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NOT MUCH this week, and I have to delay “Chapter Five” of “1969” (in the Afteramble) as I’ve been extremely busy with a lawsuit.

But a short note about Trump. It really goes against my grain to defend this rich pouting bully — and I’ll probably lose 10,000 women readers doing it — but I’m going to. If we just stood up for nice people, if we only gave justice to those who fit our conception of acceptable, proper people, we’d still be in Edwardian and Victorian times, when such unfair practice was the norm. This is why, somewhat like Trump, I suppose, I don’t like PC people, for they use “manners” as a weapon or a whip to cow, control or punish those they don’t like. There’s a lot of resentful envy in the heart of PC’ers, just as there used to be in Bible-thumpers. Fox’s Megyn Kelly comes from their ranks. But let me explain:

If you watched the now famous debate, which content-poor Fox has replayed in its entirety at least four times, you’ll know that moderator Megyn Kelly attacked Trump about his comments toward some women. Trump’s a Gemini, and the Moon was in Taurus during the debate, putting all Geminis in a low energy, slow-thinking and vulnerable two-day cycle. When Kelly attacked him for calling “women” (plural) some derogatory names, he scored a point (and laughter) by responding: “Only Rosie McDonnell,” with whom he has had a well-known public feud.
But Ms. Kelly pressed on, accusing Trump of calling women (again plural) “disgusting” and of saying “he’d like to see” a woman “on her knees.” Here’s where she cunningly and unfairly skewered Trump. Had he been thinking more quickly, he might have explained that his “disgusting” comment was said to a female lawyer who was grilling him in a legal deposition/discovery. In the middle of grilling him (at least this was Trump’s story back in July) this lawyer brought out a breast pump and began trying to pump her pregnant breasts. Trump told her to leave the room and do it in private, not in front of him. In this exchange, he called her disgusting, a comment I suspect any one of the other dinosaurs on stage (and student council president Marco Rubio, dinosaur-in-training) would have at least echoed silently, if not uttered out loud. Let’s turn it around. If a male lawyer was grilling a woman defendant, and he suddenly whipped out his penis and started peeing into a glass jar, would we blame the woman for calling the male lawyer disgusting? Of course not; in fact, we would probably call the police. But are not both organs, penises and breasts, used in the procreation of our species, one to create, the other to nurture a child? Are not both usually (in our society) hidden in clothing? And are not both (potentially) sexually alluring? Of course they are. Can we say her need to relieve her breast milk was any more urgent than his need to relieve his bladder?

In posing her “question” Kelly essentially misrepresented the situation that had caused Trump’s comment. It was a form of lying. Because it was designed to humiliate a male, it was the worst kind of female chauvinism.
The “I’d like to see you on your knees” comment was also a deliberate misrepresentation by Ms. Kelly. Trump’s words, in this case, were spouted during a Celebrity Apprentice episode, and the comment was actually uttered first by the female contestant. I can’t remember the exact verbiage, but she was either being fired or was trying to escape being fired, and she said, “I’d get down on my knees” to beg to stay. Again, the clip was short and I don’t remember every word, but Trump’s response was in kind (though not kind) “I’d like to see that, you going on your knees.” The entire tone was not sexual, but one of her begging and him disdainfully indicating it would not affect his decision (to fire/not fire). The possibility also exists that this scene (like almost all reality television) was scripted – in which case Trump was an actor, and should not be responsible for mouthing the words in a script. (Though I’d suspect Trump had a say in what was put in the script.) I really think Trump should sue Fox and Kelly for character assassination if they will not both run the actual “Apprentice” clip, say twenty times in prime time, and put Kelly’s “disgusting” accusation in context.
But I doubt the Donald reads this blog. I’m an ant to him.
Still, astrologically, remember I predicted that by mid-August Trump would start to lose his appeal. I think that process has started….
The tragedy is that the politicians running on both sides, Republican and Democrat, are tired, smooth, unimaginative slugs who hide under the umbrella of political correctness, and who really have no other motive than to promote their own position. These are the pols who let veterans rot in VA hallways, who can’t seem to win a war against a few rag-tag ISIS armies, who go limp-wristed when it comes time to reform the cruel U.S. tax code, who bare their posteriors to every lobbyist with the requisite money. The best of them is a man, Bernie Sanders, but the next best are both women: Hillary Clinton and Carly Fiorina. They showed more spine and real feeling than all the Republican men (except the confused Trump, now staggering around the American stage like a wounded once-proud king).
Trump, at least, has been a dagger in the side of these self-satisfied, dishonest politicians. In revenge, they have excluded him from their convention. (The “Red State” RNC meeting that occurred just after the debate. Actually, evidence indicates they were planning to exclude him long before the debate.)
I shudder to think what he’d be like as President. (Racist? Anti-women? Dictatorial? War mongering?) But of them all, he remains the only one with firm ideas and a backbone.
In a way, Trump illustrates the disease in America: that you can only choose between a madcap maverick and a bevy of self-preening PC bureaucrats. It indicates a lack of vigour, a kind of corrupt, jaded sophistication. Ah, well.


Aries.svgARIES March 21-April 19
Your romantic courage surges. You could attract your “ideal” now, or even conquer him/her. (Actually, attracting is better than conquering.) You might be launched on a romance that is going to stay vibrant until October, at which point you’ll have to decide: do I commit, or flee?
For the next 13 months, your work will expand. It might be the kind of work you’ll like, with travel or learning or intellectual discussions being included. (Or cultural involvements.) This is your last week of fun, poetic moments, richly-woven romantic scenes, creative urges and speculative winnings, so plunge in deeply. Tackle chores Sunday, Monday morning. You’ll make smooth, easy progress. Relationships fill Monday afternoon through Wednesday – they offer a subtle, deep refusal through Tues., but all is sweetness and love – perhaps even true love – Wed! Sexual congress, commitment, life’s depths, pregnancy, changes that will affect your lifestyle, medical diagnoses, financial actions, research and investigation – these fill Thurs. to Sat. noon. Be very careful up to Fri. eve – projects and relationships launched in this interval will fail. After this, things are more fruitful, though still not “tops.” Wrong ideas Saturday pm.

taurus weekly forecastTAURUS April 20-May 20
This is your last week of being “confined,” Taurus. Soon, you’ll, spread your wings – and your heart – for 13 months! Real estate, domestic, security and similar zones will continue to attract and benefit you until October (but if you’re making any sort of commitment here, wait until after August 21). Family members remain affectionate. The weeks ahead will be a very good time to “nest” with a lover or new mate. Sunday to Monday morning bring smooth, quiet success with romance, creative projects, children, the arts and sports. Tackle chores Monday eve through Wed. Make sure you aren’t doing anything illegal or unethical Tues., or your reputation could suffer. (Could be as small as throwing your garbage in the wrong bin.) Relationships fill Thurs. to noon Sat. Go slow, steer away from commitment, at least until Fri. eve. (Early Thurs. night could bring both an argument or friction, and a sweet understanding with someone.) Be diplomatic, co-operative, and free of adhesive people, situations. Saturday’s “okay” – but not for romance. All week, and until Sept. 24, bosses, parents, VIPs and authorities will be short-tempered, critical – smile, be peaceful, and this too shall pass. Don’t challenge one of them!

Gemini.svgGEMINI May 21-June 20
This is your last week of being busy, busy with paperwork, errands, trips, calls, details and everything else that’s keeping your mind hopping. Though this area favours you, and will until early October, you’ll soon get a rest. Next week onward – right into September next year (16) – favours your home, family, real estate, healing, nutrition, sleep, security and retirement interests. (In fact your luck in many of these areas, especially real estate, climbs to a 13-year high.) But meanwhile, keep up with those “busy” demands. You could fall in love with a person who has been “just a friend,” or with someone you talk to constantly. Sunday into Monday morning bright an “early hint” of those domestic, real estate, healing, nutrition, security interests (which later might become very lucky). Go ahead slowly, steadily, don’t expect a rainbow. Romance, creative surges, speculation, pleasure and sports, games, charming kids fill Mon. eve through Wed. However, through Tues. eve, a subtle rejection by “destiny” denies success. Charge ahead later this night (you’ll either get a slap in the face, or a wild acceptance). True love possible Wednesday – welcome any person. Tackle chores Thurs. to Sat. noon. But go slow, as various glitches, practical dead-ends exist. You can boost your career prospects with an inspiration or by following a hunch Thurs. about 6:30-8 pm (PDT). Relationships Sat. night – go slow, be diplomatic.

Cancer.svgCANCER June 21-July 22
This is your last week of a “prime focus” on money matters, Cancer. Still, your money luck will be quite prominent for some time, and will have two features: until early October, a nice, buoyant luck will please you and steer you toward spending on luxury items, on home, and for love’s sake. Until late September, though, another money influence will tempt you to overspend, will bring unexpected expenses, and will in some cases make you the target of bad people who want to rob you. So you’ll get both nice little money gifts and money irritations from the cosmos. Best approach: be vigilant, reduce spending. Sunday/Monday bring errands, calls, friends, paperwork and details, short trips and curiosity. All’s well, so march forth. Monday afternoon through Wed. steers your focus toward home, family, security. (Try to give this area a “pass” over the year ahead – e.g., don’t buy real estate.) Your spouse or a boss might push a different way than you want to go, Mon./Tues., but Wed. solves, heals all – and could bring a great money or work opening. Romantic notions, creative urges, an urge to create or to take risks, fill you Thursday to Sat. noon. Be careful, practical “reality” erects barriers. Tackle chores Sat. Eve.

Leo icon, Luck ForecastLEO July 23-Aug. 22
Your magnetism and charisma, energy and clout remain high for one more week, then “life” veers off into more mundane matters such as money, earning, spending. Actually, your sexual magnetism remains high, even increases, now to late September. This same influence will nudge you to be even more assertive and determined than usual – and therein lies danger. You could be so stubborn you end up with a difficult lawsuit, or so assertive you break legal or karmic laws. Take care. Overall, you’ll radiate charm and grace – and attract affection – now to early October. Sunday/Monday bring a hint of the month – and year – ahead, as money matters consume your attention. Don’t rush, and you’ll be fine. Monday afternoon through Wed. brings errands, details and paperwork, casual friends, travel, calls, emails and “the news.” You might hear of a job change, or suffer a bit of illness Tues., but Wed. is delightful – while travelling or talking, or on the internet, you could meet real love, or a good new friend. Turn toward home Thurs. to noon Sat. – protect your family, property, security, future retirement from two things: practical/financial threats, and from yourself. It’s not a good time to be impulsive or yield to a gambling urge. Saturday night triggers romance, but it might be a bit argumentative.

Virgo.svgVIRGO Aug. 23-Sept. 22
This is your last week of being under a cloud of weariness, low energy, low luck, low magnetism, etc. Even now, better things are brewing, but soon, next week, life will improve. You’ve just entered a year of great good luck, but it’s a slow transition. Until early October, monetary success still seems to elude you; debts are bigger than income, and only the government is on your side. During almost the same period, to late September, investments and large finances, sexual yearnings and research also seem to yield more problems than rewards. Be patient, Virgo, the wheel is turning. By October/November, you’ll know, perhaps for the first time in many months, that Lady Luck is on your side. From that point onward (to autumn 2016) you’ll be unstoppable! Your energy and charisma climb mildly Sunday/Monday, giving you a wee hint of things to come. Chase money, seek new clients, buy/sell, and learn “lists” Monday afternoon through Wed. Tuesday can be troublesome – not a good time to pursue someone sensual, nor to make a risky investment. But Wed. is great – grab the money, learn a valuable secret. The day also favours clandestine sex, but morals and society might not! Errands, mail, communications, details and paperwork fill Thurs. to noon Sat. Go slow, accomplish what you can.

Libra.svgLIBRA Sept. 23-Oct. 22
This is your last week of revels, popularity, friendly romance for awhile. Party time is over – well, almost. The month and year ahead will shunt you into a quieter, healing, contemplative, spiritual place. But now to late September, early October, a haunting echo of good times will continue. Love will remain, and, if you’re single, someone will “emerge” from the groups you have frequented, who wants to mate, and, at least until October, looks like a good mate. My advice: wait a couple more months, until you’re firmly ensconced in the trend that covers now to autumn 2016. That period, which you entered to some degree last week, and will even more next week, marks the end of a 13-year cycle. It will be a summing up and self-examination time. Where have you been since 2002, and where do you want to go in future? Have you found the right love, the right career, the home you want? Those themes will be more important than a quick mating or an attempt to prolong the recent good times. Sunday/Monday contain a hint of this year ahead – rest, contemplate. Your energy and charisma rise Monday afternoon through Wednesday. Domestic or security problems might crop up Tuesday, but Wednesday sings with possibility. You might fall in love. Chase money Thurs. to noon Sat. Buy/sell, but be cautious: new items might be lemons, or unneeded.

Scorpio.svgSCORPIO Oct. 23-Nov. 21
This is your last week of major pressure, Scorpio, in career, prestige and reputation areas. But in smaller ways, themes of ambition and reward continue for another 5 weeks or so. These five weeks will be a bit tricky: you could be offered, or in some way perceive, a “golden road” to an ambitious reward. This road could have two elements, or you could see two ways to travel it (i.e., different ways to achieve your goal) – there could even be two different roads, and two different “prizes.” One of these will contain elements of partnership or co-operation, perhaps of relocation, certainly of affection or gracious dealings. This is the road to take. The other will call for assertive, perhaps even aggressive action; it might have elements of challenge, or of machinery and “maleness” – and of hard work. This road will eventually dead-end. Reject it. Soon, a year of joy and optimism will begin in earnest. Until then, seek friends Sunday/Monday morning: enjoy yourself, welcome entertainment, flirt a little. But retreat, rest, Monday afternoon through Wed. Quiet but maybe deep misunderstandings can occur Tues., but Wed. is superb, especially for work/career. Your energy and charisma surge upward Thurs. to Sat. noon – but don’t try to conquer the world: obstacles exist. Just be happy you’re on top of the heap, for now.

Sagittarius.svgSAGITTARIUS Nov. 22-Dec. 21
Your mild, mellow, understanding mood continues – for one more week. In truth, two lesser threads of these will waft through your life until late September/early April. If these bring a long trip, school or mental expansion, good. If they bring a legal matter or a “new” romance, not so good. A month – and year – of ambition, career/business, of parenting, of status and prestige concerns – and of great good luck in these – starts in earnest next week. Sunday/Monday give you a mild hint of this year ahead, but in a quiet (almost boring!) way. Monday afternoon through Wed. brings a feeling of celebration, optimism, friendly romance and social happiness. These encounter monetary or “hidden” (private, health?) barriers Tuesday, but they all blossom splendidly Wed. Single Sages could fall in love this day, suddenly. But retreat Thurs. to Sat. noon – rest, plan, contemplate, seek spiritual “being.” Be charitable (or apply for assistance, if you’re poor) visit people in institutions or deal with government agencies. But proceed slowly, and don’t expect much. A favorite idea (or ideal) might quietly crash on the rocks of economic reality. Your energy and pizzazz rise nicely Sat. afternoon – start thinking about those ambition, career, parenting, status things that are going to bless you with luck until autumn 2016 – that blessing starts soon!

Capricorn.svgCAPRICORN Dec. 22-Jan. 19
A month (and year) of mystery, infidelity, sexual urges, financial manoeuvres, research and detective work, perhaps of medical diagnoses, lifestyle choices and commitments, ends this week – well, almost. A trailing end of these lasts for about another 6 weeks, bringing attractions (sexual and financial) and some seemingly critical or life-changing choices. But realize the energy of these is diminished, and if you ignore them, they’ll dissolve. This whole zone can bring good luck (if you’re gracious, receptive, affectionate, creative) or bad (if you’re assertive, take an approach of conquest). Still, the main accent next week – and for the year ahead – will be on far travel, intellectual pursuits, law, wisdom, culture and love. Sunday/Monday bring a hint of this, but a mild one. Monday afternoon through Wed. brings ambition, and its pressures. Be dutiful, protect your reputation, avoid maverick stances, Mon./Tues. But Wed., everything works – and very well, especially in the morning! (PDT.) Your hopes and popularity rise Thurs. to noon Sat. – friends arrive, invitations go around. Seek entertainment, flirt a bit, peer at the future with bright optimism. However, be cautious in actual action, as some practical barriers will interfere with projects begun now. Retreat Sat. night – rest, contemplate.

Aquarius.svgAQUARIUS Jan. 20-Feb. 18
This is your last week of crucial relationships, Aquarius…although the sweet lingering vines of love put forth flowers right into late September/early October. By next week, a month – and year – of large luck in sexual, financial, secret, investigative, lifestyle, medical and commitment zones begins. In many cases, what occurred over the last year will veer into “deeper waters” in the 13 months ahead, in lucky ways. Examples: divorce/separation now leads to asset allocation; opportune meetings or attractive business associations now lead to commitment and funding; new emotional attractions now lead to intimacy and sexual bonding; new horizons/ideas now lead to research and discovery. Sunday/Monday give a mild preview of this deep, changeful area. Your intellectual, mellow, understanding side emerges Monday afternoon through Wednesday. You might face a conflict between your ethics/morals and something you’ve done or are doing in private or hidden areas. (E.g., I believe society’s rules are essential to civilization, but I’m cheating on my spouse.) But Wed. brings solutions, inspirations, friends, travel tickets, school admissions – and love. (Some Aquarians might meet true love this day.) Be ambitious Thurs. to Sat. noon – but carefully, as barriers exist. (Bosses remain sceptical toward you until Sept.17/18, then no more, for 3 decades.) Saturday night, an optimistic whiff of the future!

Pisces.svgPISCES Feb. 19-March 20
A year of hard work, drudgery and health concerns ends this week, but lingering duties will call you until late September, early October. (There might be two different “chores” – choose the one connected to beauty, gentleness, affection, even a bit of laziness – reject the one that entails hard work, but promises strong money rewards.) Despite these lingering tasks, you have already started veering into a year of exciting opportunities, new horizons, lucky career openings, and new, better status and relocation themes – partly now, and fully next week. If single, you could meet your future mate in the 12-13 months ahead. Sunday/Monday offer a mild preview of this year ahead, though a slightly boring one. (The year won’t be boring!) All’s smooth. Monday afternoon through Wednesday brings secrets, depths, financial, sexual, health and lifestyle concerns. These hit subtle pitfalls Tuesday daytime, then open opposition this night to dawn Wed. The rest of Wednesday, though, succeeds nicely – you could capture a nice job, make some money from/with a friendly, sweet person. Thursday to noon Sat. brings a mellow, wise mood. Still, remain cautious. Don’t start a new job nor develop a new view on life, nor apply for school nor buy travel tickets. Just be patient. A flurry of opportunities is just around the corner!
The End

CHAPTER FIVE WILL BE DELAYED UNTIL NEXT WEEK. (No time to write/edit it this past week. Sorry! — It will be good, though, another murder and — !)