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START NOTHING: 6:42 am to 7:48 am Sun., 5:07 pm to 6:40 pm Tues., and 6:22 am to 7:16 am Fri.


Notice the “Start Nothing” times above. Though they occur 3 times (as normal) they contain less than 4 hours total (out of 168 hours in a week). The portends a week of accomplishment, a week in which we should charge forward.


March will be a momentous month. Whether it’s obvious or not in March (as this is just the quiet, nascent beginning of years-long trends): interest rates/inflation will decline — rather strongly, after some “pain.” Deep state corruption will begin to dissolve. And romantic “vectors,” favouring fire and air signs, begin to turn favourable for earth and water signs. Technology turns in a new direction (AI, fusion?). Either technology will be “of the people,” owned, directed by “citizens” — or tech will be secretive, hidden, controlling (mostly in the service of ideas and political beliefs).

Evidently the universe is unfolding as it should. — Desiderata.




aries icon  ARIES: March 21-April 19

NOTE: THIS MESSAGE WAS REWRITTEN FEBRUARY 24 TO CORRECT A MISTAKE: The weeks ahead nudge you toward rest and rejuvenation, Aries. Liaise with gov’t, head office, institutions. Your management skills emerge. Despite a general weariness, you remain chatty and restless — travel prone. Others are attracted, you have a “glow” until mid-March. A casual sexual affair might begin — but is there something (someone) better that you’re missing? Soon, “money talk” comes.

Sunday morning to suppertime Tuesday (PST) brings talk, trips, errands, paperwork — with generally good results. Steer toward home and family Tuesday eve to Friday dawn.  A fortunate interval — good time for repairs, renos, etc. Romance, pleasure, beauty, games/sports, and charming children — these fill Fri./Sat. Some disruption, but also some thrill, esp. Sat. Morn, afternoon.


taurus icon  TAURUS:  April 20-May 20

This is your happy month, Taurus. Your popularity rises, social delights and flirtations buoy your heart, and optimism surrounds you. A good time to make a pretty big wish (write it on a piece of paper, fold the paper 2 times, then put it under your mattress and leave it there until you forget it’s there.) The next 20 years will be your “climbing” time, as ambition and practical goals grow stronger. March also removes a “shadow” over your career that has kept you down for the last 2, 3 years. Some of these will take time too emerge, so be patient. Your “inner life” grows fortunately now. Management types welcome you — take advantage.

Sunday morn to Tuesday suppertime (PST) gives you a money wand — use it! (Buy/sell, etc.) A casual sex affair, if it begins now, will last quite a long time. But May/June might bring something bigger and sexier. Tackle errands, paperwork, and communications chores Tuesday eve to dawn Friday. Thursday’s best — a good interval! Be home, hug the kids, Fri./Sat.


gemini icon  GEMINI:  May 21-June 20

Be ambitious, work hard, display your skills to higher-ups until late March, Gemini. An ambitious wish could come true, the more so if you have “grown” your social/group contacts over the last few months. If you haven’t been “social,’ get out there and be so!  — It’s your main luck source until mid-May. A vivacious woman might “enchant” you.

Your energy and charisma shine Sunday dawn (PST) to suppertime Tues. Start something, launch a project, esp. a prestige/career project. Chase money, buy/sell, embrace casual sensuality, use your memory, Tuesday eve to dawn Fri. Thursday’s best, esp. if you’re approaching a higher-up. Fri./Sat. Are for travel, quick contacts, friends, paperwork and communications — mostly good, with a hint of love excitement.


Cancer icon  CANCER:  June 21-July 22

A wise, mellow mood steals over you for a few weeks, Cancer. International, legal, cultural, media and philosophical concerns attract you. Love, too. Until mid-March, bosses favour you; take advantage, esp. in management zones.

Lie low, rest, contemplate and plan, Sunday dawn to suppertime Tues. A good interval — seek advice, liaise with the gov’t or head office. Your energy, charisma and confidence soar Tuesday eve to Friday dawn. Wed./Thurs. best. Jump on a profitable “irregularity.” Chase money Fri./Sat. — buy/sell, bill and pay. A disruptive yet intriguing interval.


Leo icon  LEO:  July 23-Aug. 22

You’re in the second of four weeks of “deep waters,” Leo. No danger here (unless you act dishonourably, immorally) — instead, opportunities abound, in finances, sex, lifestyle changes, medical problems, and research or detective work. However, these opportunities will, if you grab them, net you a long-term, slow but steady growth, with lots of work demanded. (This influence lasts for 2 years ahead.) No overnight riches! But you will very soon feel the relief of a relationship burden lifting off your shoulders. At last, someone will be available — but their “conditions” for merging might be too deep and steep for you. Wait and see, and remain hopeful — you could wed or meet your life-mate before June.

Sunday to Tuesday early suppertime (PST) is for wishing, friends and social delights, happiness and entertainment. All good. (Get no one pregnant.) Lie low, rest and plan Tuesday eve to Friday dawn. All’s well — you could land gov’t assistance or bonus. Your energy and charisma soar Fri./Sat. Start a project that does NOT involve home, property, family or a relationship.


virgo icon  VIRGO:  Aug. 23-Sept. 22

Relationships, opportunities, fresh horizons, public dealings, and relocation possibilities occur this month (next 3 weeks) Virgo. Exciting times — your sexual side is optimistic, expansive, and your approach is likely to be “secretly welcomed.” (You might be interested in one of your bosses — careful!)

Ambition is the key word Sunday to Tuesday suppertime. Charge ahead — but alone, don’t try to enlist another in your cause/project. Friends, delights, popularity, optimism, entertainment, flirting — these fill Tuesday eve to dawn Friday. Thursday best, when another welcomes you (in various ways). Retreat, rest, ponder and plan Fri./Sat. Saturday might be tense, but it offers luck, even love.


libra icon  LIBRA:  Sept. 23-Oct. 22

Work,, work, work for the 3 weeks ahead, Libra (and to some extent for 2 years ahead). Take care of your health, eat and dress sensibly. You might buy machinery or tools (March 2, 11/12, 17 and 19). Relationships remain sweet, affectionate until mid-March. Avoid all lawsuits. Some of you will wed, or agree to, soon. For decades, property pr family concerns undercut all romantic desires/positions. You won’t notice it immediately, but that obstructive trend ends March 23. (And at least one love/lifemate prospect will disappear by March 25.) I hate to rush you, but —

Gentle love, wisdom, international, legal and cultural concerns, and large ideas fill Sunday dawn to early suppertime Tuesday. Tuesday eve to dawn Friday (PST) boosts your ambitious prospects — esp. Thursday, when bosses “love” you! Wish fulfillment, popularity, social delights, optimism and happiness fill Fri./Sat.


scorpio icon  SCORPIO:  Oct. 23-Nov. 21

You’re still a bit “over-sexualized” until March 25, Scorpio. Co-workers are gentle, affectionate. (A good thing, as your work expands into May.) But the major trend is romantic, brings beauty, pleasure, creativity and “gambles.” Sunday morning to early suppertime Tues. brings sex, lust, investments and investigation — not a romantic influence, but a fortunate one. Commitment leads to satisfying consequences. A mellow, wise and gently loving mood comes over you Tuesday eve to dawn Friday. Thursday’s best, esp. for love and intellectual action. Be ambitious, but also diplomatic, Fri./Sat.


sagittarius icon  SAGITTARIUS:  Nov. 22-Dec. 21

The general accent lies on home, family, mother nature, food, soul, property, and rest — get lots of that last one. Relationships remain volatile, fiery — and could lead to permanent enmity, or permanent love! The latter, love, is about 70 % probable. Be diplomatic. A new “wave” of sweetness entered your romantic situation last week, and will last to mid-March. Overarching that, super luck awaits you in romance generally until mid-May. This beautiful stretch is entering the final innings, Sage, so don’t retreat from everything. (In March, plan ahead — not best time before the 20th to chase love wholeheartedly. Sunday morning to early suppertime Tuesday brings those relationships. If a confrontation starts, back away until April. But in some cases love can explode. The “secret side” of relationships arrives Tuesday eve to Friday dawn (PST) — lust, sex, finances, investments, debts, lifestyle changes, medical procedures. A good interval, but Thursday’s better than good! Plunge in, commit. Wisdom, gentle love, universal ideas, law, learning — these grab your attention Fri./Sat. Good, but remain cautious.


capricorn icon  Capricorn:  Dec. 22-Jan. 19

The main emphasis lies on errands, quick, easy chores, travel, communications and paperwork, Cap. These should go fairly well for the 3 weeks ahead. Your home, family — or real estate — are your greatest source of good fortune since May, 2022, and continuing so to mid-May 2023. This good luck increases this month, until March 16. Your travels can show you good places to buy, or a better rental. Your work remains intense and hard — but only to late March. (If this work is connected to a domestic situation — cafe, farm, home, property, etc., so much the better.)

Tackle chores Sunday morn to early supper Tuesday — you’ll get a lot done. Relationships make life exciting Tuesday eve to dawn Friday. Thursday’s best, superb. Merging can lead to good fortune. But exercise a bit of caution and diplomacy Wednesday and Friday. Life’s depths, lust, power urges, financial commitments, fill Fri./Sat. Proceed cautiously — good and bad luck mingle.


Aquarius icon  AQUARIUS:  Jan. 20-Feb. 18

The three weeks ahead feature money, income, buying/selling, possessions, casual sex and rote learning, Aquarius. Your romantic urges remain strong, 4 more weeks. Communications are pleasant, and short trips bring you to compatible people. Discussion starts about a home-front project. (A visit? Backyard pool? Reno?)

Sunday morn to early suppertime Tuesday lures you with love — of a person, an art, a creative effort, adventure, a gamble. Some stumbles here, but overall a superb time — plunge in. Tackle chores Tuesday eve to dawn Friday — lots to do, but you’ll succeed Thursday, when your determination can cut through jobs like a knife in butter. Relationships — and excitement — arrive Fri./Sat. This time’s disruptive but also offers opportunities, companionship, even love.


Pisces icon  PISCES:  Feb. 19-March 20

You’re at a peak, Pisces, of energy, charisma, timing, clout and effectiveness. You can hardly lose! Significant discussions might start soon with someone who’s “equal but opposite.” (Or a child.) (Could be a business association, or a marriage proposal, or anything in-between.) Your money/purchasing picture looks good until mid-March. Home remains friction-prone to late March, unless you followed my earlier advice to channel frustrations into physical work around the home.

Be close to home Sunday morning to early suppertime Tuesday (PST). Luck’s a bit jumbled, but strong — start (or end) something. Perfect time to plan the garden. Your passions are lit Tuesday eve to daybreak Friday. Romance, creative urges, speculation, charming kids, beauty, pleasure, games/sports. Dive into these. Pleasure rejuvenates as much as sleep. Thursday best. Tackle chores, eat sensibly, Fri./Sat.



Evidently raptures of adoration have been breaking out in many college campuses in the U.S. These are pretty huge affairs, or 1500 or 2000 students will congregate and do everything that you do do in rapture: singing, praying, confessing, meditating, jumping up and down – evidently these things go 24/seven, and the one that started on February 6 is still going — and is now 20,000 + people.

I suspect these Christian rapture outbreaks are an opposing reflection of the Woke far left belief system. That system has been forceful, anti-religion, and invested in gaining control. Many people, especially the young, who might believe in conservative living and religious values, have probably felt threatened, restricted, or somehow sat upon for a number of years. This created an inward focussed-pressure on the conservative types. The clever left seems to have stymied them on every front: judicial, where the judges automatically rule  against Republicans; career/earnings zones, where the woke people have successfully campaigned to have lawyers disbarred and executives ruined with false accusations; legal zones, where they have written unconstitutional laws to make voting more vulnerable to (their, woke) fraud; and even the ballot boxes, where a lot of shenanigans seem to have taken place; even to the media, which is stoutly left and actively works to destroy conservative news outlets. Google, for instance, has cut off advertising (from anyone!) to 20 or so conservative public  news sites such as Brietbart, WND, Newsmax, etc.  Microsoft, through a “black” organization based in Britain, has contacted all advertisers on these sites, from GMC to Ford to clothing companies to food and kitchen suppliers, Coca-Cola, Disneyland, etc., to “inform” them that these news sites, many of them 20, 30 years old, are spreading anti-American disinformation, and has successfully cowed hundreds of major advertisers to “quit” conservative news sites, papers, TV programs, etc.

As these cowardly companies and advertising firms went woke to protect their profits, they left conservatives with nowhere to turn. Even the schools and universities have and are demanding that students, professors and even visiting speakers think and speak a certain political speech or be banned.

This leftist/communistic repression of an entire culture, that culture being about half the population, eventually must end in an explosion of that culture’s values. Hence the “raptures” occurring across the U.S. The only cure to that natural phenomena is genocide, whether cultural or physical. Biden and his people are already attempting this in many ways: the cancellations mentioned above, etc. — one more example: by giving children pornographic books and real live drag queens, and jailing parents who protest. But the US is built on freedom, and I know from my few years there that there are many courageous Americans. This is the war that is shaping up: a war of beliefs, zealotry, and ideas that will transcend earthly reality and remain strong for 40 more years, to the early 2040’s. Hierarchies around the world will attempt to embed or strengthen their powers, especially over their own populations.  Some will evolve into very successful dictatorships. But many will face a determined, idealistic and deadly opposition, which may gain nuclear capability. (Now there’s real, instant rapture!)


Does it get much worse? Biden has appointed a Chinese spy, Dominic Ng, to the Asia-Pacific trade board or whatever it is.


Dogs have a sort of claw on the inside of each four-toed foot. This is a vestigial thumb. Could this mean that long long ago, dogs may have sported actual thumbs? Many species actually have a thumb: monkeys, raccoons, squirrel s, etc. (It just isn’t opposable.) Can we measure how recently a species  or sub species lost the use of an opposable thumb, by how close or far they are in development of their actual thumb?

If so, horses and cows and their relatives are far down the scale, or fell from “opposable thumb land” a much longer time ago than racoons, and they further back in time than chimpanzees.

But what existed in opposable thumb land? Scholars tell us that much of our advancement in life and technology comes from our opposable thumb. That raises the question: in a world long long ago, when most species had opposable thumbs, were they as socially and technologically advanced as modern humans? Or as intelligent? Maybe so, as animals for example display skills and mental feats which we cannot even comprehend — eg, migratory birds.) And what caused their downfall? Or was their departure friendly, a sort of passing on the torch?  Why are humans the only ones left with non-vestigial thumbs?


Well, I told you, right after Trump”wiped out” ISIS, that the terrorists would return. Now a U.S. general says there are more ISIS fighters in Afghanistan than ever. Thanks, Joe!


South America is filled with leftist governments who, for some reason, constantly fight amongst themselves. Think what they could do if they were in harmony. Some of these are dictatorships (Venezuela) and some are democracies (Brazil). The entire continent is unstable, particularly on the West Coast and the northern regions. Many of these nations are democracies. Peru, for example, has a leftist or democratic president but a right wing or conservative Congress. But the population still erupted recently. Volatility seems to outrank logic, or caution.

Look around the world: the next big bastion of democracy is Europe. Europe is a great place, with the tangible roots of much of our society reaching back millennia. But Europe is tired, devastated psychically by World War II. As a body, I would call it a weak democracy because it faces enemies to the east and to the south, yet radiates an attitude of non-engagement, of not confronting anyone with a show of force or sabre rattling. This invites those with an aggressive attitude. (E.g., Putrid in Moscow.) Australia is an interesting bastion of democracy, but is very small, and like Canada it will not have much influence except through its opinions and arguments. Still, in a sense we could take Australia to be a “partner” with Malaysia, Singapore, Philippines, even Japan, even perhaps at some point the Indian Navy. This is an interesting area: democracies that have very low boiling points. (E.g., the Philippines elects dictators.)

The remaining democratic continent… I include Mexico and Canada with the U.S. here, their laws are very similar and they are rather inextricably intertwined in trade… This is not the birthplace but surely the pot where the ember of democracy is kept alive and glowing, protected by a nation that could literally wipe out the world. And here, democracy is in the gravest danger on earth.. I’m sure it will survive, just as the budding democracy of Britain survived the war of the roses.


Did it ever strike you that the word “urge,” a pronounced desire to do something, becomes urgent, a pronounced need to do something. I might have an urge to eat a piece of cake, but I might have an urgent need to go to the washroom.

And then the word gets even more extreme: Emergency, a thing  that happens when too many urges collide.

I made the last one up, I don’t think emergency comes from urge (it lacks the u) but I can see it being related to emerge. Such pondering over nothing!