someone’s temper might blow. Tuesday’s much better, easier, and opens the door to a great home, family related investment. (E.g., buy furniture for your house, or purchase REITs or furniture factory stocks.) These — home, children/parents, real estate, security, business territory — call for your attention Wed./Thurs. All flows well, except for a disruptive event Thurs., probably in the pm. Could be a fender-bender, but could also be a money-romance or money-creativity dilemma. The romantic power of July returns Fri./Sat. — and you could charm anyone Friday, and be charmed in return. Act on your hunches. Saturday’s not so easy. Again, that money-romance conflict (or jealousy) arises, as it did Sun., Mon., and Thurs. Ah, well. Saturday begins a month of work and money reward.

The End.


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  1. penelope

    So good to hear that Tim.
    Ascendant moon in Sagittarius with death all around me. Small Debt. Health etc. Kids happiness….
    Can’t fly like I used to. 🙄

  2. polestwitching

    2014-2017 was a real slog for Saggies, and I’m not seeing a let-up in 2018. Do you agree or disagree, Tim? Thanks from near where you are, somewhere on the Salish Sea…

    1. Tim Stephens Post author

      Hi, poles,

      Sage’s slog will end by late December 2017. Money won’t be great in 2018/19, but the personal challenges, feeling of dejection, will be gone.



      1. polestwitching

        Thanks Tim! Head down and grin and bear it until the end of 2019, I guess… not great, but better than the alternative, as Churchill said about ageing…

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