“QUE SERA SERA” ~ Doris Day
(written by Ray Evans & Jay Livingston)

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Why go where you have no power? I can only think of one reason: to explore.

(The charitable reason, to sacrifice or endanger oneself in order to bring food or safety to the needy, in places where you have no power, doesn’t qualify. There are many types of power, and the power of giving is one. Surely a good one, but still a power, with rewards as subtle but substantial as the kind of power angels wield/enjoy.)
***   ***

First, the crooked U.S. intelligence agencies attack Trump, try to unseat him, then slander him for almost 3 years, and stonewall all attempts to investigate the crime wave of the Obama era. So Trump directly asks the country where most of the crimes were committed — Ukraine. Oh, that’s grounds for impeachment! This horrible man, President, is not allowed to speak to foreign countries! Impeach, impeach — so our corrupt bellies are not exposed!
***   ***



aries icon  ARIES:  March 21-April 19

The focus continues on relationships, relocation, opportunities, negotiation and agreements as well as disagreements, even litigation. Be diplomatic, and eager to join/co-operate. Others hold the winning cards now through October, so why not join them? (The relationship theme intensifies — but also is “most pure” or most significant, “true” or “on course” — October 4 onward. Before this, work-related relationships are more likely.)

Sunday deepens the relating theme, but sweet personal openings mingle with the demands of parents or higher-ups before noon (PDT). (Before evening/night in Europe, before dawn in Asia). After this, hours and hours of intriguing communications… But, DO NOT start a new romance/relationship before Tuesday.

Monday and Tuesday focus on detective work, hidden wealth, investments, assets, debts, health, and growth through change (of home, lifestyle, attitude, through pregnancy, mortgage, sexual congress, etc.). Caution in all these Monday. Tuesday offers progress, esp. in sex and money. An asset (or separation settlement, or inheritance) might be “freed” soon.

Profound ideas, gentle love, far travel, intellectual pursuits, media and cultural involvements fill Wed./Thurs. Splendid good luck accompanies you, so charge ahead — co-operatively! Only caution: avoid gov’t, and sneaky/hidden actions.

Be ambitious Fri./Sat., but don’t go “all in,” esp. if recent or present events have shown:   1) delays; or 2) seem tempting, too good to be true. Higher-ups might be deceptive or unethical until May 2020. Friday morning is friction-prone; otherwise these two days flow well — march forth.

taurus icon  TAURUS:  April 20-May 20

The month ahead brings lots of work. If you’re unemployed, it’s a natural time to seek and land a job. (It might not fit your education, but life has a circuitous path.) (Hint: search locally, not internationally.) October 3 begins 6 weeks — first 3 strongest — in which gov’t, large companies (e.g., IBM, Nestles) and institutions will be fertile employment zones. Be cautious about machinery/tools (buying or operating) health, and hiring anyone — in Sept., and again around Oct. 7 and 14.

Sunday brings these work themes to the fore: careful before noon; expand, go forth after. Relationships — and opportunities — face you Mon./Tues. Monday’s not so hot: whether obviously (early day) or in a more hidden way (eve/night) others oppose your program. Tuesday’s the opposite: everybody co-operates. (Early Tues., a wish could be fulfilled.)

Life’s hidden forces rise to the surface Wed./Thurs. As long as you avoid wishful thinking and listening to friends, you could pluck a handsome profit, make a good investment, find intimacy with someone, undergo successful surgery (except on your eyes), or a lifestyle change. Dig deep, listen to hunches.

Gentle love, intellectual pursuits, far travel, cultural and media involvements fill Friday daytime through Sat. Possible argument Fri. morning (PDT) then all goes well. But don’t aim for the stars here — keep it light, as subtle traps await those who plunge in.

gemini icon  GEMINI:  May 21-June 20

Romance, creativity, speculation and risk-taking, raising talented kids, beauty and pleasure — these remain your prime interest, Gemini — to late October. If single, it might be best to wait until October 8 onward to pursue love. Remember, one of 2019’s greatest fountains of luck (for you) lies in relationships. A Sagittarian might figure prominently.

Sunday’s deep in these themes of romance, creativity, etc. Generally, all is good, with a “quiet” problem midday, but good conversations later. DON’T begin a love affair — stick with the old — Monday too, and generally to Oct. 7. Tackle chores Mon./Tues. Monday’s disruptive (careful with machines) and holds “deeper” love problems — might involve your loved one’s children or domicile. Tuesday flows with good, productive luck, all day.

Relationships enter Wed./Thurs. Remember, this is a source of great good luck for you until Dec. 2. This good fortune also embraces relocation, business negotiations/ agreements, and opportunities in general. Leap on an opportunity or meeting Thurs. — you might land on nirvana’s shores! (You might have to  abandon or refuse a career or reputation goal to grasp this luck.)

Life’s depths and secrets  to you Fri./Sat. A sexual lure is potent, but it would snuff out some of your life wishes. The government’s friendly. Don’t commit too heavily to anything: sex, investments, debt, medical procedures or a research project.

Cancer icon  CANCER:  June 21-July 22

Your domestic situation, security, real estate, family love, food, garden, mother nature — these fill this week and the few ahead. The whole time, until Oct. 14, your spouse or partner might disagree with your domestic goals. (This leaves you 8 days, Oct. 15-22, to take domestic action with your partner onside.)

Sunday’s totally domestic. A midday discussion could end with “agree to disagree” but early and late day are affectionate. A good supper/eve to hold a family discussion. Romance, pleasure, beauty and risk fill Mon./Tues. Monday’s difficult: disruptive early, disappointing late. But all Tues., to pre-dawn Wed., favours love, creative ventures, beauty, etc.

Tackle chores and protect your daily health Wed. to mid-morning Fri. This zone is packed with luck for you in 2019, and one of those lucky windows opens midday Thurs. (PDT). Don’t stumble on ethics, romantic lures. Stay focused. Good time to buy machinery/tools.

Relationships face you Fri./Sat. Be careful, diplomatic before noon Fri. — tempers can flare. Then, through Sat., relations are productive. A social wish can come true Fri. pm. (But don’t form an “enduring bond” — sign nothing, promise nothing — at any time, either day.) Overall, a good week!

Leo icon  LEO:  July 23-Aug. 22

Errands, communications, paperwork, short trips and visits, new contacts, and curiosity — these fill the few weeks ahead. In some ways, not an important time — speed is more necessary than profundity. Stick with the surface, daily details, daily business. (And do be curious, ask, poke, read.)

Sunday encapsulates everything in the paragraph above, from communications to curiosity. Mostly a good day, with affection/beauty in the morning, and lively discussions (or a quick trip) in the eve/night. Midday’s a bit disappointing: let it pass. Your home, children, garden, security and food fill Mon./Tues. DO NOT even try to fall in love Monday — unless you want future pain. Nap often, stay relaxed. Tuesday flows well, and could help you earn $.

Romance calls Wed. to mid-morning Fri. If a romance starts around midday Thurs. it will be, well, big! (But if it calls you before 10:30 am PDT — 6:30 pm Britain, midnight India — sex will be a stranger.) Both days kiss you with life’s benevolence. Tackle chores Fri. morning through Sat. — but don’t take on too much; be no one’s slave. Careful Fri. morning — perhaps an argument over money. The rest of Friday offers career success — esp. if you form an alliance with someone. (He/she’s unpredictable but friendly.) Saturday flows well. Get chores done. Eat, dress sensibly.

virgo icon  VIRGO:  Aug. 23-Sept. 22

Everything comes down to money. How much can you earn? Where is the best source? Can you afford that coveted item? And to possessions: can you get something at a bargain price? Memory is a possession also. Even sex — the sensual, perhaps not in love kind — is a type of “possessing someone’s body.” All these are prominent during the weeks ahead. From Oct. 3 to Nov. 18, money will gush toward you, and rush through and away from you. Be stingy, bank funds, examine costs twice, thrice before committing.

Sunday stirs all the pots just mentioned (sex, money, possessions) — with a barrier around noon (PDT) but good openings before and after. Monday/Tuesday bring errands, communications, travel, contacts. Monday’s problematic, esp. in money zones. (DO NOT start a new love Sun. or Mon.) Charge ahead Tuesday — and be curious, ask questions.

Settle into home, family, security areas Wed. to mid-morning Fri. (PDT). Remember, this is your zone of great good luck in 2019. A spouse/partner might not agree, but he/she’s wrong. You might spy an opportunity, or actually act on one, Thurs. about midday. Yes, make that offer.

Romance, creative and speculative urges, self-expression, beauty and pleasure arise Fri. morning through Sat. Sidestep conflict (and avoid accidents) Friday forenoon. This pm brings brilliant ideas or friendship with a mildly odd but friendly and good person, perhaps a co-worker. Saturday contains agreement with others, and your mate. Still, step lightly both days — if love or pleasure calls too strongly, it might hide a subtle trap.

libra icon  LIBRA:  Sept. 23-Oct. 22

You remain energetic, charming, attractive — you’re at a yearly personal peak. Things work, you’re optimistic! Use some of this heightened clout and energy to solve long-standing problems in your domestic sphere. (E.g., help a child, or repair the plumbing.) You will attract admirers. But if you’re single, none of them are “worthy,” if they appear/woo before Oct. 4.

Sunday’s your day — energy, charisma, effective — use these to tackle a domestic quandary  midday, and to attract people to your view, morning and evening. Chase money, pay bills, seek bargains Monday/Tuesday. Monday’s tough (tackle those domestic problems) but Tuesday offers smooth progress. You could embrace a sensual situation, but considering everything around you, I wouldn’t.

Wednesday dawn to mid-morning Fri. finds you restless, curious and alert. Do errands, communicate, do paperwork, travel and visit — and ask questions. Other than a work or health snag Thurs. morn, everything goes well. The same day might bring a travel ticket, or a “bountiful” friendship. Steer your heart and efforts toward home/family, mid-morn Friday through Saturday. Avoid an argument Fri. forenoon (PDT). This night, romance mingles with (possibly) lust. Take care. In everything, keep it light — make no huge commitments. (DON’T buy a property!)

scorpio icon  SCORPIO:  Oct. 23-Nov. 21

Remain in the background, Scorpio. Rest, ponder and plan. Be charitable, spiritual — build up your good karma. (A friend does deserve your help, this year and next.) You’ve already experienced some glitches in communications or travel — likely health or gov’t restrictions. These snags will exist until Oct. 14, so count your words and examine their meaning and probable effect before you speak/write. Drive carefully, too.

You’re deeply weary Sunday, yet it’s not a bad day, overall. Dig in, research, ask gov’t questions, seek secrets. (Both Sun. and Mon. emphasize the caution [above] about communicating and driving.) Your energy and clout rise Mon./Tues. Monday’s tough — DO NOT seek love nor co-operation nor agreement Mon. You’ll get plenty of help, co-operation Tues., though.

Concentrate (and act) on money matters Wed. to mid-morning Fri. (PDT).  This is one of your big sources of luck in 2019 — seek more work, a pay raise, new clients, etc., esp. midday (PDT) Thurs. — you could pluck a plum from the money tree! But note: romance won’t “respond” this day. Thursday night begins six weeks during which you should avoid belligerent people, places of violence, and jobs that are crushingly heavy, demanding.

Mid-morning Friday through Saturday brings errands, trips, visits, communications and paperwork. Remember my caution about driving, speaking and writing. Friday morning “creates dispute,” but all flows smoothly this pm — you might even make a new friend (probably close to home).

sagittarius icon  SAGITTARIUS:  Nov. 22-Dec. 21

Wishes can come true, Sage! The weeks ahead hold a round of laughter, optimism, popularity and social delights, entertainment and flirtations. If single, you could meet someone (probably when attending a group affair). If it’s a Leo, he/she is serious about love; a Gemini, he/she is serious about a partnership. One flaw: he/she might not have enough (or has too much) money for you, or is too possessive. More likely with anyone you met last week, or might this Sunday/Monday. Your best “prospects” will appear after Oct. 3, but that money/possession thing will still need addressing. If you’re married or attached, the weeks ahead have a simple theme: celebration!

For Sunday. simply read the paragraph above — it’s purely that — social joys, optimism, light romance — and the possession snag. Leave the party for a brief rest, though, Mon./Tues. With the proviso that nothing will dent your cheerful, ebullient mood this month ahead, Monday needs care — work disruptions early, and “bad love” later. Tuesday’s good for home, security, kids, and dealings with gov ’t or “head office.” Take a breather, a quiet rest, both days.

Your energy surges upward pre-dawn Wed. to mid-morning Fri. — so does your charisma, clout and timing. Try something, start a venture — or adventure — esp. Thursday. You could strike gold, or a new life direction! Late Thursday night starts 6 weeks during which a romantic (or creative, or raising kids, or sports or risk-taking) wish is likely to come true.  At least, a door will open that can lead to its fulfillment. (Best time for a “future love” to appear: Oct 14 to 22.) Start something during this interval — be a “social leader.”

Money’s the theme Fri. morning through Sat. Careful Fri. forenoon (PDT) — your famous temper might spark, or a romantic approach is a dud. Friendly co-workers make Fri. pm a delight, and Sat. flows financial prowess. However, deal only lightly with this zone of earnings, purchases: deep involvement could open an invisible trap door.

capricorn icon  CAPRICORN: Dec. 22-Jan. 19

Be alert and ambitious, Cap, right into late October.  A fairly important career opening might parade itself by you. (Best: now to Oct. 3, and Oct. 14-22.) You’ll succeed best if you co-operate with others, even to the point of abandoning your own wagon and jumping on theirs. Friday to Nov. 18 can bring impatience and criticism from higher-ups. This benefits if you’re in a food or shelter industry (baker, realty sales, agri-chemist, etc.). If not, the weeks ahead might tempt you to: a) quit your job; or b) move into a more prestigious neighbourhood.

Sunday’s the essence of this month ahead — career, ambition, neighbourhood status are rather favoured. You feel optimistic, social, popular, happy to be alive Mon./Tues. A minor wish might come true. Monday’s tough — early disruption or a rebuff, and love’s disappointing late (but career might offer another rung of the success ladder). Tuesday’s happy, social, flirty. You need friends, now to May 2020, so scoop up any you can find these two days. (Tuesday totally better, tho.)

Retreat, gain your second wind, Wed. to mid-morn Fri. (PDT) — rest, seek solitude, ponder and plan. Your great good luck in 2019 (to Dec. 2) comes from the gov’t, large corporations, institutions, warehouses, large faceless bureaucracies, advisors and agents. Dive into these areas — esp. Thursday, when a cornucopia of aid, advice or actual “treasure” could come from these sources.

Your energy, charisma and effectiveness rise strongly mid-morn Fri. through Sat. Careful Fri. forenoon, when arguments could start. Otherwise, this is an easy, rewarding couple of days. A new friend, a sudden romantic attraction, or a creative money idea occurs Fri. pm. Saturday’s fine. Both days, use your energy to attract/join with others — independent action has little result before the summer of 2020.

Aquarius icon  AQUARIUS:  Jan. 20-Feb. 18

The accent remains on legal, intellectual, international, travel, cultural, publishing and statistical projects, Aquarius — and on wide, big but gentle love. At times (more frequent last week) gov’t or other restrictions can interfere with your progress, but if you keep trying, you’ll succeed. (Best results, Oct. 14-22.) October 4 starts 6 weeks of (intense?) focus on all these areas, esp. travel. You’ll talk a mile a minute on any subject you feel profoundly about.  Strictly avoid lawsuits from Oct. 4 to Nov. 18.

Sunday’s an epitome of all these trends, legal to statistical. A boss, parent or other authority might try to hold you back, but you’ll succeed — let love and “chatter” lead you. Monday (terrible) and Tuesday (smooth, good) hold your career in focus. Be ambitious, show your skills, and (Tues. only) start new projects. Careful Monday — DON’T start a new affair, love or career, practical or domestic. Caution, Mon. morn, with driving, computers.

Popularity, social joys, wish fulfillment, flirtations and deeper love buoy your heart Wed. to mid-morning Fri. Chase your dreams, esp. in love. Huge luck might blossom Thurs., esp. around midday (PDT). Thursday night starts six weeks of intense attraction for singles — many calls, texts can result.

Mid morning Friday through Saturday nudges you to relax, retreat and rest. Do this, but lightly. Deep or complete withdrawal would “imprison” you, in a way you’d find confusing and frustrating. Sidestep an argument Fri. forenoon. This night brings happiness at home. Saturday’s fine: sleep and ponder. Plan future money actions, but set nothing in stone.

Pisces icon  PISCES:  Feb. 19-March 20

Thursday starts 6 weeks of “treasure hunting,” Pisces. Of course you don’t have to hunt — but such lucrative investments and other gems lie just beneath the surface, that it would be unwise not to at least dig. Research, detective work also aid you before Thursday, but perhaps more in the service of sexual attraction, and medical and lifestyle decisions. Only your friends, and your own vision of the future, can impede your progress.

Sunday’s deep and mysterious — it packs into one day everything I just mentioned above. No on socializing, yes on digging, seeking half-hidden “treasures.” Monday/Tuesday bring gentle love, pondering, ideas, understandings, intellectual, travel and cultural pursuits. Monday’s difficult — nervous to noon, then love, esp. sex, becomes unattainable. Tuesday’s much better — a welcome respite in which you can enjoy friends and love.

Wednesday dawn to mid-morning Fri. (PDT) nudges you toward ambition, leadership, career and business activities. Work hard, press ahead — much favours you. Thursday might hold a promotion — ask for one! Friends, social group, popularity, optimism, flirting and fun – these approach you mid-morning Fri. through Saturday. Go ahead, have fun, but don’t think anything here is for the long run. Be light, happy/friendly, but avoid deep clinches. Thursday night begins 6 weeks of intense financial, research, and sexual involvements. In these, be thoughtful, not overly impulsive.



Remember how I’ve kept harping on the coming of a new system of government to replace both communism and democracy? (You should remember, since I’m always harping on it.) The rise of capitalism in communist China was the first stage of this change. I’ve hesitated to “call” the time of, or even the nation who would enact, the second stage. But every month it seems clearer that the U.S. has inherited the second stage, and is firmly launched on a process that might take years, even decades, but seems likely to bend democracy into a more socialist structure. But what’s to gain from all this change? It seems likely timed by nature, therefore I assume it has a benign purpose, at least ultimately. It’s in-between the ultimates that concerns me.
***   ***

The Bible (Old Testament prophet) hinted at leaving the earth. At that point, God (as expressed through the Bible) does something, or promises to do something never before seen, nor even broached as a (human) idea, perhaps. God says that “He” will leave us alone, when we learn to control day and night, and can leave the earth. The tone does not hint that this “abandonment” will be a punishment; rather, it hints that God’s “mood” is akin to a loving father seeing his grown but youthful child going off into the world, and wishing him/her well.

Two or three millennia later, Newton showed us gravity. Then (if I have the sequence right) a poet said, “to escape the surly bonds of this earth.” (Was that Shakespeare?) Then NASA. Soon, humans will likely live in a station in the Moon (in rotations, hopefully). [I wrote ”in” the Moon by mistake, but it might prove true to some degree.]
***   ***

If a triangle has 180 degrees and a circle has 360 degrees, does that mean there’s a constant proportionality between them? For example, the largest triangle that will fit in a circle is one-quarter of its area? Probably not? (I’m a math dummy.)
***   ***

It is said that a triangle is the strongest shape and that a tripod is the most sturdy design. But there is a way to attack anything. Take a photographers camera tripod – if you push inward on the tripod from any angle, it is very hard to move it in any way. But if you take one leg of the tripod and push it sideways, it will easily fall down. (The  peak of the tripod is its weakest point.)

A triangle will exist in almost any group because it is the strongest form of binding. Every political party contains a triangle – it is the parties strength, the link between the key or most powerful people in the party structure. Sometimes you have to look for it. If you push on one of this triangle’s walls it will remain firm against you. But if you push sideways -– for example by drawing one of the sides are away through temptation or any other incentive — the triangle might prove weaker and capable of destruction. And remember, the peak is the most easily toppled.
***   ***

When “entities” or “spirits” visit meditators/channellers, are their words/healings from God or the “afterlife,” from a galaxy far far away, from our own subconscious or our connection to the mass unconscious (a la Jung)? The real question, though: Does it make any difference? And: Can’t all these be more or less the same thing? As a former channeller, I know that, whatever we label it, “It” exists. (And not in the Stephen King way!) (I stopped channelling because I didn’t want to end up like J.Z. Knight. She was/is a “medium” who made millions from her media savvy. But her books, mostly published “utterings” of her favourite entity, Raman, seemed to grow negative and dark. (This is only my impression from a glancing read of a page or two — but it warned me off; I didn’t want to fall into that vast hole.)
***   ***

When Former Vice-Prez Joe Biden accepted a billion dollar bribe from China to give to his son, he hurt every citizen of America in order to profit his own family. This is the most vile form of corruption, akin to treason. Biden also “bribed” (threatened: a reverse bribe) the Pres. of Ukraine to drop a criminal investigation of his son, Hunter Biden. A few years later, his son died. (Same son?) Karma? When does Hillary’s and Obama’s karma come due?
***   ***

She existed just this side of ridiculous. I would usually say “her beauty existed,” but with her it was impossible to separate her personality from her beauty, at least in the early stages. (*)

(*) “Cuz the greatest beauty will wrinkle and her child-swelled breasts grow thin; but the most devoted spouse will love her, at the level she really exists, and this will make all her face and limbs glow with warmth and beauty.

She wove her beauty into her posture like a python, slowly gripping men’s attention. Probably, had this been the 1930’s or ’50’s, this impossibility (of separating her personality from her beauty) would have remained potent even during a long engagement. Perhaps there was a man who could break the spell of that mystery — a man filled with the art of knowing her. But he has not shown yet.

But I began to explain her beauty, it being just this side of ridiculous. I meant that her lips were naturally pursed in a small flower of red. Were they any smaller, they’d look unnaturally tiny, a deformity. If they were any plumper, they would look like an artificial pout that the rest of her face couldn’t support. But as they leaned on that boundary with the ridiculous, those lips were luscious and puzzling — the puzzling part being the most hypnotic.

The whole (and simple) question for her is: was it better to stay with one man, and grow old in beauty, peace and harmony? It must be the right man, esp. if one is to live with him, and him alone, for forty or fifty years. Ah, but there’s the problem: how does one find the right man? And worse, how does one know if he is the right one; and even if he seems so, will he remain so for fifty years? Another question: what will she become if she finds the right man?

Is this all chauvinist?
***   ***