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START NOTHING:  7:36 pm to 10:28 pm Sun., 3:05 am to 8:11 am Wed., and 2:56 pm to 8:00 pm Fri.


The Trump troubles — wiretaps, Russians, leaks — are due to the Moon’s south node in his career and leadership sign. In May the threats and frustrations — and unwise actions — recede, and the ship should right itself by June onward. However, this ship might never quite sail straight, as it began with that south lunar node in the same place. So even tho’ it moves on, the original inauguration chart remains the same.

Edgar Casey, the psychic healer, once said that Edmonton, Alberta would become the capital of North America.  At the time, many opined that that might occur because everything west of the Rockies would fall into the ocean from a huge earthquake. But our modern zeitgeist monster suggests that global warming will be the culprit. The macro climate has destroyed numerous civilizations over the centuries (e.g. Peru) and might now attack more southern latitudes, rendering uninhabitable large chunks of once temperate zones. Canada, Russia and the northern European nations might grow crops year-round, while more equatorial nations could virtually disappear.

CANADIAN GENOCIDE:  Only a few months ago the Canadian government apologized for (and financially, but niggardly, compensated for) “residential schools.”  These schools served two purposes: cultural genocide, and easy pederasty for pedophile priests. But just as we are accounting for, admitting and rejecting such heinous acts, we are committing them again.

In Labrador, hundreds of native children have been — are today being — ripped from their families by bureaucratic monsters, and placed in white foster homes over 1,300 km (800 miles) away.

Many of these foster parents are simply in it for the money, as Ottawa gives them support for every child ($2,317 per month per child, of which only 1/4 is expected to be spent on the child). The foster families, all white, are in an economically depressed town, so the foster kids are sent there to help the economy, bringing up to $4,600, even $6,900 a month to each household.

This is soft genocide. The ONLY reason the social-workers and other p.c. slime take these kids from their homes is to wipe out their culture (and steal their land, of course). The RCMP, whose members have been convicted of killing Indian kids for kicks, of course help everything along.

It gets better: now NF/Labrador is calling for more social workers, saying they have a shortage. A shortage! They can’t ship these kids out fast enough, they can’t gut a mother’s heart and slice a father’s legs fast enough.

This is the white man’s way: “Let’s take everything from these people: let’s take their land, their livelihood, their pride, everything… and then we’ll call them depressed, and alcoholic, and then we’ll really gut them: we’ll take away their main reason for living: their children. We’ll tell everyone it’s for the children’s sake, that we’ll take them away and put them in ‘good’ homes. We’ll cut out the parents’ hearts, then put bandages on their stolen children.”  And in all this, what about the children? This is why I sometimes disparage God (if we can imagine a HIM) — why does he take 300 kids and murder their souls, deny them love, deny them their own parents — how can he look at those wondering, innocent, wanting-to-please, puzzled little faces, and say, “Okay, I guess for you bunch — how about alcoholism, substance abuse, crime and jail?  Sounds like a nice life to me, ho-hum, so boring up here in the universe — how tired I am of stars and cosmic displays!” Or perhaps He just lays back and watches what we do to ourselves.  Because those little native kids are ourselves, all selves are ours. (Actually, I’m not disparaging God, since I don’t think He exists in the Christian form. I think God’s a conglomeration of all our souls — and all things, even dogs, fish, plants, trees and even buildings have “souls.”)


Aries.svg      ARIES:  March 21 – April 19

It’s your last week of weariness, seclusion and burdensome chores, Aries. Relationships are in full retreat now into April — or you’re in “full indecision.” Now to late April, money will flow swiftly to you. Bank it; don’t fall into wasteful spending. Sunday’s for work, but do it carefully, and don’t expect shining results. From 10:30 (PST) this night to Wednesday morning, relationships rule — unfortunately, results elude hunting hearts — and even mere business or practical link-ups and/or opportunities prove elusive. (It’s due to a re-considering on many people’s part; your indecision will end in April; the other person’s by June.) One good spot midday Tuesday. Sex, secrets, major money, lifestyle changes, research, commitment and consequence call Wed. morning to Fri. eve. Be wary, keep your money, realize practical goals will hit big barriers. Someone you admire might teach you something Saturday, and/or hint at love. But don’t believe your fantasies this eve/night.

 taurus weekly forecast      TAURUS:  April 20 – May 20

Now to late April, your determination and courage rise: you’ll get things done! (But you remain mildly indecisive, or held back by government regulations or head office, so tackle only the projects that are “outside yourself.”  (E.g., buying new clothes, no; but fixing someone else’s car, yes.) Your sexual magnetism climbs a notch or two, but remain faithful if you’re already attached. Sunday’s romantic, creative, pleasure-oriented, but disappointing. (If single, realize this October, into 2018, will bring your “big love” year. Patience!) Chores, daily health regimens, fill Monday/Tuesday, but not easily. Remain alert, and don’t tackle tasks that are too large or complicated. Tuesday afternoon might even increase your chores, but with a disruptive result (no, don’t accept that extra job). Relationships, exciting meetings, opportunities and new horizons appear Wed. morning to Fri. eve. But again, caution is needed: small successes are lights in a field of refusal. Friday night, Saturday feature sex, large finances, research and  commitment — all of which are touched by good luck Fri. night and Sat. daytime. But retreat from the social scene to get things done.

Gemini.svg        GEMINI:  May 21 – June 20

This is your last week of career and prestige goals, of tests and temptations in the area of ambition, reputation and standing. It’s been a somewhat negative ride since (Nov.) 2015 (since 2014 if you’re in the public spotlight) and will continue so until early May, but already the peak has passed, so you can slide into May without harm. (Trump and Pence are both Gemini.) The trick is, especially this spring/summer, NOT to turn career or similar challenges into a legal fight — you would lose, after months/years of expenses and ulcers. Be restful, out in nature, Sunday (NOT a good day for a new date.)  Romance, creative and risk-taking urges, pleasure and beauty visit you Mon./Tues., but not with great success. Enjoy the feeling, but be slow to act. Tuesday afternoon’s a bright spot. Declare something and watch the reaction! Chores demand doing Wed. morning to Fri. eve — eat, dress and sleep sensibly. Tackle small chores, you’ll do them easily — avoid those that need co-operation, or contain a life-changing potential (e.g., an investment). Relationships arise Fri. night and Sat. — exciting, sweet and good ones — but let none of them involve your career. Now to June 20, stay out of dark alleys and avoid belligerent people. Your athleticism will increase, but don’t push the limits. A new “friend” might, innocently or not, hold you back or weary you. You judge.

Cancer.svg      CANCER:  June 21- July 22

Your mellow, wise, compassionate mood continues — so do themes of internationalism, far travel, culture, higher education, profound ideas and love. Don’t wallow in these areas, though, as they’re slightly “off kilter” until mid-May. Sunday brings errands and small, easy chores — but proceed carefully, as this day is filled with obstacles. Head for home, at least in your thoughts and heart, Mon. to Wed. morning. Household matters also face various obstacles (including some long-term wrestling with your spouse) but a bright spot Tues. afternoon (PST) shows you that, overall, your domestic situation is good! Romance, creative and risk-taking urges, beauty and pleasure and love of kids, all blossom Wed. morn to Fri. eve. Wednesday afternoon might trigger a sudden hot attraction. Thursday’s dreamy and “destined” (late evening),  But there’s a duality here: your love and your duties collide softly but deeply. Plunge into chores Fri. night, Sat.

Leo icon, Luck Forecast        LEO:  July 23 – August 22

This is your last week of mysteries, Leo — and of sexual and financial temptations. Don’t commit to either of these before Sat. — loss, a bad investment or reputation damage can occur. Not a particularly good week to be romantic or creative, either — until Saturday. (What should you do? Taxes, a survey of possessions, memory or rote learning, earning money, spending on perishables.) Sunday features earnings — and spending — but either way, barriers arise. Buy only routine items, and watch for flaws. Errands, calls, emails, paperwork and details, short trips and casual friends — these fill Mon. to Wed. morning. Be nice, friendly, and don’t push too much. You’ll meet a good friend, maybe a future lover, Tues. pm.  Turn homeward Wed. morn to Fri. night (8 pm PST) — hug the family, garden or do home repairs, walk in nature, snooze and smile. Don’t be irritable Wed. suppertime; and avoid extra work, especially Fri. This night and Saturday romance blossoms, your creative faculties awaken, and all proceeds beautifully — until/unless your press for intimacy “too soon” Sat. night. All month, please higher-ups, rather than oppose them. They have a temper brewing now!

Virgo.svg      VIRGO:  August 23 – September 22

The main emphasis remains on relationships, far horizons and “opportunities,” Virgo. I put that in quotation marks because most things in this entire zone are a bit tainted with temptation and primrose glasses, especially this week. Until late April, avoid lawsuits, but be assertive in studying or pursuing monetary matters or secrets. Your interior is still affectionate; if single, you still dream of love, of the ones that got away (if in the last 16 months, thank the cosmos for protecting you from full bonding) or the ones to come. Your energy and charisma remain high Sunday — use them to solve problems, especially those affecting your home or your romantic life. Chase money, buy/sell, memorize facts, and be open to life’s sensual side Monday to Wednesday dawn (PST). In purchases, stick to routine – although you can buy a good used item Tues. night (after supper). Earlier Tuesday, a wave of optimism could make you overspend — but this is useful if you want someone to pay up for your sale item, or you want ask for a pay raise. Errands, casual acquaintances, short trips, communications and paperwork fill Wednesday morning to Friday eve. Most things flow well here, but maintain a mellow temper and invest in nothing Wednesday. All week, home and relationship demands seem to fight each other: be diplomatic and patient. Go home Friday night and stay there Saturday – everything is great except perhaps a new relationship.

Libra.svg     LIBRA:  September 23 – October 22

This is your last week of work and drudgery, Libra. Do only what’s necessary. Volunteer for nothing. If in doubt, delegate. Someone, perhaps from the past, is pulling (rather than plucking) your heart-strings all March. (They might disappear in April, only to re-appear all May.) At the same time, your sexual urges blossom, now through late April. You could be tempted by an extra-marital affair. You have 2 or three months ahead of you that demand deep thinking about relationships, love and loyalty (in essence, who will give you these?). Often, your heart and thoughts will meet confusion. Stay honest, moral and kind, and you won’t lose (unless you lose a “bad” or unsuitable person). Rest, retreat and lie low Sunday — lots of problems, few solutions. Your energy and pizzazz return late Sunday night to Wed. morning — use your extra oomph to tackle problems or get work done. (You will want to be free of work when huge opportunities arise late March and April.) You could meet someone exciting and humorous Tues. pm (PST).  Buy/sell, chase money, pay debts, ask for a pay raise, etc. Wed. morn to Fri. eve. Few of these will work (no pay raise!) and you should buy nothing “practical” — tools, auto, land, stationery, etc. Friday night and Saturday bring communications, emails, hello’s, short trips and visits, errands and paperwork. These succeed, but beware an additional chore this night — avoid over-imbibing, too.

Scorpio.svg     SCORPIO:  October 23 – November 21

Ah, Scorpio, even if it didn’t work out, romance has been sweet, tempting! After May 10, love will “work” again, though it might not take flight toward paradise until this October into late 2018. Ditto re: creative, speculative, beauty and pleasure oriented pursuits. Be diplomatic, as relationships of all kinds intensify until April 21. This interval might bring you a work/ employment opportunity. Your work place remains affectionate all March. Be glad, happy and hopeful Sunday, but don’t try to succeed at anything. Retreat, rest, contemplate, examine situations and make plans Monday to Wed. morning. Be cautious Tues., when communications difficulties (mid-morning, PST) or workplace dangers/driving accidents (suppertime) are possible. You will examine yourself, or see yourself this Tues. afternoon, and be gladdened by what you see! Your energy and charisma return solidly Wed. morning to Fri. eve/night (8 pm PST).  Be assertive, get things done, enjoy someone’s attention — but do not start new projects, push a possible partnership, nor buy anything important. All small things go very well. Romance, promising Thurs., gets whacked Fri. (painfully?). Chase money — not romance nor pleasure — Fri. night and Sat. You can buy just the right item, or sell an entire garage.

Sagittarius.svg      SAGITTARIUS:  November 22 – December 21

Sign nothing before Saturday. Hard work calls you until late May. Until late April, this work will please and intrigue you (e.g., you might gain permission to be creative with a project) and might yield a co-worker romance. Until April 1, romance adds a sweet note to your days. Sunday’s for career, reputation in the ‘hood, etc. Not much is easy or good here, so don’t demand attention, nor start a project, nor accept an unreasonable challenge. Wish fulfillment, optimism, a bright future, social joys and popularity, entertainment and flirtations — these arrive late Sunday night to 8 am Wed. (PST). Events are jumbled, good and bad, so keep the faith (luck loves belief) and have fun. Best period: Tues. afternoon/eve, when a wish could come true, and/or you could meet an eccentric but fascinating person — could be romantic. Retreat from the crowd Wed. morn to Fri. eve. Rest, plan, contemplate. Deal with therapists, agents, civil servants, institutions, head office, charities and spiritual needs. Everything goes well, other than a possible argument Wed. afternoon (over work or duties?) — and the need, (all week but peaking Friday), to step back from investments, commitments, real estate and other practical goals. (Acting now would cause loss — or very sluggish results.) Your energy and charisma explode Friday night, Saturday — get out, meet and greet, go dancing, start new ventures. But stop after 4 pm Sat., when deception/illusion enter.

Capricorn.svg     CAPRICORN:  December 22 – January 19

Errands, paperwork, communications, travel and easy chores remain to fill this last week of “busyness,” Cap. Take care with all communications all week, as these can create gossip, reveal your Achilles’ heel to competitors, or run you afoul of government types. Your home life grows very active now, and remains nicely affectionate. You might soon begin a domestic, renovation, landscaping or decoration project around the home. Be sure you can finish before April 6, or let the project subside until a better time. Someone from the past might be in your home in March, early April, or you might collect inspiration from the past in terms of decorating, gardening, etc. Now to April 20 a strong, intense streak of romance winds through your days. If you’re shy, don’t worry — just give the other person a hint, and he/she, being unusually assertive this spring, will open the door. Your mood is wise and mellow Sunday, but various delays and barriers advise doing nothing but sitting back and contemplating. Be ambitious Monday/Tuesday, interface with the bosses and VIPs, show your skills and your best side, but be as nimble as a goat, for good and bad luck alternate. Best time: Tuesday afternoon, when the world of your career opens wide — jump in, this is your career success year! A wish might come true Wednesday morning to Friday eve – even if it doesn’t, you will celebrate friends, feel optimistic, and might make a romantic contact. (However, likely not an enduring one.) Retreat, rest, contemplate and plan Friday night through Saturday — careful Saturday after supper; you’re vulnerable.

Aquarius.svg     AQUARIUS:  January 20 – February 18

This is your last week of heightened money focus, Aquarius. Better it were over, as money difficulties and financial barriers seem to stud this week. DON’T invest nor buy any large or expensive item before Saturday. Same interval, all money ideas or plans that arise should be rejected, even for future implementation. For the next 6 weeks you can suffer some friction at home (e.g., Wed. afternoon, PST) — don’t be blithe, the problem (or what it disguises) is important, not superficial. “Conspicuous consumption” would be your downfall now. Sunday’s sexy, but filled with problems — be cautious, non-committal, in money, too. A mellow, compassionate, broad view comes Monday/Tuesday — best Tues. afternoon, when a world of travel, learning, or love opens up to you. Be optimistic, social, loving! but be ambitious Wed. morn to Fri. eve — you can make solid headway in your career. (But if you make unreasonable pay demands, you could lose.) Friday night, Saturday bring happiness, social joys, popularity, entertainment, romantic flirtations. A wish could come true, especially involving a Gemini or Libra. However, buy nothing, and imbibe even less, Saturday night.

Pisces.svg     PISCES:  February 19 – March 20

Your energy and charisma remain high all week. Use this to join in concert with others, rather than striking out on your own. You might make an ambitious move, or face a crucial test in your career/status zone. Your money looks lucky all March, but don’t launch new money ventures, as they would go in circles. You’re growing restless, and short trips, casual friendships and (valuable) curiosity draw you for the next six weeks. Be diplomatic, avoid challenges Sunday (and Wed. afternoon) — you and another might have to face “reality” in a practical or status way. Secrets, changes, sex, large finances, and investigation enter Mon./Tues. Be careful when giving your commitment.  Best time: Tues. afternoon, when a “pay off” or bonus might appear — or a friendly sexy person could say, “welcome.”  You grow wise, compassionate, mellow Wed. morn to Fri. late evening. This is a great little interval, especially for travel, legalities, love, intellectual pursuits — but “stand down” if an argument starts Wed. afternoon. Friday night, Saturday emphasize your position in the world, your ambitions and prestige goals — and all’s good, productive, so plunge in and work hard.  A Gemini, Libra or Taurus person might help.  If a Virgo helps, you’ll know he/she loves you… but you also know this one won’t work.


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  1. ren

    Love your work. Read it every week. Quick superficial question though. Is it unadvisable to make major change to my look, such as dying my hair with Venus being retrograde? If I were dying it back to my natural color?
    If at all relevant to the question bd: June 18, 1993 bt: 6:18 am
    Sorry for asking a teen vogue worthy question, but the unnatural color is attracting quite a few…. cretins.

    Thank you! Again, huge fan of your work.

  2. Nadine Nicholson

    Tim, every word you wrote is true about the treatment of our First Nations people. My mind was burning when I heard about those kids from Labrador shipped off two of the most backwards towns I had ever had the misfortune of working in. Heart breaking-ripping children from parents the money they hand over to foster care , why they didn’t they hand it over to families that children were stolen from??? Then those families might not of had the struggles that resulted in them stealing their children. it’s really quite unbelievable what indigenous Canadians have been put threw. We are on Stolen land – the Europeans were the savages.

    1. Tim Stephens Post author

      Hi, Nadine,

      My gosh, that’s the one thing I didn’t think of — why not spend that $ 2300 per month on keeping the kids home, on improving the reserve, or even letting them be — who the heck are the Inuit disturbing that we have to butt in and roil their lives? I hate to say it (because everyone will think I’m denigrating the Inuit) but I will: taking these children is the same as capturing wild animals and putting them in zoos. We’ve known for fifty years that zoos induce a type of psychosis in animals. Are these children much different?



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