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ALL TIMES/DATES ARE PT (Pacific Time Zone, 8 hours before Greenwich. If you look at the “World Clock” in the right margin, Pacific Time is 2 hours before Chicago, 8 hours before London, 10 hours before Istanbul, 13.5 hours before New Delhi, 15 hours before Jakarta, and 16 hours before Hong Kong. For example, if you are in the same time zone as Hong Kong, you must add 16 hours to any time given in the column. If I write “before 10 pm Monday,” this would change, in Hong Kong, to “before 2 pm Tuesday.”) (You can also Google “time zone converter.”)


START NOTHING: 4:35 am to 5:25 pm Sun., 7:17 pm Mon. to 6:52 pm Tues., 7:11 am to 8:07 pm Thurs., and 7:44 am to 10:35 pm Sat.
Merry Christmas and Happy Kwanzaa, Everybody! I had an exciting year, with surgery midway – actually, I’ve forgotten whole chunks of the July to September period, due to painkillers and 16-hour sleeping stretches. The good thing is, I became allergic to painkillers, so have had none since October. It’s nice to feel physically half-normal again.

The recent fall in Canada’s stock markets might have been  a bottom, and stocks could rise into June/15. This is just a feeling. I stick with earlier, overall bearish forecasts.

Tuesday brings a big change – Saturn leaves Scorpio and enters Sagittarius. This ends two years of restrictions for every sign in a certain area (sex for Aries, partnership for Taurus, work for Gemini, etc.) and places new restrictions on a different area (far travel and learning for Aries, sex for Taurus, relationships for Gemini, etc.) Perhaps I’ll discuss this more in a few weeks.


Fairly often, an emailer will write to say something like: “In your yearly forecast you said this was going to be a great love year, but in this week’s forecast you say to avoid a new person you meet in romantic circumstances. What gives?” In astrology, there are big, long cycles, and short ones. In a year-long lucky cycle for anything, there can be shorter counter-cycles showing bad luck for the same areas. The difference is, one cycle might be a year long, and another only a day, week or month long, counselling a temporary retreat. In astrology, the longer the cycle, the stronger it is. So Pluto’s 14-year sojourn in Capricorn (2009-2024) far outweighs Uranus’ 7-year travel through Aries (2011-2018) and both outweigh the Moon’s 2-day travel through any sign….
CANCER, you’ll be financially flush in 2015, at least until August. You might experience some money slowdown January to early April, but you’ll still be flush. It’s best to start new income projects April through mid-May. Strive to put yourself on a new earnings plateau: for instance, ask for a permanent pay raise rather than accepting temporary overtime pay. You can buy great new tools and equipment now (or a vehicle) especially late February to late April.
From mid-August onward, you grow restless, want to travel, visit, read, talk – your curiosity grows, and you’ll benefit from satisfying it. You might visit a neighbourhood or city that you will later (2016/17) settle down in. Friends will occupy your time, and this is a splendid period to re-organize your files, re-arrange office systems, buy a new phone or computer, car or travel tickets, especially late August, early September, and October 9th to mid-November.
Romance splits in two: through August, you might experience a sensual, friendly, polite attraction. Sexual intimacy will be easy to obtain, but this person might later become a bit burdensome and boring. After August, your increased friendliness and talkativeness can attract a real “soul friend,” a compatible, light, happy love affair. You’re tempted sexually January/February – avoid triangles, be honest. A gentle love might arise in March, but it might not last long in the face of practical realities. In April/May, someone can make your romantic dreams come true – you attract affection in May. But still, this likely isn’t “the one.” Your magnetism soars in July, and your courage strengthens – you’ll pursue what and whom you want! A precise, solid, practical person could draw you this autumn – this relationship could take off like a rocket, swift conversation, swift meetings, possible distant travel. Sometime in this decade (to 2024) you will be offered true love. Late 2015 is one of the “qualifying periods.” November lights romantic fires.
Your romantic outlook was sober and restricted in 2013 and 14: now this dissolves, leaving you “young at heart” again.
Chase money and career goals in April and August. May brings new friends. Do not begin to co-habit with anyone from early November to the end of December. You might change jobs or “rebuild” a job in late 2015. All year, your home life is favoured over your career (be cautious and agreeable on the latter front).

LEO, you start 2015 with a sassy, confident, lucky and happy expression – you’re in the midst of a personal lucky streak! Self-expression, romance, creative surges and speculative urges visit you from January to August, and again in December. This whole arena, though, is also a bit sober, and you a bit cautious, as love seems to blend with responsibilities. Still, this is a splendid time to take risks, to launch a thrilling adventure, to stretch your boundaries. You might fall madly in love – but it’s more certain that someone will be attracted to you first. This person might be significantly older or younger than you. Who cares? Seize love. This is a superb time to teach or raise children.
International travel, higher education, publishing, media and advertising, religion, philosophy, cultural venues and rituals surround you these first eight months. If something falls in your lap here, grab it; if it keeps eluding you after several attempts, reject it – thoroughly.
September onward (into 2016) brings a money horn, and it keeps blowing your way. What you do before September can affect how much money you make this autumn into next year – but it will be large, in any case. (For example, if you’re an artist, what you paint before September will sell this month onward.)
An old flame (or just an old friend) might return in January/February, mid-May to mid-June, or mid-September to mid-October. (The January-February flame spells “marriage material,” March too, but watch out for extra-marital temptations.) All year to mid-November, DON’T wed – love, live together, even bring a child into the world, but don’t make formal vows – nor sign anything, in business, too. Verbal, not written agreements bless you. (A December wedding promises a happy, affectionate home, princely kids, prosperity and mental acuity.) Until November, also, strictly avoid lawsuits.
Gobs of money will flow swiftly to you in July, a bit of August. Bank this: your urge to spend is powerful, but you’re forgetting big bills that need paying, too. Your home life has been cold and sparse the last two years: now that’s over.

Aries.svgARIES March 21-April 19
The weeks ahead accent ambition, prestige relationships, reputation and worldly position. Forget the challenges and struggles of the past – this is a new ambitious interval. Be eager, hard working, optimistic and ambitious. Forgive everyone, slice away your past, and march to the future. Now, I’m not promising total, easy success – in fact, climaxing about January 20, you can be tempted to aim for exactly the wrong kind of future. You’ll recognize it. It seems too good to be true, yet you still desire it. It involves a certain amount of laziness and “ something for free.” It might involve cutting corners ethically, or telling a little lie. And if you actually chase it, you’ll experience delay after inexplicable delay. While chasing it, you’ll probably act unpredictably, stubbornly and too independently (or oddly, refusing to act unless it’s with a group). If you recognize any of these “symptoms,” stop; find a more reasonable or achievable goal; change your ambition. Then, you’ll succeed! (Last week might have shown you how your “unpredictable” or stubborn side meets career barriers.) Sunday daytime’s mellow. Be ambitious Monday – the boss might have something confidential to tell you. Friends, optimism, social joys fill Wed./Thurs. Retreat, rest, contemplate and deal with the government Fri./Sat. All’s well: a good week!

taurus weekly forecastTAURUS April 20-May 20
The weeks ahead bring a mellow mood, wisdom, a broader view, profound thoughts – in some ways a deep, meaningful change of thoughts, of life philosophy , partly due to the influence of others who think differently than you. Even your spouse or business partner might casually say something which makes your intellect start quietly searching for answers. There are always small ups and downs, but in the long view, you are favoured for marriage, love, travel and relocation, the discovery of new worlds, higher education, culture, and heart-soothing wisdom from 2009 to 2024. Every late December to late January will emphasize this splendid period of growth for your mind and your heart: this Sunday eve to Tuesday eve doubly emphasizes it. Be a scholar of life, Taurus! On other levels, be long-suffering with temperamental bosses or parents. As we get into January, you might be assailed for something in your past, or tempted to gossip or collude. All these can hurt your worldly standing, so be good, and smile at powerful people. A restriction (2012 to today) is lifted from relationships (for 29 years). Be ambitious Wed., cautious Thurs. Social delights, popularity, optimism, flirtation flow in Fri./Sat. – celebrate with friends.

Gemini.svgGEMINI May 21-June 20
The weeks ahead bring three major things: one, a temptation/desire to be popular, which not only won’t work, but could backfire; 2) a temptation/desire to achieve a new level of learning, thought, philosophy or travel, which also can backfire. An Aquarian friend could be in trouble, but an Aquarian could also steer you into the wrong life path. Help, don’t be led. All these possibilities climax about January 20, but arrive much earlier. The third major influence is one that comes every year: the four weeks ahead emphasize mysteries, research or detective work, health diagnoses, lifestyle changes, financial actions, commitment and consequence, and deep sexual and financial urges (both come from the same place in the subconscious – both are a search for security, and an attempt to improve conditions). Progress in these zones depends a lot on your willingness to work. For example, sex brings babies, investments bring duties. Sunday eve to Tuesday eve emphasizes all these “mysteries,” and is a superb time to start a project or make changes. A mellow, wise mood flows over you Wed./Thurs. Be ambitious Friday – start something. Saturday’s the same, but it goes nowhere – start nothing.

Cancer.svgCANCER June 21-July 22
A month of work and health concerns fades: Sunday begins four weeks of fresh opportunities, relationships, and exploration. You might have to make a choice soon in a crucial relationship. Others treat you with openness and grace, even affection. They are also becoming more talkative. Be careful with investments until mid-January: don’t throw your money impulsively into anything. Hidden circumstances, facts, can hurt you. (In general, you’ll be luckier with earnings than in investments, until August.) Sunday starts with chores, but by this eve, through Tuesday suppertime, relationships enter in a major, growth-oriented way. As many as four new “associations” could be born in this short interval. Note the people you meet, especially Monday: cultivate these people over the weeks ahead. Life’s mysteries, sexual yearnings, financial ideas and inspirations come Wed./Thurs. Wednesday’s a bit disruptive, nervous. A mellow, intellectual mood flows over you Thurs. night to Saturday – you’ll succeed in far travel, cultural venues, education, law, publishing and love. Be sure to show love. A two-year “sober note” in romance lifts this week, not to return for 3 decades. Love will have more “lift,” more laughter.

Leo icon, Luck ForecastLEO July 23-Aug. 22
The weeks ahead urge you to apply yourself: major chores await. Protect your health during this phase; eat and dress sensibly. Now to early January, co-workers are affectionate, work is almost fun. Be careful with relationships, though – some people react intensely toward you right into mid-January. This could even attract you to a “fiery” person, but the outcome doesn’t look great. Your romantic prospects this year (to August 2015) are splendid – but this intense person is not part of them. If you’re already attached, these few weeks can bring an argument or two, but also a sexy, adventurous time – plan a special getaway. (Only a weekend, because you have all that work to do.) Sunday daytime is romantic, but not much happens – keep it in your heart, thoughts. This night to Tues. eve, tackle chores – a new job might begin. It’s a smooth, productive interval, but be safety conscious (emotionally, also) Monday afternoon (PT). (Work alone to succeed.) Relationships arise in a stable way Tues. night, with excitement Wed. (Best late Wed. night – a wee “lover’s spat” around suppertime.) Thursday night (yuck, rejection/dejection) through Saturday brings temptations, sexual lures, financial hunches, and a “detective mood” – all rewarding, lucky, fruitful. (The cosmos tempts us for good as often as for bad.) Look beneath appearances. Avoid triangles, married seducers.

Virgo.svgVIRGO Aug. 23-Sept.22
In general, until next August, your luck and charisma, your optimism and “world winning ways” are at a quiet, 13-year low. (From August onward, you enter a whole year of giant, surging luck, optimism and charisma! But that’s there; we’re here.) Despite this larger trend of retreat and quietude, the four weeks ahead bring a breeze of romance, affection, creative and speculative success. That romance might or might not solidify into an actual affair, but it will keep you dreaming delicious possibilities. So use the weeks ahead to have fun, soak up pleasures and beauty, to help and teach children, and – if you’re attached – to flirt and play with your partner. Work is hard and intense to mid-January, but not ultimately rewarding, so don’t sacrifice your life for it. This week marks the end of a sluggish, restrictive atmosphere in communications and travel – and the start of a two-year “sober creativity,” of quiet, deep pleasure, in your home. Rest Sunday daytime. This eve to Tuesday eve brings romance, creative and speculative urges – take a chance! A love affair might begin. Tackle chores Wed./Thurs. – careful with electricity, tools Wed. suppertime (PT). Relationships disappoint Thursday night, but fascinate you Fri./Sat. – for years ahead, to 2025, this fascination will grow, with/toward a special kind of person.

Libra.svgLIBRA Sept. 23-Oct. 22
The month ahead features your home and family, nostalgia and mementoes. It’s time to forgive and nurture. Your family’s affectionate talkative and lively. Though this is usually a sluggish, contemplative time for you, either romance, or children and their antics, keep you busy. Your romantic courage is high, but not necessarily astute. If it draws you to an Aries, beware; if to an Aquarian, it’s “hot and honest.” Tuesday ends 2 years of income/monetary restriction, but starts two years of slower, sometimes arduous communications and travel. On the good side, the two years ahead bring more stability in relationships. Sunday daytime’s for routine errands. This eve to Tuesday suppertime accents all those family hugs and nostalgia mentioned above. All’s well – but be cautious driving Monday afternoon. Romance, charming kids, sports, beauty, pleasure, creativity and risk-taking make Wed./Thurs. exciting. Tackle chores (or bring your health up to scratch) Friday/Saturday – you’ll get things done easily. A smooth week!

Scorpio.svgSCORPIO Oct. 23-Nov. 21
The weeks ahead – especially this Sunday night to Tuesday, will fill with errands, trips, visits, communications, paperwork, details, siblings and casual friends. Be curious; seek variety. You’ll meet many gracious, affectionate, friendly people. Tuesday signals a momentous change – though it’s a subtle one, and will take awhile to effect the change, sort of like a slug travelling across a leaf. What ends: two years of sober thinking, of wondering about/preparing for old age, of personal restrictions and a wee bit of personal gloom. What begins: two years of growing, blossoming emotions and confidence – and of monetary restriction, so be fiscally conservative. Stick to routine items when shopping Sunday. This night might bring a new paperwork or “phone tree” project. Settle into home, family Tuesday night to Thursday eve – all’s smooth (except Wed. afternoon, which is accident-prone around tools). So relax. A deep message might be given to you Wed. – it says something about your destiny. Could be a casual comment by someone. Romance fills Fri./Sat. – welcome it, chase it, a kind of quiet luck accompanies you both days. Soak up kids, joys, beauty and pleasure!

Sagittarius.svgSAGITTARIUS Nov. 22-Dec. 21
The month ahead accents money, buying/selling, earnings, possessions, memory and (low level) sensual attractions, especially this Sunday eve to Tuesday supper. These will flow smoothly, with just a touch of good luck. A boss or peer might approach you with a money scheme (or just want a small loan). You’re very busy with errands, shopping, calls, cards, etc. right into mid-January – don’t get too romantic – e.g., a small, sincere card better than a big, flowery one. In general, you’re happy and having fun! Wednesday/Thursday bring friends, errands, trips, calls, visits, paperwork and details. All flows smoothly. Be home Fri./Sat. – again, all is peaceful, all smooth. Embrace family, fix up the yard or back stairs, put together furniture, make a new diet program, study your children’s future and start programs to enhance it (e.g., a tuition fund). The only disruptive or caution-flagged times are Monday and Wednesday afternoons, when love, romance, or a gamble’s results, might startle you – take care with machines, too. Tuesday begins two years of sober outlook, especially about your money and your aging process. Be sure to take care of your gums, teeth, bones and skin during these two years.

Capricorn.svgCAPRICORN Dec. 22-Jan. 19
After a slightly sluggish Sunday daytime, your energy shoots up – for a whole month. Your charisma, effectiveness, timing and clout rise toward a yearly high. You’re in charge, Cap, so take advantage. A new project might begin, or you can make one begin. See and be seen, ask favours, call in markers, show important people what you can do. This advice applies especially Sunday night to Tuesday, but in general right to late January. Your personal charms radiate – good hair days, etc. You’re talkative, and others want to listen. Earnings, making a buck, shopping – and a possible sensual attraction – fill midweek. Money flows swiftly to you until mid-January, but you could spend it even faster: put the brakes on! You might sense a quiet hollowness Christmas Day – that’s okay, relax. Errands, visits, calls, emails and travel fill Friday/Saturday. All week, only two disruptive spots occur: Monday mid-afternoon, and Wednesday, late afternoon. Both are similar: nerves, stress could trigger a thoughtless word. Careful with electricity. Tuesday ends two years of social restrictions, and starts two years of relative freedom, of a nice, quiet supportive luck – but you might have some unappealing government or civil-servant related duties now through 2017.

Aquarius.svgAQUARIUS Jan. 20-Feb. 18
The weeks ahead bring quietude, lowered energy, especially Sunday night to Tuesday, when a new “background” project might start. (Background = planning, confidential discussions, policy meetings, management, civil servants, institutions, charities and spiritual searches.) Sunday offers a brief happy, social period. But retreat this night to Tuesday, rest, contemplate and quietly love life. Usually this period (to late January) would bring reduced charisma, and in some ways that happens – but Mars in your sign until mid-January makes you sexually magnetic, and before that runs out, early January makes you appealing on a gracious, personable, affectionate level. About that sexual magnetism: it’s good if you’re profoundly chasing a mate or a major love. But wasting it on a casual, easy “love hunt” could find you in the bear trap. Your energy rises mildly Tuesday night through Thursday: use it to clear away old obligations. Chase money and shop Friday – all’s stable, productive, easy. Saturday too, but buy nothing unusual: routine items only. Tuesday ends two years of a hard, slow, career atmosphere. For three years, your star will ascend (in career, reputation, etc.). But the same three years need a very sober, realistic outlook for both your goals and your social life. (Youngsters or oldsters will surround you soon.)

Pisces.svgPISCES Feb. 19-March 20
Sunday daytime might nudge you to be ambitious, but to nil result. This eve to Tuesday eve brings social delights, entertainment, optimism, wish fulfilment, light romance and flirty friends – and that’s just the start, for a whole month of the same faces you! A new social project might start before Tuesday, or you might be drawn into a new group. Good. But retreat Tuesday night through Thursday: seek solitude, rest; contemplate and make plans. Be spiritual, charitable. You energy and charisma surge upward Friday/Saturday – start projects, call in favours owed you, see and be seen. This is a very smooth, easy week, with only two disruptions, Monday and Wednesday afternoons – both caution against being too free with your money, against mixing friends and money. Until mid-January, avoid dark alleys and argumentative people. Tuesday ends two years of sluggish thinking and restrictions on international travel, higher learning and publishing. It starts two years of very sober ambitions, a duteous, perhaps overly-regimented career situation – but this somehow pleases you, makes you feel safe. Don’t quit a job (nor make them fire you) before 2018, unless you are going on to another, better job. (Have it in your pocket before you quit.)
The End.