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My new email is:  suningem@gmail.com (stands for sun in Gemini, my sun sign).


All times/Dates are PDT – Pacific Daylight Time zone. PDT is eight hours before Greenwich England (BDT). For example when it is noon PDT it is 8 PM in England – and 4 AM the next day in China. The world clock in the right margin gives you some clues. You can also Google “time zone converter.”

If English is not your first language, you should be able to translate this blog into your own language by using Google’s translation app. Hopefully I will soon have this translation feature back on this blog.

START NOTHING:  11:59 pm Sun. to 5:12 am Mon., 4:14 am to 9:16 am Wed., and 2:48 pm to 5:04 pm Fri.


A Reader asked about the “Start Nothing” times (above). During SN times, one should do only routine things, or sleep, rest, meditate, pray, read, etc. SN periods are NOT GOOD for starting anything new and significant, be it a relationship, job, project, etc. E.g. — years ago I bought 3 sheep at auction during an SN time — first time I’d had sheep, thought I’d try them. A month later, all three were eaten by coyotes.


They should make Mother’s Day a twin celebration: of our Moms, but also of the great Mom, Earth.


I stopped eating veal cutlets when I learned that veal is made by confining a baby cow in a lightless cage (to prevent it from moving). There, they force feed it for a few months, then slaughter it. Now, is the hijab any different? Women are forced to be confined in a cage until marriage (the hijab) and then, after the wedding rape (for there can’t be love between a caged animal and its’ warden) they are still required to sweat in those dress-cages for, well, ever. (Although the hijab, et al, probably do serve to keep complexions fresh and youthful, rather than sand-and-sun-blasted. Evidently the hijab is only a few hundred years old, and was, they say, adopted from Catholic nuns.)


IF Donald Trump really wants to catch the leakers, why not set up a sting? E.g., call a “private” meeting with some Russian or whatever, pretend to give some shocking classified data, or even a cooked-up, phoney admission of a crime or a plan to commit a crime, and make sure only, say, four people witness or are in attendance. (Beforehand, you reveal the scheme to, say, a trusted cop or judge, so you can’t be accused later. Or mail it to yourself, post-marked prior to the actual sting, and keep the envelope unopened.)

If the story doesn’t leak, there’s no leaker among the group. Then you keep varying the “inside group” by one person each time, until a leak occurs. If no leak, invite one NSA, CIA or FBI in on a meeting — only one at a time. As long as the “sting” project itself wasn’t exposed, this should have a good chance of catching the leaker. For when there is a leak, the “odd person out” — i.e., the last person to be invited to the 4-or-5-person group prior to a leak, is the perp.

Obviously I was wrong about Trump — that he would be popular, well-regarded. (And that he and Obama would become friends.) But let’s wait. Wait and see. If Trump emerges clean from the Special Counsel investigation, the Democrats will suffer a major shut-your-mouth defeat. Trouble is, that investigation could take years, even a decade. But even if Trump goes down in impeachment flames, he will have accomplished a heroic deed. As a TV pundit put it: Donald injected an alien substance into Washington’s bloodstream, which has to alter the (“we can’t hear anyone but New York, Seattle and California”) elite’s DNA. Which is why they’re howling so loudly, burning from within. You know what strikes me? The Dems are acting exactly like the Republicans acted when they lost to Obama: obstructionist resistance. By doing so, they emasculated Obama, and prevented him passing any major legislation except Obamacare. Now the Dems are trying to do the same with Trump. America cannot survive this way. The vengefulness, the hatred and vicious partisanship of both parties has to end, or no matter who becomes Prez, America will be frozen, deadlocked, stagnant. (It already is in many ways — a friend of mine drove from Vancouver to Las Vegas, but for fun he and Liz looped like a big belly through the mid-west, “Middle America.” He was astounded at the number of crumbling bridges, bad roads, empty factories and other infrastructure failings. They didn’t see the ICBM missile silos that are crumbling, ceilings falling in, water rusting everything…)


If America isn’t rebuilt, if the partisan deadlock in Washington continues, we would be prudent to be scared — if we’re American. We Canadians can continue in our smugness for a while, until about 2020. But the politicians, who are spear-heading the drive toward division and fight, are not afraid — which bodes poorly.


I think I was wrong with my theory that a colder, longer winter makes plants more vigorous in the spring. This last deep, long winter yielded mixed results: the grass, no difference. The golden plum tree, only three years old, burst into so many little white flowers that it looked like a bride draped in innocence. But the older trees, especially the pears, had only 30 to 60 per cent of their usual flower production. Perhaps their buds were destroyed by the cold.


Ever have a charley-horse? Stand straight up, flatten both feet against the floor. It will go away almost at once.

Sudden gas pain? This works sometimes, not always: firmly grab a handful of flesh just below your rib cage and gently push inward.

Heartburn? Eat less sugar.

Lastly, I’ve mentioned this one before: often backache is muscular; the muscles tighten and knot up, usually from tension (so cure that) but sometimes, too, because your hips are out of alignment, which causes its own kind of muscular tension. My doctor, Bradley Fritz, one of the best home-spun healers I ever met, taught me this: lie face down on a table or some elevated surface. Have a (strong) friend grab your ankle and shake one of your legs vigorously for a few seconds, then yank it, hard. Repeat with your other leg. I underwent this simple procedure in about 1990, and did not experience any more back pain for decades.


Aries.svg     ARIES:  March 21-April 19

The main focus lies on errands, short trips, information, communications and paperwork, until late June. Your magnetism remains high this week. You might be sensuously attracted to a Gemini. Sunday’s for home, kids, yard, nature  — go slow, be restful and gentle. Romance hits strongly Mon./Tues. — Tues. night best. These two days good for creative, speculative, pleasure-oriented and teaching projects. Dive into chores Wed. 10 am (PDT) to suppertime Friday. You’ll accomplish a huge pile of chores Wed. — Thurs. too, but watch for water problems or wrong instructions Thurs. forenoon, and quit early Fri. That last day is good for pruning, editing, cutting out waste and precision, but punishes impulsive action and arguments. Powerful relationships face you Fri. night and Sat. — make love, co-operate, join up, chase new opportunities and fresh horizons — avoid competing, fighting (you’d be wrong). If single, you could meet or be dealing with a potential life mate.

taurus weekly forecast     TAURUS:  April 20-May 20

Continue to chase money, Taurus. Buy/sell, cultivate clients, angle for a pay raise, etc. If you’re a student, now’s the time to apply for bursaries and scholarships. (This week and the next two. Try May 31 and June 3.) Money still flows to you, but so do bills, until June 3. You have the gift of gab this week, but your charisma is still slightly under water (but comes back doubly strong next week.) Sunday is filled with errands and communications — but disruptions, alienation and dead-ends advise you not to try: just rest, take a walk, think. (Unless you want a fight: realize it will be a battle royal.) Be home, hug the family, mow the lawn Mon. to mid-morn Wednesday. Tackle security, (kid’s) education, retirement plans, renovations/repairs, yard work, and, most of all, give Mother Nature a big happy smile. This is an easy interval, and ends with calm, gentle affection. Romance, creativity, speculative risks, pleasure pursuits, beauty, charming, talented kids — these fill mid-morn Wed. to Fri. suppertime (PDT). Some of your single Taureans might meet a good, viable mate, But jump off your winning streak by Thursday’s end. Friday’s difficult, so take a back seat for a while. Plunge into chores (and fix mild health concerns, headache, sore throat, etc.) Fri. night and Sat. You’ll get a lot done, you’ll succeed! (Saturday’s a great day to ask for a pay raise.)

Gemini.svg     GEMINI:  May 21-June 20

Your charisma and energy remain high. Start projects, launch ventures, establish contacts, and, if single, chase love. (If not chasing love, dive into creative projects, risk-taking, sports/games, the pursuit of beauty and pleasure, etc.)  Sunday’s terrible, brings recent problems to a head and attacks your money/income. Be cautious. Friends might fight, but you remain wisely out of it. Errands, communications, short trips and paperwork fill Mon. to mid-morn Wednesday. Luck will ride with you, so get huge piles done, talk to everyone. A friend could morph into a lover. Research will yield valuable info. A strong sexual attraction could arise — be honest, ethical. Head for home, at least in your heart and thoughts, Wed. morn to Fri. suppertime. Wednesday’s fine; Thursday’s good, might confuse you mildly in the morning.  Friday daytime needs caution. But this night through Saturday lifts your love hopes into the realm of reality. Speak your heart — or, if newly meeting, show your wit and humour. True love might be brewing.

Cancer.svg     CANCER:  June 21-July 22

Be restful all week. Until June 20, your main mission is to restore your physical, mental and emotional batteries. If you do this you’ll be in fine form to take the reins and charge ahead with promising projects late June and July.  If you spend the immediate weeks ahead working, stressing and straining, you’ll be too exhausted to launch a strong project later. You’re making contact with (or they to you) government, institutions, head office. By June 6 onward, these contacts will bring many communications between you — at the very time when your luck turns upward, bringing gratifying interludes (or escapes!).  However, you can ruin everything by speaking aggressively, impulsively. Go slow, be mellow and realize you’re learning about a whole new “segment” of life. You energy and charisma float upward Sunday, but it’s — well, a miserable day. Fight where you must, overcome, but always have a “find the solution” attitude. Chase money or settle in with a sexy, plump person Monday through 9 am (PDT) Wed. You could earn a life-enhancing (or sexy or financial) secret  — some Cancers might even learn that someone you think hates you, actually is carrying a torch for you. (But don’t phone all your enemies and ask, “Do you love me?”)  Errands and easy chores, paperwork and communications, short trips and casual friends arrive mid-morn Wed. to suppertime Friday. Wednesday’s fine, Thurs.’s good (a bit of illusion — or love’s fantasy — near noon) but Fri.’s difficult — avoid arguments. Friday night and Saturday bring peace, comfort, a loving family, real estate luck and a rest for your soul. (Real estate — now to Oct. 10/17 is your best period in a decade to buy and/or sell.)

Leo icon, Luck Forecast     LEO:  July 23 – Aug. 22

Sunday’s terrible — lie low, rest, avoid competition. Monday to mid-morning Wed. changes that — your energy and charisma surge upward, your luck is good and stable. Get out, impress people (and potential or real lovers) make valuable contacts, start significant projects — you’re on a wee winning streak! You have a chance to impress a higher-up and to climb another rung of ambition’s ladder. Chase money, buy/sell, cultivate clients, etc., Wed. morning to supper time Fri. Wednesday’s not a good time to take the opposite sex shopping. Thursday’s great, but don’t buy water, plumbing, washing machines or similar things. Careful Fri. — sidestep an argument, take care with sharp tools. This evening through Sat. brings many calls, emails, errands, notes and news. Be curious — you could unearth a new friend, even a friendly romance. A wish could come true. Short trips arise — you might visit a beautiful neighbourhood where, in 2018, you’ll buy or rent a great home. But don’t invest this week, as deception (or self-deception) can fill someone’s words or advertising. Next week will bring a whole slew of new trends, but focus on this week and its potentials first — they’re big!

Virgo.svg     VIRGO:  Aug. 23 – Sept. 22

The focus remains on ambition, prestige relations, your neighbourhood status/reputation, dealings with authorities. You can climb a rung of the career ladder this week and the next two, Virgo, particularly in terms of earnings, which should be thicker by the time this luck cycle ends (October) than when it started (last September). (Plan to do something lucrative June 3.) Meanwhile, this is your last week of snarky bosses, sexual temptations and lucky smaller investments (e.g., stocks) — and of “profound communications.” Sunday needs a ten-foot pole — your only visitors will be strife and trouble (or friends undergoing trouble). Still, you feel happy and sociable. Hmm. I’d find a peaceful spot, and enjoy Mother Nature. Retreat Mon. to mid-morn (9 am PDT) Wednesday. Sleep in, pamper yourself, meditate, be charitable, interface with gov’t or your head office.  All 3 days are smooth and swift, although you hit a small glitch before noon Tues.  Research yields rewards, as will confidential discussions, planning meetings, therapy, and “landing an agent” (for you writers, actors, etc.).  You could find love’s path smooth, gratifying and reassuring. You can see into your loved one, and know him/her more deeply. Your energy and charisma soar upward Wed. daytime to suppertime Friday. Although small man-woman friction could occur Wed., early Thurs., you could meet someone very alluring Thurs. forenoon, someone vastly different from you inside. Careful Fri. — sex, investments, romance, home and family — all wrinkle with disappointment. But this night and Sat. open a door to increased earnings, maybe vastly increased — step through, be brave and curious. If buying something big, don’t buy machinery, car, computer, video, plumbing, house with a suspect water table, anything to do with energy, oil and gas, pornography or alcohol.

Libra.svg    LIBRA:  Sept. 23-Oct. 22

The general accent remains (until June 20) on profound thoughts, higher education, far travel, cultural venues, international affairs, legalities and ethics, wisdom and gentle love. You might have been dealing with, attracted to, someone with an Aries or Gemini flavour. This attraction will change, next week, into something new — could end it, or establish it on a more intimate level. Lie low Sunday — you’re ambitious, energetic, but circumstances are terrible. Don’t launch any ventures this day. Wishes can come true Monday to 9 am (PDT) Wed. You’ll feel happy, optimistic, social and popular. Your luck rides high, light romance hovers, and you can solve a domestic, residence, or “basic” problem in a “secret” or confidential discussion, perhaps with a lover, counsellor, bank or financier.  (You’re unlikely to solve it completely, but will at least gain understanding and co-operation about it.)  A mildly difficult Tues., morning, but otherwise charge ahead! Retreat Wed. morning to suppertime Friday. Study, contemplate, plan, be charitable and spiritual. Some indecision about chores/duties Thurs. morn. but the rest of this day is fine. Careful Fri. — anger, dejection possible. Believe in love without necessarily acting on it. (I.e., keep the faith.)  Friday night, Saturday, your energy and magnetism come roaring back. Charge forth, meet, approach, launch ventures (especially travel, publishing, communications and intellectual — and love — ventures). Strike early Sat., as the good luck dissolves somewhat this nighttime.

Scorpio.svg     SCORPIO:  Oct. 23 – Nov. 21

The general emphasis remains on secrets, finances, sexual lures, research or detective work, medical diagnoses, lifestyle decisions, commitment and its consequences — this week and the next two. These matters should go well overall, as your present quiet, thoughtful mood shows you how to guide them to success. Co-workers remain affectionate, your sexual side remains randy, and a spouse or other remains talkative in a “youthful” way (all three trends, this week only).  Sunday’s terrible, Scorpio — skip it. Luckily, your mind is in a mellow state this day; you can see things philosophically. Be compassionate, but not “drawn in.”  Be ambitious Monday to 9 am (PDT) Wed. — benevolent vibes put you in line for a promotion or pay raise — if you sense it, find the door and walk through. A partner or ally could bring you information, aid, even a solution — be willing to talk. You could be celebrating some breakthrough or good move by Wed. noon to suppertime Fri. You’ll be optimistic, popular and social, and a wish could come true, perhaps about love. Exercise caution Fri. — cancelled events, social friction could arise. Friday night and Saturday find you tired, quiet, contemplative — but a streak of good luck, of opportunity passes by — grab it. Could simply be an insight, or conquering of an intimidating situation or a spiritual revelation — something good!  (Apply for benefits, insurance payments, welfare, therapy, etc. Saturday.)

Sagittarius.svg     SAGITTARIUS:  Nov. 22-Dec. 21

Hi, Sage. Here’s the big picture: your major luck, until October, lies in the social zone, and in light romance, wishful thinking (because some of those wishes will come true) and optimistic living. You focus, this month (May 20 – June 20) lies on relationships, relocation, opportunities, fresh horizons and co-operation. You might be intensely attracted to a Gemini (or less so, a Virgo) but make yourself show sweet affection, rather than charging in angry, competitive or as a “conquering warrior.”  (You’d fail in that last one, this June.) Remember, honey beats vinegar. (I have a Sage friend who refuses to go to bed with me, yet is angry that I won’t be her live-in boyfriend.) Now, if you put those two (wishes come true and partnership, relocation, etc.) together, you could come out with a partner, or end up in a foreign land. Be careful and non-committal Sunday — a terrible day, so DO NOT invest, and do protect your health and avoid belligerent people, drivers. Sexual attraction is in the air, but pursuing it would leave you angry, tense. Real love can come Mon. to 9 am (PDT) Wed. This luck-packed little interval begs you to jump into far travel, international, legal, educational or cultural affairs, and/or into love. (Oddly, now, you have little patience with a Gemini, the very sign you’ve been attracted to lately. But a Gemini or Virgo holds a solution to your money situation, maybe even holds a fist of money.) You can climb a rung of ambition’s ladder Wed. to suppertime Friday. Act quickly and with awareness, as Thurs. holds a moment of illusion (around noon) and Fri. will tangle any new efforts in refusals, arguments, etc. Friday night, Saturday, a wish can come true, especially about love, friendship, social acceptance, far travel.

Capricorn.svg     CAPRICORN:  Dec. 21 – Jan. 19

One week down, three to go on your work schedule, Cap. Be diligent, eager for more responsibility. (You are highly favoured for a promotion now to October — unless you already received one in the last 9 months.)  (Well, yes, there could be two.)  Your home continues to be affectionate, your romantic life “talkative,” and your work intense. (That intensity will fade next week.)  Sunday’s both terrible and tempting — stay far away from competitors, challengers, enemies, even a demanding spouse. Start nothing important. Monday to mid-morn (9 am PDT) Wednesday, you abandon Sunday’s problems and march to success, especially in investments, finances, sexual intimacy, life style changes, research and medical diagnoses. Speak your mind in a romantic or creative/speculative situation (not Tues. morning, tho) — you’ll be glad you did. Your instincts, perceptions are deadly accurate. A lighter, wiser mood steals over you Wed. morning to suppertime Fri. Travel, intellectual, legal, cultural, media and insurance/stats themes fill your thoughts. Act Wed./Thurs., but back off Fri., when dejection, impracticality and anger muddy every effort. Be ambitious Fri. night and Sat. — higher-ups love you, are willing to gamble on you. Show talent, desire!

Aquarius.svg     AQUARIUS:  Jan. 20-Feb. 18

Sweet love will fill your thoughts this weekend and the next two. So will creative ideas, risk-taking urges, beauty, pleasure pursuits, and your children’s talents. Yes, take those risks (within reason!) — you’re on a winning streak. Romance is significant for singles, even if it goes nowhere — because it’s a crack in the door of opening you, of your soul. Now through 2018 your best direction is out of yourself, to others. Romance can be a first step in this. Right now you can be hotly attracted to someone. Next week, this heat turns to affectionate words. Sunday’s terrible for everyone — protect your health, go slow with chores, be very cautious with tools. Relationships, relocation themes, negotiations, new opportunities and fresh horizons fill Mon. to 9 am (PDT) Wed. Your luck is high, agreement, attraction, are almost certain. Just have one mode: go out to the other, seek to join, be co-operative. The inner or intimate side of relationships emerges Wed. morning to suppertime Friday. You can be nudged to investigate, to research. Finances, debt reduction, sexual intimacy, partnering in money, commitment and consequence fill this interval. See a deception Thurs. forenoon, and be cautious Fri., when dejection and argument prevail. Friday night and Saturday bring love, wisdom, a mellow mood and tremendous luck in international travel, law, education, cultural venues and media — go forth, make a connection. You’ll be happy!

Pisces.svg     PISCES:  Feb.19-March 20

Head for home, Pisces, now to June 20. Focus on children and their future (education plans) on security and retirement, on Mother Nature, nutrition, stomach and soul. Get lots of rest, for this is a recuperation period, preparing you for July’s run of activity. This is your last week of possible friction in the home — and of a possible urge to buy one.  Sunday is packed with poor luck — enjoy dreams of romance, beauty and pleasure, but don’t chase them. There is one way to avoid arguments: be alone. Tackle chores and protect your daily health Mon. to mid-morn (9 am PDT) Wed. You’ll accomplish a pile to be proud of. Great little interval to seek employment, improve your diet, or buy machinery. (Exception: Tues. morning, when a slight glitch might occur.)  You and a friend or lover have a deep, quick, astute and “true” discussion — value it, it could be a doorway to a relationship solution, should you need one. (Or it could presage a marriage, though this is rare.)  Wednesday morning to suppertime Fri. brings relationships, exciting meetings, fresh horizons and new opportunities — to a point. Act quickly Wed./Thurs., then keep “hands off” Fri., when rejection and impatience can cause an outburst. Life’s mysteries and your own subconscious blossom to the surface Fri. night and Sat. — an excellent time to invest, seek intimacy, investigate, or make lifestyle (and health) decisions. You can hardly lose, so charge ahead!

The End.

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    I believe you are speaking about burqa in your comment about head scarves above … for further insights into burqa… see… http://www.huffingtonpost.com/sabria-jawhar/why-i-hate-the-burqa—-a_b_669953.html Women have worn face coverings in the middle east for around 7500 years, and arab women were seen as the model of modesty in early christian times, which is probably where the nun’s costume came from. A friend wears her burqa here in Canada… she says men won’t harrass her when she wears it, which is a relief to her.

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      Hi, brouwer,

      You’re right, I meant the burka, picked the wrong word. But 7,500 years ago? You’d have to convince me of that.



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