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Harry Dent, a newsletter writer, says 2014 should bring a devastating crash in North American stock markets. In a long-range view, I’m inclined to agree, somewhat. (I’ll republish my detailed economic forecast next week, if I remember.) Even in the short-term, last week brought sudden declines in tech and bio-tech stocks, and the NASDAQ officially went into a correction: a 10 % fall. Dent says the crash will start this April. (He originally said March. Nobody’s perfect.)

HOWEVER: I’m worried that we’ll see dangerous markets this week (Sunday to Wednesday, April 20-23)…. still, my gut says to hang on for awhile longer….If the Dow falls more than 500 points now to mid-week, I’d sell – Thursday or early Friday, when the market’s bouyant. Or put “stops”” under your equities, if you own ‘em. (But be active, also, for a sudden dip might be followed by a sudden upward surge – more likely Thursday/Friday. If your stop sells you out, then the market rebounds, you lose. So stop them, then buy them back cheaper – maybe Wednesday, during the “Start Nothing” time, or Thursday.)


We might hear worse news about  the Heartbleed computer virus, or another cyber battle….


A clash of nations could occur or climax now, centring on Sunday (confrontation) Monday (revolt squelched, or high-tech “battle”) Tuesday (warriors) and Wednesday (death). Stock markets could be buffeted. In our personal lives, various problems will climax or come into sharp definition. The main themes we’ll be dealing with are change, high tech, religion/life philosophy, and anger.

This “clash” will occur every April, July, October and January to a greater or lesser degree for the rest of our decade. Each clash will be another “shift,” each one bringing us closer to the “promises” (or curses) of the huge planetary grand cross of 2010, a great aspect that many astrologers (not yours truly) predicted would lead to a world war, or a cataclysmic depression, or the switching of the north and south poles.

As I have written since 1984, the 1983-2232 Pluto era is one of deep, slow change, even of stagnation. So that great 2010 aspect might unfold over decades, even centuries: it’s “effects” include such things as the rise of China and the decline of the west, something that is happening over decades.

So even this April’s “repeat” or echo of that 2010 grand cross might be more a slow evolvement than an overnight explosion. Still, I’d put stops under my long stocks, and keep watch.


RUSSIA’S PUTIN is a 9-degree Libra Sun. Ukraine’s President, Oleksandr Turchynov, is a 10-degree Aries. These two were born almost exactly on opposite sides of the zodiac. I’ve already described Putin in an earlier column. Oleksandr’s Sun says he is extremely brave – braver than Putin, who is no slouch. The symbol for Olek’s Sun degree is “Saint George slays the dragon.” (Russia? Putin?) Olek has a Scorpio Moon, so he’s secretive about his courage and his power.

Two differences between the men: one, Putin is indecisive but senses outcomes well (Pisces Moon); Olek is stubborn and seldom changes his mind (Scorpio Moon). Two, both men are warriors, but Putin’s courage, oriented toward conquest, has a flaw: he cannot conquer himself, which makes him vulnerable to pride and narcissism; Olek’s courage is simple and natural: it has no agenda, but flares spontaneously. This makes him vulnerable to, simply, the situations his courage creates.

Russia is a huge nation, of course, and Ukraine is small. On equal battlefields, Olek would defeat Putin. At the very least, we’d have a battle royal – and Olek would (will) keep rising again even after defeat, like a phoenix, or the metal man who fought Arnold Schwarzenegger in the “Terminator.”

I’ve been bothered by Olek’s hesitation to oust the Russian occupiers of the Ukraine government buildings. But Mars, Olek’s planet, is in Libra (Putin’s sign) and retrograde, causing him to be unusually careful and hesitant. In a way, Putin chose Olek’s weakest moment to invade Crimea. In mid-May Mars goes direct: this might bring a far different reaction from Olek – perhaps all out war. I do not think Olek will capitulate or bow to Russia’s superior power – though he might, to fight another day, and another way. His Scorpio Moon can draw him to wage a secret war, perhaps even an assassination war. He has already considered – and not dismissed – assassinating Putin. (Note: if Olek was born between about 10:30 am and 12:30 pm, he possesses an inner, emotional cowardice which undermines much of what I’ve said above.)

 ADDED APRIL 17: Sheesh, how could I be so blind? While praising Olek’s courage (above) I completely forgot that the lunar south node is in his sun sign until November 2015. This makes him “snake bit” or “jinxed” in martial areas, so he’s like Saint George fighting the dragon, but choosing the wrong day to do battle. In this sense, Olek’s warrior hands are tied until November 2015 — which explains his timidity in the face of Putin’s aggression. Now to Nov. 2015 is long enough, of course, for Putin to do wholesale damage. Olek might suffer (if he lasts that long) a major defeat February to April, 2015. Also, while I admire Olek’s courage, that doesn’t mean he isn’t a thug: he is, like most alpha politicians. (When I saw the Ukrainian troops simply abandon their tanks and weapons April 14/15, I wondered about my “coward” comment above — if Olek was born between 10:30 am and 12:30 pm, I said, “he possesses an inner, emotional cowardice.” I based this comment on the moon — but the moon often rules the populace, so his army might manifest the cowardice rather than Olek himself.

WHOEVER begins a “war action” April 17 or 18, will lose, in the most unexpected way (unexpected to the loser). In a general way, this applies to whoever begins a “war action” any time from February 19 (2014) onward. If this is/was Putin, Putin loses. If for some reason Olek made a violent or warlike move in Feb. or March (e.g., to gain the Presidency of Ukraine or  overthrow the former Russian puppet) then he will lose. 

JIM FLAHERTY, Canada’s Finance Minister, died April 10. (He was a Capricorn, and passed while the Sun was in Aries, his sign of sleep and “endings.”) In Parliament and around the world, he is being praised as an honest, good man. But this is the same Jim Flaherty who seven years ago brutally — and knowingly — murdered the future of many senior citizens in Canada by banning “income trusts” overnight. (Trusts are  similar to REITS in the U.S.) I do mean overnight: On October 31, 2006 (later known as the “Halloween Massacre,”) without warning, he effectively made trusts “non-entities.” Many of the trusts, which trade on stock markets, fell by 50 % as soon as the markets opened Nov. 1. Many seniors lost half their life savings in minutes. They owned income trusts because they provided a strong, steady, monthly income not obtainable in equities or bonds, nor in savings accounts – facts well known to Flaherty, whose boss, PM Harper, had only months before, in his election campaign, promised the government would “not touch” the trusts. So first they lull the seniors to sleep, then they cut them in half. Perhaps Harper wasn’t lying, perhaps he really believed his promise. But Flaherty wanted more tax revenue, so, lie or not,  he took the sword to trusts. In the months to follow, despite marches and protests, Flaherty was stone-cold: he would not reconsider, not aid those who had lost money.

Ironically (or karmically) Flaherty died months before he would become a senior citizen himself. I almost didn’t name his sun sign, worried you would think I dislike that sign: I don’t. But I do dislike cruelty and the arrogant use of power, and I dislike the hypocrisy of the politicians who eulogized him as a “good man.” He was not that.

But he was also a great example of the battle I keep referring to, of the hierarchy versus the masses. This battle is occurring as Pluto travels through Capricorn, the sign of politics and government. It lasts until 2024….

As the Baby Boomers retire, one of their main problems will be the legs….


Aries.svgARIES   March 21-April 19

This won’t be an easy week, Aries – though everything lightens up the second half. A month of money, earnings, spending and possessions has just begun. Your earnings might be affected by your career output, which is impacted quite strongly Sunday/Monday. Higher-ups might have something to say about your innovativeness or your head-strong character. You might experience a tug-o-war between your domestic needs and your career demands, between security and assertion. A job might end. By Tuesday, your mate joins the fray, perhaps demanding that you act a certain way, or that you favour home over career (or vice-versa). There’s a solution here, even good feelings, as you grow hopeful and he/she grows gentle, loving. But by midnight Tuesday the final confrontation is here: is it to be your “independent way” or another’s (rather angry) way? Then, Wednesday can peel the safety armour off your  chest, and the cruelties fly. Best approach, all week: be diplomatic, long-suffering, and aware of other’s problems, irritations. Retreat, rest Thursday/Friday – everything’s easy, smooth. Saturday, you’re reborn.


taurus weekly forecastTAURUS   April 20-May 20

Major conflicts surround you Taurus, but most of these deflect off you – they concern others much more deeply. Still, be aware, alert, compassionate and diplomatic Sunday to Wednesday. Wisdom, international affairs, far travel, higher education and all intellectual/cultural pursuits “color” Sunday/Monday – talk, gossip (or a secret  you’re hiding) can undermine your position, might even lead to a lawsuit. Remain ethical – and silent. Your career is highlighted Tuesday/Wednesday – again, something in your private life, or something you want to keep secret – or your dealings with government/administration – might be a thorn in your heel, but keep pushing on. Your hopes and popularity soar Thursday/Friday – suddenly, the sun shines, and everyone wants you! Chase love, friends, join a group – a flirtation could transform to intimacy. Retreat, rest, plan Saturday.


Gemini.svgGEMINI   May 21-June 20

Like Taurus’ experiences, this week’s conflicts might roll off you like water off a duck. Still, dangers exist: protect your investments, your secrets, and your health. Generally, you’re in a hibernation cycle, so rest, contemplate, observe, plan, and stay out of the hustling, bustling crowd. Sunday/Monday bring secrets and mysteries, sexual lures and financial crises (which you might be able to grab as opportunities: e.g., stocks fall, you buy). The earnings luck you’ve experienced since about last summer might meet a threat or two: mostly, this threat comes from the people who hold the purse-strings. You sex life has been based mostly on the casual, sensual and fun side the last half year; but now the deeper, more consequential side of sex/intimacy rises up to challenge your casual situation. Take care with STD’s, pregnancy, extra-marital temptations. Tuesday/Wednesday bring a more mellow, understanding mood, but the upheavals and barriers continue, mostly involving a romantic or child-oriented situation. By Thursday/Friday, you enter calm waters – and career luck! Your hopes, joys rise Saturday.


Cancer.svgCANCER   June 21-July 22

Like Aries, you can face the full brunt of this week’s problems, Cancer. Remain cheerful, optimistic, and steadfast – realize you’re the luckiest of the “problem signs” (Aries, you, Libra and Cap) this year. Still, brace yourself: Sunday/Monday bring crises in career (which is changing) and relationships – and the biggest problem occurs where career meets relationship. (If your field is stock broking or handling other people’s money, or research or medicine, this can be a boon time – take crisis by the throat and shake it into a big opportunity.) Tuesday/Wednesday bring sexual and financial urges, which can lead to trouble on the home front. Or merely expect a domestic quarrel. Don’t break a good relationship immediately – show patience. A wise, mellow mood steals over you Thursday/Friday – problems have ebbed, the world is sweet, gentle, and luck walks with you. Far travel, intellectual and cultural pursuits are favoured. Be ambitious Saturday – and behave!


Leo icon, Luck ForecastLEO   July 23-Aug. 22

Crises and conflicts are in the air Sunday to Wednesday, but they tend to happen to your friend or neighbour, and to deflect off you. Still, take care with work and health Sunday/Monday and with relationships Tuesday/Wednesday. All four days can trigger legal, international, educational, cultural, love, publishing or insurance problems, work or health difficulties (stomach? legs? back?). A secret attraction to someone could blow up, or become an ethical or social problem. Take care in any contacts with government or head office. If a boss or mentor asks you to do something illegal or unethical, give a firm, diplomatic NO. Drive carefully. Thursday/Friday bring calm. Use this to re-assess what happened earlier. Luck rides with you in intimate moments and with finances – investments or debt reduction could succeed nicely. Dig deep, research, be a detective. Saturday’s mellow, wise – but better for contemplation than action.


Virgo.svgVIRGO   Aug. 23-Sept. 22

A tough week, Virgo – but mostly for others. Still, remain cautious Sunday through Wednesday, when various factors (some of them having slowly risen for weeks, months) interfere with your friendships, popularity, romances, creative works, children, intimate relations, secrets, earnings, possessions and finances. On the one hand, crisis brings opportunity (to the brave, they always leave that part out) but it also brings danger – be very careful with investments, put stops on your stocks, etc. Sunday/Monday are romantic, creative; beauty and pleasure soothe your psyche. Tackle chores and guard your health Tuesday/Wednesday. The worldly excitement’s over, but your true, personal excitement just begins, Thursday/Friday – opportunities abound, relationships blossom, and negotiations succeed during these two lucky days. You could meet your future mate. Saturday’s secretive, sexy – your life could change. Study, research – you’ll express your findings early next week.


Libra.svgLIBRA   Sept. 23-Oct. 22

Various cudgels fall, various blows rain down now through Wednesday. Like Cancer, Aries and Capricorn, you face a gauntlet of problems. But in many cases, you are the one who instigated or triggered this mess (or this face-off, this conflict) so your first, best defence is to admit you aren’t innocent. (Russia’s Putin is a Libra.) What mess? In general, your career and reputation interests, lucky this year, are attacked by your domestic, family, security situation (all these encounter struggles this entire decade). Then your relationships enter the fray – and you are balanced on the edge, wondering whether to attack or have a temper tantrum, or to be reasonable, diplomatic, to compromise. To some degree, it is your own recent (since December) assertiveness that has caused the problem. The thing is, it might not be right to back down; you might be perfectly in the right. And, you could win, even win a total victory. But expect unpredictable and stubborn opposition (it’s like fighting lightning: how do you even grab it?) and a true struggle. Your life might change as a result. Research, see beneath the surface. Report all unusual pains to your MD. Life calms after midweek: Thursday/Friday bring good luck in chores, employment, health. Saturday brings an ally.


Scorpio.svgSCORPIO   Oct. 23-Nov. 21

The general accent lies on relationships, opportunities, new horizons, and dealing with the public, for several weeks. This is a “green zone” for you now for at least a decade, meaning success is very possible. But Sunday to Wednesday bring many long-standing frictions, conflicts and imbalances to a climax. Expect problems in communications, legalities, travel, international affairs, education, driving, work, health, and with civil servants, institutions or “head office.” A bit of diplomacy will go a long way – especially in keeping you and your affairs “safe.” Sunday/Monday are for errands, communications, visits and trips. Be home, or look after family members, Tuesday/Wednesday. (If one of these is a Cancer, Libra, Aries or Capricorn, he/she might need extra compassion, help.) Thursday/Friday wash away all these problems (at least for several months) in a gush of romance, beauty, pleasure, games, and adventure – you’ll ride a winning streak in all these! (A new sexual and/or marital relationship might start.) Tackle chores Saturday – protect health.


Sagittarius.svgSAGITTARIUS   Nov. 22-Dec. 21

The accent lies on health and work for several weeks ahead. This will be followed by a period of opportunity, some of it resting on what you manage to accomplish now to late May. (So don’t be lazy!) Sunday/Monday focus on earnings, spending, possessions, memory, and sensual desires. Tuesday/Wednesday bring casual friends, communications, visits and errands, paperwork. But all four days careen from opportunity to opposition, providence to crisis. The crises involve your sectors of investment, net worth, research and sexual desires, earnings and possessions, romance. Creativity and child-raising, and wishes and friends. Most of these are lucky for you, but meet barriers, even “explosions” this week. Be careful who and what you invest in. By Thursday/Friday, you sigh with relief and sink into the comforts of home (perhaps in a restaurant). Family, real estate, security, retirement affairs are studded with luck, so charge forth! Friday’s for romance, mildly.


Capricorn.svgCAPRICORN   Dec. 22-Jan. 19

You start this week with high energy and effectiveness, charisma and clout – which helps you handle the gauntlet of barriers, no’s, and problems life flings your way Sunday to Wednesday. Allies refuse to co-operate; opportunities smash against the reality of those who don’t like you; parents and bosses, VIPs and authorities refuse your requests or actively attack your projects. And your fiefdom (family, employees, allies) rebels. Nerves can upset your digestion, so refuse tension: approach all problems with a relaxed disinterest. (Yes, hard to do.) Hard, assertive action can solve a lot of this Tuesday pm. It’s difficult to predict the intensity or scope of these difficulties – depends on your own personality and involvements. Could just be a couple of arguments – or war. You remain nicely energized Tuesday/Wednesday. Relief comes Thursday/Friday, oddly, in the form of busyness: errands, visits, talks, trips, paperwork, and casual friends. Be home, rest, garden, Saturday.


Aquarius.svgAQUARIUS   Jan 20-Feb. 18

Retreat, rest, contemplate and plan Sunday/Monday. All around you, the world is in conflict: friends, neighbours, perhaps nations. Handle only imminent crises – perhaps a car problem (electrical) illness, gossip or intrusive noise, communications snafus. Your energy rises late Monday night through Wednesday, when the second tranche of troubles stumbles in. Be very careful to avoid legal situations, don’t mouth off at work or to co-workers, and avoid all covert or clandestine action. Two friends might fight: stay out. You’ll come through okay! Thursday/Friday bring money, spending, a sensual attraction – both days swim in luck, so march forth. You can make an impression at work that could earn you a pay raise soon. Good two days to ask the boss for a raise or loan. Saturday’s busy – errands, calls, trips, visits, paperwork. The weeks ahead feature domestic bliss, security, retirement plans – enjoy Nature.


Pisces.svgPISCES   Feb. 19-March 20

The main accent now to late May lies on chatter, communications, emails, short trips, errands, paperwork and casual acquaintances/siblings. Don’t take off on wild goose chases, which could be very possible Sunday to Wednesday, when various alarms are raised. Be thankful that the problems that sail all around you are not, at core, yours. Still, you need to face certain problems: romance or creative projects run into a lack of money – so do your favorite wishes or goals; your social group might disapprove of your lover; and your assets might be reduced by speculation or gambling. Someone (new) who looks like the love of your life will turn to be the “intimacy refuser” of your life. Cruelty can mark relationships. Mood-wise, Sunday/Monday are hopeful, happy despite the problems all around. Retreat Tuesday/Wednesday: rest, contemplate. Your energy and charisma soar Thursday/Friday, and great luck accompanies you – chase love, start semi-significant projects, ask favours, take charge! Chase money or shop Saturday – small items.


The End