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4:10 am Monday to 5:01 am Tuesday, and 2:38 pm to 5:37 pm Thursday


Want to turn on a LIBRA? Massage his/her lower back. VIRGOS often appear cold and restrained, but if you open the door to their heart, a furnace roars at you. Want to seduce a LEO? Flattery and praise — and undivided attention — will get you everywhere. SCORPIOS are a unique combination of powerful sexual drive and huge, sentimental heart. CAPRICORNS are from Missouri — you have to prove your love first, then they show their loyalty, which is immense. (Even in daily interactions, Caps are skeptical — they often want a free sample before they’ll buy.) “The way to a man’s heart is through his stomach” was surely penned by a CANCER native. To win this person, man or woman, offer security, a home, future children. TAURUS? Offer luxury and kiss their neck. (One caution in all these: a person’s rising sign is more applicable here than their Sun sign.)

Cancer rules nations, homelands, citizenry and patriotism. Among UN-accepted nations, the second most, or 19, begin with the Cancer letter, “M.” But Capricorn rules leaders, political hierarchies and federal structures — and 27 UN-accepted nations begin with the Capricorn letter “S,” more than with any other letter. Running a close third and fourth are: “B” or TAURUS names (17) and “C” names (17). (C, if sibilant, as in “Cindy” is a GEMINI letter; but when hard, as in “Cathy,” it’s a Scorpio letter. So in this sense, “B” outnumbers “C.”)

Notice how few the “start nothing” periods are. This is an important starting week. But we should be careful what we start — particularly, pay attention to a contemplated project’s next  few “stages.” Three weeks of mostly minor delays, misunderstandings, lapsed attentions, missed meetings and supply shortages technically begins August 12, lasting to September 5. But a slowdown often begins the week before. So if you’re starting anything now, make it something that can be done in a week, maybe (dangerously) two. Or, you might establish the first or next stage of any long-term project, as long as that stage can be finished quickly, well before Aug. 12 — and in this, realize that the pace of performance will slow the second week, probably to half-speed. When this week or next, a stage is finished, let well enough alone — even if you have, say, five days left before Aug. 12, don’t start another stage.

Generally, starting a project this week or next is “an ambition ahead of itself,” it will have a weakened character, less vigorous than one you’d launch in a “normal speed” environment. This is largely because the environment contains diversions and slowdowns that divert life’s ordinary thick flow into various erratic streams, sometimes too many streams to care for. So a corporation, say, launched a good ten days before August 12, would need constantly to deal with a slowing-prone or inconclusive environment in its early, formative days, which could be enough to weaken it forever.

Despite the above, there can be valid reasons to launch in such a period, with valuable results. I  knew a young lady who bought an enormous house in the 1970’s (for perhaps $50,000?) with multiple suites, in a nice area, during a Mercury retrograde slowdown. The area, a hippie zone then, became trendy, and house prices soared. So she became a millionaire (on paper, in her land) by the 1990’s, when a million was money. By now, that property is probably worth 5 to 6 million. This is a case of “all boats lifted by a rising tide.” Still, an astute move.

Other “successes” have been born during a Mercury retro period. The U.S.A., if July 4 (plus or minus a few days) is the birth of the nation, was born during such a slowdown period — right within the retrograde. The Hubble telescope was launched on a mercury retro. It had to have its lens removed and replaced in space, because the first one had been wrongly shaped. But since then, it succeeded and provided a major step forward in astronomy.

Still, there might be hidden negative effects that occur even when a Mercury retro action results in success. For example, the U.S.A. has been long haunted by indecision and the division of the citizenry (e.g., the Civil War, or Drumpf v. Dems).

The young woman who bought the large house earned enough to ensure an affluent old age. I always wondered how she turned out — if perhaps she’s still in that house. She’d be sliding toward 80 by now; but I have never pictured her married, and have assumed she remained single. I could be wrong. I don’t think the house caused it, made her single by isolating her. Not directly. But I do think it was the instrument of her desire — perhaps subconscious, perhaps conscious — to remain alone. She told me she had a horrible, horrible childhood. Her parents had emotionally maimed her, abused her, she said. (It all seemed rather abstract to me at the time, but her horror and loathing of her family was not acted.) She implied that she would never want to create/form a family. She was cute, with a boyishly round face and a pug yet round nose, and freckles. She was slim, and wore her hair braided into long pigtails. Perhaps, white haired now, she’s conformed to the neck-length wave style of her age group. But I suspect she’s still in those pigtails, white hair and all, walking down to the fresh-food market.


      ARIES:  March 21-April 19

Your romantic, creative, adventurous, pleasure-seeking trend continues, Aries. Sunday/Mon. turn your amour into a frankly physical desire — go ahead, but make sure you aren’t sliding into a “sweet trap.” Both days are good for investments, lifestyle changes, investigation and medical procedures. (But watch the “Start Nothing” times.) Pre-dawn (5 am PDT) Tues. to suppertime Thurs. aids love, as your mind and heart turn mellow, accepting and wise — qualities that intrigue the opposite sex. This interval also favours legal, intellectual, far travel, media and cultural pursuits. You might meet a bit of misdirection or a slight glitch Tues. daytime, so take care with machinery, hands-on projects. Don’t let a secret out Wed. morn. Otherwise, a splendid, heart-buoyant few days! (You could meet dawning love in a group Thurs. daytime.) Be ambitious Fri./Sat., meet VIPs, chat up bosses — but realize your usual helper, mate or partner won’t be inclined to co-operate. In fact, all week, you might need to choose between ambition and partnership, status and love. It’s your choice: power or pleasure.  Complete projects — a slow-down begins late next week.


taurus weekly forecast       TAURUS:  April 20-May 20

The accent remains on domesticity, home affairs and security. In business, on foundations and sales territory. Be gentle, as you’ll be almost unconsciously too rough, all August. Relationships enter Sun./Mon. Take care pre-dawn Sunday, when an argument or enmity can arise. But overall these are two easy days with nice social events, especially Sunday. (Monday begins almost four weeks of affectionate, light, casual friendships.) Veer into deeper waters 5 am (PDT) Tues. to suppertime Thurs. — investigate, dig deep, invest or reduce debt, be physical with your love and/or start medical procedures. Love or pleasure might draw you away from your goals Tues., but this night brings success, especially at home and in “private dealings.” An investment Thurs. could lead to your being a business owner — or if you are, funding is available. Thurs. night through Sat. brings wisdom, a wise mood, and intellectual, travel, media, cultural or legal matters. Though small things go well here, a bigger conflict exists. It might be almost indiscernible, but it involves work versus ethics/law, or health versus love. Work, health win for now, but not for long. All week, complete projects rather than start — a slow-down looms next week.


       GEMINI:  May 21-June 20

Errands, travel, communications and casual acquaintances fill the month ahead, Gemini. (Some of these casual links can grow into true, uplifting friendships.) Strive to complete outstanding projects/chores now, as next week begins a slow-down and mistake-prone period, lasting into early September. Sunday/Mon. are made for this, as both days emphasize work, tasks. (Monday’s only good for tasks already begun.) Relationships confront you pre-dawn (5 am PDT) Tues. to suppertime Thursday. Another will not agree with you (daytime) Tues., but nevertheless he/she or another talks about your dreams, and wants them to come true, this night and Thurs. afternoon. If you’re in love (a strong possibility this year) let it be known, show your sincerity and charm. Thurs. night through Sat. nudges you (and likely a relationship) into deeper waters: investments, debt, sexual urges, medical diagnoses, lifestyle choices, commitments and consequences fill these days. But think: sex and romance are in conflict now. You might have to choose between two attractive people. NOT a good time to invest. Your money, income picture turns bright, lucky, now to late August.


       CANCER:  June 21-July 22

August brings money to the fore. You can increase your earnings and add to your possessions. (Remember, you’re in a very lucky year to buy real estate, but the best luck begins after this Friday.) You’ll succeed in any rote learning course. Your natural charm shines until late August, and you might plunge into a sensual affair — be honest, don’t pretend love when you only want a physical link. Sunday/Monday bring a romantic atmosphere. Your creative, risk-taking side emerges: find beauty, pleasure. Tackle chores 5 am (PDT) Tues. to suppertime Thurs. Strive to complete outstanding tasks, as next week will bring a slow-down studded with mistakes (lasting to September 5). It’s a pretty good period to buy machinery — best early Thurs. afternoon. Your efforts can help your career. Relationships loom Thurs. night through Sat. — you might have to choose between security and opportunity, or between home and “over there.” Not the best two days to start a new emotional relationship, though Friday night looks promising.


Leo icon, Luck Forecast       LEO:  July 23-Aug. 22

You’re the star now, Leo! Your determination, sex appeal, wisdom, energy, charisma, effectiveness, clout and sense of timing are superb. But use this extra “oomph” to solve problems, tie up deals, impress others and complete outstanding tasks — a mistake-prone slowdown looms next week, so don’t start anything that can’t be finished almost immediately. (Especially in money or purchasing affairs.) An important legal, educational, far travel, publishing or cultural — or love — factor is making itself known to you. Be wise, handle this with a slow, business-like approach. Sunday/Monday steer you toward home, family, security, or nudge you to end an association, situation. Improve your nutrition. Romance packs a wallop from 5 am (PDT) Tues. to Thurs. suppertime. Laugh off any misunderstanding (e.g., wrong address for your date) Tues. daytime. You might meet someone (esp. Thurs.) who could be a viable life-mate. If you’re already married, this could be a good business or “intellectual” partner. However, don’t invest before Wed. noon. Works awaits Fri./Sat. — might as well plunge in, get it done. All week, especially Friday, travel, friends or communications (especially if pleasure or love are involved) can interrupt your chores or ding your health. Be moderate. All August, your relations improve with gov’t and large corporations.


       VIRGO:  Aug. 23-Sept. 22

A gentle, sweet uplift will come to your social contacts in August, despite an overall trend of quietude, weariness, and rest.. You might make a “money friend” — perhaps someone foreign-born. Strive to complete projects/tasks rather than start new ones, as a period of delays and mistakes begins next week, lasting through late August. Sunday/Monday brings errands, easy tasks (but don’t start them Monday) communications, short trips and paperwork. A strong domestic focus comes from pre-dawn Tues. (5 am PDT) to suppertime Thursday. Prior to Wed. noon, spouse, others won’t co-operate. These few days do offer 1) fairly good investment opportunities, and 2) doorways to intimacy — a friendly, breezy, sexy person involved Thurs. Romance calls Fri./Sat. — but should you answer? There seems to be a money difficulty versus creativity conflict Friday, or a possessive attitude gets rebuffed (quite quietly and subtly) in romance. Gambling is dangerous, but might reward.


       LIBRA:  Aug. 23-Oct. 22

A wish could come true soon, Libra — especially a romantic, social, or “marriage” wish. (If you’re married, this good luck refers to partnerships, relocation, public dealings, negotiations and “fame.”) You could be surprised by how popular you are — and one of your friends might become, or lead you to, a doorway to opportunity, even to love. Believe in your optimistic mood — it’s justified! Now could be the time to make that “grab for the stars.” However, don’t start anything that needs a month to complete, or needs another’s answer later in August, as a mistake-prone slowdown begins next week.  Chase money Sunday (rather than Monday) — buy/sell, hold a garage or internet sale, butter up the boss or clients, etc. Work performance is high Sunday. Errands, casual friends, trips, meetings, paperwork and communications fill Tues. pre-dawn (5 am PDT) to Thurs. suppertime. A confidential document or info presented at a confidential meeting Tues. is likely wrong. Someone met Tues. night or Thurs. afternoon could “suit you” in many ways, including love ways. Steer toward home Thurs. night to Saturday. Rest, hug the family, contemplate, improve your nutrition. Your most optimistic dreams have, these last few years, snagged (or crashed) on the thorns of your domicile, or family “disruptions.” Friday might signal/reveal one of these snags, but this time realize your optimism can “defeat” those hold-backs.


       SCORPIO:  Oct. 23-Nov. 21

Your career, your reputation and worldly status are under both promising influences, and the possibility of a boss’s (or judge’s) anger. Best approach: work hard, ambitiously, and smile! Judges love innocent faces, and bosses love eagerness. (Speaking of judges, you’re quietly favoured by the cosmos in legal — and travel, media and intellectual — zones this Monday to late August.) Your work pressure will be relieved by short, uplifting social intervals. Your energy and charisma soar Sun./Mon., so get things done, tackle difficult tasks, and make contact — especially in career and prestige areas. Sunday will eve more productive than Monday. Chase money, buy/sell, cultivate clients and the boss Tues. morn (5 am PDT) to Thurs. suppertime. This is a productive, successful period, unless you chase social, romantic or creative goals. You can enhance your job security with a friendly word/gesture Thurs. afternoon. Errands, communications, casual friends, trips and paperwork fill Fri./Sat. Small things go well here, but all week, especially Friday, don’t let secrets out, and be careful with gov’t-related or administrative communications.


       SAGITTARIUS:  Nov. 22-Dec. 21

Your mind-expanding, horizon-expanding trend continues. The weeks ahead favour love, a meeting of the minds, far travel, intellectual, publishing, international, cultural and legal affairs. Of these, love stands out — singles among you might meet someone who shares your interests, leads your understanding into lovely new realms, and zaps you with romantic urges. (If this person appears after August 11, she/he might be from the past, and could be a marriage prospect. However, such a marriage could a] be status-enhancing; or b] too much to live up to.) Your intimate, sexual side is sweetly, mildly favoured almost all August. For months, you’ve been on the edge of a dream coming true, but something (money or possessiveness?) has blocked it. That continues until this Friday, then the gates open to wish fulfillment, until October. Lie low, rest, contemplate and plan Sun./Mon. Sunday’s great for home/family concerns, repairs, gardening, lemonade in the shade, etc. Your energy and charisma surge upward Tues. morning (5 am PDT) to suppertime Thursday. Charge forth, get what you want, be the leader, make contacts and ask favours. Start projects IF they can be performed and completed almost immediately, as a mistake-prone slowdown looms next week. You might attract major love late Tues. or Thurs. afternoon. Chase money, buy/sell, solve financial dilemmas Friday/Saturday.


       CAPRICORN:  Dec. 22-Jan. 19

The main accent remains on mysteries, depth psychology, major finances, investigation, medical procedures (surgery, diagnosis, etc.) lifestyle changes, commitment and consequence. Dig deep — you could find a treasure chest (especially in real estate, domestic products, machinery and similar areas)! Your sexual desires flare strongly now into early September. (Don’t be too aggressive!) Others treat you with affection, fairness and grace. Your mental side blossoms — and you could stumble upon a love of “like minds.” Your popularity rises Sun./Mon. — so does your optimism and happiness. Be social, invite and accept invitations (better Sunday, as Monday’s might be cancelled later). Retreat, rest and contemplate Tues. morn (5 am PDT) to Thurs. suppertime. Not a good period to communicate but great for investments, finances, and home-related purchases, especially Tues. night and Thurs. afternoon. Be charitable, spiritual and compassionate. Your energy surges back Fri./Sat. For best results (especially Fri.) charge after ambitious goals, seek prestige, contact VIPs, ask parents or bosses for favours — this is your year (to October) for a major step upward.


       AQUARIUS:  Jan. 20-Feb. 18

Relationships fill your days. Opportunities, relocation possibilities, negotiations and possible litigation, public dealings, even fame are slated. If you see an open doorway, step through. (There might be a vine-leaf framed doorway, cement steps, old door: leads to heart magic.) Remember, you’re in an 18-month period that rewards inter-dependence, punishes independence. (Being eager to join, to co-operate, could turn a [potential] enemy into a friend during the next five weeks.)  Be ambitious Sun./Mon. (Sunday better, as Mon.’s initiatives could turn out to be empty of results.) Your efforts could “land” an increase in money, earnings. Happiness arrives Tues. morn (5 am PDT) to Thurs. suppertime. Your popularity, optimism rise; social delights, delicious dreams of the future, entertainment, and good luck float in. Not a good interval to chase money, but great for connecting, communicating, even love or “partnering” in practical zones. For many months, your social life and wish fulfillment urges have been high, but results have kept foundering on some inner, private or secret flaw/hold-back. (E.g., you want a prestige job but haven’t told anyone you didn’t finish school.) This obstacle flaw might be very evident Fri./Sat., when your shortcomings in general become more obvious. The good new is, now to early October — AFTER Friday — this flaw or obstacle cannot hold you back. Despite this week’s possible disappointment, a cherished wish is about to be granted, long-term (i.e., before November). Be charitable (or seek charity if needed) Fri./Sat. Deal with gov’t., head office. All’s well!  Your health is good all August. You’re fascinated by a couple of secrets, and by a sexual temptation.


       PISCES:  Feb. 19-March 20

Work and health — two drudgeries that you just must face until August 22, Pisces. Ah, well, just plod along an get it done. Your job can be intense, might include temperamental people, and needs a “safety consciousness,” but it also might brew a pay raise, or “alert” you to a good investment opportunity. (Investments might have been disappointing in recent months, as “the shape of your life” ran counter to them, and this conflict continues to, and climaxes on, this Friday. After this day, to early October, you should experience fulsome, straight-forward good luck in major finances: debt, mortgages, investments, etc. Sunday/Mon. find you mellow, thoughtful, compassionate and understanding — of the biggest things, of all humanity. Someone feels a sweet admiration for you, revealed or not, Sunday. Be ambitious Tues. morn to Thurs. suppertime (PDT). Your efforts can bring money (Tues. night) financial insights (Wed. daytime) and success with co-workers, head office, and/or civil servants (Thurs.). Your popularity and hopes rise Thurs. night through Saturday. Expect social joys, future “visions,” flirtation (maybe) and happiness! Friday emphasizes a dilemma of choice involving your social circle and future goals, versus your sex and/or financial ties. A sweet lingering tendril of romance winds through August, giving moments of relief from all the work. Complete tasks this week, as the next brings slowdowns and mistakes, until early September.

The End.


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  1. GG

    Hi Tim,
    For that week, in Pisces: “Work and health — two drudgeries that you just must face until August 22, Pisces. Ah, well, just plod along and get it done”…it’s not a good perspective…
    Can you, please, suggest how it can be done with “do nothing…” for that week. And, can you, please, explain more about health? May the health be affected by work (job) conditions or health in general? And, what about people who are not working?
    Your story about that Lady with the House ( I really not interesting about her at all, especially in so many details) was much longer than so important topic like health. If you already start about health-don’t leave it without specific and more detailed explanation, please. Will be waiting for the additional information in your answer.
    Thank you,
    Regards, GG

    1. Tim Stephens Post author

      Hi, GG,

      I didn’t write “do nothing” for this week and the next few: I wrote “start nothing.” There is plenty from the past and the present (ongoing, started earlier) to do. August generally points you toward work and health concerns. The health “level”is daily health — headaches, colds, flu, s.t.d’s, etc. Eat sensibly, dress sensibly, etc. People who aren’t working (whatsoever? no chores at all?) will be bored, or sick. Well, I thought the Lady with the House was interesting!



  2. pfk206

    Hi Tim,
    Nice to see a picture of you! Interesting notes about how to turn on the various signs. But…no Aquarius! What about us?

    Thanks Tim,

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