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The Broncos won’t win the Super Bowl, I think….

I was wrong about the CPP (Canada Pension Plan) last column – they do an inflation adjustment for decades-earlier contributions, which makes most of my complaint unjustified. So my apologies to CPP, and my thanks to Dan Anders, the financial planner who sent me the “true facts.”…

Here’s another thing I might be mistaken about: I’m neither mathematician nor physicist, nor even terribly bright. So I might have this all wrong, or perhaps I just don’t know the “additional processes.” But, that said, here’s my concept of time: that we can “advance through” a distant object’s time/existence/experience, simply by moving toward or away from it. For instance, let’s say a “new” star has appeared in our Earth’s sky. If this new star is 8 billion light years away from the Earth, the light we’re seeing right now from this star is 8 billion years old; so we are “seeing” a star 8 billion years younger than it actually is.

But if we move halfway to that star, the light from it will only take 4 billion light years, not 8, to reach us; therefore we’ll “see” the star as it was 4 billion years ago, instead of 8. The star we now see is actually 4 billion years older than the view of it we had from Earth. So if we travel 4 billion light years toward the star, it will seem that we are actually travelling into the future. 

If we travel all 8 billion light years toward the star (and don’t take all day to do it) we will have actually reached the star itself, and it will be 8 billion + years old, and we will have reached the end of the future.

To us, it will seem as if we have travelled 8 billion years into this star’s future (for its physical mass seems to age as we approach). Now here’s the first problem: when we reach the star, it will be as old as it is. We cannot go past this point, at least in regard to this particular star, because it is only 8 billion years old. If we travel 8 billion and 1 light years, are we travelling to a time one year before the star was born?  Or does the star still exist, behind us? Probably. The problem here is that there are two times: the actual time of the star’s existence, and the time we observe.

If this situation works in reverse, then by fleeing this star at a speed greater than light, the star will seem to grow younger (for we will be catching up to the first light from its birth 8 b years ago). Now, here’s the question: if we are seeing the star’s light in younger and younger versions (as we speed away from it, and reach earlier emissions) are we really speeding into the future, or into the past? It must be the past, because we are experiencing a younger and younger star. And when we reach a point at which the star’s light cannot reach us, the star doesn’t cease to exist, but in our observation, it has: we have effectively travelled to a place where the star does not yet seem to exist: it’s “pre-existence.” So it seems we’re travelling into the star’s past by fleeing it, and into its future by approaching it. Now here’s the second problem: if we are speeding away from the star so fast that its light cannot reach us, then we are speeding into that star’s past: i.e., into the time before it was born. But in actuality,  we are situated in the star’s future, for it will have to burn, say 9 or 10 billion years (for its light) to reach us, rather than the 8 billion we started with.

Here’s the third problem: the universe is so populated that when we speed away from one star (into its past) we are simultaneously speeding toward, or into the future of, another star. If we travel around above the speed of light, we will be simultaneously racing into the future and into the past, and cannot do one without doing the other. (Unless we were at the edge of the universe, and heading outward.) That’s my dilemma: that time travel, if based upon the speed of light, must create (or shunt us into) the past and the future simultaneously. (In fact, if we are speeding through the universe, we are speeding into a billion pasts and a billion futures, and past a few more billion stars shining their light obliquely on us, like neon road signs. What is time in this case?)

(I know I’m ignoring the space-time bending of Einstein, and so might be missing something crucial here.)

But if we travel through the past and the future simultaneously, doesn’t this in effect eliminate time? Or, at the very least, homogenize it? If so, then we probably end up, in a sense, outside time, or in a state in which every time is simultaneous, or one time balances another. This might be where the “infinity” of heaven lies: heaven can only exist eternally if it has no time.

Hmm. Maybe I’ve got it wrong.

Aries.svgARIES   March 21-April 19

The month ahead brings popularity, wish fulfillment, light romance and flirtations, friendship delights, entertainment, and a glowing optimism about your future. (Many of you have faced difficulty in career since 2008; but others have soared up the career ladder, same period. The risers rose because they kept hope and eagerness, and eschewed resentment. This influence lasts to 2024, so, enough said. The weeks ahead are the best time to grab [and keep] that hopeful attitude.) Tackle chores and/or health concerns Sunday/Monday – luck’s good. Relationships fill Tuesday to noon Thursday – arguments, discomfort can occur, especially Tuesday pm to Wednesday mid-morning (PST). But Wednesday pm offers good explanations, conversations, and…well, you can cherish someone, if you can get past their prickly exterior! (Now to July, conflicts arise easily with partners, associates, spouse: but the same people represent a great opportunity for you, if you can approach “innocently.”) Sex, intimacy, big finances Thursday to Saturday – lucky to Friday afternoon.


taurus weekly forecastTAURUS   April 20-May 20

Be ambitious during  the few weeks ahead, Taurus. But be aware that a slow-down exists during most of February. If you start a project now, be sure you can complete it before February 6 (when the delays begin) or that it can “leapfrog” February and will survive to grow March onward. Your performance will be observed, so reject temptations, laziness, etc. Show your skills to higher-ups, approach VIPs, watch for and grasp opportunities. Romance (or romantic notions) fill Sunday/Monday – all’s smooth, benevolent. Tackle chores Tuesday/Wednesday – carefully Tuesday, pre-dawn Wed. Relationships arise Thursday afternoon to Saturday. An attraction to a co-worker is possible (but it might hit practical barriers later) – so is a work/career scheme. (On this last, check for legalities, and watch for “eventual” disapproval by a higher-up.) Friends, communications, travel go well.


Gemini.svgGEMINI   May 21-June 20

You’ll love the four weeks ahead, Gemini. You’ll feel mellow, loving. You’ll learn things, you could travel afar, or meet success in publishing/media, education, legal affairs, and cultural involvements. You could find love, or move love up a step into longer-lasting zones (e.g., turn an affair into a wedding). All this happens in the middle of a longer phase that is already intensifying your creative and romantic leanings. These good things, however, publishing to travel, law to love, will be impeded by work demands or a health concern. There are two ways to handle this: 1) work hard and keep your health up, and chase love, travel, etc. in the time left; or 2) become more deeply romantic or creative – this will “dissolve” the impediments. Focus on home, family Sunday/Monday: rest, eat well. A strong romantic/creative wind blows midweek: you might actually break up Tuesday; you’ll knit together Wednesday. Tackle chores Thursday/Friday – all’s good, productive.


Cancer.svgCANCER   June 21-July 22

Life’s depths rise to the surface over the weeks ahead, Cancer. Generally, you like depths: intimate depths, deep feelings, mysteries. These are also weeks of finances, of investments, debts, retirement goals, etc. Take care here, for not all investments and financial manoeuvres will work, some might even cost, then fail. If intimacy seems to be blocked with someone, step back and become more romantic. Talk, travel, errands and casual friends fill Sunday/Monday. Midweek puts the spotlight on your domestic situation. Continue, until late July, to sidestep friction in the home – repairs, construction, landscaping will “draw off” the energy of conflict, and help peace prevail. A home office, or projects in real estate or construction, can aid your career. Romance, pleasure, charming kids, beauty and a definite creative streak (or a gambling urge) arise Thursday pm to Saturday.  Lots of luck here, but watch “practical barriers.”


Leo icon, Luck ForecastLEO   July 23-Aug. 22

Chase money (or shop) Sunday/Monday, Leo – all’s smooth, good here. Midweek triggers errands, calls, emails, visits, trips, paperwork and curiosity. Step lightly, avoid arguments or unconsidered opinions Tuesday to Wednesday morning. Wednesday pm goes smoothly, happily – phone someone you like mid-afternoon. Head home Thursday afternoon to Saturday: embrace family, start landscaping, etc., Thurs./Fri. A nice rest will invigorate you. You might hear a message or spy a clue, if single, that someone you consider an equal, a “viable prospect” is available. If married, you can reach agreement with the spouse, especially about money and kids. But don’t make long-term commitments here, yet. The weeks ahead feature relationships of all kinds. Be diplomatic, co-operative and eager to join.


Virgo.svgVIRGO   Aug. 23-Sept. 22

Chores fill the month ahead, Virgo. As Mercury retrogrades most of February, tackle the important or complex tasks/projects right away, so you’ll get a running start before delays and mistakes set in (February 6 onward). If you’re planning to buy machinery, tools, cars, computers, etc., do so now (Wednesday afternoon to 7:50 pm PST, Thursday eve, or January 30 best) NOT in February. In general, neither Jan. nor Feb. supports expanding your job nor major money outlays for equipment. Your charisma and energy surge upward Sunday/Monday: take advantage, start something, see important people, make an approach!  Midweek emphasizes money, earning and buying: save important money action for Wednesday pm – other times hold glitches, lemons. Errands, trips, visits, calls, paperwork and details fill Thursday eve to Saturday: you’ll feel quick and slick, competent, popular. A Scorpio says No.


Libra.svgLIBRA   Sept. 23-Oct. 22

Relationship feelings have intensified since early December (and will through July). Now, the few weeks ahead add a romantic note for singles, and a renewed love for your kids, if you’re attached. The prospects of a serious development are high, very high – but money factors, or home/family/security interests, could interfere. So love might demand sacrifice. (If the payment is too much, wait: late July will begin a year of good luck in socializing and light romance.) Retreat, rest (deeply) and plan Sunday/Monday. Your energy, charm and clout soar Tuesday to Thursday – though you might have to mend fences Tuesday night through Wednesday morning. If you want to achieve something, work alone. Wednesday pm is the opposite: co-operation, love on physical and mental levels grow sweetly. Chase money and/or shop Thursday pm and Friday – you could succeed splendidly.


Scorpio.svgSCORPIO   Oct. 23-Nov. 21

Relax over the weeks ahead, Scorpio. Settle into family, home, garden and property. This is not a significant year for your home, so putter and repair rather than launching, for example, a huge renovation project. Your hopes rise Sunday/Monday – have fun, flirt, take in some entertainment. Retreat midweek – now the “home” influence begins strongly. Lie low, get plenty of rest, contemplate and plan. Tuesday might bring an alienating episode, or a sudden split between you and another. (Not necessarily a bad thing.) Wednesday pm opens the door to making amends with someone, investing fortunately, making good plans – a good day to visit the doctor, also. Your energy and charisma climb Thursday afternoon to Saturday eve – a splendid time (to Friday late afternoon) to start short projects, especially ones that require a good “personality boost” or sales pitch from you.


Sagittarius.svgSAGITTARIUS   Nov. 22-Dec. 21

The month ahead is filled with errands, paperwork, details, communications, variety, new and old acquaintances, travel and visits. In this, avoid gossip, and defer from or be cautious with governmental, institutional or head office communications/paperwork. Otherwise, enjoy these weeks: travel, explore, be curious. Your money picture continues to look bright, and bargains abound – but if you intend to purchase a large item, e.g., furniture, an RV, etc., do so in January, or wait until early March. Be ambitious Sunday/Monday: you’ll succeed in some way. Your popularity and optimism rise midweek; a wish could be filled – more likely Wednesday than Tuesday (which holds some disruptions and disagreements). Retreat Thursday pm to Saturday suppertime. This is a splendid little interval for research, planning, investment and financial actions, and snuggling close with your mate: but be restful, quiet; avoid the bustling crowd.


Capricorn.svgCAPRICORN   Dec. 22-Jan. 19

The month ahead holds money favours – but you could also impede your money luck or financial production by socializing. Or you might consider chasing a new life goal to be more important now than tarrying just to collect a few more bucks – and you could be very right. Don’t doubt yourself or your actions until February (when doubt will be unavoidable). The weeks ahead also favour shopping, possessions, memory, rote learning, and sensual sex (as opposed to being in love). Sunday/Monday are wise, mellow: buy travel tickets, or investigate higher learning, legal aspects, publishing or other cultures. All’s well. Caution’s needed Tuesday and pre-dawn (PST) Wednesday, when your ambitions could cause some monetary disruptions, or simply opposition. Luck accompanies you Wed., though, so march forth in money/career zones. Happiness, popularity, optimism and good friends bless you Thursday pm, Friday.


Aquarius.svgAQUARIUS   Jan. 20-Feb. 18

At last, drudgery and weariness end! Your energy, charisma, clout and effectiveness soar over the weeks ahead – with one provision: by February 6, Mercury turns retrograde, which cautions that mistakes and slowdowns will be rife. So start significant projects now and next week, approach important people, and tackle chores that formerly intimidated you. But time yourself, pick only projects/tasks that you can complete before February, and seek to persuade important people only if you won’t need their answer in February. Sunday/Monday are mysterious. Research, invest, change lifestyles (not if this is a huge undertaking, tho) and “get intimate.” All’s well. Legal/ethical, travel, cultural, educational or media concerns arise Tuesday (disruptive, unpredictable: drive carefully) and Wednesday (pleasant success, with a possibility of love). Be ambitious Thursday pm and Friday – you can soar above the competition!


Pisces.svgPISCES   Feb. 19-March 20

Use the weeks ahead to take  a breather, Pisces. Nap, rest, protect your health. Avoid competitive situations. Plan, rather than strive for a goal. Contemplate, meditate, reconnect with your spiritual side. Be charitable. Deal with government agencies or institutions. An important relationship (and several others, representing opportunities) confronts you Sunday/Monday. Be diplomatic, receptive: luck is in the air. Tackle chores midweek, but be cautious, especially around electricity, computers and cars, Tuesday and pre-dawn Wednesday. Later Wed., much gets done. Your intellectual side emerges Thursday pm to Saturday. Far travel, higher learning, love, cultural events, law, religion, broadcasting – these succeed. But stop Friday eve – then, into Saturday, holds refusals, difficult terrain. Soon, a slowdown looms – so tackle neglected chores, duties this week and next.


The End