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START NOTHING: Before 7:19 pm Sun., 5:45 pm Tues. to 7:12 am Wed., and 0:07 am to 5:29 pm Fri.


Merry Christmas (and all the other holidays, Kwanzaa, Hanukka, etc.)!  The 25th is a lucky, happy day for everyone. But receive, embrace — don’t start anything significant.


Any cabinet or similar appointments Trump makes Monday (Dec. 19) through Jan. 7 will later be replaced, or in some way not please Trump. (That includes Agriculture and  Veteran’s Affairs, tho he could fill these after the Mercury retro ends January 8.)

I told you several years ago (just before Ghadaffi fell in Libya) that the U.S. had lost/would lose “the Middle East.” Now Russia, Turkey, Iran and Syria have banned the U.S. from peace talks over Syria. Those talks will fail.

The bear will attack the boar, and the eagle will gain by not engaging. The eagle will sit on the bear’s shoulder. The beaver just keeps on truckin’.

I advised you to buy Canadian banks in September, when I expected a dip in their prices. The dip was very minimal, but the banks are up about 15 to 20% since then. You could just sell now, take an easy profit, and be on your way. (Because I don’t think they’ll climb a lot more, despite everything going their way.)



Aries.svg    ARIES:  March 21-April 19

Remember, Aries, don’t start any new projects or relationships before January 8.  Meanwhile, protect ongoing projects and reprise those which return from the past. You sense a secret or somehow intuit what’s beneath the surface Sunday.  Not much will come of it though.  From suppertime Sunday (PST) to dawn Wednesday, you slide into a contemplative, daydreaming and intellectual mood. Monday is a bit rough until mid-afternoon, but the rest of this interval flows smoothly and benevolently. It’s a good time to contact people far away, or to arrange travel or legal affairs. Your ambition reawakens Wednesday dawn to Friday suppertime. Charge ahead, for the only thing that can stop you now is yourself  (by being unpredictable late Thursday night, Friday morn).  Friday night and Saturday bring social joys, flirtations, optimism, entertainment and a boost in popularity. Don’t act on a fantasy Saturday. Through January 27, avoid belligerent people and places of violence — someone may attempt to draw you into an unethical situation – refuse.


taurus weekly forecast    TAURUS:  April 20 – May 20

Start no new projects nor relationships before January 8, Taurus. Protect ongoing relationships and projects from delays, indecision and the mistakes. A former project or relationship might return from the past – this is likely to be a legal, travel, educational, media or cultural involvement – or one you once loved now returns.  Not a lot happens Sunday, but it is a mild, benevolent day — and for you, might glow with relationship happiness. Sex, secrets, health concerns, heightened intuition, financial opportunities, investigation and commitment visit you Sunday suppertime (PST) to Wednesday dawn. Don’t even touch these things before suppertime Monday; after this, all goes well.  Wednesday through Friday suppertime accents the main purpose of this month ahead: to learn or educate, to travel internationally, to engage in legal, cultural or intellectual matters, and to love, and perhaps to wed. Act well before Thursday night, when disruption interferes. Be ambitious Friday night and Saturday: your career is well protected, and your reputation is climbing!


Gemini.svg    GEMINI:  May 21 – June 20

Remember, Gemini, don’t start any new relationships or projects before January 8. In the meantime, protect ongoing interests from delays, mistaken directions, missed appointments, etc.  Someone from the past to whom you were very sexually attracted, might return.  Until January 27, sidestep the ire of bosses and authorities. If you just do your job, you’ll be okay. Help with the chores Sunday – all is peaceful, but watch what you eat, as your health is a little uncertain. This night to Wednesday dawn brings relationships — argumentative ones until mid-afternoon Monday; then affectionate, joyful ones Monday night onward. Sex, secret attractions, investigation and spying, health and lifestyle concerns/choices, and various financial opportunities arise Wednesday through Friday suppertime.  Act Wednesday and Thursday daytime for best results. An old temptation might return. Friday night through Saturday bring a mellow, wise mood, gentle love and compassion, and a renewed understanding of the world. But don’t let the boss catch you daydreaming!


Cancer.svg    CANCER:  June 21 – July 22

Start nothing new before January 8, Cancer, neither ventures, projects, nor relationships. On the plus side, one of these might return from the past and prove to be very auspicious. This could be a former spouse seeking to remarry, an opportunity that you just could not grab before, a relocation or litigation situation that you thought had disappeared. (But DO NOT start a lawsuit or enter any legal zones before mid-May. This is particularly strong advice now through January.)  Sunday is sweet, romantic, filled with little goodies — but nothing of real significance occurs. Tackle chores this evening (PST) but not really late – check all fire hazards (fireplaces, stoves etc.) before going to bed. Be careful with all chores until mid-afternoon Monday – after this, all goes very well. Wednesday dawn to Friday suppertime brings significant relationships. You might hear from an “ex,” or a former lover.  However, nothing succeeds after 4 PM Thursday, so quit early. The relationship or opportunity of Wed./Thurs. might turn deeper Friday night/Saturday (i.e., affection into sex, or an opportunity into money/funding). My advice: sign nothing Saturday.


Leo icon, Luck Forecast    LEO:  July 23 – August 22

Remember, Leo, start no new projects nor relationships before January 8. instead, protect your ongoing enterprises from delays and mistakes, or reprise ventures from the past.  A former coworker might reappear in your life; but if this is an old flame, it’s a dead old flame – leave it alone. Now to January 27, you can be tempted by sexual or financial lures. Be careful – these are almost certain to turn out badly (and are generally negative for you until mid-May). Spend Sunday at home or nearby – all is pleasant, but little gets done. Sunday night to dawn Wednesday brings romance, beauty, glitz and glamour, pleasure, creative and gambling urges, and charming children. These are disrupted by tension and suspicion through mid-afternoon Monday – but succeed well after this. Dive into chores Wednesday dawn to Friday suppertime. You’ll accomplish everything with ease – but quit before Thursday night, when disruptions and frayed nerves interfere. Exciting meetings occur Friday night through Saturday. You will gain by being cooperative, as others hold all the aces. A major sexual or financial temptation faces you Saturday — take care!


Virgo.svg    VIRGO:  August 23 – September 22

An old flame might appear, Virgo, especially Wednesday through Friday.  Until January 8, don’t start any new relationships or projects; instead protect the ones you already have, and/or reprise valuable situations that you let go in the past. You will be very busy Sunday (travelling, phoning, helping out) but nothing significant lies in your path.  Be home or head for home Sunday night to Wednesday suppertime. If you are travelling, leave after 3 PM (PST) Monday (or anytime Tuesday) for the safest journey. Home, children, food, security – these also are difficult early Monday; then better Monday night through Tuesday. Sink into that couch!  Wednesday morning to Friday suppertime brings good romance, games and sports, beauty and pleasure, and charming children.  All these bless you through Thursday afternoon, but Thursday night is tense, and your spouse says “not now dear.” Tackle chores Friday eve through Saturday – you’ll make good headway, but be very careful with fire and flammables such as gasoline, especially Saturday. Careful, also, with flammable relationships – you might blow an attraction into a major obsession, one which would flare explosively for a short period of time, then leave you burned and bewildered.  (Singles: AFTER mid-May, you will find reliable relationships.)


Libra.svg    LIBRA:  September 23 – October 22

You might revisit an old haunt in the coming weeks, Libra, or a long lost family member might return to the nest. Now to January 8, start no new projects nor relationships. Instead, either protect the ones you have from misunderstandings, delays, supply shortages, etc., or reach back into the past to restart a love or project that promise success but which was somehow left behind. You will spend some money Sunday, but little will come of it ( so don’t spend big). The day is very pleasant.  Sunday night to Wednesday dawn (PST) throws you into a round of busy calls and emails, conversations, short trips, errands and busy work. You will not get much accomplished before 3 PM (PST) Monday – in fact, rude responses and erratic driving irritate you. But after this, all is smooth (and even romantically loving around noon Tuesday). The focus shifts to your domicile, family, garden, nutrition, nature, security and retirement Wednesday morning to Friday suppertime. All these bless you through Thursday afternoon, then some tension and disruptions interfere. Friday night and Saturday are romantic and adventurous, but part you just wants to stay home and be warm. Do not romance a coworker. A spouse or someone you thought might make a good spouse displays their more tawdry or weak side.


Scorpio.svg    SCORPIO:  October 23 – November 21

Remember, Scorpio, start no new projects nor relationships before January 8. Until then, reprise projects or loves from the past, or stick with the ongoing, while patiently waiting for the delays and misunderstandings to end.  You are the star of the show Sunday – everyone’s attention seems focused on you. (So be entertaining!) Sunday evening to Wednesday dawn brings possessions, gifts, memories, and a sensual attraction. (If you bedded this person, you’d be bored within a year.) Until mid-afternoon Monday, a series of mishaps frustrates you; after this, everything goes splendidly. Wednesday dawn to Friday suppertime immerses you in errands, communications, short travel, and busy little chores. These succeed until Thursday night, when stress or a lack of cooperation stymie you. Head for home Friday night and Saturday:  all is well, hug your kids and spouse, dive into a deep pool of nostalgia, and enjoy a delicious rest.  A Saturday  caution: avoid an almost overwhelming romantic temptation, and avoid alcohol or food that will give you acid reflux.


Sagittarius.svg    SAGITTARIUS:  November 22 – December 21

Don’t start any new projects nor relationships before January 8, Sagittarius. Instead, keep to ongoing ventures and remain loyal in your relationships. The past might return in the form of a sensual attraction, a money situation, or a possession that you coveted long ago, and might now have the opportunity to purchase. Whether this return from the past is a positive or negative is up to you to judge. There is nothing really worth doing Sunday, and you are quite tired, so get as much rest as you can. Your energy and charisma bounce upward around supper time (PST) and stay high to dawn Wednesday. Use this extra energy and clout to solve problems the first 15 hours of Monday.  After this, everything is great – show your skills, get out and contact people, be the leader!  (But DO NOT start anything new.)  Chase money, pay old bills and perform routine shopping Wednesday dawn to Friday suppertime. To succeed, act before Thursday eve, not after.  Many calls, friends, errands and short trips, perhaps paperwork, fill Friday night through Saturday. Your path is benign, but one major pothole exists, probably Saturday: you could be tempted to end a love affair, or even worse, to start one; or you could be tempted to paint/ decorate your home, to punish a child to severely, or simply to overindulge in spirits or drugs.


Capricorn.svg    CAPRICORN:  December 22 – January 19

Your energy, charisma and clout remain at a yearly high, Cap. Usually, I would advise you to get out, make new contacts, display yourself and start important new projects, but that will not work now because we are in a “backwardation” influence until January 8.  So do get out and display your many good sides, renew old contacts, and protect ongoing projects from delays and shortages. You might also reprise a project from the past – this likely involves unemployment, machinery, education, International affairs, legalities, or media. It might also involve, if you’re single, reuniting with an old flame – which could turn to marriage. You’ll be happy and social Sunday – a beautiful day in which nevertheless nothing gets done. Sunday night to dawn Wednesday nudges you into rest, relaxation, contemplation and emotional/spiritual growth. This interval starts out poorly, as disruptions and misconceptions dog you into mid-afternoon Monday (PST).  But everything proceeds successfully Monday night and Tuesday. Your energy and charisma surge to a yearly high Wednesday morning to Friday suppertime. (Re-read the first five sentences above. Since you are indecisive, your increased energy well find it hard to settle on an object or plan.)  Good luck accompanies you Wednesday and Thursday, but you meet resistance and disruption late Thursday night. Chase money, pay collected bills, and shop for routine items Friday night and Saturday. Be very careful Saturday night where engines and alcohol mix.


Aquarius.svg    AQUARIUS: January 20 – February 18

Remember, Aquarius: start no new projects, ventures or relationships before January 8. Instead, protect ongoing projects from missed deadlines, mistaken directions, supply shortages, etc. — and/or reprise a favourite project or relationship from the past. A lot of indecision will center around the background areas of your life:  your physical or emotional limitations; involvements with governments, institutions or management groups; charitable and spiritual activities; and contemplative examination of your life thus far. (This last helps you envision your future and make plans — but before January 8, don’t bother making any plans: that would be like writing on the wind with a hand full of sand.)  People show you unaccustomed respect Sunday – enjoy it but don’t bank on it – little of importance will occur. A wish could come true Sunday night to dawn Wednesday (PST) . Although you are tired, this interval brings you hope, happiness, and a few more friends than you expected. But be careful the first 15 hours of Monday, when accident and other negative potentials are high. Retreat, rest, contemplate – do NOT plan – be charitable and spiritual and deal with “head office” Wednesday dawn to Friday suppertime. This short interval also flows very smoothly — until late Thursday night, when disruptions occur. Your energy and charisma return mildly Friday night and Saturday — good. But beware of buying anything significant, and be leery of drugs and alcohol, especially Saturday night.


Pisces.svg    PISCES:  February 19 – March 20

Hey, Pisces, what a lovely month lies ahead! Before late January, a fairly major wish can come true, especially on the social side. You are sexually magnetic, determined and lucky – but especially lucky if you engage with or cooperate with one or more other people. The weeks ahead hold optimism, popularity, flirtations, entertainment and social delights. However, do not start any new relationships (or projects) before January 8. Until then, protect ongoing projects and stick with ongoing relations — or seize a relationship from the past: an old flame is likely to appear. (This was never a deep, helpless love, but a light, enjoyable one.)  Sunday is romantic and affectionate, but nothing significant really happens. Be ambitious Sunday night to dawn Wednesday (PST). The first bit of this period, until mid-afternoon Monday, opposes and frustrates everything you want to do. But after this, good luck accompanies you — do your best to impress the boss or your parents or a VIP — but don’t propose a new project to them. From breakfast Wednesday to suppertime Friday, expect happiness, popularity, social delights, and wish fulfillment!  But quit before late Thursday night’s tension and disruption.  Retreat, rest, contemplate, be spiritual, charitable, and deal with management, civil servants or institutional workers Friday night and Saturday. You might feel like a “warrior” late Saturday, but before you bellow, check: is it a fantasy?

The End

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  1. youzoo

    Hi Tim,
    Single mom Sun 3 degrees Capricorn, Moon 27 degrees Libra, rising sign Pieces 5 degrees harassed by teen child sun 21 degrees capricorn, Moon 13 degrees scorpio, rising sign 29 degrees leo. What is best way forward beneficial to both. Please note both are stubborn. I would love reading from you, have in past but at end of my financial rope so cannot right now.

  2. carita

    Hey, Tim
    I look forward to your reflections they are great! Question regarding (Capricorn) you talked about
    Un-employment can you explain?? I’m looking for a new job specifically working from home. I currently have a job and definitely don’t want to become unemployed.

  3. Peter

    Hi Tim
    As usual i enjoy reading your weekly forecasts & preamble. With regards part of your preamble i’m assuming you have had some kind of (psychic) premonition?

    “The bear will attack the boar, and the eagle will gain by not engaging. The eagle will sit on the bear’s shoulder. The beaver just keeps on truckin”

    I can only think the “bear” is Russia, the “Eagle” the US & the “beaver” Canada? If that is so then i am intrigued to know which country you are catergorising as the “boar”? One of the baltic states maybe? – Sorry lots of question marks, but the “boar” one is what i am really interested in knowing?

    Or sorry maybe i am just adding up 2 + 2 again & getting 5?……….with reagrds my recent fascination/phobia with everything Russia/Putin are getting up to in the world these days?

    All the best and once again thank you for your insight.


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