在手機上,添加的功能(平臺,短篇小說,提前一年等) 可以從左上角訪問(堆疊線)。

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I told you bitcoin would rise about a half year ago (when it was below $ 25,000) and it’s gained almost 300 % since then. But I wrote, “Watch out for April,” when bitcoin could soar unexpectedly, or drop dramatically (more likely). Well, it’s March 19 as I write this, and bitcoin has fallen by almost $ 10,000 in several days. Is the April disruption happening already? Well, the aspect (Jupiter conjunct Uranus) peaks or culminates the night of April 20 (PDT) so I called April as the peak. But right now Jupiter is less than 5 degrees from Uranus, so the volatility is already here, yet might still increase, esp. around mid-April. Then bitcoin’s price will tend to rise in May, but this might be a “second top.” I’d wait until June/July, see what bitcoin’s doing, then decide whether to jump in. (If the price is quietly climbing thru July, buy it. If steady or falling, stay out and watch.)


Joe Biden will be adjudged a traitor by history. He’s a Scorpio, so it’s very hard to invade his castle of crime.


When the soul acts, it manifests physically.

Love is rich beyond gold.


Special prosecutor Hur’s testimony to Congress about not charging Biden for his retention of classified documents, to me mirrors The FBI’s Comey announcing to the nation that Hillary Clinton was guilty but he was not going to charge her because it was too close to an election. Hillary lost, I think in large part due to the doubt that Comey sewed. Robert Hur has done the same for Biden.




aries icon  ARIES:  March 21-April 19

Your energy, confidence, charisma and clout ride high now, Aries. Usually, this would be the time to launch big new projects. However, mercury retrogrades from April 1 to 25 — in Aries — so slowdowns, indecision and “false starts” will prevail. Much of the indecision will be within yourself. So only start smaller projects that can be completed swiftly. Soon, a former job/position might be offered — take it if you don’t have anything else, but realize it will not last too long, perhaps under a year or so. Still, it gives you a chance to regroup and re-strategize. Sunday morning’s for work, but the pm, through Tuesday, brings relationships, challenges and opportunities, public appearances. (If the relationship involves a Libra, realize he/she is facing tremendous obstacles, but has just started on a path of freedom and “proper home life.” Secrets, finances, lust Wed. to noon Fri. Good and bad luck mingle here, so be nimble, and you should succeed. Friday night, Saturday, bring a mellow mood but difficult events.


taurus icon  TAURUS:  April 20-May 20

Lie low until late April, Taurus. Rest, contemplate, plan, examine your past and how you got here. Interact with gov’t, head office, institutions. People in these areas will be rough but favour/befriend you. Boost your karma with good deeds. A slowdown and mild confusion will arrive for most of April, so use the present to complete tasks rather than launch new ones. Despite the present quietude, a couple of sweet, social contacts keep your heart alive. You remain lucky until late May, especially in big financial, life change, or sexual zones. Sunday morning is for love, but the afternoon — through Tuesday — brings chores. If you have to buy equipment or tools, do it Sunday afternoon or Friday afternoon (PDT) — don’t wait for April. Relationships, opportunities, perhaps some opposition public appearances and relocation themes fill Wednesday to noon Friday. There are both disagreement and disruption in relationships, but also sweet moments and a sense that all will work out. Friday night and Saturday focus on major finances, sex/lust, medical and lifestyle decisions. Be cautious and wary of making a commitment.


gemini icon  GEMINI:  May 21-June 20

Optimism, friendly flirting, popularity and social joys, bright plans — these fill the weeks ahead, Gemini. Having fun will be more important than career or other ambitions. You need this “fun rest” to reset your emotional clock, which has been running down a little lately. (Your emotions will decline again late April to late May, for a final “rest,” and then in June, a whole new life starts, new adventures and new relationships and opportunities – lucky ones! For the next 20 years, you will be working in an intellectual or travel field, and you will begin to love your work more and more as the years pass. Then, in about 20 years, you will “seize power” so to speak. From 2043 well into the last half of the century, you can climb powerfully in your career and/or status, but will have to go against being a bit dictatorial. Rest Sunday morning. This afternoon through Tuesday brings romance, creative, surges, pleasure, games, and beauty. Indulge! Tackle chores and protect your health with proper eating Wednesday to noon Friday. Some disruptions Thursday, but otherwise a good interval. Relationships, opportunities, and relocation themes arise, Friday p.m. and Saturday. Be careful here, especially late Friday and Saturday, when others are temperamental and in the mood to refuse any requests.


Cancer icon  CANCER:  June 21-July 22

Be ambitious during the weeks ahead, cancer. boost your profile, work hard, dress well, approach bosses and VIPs with your ideas, etc. However, a warning: don’t start projects now that will need “continuity” during April. So stick to short things. IN April, a former job or position might become available. It is probably a good one, but consider where you are and where you’ll go if you accept this position. Until April 30, strictly avoid lawsuits, unless they are part of your job. Sunday morning’s for calls, errands. This afternoon through Tuesday nudges you toward home, family, property and security — a mixed bag of progress and minor obstacles. Rest and eat. Romantic (and creative) notions come Wednesday to noon Friday. There are disruptions here, but also some very sweet moments. Tackle chores Friday eve and Saturday — carefully. Do NOT buy machinery or tools before April 25.


Leo icon  LEO:  July 23-Aug. 22

A month of intellectual, media, far travel, legal, scientific and similar interests blossoms now, Leo. (It started the middle of last week.) Cultural and social venues/rituals are also favoured. Some Leos will wed in the weeks ahead, but for many an old flame might appear. Say yes, if you’re unattached. Your sexual side is working overtime for the next 5 weeks — a purely physical attraction could actually lead to a happy marriage. Think about research connected to your  work, now to early 2026: you can build a solid floor of knowledge that will support your ambitions. One caution: only start small, short projects this week, as three weeks of delay, mistakes and indecision starts soon (April 1). Chase money or pay bills Sunday morning. Errands, trips, communications and paperwork flutter your way, Sunday afternoon through Tuesday. This is not a hugely lucky period, but it’s workable and pretty smooth. Gravitate toward home and family, security and mother, nature, rest, stomach and soul Wednesday to Friday noon (PDT). Again the picture is mixed: successes mixed with disruptions. Oh well. Sweet romance plays its tune. Friday p.m. and Saturday — but be aware, cautious. Realize there will be no sexual assent.


virgo icon  VIRGO:  Aug. 23-Sept. 22

The weeks ahead might bring life-changing events or situations, Virgo. Relationships are sweet and sour until April 4. After this, you need to be very careful to avoid confrontations (throughout April). at the same time, you might meet someone who is very physically, alluring, and an intimate affair could result. If it does, it will draw you deeper and deeper into a sexual relationship through early June. However, I suspect this is not going to be anything long-term, such as marriage. many secrets and “treasure chests” lie ahead, waiting for you to discover them. Your shovel should be research, it’s handle should be your questions and you should keep in mind that the deeper you dig, the more likely you are to hit gold. Sex, major finances, lifestyle changes, and medical issues will likely be involved. you are full of energy Sunday morning, but the afternoon shifts you into buying and selling mode, until Tuesday. All’s fine — don’t pay too much. Errands, short trips, paperwork and communications fell Wednesday to noon Friday. Your luck is mixed here as some obstacles are mixed with some good progress, even personal attraction. Head for home, family, nature, security, rest and contemplation Friday pm and Sat. — Careful Saturday, don’t start anything important.


libra icon  LIBRA:  Sept. 23-Oct. 22

A significant month ahead, Libra. If you’re single, a former love might return — and in some cases, just in time. Overall, you will be dealing with opportunities, important, relationships, relocation questions, public appearances, and possible opposition in the weeks ahead. Remember, a change is one of the most fortunate things you can do, through May. But also realize that new projects/relationships (i.e., not connected to the past) launched the first 25 days of April will probably fail. So complete projects now, and if it’s appropriate, speak to love, co-habitation, even business partnering, etc., this week — or wait until May. Be restful Sunday morning. (PDT) Your energy and charisma soar Sunday afternoon through Tuesday — get things done before April’s confusion and delays set in. Someone might want to partner with you. It’s probably a good thing, but be charming, even if you reject a person or idea. Chase $, buy/sell, seek casual intimacy Wednesday to noon Friday. Good and bad luck mingle here, so be nimble, alert. Friday pm and Saturday are for errands, contacts, trips, paperwork, calls. An okay week!


scorpio icon  SCORPIO:  Oct. 23-Nov. 21

Generally, the weeks ahead, focus on work, the needs of dependents/pets, machinery, and tools, and everyday health. If you have anything to start or finish in this area, do it this week, as April will bring indecision, delays and confusion. (In April, a sexy former flame, or an old investment opportunity might appear.) Eat, drink, dress and sleep sensibly, as your health (esp. respiratory) might be a bit vulnerable. Sunday morning brings friends, hope and joy, but the afternoon through Tuesday pulls you into solitude, contemplation, rest, planning, and dealings with gov’t or “head office.” All’s well. Your energy and pizzazz rise Wednesday to Friday noon — get out and about, tackle “tough” jobs before April’s looming delays. Careful Thursday — disruptions, electricity, computers, all irk you before suppertime (PDT). Chase $ Friday night and Saturday — but carefully. Spend only on necessities. Forget chasing someone for a “hug.”


sagittarius icon  SAGITTARIUS:  Nov. 22-Dec. 21

The general accent lies on everything you love to do over the next few weeks, Sage. Here’s what you like to do: travel internationally, sample other cultures, study the law or philosophy or religion or social structures, be idealistic and argumentative, attend school, teach others, work in publishing or media, etc. You will be mellow and gently loving. Oh, a couple of caveats: 1) your domestic sphere will be filled with either strife and argument, or creative family projects (your choice) and 2) although you will like the weeks ahead, don’t launch any new projects, especially in the areas listed above (travel, etc.) because the first 24 days of April will be filled with indecision, delay, mistakes and false starts. On the plus side, a former love might return, and/or a neglected project which could be taken up again, profitably. Sunday afternoon, through Tuesday brings popularity, social delights, friendly flirtations, optimism and happiness! But retreat, rest, contemplate and plan, Wednesday to Friday noon. Thursday’s a bit disruptive. Friday pm and Saturday bring you energy, charisma and clout — but use it well, realize your home/family needs care, as “rebellion” might be brewing.


capricorn icon. CAPRICORN:  Dec. 22-Jan. 20

The general accent for the next few weeks, Cap, lies on your domestic scene: family, property, security, mother nature, garden, stomach, and soul — and on physical regeneration. If you are planning any major gardening or renovation or repair project, get it done this week, or wait until the last week of April, and into May. (In Canada, May is the best time to plant, as April’s cold nights, if below 10 C., will stunt the plants.) The reason is, three weeks of delays, confusion and indecision start early next week. Meanwhile, romance still calls you in a fortunate way. Your words are persuasive, affectionate now. (In ’24 and ’25, you will develop strongly in speech, writing, all communication.) Sunday morning’s contemplative, but this afternoon through Tuesday favours your career, worldly status and ambitions. Best action: Sunday eve/night (PDT). Your social life, popularity and optimism rise nicely Wednesday to Friday noon. A bit of kerfuffle, or disruption (but maybe also a happy surprise) can occur Thursday daytime. Retreat, lie low, contemplate, be generous in spirit and judgement, Friday pm and Saturday. Get lots of rest.


Aquarius icon  AQUARIUS:  Jan. 21-Feb. 18

Hi, Aquarius. The weeks ahead, feature errands, paperwork, contacts, communications and short trips. Your money picture looks good through April 4. Beyond this, money rushes to you through April — save it if you can. For the next 20 years, you will be a dominant force, especially in career and status zones. But realize if you get too dominant, the powers that be might rein you in. Home, family are still a blessed and lucky place for you until late May, but over the next few weeks, a sudden change may come. an old flame might also come, but in April, not March. Sunday is mysterious, but this afternoon through Tuesday clears up a lot of things: facts and “discoveries” now make sense, and you see the world with a tolerant, gentle eye. Be ambitious Wednesday to noon Friday (all times PDT) — Thursday holds disruptions, but remember “the opportunities of crisis.” You might end up with an enhanced pay package! Popularity, social delights, friendly flirting, optimism and entertainment lift your spirits Friday night and Saturday — careful Sat. daytime, when a rejection might be brewing (but more likely, unlucky spending).


Pisces icon  PISCES:  Feb. 19-March 20

The weeks ahead feature possessions, Pisces: money, income, purchases, rote learning, a mellow mood and casual sex (i.e., sex before love with someone comfortable to be around). (I count casual sex as a form of possession.) Your energy remains comfortably high. In fact, you might grow so physically restless and assertive (especially in chasing money or the opposite sex) that you upset an apple cart or cause an argument. However, that danger probably won’t appear until the second week of April (and then lasts through April). Meanwhile, this week and a bit of next, you glow with romantic presence and could attract special glances. Lots of talk about money this week, and one you talk with might be a potential financial partner. Work now to complete things, and shy away from launching anything you can’t complete by March 31 — April will bring 25 days of confusion, delays and indecision. Sunday morning can excite with a meeting or an opportunity, but this pm through Tuesday shunts you into deep waters where secrets, treasures, big finances, lust, and power plays exist. Your luck is not bad here, so you might take a cautious step into one of these areas. Wednesday through Friday, noon brings a mellow, tolerant, mood, intellectual and philosophical ideas and higher learning. Thursday’s a bit disruptive, but also opportunistic. Be ambitious Friday pm, Saturday, but don’t push or demand, esp. Sat!




In a recent Afteramble I claimed that a Biblical prophet had forecast that when mankind conquers day and night, and can leave the earth, God will “set us free” from Him, and it will be a good, benevolent thing, like a father sending his grown child out to fend for him/herself. The relevant texts were Jeremiah 31:34, 31:37 and 33:19-26. There is also a very intriguing statement at 31:22: “the Lord will create a new thing on earth – a woman will surround a man.” (I believe this happens in the 23rd Century. The mega-era of 2229, lasting perhaps 10,000 years — I haven’t checked specifically — starts with Neptune on the horizon, an indicator of a spiritual visit [or awakening] of massive proportions.)

This “separation” from God will not be a tragic thing. In fact I think it will be filled with good feelings, in humanity and in God. The prophecy says that every human will be a priest, every human will know God and not need teaching. I time this event for 2229 AD, although it could occur hundreds, even 1000 or more years after that. I choose 2229 because in an astrological sense, this is when the factors that should bring about a separation (and angel-hood) first appear. It may take them a millennia or even longer to accomplish their task, but they will accomplish it.

There might be a human- wide referendum on whether to separate from God or not. In fact there might even be Wars fought over the question, tho’ not the wars we’re used to. Remember, this separation is a maturation, not a rejection.


This is what Israel should do: with the cooperation of the United States and possibly Egypt or others: they should set up a heavily militarized zone in Gaza from the ocean to the eastern border. North of this, they need to destroy and fill in every tunnel in existence. Then they both welcome food and other aid coming by sea via  the US engineers dock, AND from their own country (Israel).

So they tell the people what they’re doing, And then they tell them all to move north for food and shelter. North of the militarized line. Those who look like Hamas will be pulled aside. Without a major pause, Israel will begin reconstruction of the northern part of Gaza, first clearing out and setting up a space for temporary housing for the Gaza residents. Then Israel begins to rebuild Gaza, to construct modern and beautiful places and housing, and to seed the fields Upgrade irrigation systems if needed. Etc. Create a very pleasant place to live, and gift it to the Palestinians. All this should be told in advance to the Gazan refugees.  As soon as the population begins its march north, the IDF resumes its military actions south of that militarized line and right up to the Egyptian border, systematically clearing areas and blowing tunnels. This way, the humanitarian needs of the Gazans and the Hamas trick  of hiding amongst the population of civilians, are both solved.


Astrologers who study the 360° of the zodiac have always faced the problem posited by Andrew Carelli: does one read or explore the meaning of the technical degree as in the ephemeris, or the degree following? For example if you were born with the Sun at 15° Gemini, do you interpret this according to the lore on the 15th° or on the 16th? The answer seems obvious, but isn’t: for instance, if a boy says I’m 15 years old, unless it is his/her birthdate, we know that he is older than 15 years. In fact if it’s six months after his birthday, then he’s 15 years and a half. So now is he in his 15th year? No, because obviously his 15th year went from his 14th birthday, which declared that he had completed 14 years, to the day of his 15th birthday. So if he is even one day past his 15th birthday, he is living in his 16th year, which will end on his 16th birthday. So now, if your Sun is at 15° and 30′  Gemini, do you pick up the degree book and read the interpretations for 15° or 16°

It has occurred to me several times, and I’m beginning to believe it more and more, that the universe is NOT precisely divided into 360°, and that each degree does not have a distinct, separate meaning or influence. I was born in 15° 54′ (almost 16°) Gemini. When  in Carelli or Jones, I read the meaning of the 15th°, it does fit me. But so does the 16th°. And, remarkably, so does the 17th. (perhaps because I’m so close to 16 at birth.) A quick view of this phenomena would tend to induce skepticism: if more than one different degree meaning seems to apply to me, this could simply mean I am very suggestible, and will attribute almost any description to myself — especially a description that is pointed to or sanctified by mathematics.

My “does it fit me?” search  went right back to the 13th° and as far forward as the 17th, but I didn’t really relate to the 18th°. This is all very subjective, but assuming that the 13th to 17 degrees — 5 of them — related to me, even though they were quite different descriptions (although upon close closer look they were all very Gemini descriptions) it might mean that the division into hard and fast mathematical degrees, does not exist except in the arithmetical minds of astrologers.

It is quite common for a person to have multiple aspects to their personality. Five seems like a relatively low number for one human to encompass. But what is intriguing is that beyond the 17th° and before the 13th°, I did not relate to the descriptions. Could it be that in this case, what the interpreters or writers of the degree meanings were actually psychically or otherwise viewing was a broader influence, one that did not respect the hard mathematical divisions of the degrees, a sort of pool of influence or meaning that like a real pool in nature will spread out in various ways… In my case shown above, the pool seems to be about 5° wide, but probably does not conform to any degree boundaries. This is one of the most common occurrences: that our science and our mathematics postulate perfect systems, which are not perfect at all, but merely clumsy, because they lack complexity. Nature consistently violates human preceptions with its complexity. A garden box might be perfectly square or cubed, but the plant that grows out of it and drapes its green tendrils over the side, could not be captured by 100 computers.

I wonder if there are these pools all around the zodiac, and even in the great slices of the sky that the zodiac does not cover? Nor would they necessarily all be 5° wide or in diameter. Perhaps their size ranges from almost infinitesimally small, to perhaps 10°?… (*)

Perhaps there is no limit, but instead, levels of conception or understanding. So we could in a pictorial sense, say that the 12 signs are simply bigger pools, just as inexact and natural, or unmathematical, as the pools on the degree level, and after that the big pool of the entire 360°. And more “pool levels” could extend to the entire universe.

Human math might get us to the moon, but there’s much more than math running the universe. What for example is the math of a leaf?) — this supra-Perfection is the miracle.


Every country deserves our love. Every nation and every culture is valuable and divine.