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*** All times / dates: Please remember that all time references (e.g., “dawn”) are PSTPacific Standard Time zone. You can refer to the World Clock in the sidebar for more listings or Google ‘time zone converter’.

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START NOTHING:  2:16 pm to 6:44 pm Mon., 4:08 pm Wed. to 6:15 am Thurs., and 2:23 pm to 6:40 pm Sat.


ALL SIGNS: Do not enter any new relationships, projects, major changes or significant purchases before January 18, 2023. Until then, delays, indecision and second thoughts, missing supplies, misunderstood directions and other snafus will prevail, and could send even good projects over the edge into irrelevance. Instead, remain faithful to and protective of ongoing projects, situations and relationships. Opportunities, lovers and friends might return from the past. Judge whether to “join again” by how the first, former bond affected you. Buy groceries, pay bills, but avoid shopping for new shoes, clothes, car, computer, etc. (If it can make a difference in your life, leave it alone.)


ALL SIGNS: Overall last week was riddled with glitches and obstacles. This week will flow easily and fortunately — a nice change!



aries icon  ARIES: March 21-April 19

Read PREAMBLE above, Aries. In 12 days you will lose much of your indecision about what you want, who you truly are; in 18 days you’ll lose the indecision and delay around your chores, communications and travel, esp. on the career/status front; and in 21 days you’ll lose the uncertainty about your future and your friendships. So January might be a little middled, but it clears the way for strong, determined action. (Meanwhile, start nothing new, projects nor relationships, B4 Jan. 18.) These delays will not impact your hopes, optimism and friendly ways, for Monday brings a bit over 3 weeks of social joys, flirtation and affection. 

Chase money, buy/sell, memorize something Sun./Mon. But don’t buy anything during the “dark hours” of Sun./Mon. (in North America). After supper Monday, through Wednesday, nudges you into errands, communications, travel and contacts — another excellent interval, though Wednesday eve might be illusive, deceptive. Be home or in the ‘hood, Thursday to suppertime Sat. (PST). Again, a benevolent interval, though it needs some diplomacy on your part. You might also need to make choices: this friend or that one? This ambition or that? This financial (or sexual) approach, or break it off? Saturday night is romantic — and lucky!


taurus icon  TAURUS:  April 20-May 20

January’s a time of mellow love, Taurus, of understanding, and law, culture, media, profound ideas, international concerns. This is your “citizen of the world” month. Someone might flirt, pursue you, but read the PREAMBLE above — stick to faithful loves, ongoing projects — or reprise something/one from the past. (To aid this, a former lover might appear.) Don’t spend yet — and when you do, mid-month onward, go slow, be a miser with your money. Higher-ups favour you, this Monday to Jan. 26. 

Your energy and charisma surge upward Sun./Mon. A great interval, so impress others, seek embrace, give ongoing projects a significant push. If you’re awake, there might be a pre-dawn Monday ethical conflict, or a simple glimpse of reality. Chase $, buy/sell, learn, and, maybe, embrace someone Monday suppertime (PST) through Wednesday. Another splendid interval — it’s the start of a 3-week trend during which bosses will favour you, praise your efforts. Trips, visits, communications, paperwork and errands — these fill Thursday to suppertime Saturday. Fortune is on your side. However, a lot of people are jockeying for position, which calls for diplomacy Friday pm and midday Saturday. To home, bed, Saturday night. 


gemini icon  GEMINI:  May 21-June 20

Life’s secrets open to you now. These might be financial, medical or “how to do it” secrets, or those found in intimate clinches. Medically, these weeks ahead can reveal a problem: if so, it’s serious and should not be ignored. You still have not made your mind up about who you are and your choices for the future. (Because your choices come from, and create, who you are.) Don’t worry, certainty will come later this month. When it does (after Jan. 18) charge straight ahead toward your wishes, your future. (That future holds something pretty massive and significant, which will “appear” before/by June. Eg’s: marriage, relocation, opportunities.) Think about joining a compatible group soon. A sexy former flame might return. Love this month is sweet, affectionate, gentle, meaningful too.

Lie low, rest, contemplate and plan Sun./Mon. All’s well. (Except perhaps for your stomach around 4 am PST.) A pretty easy interval, with comfort — and success with institutions, gov’t. Your energy and pizzazz surge upward Monday eve to dawn Thurs. Again, an easy interval — impress otters, mix and mingle, and give projects a push. (Remember, nothing new — read the PREAMBLE above.)  Collect $, shop, sell, angle for a pay raise, etc., Thursday breakfast (PST) to suppertime Saturday. Again, your luck is high, but you will have to compromise or join another’s path, even tho’ briefly.


Cancer icon  CANCER:  June 21-July 22

The general accent lies on relationships (of all kids) Cancer — and on opportunities, fresh horizons, public dealings and relocation themes. But when considering new opportunities and/or new people, keep my advice in the PREAMBLE (above, before these weekly forecasts) in mind. Continue to avoid belligerent people, right into March. Your sexual and financial sectors blossom with beauty and affection almost all January. Next week, you will start to make decisions about work, career, esp. a management potential. One long-range note: since 2009, Pluto, your planet of romance, has travelled through Capricorn, your marriage sign. This has 2 outcomes (at least one of which you have already experienced): 1) every relationship breaks up, or slowly proves unsuitable; 2) you find your true love, and through a hugely labyrinthine path of exploring each other’s hearts and psyches, you grow ever closer together. This second possibility, if you haven’t experienced it yet, only lasts in a “whole” way until late March — then “flickers” like a tipsy lightbulb until November 2024. What U’m saying in my wordy way, is that if you’re unattached and looking, you should start looking a lot now to late March. (If you’re under 29 years, all this doesn’t apply, not deeply. (Just remember, before Jan. 18, nobody new for the heart.)

Sunday/Monday bring wishes true, regale you with popularity, social delights, optimism and light romance. Retreat late Monday (7 pm PST) to pre-dawn Thursday — sleep. Think, study others, make plans. Your energy and charisma surge upward Thursday morning to Saturday suppertime. Remember, start nothing new — but do give ongoing situations a solid push. Saturday night, go shopping.


Leo icon  LEO:  July 23-Aug. 22

Lots of work for the next 3 weeks, Leo. This week is fortunate overall. You can be tempted to perform major repairs on, or purchase, tools or machinery. But read the PREAMBLE above — stick with ongoing projects and people (and lovers) until Jan. 18. Looking fairly far ahead, Leo, the past 2 years have made relationships depressing — you could get who you wanted, but at a rather gloomy price or restriction(s). In March, this depressive atmosphere lifts — for 3 decades. But, same month, Pluto, your planet of home and beginnings/endings, moves into your marriage sector for about 20 years. For a clue to its effects, read Cancer’s message, above, esp. about the “2 outcomes.” To some degree, you will have to “make” a romance domestic, or let it go. Back to the present: you still have some major hope or wishes tied up with international or cultural or legal or intellectual/learning zones. You’re staring to see these zones more clearly — soon, they will burst into lucky life! (If it applies, prepare yourself to “pop the question” in February. — Late Jan. for some.)

Be ambitious Sun./Mon. — buddy up to the boss. Luck’s high! Your popularity rises, flirtations occur, social delights welcome you suppertime Mon. (PST) to pre-dawn Thurs. (Don’t chase or push for sex Wednesday afternoon — and sign nothing, make no investments.) Thursday morning to suppertime Saturday finds you tired, a bit unenthusiastic. Good: nap, contemplate, be charitable, spiritual. All’s well! 


virgo icon  VIRGO:  Aug. 23-Sept. 22

Ah, sweet romance! January boosts you in creative, risk-taking, sports/games, teaching children, beauty and pleasure pursuits and romance. However, it’s a complicated month. Most importantly, read the PREAMBLE above — start nothing new before Jan. 18. Investment and “life-sharing” (and intimate) decisions will come Jan. 12 to late March, but not this week. Actions here will be closely tied to your status/prestige — which determines who you get to deal with. Bosses are temperamental until late March, so be diplomatic. Your financial, investment, debt, and/or sexual standing will improve immensely now to mid-May. Some Virgos will literally become rich. Think about this for the next 18 days. Work mates treat you affectionately most of this month.

An elevated, mellow, wise mood steals over you Sun./Mon. It’s a great interval, so chase travel, foreign affairs, media, law, cultural venues, religion, science and philosophy. Best results: daytime Monday (PST). Be ambitious AND diplomatic Monday eve to pre-dawn Thursday. Another fortunate interval, except for partnerships, relocation and (significant) agreements (Wed.). Wishes can come true Thursday to suppertime Sat. Your popularity, optimism, and social desires sparkle — happiness exists! However, you might need to “dance” with several partners — i.e., handle several meetings/negotiations/persuasions, Fri./Sat. Saturday night, find a quiet, restful place.


libra icon  LIBRA:  Sept. 23-Oct. 22

The three weeks ahead focus on domesticity, Libra. Hug the kids, take part in their games, repair faults, enhance security, plow the garden. But DON’T start big new projects: I.e., don’t renovate, redecorate, buy furniture, start a kids’ education fund, etc. BEFORE January 18. If you’re single, someone has been hesitant, undecided about you. That will change after Jan. 12, when a “love locomotion” starts out, aiming for a May arrival. Singles among you could end up marred. (Unhappy marrieds will separate.) Read the PREAMBLE above (just before the weekly forecasts) — don’t start new projects nor relationships before Jan. 18. But do work to make present situations succeed, or welcome a situation from the past. Though it’s a down-home time, romance winds its way through the days. A former home/house or “:neighbourhood” could attract you.

Sunday/Monday are deep and demand strict honesty — lust, power struggles, medical exigencies, lifestyle changes and major finances are all fortunate. The only thing that isn’t, is your home. (But only briefly.) Midweek, Monday suppertime (PST) to pre-dawn Thursday brings a mellow, wise mood, gentle love, and a wandering/learning mind, that can encompass international affairs, law, culture, social rituals, science and belief systems. Again a fortunate interval. But don’t work late Wednesday, and, same time, pamper your health. (Esp. digestive.) Be ambitious Thursday to suppertime Sat. Prestige relations, career, worldly status, all affected, again mostly fortunately. You will have to balance home and career, and make some compromises/agreements to enable this.


scorpio icon  SCORPIO:  Oct. 23-Nov. 21

Easy, swift chores wait for you, Scorpio — short trips, visits, paperwork, applications, friendly conversations, emails, etc. Be curious (esp. this week). Anecdotes contain valuable hints. Read the PREAMBLE above — start nothing new before Jan. 18. Instead, deal with ongoing people, projects, or those which might return from the past. (A flirty, casual, light “old flame” will be friendly again.) Your workload is about to increase, might include a “new” travel schedule. You remain indecisive about a sexual (or financial) “doorway” — wait. Answers, directions will begin to clear next week. (Yes, a former sexy person might re-appear — if he/she hasn’t already — since last October.) 

Relationships, public appearances, relocation themes and opportunities fill Sun./Mon. — fortunately! Careful — opportunities should come from the past, or be bypassed. Love is exciting, obvious. Monday eve (PST) to suppertime Thursday steers you into similar but deeper zones: lust, power urges, financial actions, research/investigation — again, good fortune accompanies you. A few no-no’s: romance, children, “fun.” A wise, mellow and gently loving mood flows into you dawn Thursday to suppertime Saturday. Again, a fortunate interval, esp. for love, far travel, learning, law, media. But this interval also “places” you in front of others and their desires. With a little inspection, you’ll find your ideas/goals are very similar, which can lead to mergers. Show off Saturday night; if possible, a dinner with the boss(es) could boost your standing.


sagittarius icon  SAGITTARIUS:  Nov. 22-Dec. 21

Continue to chase $, Sage — and to buy/sell, memorize and/or seek a casual intimacy. You have “anticipated” a potentially hot relationship for some time (months) but prospects have stalled since last October. Next week, this attraction will begin to resolve (or a new prospect will come running into your life, like a flame). Either way, your need to wait is almost at an end (next week, technically). Read the PREAMBLE above — stick with ongoing relationships and projects, or “returnees” from the past — nothing new will survive. Friends, casual contacts, shirt trips/visits will please you.

Tackle chores Sun./Mon. Eat, dress sensibly. A good interval — you’ll succeed. Monday suppertime (PST) to dawn Thursday brings exciting, alluring, frustrating, maddening, love-sparking relationships. I’d usually say, “make no enemies” — but these few days are so benevolent I can’t see the possibility — maybe a wee disagreement with housemates Wednesday afternoon. You dip into the deeper side of life Thursday morning to suppertime Saturday. Again, a benevolent interval, so plunge into large finances, research, lustful situations, medical and lifestyle “questions.” Someone you’re briefly attracted to might be attracted to someone else. Diplomacy always a good idea. Saturday night grows mellow, gently loving.


capricorn icon  CAPRICORN:  Dec. 22-Jan. 19

You’re on top, Cap — in charisma, in energy and clout. But “effective” is another matter during this “backward-going” month. Read the PREAMBLE above. Until Jan. 18, stick with ongoing projects/people, or “returnees” from the past. Avoid new starts. Your money picture looks good through Jan. You can afford a wee luxury item. Your home and family grow subtly more cheerful, adventurous, enthusiastic now to late May — an excellent time (AFTER Jan. 18) to buy or sell real estate. Consider moving to a more affluent ‘hood.

Sunday/Monday are for sweet romance, sports, beauty, adventure, creative and pleasure activities. All’s well! Tackle chores Monday suppertime to dawn Thursday. Eat, dress sensibly. Another good, productive interval. Your good luck this week extends even further: Thursday morning to Saturday suppertime brings relationships, “opportunities” (remember the PREAMBLE) relocation and public themes. All this spells excitement, renewed hope, perhaps in agreements (or dis-agreements, your choice).


Aquarius icon  AQUARIUS:  Jan. 20-Feb. 18

Remain inscrutable, Aquarius — keep your ideas, opinions to yourself. Watch others, and learn. Ponder your life thus far, and where it’s going. It’s a natural time to liaise with advisors, civil servants, health workers, and spiritual and charitable orgs. Avoid competitive situations. Rest deeply, for you’ll need big reserves of energy for late January and February, when you “break out” into new spheres of action (perhaps a hot love affair). But until January 18, follow the advice of the PREAMBLE (above, before the Weekly Forecasts). You’ve been attracted romantically to someone since last August, but since October delays have entered, and this attraction has swirled around a core of indecision. This might have frustrated, even angered you. That delay/indecision will end around mid-Jan., and then to late March single Aquarians will plunge into a wave of travel, communications and visits, all connected to “hot romance” or a major creative project.  A Gemini or Aries might be involved.

Be home, embrace the family Sun./Mon. All’s well. That romantic influence expands like a balloon Monday eve to dawn Thursday. Another lucky interval. Despite your overall “January weariness,” you’ll be pleased. Avoid monetary commitments. To work, Thursday to suppertime Sat. Good fortune, ease still ride with you, but this last interval can bring a series of “confrontation” — not in a negative sense, but in a “waking up” sense. You could form a smart money association. Saturday night? Just say “yes” to your partner.

Pisces icon  PISCES:  Feb. 19-March 20

It’s a new year, and a new set of goals, dreams and wishes, social circles, and enthusiasm arrive to lift your heart, Pisces. The present week is benevolent, smooth and easy. A former light, “party companion” might return. (Read PREAMBLE above — start nothing new before Jan. 18. Instead, deal with the revived past, or ongoing situations.) Your contacts with gov’t, institutions and “head office” are blessed with graciousness and mild luck, all month. Domestic frustrations/impatience continue — but in 2 weeks (and the 2 months following) you’ll be ready to direct that frustration into very effective action. (E.g. you might renovate, build a back yard pool, buy furniture, etc.) Your money luck is at a decade high until May — so chase $, seek a pay raise, buy that boat you’ve always wanted, etc. 

Errands, calls, visits, paperwork fill Sun./Mon. All’s good — ask questions. Monday eve to Thursday dawn nudge you into the domestic arena — in the luckiest way, if you can ignore your own needs, downplay your own personality. Passion enters Thursday to suppertime Sat. Romance, creative and speculative urges, play, teaching kids, chasing beauty/pleasure, all benefit. But realize there’s something deeper here: someone else wants a real relationship, whether in love or business. Recognize this, be open to persuasion.



I guess when I bragged about forecasting a severe winter last August, I directed my boast at Vancouver where I’m located. But it looks like the forecast covered the entire North American continent… Worst winter storm in four  decades.


Here’s a list of Trump’s crimes:

Russia collusion — nothing burger

Impeachment # 1 — nothing burger

Impeachment # 2 — nothing burger

Lawsuit brought by Letitia Slime, NY A. G. — nothing burger (she has already impugned herself, AND violated the U.S. constitution, ruining any case against D.T.)

Jan. 6 “destroy Trump” committee — a kangaroo court from the beginning (funny how the Democrats learn their tricks from the Soviets) — the committee was obviously a propaganda stunt, in which liars such as Pelosi, Adam Schiff, Bill Barr, David Raskin (now, fittingly, struck by a mortal form of cancer) and others sounded their false phrases and accusations without evidence or legal process. And, as it was only a stunt, using hundreds of millions of taxpayers’ dollars to try to fool the taxpayers/voters, it concluded without one charge, nor one arrest. (Except, of course, the 1,000 or so Jan. 6 protesters still in prison in the basement of the Capital [for where else would you hide politics prisoners?].) Fools given a platform. The injustice of it burns my butt!

Tax returns — nothing burger, even such Trump-haters as CNN and MSNBC (both now with audiences less than 1 in 600 tv viewers) can’t find anything to criticize, so they’re largely ignoring the story

Ma-a-Lago — will be a nothing burger — D. T.’s second in command (Kash Patel), and his Director of National Intelligence (John Ratcliffe) have both stated D.T. had previously declassified all documents the FIB absconded with. (FIB = the FBI’s criminal side, which is about 80 % of these corrupt police.) Ratcliffe said this OVER A YEAR BEFORE the FIB’s thieves raided.  

Anything else, sweet, lovely Democrats?


His personal history coloured and excluded all else. His personal myth held more importance for him than all the myths of the western world.  He knew little about things that didn’t touch him directly. Although intelligent, he was consumed with a detailed analysis of everything around him. (Portrait of a man without parents.)


The present culture wars are not going to end soon. In fact, they might continue for almost 200 more years. During that time universities will become more and more deeply embedded in ideas that history will judge as wrong, perverted both intellectually and morally…. overall history will judge this period,1981 to 2023, as a political, religious and philosophical dark ages, as a setback to the advancement of learning and progress on all social and humanitarian levels. Contrarily, technical, scientific and medical advancements will outstrip even today’s fast pace. 

One of the pillars at the core of this intellectual and moral devolvement is the teaching institutions from kindergarten through the PhD level. (Other pillars are members of the rainbow clique, courts, lawyers and judges and — probably a crumbling pillar — the woke corporations.)

At some point, we might expect that these two incompatible camps (left vs. right, perversion vs. prudery, tech vs. humanity, would come to some kind of blows or power-play beyond the election process. I suspect the Democrats have already begun this “war” which, to some degree, Obama started decades ago, by setting up illegal, covert methods to control voting. Now a prominent Republican is urging his members to do the same, with ballot harvesting etc. So do two wrongs make a right, or just a steeper slope down?


When we lose a species we lose the record and the knowledge of a unique adaptation to nature — we lose all the information that species alone contained. How many spaces did we lose in 2022? I think the news said about 2000. We are writing our own future poverty of understanding, we are losing the variety of our world and it’s trillion treasures.


About the act preceding the thought: (two columns ago?) Many writers and artists are probably aware of this phenomena. And when it occurs they call it a “happy accident,”A sort of minor miracle. The writer’s phrase comes o the paper, and only later does he fully realize what it means. Or the painter sees the strokes he’s just made, and thinks, yes good.


LET’S be real: Kamala Harris is a selfish, cold, unsympathetic con woman. Joe Biden is a top-level con man. Crooked Attorney General Merrick Garland and corrupt FIB Director Chris Wray are both liars and cowards, slimed with their black deeds. Adam Schiff, David Raskin, Pelosi, are liars of the highest order, but I don’t think they’re cowardly. 

Harris — just for instance —  is okay with 2 million immigrants bursting Texas, AZ and CA at the seams (and refuses to give them any aid, in fact, refuses to visit the border nor admit there is a problem) but brays loudly and angrily when Texas sends 100 migrants — a teaspoon from the 5 thousand a day border crossings — to her precious little neighbourhood in the Swamp. I wonder if all her neighbours are privileged hypocrites like her? Probably — Martha’s Vineyard was the same, filled with humanitarians like Barrack Obama who, as soon as any migrants arrived, shipped them away to some army base so they wouldn’t have to view their “houseless heads and unfed sides, [their] loop’d and window’d raggedness.” (King Lear)

I won’t blame Joe Biden for not visiting the border — most days, he can’t find his way off stage.


More on the coming spherical religion(s):

There will be too much to include in any One sphere – scientific knowledge, stories and myths for instance. So as this type of spherical consciousness develops – whether religiously or not – it becomes more and more necessary to  include and rely upon the subconscious portion of the mind, as it has a vast storage capacity compared to the conscious mind. 

The more we turn to the subconscious as a species the more psychic we become. Increased use of the subconscious will naturally bring it into more practised contact with the conscious portion, and many bridges will be built — not only between these two regions of consciousness, but within each portion, for the conscious mind invigorated by its subconscious contacts and increased knowledge, will grow stronger and hence more exploratory. This will lead to vast leaps forward in technology and science, but also in the energy of thought — I.e., psychic energy. Almost certainly, the subconscious will also gain; for one thing it will become more conscious — which might prove to be a double edge sword. Much could be said or explored about the effect on the subconscious of the conscious mind exploring it. (Remember the old physics saying: you change a thing by observing it.) But I don’t have the inspiration or probably the skill to explore what these massive changes might be. 

We might see this rather rapid “coming out” of the subconscious around 2229 AD. (Numerologically, a 15/6 year. In the Tarot, 15 is the number of the devil; this is usually toned down to represent earthly desires, for intimacy, for financial gain and security, for business success, etc. Let’s hope it’s more of an angel who appears on the horizon near 2229.)

It is almost certain that by that date, which is the start of a new era and mega era, our technology will have invaded the human body to the degree where we are not entirely self-controlled.  This can take both benevolent and malevolent pathways. On the benevolent side, the machinery added to our DNA… Or on whatever level the technology operates… This application can make us impervious to both sun burn and melanomas, for example. Or it might give all of us a pleasant constant desire to cooperate and form groups.

So the conscious and subconscious minds — the next level down, the unconscious, is the pool we all drink from.


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  1. Maidrya

    This is maybe a bit of obsessive, but how do you determine the beginning of something? For example, suppose someone had been researching a topic, taking notes, making a tentative outline prior to Mercury retro, but didn’t actually start the formal paper/project until 1.2.23 – is that “starting” during Merc retrograde or does the roughing out of the project count as the start?


    1. Tim Stephens Post author

      Hi, Maidrya,

      That’s one of the toughest questions. Usually, the idea is the first “chart” of a project. But almost no one remembers when that was, so no chart. In this case, I would wait until the retrograde is over to take any actual physical action. Much depends on the project. E.g., if you started a symphony or Short story or novel Jan. 2, then it will never be finished.

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