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ALL TIMES/DATES ARE PDT (Pacific Daylight Time Zone). PDT is 8 hours “before” Greenwich (England). (As long as Britain is also on Daylight time.) For example, when it is noon PDT, it is 8 pm in England – and 4 am the next day in China.) The “World Clock” in the right margin gives you some clues. (You can also Google “time zone converter.”)

START NOTHING: 4:16 pm to 10:46 pm Sun., 3:33 am to 11:46 pm Tues., 7:56 am to 11:10 pm Thurs., and 2:49 am to 10:59 pm Sat.




ALL SIGNS: It’s a benevolent but unusual week, in which the “start nothing” periods (called, astrologically, “Moon void of course”) occupy full days Sunday, Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday. So whatever else I advise in your weekly forecast, remember to stick to routine, or avoid new starts, these four days of this week. (Thursday’s good before 7:56 am PDT.) In a sense, this means act, then contemplate what you did, then act, then contemplate, and so on.

Generally, practical actions such as investing or starting a business should be put off until June onward.

GEMINI: Rob Ford, the crack-head mayor of Toronto, Canada, who died last week at age 46 – a Gemini. Donald Trump – a Gemini. Your poor astrologer – a Gemini. All crazy.


The Baltic Dry Index measures the quantity of goods (except liquids and gas) shipped by freighters worldwide. As I write this, the Index is at 401. Just one month ago, it was 290 – so it has climbed by over 40 % in 30 days. (You can see how the stock market followed roughly the same path: a bottom in Jan./Feb., and a recent rally.) But in Dec. 2013 this measure of worldwide freight volume was at 2330 – almost 6 times its present level. In Oct. 2011 it was 2173. In 2004 it was 6,000. In 2008 it was almost 12,000. I can only find figures for 1985 to the present. In that 30 + years, the Baltic has NEVER been as low as it is today (even after it climbed 111 points upward in the last two months).

Think of it this way: world trade (excluding services, technology and oil, other liquids) has shrunk to ONE-THIRTIETH of the level of 2008. World trade is lower – significantly lower – than it has ever been since 1985.

Several months ago, the shares of Canada’s miners (copper, coal, iron, etc.) –were trading as low as 0.1 of their book value (total assets minus total liabilities). Now, Teck (TCK?), Hudbay (HBM?) and Lundin (LUN?) are trading at up to 1 times and even 1.5 times their book value. Teck, for instance, in the last 2 months, jumped from $ 3 to $ 12, and now is mildly declining again. A lot of this is hope. If Teck simply mirrored the Baltic Index, it would only be trading at about $ 4 to $5 today. If it mirrored the recent climb in the price of copper (Teck’s main product) its shares would only be trading at about $ 3 – $ 4. Other miners are about the same, as are oil companies.


So at present hope drives the market in these commodities. A mere 50 % rise in world trade (according to the Baltic Index) over the last two months led to a 400 % jump in Teck shares. A mere 14 % rise in the price of copper over these same two months, corresponded with the same 400 % jump in Teck’s share price.


I think another decline is in the works, and I wouldn’t be surprised if a bottom came in around September this year (2016). Banks, too, might have a “September reckoning” – if they do, I’d buy and buy. (I’d buy Canadian banks when their dividends pay 6 % or more per annum. Presently they yield about 4 %.)

But remember this: I am not a financial advisor and have no training in this field. So take my advice as speculative.




Aries.svg ARIES   March 21-April 19

Your charisma, sense of timing, energy, effectiveness and clout are at a yearly high, Aries, especially Wed./Thurs. You’re the leader – charge forth, impress people, make contacts, start significant projects. Sunday is happy, friendly, filled with optimism. A wish could come true. But retreat late this night through Tues. – rest, contemplate, study your past and present, then make plans for your future. Your ideas stabilize. This s a good interval to give aid to others, be nurturing, compassionate. Good time to meditate, too. Watch your temper around noon Mon. (PDT) – impulsive action could spark legal or ethical problems. You seem about to stop talking and start joining/loving. Your energy, charisma soar Wed./Thurs., just as your career or dealings with authorities come into prominence. A change of (or milder, change in) career could loom. Show others the way! Chase money Fri./Sat. – buy/sell, seek new clients, ask for more work or a pay raise, etc. Friday is very lucky in work, machinery (a good day to buy some). Saturday surprises – perhaps a great friend pops up, or a wish comes true.


taurus weekly forecast TAURUS   April 20-May 20

Rest, lie low, avoid the bustling crowd, especially Wed./Thurs. These weeks are a perfect time for contemplation, self-examination, spiritual practices, and charitable acts. Hours spent daydreaming and planning will not be wasted. Your sexual, financial and research urges remain powerful, but think twice before committing. Generally, practical actions such as investing or starting a business should be put off until June onward. Be ambitious Sunday, or at least co-operate with higher-ups and authorities. All’s smooth, mildly productive. A wish could come true Mon./Tues. – your “seclusion” will lift a little as friends call, happiness and optimism flow in. But take care to noon (PDT) Mon. – avoid arguments, dark alleys, investments and tawdry sex. Tuesday’s smoother, but little that’s started this day will grow. (From this day onward to June 12, you will become more talkative, indecisive, creative and attracted to romance. Also from this day to late April, your seclusion will become sweeter, deeper. This month’s main accent, retreat and rest, intensifies Wed./Thurs. Research yields rewards Wed., but your secrets, or interfacing with government agencies or corporate head office, does not seem to meet the approval of someone: this is subtle, and you might never know they judged you. Better to just be honest, and let life decide your fate. Your energy and charisma rise Fri./Sat. – all’s well, good luck and progress accompany you. Gtreat time to express your love for someone, without trying to “wow” them.


Gemini.svg GEMINI   May 21-June 20

Wednesday and Thursday hold the essence of this whole month, Gemini – hopes and wishes keep you buoyant, your popularity rises, social delights arrive, and entertainment or friendly romance call. Someone “beautiful” will wander into your life, or pass close by. Realize relationships (in love and generally) will be intense through May, so be diplomatic – but willing! Sunday’s mellow, wise, loving, cultural and philosophical – attend a foreign film, play, read a book, etc. But don’t start a project, as results would be nil. Be ambitious Mon./Tues. – but not to the degree that you push higher-ups, or collude, or act surreptitiously. Avoid arguments, careless driving Mon. morning; avoid investments and “new intimacy” all day. Stick to routine Tues. Though you’re happy Wed,/Thurs., realize you need to “rearrange” your investments, intimate relationships, and/or work methods –otherwise, these are two happy, hopeful days. Retreat Fri./Sat. – be charitable, seek spiritual experiences, visit s psychic or counsellor, interface with government agencies or institutions, corporate head office, etc. But above all, rest and recharge 3Wyour physical, emotional batteries. Everything’s good! You might make a new friend or improve your home.


Cancer.svg CANCER   June 21-July 22

The accent remains on ambition, prestige relations, higher-ups and authorities, and your community reputation/status. These matters reach a climax of sorts Wed./Thurs. – a climax that starts/inspires a new trend or project that can ultimately benefit your climb up the ladder. (This climb, though, or your ambitions generally, can also involve a turn or change in your spousal bond: this can be large or small, but it’s deep, subtle, slow.) Earlier, Sunday whispers of secrets, quiet understandings, sexual and power urges – but this day has “no future,” so don’t make any commitments, nor invest. A mellow, compassionate mood of understanding flows over you Mon./Tues. Nothing’s really favoured Monday. Avoid an argument and/or sharp tools before noon (PDT) Mon., and don’t start any practical nor financial project, even if an “opportunity” arises just before midnight. Tuesday’s fine, easy, but stick to routine. Be ambitious Wed./Thurs., but stick to routine after 8 am (PDT) Thurs. Hopes and happiness put a twinkle in your eye Fri./Sat. – friends include you, entertainment or a light flirtation arrive, and a wish could come true, especially about work/career (a promotion or promise?) and about a trip, or a friendship. A smooth, lucky two days!


Leo icon, Luck Forecast LEO   July 23-Aug. 22

This week continues the intellectual, wise, compassionate, travel-oriented and cultural flavour of late March, especially Wed./Thurs., when you might start a new project in this zone. Religion, philosophy, education, media/publishing, international affairs, import/export, social rituals and possible fame are also emphasized. This is also a love influence, which joins nicely with a strong romantic streak that has shifted into your life. Creative writing (or any creative mental work) succeeds now. The events and opportunities of these two days (mostly Wed.) will demand a large or slight, but significant adjustment in your work or health; you might need to convince your family, too. Earlier, Sunday features relationships, but don’t start a new one – not much grows that’s planted this day. Look under the surface Mon./Tues., but not too far. You’ll feel like investing, or investigating (“I wonder what he’s like in bed?”) but these are doorways to bad karma, trap doors, so use these days to contemplate rather than act – especially before noon (PDT) Mon., when you could almost unwittingly cross ethical/legal barriers. Be ambitious Fri./Sat. – luck rides with you, it’s almost impossible to make a mistake, so show your skills, pester the boss for a raise/promotion, etc. A legal break-through or a new love or a voyage or some great inspiration might arrive. Don’t start anything major Sat., though.


Virgo.svg VIRGO   Aug. 23-Sept. 22

The emphasis remains on secrets, mysteries, the subsurface forces of life, depth psychology, research or detective work, sexual yearnings, financial actions, medical diagnoses, lifestyle changes, commitment and consequence, especially this Wed./Thurs., when you might start a new project in these areas. Still, a bit of caution is advised, as you might have to make an adjustment in who you deal with. If a conflicting fact arises, don’t ignore it. (E.g., you’re about to buy a stock, then learn that company’s nearing bankruptcy.) Your “clear window” for action in any of these is 3:30 am (PDT) to 8 am Thurs. Earlier, Sunday is for routine chores. Relationships face you Mon./Tues. Be diplomatic, especially before noon Mon. Significant relationships, such as couples courting, are best handled lightly before mid-May, 2017 – this is not the time for commitment to a partnership. Routine only, Tues. Love, understanding, higher education, far travel and international affairs, cultural and social venues and rituals, fame, statistics, publishing and media – take your choice; any and all meet luck and success Fri. (mostly) and Sat.


Libra.svg LIBRA   Sept. 23-Oct. 22

The emphasis remains on relationships, Libra, especially this Wed./Thurs., when you might end one, and/or start another. Earlier, Sunday’s romantic, creative, and pleasure or beauty-packed. However, don’t start a project or relationship, as this day “has no future.” Tackle chores Mon./Tues., But be careful with sharp tools and sharp words/personalities to noon (PDT) Mon. Don’t bite on an “opportunity” this night. Eat and dress sensibly, seasonally, both days. Those relationships arise Wed./Thurs. – this includes relocation themes, negotiations, agreements, opportunities and fresh horizons, opposition and challenges, even enemies. Be diplomatic, eager to join. Sometime this week, if single, you might meet a viable mate, perhaps before 1 pm Wed., or around 4 to 8 am Thurs. However, realize both days point toward an upheaval, small or large, caused by your domestic situation. Friday/Saturday bring secrets, mysteries, and opportunities. Your subconscious bursts to the surface, bringing with it sexual yearning, and a desire for power or financial gain. Investments, debt reduction, medical diagnoses, detective work/research, lifestyle changes and commitments are lucky. Again, you might meet a viable mate. However, he/she might already be attached, or your prime attraction might be sexual, not emotional. Think about that.


Scorpio.svg SCORPIO   Oct. 23-Nov. 21

You’re in the middle of a month of “more work.” Well, grin and bear it. You’re indirectly favoured to make more money through your career this year (to September) so view a bit of extra work as an opportunity rather than a burden. Sunday’s for domesticity, kids, sweet Mother Nature, security – but little that’s planted this day will grow, so just sit back and enjoy the weather. Romance, creative and speculative urges, pleasure pursuits, beauty, charming kids – these fill Mon./Tues. But don’t dive too deeply into these (especially romance and speculation/gambles) before mid-May 2017. Instead, opt for light romance, and group fun. Caution before noon (PDT) Mon. – avoid arguments, careless spending. This month’s work and health theme “doubles” Wed./Thurs. Tackle chores and protect your health. Eat and dress sensibly. You might have to change your ways of commuting or communicating. Exciting meetings, relationships, love and enmity, co-operation and opposition, arise Fri./Sat. Your luck is so good (especially Friday pm) that you would win even if someone did attack you. A friend (perhaps a flirty friend, or simply a new one) might open the door to money and work success, perhaps by mentioning an opportunity to you.


Sagittarius.svg SAGITTARIUS   Nov. 22-Dec. 21

Sunday is for errands, casual conversation, visits and trips, paperwork and details – but stick to routine, as new projects begun this day will wilt before they mature. Let your thoughts bend homeward Mon./Tues. – hug the kids, garden, shore up security, study retirement and educational programs, etc. Be restful, soak up Mother Nature, especially her sun and sweet air. Be cautious before noon (PDT) Mon., with arguments, sharp tools, and disappointed lovers. Wed./Thurs. bring the main influence of this whole month: romance, creative and speculative urges, beauty, pleasure, charming kids, and adventure. You’re more intense (and courageous) about these things than most Aprils. However, success might depend on your ability to change or “let go” of a possessive or “money’s more important” attitude. Romance seems to have a lot to do with casual friendliness or travel or communications – for instance, you might meet a new love on the bus, or respond to a telephone come-on, say, while you’re ordering supplies at work. (This works mostly for East coasters, Europeans and Asians, as this “new love” influence peaks at 8 am PDT Thurs. Tackle chores Fri./Sat. – you’ll get a huge amount done, as good, workable aspects fill both days. You could even put yourself in line for a promotion (Friday). Love, attraction, could surprise you with its strength Sat.


Capricorn.svg CAPRICORN   Dec. 22-Jan.19

The emphasis remains on home, kids, parents, security, landscaping and home repairs, retirement plans, gardening, nutrition, stomach and soul. These matters reach a climax of sorts Wed./Thurs. – a climax that starts/inspires a new trend or project in these areas. (One which also involves a turn or change in your spousal bond, and/or in your wishes, goals and social desires. This can be large or small, but it’s deep, subtle, slow.) (See “start nothing” times above, for Thurs.) Earlier, Sunday features money, possessions, buying/selling, memory and rote learning, and a sensual attraction – but stick to the known, and routine (e.g., buy groceries, not clothes) as nothing planted this day will grow. Errands, calls, mail, trips, paperwork, details and casual friends fill Mon./Tues. Careful to noon (PDT) Mon., when a relationship might end, or you could be vulnerable to people who want to dig into your secrets, or find your weakness(es). Romantic notions, creative and risk-taking urges, beauty and pleasure come to you Fri./Sat. – luck accompanies you in these, so dive in – almost impossible to make a mistake.


 Aquarius.svg AQUARIUS   Jan. 20-Feb. 18

This isn’t an important month, Aquarius – it’s busy but friendly, and the stakes are not high. You’re the star Sunday: show off, impress others, het your way – but don’t start projects, as little will come of them in future. Chase money, buy/sell, seek new clients Mon./Tues. – but don’t try too hard, as this area is a bit like molasses (slow and gooey) until May 2017. Careful to noon (PDT) Mon., when friends can loosen your purse, goods are damaged, or sloppy driving, speaking, can spark an argument. Wed./Thurs. bring errands, calls, contacts, paperwork and details, siblings and casual friends, travel and curiosity. The last of these is most important. You might start a new paperwork, office system, filing, telephony or mail project. Don’t gossip, nor show anyone your secrets. Turn homeward Fri./Sat. – kids, spouse, garden, Mother Nature, nutrition, security, retirement, stomach and soul blossom with splendid luck and good feeling. An investment or interlude of intimacy can bless you Fri. night. You might send an important message Sat., even if no one receives it.


Pisces.svg PISCES   Feb. 19-March 20

Money, money, money – earn it, use it, chase it – especially Wed./Thurs., when you could start a new profit-seeking venture. (Best started before 8 am Thurs., PDT.) You might have to make an adjustment in your social plans to make this money thing work, or you might need to change your favourite goals. Earlier, Sunday nudges you to rest, nap, contemplate, meditate, just veg. Nothing important started this day will grow to ultimate success. Your energy and charisma soar Mon./Tues. – everyone “notices” you, people call, you get your way, you can lead others. But take care with money and career, authorities and possessions before noon (PDT) Mon. A new sensual attraction would not last long. You’ll succeed very easily with errands, paperwork, short distance travel, communications and casual relationships Fri. (better) and Sat. You could meet a person important to your money flow Saturday. Earlier, Friday night opens the door to a great relationship – one more likely to bring you good fortune than your independence will.


The End.