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ALL TIMES/DATES ARE PST (Pacific Standard Time Zone). PST is 8 hours “before” Greenwich (England). (As long as Britain is also on Standard time.) For example, when it is noon PST, it is 8 pm in England. The “World Clock” in the right margin gives you some clues. (You can also Google “time zone converter.”)


START NOTHING: Before 11:36 am Sun., 9:47 am to 10:56 pm Tues., and 6:44 pm Thurs. to 7:07 am Fri.



Men are good friends, but a woman is a world.

As I mentioned last week, Mercury is retrograde January 5 to 25. We should avoid all new starts. Despite my stating this, the week ahead shows at least two, maybe more, changes and new situations – caused by life. (Midweek and Saturday.) If you respond, you are not starting anything new, life is – so go ahead.

Every Mercury retro, I always receive emails asking, basically, how to cheat the system. How to walk into a new job, or start a project “I’ve always been thinking about.” Often, the retrograde causes a false urgency. For example, the person who’s imagined starting a coffee shop or voyaging to Africa, even though they’ve contemplated it for years, suddenly just has to do it during the three-week retro period. (Although reprising the past is usually a good thing during the retro, in this case we’re not really dealing with a past project, since it has never been more than a notion, a dream.)

If you’re seeking employment, don’t let the retro stop you. Usually a job landed during the retro will only last several months to a couple of years – but if you have rent to pay, that’s good enough! Increase your chances by contacting former employers.

In love, an old flame might return during this interval, especially for Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn, Scorpio (sexual) Gemini (sexual) Cancer (marriageable) and Pisces (marriage stuff, too). To judge whether a former flame is a good thing, simply examine the past. Were you toxic, mismatched, constantly arguing, or did it break up due to suspicion, boredom or moral problems? If so, walk away. If not, give it a try. (This retro will tend to feature “good” former flames.)




Aries.svg ARIES   March 21-April 19

Start nothing new before January 25, Aries – projects, ventures, relationships, major purchases. A new friend or contact, just met, might not remain. Ah, well – there are reasons. This person might return in February, but even then the relationship might not “cement.” A former job, boss, or career role might return – but there’s more talk than action. A sweet, mellow wisdom flows through you until late month – this can attract love, even opportunities to travel abroad, or to attend school. If there’s a lawsuit, you’re winning for now. All these are pleasantly accented Wed./Thurs. But remember, start nothing before Jan. 25, unless you are making a stab for the past – e.g., travel to a country you’ve visited before, or returning to school after an absence. All January and February will present you with doorways to change, and gives you the courage to enter them. (But DON’T be impulsive! A slow, steady determination – with research – is much more effective.) Some possible agents of change: a mortgage, investment, health diagnosis, sexual commingling, inheritance, investigation. Sunday noon (PST) to Tues. night feature these doorways to change. So will Jan. 31/Feb. 1, and Feb. 27-29, so you can wait, too. Still, it looks like life is nudging you to change, especially career-wise. Be careful with communications. That wise, mellow mood enters Wed./Thurs. Be ambitious Fri./Sat. – you can make good strideds, impress higher-ups, especially if you reveal your thoughts.


taurus weekly forecast TAURUS   April 20-May 20

The general accent lies on intellect, learning, far travel, legal affairs, culture and gentle love. But deep physical intimacy, secrets, finances and health matters pull you, also – in a sweet, mildly lucky way, until late month. Relationships simmer with intensity Sunday noon (PST) to Tuesday night – and all January and February. Make friends, not enemies – but don’t let over-assertive types try to cow you, either. If single, you might meet your Svengali – many thrills, but dangers, too. Realize you’re yielding, a wee bit, to wishful thinking, romantic illusion, especially Monday. One big thing: do NOT start a new project nor relationship before January 25. An old flame might return Friday onward (to the 25th). Subconscious promptings, high intuition, sexual yearning and financial astuteness visit you Wed./Thurs. Beware illusion and sudden disruption or discordant events. A mellow, wise mood lifts your spirits Fri./Sat. Re-read the first sentence – a new state of affairs might begin in this sector (intellect, travel, etc.) but don’t be the instigator.


Gemini.svg GEMINI   May 21-June 20

Start nothing new – relationships, projects, major purchases – before January 25, Gemini. Instead, protect ongoing ventures, jobs and meetings from delays, missed appointments, supply shortages, confused thinking, false starts and indecision. You also can profitably reprise the past. An old flame might appear this month, but chances are he/she is married or otherwise unavailable for a “whole love” – you can reap physical intimacy, but little else. A former investment or financial situation (yes, debt, too) might return. It’s probably a good one. Others treat you with affection until late month. You could befriend a co-worker (or vice versa) anytime January and February. However, a former friend might work against you. Be careful, both months, with driving, sharp instruments, fire and caustic chemicals. This goes double Sunday noon (PST) to Tues. night. Your financial situation might change. Relationships face you Wed./Thurs., and they can be illusionary/deceptive, sweet, slow and deep, suddenly disruptive, happily friendly, and argumentative, in that order. Boiled down, I’d advise you to avoid groups and intelligent lovers, expect little, and be faithful, and all will be well, even enjoyable. Life’s depths, secrets, large finances, sexual urges, research, change, fill Fri./Sat. in a good way. Don’t mix money nor sex with friends. Protect your health all week. Eat, dress sensibly, and get to the doctor if warranted.


Cancer.svg CANCER   June 21-July 22

Relationships outweigh everything else this month. Sunday noon (PST) to Tues. night brings romance, passion, creative and risk-taking urges – and the pleasure of winning, or the poetry of love. Be a little careful with sex, investments and legal matters – it almost looks like a conversation tempts you into, or to argue about, these things. Otherwise, all is idyllic – plunge in where the heart leads. Your romantic courage will be high all January/February. During this time, be gentle with children. Work is pleasant, work mates are affectionate until late January – but this isn’t where romance comes from. Until Thursday, a former sex partner might appear; Thursday onward (to late Jan.) a former love, a mate or spouse, might appear. This could be a second chance – but not if your mutual “history” goes back further than 2009. Tackle chores Wed./Thurs. Eat, dress sensibly. Friday/Saturday bring exciting meetings, a possible partner, negotiation, litigation, allies and enemies, relocation themes, dealings with the public – one or more of these will confront you. Be diplomatic, co-operative. Avoid career or ambitious actions. No matter what I’ve said above, DON’T start any brand new relationships, projects/ventures, nior make important purchases, this week through January 24.


Leo icon, Luck Forecast LEO   July 23-Aug. 22

January’s main accent lies on work and health, Leo. Eat, dress sensibly. Don’t start anything new before January 25. That includes relationships, projects, ventures, investments and major purchases. (All these, however, could be viable, even nicely successful, if they return from the past – e.g., a former job.) Strive to protect ongoing projects (especially at the work place) from delays, supply shortages, missed appointments, mistakes, false starts and indecision. For example. Order supplies before you need them, double-check figures and instructions, confirm appointments, etc. A sweet romantic thread drifts through this month, bringing some relief from constant work. You experience possible domestic friction all January and February – reduce it by being gentle, tender, and “un-pompous.” This goes double for Sunday noon (PST) to Tues. night, when home, family, garden, property, food, retirement plans and soul matters are slated. Careful – you could speak happily, but hurt someone’s feelings. Think twice. Romance blesses you Wed./Thurs. – but sex is elusive, and ideals or principles might cause a rift. Tackle chores and improve your health Fri./Sat. – Friday’s better, as Saturday midday could hold some glitch, perhaps a computer, car or electric problem.


Virgo.svg VIRGO   Aug. 23-Sept. 22

Start nothing important, no new relationship, no major purchase, no significant project, before January 25, Virgo. In general, this is a beautiful, affectionate, romantic and winning month. An old flame might appear – and might belong in your life once again, perhaps forever. (As long as it wasn’t toxic before!) Sunday noon (PST) to Tues. night brings errands, talk, travel, casual acquaintances, details, paperwork and communications. You’ll be busy with these things all January and February; so be careful until January 25 – double check addresses, schedules, figures, etc. This Sun.-Tues., all goes well except work-related errands, chores – and a serious, sweet, perhaps marriage-oriented relationship. (This is just brief and small, but in general you should not marry before May 2017 – instead, have fun, sex, romance, friendship – but be wary of moving in together. Another note: until early March, you will be drawn toward physical intimacy with mere friends. This can be good or bad: honesty, morality determines the outcome.) The cosmos might be conspiring to change your method of transportation. Your thoughts and heart turn homeward Wed./Thurs. Again, most things flow well, but you might find romance and sex don’t mix. Your family will be affectionate all month, and your home sweet. Friday/Saturday bring creative and speculative urges, beauty, pleasure – and romance. Enjoy!


Libra.svg LIBRA   Sept. 23-Oct. 22

Start no brand new projects, ventures, investments, relationships – nor make major purchases – before January 25. Until then, mistakes, indecision and false starts rule. There are two good ways to go: 1) reprise projects, etc. from the past; 2) protect ongoing projects from mistakes, delays, supply shortages, etc. Double check figures, addresses, schedules. In your case, most of the snafus will occur in home, property, security and related zones. (Big hints of this Friday/Sat.) A former flame might return this week – but more likely, a romantic or creative “prospect” stops, stalls and recedes. That’s okay – let it. It was never going to go anywhere significant. Your “hot to trot” relationship courage of November/December now dissipates. Sunday noon (PST) to Tues. night brings earnings into focus. Much money will flow to you January/February – make sure it doesn’t flow through you. Bank it. Wednesday/Thurs. brings errands, casual friends, travel, paperwork, details and communications. These things – talk, friends — are sprinkled with affection until late month. Home, parent/kid relations, landscaping, garden, soul, nutrition, real estate, security and retirement – these are highlighted Fri./Sat. Sink into them, rest. But don’t start new projects here. This whole week holds jumbled luck – but it’s mostly good!


Scorpio.svg SCORPIO   Oct. 23-Nov. 21

Start no new projects, ventures nor relationships before January 25, Scorpio. Don’t make major purchases (car, computer, software, clothes – or bigger). In your case, errands, mail, phones, paperwork and filing – these need special attention. Double check addresses, figures, times, instructions, stock on hand, etc. A friend from long ago might re-appear. This is probably meant to make you re-examine your personal ties, rather than meant to add a friend. Your energy and charisma soar from noon Sunday (PST) to Tues. night. Almost immediately, that energy meets its need: a job waiting to be done. Now to early March, work will be intense and hard – but the financial reward can be juicy, at least in January, when your money picture is mildly but solidly blessed. Don’t talk yourself out of a job, or waste time restlessly cruising the countryside Mon./Tues. Your earnings, buying/selling, chasing clients, all money matters are featured Wed./Thurs. Influences range from deceptive (midday Wed.) to lucky (Wed. afternoon and dawn Thurs.) to disruptive and accident-prone (possible both days). Despite this mixed picture, your money fortunes will float on buoyant luck for three more weeks. Friday/Saturday brings errands, casual friends, siblings, communications, details, etc. All’s well, but don’t start brand new things here, and drive carefully Sat.


Sagittarius.svg SAGITTARIUS   Nov. 22-Dec. 21

Start nothing new before January 25, Sage – especially in money matters, purchases, and relationships. (You could be tempted to start an easy, polite sensual affair, but will later wish you were free.) Instead, protect ongoing projects from loss, mistakes, delays, shortages, wrong instructions, etc. You can also reprise the past – e.g., collect on an old debt, or return to a former source of income. (These are highlighted Friday/Sat. – see below.) If a long-lost friend calls, it’s a “one-off” – he/she will disappear again soon. Retreat from the hectic crowd Sunday noon (PST) to Tues. night – rest, contemplate, be spiritual, charitable, handle government-related chores. (Ponder plans, but don’t make new ones.) You might be drawn to a clandestine attraction, but you’ll find that secret romance faces your group’s disapproval. Now to early March, romance will demand more energy than you have, or will bring you unsavory and/or controlling types, so veer away from it. (March will start some very intense – and “right” – romancing!) Your energy and charisma climb somewhat Wed./Thurs. Use this to accomplish chores, to contact/impress someone, to demand attention at any counter (store, government, etc.). All this month, you’ll be subtly magnetic, gracious. Good, but don’t start a love affair – yet. Chase money, pay bills and collect debts Fri./Sat. Shop, but only for routine items. Both days offer smooth progress, except in communications and travel – be cautious with these all late week, Wed. to Sat.


Capricorn.svg CAPRICORN   Dec. 22-Jan. 19

Your energy, charisma and clout stand at a yearly high, Cap. Usually I’d urge you to get out and start big new projects. But you should avoid starting anything brand new before January 25. Projects, ventures, relationships, even purchases entered into before then will chase their tails, and eventually die on the vine. Purchases will be lemons, so stick to groceries, reject new cars, etc. Happiness wafts in Sunday noon (PST) to Tues. night. Friends call, your popularity soars, someone flirts with you, your heart is filled with optimism – and a wish could come true, perhaps involving personal change or “personal power.” But retreat from the fray Wed./Thurs. – rest, read, contemplate, handle neglected chores and interface with civil servants, institutions, or your own head office. Don’t make future plans. Your high energy and charisma rise even higher Fri./Sat. Use your personal presence charm and vigour to give ongoing projects a helping heave, to impress others (lovers, bosses) to get your way, to protect projects from delays, mistakes and shortages, and to solve old problems. All month, despite your heightened popularity, you’ll find periods of solitude are sweet, and increase your perception of ongoing situations. Now to early March, you’ll feel very hopeful about buying a home or real estate, about security and/or retirement, and about your family. All good, with good results – but remember, nothing new before Jan. 25.


Aquarius.svg AQUARIUS   Jan. 20-Feb. 18

Steer away, until January 25, from brand new projects, relationships and major purchases, Aquarius. (Minor purchase: bread. Major: clothes, and on up.) You were just about to start something recently: if it (or your enthusiasm) fades, let it. Sunday noon (PST) to Tues. night features career, worldly standing, prestige relations and your ambition – mostly beneficially. (Avoid a small argument, especially with a boss or VIP.) Now to early March, relations with higher-ups and parents can be feisty, as their tempers and patience are both short. Smile, bear it, and “hurry to please.” But don’t hurry past caution: details, facts, figures, appointments, schedules – verify everything before you present a report, send a communication or attend a management meeting. Happiness, a love of life, arrives Wed./Thurs. Though January generally is a time for recuperation, quietude and low energy, your social life will be affectionate, especially when old friends show their loyalty. Friday/Saturday brings secrets, seclusion, rest and contemplation – the “core” of this month. Life might start a project Saturday, but don’t you start anything. All year – indeed, all decade – you have to deal with secrets. Sometimes these can trip you up – Saturday (and earlier, Wed./Thurs.) might bring a hint of this. A secret from the past, or an “old sin” might arise to irritate you – equally, a good deed done in the past might return to bless you! Avoid gossip.


Pisces.svg PISCES   Feb. 19-March 20

The general accent lies on wishes coming true, Pisces – and an old or former wish very well might be fulfilled this month, especially if it involves a legal, cultural, travel, publishing or intellectual matter. A former friend, social circle, or “happy lover” could appear in the weeks ahead. This might be a significant person, and good luck could flow if/when you become involved again. This can also apply to a practical or business relationship. A “partnership” could be brewing. However, now to January 25, DO NOT start any brand new projects, ventures or relationships, nor make major purchases. (They’d be lemons, or, once your head clears, simply unwanted.) Instead, work to protect ongoing involvements from delays, mistakes, false starts, indecision, etc. – and/or reprise good things from the past, such as that old flame or former friend who shows up. Sunday noon (PST) to Tues. night brings those legal, intellectual and travel interests – and love. This whole zone is intense now to early March, and can have differing effects: either you make money from these (e.g., sell books or travel tickets) or you become enmeshed in them (e.g., a lawsuit – strictly avoid this). Your career and worldly standing are featured Wed./Thurs. and the news is mostly good. But now through week’s end, avoid management situations if possible. Friday/Saturday heighten the possibility of a wish coming true – get out, flirt, meet your mates, seek entertainment, laugh, show your optimism – life’s good!

The End.

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  1. firefish

    Hi Tim
    My daughter’s father, just asked if he could live with her this year. (We’re not together) . Our school year starts in January, so if I agree she’ll be stuck with him for the whole year. With Mercury retrograde, i don’t know what to do! I am also working on changing my lifestyle, where I live, my career. Will I regret my decision after the retrograde period?

        1. Tim Stephens Post author

          Hi, Firefish — I’d still let your daughter choose. In questions like this, there are many people and influences acting, and I cannot give a detailed or even proper answer unless I erect your chart(s) — which entails a reading, for which I charge.



  2. aamina

    Hi Tim,
    Will there be a 2016 Year Ahead for each horoscope? Or did I miss it someplace else?

    1. Tim Stephens Post author

      Hi, aamina,

      The 2016 “Year Ahead” is already written, but I have to hold it back until the newspaper(s) that paid for it, (Vancouver Courier, NS News) publish it. So it will be on this blog about Jan. 4 or 5.



  3. manvir

    Dear Tim,

    I’m a Pisces-Aries cusp (22 March 1965), does the Mercury retro affect jobs being already offered in Dec 2015, but don’t start till mid-Jan 2016?

    Also, property Sale-Purchase negotiated over a year ago but nothing ever happened after a deal was struck, there are chances that deal may get re-negotiated.

    The changes brought about by nature/life, are they positive? (although that’s a stupid question, as everything that life does is positive), but, will it be challenging or pleasant developments?

    Lately, your Aries forecast has been more accurate than the Pisces forecast for me. I’ve noticed during various times (over the years) it has fluctuated for me, therefore, I have to read both to understand what’s actually happening astrologically.

    Tons of best wishes for the New Year…..to you and all your readers.

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