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ALL SIGNS: Careful with a bit of deception or illusion Sun./Mon. What you hear might not be true.




aries icon  ARIES:  March 21-April 19

The accent remains on prestige relations, your worldly standing, and your ambitions. Big wigs are watching, and it looks like they’ll approve of you — BUT, starting Thursday and lasting to mid-February, 2 things happen: 1) you become very determined to succeed in a career or ambitious project, and 2) higher-ups become impatient and demand results. Realize that for the next 2 years your most reliable path to success will be in management or gov’t, even  though you see these as burdensome. (But the burden will be rewarded.) A significant message might come from some distance. An important streak of international, far travel, educational, legal, cultural or philosophical “events” (or ideas) moves quickly along. Love might be involved.


taurus icon  TAURUS:  April 20-May 20

This is your month for love, travel, higher, learning, and culture, Taurus. Until Feb. 13, strictly avoid lawsuits. Your intimate, financial and medical situations should prosper until late January. This is a good time to make philosophical or moral decisions about your future and the path you should take. Whether it seems so or not, you have been pretty fortunate since last May. Your fondest goals have been subtly elusive for the past four months, but that changes now and you can race toward your goals with luck and hopefulness, until late May. Some of you will launch yourselves on a big adventure now, one that is likely to change your life. Sunday/Monday is a bit confusing, but after that you see clearly, and can act effectively.


gemini icon  GEMINI:  May 21-June 20

You are dealing with deep and dark stuff, Gemini. With major finances and intimate commitment and medical problems and lifestyle changes or choices. These are, in a sense, the more private or secretive side of the relationships you cultivated, and ran into from late November to late December. but the open side of these relationships remains as a secondary influence. There might be a lot of talk between you and another or a few others, perhaps about living conditions. There will also be a lot of affection and sweet responses. In other words, you might very well get what you ask for or what you aim for in a negotiation. Your relations with government, management, or very large entities (countries, international corporations) are lucky and expansive now, and shoot toward a May success! Two cautions: 1) watch out for deception or illusion Sunday/Monday, and 2) try not to be too impulsive, whether in sexual, financial or any commitment situation.


Cancer icon  CANCER:  June 21-July 22

The broad accent continues on relationships, Cancer. Now to mid-Feb., be “careful” with others — they’ll be volatile. You could spark a fight, or an ambitious partnership, or grab a career/business opportunity. But always be aware of others’ tempers. You might be working with someone who wants to end things. Speaking of work, employment and minor health concerns, a fairly strong secondary streak “makes” co-workers pleasant, talkative, even affectionate. That’s good, because there’s still some work to be cleaned up. You’re starting to think more slowly and will until early 2026, but that’s a good thing, it helps you consider things from many angles. During this time, you might make a major decision about marriage or living abroad.


Leo icon  LEO:  July 23-Aug. 22

The emphasis remains on work and minor health concerns, Leo. Conserve your energy — you’re prone to “burn too hot” now to mid-Feb. Same period, be careful with sunburn, caustic chemicals, fire, engines, weapons, etc. You might be expending that energy on a very lucky career/ambition landscape now through May. Still, one thought outweighs two actions: proceed cautiously. A romantic streak might be the talkative, affectionate end of December’s developments… Still, it’s enjoyable, so enjoy. In a couple of weeks, you will face a different world. Be realistic Sunday/Monday, when you may not be hearing or imagining the truth about a romantic or creative situation. For 2 years, you can work on investments, contracts and “invest in your work” — slow but rewarding.


virgo icon  VIRGO:  Aug. 23-Sept. 22

Your ideas or information coming to you about home and status and career and relationships can be totally wrong Sunday/Monday, Virgo. wait and see, be skeptical. The general emphasis now is on sweet romance, creative and speculative urges, games/sports, charming kids, beauty and pleasure. You will be brave and impetuous with the opposite sex now to mid February. physical intimacy will be high on your agenda. A secondary thread keeps you ambitious, right into late month in a fortunate way. The impatient, temperamental attitude of your boss(es) has lightened up and might even turn to affection. Legal, educational, travel and cultural matters speed up now and can bless you for the next five months, especially if these somehow combine with your duties at work and elsewhere.


libra icon  LIBRA:  Sept. 23-Oct. 22

The general emphasis lies on domesticity, Libra, even though you’ll be running around a lot on errands, talking, following your curiosity. Security, mother, nature, renovations and repairs, ensuring your children’s future — these themes will occupy you until late month. Now to mid-Feb., be gentle with kids, squelch the impulse to argue at home. A relationship might end. Forces just beneath the surface are building and moving until late May. Hop on this train, Libra — secrets, research, investigation, therapy, medical and lifestyle decisions/commitments, financial actions, lust and intimate joining, pregnancy — all are tremendously favoured, Libra. Not everyday — this is likely to occur in one big event. Work is slow and heavy. Just plod through. A major chore might be connected to your home. But your home is about to change, in ’24 (and thru ’42!).


scorpio icon  SCORPIO:  Oct. 23-Nov. 21

You might face a wee misunderstanding about romance or a creative project or with children, Sunday/Monday. Make no promises these two days, and keep a grip on your wallet. The general accent for the next two weeks remains on errands, communications, paperwork, short trips and, very importantly, curiosity. Be as friendly as you can, make as many contacts as you can. This may prove valuable later. A secondary thread promotes your money making ideas and efforts this week and next. Charge ahead here — sweet results! Now to late May, you’re going to meet many lucky monetary and physical/sexual opportunities. Coworkers are very talkative now, and might want to lead you in some direction: make sure it’s a direction you really want to be travelling in.


sagittarius icon  SAGITTARIUS:  Nov. 22-Dec. 21

Continue to chase money, Sage, for two more weeks. Buy/sell, seek overtime, ask for a pay raise. On related fronts, learn or memorize, and embrace casual intimacy with someone you’re not likely to spend a lifetime with. Don’t listen to others Sunday/Monday, especially a partner or boss, and especially if it concerns, your security, or family or home. Falsehoods and illusions (perhaps innocently) exist these 2 days. Your personal “presence” still rings loud, and can attract someone talkative this week and someone friendly and romantic this week and next. Money will flow to you, maybe even rush to you now to mid February. Don’t spend it; instead bank it, or pay down debts. Your job has been frustrating September to December, but that changes now: success and good fortune await you in the employment area


capricorn icon  CAPRICORN:  Dec. 22-Jan. 20

Your energy, charisma, clout and effectiveness are at a yearly high, Cap. Get out, see and be seen, start significant projects, impress others, ask for favours…you’re on a success streak. But take care: commit to nothing Sun./Monday, when deception or self-deception are rife. And watch your own aggressiveness, as your courage and determination will be very strong now to mid-Feb. If someone helps you willingly, you’ve made a friend. If you force someone to help you, you’ve made an enemy or competitor. Same period, you might be determined (consciously or unconsciously) to end a situation or relationship. In romance, for the 5 months ahead, you have your pick — so pick wisely. Relations with management, head office, institutions or gov’t, turn talkative and even affectionate (or gracious) this week and next.


Aquarius icon  AQUARIUS:  Jan. 21-Feb. 19

The main emphasis is on quietude, low energy, contemplation, spiritual and karmic actions, and liaison with government, large companies, institutions or your own head office. there will probably be multiple communications with these entities, especially this week but right into mid February on some levels. So this week and next are a good time to rest and plan your future. Despite this low energy/low charisma phase, at least a portion of your social life remains bubbly, and could even bring friendly, light romance. Until mid-February, avoid belligerent individuals and dark or dangerous places, such as biker clubs or alleys in sketchy neighbourhoods. until June, your domestic and real estate luck is at a 12 year high. So take advantage. Soon, your life is going to change in deep ways. Believe it or not, you will become more ambitious.


Pisces icon  PISCES:  Feb. 20-March 20

Wishes can come true, Pisces, especially this week and next, and especially if your wishes involve your ambitions or your career — or your social/worldly status. This is a very social time, your popularity is high, your hopes float on a sea of optimism, and entertainment and flirts surround you. Dive in and have fun – forget your cares. A man might enter your social sphere now to mid February. He might be very sexy, but his real contribution, for you might lie in a friendly, money deal. Or, same five weeks, you might buy a vehicle or machine you have long coveted. Communications, trips and paperwork, expand and speed up now for five months — don’t neglect these, as they can be essential to fulfilling your ambitions.





Most pundits are forecasting a “mild recession” for 2024. However, Jupiter has gone direct in Taurus and will stay there until late May. So I think consumer spending from cutlery to whole houses, will be strong, probably stronger than the last four months.


Stanford university, another Ivy League institution up there with Harvard and Princeton and Yale, appointed a rabid anti-semite as co-chair of its Anti-Semitism Committee. (Now fired, I think.) Gee, let’s bring in Hitler to protect us against Nazis.

Harvard still has not fired — in fact is refusing to fire — their president Claudine Gay after she revealed her anti-Israel hatred and has been found to have plagiarized her work in (still counting) 50 instances. They keep her on, partly because she’s black, and the “Harvard Corporation” is obviously racist. A few days ago, Gay stepped down from the Harvard presidency and issued a statement glorifying herself. She also retained her $ 900,000 a year teaching gig at Harvard (Plagiarism 101?) the pile of poop disguised as a university. At least U of Penn’s president resigned after her antisemitism was revealed. (But she was white, not black. Blacks don’t resign; when caught, they blame whites.)

MIT’s anti-Israel president has not resigned yet, either.


It has now been revealed that Trump’s famous telephone call to Brad Raffensberger (*) in Georgia, the main basis for the criminal charges against Trump for trying to influence the election in that state, was totally “clean.” (Shades of Trump’s first impeachment charge, which was based on a manufactured Democratic falsehood, a lie about his phone call with Ukraine.) Raffensberger and his henchmen deleted the audio of the telephone call to hide the evidence of Trump’s innocence, and told the Washington Post that Trump had demanded that Raffensberger commit fraud and give him over 17,000 votes.

The Post published that in huge headlines. Shortly after, a grand jury was convened by Joe Biden’s corrupt prosecutor Fani Willis, and Trump was indicted for election interference in the corrupt state of Georgia.

Now, by some grace of God, that telephone audio was recently found because Brad and his henchmen had not, despite their efforts, destroyed it. This audio not only exonerates Trump and shows he did nothing unethical or illegal, it proves that Brad Raffensberger committed perjury in order to trap Trump.

(Additionally, when corrupt Fani Willis charged Trump in defiance of Georgia judicial process — which automatically precluded her and her staff from prosecuting Trump due to demonstrated bias, Raffensberger refused to block her prosecution. Raffensberger should be in jail. I hope he is charged.)

(*) Though a Republican, Raffy hates Trump. Hates him like the kid with glasses hates the high school football star.


On a lighter note: Some bananas just won’t open at the stem; instead of snapping off, it bends like rubber and makes it impossible to peel the banana without crushing it to death. It only took me 70+ years, but I have finally found a solution: just start at the other end — it works surprisingly well. This is my contribution to the trivia of life!


Rudy Giuliani was disliked by many people, but almost everyone said he was “afraid of nothing,” quick acting, and got things done, as an attorney general and as a New York mayor. He’s the one who killed the Mafia in New York, and who “saved” NY after 911.

Rudy is a Gemini with a Leo Moon, so he likes attention, and can get in trouble by his quick impulse to talk. Geminis are great with crises, quick, acting, brave and intelligent. But when there isn’t a crisis, Gemini can talk too much, interfere, and Chase rainbows — all due to boredom.

Unfortunately, for Rudy, the stolen 2020 election brought out both sides of him: the brave and quick acting side, and the talkative, interfering side.

Now the Democratic party’s deep state has ruined him as an old man and a Republican. They have relentlessly pursued him in many ways for the past few years for his “crime” of being loyal to Trump. Because he talked too much and acted too quickly in the crooked election sweepstakes, he became vulnerable to the deep states democratic vengeance. The Democrats have charged him with many false attacks, none of which were legal, but all of which him to spend six and seven figures on lawyers. Finally, they found two black women to shed crocodile tears in court, and claim that Rudy ruined their lives because he accused them of election misbehaviour. OK, well, good, give these women $1 million or so. The $148 million imposed by the Democrat deep state’s judge was calculated to break him totally, once and for all. And I think they probably have. Gee, it must take a lot of courage and intelligence to railroad a 79 year-old man who has given so much to his country. So another disgustingly corrupt Democrat judge pounds as big a hammer as he can onto another Republican.


Trump is a Gemini with his moon in the relationship house. Biden is a Scorpio with the moon in his relationship house. Jupiter has been in the same sign as Biden’s moon since last May. It stays there until late May 2024. This should give Biden a bit of a boost. However, from mid 2024 to mid 2025, Jupiter will be in Gemini, Trump’s Sun sign.

Normally, this would virtually guarantee an election win by Trump. However, many months ago when Trump announced his candidacy (evening of Nov. 15, 2022), he did when the Sun and the lunar south node (indicating failure) were in the same sign, Scorpio. So at that time I said he would not be the next president. The south node raises obstacle after obstacle against whatever is launched under its negative aegis. Since I made that prediction, 94 indictments have been launched against Trump, many of them, even to a casual, dumb observer like myself, are filled with contradiction, false statements, Biden’s back room control of the DOJ and FBI, and just general malpractice by prosecutors. Fani Willis, Jack Smith, Merrick Garland, “judge” Chutkan, all are corrupt monkeys wedded by their black deeds to the deep state. Usually, south node obstacles never end until failure is achieved.

Now, to add to the pile, corrupt states like Colorado and Maine (and I think 14 others?) have taken Trump off the ballot box so citizens are not allowed to vote for him. Like the indictments, these actions are illegal, but under Biden’s Satanic Majesty (sorry, Rolling Stones) that is not a disqualification.

Despite my prediction, I hope Trump wins and puts these black souls, including the Biden mafia, in jail. And it’s quite possible he will win. When he announced his candidacy, the Sun was at 22 or 23 degrees Scorpio, while the south node was at 13 Scorpio. So it’s quite possible that the Sun has “escaped” or “is escaping” the s. Node. In this case, it could refer to the 2020 election, during which the s. Node destroyed his election, mostly through skullduggery by the opposition mafia. Notice the difference between the sun and South node: 10°. In many manic arts, 10 refers to a whole New World or a new cycle. Astrologically, other than the south node, many things point to a Trump victory.



I would love to see Hunter Biden sentenced to many years in jail before the federal election in November. Then Joe Biden will be faced with a choice: do I rescue my son, and lose the election because of my blatant favouritism and disregard for the law, or do I sacrifice my son, and win the election? Of course, the way out of this is to let his son dangle, then, win or lose the election, he can pardon Hunter in December/24 or early January/25.

So there is really no downside for Hunter, which is perhaps why he is spitting in the face of the law and Congress.

If the courts can keep Hunter’s trial(s) ongoing until mid-January/25, Poppa B won’t have the power to pardon.


Funny, how all the Republican politicians in the US are now saying the Democrats are bent on tearing the country apart in order to save it. Here’s a quote from January 1/24 from Brooke Rollins, President and CEO of the America First Policy Institute:

[The left’s] “progressive orthodoxy’s self-anointed belief that they must destroy democracy in order to protect it.”

Almost my exact words in this column in 2016, when I wrote that the Democrats would destroy democracy in order to try to destroy Trump, and that they would simultaneously claim they were saving democracy.


Want to know how the J6 prisoners are treated? Look up the name Ryan Samsel on the internet. The FBI and prison personnel beat and starved him repeatedly because he would not agree to testify against Donald Trump. At least that’s what he says, and I tend to believe him.


You keep hearing politicians say “radical this” and “radical that” to label the extremes of all political parties, etc. In actuality radical means the beginning, or the root of a new thing. For example, if I have a radical idea about pastry, I might be expected to produce a brand new type of pastry from this radical, or birth, idea. So when politicians and others use the term radical to warn against other ideas or politics, what they are really saying is: we are afraid of any brand new ideas, especially ones that could create an environment or reality that threatens us. In other words, we are scared of anybody else’s ability to give birth to anything.


Nikki Haley’s comment that slavery was not the main driving force behind the Civil War was a huge political mistake, even if at least partly true. Even if Nikki was right, she was shockingly wrong in the public’s eyes. If she becomes the republican nominee for Prez, she will carry her mistake around with her like a ten pound ball attached to one of her ankles. I suspect Nikki Haley is highly intelligent; the mistake she made during that non-slavery speech was the mistake of an intelligent person. She mistakenly assumed the people she was talking to had read the same books in college that she did. Her heart still exists in the world of bureaucracy, where lawyers rule and everyone walks the halls of power.

Nikki  loves that world. She’s a Capricorn, the birthplace of the ambitious. Capricorns love structure, and they work, sometimes assiduously, to govern our practical world for one major purpose: to add to its structure. Whatever their role, from pizza cook to bank CEO, whether subconsciously or not, Capricorns are trying to build more structure into the world. They make good leaders, often quite fair, who tend to reward merit rather than relations.


Malania Trump is predatory, but not in a way that repulses you. It’s a survival predation. She is either a wolf or a hypnotic snake, determined to survive in a dangerous world.

(*) I watched some wolves for a while. They were in a pen in Stanley Park, a bit off the beaten track. They paced in a large circle, as large as the pen would allow, endlessly, and seemingly effortlessly. Although they trotted, their heads did not move up and down. When they looked at me , intelligence radiated, and they saw me with what must have been a kind of blankness — result of a thousand generation-long guilt free spell. I was recognized, perhaps as prey, and dispelled at once, because I was on the other side of the barrier between us. In any case, they — I think they were between six and 10, I didn’t bother to count them. They had a bigger problem to solve than my presence. Maybe they paced as they did because they knew the barrier was there — in roughly a circle — and they knew they were imprisoned.  But there was some puzzle about that circular barrier that they couldn’t understand, so they kept passing beside it, pacing its boundary, hoping for inspiration perhaps.

(*) Both eyes, wolf and snake, are absolutely realistic. Hard to find the right word. There’s just a worldview there that implacably sees us as danger or food. But the wolf’s eyes are dry. The snake’s eyes, though flecked with golden Shards, and red and yellow and Brown, all the same colours as in the Wolf’s eyes, but the snake’s eyes  seem to cover many things, whispers or mists, Secrets, Maybe delicious ones, scurrying behind light white curtains that you first believe are merely beckoning you, before you realize you are already falling entirely on your own; you’re falling and there’s nothing left to fight with because it’s your very spirit that’s falling. And in that fall are distant skies and dreams or prisons.


The trouble is, everything’s a symptom, especially in politics.


Everybody’s talking about Trump’s running mate. There’s a big argument over whether it should be Nikki Haley or not. I wrote here a few months ago that he should not pick her. I like her, but she’s too ambitious, She shoves the human side behind her.

My first choice would be Ron DeSantis. Actually, I would prefer DeSantis as a President, but I think he would have a real tough time winning any charisma contests.  Failing that, I think he would be the most sensible addition to the Trump ticket.