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THE 2018 YEAR AHEAD will be in the Jan. 7th column. (A newspaper buys the “first rights,” so I can’t put it on the blog until they’ve published it.)

Hope you’re all having a good holiday. I experienced Mercury retrograde: my furnace broke down for a week, my printer stopped working, almost every client I had was from the past, payment for 3 clients went astray, I made the wrong Christmas reservations for the ferry… and a few other things… oh well.

A short preamble, due to the holidays…


   ARIES:  March 21-April 19

The accent continues on ambition and worldly standing, Aries. A new, serious note enters your career zone now. For 3 years this serious approach will help you climb the ladder of success with steady, step-by-step determination. You reach a peak of courage and impulse in financial and sexual zones this week. Higher-ups favour you until Jan. 17 — take advantage. Make calls, travel, do errands Sunday. Home and family call Mon./Tuesday. Monday holds tantalizing opportunities or prospects — leap on them, for good results. Tuesday’s a bit dicier; be cautious. Romance visits Wed./Thurs. What starts Wed. (probably with a sexy motive) likely won’t last. But Thursday’s love and friendship hold hands in sweet congress. Tackle chores Fri./Sat.. Fuzzy thinking Fri., so read instructions twice. Perhaps a wee illness. Saturday equals pure, straight-ahead accomplishment, so plunge in.

taurus weekly forecast   TAURUS:  April 20-May 20

A sweet, mellow affection flows between you and almost everybody this week, Taurus. (Though one link might grow boisterous, even angry — or intensely amorous.) Secrets surround you, and you’ll learn two or a few of them. Delve beneath the surface, especially in finances and when you encounter hints of amorous intimacy. Sunday’s for money — shop, hold a garage sale, etc. Get busy Mon./Tues. — dive into errands, visits, calls, paperwork. Monday’s great — you could discover new contacts, friends, information sources, even doorways to big opportunities and/or life-bonds. Be curious! Turn toward home and family warmth Wed./Thurs. Wednesday’s fine, but don’t begin long-range projects — start ‘em Thursday. (Thurs. good for planning new career action, learning secrets, contemplating.)  Romance fills Fri./Saturday. The earth glows with beauty. If single, you might wonder, ‘Do I chase the softly odd person, or the solid, perhaps critical one?’  A sensual interlude very possible!

   GEMINI:  May 21-June 20

If you were ever going to succumb to extra-marital temptation, Gemini, the next two weeks offer the opening. (I know, I know, we always tell ourselves lust is love.) But they also offer splendid other things: good investments, debt reduction, fruitful research and investigations, good life style changes, even medical cures. Don’t live on the surface this month. Dig deep, seek answers and “treasures.”  Work remains active, demanding — but it also “gives you” a friendly, amusing co-worker or client. Your energy and charisma remain high Sunday. Do whatever you want. Chase money, clients, a pay raise, or sell unwanted items, Mon./Tues. Shop for tools, machines, videos, anything water-related, travel tickets, jewelry, among other things, Monday, not Tuesday. Make contacts, communicate, write, travel and perform errands Wed./Thurs. —  Thurs. daytime is best, easiest. Steer toward home Fri./Sat. Friday’s a bit deceptive or unreliable, or might contain a tug-o-war between home and career duties. But Saturday is splendid — start renovations or repairs, landscape, plan the kids’ futures, discuss the future with your loved one, hug everyone. A great day!

   CANCER:  June 21-July 22

There could hardly be a more star-studded relationship month for you than this January, Cancer – especially the first two weeks. Others respond affectionately to your approach. You are, if single, meeting people who, while they might be slow to respond, are viable, solid mate prospects. If you’re married, the same applies to business associates. Opportunities abound in business, public dealings, relocation, contract negotiations. For the biggest success, be diplomatic, eager to conform to or jump on board with, another’s desires/goals. You are dealing with very strong, stubborn people — good people. Rest, think and plan Sunday. All’s well. Your energy and charisma soar Mon. (great) and Tues. (iffy, some disruption). Start significant things, especially in love, education, media, law, far travel, and ambition. Money, possessions and sensual attractions are inspired but yield weak results Wed. — but could burst with good luck Thurs. daytime. Friday/Sat. are for errands, paperwork, calls and trips. A glitch might occur Fri. (Oops, forgot to bring the signed permission) but this night and Saturday pour a cornucopia of luck on you! Mail, travel, media, new contacts and your own curiosity could show you a road to success, even/especially in love and creative zones.

Leo icon, Luck Forecast   LEO:  July 23-Aug. 22

Hard work faces you for three more weeks, Leo. Might as well just plunge in. A sweet thread of romance lightens the load for the next 10 days. (Might be more talk than embrace, but that’s okay.) Co-workers are affectionate, and your efforts make a good impression on higher-ups. (But don’t aim high — your big benefits this year come from home, family, retreat, withdrawal, humility, real estate.) Sunday brings social joys, a small rise in popularity, optimism and happiness. Enjoy it! Retreat Mon./Tues. — contemplate, plan future actions, connect with spirit, government, charity organizations and advisors. Above all, rest. Monday’s better, giving you insight and leverage in investments, boudoir intimacy, law, learning and love. Tuesday’s a bit disruptive. Your energy and charisma, effectiveness and determination rise smartly Wed./Thurs. Start new projects, especially work-related ones Thursday  (Wed. possesses a “problems down the road” influence.) You’ll be admired by someone. Chase money, buy/sell, Fri./Sat. Friday might lure you down a wrong corridor, but Sat. has success written all over it. Law, love, family and/or real estate success — all favoured. Be wary toward sex, debt, and investments.

   VIRGO:  Aug. 23-Sept. 22

Ah, sweet romance! Love, beauty and pleasure assault your senses from every direction, Virgo, especially this Saturday when some will find you irresistible. Whether it’s this week’s/month’s attraction or something later, you have entered a 3-year phase (best 2018 and 2020) that will bring the right kind of love — solid, practical, naturally sexual, with a person you admire and relate to. No more thrilling mysteries that hide incompatibility. One needed ingredient now: communication. Be confident enough to talk, woo — the time for shyness is over. Sunday’s for ambition, social prestige. Welcome friends, make and accept invitations Mon./Tues. Your flirtatiousness and blue-sky optimism not only please you, but make you more  attractive to others. Monday’s better — some will meet their life-mate, some will envision just the right relocation, some will spy huge bright opportunities. But retreat Wed./Thursday. Lie low, rest, think and plan. Don’t invest nor seek sex Wednesday. Government, advisors and therapists will aid you cheerfully Thurs. daytime. Your magnetism, energy and clout soar Fri./Sat. You could attract deep, special love. An important message might arrive Saturday. Start a significant project Sat. — the earlier the better.

    LIBRA:  Sept. 23-Oct. 22

You’ll be very involved with your home, family, security and nutrition concerns for the next three weeks. Warm affection will prevail. So will mild good luck. You’re in a great income year, and a good year to buy real estate. That “good” becomes “very good” now to Jan. 17. Sunday’s mellow, intellectual, broad-minded. Someone might speak of love. Be ambitious Mon./Tues. You might have to deal with a boss, VIP or parent. Monday’s better; Tues. holds some disruption. Be social Wed./Thurs. — you’ll feel popular, happy, optimistic. Thursday’s better. Wednesday’s happy, too, but if you start a romance this day it will never end in marriage. Retreat, lie low and rest Fri./Sat. Watch your health (digestion?) Friday. A neglected chore “returns”. Saturday is blessed with ease, co-operation and luck — gov’t, institutional, head office, spiritual, health and charitable agencies help, are sources of benefit.

   SCORPIO:  Oct. 23-Nov. 21

Life holds busy but easy chores this week and the next couple. Read, write. Make contacts. Be curious, ask questions. Others treat you with grace and good answers. What you learn now (and at many points in 2018) can be the key to a treasure chest of income in 2019. You remain hard-working, assertive, even adventurous. A job you work on this month might be a road to 2019’s money fortunes. Sunday’s for physical intimacy (or temptation) financial manoeuvres, and research. Good day. Intellectual pursuits, education, international affairs, law and cultural interests climax Mon./Tues. Love is part of the picture — a lucky part! Your intuition soars. Monday’s better; Tues. ends with a wee disruption. Your status, career, prestige relations and dealings with authorities (e.g., judges) are highlighted Wed./Thursday. If you want to succeed long-term with a prospect in this area, broach or start it Thurs. daytime, not Wed. Happiness arrives Fri./Sat. — social delights, optimism, a bright future, flirtation, entertainment fill both days. Love  can be powerful yet light, easy. If single, take a chance! Good work/money combination available also, especially Saturday.

    SAGITTARIUS:  Nov. 22-Dec. 21

Chase money, Sage. Buy/sell, seek a pay raise, cultivate clients, etc. You are still a bit vulnerable physically and in romance, so protect your health in body and heart, until Jan. 26. Sunday features friendly, successful relationships. Dig deep Mon./Tues. — you could find treasure. Monday’s best — investments, research, lifestyle changes, medical examinations, and sexual temptations fill this day in lucky ways. A wise, mellow mood steals over you Wed./Thurs. Dive into legal, international, far travel, intellectual pursuits — and gentle love. Thursday yields better long-term results. Ambition, career, prestige relations, VIPs, neighbourhood status, business challenges — these fill Fri./Saturday.  Friday might bring a tug-o-war between ambition and home/family duties, but Sat. is filled with green lights — charge ahead! Your words can make a strong, favourable impression on someone you like. An insecurity lurks, also, deep in yourself. But where would you be if you listened to every doubt?

    CAPRICORN:  Dec. 22-Jan. 19

Your energy, charisma, clout and effectiveness remain high, Cap. Yes, act on those hopeful impulses involving family, domestic projects, quitting a situatuon, security, real estate. Others admire you, want to be in your presence, partly because you radiate grace and affection (until Jan. 17). You are starting a very solid, growth-oriented 3 years. Sunday’s for work and health matters. Eat, dress sensibly. Tackle chores, especially money-linked ones. All’s well. Relationships face you Mon./Tues. Monday’s better, as Tues. daytime holds some disruption. An attraction could spill over into embrace, friends welcome you, and a wish could come true. If single, speak of love and show your vulnerable side. You could also make some great business/practical agreements or connections, esp. Mon. Life veers into depths of mystery and profit Wed./Thurs. Dig deep, reject superficial answers. Investments, finances, medical exigencies, research and physical intimacy/commitment — if you step into these Wed., you’ll encounter obstacles down the road. If you plunge in Thurs. daytime, you’ll speed to your goals. (Watch “Start Nothing” times.) Love, far travel, intellectual pursuits, legal and cultural matters arrive Fri./Sat. — in a superbly lucky way. A vague person might be deceptive Friday. You might hear a valuable or curative secret about your home or family Saturday.

   AQUARIUS:  Jan. 20-Feb. 18

Lie low, rest, contemplate and plan, Aquarius. Approach civil servants, head office, institutions, counsellors and advisors. Seek advice, Aquarius, now to November. Heading out on your own independent ideas could lead to a dead-end. Others hold the map, not you. Romantic notions fill Sun. — so do beauty, poetic pleasure, art, charming kids. Tackle chores Mon. (great progress) and Tues. (machines could malfunction, or you might drive erratically). Eat and dress sensibly. Relationships and opportunities fill Wed./Thurs. Thursday’s better, as Wed. holds hidden future obstacles. If married, your spouse “agrees” Thurs. If single, you could meet a viable partner — whether for ever, or temporarily.  Could also be a business “partnership.”  Relocation, negotiations, agreements/contracts, and public interfacing offer success. All or any of these veer into deeper commitment, consequential action (“put up or shut up”) Fri./Saturday. Superbly fortunate action!  Friday might hold some deception or fuzzy thinking. Your ability to communicate, and your present “background (or restful) position” can help you succeed. All week (and to Jan. 26) realize higher-ups are impatient, temperamental.

   PISCES:  Feb. 19-March 20

Dreams can come true during this easy, lucky week, Pisces. Until Jan. 19, happiness, optimism, popularity and bright plans fill your days. The year ahead fills with learning and/or travel, and these can lead you to people, places and situations that can boost you up the ladder of worldly success by next year. But right now (to Jan. 26) this learning/travel might have an immediate monetary benefit. For example, you might land a scholarship at school, or be paid to travel afar. Sunday’s for home and family, in an easy, productive way. Passion enters Mon./Tues. — creative passion, beauty, amour, risk-taking. Monday’s better — emotions could climax. Tuesday holds unexpected interruptions. Tackle chores Wed./Thursday. Eat, dress sensibly.  You’ll make good progress both days, but Thurs. daytime offers more solid, sure accomplishment. Relationships fill Fri./Saturday. Great luck rides with you in negotiations, agreements, love, attraction, practical partnerships, relocation, dealings with the public. Dive into these, propose, offer, join another’s parade. But — if you’re too ambitious or insist on security, even the most promising “coming together” might eventually meet disagreement. A great week!

The End.