All times are PST (Pacific Standard Time) (-8 GMT).  (See “World clock” in the right hand margin.)

 START NOTHING: 5:54 am to  9:37 am Sun., 3:36 am Mon. to 10:01 am Tues., 3:12 am to 9:03 am Thurs., and 5:47 pm Fri. to 8:58 am Sat.


I’ll continue the “Year Ahead” for all the signs a little later. (A newspaper, the Vancouver Courier, pays for the “Year Ahead,” so I can’t publish it until they have… I think about Jan 4.)….

Note how many  and long the “Start Nothing” periods are. Keep an eye on these,  no matter what I say for your Sun sign forecast this week. This is one of the most contentious, disruptive weeks I’ve seen in a long time – partly, it brings long-standing problems (some of them lasting from 2008 to 2024) to the surface, where they reveal reactions, feelings and actions/events that we will be tempted to see as sudden, temporary, and “out of the blue” – when in reality they have been building for months and years. There is opportunity this week, mostly Wednesday/Thursday – the opportunity of crisis. (E.g., Croatia real estate just after Clinton’s war ended in the 90’s, or buying stocks that 1980’s October day after they fell by 25%. Or the Egyptian property market now.) But for most of us, the wise course for the week ahead is to be quiet, diplomatic, alert and gentle….

I just met the nicest Pisces client. This sign really does understand very much, and despite their famous “dreaminess,” Pisceans are usually very alert, very astute at judging others. Good Pisces authors are Lawrence Durrell (Alexandria Quartet) Anais Nin, and John Updike  (Rabbit Run). Pisces’ writing flows with images. These natives often possess an elfin quality, as if they’ve just wandered from an enchanted forest, or one of their grandparents was a leprechaun….

I see “socionomists” (concerned with the social aspects of economics) in the States are beginning to echo my prediction of 2008 – that, until 2024, we will see increasing domination by hierarchies, and intensified resistance by the masses. (They don’t predict the timing or length of this phase; they simply note that it is occurring – and are charging mega-bucks to tell people. Justified bucks to some degree, as they did define a phenomenon for a lot of people who sensed the new “order of things” but didn’t fully define it to themselves. These socionomists are students of the Zeitgeist.)

On the same self-absorbed note, tech companies are now halfway to fulfilling my forecast, about twenty years ago, of a future “universal financial card.” An American company has introduced a card that contains all other cards, debit, cc, identification, bank cards, etc. My forecast called for a card (in whatever form) that contained all the holder’s financial net worth, which would be “spelled out” not in numbers, but as a position on a color scale, or, better, the card would glow with a color that represented the net worth. This would include debts, bank assets, stock holdings, property, etc. If needed, the exact figures could be obtained, but would only be displayed on request. A wireless function would receive stock and real estate quotes, and adjust the card’s “worth.” Minor transactions, shopping, buying gas, etc., would cause the merest difference in the color’s tint. A card holder could even buy a car, or a house, without the exact finances being revealed, so long as the purchase price was within a small/safe fraction of the total net asset “band” of colors. When I made this forecast, I thought it was decades away, for I couldn’t even imagine the needed technology. But today, it seems that the technology is, if not already here, just around the corner…I suspect the color coding of worth will meet a human barrier.



 Aries.svgARIES   March 21-April 19

Well, that recent run of easy, smooth weeks ends. This one reels from Sunday to Thursday, from one upheaval to another. Success is available in all this, especially in career. Remember, too, that the Chinese were right – there is opportunity in crisis. That said, here are the critical points: Sunday holds stress, but it’s the stress of ambition: be friendly, but  not too unpredictable. Monday holds a cruel streak, as you wrestle with a spouse, partner or competitor (probably over ambition issues). Tuesday morning brings “sharp speech.” Tuesday and Wednesday favor your career – your main asset at this juncture: eagerness. Friends, popularity, optimism and flirtations characterize Thursday/Friday, though you could enter a sudden argument Thursday. Retreat Saturday: rest, enjoy some solitude.


taurus weekly forecastTAURUS   April 20-May 20

The general accent lies on mellowness, wisdom and understanding, gentle love, cultural and international involvements, travel and learning. You’ll need all your wisdom and mellowness to handle the disruptions and barriers this week brings. Most of these involve your work or health, perhaps your dealings with the government/institutions. Strictly observe safety rules, Sunday through Thursday. You might face an ethical, legal or moral dilemma involving work or health. If you feel pain in your hips, thighs, neck or head, see an MD. Don’t be cruel to loved ones (or anyone!). Mysteries, sexual urges, high finance, medical diagnosis fill Sunday/Monday: step cautiously, look beneath surface appearances. That mellow mood steals sweetly over you Tuesday/Wednesday: deep changes can occur in your views, your life philosophy. Higher-ups are watching Thursday/Friday: do your best, avoid temper.  Saturday brings friends, joy, release!


Gemini.svgGEMINI    May 21-June 20

You’ve had an easy, rewarding time lately, Gemini – but now you must be alert, ready to handle barriers and glitches. Sunday/Monday bring relationships. Careful both days: accidents possible in driving and speech. One side of you is eager for romance and friendship, but financial or sexual barriers interfere – perhaps by leading you astray, to another person. (As a result, you might undergo a deep, lasting change in how you approach these things.) These last things, sex and  finances, fill Tuesday/Wednesday. There is a big opportunity here Wednesday (perhaps to increase your income) but sexual, romantic, social and creative attractions or obligations again split your loyalties, your focus. Intellectual, travel, publishing, cultural, love and international themes slated Thursday/Friday: maintain temper Thursday; careful with practical goals Friday. Saturday ends this run of problems: your career future looks long, high, bright!


Cancer.svgCANCER   June 21-July 22

This is the week in which you’ll face all the barriers in relationships – especially to one special link. If you survive as a couple, good. If not, it wasn’t meant to be. Sunday brings words and tension with a partner or lover. The point of conflict is probably your ambitions (or lack of them). Tuesday, a deeper, less obvious conflict with your partner, but now it revolves around your home life, kids, garden, food, security, etc. Same (but more verbal) Tuesday. Wednesday either knits all the holes up and soothes hurt hearts, or brings the change, even the split, that the earlier days led up to. Anger, Thursday – or simply lots of energy, for  those whose heart has been soothed. Both Wed. and Thurs. contain opportunities to join, to reach a breakthrough. (E.g., if you’re single, you fight for 4 days, and finally decide to marry. Quite possible. ) Tuesday through Friday either steers a relationship into deeper intimacy, or throws the ship on the  rocks. Saturday, all’s mellow, compassionate. You feel balanced, wise again.


Leo icon, Luck ForecastLEO   July 23-Aug. 22

The weeks ahead feature work and health issues – and this is the worst week. Adhere to all safety rules, and see the doctor if your health is poor. Eat, drink and dress sensibly. Sunday/Monday bring romantic notions, pleasure, beauty, creativity and joys from kids. But these delights can be overshadowed or blocked by a work, health or machinery problem Sunday.  You might react angrily toward these barriers Monday – but to little avail. Avoid cruel decisions. Your work place and/or health situation grows even more demanding Tuesday/Wednesday – and again problems arise. Tuesday, sharp words or stress “bite.” Wednesday, you have to adapt to the changing nature of your duties. Relationships, negotiation, agreements and face-to-face challenges fill Thursday/Friday. Contain your temper (and your words) Thursday. Friday gently says “No.” Both Wednesday and Thursday hold an opportunity connected to civil servants or your company’s administration. Saturday brings mysteries, secrets – but also relief: one of 2013/14’s worst weeks is over!


Virgo.svgVIRGO   Aug. 23-Sept. 22

You’re lucky, Virgo. This week, which disrupts many, deals gently with you. Any problems you do encounter should be “wake up calls.” In general, you’re entranced now by romantic prospects, the beauty around you, and your creative mood. These will reach a climax Tuesday/Wednesday. (But you’d be wise to abstain from chasing a new person these days.) Sunday/Monday accent your domestic sphere: be restful, show affection to your family, and realize that any extra-marital temptation you feel or yield to, will be sensed intuitively by your mate or “regular lover.” You might need to choose: is it old  faithful love, or a bold step into danger? Midweek brings romantic feelings to a climax, but also, again, strains the ropes of loyalty. Thursday, too. But it seems loyalty wins. Both Wednesday and Thursday contain an opportunity to join an exciting group or club. Tackle chores Thursday/Friday. Exciting meetings, real love, new opportunities, Saturday. All week, follow safety rules, drive carefully.


Libra.svgLIBRA   Sept. 23-Oct. 22

Many things can change this week, including relationships. The general accent lies on home, children, property, security – and recuperation. Nap frequently. Now to July, you’re much more sure of yourself, at least on first impulse. (After you act impulsively, you might feel a bit guilty or peeved with yourself.) This week, your courage and impulsivity will nudge you this way and that – to chase/accept a new lover, reject a partner, call  an old lover, to take a hammer to your home, drive without a license, or, literally, blow a fuse – you’re a warrior now. But in seven months you won’t be, so combine wisdom with your wildness. Some Librans will find (or have just found) a new partner, even a new home. Sunday/Monday bring messages, calls, travel, errands. Drive carefully. Don’t spend on your home; DON’T buy a car, computer, machinery before Saturday. Be home, rest, embrace family Tuesday/Wednesday. Romance appeal Thursday/Friday. Saturday’s great for chores, machinery or high tech purchases.


Scorpio.svgSCORPIO   Oct. 23-Nov. 21

At this time of year you seldom face critical events or dilemmas. But this week is a doozy – disruptions and barriers can occur at your work place, in health, and in travel, driving, running errands, and communications. Drive cautiously, follow safety precautions at work and around electricity or machinery, and eat/drink sensibly. Don’t buy machinery or tools before Saturday. Disruptions affect almost every day, so I’ll just list what you’d normally do each day, and you can add “be cautious” to every one. Chase money Sunday/Monday. Maintain open communications at work, but reject gossip. Travel, errands, communications slated Tuesday/Wednesday – speak your heart Wednesday. Home, family, security, retirement prospects become important Thursday/Friday. Don’t invest. Both Wed. and Thurs. contain an opportunity – could be far travel, education, publishing, cultural, or love. Saturday offers romance, creative surges, blue skies – you’ll win!


Sagittarius.svgSAGITTARIUS   Nov. 22-Dec. 21

The general accent lies on money, income and spending, possessions, sensual relationships, memory and rote learning. This week is disruptive, unpredictable – but others will sustain the brunt of any disappointments or accidents. Your energy and charisma soar Sunday/Monday – others look to you for leadership, direction – so be wise, cautious. Love – even friendship – might wither in the face of money disagreements or rich/poor chasms. You might start an earnings or spending project Tuesday/Wednesday (if so, make it Wednesday – Tuesday has “poverty” written all over it). Errands, short trips, casual acquaintances, communications, visits and curiosity fill Thursday/Friday, but wishes about romance, friendship or hidden matters (and about government contacts) won’t come true. Contain your temper Thursday – and all week! Drive carefully, be gentle with an Aries or Gemini. Saturday, you get a sweet, well-deserved rest.


Capricorn.svgCAPRICORN   Dec. 22-Jan. 19

This could be a momentous week, Cap. Remember the saying, “opportunity in crisis” – especially Wednesday and Thursday. Though this is your highest energy month of the year, you’re a bit sluggish Sunday/Monday – two good days to retreat, relax and plan. (Event-wise, Sunday triggers accidents around your home, electrical problems, deceptive communications; Monday features an angry or impatient higher-up – who either decides not to mess with you, or goes whole hog and starts a quiet war. Both days, retreat the wisest course!) Your energy surges Tuesday/Wednesday: others notice you, admire you. But be careful with home, kids Wednesday, and with reputation, career, higher-ups Thursday. (Thursday/Friday feature spending and earnings – and caution is advised in both.) By Saturday, at last, life runs smoothly, happily – get out, travel, communicate, call, visit – follow your nose.


Aquarius.svgAQUARIUS   Jan. 20-Feb. 18

Oddly enough, a wish could come true Sunday/Monday. Oddly, because the week ahead (including Sun./Mon.) brings many of the year’s difficulties/incompatibilities/crises to a climax – we all will have to face our problems. Overall, you’re in a deep rest, solitude, contemplative time, a hermit time, and you’d be wise to do just these for the days ahead. (If life’s playing whack-a-mole, don’t stick your head up.) Tuesday/Wednesday bring the depth of weariness: retreat, rest. Thursday/Friday bring your energy levels up somewhat: still, be self-protective. Contain your temper (and go light on athletics, at the gym, etc.) Thursday. Don’t expect to win Friday. At last, Saturday, calm and easy progress comes – in earnings, shopping, and sensual links. All week, most disruptions and problems involve communications and driving/travel, reputation, gossip, paperwork, love/romance, sex, legalities/ethics, education, and dealings with governments, institutions. Avoid starting new projects in these areas.


Pisces.svgPISCES   Feb. 19-March 20

Take care Sunday/Monday: important people are observing your performance. Avoid being erratic, unpredictable, or doing anything which could be considered beyond the pale. Promotion – and your general reputation – could be at stake. All week, be doubly cautious with sexual urges, extra-marital temptations, financial commitments, investments, debt, research, detective work, health, and major lifestyle changes. (This advice applies for seven months, to late July.) Your popularity rises, and a happy mood steals over you, Tuesday/Wednesday. But dangers remain, so maintain alertness, caution. Light love, friends, social delights come – and a wish might be granted. Retreat Thursday/Friday: sleep, rest, contemplate, plan. Steer clear of monetary and legal/ethical temptations. Saturday, you burst into success – your energy and charisma surge, you see the solutions to earlier crises, and you attract admiration. This week, though fractious and disruptive, contains two opportunities (which could blend into one) Wednesday and Thursday: both involve love, passion, beauty, creativity, games, sports, or children.

The End