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aries icon  ARIES:  March 21-April 19

Your last week of seclusion and weariness, Aries — and it’s a pretty smooth, easy one. Solitude has been beneficial, hasn’t it? Despite the tiredness, you also feel restless, and might plunge into a round of errands, emails, visits, etc. In fact you might have to. Secret knowledge, confidential discussions, come now to early April.

Your energy and attractiveness rises nicely Sun./Mon. Ultimately, you need to make a choice about your status and ambitions. Sunday best. Chase $ Tues. pre-dawn to 5 pm (PDT) Thurs. Casual sensual attractions, and memories, sweeten these days. Tuesday flows smoothly but for some reason ultimately goes nowhere. Wed,/Thurs.? — excellent.

Errands, easy, swift chores, paperwork, communications, shirt trips fill Thurs. night through Sat. You “re-find” yourself! Benevolent events until about noon Sat. Mild deception possible. Saturday begins a month of huge energy, luck, and relationship expansions!

taurus icon  TAURUS:  April 20-May 20

Hope, happiness, social delights, flirtations, optimism, entertainment — this is your last week of these for a while, Taurus. So get out there and enjoy! A female is quite willing to join you — and a new friend, maybe a romantic one, is arriving (now to early April). Money pours your way until April 23 — bank it, be stingy, or it will pour through you. Never forget, every week, that your career is blessed with stability and good luck in 2021.

Lie low, rest, ponder and plan Sun./Mon. A smooth time, but don’t seek partnerships, co-operation. Be alone, or with charitable/spiritual orgs. Your energy, charisma and effectiveness soar pre-dawn Tues. to about 5 pm Thurs. (PDT). Tuesday flows well, is significant, but practical affairs might hit “future obstacles.”

Good luck, a surprise ambitious opportunity, and smooth, even loving, relationships fill Wed./Thurs.  Chase $, buy/sell, seek extra income, Thursday night through Sat. A sexual attraction is all physical, and just that. Saturday starts a month of seclusion and quietude, mellow work, and study or meditation.

gemini icon  GEMINI:  May 21-June 20

No, it’s not an illusion — you are more popular than usual. (Esp., if you’re a man, with the opposite sex.) This will actually increase next week, through most of April. You’ll be optimistic, happy! The general accent this week lies on ambition, status, career, prestige relations. You’re favoured here — and your mind turns toward this area, right into early April. Be determined, energetic.

That popularity and happiness mentioned above blossoms Sun./Mon. Make/accept invitations. Monday night, others grow a little distant, aloof, private. Retreat Tues. to early suppertime Thurs. (PDT). Pray, contemplate, make plans (best, most practical ones Thursday). Be charitable, spiritual. Get your rest. Welcome others, but don’t chase.

Your energy and charisma surge upward Thurs. night through Sat. — Friday dawn to Sat. noon is best, a great time to start new projects or loves. Saturday begins a month of happiness.

Cancer icon  CANCER:  June 21-July 22

One more week of mellow pondering, of travel, legal, educational, cultural and love involvements, Cancer. You will be talking about these matters for the next 20 days, but the essential “action” occurs this week. Until April 23, avoid dark alleys and violent people. (Same period, your athletic ability shines; so do your management skills.) Learn all you can. Saturday starts a month of ambition, hard work — Sun./Mon. give you a foretaste. Don’t push for co-operation.

Happiness, social delights, wishes fulfilled, love, optimism, flirting — these fill Tues. to early suppertime Thurs. (PDT). Seek friends! Thursday’s best. Wednesday might contain an odd, unexpected but lucky event — secret work? Withdraw, lie low, ponder and plan, rest and dream, Thurs. eve through Sat. It’s an easy, mellow interval — good luck in health, work, finances,  but not in legal or love zones.

Leo icon  LEO:  July 23-Aug. 22

One last week of secrets, investigation, large finances, medical and lifestyle decisions, and lust, Leo. (Actually, the secrets/investigation part continues until early April, but without “fullness” or big results.) Remain ethical, moral. Your hopes soar about a love — or far travel or intellectual, legal or cultural situation — until April 23. (Use these 39 days to chase a favourite goal, esp. in these zones (love, travel, etc.) — wishes can come true, esp. through an “intellectual connection.”

Sunday/Monday brings all these things (far travel, love, intellectual pursuits, etc.) in a mild, workable way. Let go Monday eve, let things subside. Higher-ups welcome but also watch you, Tues. pre-dawn to about 5 pm (PDT) Thurs. Be ambitious, show skills, present proposals, mingle with VIPs. Tuesday’s exciting, but its projects might meet a big, practical obstacle. Good, forward luck Wed./Thurs. — plunge in.

Your hopes, optimism, popularity, joie de vivre, all rise Thurs. eve through Sat. Saturday offers love, true equality, romantic admiration — and a barrier to sexual intimacy. Saturday starts a month of travel, intellect and love.

virgo icon  VIRGO:  Aug. 23-Sept. 22

One last week of “open” relationships, distant opportunities, and public dealings, Virgo. (Although discussion of these, and some minor actions in these, can occur into early April.)

Saturday will start a month in which relationships slide sideways, into fields of investment, sex, pregnancy, occultism, investigation — and secrecy/privacy. Bosses, police, judges will be impatient, temperamental until April 23. Good time to invest in the company you work for, if possible. Be diplomatic, hard-working. A good week ahead.

Sex, secrets, power plays, investigations and large finances, medical and lifestyle decisions fill Sun./Mon. Sunday’s better. A mellow, intellectual mood slides over you mid-week. (Tues.-Thurs.) Tuesday’s accomplishments/notions might run into practical barriers (e.g., not enough $). Wednesday’s better, Thursday best. Focus on love, travel, law, learning, other cultures. All’s well.

Be ambitious, set goals, display talents Thurs. eve (PDT) through Sat. This is a splendid interval, so dive in. However, leave one thing out: co-operation, allies. Work alone.

libra icon  LIBRA:  Sept. 23-Oct. 22

One last week of work and health issues, Libra. You’ll fare well in these, even wrap up a job, this week. (To some degree, work discussion/travel continues into early April.)

Saturday will begin a powerful relationship month, one that is foreshadowed Sun./Mon. (Even to the point of, after much easy, mild relationship progress, a final obstacle, probably tied to family or property, Mon. night. This equates to late April when you’ll face the same obstacle in slightly bigger and more obvious ways.) Now to late April, if single, you might develop a love that can lead to marriage. A Gemini might be involved, or a talkative Aries.

Mid-week (Tues.-Thurs.) shunts you into “private talks” — about finances, about sex, or medical or lifestyle choices. Use Tues. to gather information, then act Wed. and (best) Thurs. You could make a splendid investment. Couples can achieve pregnancy. A mellow, far-seeing mood steals over you Thurs. night through Sat. Love, far travel, cultural and intellectual pursuits are favoured. Chase romance (esp. Sat. daytime) NOT work!

scorpio icon  SCORPIO:  Oct. 23-Nov. 21

One last week of romance, Scorpio — indulge it, as you might be dealing with a future mate (25% chance). Saturday (March 20) will start a month of hard work and health issues, but hopeful discussions about love (and/or a creative or “risky” project) can last into early April. Until April 23, your sexual magnetism, and desires, burn hot. You might trigger an affair with a co-worker. (Not especially recommended.)

Tackle chores Sun./Mon. Dress, eat sensibly. All’s well, but “lighten up” Mon. night. Relationships — good ones — fill mid-week. (Tues. dawn – Thurs. 5 pm, PDT.) Seize opportunities, declare love, interact with the public, negotiate, travel for a distant goal. Great progress/meetings Tues., but you might come up against a domestic obstacle late this night. Wed.’s better, Thursday’s best. Dive in — rewards await!

Your heart shunts into private places (and private meetings) Thurs. eve through Sat. Your luck remains high, but you might be wise to save actions for Fri./Sat., not Thurs. Saturday, chase domestic goals/things, not romance.

sagittarius icon  SAGITTARIUS:  Nov. 22-Dec. 21

One last week of domestic matters, Sage. Of security, kids, garden, nutrition, etc. Saturday will begin a month of sweet romance, creative and sports/games success, risk and reward, pleasure and beauty. This combines with another influence, which is making relationships red-hot until April 23. (The planet doing this is Mars, your love planet — but be diplomatic, accommodating, too, as Mars has a temper!)

But until Sat., home matters succeed with mild good luck, and discussion about family/domestic concerns lasts until early April. (There might be some discussion about whether a lover becomes a home-mate.)

That romantic tsunami that starts Saturday will send a small “advance wave” Sun./Mon. Expect to kiss the rim of happiness. But Mon. night subtly, quietly inserts a problem: probably $. (You’ll face this in a bigger way around April 16.)

Tackle chores mid-week, Tues. to suppertime Thurs. You’ll get them done easily. Protect daily health; eat, dress sensibly. Thursday best for important action (e.g., buy a car, machinery, before 1 pm PDT). Thursday night through Saturday brings relationships, opportunities, relocation themes, negotiations and public appearances. All lucky, all productive, but avoid family/home and “deceptive circumstances.”

You might marry this year, Sage. But May 2022 to mid-23 more likely, and June ’24 to June ’25 extremely likely.

capricorn icon  CAPRICORN:  Dec. 22-Jan. 19

One last week of errands, communications, paperwork and short visits, Cap. It’s an easy, smooth week with affectionate contacts, letting you get a lot done. Although the brunt of these light, communicative chores ends Saturday, ”tendrils” hang on into early April. Until April 23, you face an intense work environment, with rapid responses demanded. Saturday brings a month of domestic, property, garden, mom nature, security and similar issues.

Sunday/Monday provides a preview of this looming domestic influence. (Sunday’s best.) Rest, contemplate, hug the kids, etc. Avoid being dictatorial Mon. night. Sweet romance visits Tues. morn to Thurs. suppertime (PDT). Creative, speculative urges, sports/games, beauty and pleasure wind through this interval. Thursday’s best, Wed.’s unpredictable but could be very lucky; and Tuesday’s efforts/advances, though good, hit a late obstacle.

Thursday eve to Saturday steer you into chores, minor health concerns, care of dependents and machinery. Still, good luck rides with you. Aim for money, purchases or earnings Sat., bypass “gab sessions” and traffic mid-day.

Aquarius icon  AQUARIUS:  Jan. 20-Feb. 18

A good, easy week, Aquarius. Continue to chase money — your luck’s good, but don’t procrastinate: the $ accent lessens Saturday, March 20, when four weeks of errands, calls, trips, paperwork and wanderlust commence. Though the main brunt of money pursuit ends this week, you will still discuss and chase investments or debt schemes until early April. (For some, casual sex this week turns to romantic considerations/discussions until April.)

Until April 23, romance will be intense, hot, filled with trips, calls, back-and-forth locations, etc. Spur of the moment will be the rule. Remember, Aquarius: 2021 is your year to build something happy and lasting, your year to make a big dream come true, in a stable, lasting way.

Sunday/Monday are filled with errands, paperwork, communications short trips. All’s okay, but quit early Mon. Be home, at least in spirit, Tues. morn to Thurs. suppertime. You’ll get a lot done, can enlist family members. You might encounter an obstacle late Tues. — gov’t involved? But Wed. and Thurs. are green lighted — charge ahead in anything domestic, recuperation oriented, or territorial.

Romance comes Thurs. eve through Sat. — chase it, but don’t even discuss money. If you chase love before dawn Friday (PDT) you’ll trigger a little opposition or glitch.

Pisces icon  PISCES:  Feb. 19-March 20

You remain in charge, Pisces, at the top of your game, energetic, charming and effective. You’ll attract the opposite sex, also. But this is the last week of heightened personal power… although someone will accompany you into early April, supporting and praising. Until April 23, you might be rough, sarcastic, or friction-prone at home. If you get too impatient, temperamental, a source of income might end. Saturday (March 20) starts a month of money, earnings, purchases, casual sexual attraction, and rote learning.

Sunday and Monday give a preview of this looming money month, in a mostly productive way. Shop Sunday. Be cautious late Mon. night, when a moral or love glitch needs understanding. Errands, calls, paperwork, trips, communications fill mid-week. Your luck’s good, so you’ll get a lot done. Thursday’s best — good day to write/call a lover or prospect, or a lawyer, teacher or traveller.

Turn toward home Thurs. night through Sat. Friday/Sat. are good days to start renovations, landscaping, garden, etc. — best before 11 am (PDT) Saturday. A good, easy week.



Not sure if others share my experiences, but the biggest racists I’ve ever met were Blacks. They’re at least one magnitude more racist than whites. On the other hand, you can’t blame them.

Joy Reid, a Black anchor on MSNBC, is both racist and homophobic. But they keep her on, because her racism is directed against Whites, and almost solely against republican Whites. In general these days, Black racists are lauded, while White racists are condemned (and almost invisible). Ah, well.
***   ***

The world is finally crashing down on NY Governor Andrew Cuomo. The lunar south node (bad karma, karmic payback) is right on his Sun. He’s killed thousands of elderly — shown by Mars (violence, aggression) in Scorpio (death and rebirth). In a general sense, Cuomo has the opposite birth chart to Trump’s. Cuomo is a Sagittarian (that’s why the “face the music” phase right now) with a Gemini Moon. Trump is a Gemini with a Sagittarian Moon. Exact opposites, yet quite similar: a deep self-belief, a bit of narcissism, and “always embattled.”
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Oh Man, it’s so obvious! Instead of wringing their hands about all the migrants coming in from the southern border and worrying that they have COVID-19, just vaccinate every migrant as a condition of being let in. It’s a drop in the bucket compared to the multiple millions of doses going to Americans.

Use the one-dose J&J vaccine, as many probably would not show up for a booster shot. It would take the same time, or less, as a test. Then quarantine every migrant for 14 days after entry. Simple, and you aren’t creating different streams of migrants needing different and time-consuming treatment/handling. Am I missing something?
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Jeepers — just realized I forgot to brag about Meghan Markle and Prince Harry. When they married, or a bit before, I wrote here that there would be trouble at the palace — a conflict between Meghan and the royal family, esp. with the Queen, and that M and Harry would grow tired of each other. Harry already looks tired. (My advice: never marry a movie star.) But back then I think I forgot to mention Harry’s dad, Prince Charles, a Scorpio. Queen Liz’s a Taurus, Meghan’s a Leo, Charles a Scorpio — three signs that fight each other. The remaining major royal, Prince Phillip, actually likes Megan, a lot.

Capricorn Kate, the wife to the other prince — William — and her husband, a Cancer, might also dislike Megan because M’s a Libra rising. (Disharmony usually reigns between these three signs). In addition, M’s a Leo Sun, so Kate fears M. She finds her mysterious and sexual, and therefore dangerous and suspect, and might work against her behind the scenes, because she fears — projects — that Meghan is doing the same to her.

In their Ophra interview, Harry kept saying he loved his grandmother the Queen, but he and his father Prince Charles were not talking. (The lunar south node — bad stuff, usually —  is, in Harry’s birth chart, in Scorpio, his Dad’s Sun sign. Harry has two motives here: 1) to save Meghan from succumbing to his mother’s fate, and 2) he blames his father for his mother’s death.

So the racist comments came, I infer, from Charles — in Harry’s eyes, the “bad influence.”  Now Megan and Harry say they are “banished” to the U.S.

Capricorn Kate, the wife to the other prince — William — and her husband, a Cancer, might also dislike Megan because M’s a Libra rising. (Disharmony usually reigns between these signs). In addition, M’s a Leo Sun, so Kate fears M. She finds her mysterious and sexual, and therefore dangerous and suspect, and might work against her behind the scenes, because she fears — projects — that Meghan is doing the same to her.

Odd note: when Kate and William married in 2011, I wrote here that they would love the U.S. and spend an inordinate amount of time there, perhaps even live there. Totally wrong! But, weirdly, this exactly described what Megan and Prince Harry did, almost a decade later. (That’s the trouble with psychic stuff, often the timing [amongst other things] is totally wacky.)

I tend to agree with Piers Morgan, though: there was something a little wacky about the Meghan-Oprah-Harry interview. Meghan looked a little too Pauline in Distress and Harry looked a bit impatient at times, determined to back her claims but a bit miffed at having to.

***   ***

I wonder why it  took humanity so long to realize that most criminals, malefactors, evil and aggressively neurotic adults had abusive childhoods. Sure, some people are spontaneously evil; or are “born that way.” But I believe the majority of criminals come from abusive childhoods. It is not the criminal adult we should be trying to cure or reform — we have to start at childbirth.

Someday, they might “mine” “born criminals” for their rare genes because they permit some new medical procedure or whatever.
***   ***

Dear America, it isn’t the Chinese you should fear, but your failure to keep up to them.
***   ***

It’s just a hunch, but I think cosmetics sales might be fairly flat in 2021. Sales should increase nicely in ’22, and maintain a healthy level in ’23, but after that a long decline looms. I wouldn’t invest in cosmetics broadly. in the long term.
***   ***

Part of the following item was in last week’s blog, but I’ve added new thoughts:

Eternity is not unending time, it’s the absence of time. Angels live close to this horizon. Just so, infinity is not endless distance/space, it’s the absence of space and distance. Angels live close to this horizon also.

Let me back up. In the new age nineties I meditated a lot and went on “journeys.” On at least two of these, I’m pretty convinced that I was taken to a part of heaven. The first time, I can’t remember how I got there; I either flew or rode on someone/ something. I was engaged by several men, one with a full white beard, one with a close brown beard, and one clean-cut. One of the men brought me there; I think the clean-cut one, on a breeze. They all radiated a kind of invisible, serious, strong focus on some task.

I can’t remember the order of things, but one of them asked me questions and considered my answers, then he made a mark on my forehead, I’m sure a cross, while another opened a huge book. I didn’t know whether to sign or read, but as I started to read, the words disappeared. At some point I was flying around, gilded clouds. At one point I asked, “Is this heaven?” and was told, Yes. Then I asked, “Can I come back?”

“Only if you want to.”

The second time, I was picked up and taken there by a being who stood or floated in long, white robes at an altar. She/It had many thick white ropes made of some soft material; she wrapped her arms and her ropes (which I clung to) around me and we rose effortlessly, as if in an elevator.

In this “heaven,” I saw angels, like points of lights, tiny points. Here is where infinity — being the absence of distance/space — was illustrated: When one of these lights passed me, I saw fields and forests, oceans and mountains, and it was all personal, and all, somehow, beautiful, benevolent, vast and “bucolic.”

I did not see, but I had the sense, just on the edge of sight, round, like a bowl’s edge, that it was not one world this angel-light point held, but many worlds. Space, distance were virtually irrelevant, as worlds could be held within a point of light, and expanded at will.

When mathematicians look at quantum mechanics, especially at that effect where an electron is in two places at once, have they entered a symbol or equation for infinity? Is infinity the same as nothing? (Because it’s the absence of space and distance.) Is heaven nothing, and that’s why it’s heaven? Is Nirvana the blissful quality of nothing? Is “dark matter” related to heaven, infinity, or the “two places at once” quantum thing?

(Back in the ’90’s, I think, maybe early 2000’s, I wrote here that a plasma filled the entirety of space; everywhere we thought there was nothing, a vacuum, this plasma existed. Not sure what this meant, either.)


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    “a plasma filled the entirety of space; everywhere we thought there was nothing, a vacuum, this plasma existed. Not sure what this meant” – see Frank Wilczek, “The lightness of being: mass, ether and the unification of forces.”

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