在手機上,添加的功能(平臺,短篇小說,提前一年等) 可以從左上角訪問(堆疊線)。

*** All times / dates: Please remember that all time references (e.g., “dawn”) are PDTPacific Daylight Time zone. You can refer to the World Clock in the sidebar for more listings or Google ‘time zone converter’.

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START NOTHING:5:47 am to 9:36 am Sun., 8:06 am to 10:18 pm Tues., and 6:49 am to 10:44 am Fri. 


ALL SIGNS: Remember, don’t start any new projects, relationships, nor major purchases before Friday the 15th. Mercury actually goes direct at 10:44 AM Pacific time or 1:44 PM eastern time or 6:44 PM in Britain, on Sept. 15. Usually I would say wait a day or two, but the aspects are good on the 15th, but not from the 16th to 20th.


ALL SIGNS: buy computers, software Friday, between 11 am and 6 pm Pacific Time.


I’ll be giving a zoom talk this Thursday, September 14 at 7:30 PM Pacific time. I think it costs $15. To sign on, please contact Rebecca at rebecca.garcia@shaw.ca. Or phone: 604-710-8197. (I mistakenly put Friday, Sept. 15 earlier.)




aries icon  ARIES:  March 21-April 19

Two more weeks of work, Aries. If you’re an inventor or other kind of creative worker, you can really succeed now. Your romantic life, which has been put on hold for the last couple of months, finally starts to move forward Monday onward. Ditto: creative, sports and leisure activities. But remember, start nothing brand new (relationships, projects or major purchases) before Friday. Now to mid-October (this influence began 2 weeks ago) your relationships will heat up, might even bring you a life mate. But be diplomatic also, as people in general are in fighting form! (E.g., avoid road rage.)

Sunday through Tuesday triggers romantic feelings, creative and inventive and risk-taking urges. Be cautious Monday eve to Tuesday breakfast-time (PDT) — nothing terrible, you just might waste your time promoting the wrong thing (or wrong side of yourself). Tackle chores, dress and eat sensibly, Wednesday to late Friday morning. This is a good interval — you’ll get lots done. Great for buying machinery — IF IT has a connection to the past. (E.g., your low ball offer was rejected two months ago — but now you raise your offer a wee bit, and succeed.) Friday pm, Saturday, bring relationships, opposition, opportunities, relocation and public themes. Good stuff here, so charge in, esp. Friday.


taurus icon  TAURUS:  April 20-May 20

Hey, Taurus. Domestic matters that have been delayed for a couple of months, especially in the areas of decorating, holding garden parties, deciding on the children’s future, etc., now move forward in a sweet and fortunate way, until October 9. Your romantic picture looks splendid, except for one thing: make sure you’re not chasing a brand new relationship (or project or purchase or situation) before Sept. 15 — this Friday. So woo old faithful, or an ex love who reappears. Work will be intense now through much of October. Same period, guard against burns, rashes, heat and fights. 

Sunday morning through Tuesday tugs you toward home and family, at least in your heart. It’s a good interval, but be cautious suppertime Monday to breakfast (8 am PDT) Tues. Romance soars — as do creative, speculative, pleasure and beauty pursuits — Wednesday to late morning Friday (PDT). Your luck runs high! Tackle chores midday Friday through Saturday. Eat, dress sensibly. All’s well. 


gemini icon  GEMINI:  May 21-June 20

Spend most of your time at home and/or with family, for the next 2 weeks, Gemini. DON’T start brand new projects (or relationships or major purchases) before Sept. 15 — this Friday. Deal only with past connections/projects, or ongoing ones. Your communications, esp. in love zones, have been “withheld” since July. But those barriers dissolved last week — and the four weeks ahead bring an avalanche of papers, calls, texts, short trips and casual friendships. All affectionate, all good. You might have already sensed that you’re more romantic, more willing to love, the last week or two. This continues until Oct. 11. The gov’t “wants” to benefit you, but won’t/can’t before Jan. 1, 2024.

Errands, communications, paperwork, and travel fill Sunday through Tuesday. Some obstacles, some luck. Steer toward home and family Wednesday to late morning Friday. Much goes very well here, esp. Wed./Thurs. Midday Friday through Saturday brings a full heart, filled with romantic or creative notions.


Cancer icon  CANCER:  June 21-July 22

Another week of swift, rather easy chores, Cancer. Errands, paperwork, communications. The delays and mistakes in these will end Friday afternoon, so maybe save your missives until Friday, check them over, then send them all. A former (pretty casual) friend might re-appear. Delays have ended in $ areas, and you’re favoured here until early Oct. Be wise, slow to anger or criticize on the home front. 

Chase $ Sunday through Tuesday — be conservative and cautious, esp. when shopping. Best Monday daytime (PDT). Do errands, calls and paperwork Wednesday to late morning Friday. This is a fortunate interval, with much progress, and good relations. Steer toward home Friday pm, Sat. You’ll be happy here, esp. Friday. Possible dilemma Sat.: do you go for friends and fun, or for money/shopping? (I’d pick friends, flirts.)


Leo icon  LEO:  July 23-Aug. 22

Maintain your pursuit of money, Leo. The delays of recent weeks will end this Friday — buying computer or electronic stuff is a winner Friday night (before 6:30 pm PDT). Still, don’t buy big nor start income (or any!) projects before Friday. Your glamorous or alluring side finally scores: now to early October, others are attracted, and will act so. Your career and worldly status are still very favoured, but will tend to tread water until year’s end. Communications are important until mid October. They could involve a legal matter, media or publishing, a travel plan, or intellectual pursuits — and should have a good result — until around Oct. 8, when an obstacle “needs removal.” Careful with this.

Your energy, charisma and clout surge upward Sunday through Tuesday — best Monday. Chase money, buy/sell, learn/study, and/or chase “friendly intimacy” Wednesday to late morning Friday. This is a good, successful period, esp. Wed./Thurs. Errands, friends, trips, communications and paperwork fill Friday pm and Sat. — Friday’s superb for contacting a friend, a group, a spouse (or ex) or someone about an opportunity. 


virgo icon  VIRGO:  Aug. 23-Sept. 22

This is your time in the sun, Virgo. Your energy, clout and charisma are at a yearly high — but until Friday, it doesn’t do you a whole lot of good — wait until this day onward to act or start something. Travel, international, legal, publishing and intellectual projects, although they remain lucky, tend to tread water now to years end. Use this time to re-examine and refine your plans. You have good relations with head office, institutions and the gov’t until Oct. 9 — use this to solve any problems, apply for grants or propose policies (after Sept. 14). Money flows swiftly and in bigger amounts through Oct. 11. Save it or pay debt — don’t spend. 

Lie low, rest, contemplate, seek advice, deal with gov’t, be charitable and spiritual Sunday through Tues. Not the best period, but Monday helps. Your energy and pizzazz return powerfully Wednesday to late morning Friday (PDT). This is a lovely interval, especially Wednesday and Thursday, when work, home, travel, learning, law, all go well. Chase money Friday pm, Sat. Friday’s best. A friend might become a love. 


libra icon  LIBRA:  Sept. 23-Oct. 22

Remain in the background, Libra. Rest, ponder, liaise with gov’t or head office or institutions. You are blessed now to next May in areas of major finances, investments, sexual desire, research and life changes. Many of your hopes about the future were delayed for a couple of months, but last week they started moving forward and now till October 9 you can envision your future in an optimistic and accurate way. Your social life blooms again, and now to October 12 you are filled with an extra portion of assertiveness, and the ability to chase someone you want. All this will be somewhat muted this week and next, as your energy is low. But by late September, you will be charging out of the gates.

Those hopes and social desires are highlighted Sunday through Tuesday. There are obstacles here, but also “sweet spots.” The mild weariness that’s enveloped you for a couple of weeks intensifies Wednesday to late morning Friday. But this is a very smooth, fortunate period, esp. for government contacts, dealing with management (or entering management levels) applying for grants, or visiting/messaging institutions. Your energy and pizzazz rebound midday Friday (PDT) and Sat. All’s well!


scorpio icon  SCORPIO: Oct. 23-Nov. 21

Relationships are very lucky for you this year, Scorpio, but that luck might be on hold or slightly delayed until January. Higher-ups favour you very strongly now, so impress them or propose plans AFTER Sept. 14. (Delays and glitches until then.) This week and next, bring you happiness, social joys, optimism, flirts, and entertainment. But at the same time you might feel work is a big burden, or you might be hiding work from yourself in order to enjoy all that social happiness. Either way, you’ll have to do it sooner or later. Until October 12, stay out of dangerous situations and far from belligerent people.

Sunday through Tuesday boosts your ambitions and favour with bosses. Not a great interval, but not a bad one either. You might have to go against a partner or spouse in order to follow your ambitions. That social happiness I mentioned comes strongly Wednesday to late morning Friday. This is a great few days, festooned with good luck, esp with relationships, partners — a good opportunity might return from the past. Midday Friday through Saturday brings a temporary weariness. A good time to seek advice, contact the gov’t, etc. Rest deeply, for next week could hold a lot of action — mostly good action.


sagittarius icon  SAGITTARIUS:  Nov. 22-Dec. 21

The main accent lies on ambition and career and worldly status, Sage. But you are also feeling very optimistic about a romance, or a possible romance. This continues until about October 9. Wait until Sept. 15 onward to act on this, unless it comes from an old flame or an “ex.” Lots of chores — job seems like a burden until next May, but if you demand a pay raise (after Sept. 14) you’ll likely get it. Far travel, law, publishing, cultural themes, delayed in July/August, are now free of impediments, which adds to your happy love picture.

Re-read that last sentence, as Sunday through Tuesday are filled with this: joy, far travel, cultural themes, etc. — and love. Not a great interval (tho’ not bad) so use it to see, feel, intuit, enjoy, but don’t start anything. Ambition and your big workload are featured Wednesday to late morning Friday (PDT). A very fortunate few days — ask for a raise, a promotion, a seat on the board, whatever. Even if all you do is work, you’ll get a tremendous amount done. You could even invent a labour saving device. Midday Friday and Saturday bring happiness, social joys, flirtation and fun. Buy computers/software between about 11 am and 6 pm Fri. (PDT). 


capricorn icon  CAPRICORN:  Dec. 22-Jan. 19

Far travel, law, publishing, cultural themes, import/export, stats, gentle love and tolerance, the “big picture,” nest you in their influence, Cap. All is good here, but delayed, prone to mistakes, until Friday. Higher-ups are cranky, impatient until Oct. 12, so be diplomatic, don’t try to sidle out of work. Romance or a creative project will be a big, lucky thing until next May, but might “tread water” until January. (Use the 4 months until then to firm up plans, make wise alterations.) Your sexual and financial sides are fortunate and accepting, so charge ahead with these this Friday to Oct. 9.

These (sex, finances) are front-and-centre Sunday through Tuesday, but it’s a little early to leap, so obstacles will appear. No problem. That far travel, legal, media and “big picture” will be emphasized Wednesday to late morning Friday, in a splendid way — charge after this stuff (everything listed in the first sentence above), lucky aspects abound! If you’re planning a wedding, sit down Thurs./Fri. to set the date (or to propose!) Midday Friday through Saturday sparks ambition and career pressures. Tackle them Friday, as Saturday’s a bit weak. 


Aquarius icon  AQUARIUS:  Jan. 20-Feb. 18

One you love acts snarky – can you blame them? (The truth is, this person is quite willing to form a peace treaty, even a loving union, but has reacted. Can you pull him/her back? The puzzling thing is that this person has withdrawn from you for two months, but is now ready to tango, now till October 9. On the other hand, you could use this sweet partnership influence to look for someone new.) You are filled with sexy thoughts and/or financial goals this week and next, but don’t act on them before Friday. Strictly avoid lawsuits until Oct. 12. Your real estate luck is very high, but treads water until January. If you want to sell, buy or rent a new home, do it between January and late May 2024. 

Relationships are emphasized Sunday through Tuesday. Although someone is sweet on you (or willing to deal in business) this interval is more snarly than nice, so proceed carefully. Sex, lust, investments, debt, research, medical and lifestyle decisions sneak into your life Wednesday to late morning Friday. This is a superb interval, and Mercury’s delays are dissolving, so pounce on one of these (sex, finances, etc.) — success almost guaranteed. Love, a wider vision, law, culture, tolerance, international affairs and far travel lure you midday Friday (PDT) through Sat. As you’re still in a career/status/work phase, these lures won’t be strong. 


Pisces icon  PISCES:  Feb. 19-March 20

The major emphasis lies on relationships and opportunities this week and next, Pisces. These have been prone to mistakes, indecision and delays, but that dissolves Thurs./Fri. Wait ’till then onward to charge forward or shake hands on anything. Mars is in your sex/finance sector until Oct. 12. Be careful, reject impulsive actions. If you do, you could make some good investments (cash cows — dividend payers — are best). Your work and workmates are pleasant, even enjoyable (to Oct. 9). 

Tackle chores Sunday (wait to noon PDT for a better start) through Tuesday. A fairly neutral interval, neither very lucky nor unlucky. Just plod through. Eat, dress sensibly. Relationships hit a kind of crescendo Wednesday to late morning Friday. Love, splendid agreements, open doors and opportunities fill these beautiful few days. Old, ex, or new — love is easily sparked, so is friendship. Midday Friday through Saturday features the often hidden side of life: subconscious, intuitive or psychic talents, lust for intimacy or power, investments/debt, secrets, research, lifestyle changes, maybe medical decisions. These are fortunate Friday, less so Sat.




Remember in my last column (Sept. 3) I ranted against the Canada Revenue Agency? I called them either crooks, stupid, or lazy — or all of the above. CROOKS: they have basically stolen a payment of $ 2,112 I gave them three years ago (I have TD bank proof)  and are still charging me penalties and interest for not paying. 

STUPID: they can’t seem to find (or admit?) the payment of $ 2,112 that was sent by CRA’s preferred method, through my bank, even after I submitted documented proof of payment.

LAZY: when I would call to discuss my taxes, I would typically wait an entire hour until anyone answered. Then when they did answer, 90% of those responders said that it was not their problem and not their purview, and I should call some other number, which they said would take me directly to the person I needed to speak to. So I phoned the number, and waited again, between 20 to 60 minutes for THIS CRA employee to answer. Only to have her tell me I phoned the wrong department and she needs to get back to her tea and cookies or her swim party or her granddaughter’s visit, so goodbye! Often, I found the “special” number they gave me was merely the general number for the entire public to call the CRA. So, stupid, lazy or crooks * — you decide.

  • Crooks — over 600 CRA employees are being investigated for ripping off the CRA — that its, ripping off us, you and I. (They stole Covid relief funds.) 120 of them have been fired so far — not charged with a crime, because they are Liberals. Is this the organization we are supposed to trust to receive and calculate our taxes?


Okay, no more politics. Except maybe for what’s below.

In general, I think that the Liberals and Conservatives in Canada and the GOP and Democrats in America now pretty clearly see both sides and their machinations, and from here I think karma will decide the outcome in the fairest possible way.


The Ontario Psychological Association asked an Ontario court to force Jordan Peterson into a “re-education” camp. So the judge (probably one of the corrupt ones — are there any good ones?) ordered Mr. Peterson to attend or face consequences (loss of his licence to practice, maybe his university teaching position, maybe jail, among other punishments). Peterson is a world renowned Canadian psychologist; Conrad Black calls him Canada’s premiere intellectual, on the level of Marshall McLuhan. The Ontario Psychological Assn. wants to force him into a reeducation program to change his views from conservative and family oriented to “woke” weirdness. (Ontario is a swamp of “woke” political correctness, or as it’s better known, “holier than thou.”)

This is woke-ism at its most terrifying. A bunch of intellectual brown shirts with probably not an IQ above 120 among them (a generous estimate) — such low intelligence, in fact, that they have completely let an emotional ideology overcome all logic. This is hard behavior, it’s the worst side of fascism, communism, and western groupthink. These people are going to put a fence around the most brilliant mind among them, and try to imprison It in their ideology. Just that they think such a thing, to ignore the democracy of ideas, the underpinning of our society, in order to throw a brilliant mind into a less threatening place, is deeply shocking to any truly democratic heart. These are nothing more than thugs with diplomas on their walls. (Like real estate licenses in the real world, psychology degrees are what people get when they can’t do anything else. Like education, psychology is considered a soft and easy way to get a degree.) 

Such jackasses astound me. I always want to say, how can they face themselves? But I know that they are not facing themselves, their particular madness is focussed outward entirely and intently. And that they created the idea, and believed it, that reeducation would work, is a testimony to their stupidity. The particular sin here is to objectify the victim; Peterson’s human side is basically ignored, as is his intellect, and he is only seen as an object to experiment on with the power of the mediocre many.

If you believe in freedom of expression and the free exchange of ideas, please write in support of Jordan Peterson. You can probably find all relevant information, email addresses and etc. if you Google his name. It would probably be effective also if you wrote to your member of parliament. This is a brave man, and he deserves your support, for his sake, and yours. 


So here are the courts in Canada campaigning against freedom of ideas or expression.(*) This is Canada under Trudeau’s bad leadership. He showed true cowardice (or total disdain) in the way he treated the trucker convoy in Ottawa. He should be in the Gainsborough painting of the Blue Boy with all his fine satin and beautiful woke expressions. He’s a Capricorn, recently divorced/separated. (Capricorns have had a 15 year run of power. But that’s over now and by early 2024 Trudeau will be more interested in making money than in shepherding his flock.) Biden is a fraud, Trudeau is a coward, and Trump is much too boastful. Who else, then?

Pierre Poilievre, Canada’s opposition leader — I don’t know anything about Pierre except that he was a foster child — the opposite of silver-spooned, hugely wealthy Trudeau, raised from birth to be an elitist. Poilievre is a Gemini with Moon in Virgo. Because of his Sun degree, even though he is honest, people don’t trust him. That’s partly because he takes too long to make a decision or act. With his moon in his Sun’s forth sector, Poilievre is patriotic, home-oriented, always thinks of security (in a detailed way). He is rather indecisive. He could have a chance to beat Justin Trudeau, depending on when the election is called.

(*) The Ontario court system is probably one of the most corrupt in North America. (In the company of Washington, DC’s corrupt judges.) For instance, the Ontario supreme court, family division, in a huge courthouse in Toronto, has approximately 40 judges listed for family disputes. 39 are women. 1 is a man. In a 2010 report, it was shown that over 98 % of all family cases in Ontario reward the woman and punish the man. This took place even when the woman’s income far exceeded the man’s. In one case, a wife, who owned her own business worth millions, divorced her husband, a carpenter whose income was one-tenth hers. The woman judge made the man pay the rich woman support! The researcher, who uncovered all this and more, was later severely beaten by the police. I wonder who put them up to that?

The black-robed Jabba the Hut who stood in judgement over my separation conflict in Toronto weighed 300 to 400 pounds. She sat there eating candies in a lazy, non-stop way while I stood in front of her. She refused to even look at my evidence (a court-ordered forensic accounting of my assets and income, ordered by her, which showed that my ex owed me money, not otherwise). She just said that it was worthless (her words: “far less important”) because I was a man. Basically, her attitude and expression told me in no uncertain terms that being a male was a sin, and no male could ever tell the truth and every male needs to pay big big big. This is the kind of judge that the Ontario justice system hires. 

I don’t know if her bias was deeper or lighter than the crooked American judge Chutkan. (But bias is always deep; there is no superficial bias.) Crooked, malicious Chutkan, a self-confessed Trump-hater who is presiding over Trump’s Jan. 6 insurrection trial, publicly said 2 years ago (2 years before any indictment!) that Trump should be jailed. 

Really good optics, right? Place a self-confessed Trump-hating judge in charge of his case in Washington, DC, a cocky judge with communist roots (her dad was jailed for promoting communism) who will preside over a Trump-hating jury, and will forgive anything the crooked prosecutor does, including violations of the law. (She has already ignored two, and possibly three criminal violations in this case by the prosecutor, Jack Smith. Her allowing Smith’s illegal actions is a crime in itself. This judge should be jailed, or at least soundly scolded.) These are not her only crimes, hidden or forgiven by her Democrat bosses in the DOJ and the White House. And what she wields are not laws, but weapons of a totalitarian state. This is a judicial mafia, run by head Don Joe Biden. 

I forgot: crooked judge Chutkan also denied Trump’s defence team access to the prosecution’s evidence. In another illegal move, she mandated that the defence must read over 12 million pages in several months — an impossible task even for 100 lawyers. Tanya Chutkan is a perfect example of the lizards and snakes that crawl in the slime of the deep state.

The problem: when even the judges are corrupt, how can you trust the system? And if you don’t trust the system, how can you be ambitious and work hard?


Oh, oh, this is even better: in the Jan. 6 “insurrection” case:

  1. the defence has the right to have the jury see every piece of evidence, otherwise, why not just throw out the jury and have the judge pronounce a sentence without trial? (As they have done to the thousand people persecuted by Nancy Pelosi and her judicial thugs — including crooked, bull-headed, vengeful, corrupt Chutkan, who regularly handed down sentences far in excess of what the government had asked for.)
  2. The evidence the defence wants the jury to see and hear is not the defence’s evidence, but the prosecution’s. So this is not the defence indulging itself, this is the prosecution’s indulgence.
  3. Lauro, Trumps defence attorney, then goes to the stack of 12 million papers, a stack about 5 feet high, 12 feet thick, and 100 feet long, and takes the first 250 pages, and starts reading it aloud to the jury. That should take about 24,000 days, if he reads 500 pages a day. (After awhile he can have a low-paid assistant enter court to read it for 5 or 8 hours a day.)
  4. Crooked judge Chutkan will protest, but I don’t think she has a legal dime to stand on. The evidence being read, all 12 million pages of it, are the prosecution’s evidence. We haven’t even gotten to the defence’s evidence. That might tack on another two or three thousand days or so. Remember, the January 6 committee created thousands of pages and over 14,000 (?) hours of video. Trump’s lawyer will bring this material in, with the annotation that the January 6 committee destroyed all evidence and interviews that supported Trump’s innocence. This will involve, in addition, discoveries of Nancy Pelosi, Christopher Wray, the Captain of the capital police, the FBI agent in charge, every member of the J6 Committee, as well as video, showing the police attacking the till-then peaceful demonstrators with rubber bullets, grenades, and tear gas, killing two people and injuring many others. This was before anyone breached the capital. All while their undercover agents (who will be found) pushed and harangued the formerly peaceful crowd to mount the capital steps and enter the building. This was after an FBI agent cut down and rolled up the fence that had been erected to hold the crowd back. History, if nothing else, will show that the supposed insurrection was actually caused by the FBI and the police, all under the purview and/or instructions of Nancy Pelosi. This was entrapment on a vast scale, to wound and imprison anyone who favoured Trump. If Trump ever does become president, he should immediately have loyalists in the DOJ indict Pelosi. (And Wray and Garland and Biden…)
  5. If Chutkan refuses to let Lauro read the evidence that the prosecution brought in, there should be an immediate motion to turf her from the bench for bias, conduct unbecoming, whatever. Or let her reject ALL 12,000,000 pages, so neither prosecutor nor defence can use it. 
  6. Jurors are going to be on jury duty for a significant portion of their life — a minimum of ten years, probably twice that (allowing for interruptions, etc.)
  7. If Chutkan refuses to let Lauro read the 12,000,000 pages to the jury, then Lauro should demand that the entire 100 foot long pile be excluded from court, and unavailable to the prosecution. This will make it impossible for the crooked prosecutor Smith to prosecute… He will have no evidence.


BTW, under Georgia law, Fani Willis and her entire prosecutorial office staff must be excluded from Trump’s trial (and his 18 co-defendants’). And if the state of Georgia wants to charge him again, they will have to go through the entire process again with an entirely new staff. This from one of the top legal minds in the U.S. Evidently Willis has publicly, on Facebook and other places, announced her bias against Trump and her own political ambitions to run as a Democrat. She also charged, in Trump’s case, a man (Jones?) whom she had directly campaigned against in a political contest prior to the trial. Under Georgia law, this prejudicial act disqualifies her and her entire staff from prosecuting Trump and the 18 others. Some years ago the same situation occurred in Georgia, and the trial was thrown out.

However, Georgia Governor Kemp, a Republican Trump-hater(because Trump is not genteel) has refused to fire, or even investigate, Fani W. This is in contradiction to Georgia law, and hopefully Kemp will be summoned before Congress, or indicted himself — hopefully by False Fani!


In Michigan, “election deniers” who supported alternate electors and made some plans (created and given to them by the FBI) were charged and thrown in jail. This was in the news.

What was not in the news is that at the same time Michigan State police were actively investigating democratic voter fraud. The police evidently found over 10,000 false voter registrations. They then discovered that there were links in these false registrations, to many other States. Seeing their investigation was quickly becoming national rather than a state problem, the Michigan police brought in the FBI so they could investigate across state lines. 

And there the trail ends. Silence. 

Why the Michigan police even trusted the FBI is beyond me. They must be able to see, they must have eyes and ears to hear with. Certainly, they knew that the FBI has repeatedly hidden evidence both to free a criminal who is their employee or pet politician (e.g., every Biden), and to try to convict someone such as Trump (who doesn’t follow orders) by withholding exculpatory (innocence-proving) evidence, which they did during his impeachment trial.

The FBI is a criminal organization, one of the most corrupt mafias in America. It should be disbanded, and its leaders (Wray, Garland, and others) should be put in jail — after a trial, of course, one in which they would not be allowed to manipulate or hide the evidence. But to get at that evidence, lawmakers might have to destroy the FBI. Not a bad thing.


BTW, note the January 6 commission’s crocodile tears when they assert that a police officer was killed in the January 6 insurrection. The truth is, not one policeman died. One did die days or weeks later from a heart attack, which was immediately blamed on the Jan. 6 crowd. To date, at least 5 demonstrators have died from that event — one shot in the face point blank by a cop (who was never charged, nor even investigated) and, I think, 2 from injuries caused by the cops’ grenades and rubber bullets, both used without provocation — in fact, used for the single purpose of provoking the demonstrators. And two of them dead in Pelosi’s prison after she kept them there for 2 years without a trial, Where is the “defendant’s right to a speedy trial?” Where is “justice delayed is not justice?” 

The sad truth is that these demonstrators were grist in Pelosi’s mill. She entrapped them, she ensured there would not be enough police to handle the crowd, and she ordered the crowd-control fence to be cut down and removed. (The FBI did that for her.) And then, because the demonstrators were not violent enough, someone told the police to start shooting grenades and tear gas and rubber bullets into the crowd to try and stir them up. I am quite sure this was Pelosi’s doing. She controlled the police forces, even to the point of keeping two police forces out of the area, and excluding the Capitol Chief of Police from all intelligence. She did not want the demonstrators to be controlled, she wanted them to attack and invade Congress. That’s why the rubber bullets etc. — to egg the crowd on. 

Then this despicable woman formed the J6 committee in order to hide all her sins and to make a public display of her bogus charges. To do that, she sacrificed at least 1,000 citizens, ruining their lives, ruining their careers and their families, and in two cases pushing them to suicide.  And after the committee was over? Then Pelosi destroyed every bit of evidence, testimony, witness videos and affidavits that showed Trumps’ innocence. Fully HALF of all J6 Committee’s “evidence” has been “lost.” (Gee, I wonder why?)This is Pelosi’s legacy. I hope she holds it in her hand, all wrapped up, when she goes to the pearly gates, to be judged herself. (Though I doubt she will even get to the gates, as she has already rejected God. I think she’s lined up for a murderer’s hell.)

As I wrote before, I suspect Nancy Pelosi wanted Donald Trump in bed, and when he spurned her, she became the classical vengeful woman. (I suspect she earlier tried to get Obama into bed. Not sure whether she succeeded or not, but I know she didn’t tear up Obama’s State of the Union speech.)


Existence is a miracle. But is heaven an existence, or part of existence? If so, then there must be pathways and links between all parts of existence, and hence between us and heaven. But is heaven somehow outside existence?


I’ve said before that I don’t think UFOs or UAPs are what people think they are. I suspect UFO’s don’t exist in a physical sense. These things that we see, flying close to jets and going into the ocean, without even disturbing a wave, and coming out again and flying, and switching from very fast forward Steve’s to go in just as fast in the opposite direction. I don’t know I can’t be sure, but I can’t remember anyone and the pilots saying that the UFOs were detected by or showed up on their radar screens. I could be wrong here, but if there is no radar signature (am I right here?) from these vehicles, that suggests they don’t have physical form. Although some advanced technology might easily create a radar-invisible vehicle… The present Delta bombers have a primitive “radar invisible” technology. When I first heard that the New York Times had come down on the side of belief in UFOs, Mercury was square Neptune, a classic indication of deception or illusion or falsehood; in particular, this would be deception in communication or travel. Adding up these factors leads me to believe that it’s quite possible what we perceive as UFOs are some type of very sophisticated holograms. If I was standing on the hilltop, holding a super-powerful flashlight, I could make it go through the air thousands of miles per hour I could make a dip into the sea and out of the sea. All with just a turn off my wrist. Then again, maybe the UFOs are alien craft. That would be really interesting.


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    I can’t read it fast enough because it’s so interesting….
    Thank you
    Looking forward to next weeks
    From Texas

  2. Happy23

    Thank you – look forward to horoscopes….
    The Afteramble—-reading it is like a book of who did it… it’s so good!!!
    Thank you

    Can’t wait for next week
    From Texas

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