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(The AFTERAMBLE — after PISCES’ message — contains Chapter Three of TIM’S COMPENDIUM, which was delayed by two months because we couldn’t figure out how to display astrology charts on the blog.

ALL SIGNS:  Mercury is retrograde now. Don’t start new projects nor relationships until Sept. 5.

(And because Sept. 5 and 6 hold bad aspects, I’d wait until the 7th to launch anything, even though the retrograde ends slightly earlier.)

A reader wrote: “You said Leos should not marry before November 2018, but in last week’s column you told Leos they might meet love or a good life mate.” Well, guys, sometimes I make mistakes. The overriding message for Leo, to not form a marital relationship before Nov./18, is the stronger one. The “meet love” message was just for the day or week, so represents a less powerful counter-trend. (In astrology, whatever lasts longer, is more powerful.)

Affection creates minor good luck; cheerfulness creates major good luck.

Well, I told you Pluto in Capricorn would bring a “civil war” or “split” in the U.S.A., though I said (I always mean “wrote”) it wouldn’t be like the 1861 all-out war. Instead, we get the Millennials rioting, the widening gap between the rich and poor, the split into “blue” coasts and the “red” interior, the Trump-versus-Dems and the ongoing malaise of Washington, which remains gridlocked. Sanctuary cities are part of this “splitting” trend. Now a political group in California is talking about succession from the U.S. (Fox News, Aug. 1, Tucker Carlson.)  We’ll see more, and deeper, by 2022, when this Pluto aspect climaxes. (I might revise this date later, as I can’t find the darn chart right away.)

The Holy Grail of Arthurian legend supposedly comes from Lucifer and is destined to reach God. (No wonder it’s hard to find.) This intrigues me. Dante’s Satan is trapped in a frozen lake, symbolizing his pride. In essence, Dante is saying: Lucifer is actually self-imprisoned, trapped by his pride (the frozen lake). But the grail legend hints that Lucifer is trying to send a message to God, underneath or despite his pride. It has to be a plea, a first “reach out” toward a pact, an attempt to make things right. If, ever, God and Satan combine, what could this mean? (Actually, in Revelation, the last chapter of the Bible, Satan and Christ are shown as — perhaps not identical, but similar, as both are represented by Venus. What does that mean?)


       ARIES:  March 21-April 19

One more week of romance, beauty, pleasure, creativity, successful “gambles,” and charming children, Aries. Do dive into pleasure, as this is your month of the year to do so, to replenish your life joy (to see you through the work ahead). If you’re single, romance is very important now, as you’re in a powerful mating year, and could find your true life partner. (He/she’s cheerful yet judicious.) If you marry/co-habitate now (before mid-October) you’ll have a year of great sex and monetary fortune in 2018. If you don’t, next year (Oct./17 onward) will put you in danger of “marriage without fidelity” or of remaining single but having an “illicit” affair. DON’T start new relationships nor projects before Sept. 5, but do give ongoing relationships/loves your “loving attention”. An old flame might appear, but he/she might be a burdensome type.  Chase money Sun./Mon. (to dawn Tues., PDT) — buy/sell, seek a pay raise, collect and pay old bills, etc. Do not buy anything important, as lemons abound. Your home is sweet, but you face a home-versus-career dilemma. Errands,  communications, casual contacts, paperwork and short trips fill Tues./Wed. Be alert: some confusion, illusion or woolly thinking can harm your gov’t interests and/or ethical/legal/travel concerns. But this is a fine time (Wed.) to communicate with someone you love, want, or see as an opportunity-provider in practical zones. Head for home Thurs. through Sat. morning. Hug the kids, do minor emergency repairs (otherwise, don’t start ‘em) and relax and contemplate. You might feel torn between home and outside (ambitious) activities. Drive carefully.

taurus weekly forecast       TAURUS:  April 20-May 20

The general focus lies on your home, family, nutrition, stomach, spirit, rest/relaxation, security, and Mother Nature. This is a regular “hibernation” time, Taurus, so take plenty of naps. A great time to get out in nature, kayak, camp, etc. Shake civilization out of your hair. But do be gentle, avoid impulse, and be safe — there’s a bit of friction or conflict in the home zone. Don’t start any significant projects (including major house repairs/renos) nor relationships before September 5, as they would become entangled, even suffocated, in a mess of indecision, false starts, mistakes and delays. An old flame might appear (more in a friendly way if before August 22; more in a romantic, passionate way if the 22nd onward). Your energy and charisma rise briefly Sun./Monday. Impress others, display your stability and social affection. Chase money, pay old bills and collect what’s owed you, and find proper storage for your possessions, Tues./Wednesday.  (E.g., put those bonds in a safety deposit box, or oil that saw.)  All this first half of the week, you could face a dilemma in love, or see two friends pulling apart. The best solution: love beyond the frustrations or barriers, be understanding. You could be restless Wed., but don’t let a short trip or telephone gab session interfere with your work. Errands, communications, short trips, casual friends and paperwork fill Thurs. morning (9 am PDT) to Sat. mid-morn. Friends are sweet, affectionate, but Friday afternoon might bring a misunderstanding or small alienation. Drive carefully Saturday.

       GEMINI:  May 21-June 20

The main emphasis lies on errands, communications, casual contacts, paperwork and short trips. You’ll dive into these with swift determination — but remember to be polite, gracious, as you might tend toward impatience and rude or angry outbursts. You might be restless. The best way to channel this is by a) chasing romance, love, or 2) writing something creative, 3) a short vacation trip. Your money picture continues to quietly improve. DON’T start any new projects nor relationships before September 5. Instead, stick with ongoing situations, or reprise those from the past. This particularly applies to real estate, family, security and foundational matters. A real estate “bargain” might return, become available. A “prodigal child” might return. Nostalgia blossoms. Be quiet, secluded, restful and contemplative Sun./Monday. Your charisma and energy are low. Relationships are stable, but you could face a dilemma or choice between two loves, or between two “types” of money. (E.g., do you spend, or invest?)  My advice: be gracious, kind, and patient — that’s all. (Buy nothing big, and strictly avoid rents or home repairs/ construction before Sept. 5.) Your energy, clout and profile rise strongly Tues./Wed. — again, start nothing new, but do show off, impress others, and be a leader. Chase money, pay old bills and collect what’s due you, Thurs. to mid-morn Saturday. Again, lemons abound, so buy nothing big, significant. Love might not prosper Fri. pm — take a sensual, sexy attitude if you want harmony. Careful driving Saturday am.

       CANCER:  June 21-July 22

The overall atmosphere lies on money, earnings, possessions, rote learning (which increases the mind’s possessions) and sensual attractions (i.e., wanting to “possess” another’s body — or a damask drapery, or a purring Lamborghini). More money than usual flows to you until August 25, but you also have a strong urge to spend, or will be approached with a large bill, so be conservative. DON’T buy any significant item (lemons abound, or you’ll not want it later) and don’t start any significant projects or relationships before September 5. Instead, stick with ongoing ventures and links, or reprise these from the past. This applies especially to mail programs, travel and vehicles, and paperwork. Double check facts, addresses, meeting times etc.  Answers might take a long time to come. Happiness taps your shoulder Sun./Mon. — popularity, social delights, optimism and flirtation brighten both days. You might meet your true love (but this isn’t a brand-new person); or, you might pull away from love. A Capricorn could be involved. Retreat to think, rest and fulfill neglected chores Tues./Wednesday. Unlucky: work, daily health, travel, legalities; lucky: real estate, family, security, parenting. Nothing major. Your energy and charisma surge upward Thurs. to mid-morn Saturday – be a leader, ask favours, impress others.  Remember, you have a certain sexy charm now (until Aug. 25) — and someone’s interested, Friday daytime (though they might display the opposite!) and night (9 pm PDT). But start nothing new!  (Old or ongoing flames okay.)

Leo icon, Luck Forecast       LEO:  July 23-Aug. 22

Ah, Leo, you’re still on top, still star of the show! Be a leader, be wise, determined, compassionate. (Especially the last, as all that energy can unintentionally give you a domineering, even cruel streak — and heisted sexual magnetism.) You SHOULD NOT start big new projects, nor new relationships, before September 5 — but you can re-connect with valuable and/or attractive people, and give ongoing or past ventures a good push forward. Your private and inner lives continue to be sweet, supportive — ditto your relations with civil servants and their ilk. Money initiatives stall now, but money (or a money source) might return from the past — grab what you can. Send overdue invoices, pay overdue bills. Be ambitious Sunday to mid-morn Tuesday (PDT) without actually starting any new project. Show off your skills, impress higher-ups, give ongoing ventures a (careful) thrust. Take care with work, co-workers — be diplomatic, unruffled. Labour and management might be at odds. If you can’t solve it for them, remain discreetly out of it. A wish might come true Tues. dawn (PDT) to Thurs. morning. You’ll be popular, optimistic, and flirtatious. Love might arise, but if it does so before Wed. dawn, sex won’t be part of the package; if after, it’s light but true, with a deep anchor. Retreat from the crowd Thurs. to mid-morn Saturday. Be quiet, spiritual, charitable; deal with civil servants. Investigate an old puzzle, secret. Investments and other financial actions will be successful, especially Thurs. Drive carefully Saturday am.

       VIRGO:  Aug. 23-Sept. 22

One last week of quietude and solitude, Virgo. (Despite this, the few who do “enter your solitude” show affection and friendship.) Continue to rest, contemplate, and deal with civil servants, large corporations, charities and spiritual contacts. A money wish might come true. Don’t start any new projects nor relationships unless they’re “investigative” — i.e., you want to satisfy your curiosity. Now to Sept. 5, you will be more indecisive, and experience stronger delays, more frequent missteps, false starts, and incorrect information than usual. Don’t buy anything major (except a computer or software Aug. 20).  A former job, career role, or mentor (or parent or judge) might return — chance is 50-50. Far travel, international affairs, legal, intellectual and media concerns fill Sun. /Mon. A nice buoyant luck accompanies you Sunday. Both days, you might have to choose between a light and a deep love or emotional commitment, or between immediate and delayed (or more social) pleasure. Show your ambition, or skills, or at least live up to your duties and position, Tues./Wed. Wednesday holds great luck in money zones, but little in domestic areas. You might have to decide between money and friends. Your spouse, other partner, doesn’t want to co-operate. Happiness visits Thurs. morning to mid-morn Saturday. A minor wish could come true Fri., involving money, travel, or “friendly love.” Now your spouse will co-operate. Drive carefully, do NOT invest, Saturday morn.

       LIBRA:  Sept. 23-Oct. 22

This Sunday starts your last nine days of happy socializing, boosted popularity, blue-sky optimism, flirtations, and wish fulfillment, Libra. Soak it up, enjoy, issue and accept invitations, respond to “glances across the room.” Don’t start any new relationships or ventures before Sept. 5. Instead, reprise past situations/opportunities/projects, or protect ongoing ones from disarray — especially in gov’t-related, administrative, healing, counselling, spa, or similar zones; and, to a smaller degree, intellectual, travel or cultural areas. You are still favoured by higher-ups, parents and judges. If you’re single, you might have met someone socially who could be a great mate — continue to cultivate this person. Sexual desire, financial actions, research and investigation, lifestyle choices, medical exigencies, secrets and heightened intuition fill Sun./Mon. You might have to choose between home and career, security vs. ambition. Two good days, though. International, legal, intellectual, cultural, publishing  affairs, and far travel, occupy your thoughts Tues./Wed. Neither day is really good for work, and communications might be sluggish, but good luck rides with you in the areas listed (International, legal, etc.). Be ambitious (without starting projects) Thurs. morning to mid-morn Saturday. Now work does go well, easily. Health improves. You might receive a last-minute promotion, or connect with a well-disposed mentor/superior, esp. Friday night. Careful Saturday morning.

       SCORPIO:  Oct. 23-Nov. 21

An old dream will return in the next few weeks, Scorpio, and it might lead to the fulfillment of a major wish. The nine days ahead emphasize work, career, ambition, prestige relations, your worldly standing and reputation. This is good, but it can turn bad if you don’t work hard, or if you try to “cut corners.” A higher-up wouldn’t appreciate the results. Your legal, intellectual and cultural zones remain lucky and affectionate. Don’t start anything new, projects nor relationships, before Sept. 5 (Sept. 7 for best success). Relationships fill Sun./Mon. — so do opportunities, challenges, friendships and enmities, relocation themes, negotiations and public dealings. An old flame might return (any time now to Sept. 5.) — this is likely a light, happy, friendly “love.” If you face an argument Mon., demur, let it go. Sex, secrets, mysteries, finances, lifestyles, medical emergencies/cures, research — any or all arrive Tues./Wed. Don’t seek romance, but do respond to, or seek, a “hidden treasure” of money, intimacy or information. A money choice looms Wednesday. Wisdom, a mellow mood, broad understanding, far travel, international affairs, cultural, legal, media and intellectual interests float benevolently through you Thurs. post-dawn (PDT) to mid-morn Saturday. Love succeeds, esp. Thurs./Fri. (Fri. night). Two friends might fight — stay out unless you see an easy solution. Careful driving, and with machinery/tools Saturday am.

       SAGITTARIUS:  Nov. 22-Dec. 21

Your mellow, intellectual mood continues. Themes of travel, international affairs, cultural venues, legalities and higher learning fill your days: learn, study something new. Your intimate life, finances and “life changes” are still favoured — if anything is ongoing here, press it forward. But DON’T start any new projects nor relationships before Sept. 5 (Sept. 7 for good luck)  especially in career, status (neighbourhood, marital, etc.) and business zones. Instead, deal with ongoing situations, or reprise opportunities you passed up in the past. E.g., a former career role or an old ambition might return, or an old problem, too. Generally, your social life is buoyant, and legal or intellectual matters are both creative and intense (until early Sept.). Tackle chores Sun./Mon. — you can accomplish a lot, but double-check instructions. Dreaming of big abstract ideas can interfere with job performance Monday. Both days require a serious money or financial decision. Relationships loom large Tues./Wed. — a difficult atmosphere at home makes you sober, even depressed. You might have to decide between happiness and financial security. Be diplomatic, maintain hope for your future — it’s bright! Life’s mysteries enter Thurs. morning to mid-morn Saturday. Research, investigate — don’t make any final choices or commitments in financial, sexual, lifestyle or medical regions, unless you must. You could discover you’re worth more than you thought! Careful with nerves, tools, affections Saturday.

       CAPRICORN:  Dec. 22 – Jan. 19

Don’t start any new projects nor relationships before Sept. 5. (For good results, wait until Sept. 7 — 5 and 6 have bad aspects.) Instead, Cap, reprise old, promising situations, or protect ongoing projects, etc., from a period of delay, supply shortages, missed appointments, wrong directions, indecision, etc. (For example, order supplies earlier than usual, to compensate for delivery delays.) Most of the “backward motion” and delays occur in your intellectual, travel, international, legal and love zones. This could spark the return of an old flame, or have you dreaming of re-doing a favourite trip. Romance, creative notions and speculative urges fill Sun./Monday. You could meet someone powerfully sweet — he/she is just as drawn to you, and might show it. But a chasm between romance and intimacy might occur, Monday. Be willing, without pushing. Tackle chores Tues./Wed. — double-check instructions, practice safety. Eat, dress sensibly, as your health is a little uncertain. Your career luck soars Wed. — someone admires your position. But love and ambition don’t agree with each other, for now. An old fear might be holding you back: locate it, then shrug it off.  Relationships fill Thurs. morning to Sat. mid-morn. Talk, write to one you admire — it will be well received. Love blossoms Fri. night (PDT). But take care with money Saturday am.

       AQUARIUS:  Jan. 20-Feb. 18

Start nothing new before Sept. 5, Aquarius (Sept. 7 to ensure success going forward). Projects started now would tangle themselves in delays and mistakes; relationships begun in this period will lead to constant “readjusting” or indecision about being together. Instead, protect ongoing situations from delays, shortages, misunderstandings and indecision. And/or reprise promising situations from the past. A former financial connection or sexual partner might re-appear: this could be good; judge it by what occurred in the past. Relationships fill this week, and continue to be intense — arguments could flare, but so could passionate words of love. You might have to travel to embrace someone or their world. Be diplomatic! Don’t jump on opportunities (especially relocation, business or partnership opportunities) unless they’re from the past. Be domestic Sun./Mon. — relax, embrace the family, garden, revise nutrition, hike through nature. DON’T start big repair or reno projects. You might have to choose between two types of duties. Yes, your social life is a bit slow/dull (until late December) but those who are here, are long-lasting, faithful types. Romance, beauty, immediate pleasures, creative surges and risk-taking urges lure you Tues./Wed. — dive in, you’ll be pleased with the results — or, at least, you’ll experience a bit of ecstasy. One question: do you go for an intellectual, happy love; or a sober, quiet, social affection? Tackle chores Thurs. morning to mid-morn Saturday. Dress and eat sensibly, drive carefully, be safe with electricity (all minor). You could open the door to more money. Co-workers are affectionate, especially late Friday night.

       PISCES:  Feb. 19-Mach 20

This is your last week (well, 9 days) of work, health concerns and general drudgery, Pisces. As before, your “slavery” will be relieved with a strong streak of affection, play and/or romance. Still, that work is intense— and lucrative — so you’d better not neglect it. Now to September 5, don’t start new projects nor relationships — they would wither with delays, mistakes, indecision and “incompatible environments.” Instead, reprise situations from the past, or remain alert, proactive with ongoing situations. Anticipate problems, make “to do” lists, double-check data, addresses, times. All this applies especially to relationships, negotiations, agreements, and all “reaching out” activities. A former spouse or lover might re-appear — so might a former opportunity or relocation theme. If these were good in the past, they could be good again — give it a try. Errands, short trips, paperwork, communications and casual friends fill Sun./Mon. Answers will come slowly. Don’t let a restless urge turn you away from your duties. A love decision looms. Be domestic Tues./Wed., hug the family, garden, re-check security and your retirement programs — and above all, relax. All’s well. Romance calls Thurs. morning to mid-morn Sat. Pleasure, beauty, adventure, charming children, creative and risk-taking urges tickle these three days — enjoy! (Especially Fri. night.) However, take care with electricity, computers and secrets Saturday.

The End.



(The Compendium was started in the June 4 column/blog [Autobiography portion]. Part One of the Pluto Return article was in the June 11 column, in case you wish to refresh yourself about it. I was delayed two months in bringing it to the Ateramble, as we could not get an astrology chart onto this blog. [Don’t laugh; I hire cheap help, as the blog makes no money, and I myself am a computer dummy.] Now it’s done, and the charts are below. Funny how this re-start of the Compendium occurs during a Mercury retrograde. Actually, the Pluto article is even more deeply a “blast from  the past,” as I first discovered and lectured about this idea/discovery in the 1980’s. And we’re examining history, which always is, of course, past.)

(One pre-note: the basic tenets of astrology have already been irrefutably proven by a French statistician, Michael Gauquelin. But these Pluto return charts might be a valid secondary proof, as history removes the subjectivity — somewhat — of my findings. Those “scientists” (Carl Sagan and his ilk) who look down on astrology would do well to remember the “scientific method,” and investigate rather than dismiss these evidences of astrology’s efficacy. These scientists would be looked on with disdain by their Renaissance forebears. Yes, physicists can study quantum quirks, but can they explain why Pluto is always in one specific piece of the sky when these civilization-changing events occur? Perhaps in 250 years — more accurately, 212 years (i.e., 2229) — they will begin to study this relationship, and discover the underlying causes. One clue: how can a mystic, meta-philosophical construct born of human brains, “pre-know” or pre-figure, what science will only discover 700 years later? In this conundrum might lie a major secret to the universe.)

Last Pluto article, I promised to show how the chart drawn at the “moment” Pluto re-enters the sign Scorpio can presage or pre-figure the quarter-century to follow, and also how it gives us a hint of the seminal event(s) which start near or at the return year. These seminal events are almost always small, but transform history in their aftermath. (Seminal is an important word, as Pluto rules semen, conception, sex leading to birth, growth from a tiny seed to a larger creature. See Henry the 8th in Part Three: here, human semen and birth were definitely involved, and so was Pluto’s other realm: death, for Henry killed his wives. Many of Pluto’s seminal events were probably technological, and many are “hidden from history,” as historical records are either lost, vague, or approximate. For example, when were postal stamps born? We know it was sometime in (DATE?????) in China, but I can’t find an exact date, nor even pin it down to a 20 -30 year period. Thus, many Pluto returns seem “mute,” although they might have provided important seminal events. (As stated in Part One, I don’t include wars in these “Pluto events,” as 1) wars do not tend to be seminal, and 2) they litter every decade of history.)

Some of these events are major: Christ “emerged” on a Pluto return, and led to 2 billion Christians, the largest religion on earth; and the major influence on arts, literature, government  and thinking, for 2,000 years. Or Columbus’ discovery of the Americas, less than two years from the Pluto return of 1490, which led to the creation of the greatest nation on earth, among other things.

Some are minor: the Vikings discovered North America in 981 AD, about a decade from the Pluto Return of November 27, 970 AD. (I am using a time “orb” of 10 years either side of the return, or a “time slice” of 1-25th of Pluto’s orbit. This ensures we are within half a sign of Pluto’s return. Also, the date of discovery is approximate.) Henry the 8th, who killed his wives because they couldn’t provide him with an heir, was born on the exact year of a Pluto return (DATE?????). He divorced England from Rome, and created the English Protestant branch of Christianity. James Watts, the progenitor of the Industrial Revolution —he invented the steam engine, on which the revolution was founded — was born the exact year of a Pluto return.

As discussed above, many Pluto returns (into Scorpio) don’t seem to yield a recognizable seminal event. This might be due more to the obscuring fog of time than to the reality. Seminal events might have occurred which we just can’t see or find (or locate exactly). Or, it might be a flaw in my thesis: perhaps Pluto returns don’t always yield seminal events, and those I have located are merely coincidence. (Though I doubt this.)

But let’s look at the two most “obvious” Pluto return events: Christ, and Christopher Columbus.

PLUTO RETURN: 13 AD, November 27  ~  CHRIST

Christ was (reputedly, as there is much argument about the exact date) born in 0 AD. The Bible says that he left his parents and entered the synagogue at the age of 13. This was the start of his religious/teaching/spiritual career. Christ, as we know, sparked the religion that now has over 2 billion adherents, and changed the world in many additional ways. (Christianity led, eventually, to the rise of European colonization of the world, based on “Christian values.”)

Here’s the chart:

** (If you want to familiarize yourself with the planet symbols in these charts, you can go to “Client Maps” on the home page, where each symbol is labelled. Or, you can tell from the “Christ return” chart above: The symbol on the far left, a circle with a dot in it, is the Sun. The next planets, going counter-clockwise, are: Neptune [looks like a short-handled fork], Venus, Mars, Moon, North lunar node [looks like a green oxen yoke] then Uranus, Pluto, Jupiter, Mercury, Saturn — then back to the Sun again. Ignore the “Letters” — “MC” and “AS”.)

It’s a remarkable phenomena, probably explained by orbital mechanics: almost every Pluto return occurs when the Sun is in Pluto’s sign, Scorpio, with a few containing the Sun in Sagittarius or Capricorn (and Libra?— haven’t seen this yet in the 20 or so Pluto charts studied). Notice this Sun, in the Christ chart, is in Sagittarius, indicating two things:

  1. it is a rare (therefore more significant?) chart, as the Sun sign is usually Scorpio; and
  2. Instead, the Sun is in Sagittarius, the sign of religion, of publishing, of spreading knowledge and understanding large concepts or abstract thought. (The Bible is the most published book in the world, to date, and Christianity is the most wide-spread, world-wide religion.)
  3. the Sun is 6 degrees Sage, which degree Carelli (a Russian scholar who adopted Italy and gave himself an Italian name) describes as “his destiny is to serve” (actually, the entire degree description fits Christ, if you aren’t enamoured of the Catholic version of Him)

Notice that the planet Neptune, ruler of spirit and spiritual phenomena, accompanies the Sun in Sagittarius  (the publishing and religion sign). Neptune is in the 15th degree of Sage, which Carelli calls “clairvoyant.”

Notice, also, that Pluto – the key planet because this is his return – is very close to Jupiter, the planet that rules Sagittarius (and hence, publishing or “spreading the word,”and religion). Jupiter always expands whatever it touches, indicating here a massive expansion of the Pluto seed or seminal event. Both are in the 11th sector, indicating wide-spread popularity.

Mars in the third house means assertive communications, and Jesus was nothing if not assertive in speech. Mars in Aquarius indicates a willingness to fight (Mars) for one’s ideals (Aquarius). (Jesus said, in Matthew somewhere: “Don’t suppose I have come to bring peace. I have come with a sword.” The Aquarian influence also means “new ideals,” as Aquarius is the sign of invention. Read Carell’s description of 19 degrees Aquarius — “loves his Lord,” “a severed head still goes on talking” [Christ’s resurrection] “key to his personality (is) a formidable …. psychic strength,” etc. So the ideals were psychic in nature.

The Moon, emotional indicator (and ruler of the population, the citizenry) is in Pisces, the sign of spirituality and psychic phenomena.

The two planets of science and technology, Saturn and Uranus, are in cadent houses, hinting at their “quietness” in AD 13, but also “in angles” (that is, in the true location of angles, as found by Gauquelin) — perhaps hinting at their future supremacy. (This is hinted at in the Old Testament, too, where God says we will no longer need/worship Him when we have left the earth and rise above the seasons, above day and night (see my”Bible” article in PLATFORMS) — perhaps a reference to the space program, which has already accomplished these milestones.)

Even the Catholic church is pre-figured here, with Saturn and Mercury in the 12th house of cloisters and seclusion. As Mercury rules Virgo and Saturn is Virgo’s love planet, and as Mercury also rules Gemini, and Saturn is Gemini’s “verboten sex” planet — and as Saturn rules old men and Mercury rules young men or boys — thus, in sum, even the pedophilia of the church is here hinted at, centuries earlier. Even Christ, with His good intentions, could not escape the foretelling of astrology. (For more on astrology’s core role in the Bible, and in concepts of God, read my Bible article in PLATFORMS, specifically “Ezekiel.”)

Let’s do another chart:

PLUTO RETURN: 1490 AD, November 6  ~  CHRISTOPHER COLUMBUS (sailed in 1492)

(Note how I mentioned above that Christianity affected much more than just religion in the millennia following? Christopher Columbus translates, roughly, to: “Christ Dove.” The dove was a major symbol of Christianity, though a false one, as it was not a religion of peace. The other major symbol, a fish, refers to Pisces, the sign of spirit. Wasn’t it a dove who found Noah’s arc and announced the flood was over? Here we have a dove doing, in a sense, the second stage of Noah’s flood: entering it (the ocean) to discover new land. This, in a mystic, symbolic way, encapsulates the civilization-affecting mind-set that grew out of Christianity to “inform” or inspire everything from the Jesuits’ evangelical missions, to the Moon walk; from western literature to the sexual repression of Victorianism, from clothing fashions to DNA research.

Now the Sun is back in Scorpio, hinting that we’re deeper into “seminal country.” (Pluto = seed.) Pluto and Scorpio are also “silent” indicators in astrology. They act rather than expound. So was the take-over of North and South America that C.C. sparked, a rather silent, bloody take-over, rather than a loud, proselytizing one? Many such associations could be followed.

Notice the Moon directly across from the Sun, in the 7th house of relocation. The moon is in Taurus, a feminine sign. Queen Isabella, who granted and funded the trip into the unknown, had a Taurus name. (“B” and “I” are the Taurus letters.) (And for you sceptics, she actually was a Taurus native, born April 22.) The 7th house is also the partnership house: Isabella and Chris “partnered” to sail the ocean — he sailed, she funded the voyage(s).

Jupiter, the planet of world-wide travel, is also in the 7th sector of relocation, opportunities, the environment “over there,” etc. Jupiter is almost always lucky and expansive — here, it is in the degree of building towns, of building civilizations (Carelli again!) — which Columbus’ successors certainly did.

Mars is in the 10th house, denoting rule by violence, which aptly describes the European’s treatment of the American natives, from the Aztecs to the Haida. (It is also in an extremely powerful, competent degree, 21 Leo. Though the rest of Carelli’s description seems too “ethical.”)

Notice lunar North node (wisdom, good choices, karmic aid) Venus (luck, affection) and Neptune (spirit but also oceans) are in the sign of international or world-wide travel, Sagittarius.

BEFORE I end this Part Two, let’s look very quickly at one more chart:

AD 970, November 27

Archeologists now believe the Vikings discovered North America in the 980’s. (According to Viking legend/history, in 981 Erik the Red discovered Greenland, sparking a 100-year colonization that reached into Nova Scotia.) Here’s a case wherein we can’t be sure of the historical data. But ten years is not a lot in Pluto-return terms. In fact, in the 980’s Pluto was still in Scorpio.)

Look at the Pluto return chart:

Sun (energy, life force) Neptune (oceans) and Jupiter (far travel) were in Sagittarius, the sign of world-wide travel.

But there wasn’t much to hold onto.  Mars is in the sector of possessions — Mars always “burns out” and is the worst planet to keep and hold anything with.

In the 8th house of seminal events (Pluto’s entire shtick) we find the Moon (usually very fertile) and Saturn (men past the seminal age, restriction, harsh conditions). That’s why I call this discovery of North America, this 970 AD Pluto return, a “miscarriage.” The Vikings tried settlements, tried to establish colonies, and some evidently lasted 100 years, but nothing grew. Pluto here did give birth, but to a “still born.” The 8th is also the house of secrets, and the Viking settlements were unknown and undiscovered for an entire millennium.


In Part Three of this Pluto article, I’ll look at the 1983 AD Pluto chart, which shows our own era in broad terms, and at the 2229 AD chart, which not only shows the 247 years following 2229, but the few thousand years following — which I’ll explain in Part Three, when we look at Pluto’s “Mega-Eras,” which last millenniums.


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  1. KurakAkuyek

    Really appreciate your sharing of knowledge about Pluto, Tim.
    What a revelation!
    *Dalai Lama: Share your knowledge. It’s a way to achieve immortality.*

  2. shallman24

    Sag – “maintain hope for the future, its bright!”
    When does it start to turn around? This has been the toughest 16 months ever, just when it starts to get moving some other wave hits.

    1. Tim Stephens Post author

      Hi, Shellman24,

      Yep, it’s been a difficult time for many Sages (for some almost 2 years so far) — a time of growing up (which also means growing older!) and facing life’s harsher realities. This is due to Saturn travelling thru Sagit. This ends, as I think I wrote, in December(technically, Dec. 19). Only 4 more months! On the plus side, you popularity is growing, and you have the ability, more than most, to focus on an optimistic future.



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