在手機上,添加的功能(平臺,短篇小說,提前一年等) 可以從左上角訪問(堆疊線)。

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START NOTHING: 3:24 pm to 3:57 pm Sun., 1:19 am to 1:55 am Wed., and 7:20 am to 7:59 am Fri.


Once again, look at the extreme “narrowing” of the “Start Nothing” (Moon void of course) periods — only a total of 108 minutes for the whole week. This hints that we are in an accelerated phase for humankind, if only for a few weeks. Such times, I suspect, are highly productive.

Someone should invent inflatable bags that could be turned on in the cargo area of trucks, eliminating the need for plastic wrapping and other preparations.

No doubt the universe is unfolding as it should. — Desiderata.


aries icon  ARIES:  March 21-April 19

The main focus lies on your domestic situation, Aries. Family, home, security, property, Mom Nature, rest, soul and stomach are emphasized until late July. You are still feeling romantic and creative. If married, chose the latter. This will be a banner month for Aries parents, as kids communicate, surprise, and are filled with joy. Your money picture looks very fortunate for the next 10 months.

Get chores done Sunday. This eve brings relationships that are not “settled” — disruption, deceit and argument might occur. Be diplomatic Monday and Tuesday, also, as alienation/conflict seem more probable than affection. Wednesday to dawn Friday brings secrets, major finances, health and lifestyle decisions, and lust — for power and/or sex. Wednesday’s very fortunate, Thursday deflates, and Friday morning offers some hope. A mellow, easy mood comes Fri./Sat. — you feel tolerant, and will swim easily in the waters of legal, international, cultural, intellectual and media zones.


taurus icon  TAURUS:  April 20-May 20

Busy, easy chores surround you, Taurus — errands, notes, communications, paperwork. Some of this can relate to a future action. Researching financial options can be very rewarding, leading to gains later. Your social life might be a little quiet until October — stick with “old faithfuls.” Your home is the scene of romantic feelings or a creative streak until October also.

Sunday’s for romance, sports/games, creative projects. But this late afternoon through Tuesday brings chores, machinery, dietary efforts. Be careful Sunday afternoon to pre-dawn Monday — machines can leak, flammables light, electricity spark. After this, all’s well except pre-dawn Wednesday, when some disagreement brews, but might be held “under the surface.” Wednesday morning to Friday morn brings relationships, opportunities and fresh faces, horizons. Charge ahead Wed. — love, agreement possible. But be diplomatic Thurs. Life’s secrets rise up Fri./Sat. — dig deep for (financial, emotional, sexual or other) treasure — some disappointment Friday night, but Saturday flows successfully.


gemini icon  GEMINI:  May 21-June 20

Concentrate on income for the weeks ahead, Gemini. Buy/sell, pay and collect. It’s a good time to look for employment, as your pay will tend to be “up there.” Management (and gov’t) tend to favour you right into mid-2024, so this would be a good place to aim your efforts. (Good time to negotiate taxes, also.) Communications, paperwork and travel form a strong “secondary focus” this week and next (esp. if friends, popularity, social delights involved) and remain fortunate, rewarding, to October/23. Lust, casual sex, and rote learning situations favour you now to late July.

Sunday starts as a sluggish, down-home day, but lightens into romantic, creative and fun-pleasure activities this late afternoon (PDT) to pre-dawn Wed. Sunday needs caution: deception, accident potential lurk. Tackle chores Wednesday dawn to Friday breakfast. Good progress Wed. — obstacles Thurs. Eat, dress sensibly. Relationships rule Fri./Sat. — with morning success, nighttime disappointment Fri. And good progress Sat. — esp. in love, luxury items, opportunities and relocation themes.


Cancer icon  CANCER:  June 21-July 22

Your energy, charisma, clout and effectiveness are tops for the four weeks ahead, Cancer. This year (May/23 to May/24) will be one of the most social, hopeful and happy years of your decade. Co-workers will gather ‘round you. Use this June/July to impress others, to join new groups and clubs. A light, friendly romance might blossom. It could even lead to marriage in some cases. Your money picture is hectic (but still lucky) to July 10, then softly lucky to early October. Finally, too (Monday night onward) you can express yourself.

Sunday’s for trips, errands, calls. Beware accident potential, double-check addresses, and think before speaking. (This caution lasts into pre-dawn Mon.) Sunday eve to pre-dawn Wednesday nudges you toward home, kids, security, and a good nap. Wednesday morning to Friday morning brings romantic feelings, beauty, and a winning streak. Wednesday great, Thursday not. To work Fri./Sat. Friday holds some early success, later not. Saturday’s good, successful.


Leo icon  LEO:  July 23-Aug. 22

Retreat from the bustling crowd now to July 22, Leo. Rest, contemplate, plan, liaise with gov’t or “Head office.” Be spiritual, charitable; seek advice. The 11 months ahead could propel you to the top of your career, or field. Focus on advancing, it’s your “lucky spot” in 23/24. Despite your weariness and “seclusion,” you remain powerfully magnetic in romantic terms, to July 10; then softly, sweetly attractive then to October.

Handle money, shopping Sunday — count your change, be cautious. This late afternoon to breakfast nudges you into trips, errands, paperwork and communications. Someone might say, “You’re my dreamboat.” (Boy, haven’t seen that word since the 1940’s.) Be careful Sunday night, Monday morn: accident potential, etc. Wednesday dawn to Friday morning steers you toward home, family, nature, security, food and rest. Wednesday’s great; Thursday’s tough, problematic. Romance, creative surges, play and pleasure enter Fri./Sat. Friday eve/night (PDT) disappoints, but earlier and Saturday, there’s something to celebrate on the emotional front.


virgo icon  VIRGO:  Aug. 23-Sept. 22

A month of wish fulfillment, optimism and social joys, popularity and flirtation has just begun, Virgo. You’ll be happy! You might be hiding (or toying with the idea of) a semi-secret (or worse, verboten) love (intently now, gently July to October). But the 11 months ahead esp., strongly favour love that is “socially welcomed,” eg., that leads to a wedding. Aim yourself accordingly. Also favoured, to May ’24: far travel, foreign people/lovers, teachers, lawyers, law, philosophy, media, higher learning, far and cultural venues. Pick one, and leap!

Your energy and charisma shine Sunday, but this eve through predawn Wed. (PDT) steer you more toward money, earnings, shopping, rote learning, and casual sexual embraces. Take care Sunday eve to Monday pre-dawn, when many obstacles and potential accidents exist. Wednesday/Thursday bring errands, trips, communications and paperwork. Wednesday’s great; Thursday’s a flub. Your home is important Fri./Sat. — hug the kids, hike in nature, rest and contemplate. Prune away “dead ends.”


libra icon  LIBRA:  Sept. 23-Oct. 22

The monthly accent moves to your ambitions, Libra — your career, social standing, prestige relations. You can be helped in this by your social, even romantic, contacts. Now to October, a few of your wishes, esp. in personal, sexual, financial and lifestyle areas, will come true. Read everything, research your interests. (E.g., say you want to move to a Hawaiian paradise — then learn all you can about Hawaii, it’s gov’t, real estate laws, jobs, etc.) Much of what you naturally focus on in your thoughts, can later come true in some form. This is, in many ways, your year to re-sculpt your life. You might also start making $ from creative efforts (for 20 years!)

Rest, lie low Sunday. Late this afternoon (PDT) your energy “wakes up” — now to pre-dawn Wednesday you’re magnetic, effective, and will get your way in many cases. (Within reason.) However, maintain caution Sunday night to dawn Monday, when “accidents” or upsets are very possible. Chase $, buy/sell, embrace casual intimacy Wed./Thurs. Act Wednesday — Thursday’s disappointing. Errands, trips, calls an paperwork fill Fri. (late obstacle) and Sat. (all systems go).


scorpio icon  SCORPIO:  Oct. 23-Nov. 21

You’ve just begun a gentle, mellow, deep-thinking month, Scorpio. Far travel, international affairs, media, fame, law, cultural structures, and love — all favoured to late July. In addition, the entire 10 months ahead bring great good fortunate to relationships, relocation, opportunities and fresh horizons. If single, one you meet and woo now could be a life-mate prospect. Your career/status scene remains volatile (and for some, triggers a boss-employee affair) yet fortunate until July 10. Thence, to early October, it dials down the intensity, but remains even more favourable. A promotion is very likely by autumn.

Sunday’s filled wit hope and social pleasantries. But retreat this suppertime through pre-dawn Wed. Rest, contemplate, plan future actions. Be careful, esp. with machinery, computers, Sunday afternoon to pre-dawn Mon. Your energy and charisma soar Wednesday (charge ahead!) and Thursday (caution flags). Chase $ Fri./Sat. Buy/sell, embrace intimacy with a casual friend, learn/memorize something. (Because what you learn here will be a “possession” for a long time.) But DON’T BUY Friday pm (PDT).


sagittarius icon  SAGITTARIUS:  Nov. 22-Dec. 21

You enter life’s deeper side now to late July, Sage. Secrets, information few know, research, medical and lifestyle decisions, major financial, sexual or power temptations, commitments — these draw you. Great profit can occur, if you act ethically, honestly.  Respect all marriages. Until October, your legal, international, intellectual, cultural and travel interests are favoured. Some Sages will find love in a foreign land, or fall for a foreign-born person. Until next May your employment is lucky, filled with opportunities.

Your ambition hardly has a chance to get going Sunday, as late afternoon turns life toward the social, fun side, until pre-dawn Wed. Be cautious between Sunday afternoon and pre-dawn Mon. (PDT) — obstacles, even “land mines” exist. Retreat, lie low, rest, contemplate and plan Wednesday morning to breakfast time Fri. Be charitable, spiritual. Wednesday’s great; Thursday’s yucky and frustrating. Your energy and charisma leap upward Fri./Sat. Friday holds a night time disappointment. Saturday’s lovely, easy, loving.


capricorn icon  CAPRICORN:  Dec. 22-Jan. 19

The weeks ahead will focus on relationships, opportunities, public dealings, relocation themes and possible fame, Cap. Relationships have a strong link now to October, to your more private or hidden side. Means romance includes lust, research leads to investment, etc. Look for the depths, dig deep for treasure now to early October. Romance itself might be the big story for the next 10 + months. If you’re married, it’s a great 10 months to improve/beautify the home, introduce arts, dance, drama to kids, start education funds, etc.

Sunday daytime is mellow, you feel wise, loving and tolerant. This afternoon to pre-dawn Wednesday brings ambition, performance pressures, status concerns. Be cautious Sunday night to pre-dawn Mon. — “sharp” obstacles. Hope, optimism, flirtations, social joys, popularity, wishes coming true — these fill Wednesday (great!) and Thursday (obstacles, disruption). Retreat Fri./Sat., lie low, rest, ponder and plan. Seek advice. Friday ultimately disappoints, but Saturday is fine, smooth and affectionate.


Aquarius icon  AQUARIUS:  Jan. 20-Feb. 18

You face a month of work and health concerns Aquarius. You might grow bored. It’s a good time to revise your diet and nutrition. OTC cures will tend to work. Generally, a good period to buy machinery/tools. The 10 + months ahead bring great good fortune to your domestic sphere — kids, property, security, etc. Now to July 10, relationships are fiery yet compelling; from July 10 to early October, relationships will be affectionate. A major love could start.

Early Sunday’s potent and sexy; uncover secrets. But late Sunday afternoon to pre-dawn Wednesday, a mellow, tolerant mood steals over you; it favours intellectual, legal, cultural and international experience/learning — and love. But Sunday afternoon to Monday pre-dawn is disruptive and deceptive, and the rest of this interval ain’t so hot, either. Be ambitious Wed./Thurs. — but be warned, Thursday won’t be easy. Happiness comes Fri./Sat. Popularity, social joys, flirts, optimism and entertainment lift your heart. Friday holds a late disappointment, but Saturday tends toward bliss.


Pisces icon  PISCES:  Feb. 19-March 20

Ah, romance! The weeks ahead are filled with romantic feelings, creative surges, (rewarding) risks, pleasure, beauty and charming, talented kids. If you’re single, a co-worker affair could start. It will last to October, unless other factors make it permanent. The months ahead will be very busy, with errands, paperwork, communications and travel filling the days. (Your work, btw, will tend to be “joined” to 1] pure money-making, 2] intellectual, media or legal matters and/or 3] secrets, privileged info, major finances.)

Sunday creates relationships, perhaps opposition. But late this afternoon, to pre-dawn Wednesday, brings deeper stuff: medical, lifestyle choices, major finances, debt, lust, and power urges. Sunday night to pre-dawn Monday is unlucky, even dangerous. Don’t fall asleep with a cigarette. Generally, this isn’t the interval to commit, nor to invest heavily. Wednesday/Thursday bring wisdom, far sight, international, legal, cultural venues, and gentle love. Wednesday’s great — Thursday’s NOT. Head for home Fri./Sat. Hug the family, plant the garden, take naps and ponder your progress thus far. Let Friday holds a social disappointment; Saturday’s splendid, comforting — family’s affectionate.



CHAPTER 5 of the “1969” story will be in next week’s AFTERAMBLE. I just had too many little items starting to gather dust. Here they are:

There’s an important movement afoot in the USA, and Trump, if successful* (see item below), will ride this wave like a surfer. It’s a religious, mostly Christian-based movement, born partly from the moral ashes of Antifa and BLM. but perhaps also partly as a revolt against the entire general atmosphere of anger and greed, hatred and injustice that courses (curses?) through the country’s veins like an addictive, self destroying drug.  To the degree they’re religious, these “new crowds” will probably lean to the right in lifestyle and in the voting booth.

Whoever destroyed that dam on the Dnieper river between Ukraine and Russia on June 6 — if June 6, dates are so hard to get — will win the war, or at least capture the surrounding territory.

Sometimes, we just ask the wrong question. Eg. —  “Is it nature or nurture?” – The answer, of course, is to change the “or” to “and” — It’s “nature and nurture.”

I think the 2024 election will yield a Republican Senate, a Republican president,  but, at best, a split House, half Democrat half Republican. I think it’s more likely that the Democrats will take the house. None of this is based on astrology. It’s just my feeling from what everybody is discussing and their moods.

It is not astrological. I just have this feeling that the new entry into the Republican nominee race (the third potential nominee from Florida) the present mayor of Miami, Francis Suarez. I just have a feeling that he’s going to become a bit of a media darling and that he’s going to get a fair amount of publicity And could even turn into a king maker. Or after an early flame, his appeal,  if not complex enough, will die off and lead him into the middle of the pack. But an effective debut. Smart. Politically smooth yet put him on the national stage in, literally, hours. If he yields to brutality, he will lose.

You can’t have missed the many times I have written that the letter “J” as the first letter of the first name, is the mark of Trump’s karmic enemies. (More accurately, I should have sad “karmic actors,” because 1 in 10 or so of these “J”s will favour him, perhaps even rescue him. But the great preponderance is toward “bad J’s.” I began this “J” thing before Joe Biden was elected. And now Joe, Trump’s biggest enemy, has ushered in Jack, the special prosecutor who has indicted Trump on 37 counts.

Perhaps the greatest betrayer of Trump and  of America in general was John Bolton, who purposely ruined the détente and probable peace treaty with North Korea by telling Kim Un Jung that Trump’s promises and offers were lies, meant to trap him. Did he do this out of hatred for North Korea, or hatred of Trump, or a simple desire to besmirch Trump‘s record, because he was jealous, envious and angry that he, Bolton, was not in the spotlight? A petty man.

It doesn’t really matter because Trump’s enemies are karmic, and karma can imbue or  use anyone, and this karma will appear throughout Trumps life. (It won’t disappear, nor, I suspect, be cured, because the karmic indicator of difficulty [the lunar south node] sits right on Trump’s birth Moon. This indicates the Donald’s enemies are emotionally based, and all their calumny is emotional. That’s why his detractors are so irrational and impervious to reason. I think — have go back and check — that Trump began his campaign on a day the lunar south node was rising. If so, he won’t win the election. (But let me check.)

DT MIGHT avoid a lot of trouble by simply refusing contact with anyone whose first name starts with a J or, more rarely, U. But Trump is addicted to relationships, and gains pleasure from following his impulses. (“J” and “U” describe his relationship sign, Sagittarius.)  As a Leo rising he is both creative and impulsive – and a seeker of adventure and romance. If he was born in the 29th° of Leo, as birth records claim, he is quite prepared to suffer the blows and frustrations that can come from his addictive leaning toward the pleasure of swift reaction and impulse in action. The stoicism of this 29th degree is truly unusual, tho’ a streak of it could be found in many heroes.

Trump’s karma cannot be separated from his relationships, the opportunities he sees and seizes, fame, a one on one relationship with the public, and  the foreign lands he approaches as partners or enemies. Relationships dominate this zone; and of course they may be all good, all bad, or anywhere between. I don’t think it’s so much that the Donald makes more enemies than other people would in the same position… I wouldn’t be surprised if he made one enemy every day, often in some inadvertent way. However, over the years people who have met him privately, for instance over dinner, almost unanimously report that he is charming and polite in person.

As is widely known, Trump has been scapegoated since 2016 — for seven years he has been almost constantly bombarded with lawsuits, impeachment efforts, criminally by the corrupt FBI and now the biased, felonious DOJ. And in every instance to date, his accusers have loudly celebrated his demise, his certain capture and guilt, and in every instance he has been proven innocent. Right now, we are in the middle of three (4?) lawfare suits launched by his political enemies, and once again he looks inescapably guilty. But when a man shows you seven miracles (the lawfare attacks he’s escaped so far) do you scoff at the possibility of there being eight?

My point is not whether Trump in some far-flung crevice of his being and his business/political empire, is guilty of something or not. I’m simply confounded by (and in admiration of) his ability to shrug these attacks off and keep going with his optimistic self. I think he can do that because he looks on everything in one way, as an adventure. Fighting these lawsuits and proving himself right or justified, it’s almost entertainment for him. I say this a little lightly, because I know the emotional trauma that lawsuits can put you through, and I am sure Trump does not escape that hellish pit of wounds, brought courtesy of the Democratic hounds.

The West and the East have almost without notice separated into two world camps. In the east, it’s China, Russia, much of Africa and the Middle East nations (excluding some nations, Israel, Jordan, Egypt, the Saudis and the UAE).

India stands significantly separate from the eastern bloc that almost surrounds it. It has a population of a billion plus, to rival China’s. It possesses nuclear weapons. Swaths of its population are volatile. Finally, it’s a democracy, a political structure unlike, and hated by, China and Russia. In two recent border skirmishes between India and China, India won.

The rest of the world, basically Australasia, Europe and North America, form the  Western Block.

Central and South America, like Southeast Asia, do not really belong In either block.

Generally, I would expect these areas to lean towards the western block. China’s path to gain ascendance over other nations is economic, with the military not engaged in empire building, except in the sense of backing up the economic clout, loans and contracts the economic classes make. This is very reminiscent of the way America conquered the world.

The “unblock” nations, S.E. Asia, C. and S. America, etc., could probably only be persuaded to be Chinese allies with money. I am sure, for example, that the Chinese spy base being built in Cuba is costing the Chinese 10 times its value in Cuban eyes, though this would be a mere pittance to the Chinese.

This is the crack in the door. Chinese largesse and diplomatic cleverness will open that door wider and wider.

This is very hard for America to fight. It will cost the nation trillions of dollars to equal, much less better, Chinese influence, which is already deeply established in many places.

Denial of Service:

Is one way parents and religious leaders could fight back against the crooked DOJ in the United States. They could launch individual lawsuits against the DOJ based on constitutional and other grounds. let’s say 2 million parents and pro-lifers and congregations sued the DOJ and Merrick Garland. That’s 2 million lawsuits, demanding at least half a million new lawyers in the gov’t. When and where is the DOJ going to find these lawyers? It is something like the “denial of service” attacks that used to be aimed at computer systems — basically the idea was to flood a company’s computer with so many entries that it would “freeze” or shut down. Think of the DOJ as a big, slow, corrupt computer.

I was looking at the divisions on an almost fully developed rosebud. There were five of them, all meeting at the centre.  They were like five wavy little arms, or a pose by a thin man or thin woman dancer with arms and legs akimbo. Then they changed into a person standing with one foot on a rise, arms still floating. This person seemed determined to act, in some direction or other. The four remaining “arms,” or we could say two legs and two arms, pointed in 4 directions: back, forward, left and right. But the answer lay at the sweet pink centre where the five limbs met. Here energy glowed like Innocent fire.