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ALL SIGNS: Remember, don’t start anything new before April 25. That includes major purchases, new relationships, new projects, and new opportunities. These are likely to fail sooner or later from delays, mistakes, indecision and false starts. Instead, for the weeks ahead, protect ongoing situations, bonds and projects from these same delays, missed appointments, second thoughts, etc. OR — pick up something from the past and run with it (e.g., a former job, or an exciting old flame, even a purchase you couldn’t make before, but now have a second chance to grab).


You think North American inflation is bad? Turkey just raised its fed rate rate to 50%… The inflation rate in Turkey is over 68% a year.***

Watch June onward, when Trump will start to succeed ins struggles with crooked judges and malicious DA’s.





aries icon  ARIES: March 21-April 19

This is your last week of high energy and splendid charisma, Aries. Remember, don’t start anything before April 25, whether it’s a major purchase, an opportunity or project or a relationship. Use your high energy and clout to protect and further an ongoing situation, or one resurrected from the past. Friday starts a month of money, purchases, and casual sex. home, Sunday/Monday. Romance and creative inspiration Tuesday/Wednesday. Tackle chores, Thursday to Saturday — Sat. might bring a real surprise!


taurus icon  TAURUS: April 20-May 20

Remain self-protective, quiet, contemplative and restful, Taurus. Read “ALL SIGNS” above. Friday starts a month when all that rest will pay off, with extra energy, solid charisma, and enhanced persuasiveness. communications, paperwork, and short trips fill Sunday/Monday. Be home, with family or work on your security Tuesday/Wednesday. Romance and creative ideas visit you Thursday to Saturday. A happy surprise might occur Saturday, concerning your status.


gemini icon  GEMINI: May 21-June 20

You remain in a happy social phase, Gemini — at least until Friday. That day starts a month of attitude, rest, contemplation, and dealing with government or large companies. this is also a good phase for making plans, but don’t do that until April 26 onward. Read “ALL SIGNS” above — start nothing new. A former friend/lover might appear. Chase money and “comfortable sex” Sunday/Monday. short trips, paperwork, and communications fill Tuesday/Wednesday. Be home, with family or in nature Thursday to Saturday — Sat. night brings romance or creative, inspiration, beauty and pleasure.


Cancer icon  CANCER: June 21-July 22

Continue to support your ambition and status goals through Thursday, Cancer — esp. Sunday/Monday, when your energy and charisma are at a peak. Chase money and casual embraces Tuesday/Wednesday. Travel, communications and paperwork are important Thursday to Saturday — there might be a goal here, a special goal for the whole year, that you can accomplish or get closer to, through communications or paperwork. Saturday night is for home and family. Friday begins a month of celebration and happiness. Read “ALL SIGNS” above (in PREAMBLE).

Leo icon  LEO: July 23-Aug. 22

Until Friday, Leo, you remain in a mellow, wise mood. Love is gentle. Friday begins a month of ambition, pressure and prestige relations. However, don’t begin any ambitious projects before April 25 — read “ALL SIGNS” above. Retreat and rest Sun./Mon., deal with gov’t and health concerns. Your energy and charisma glow Tues./Wed. — start nothing, but support/protect ongoing projects. Chase money, hug someone Thursday to Saturday.


Leo icon  VIRGO: Aug. 23-Sept. 22

Life remains mysterious, and investigations intrigue until Friday, Virgo. You have been assailed by ill health or deep sexual drives recently. These will continue to some degree for the rest of April, and in a curative or beneficial way. Relationships need care: others are assertive and quick tempered all April, yet another person can also be very sexy, or a potential investment or commercial partner. it takes a delicate touch. Sunday/Monday is a time for happiness, popularity, and delicious optimism. Retreat Tuesday/Wednesday — rest, liaise with gov’t, contemplate (but do not plan, as plans — and circumstances — will change). Your energy and charisma leap up Thursday to Saturday — enjoy and get things done. BUT — read “ALL SIGNS” above. A surprise might change your mind about a relationship. Friday starts a month of wisdom and gentle love.


libra icon  LIBRA: Sept. 23-Oct. 22

The accent remains on relationships, Libra — openly until Friday, then in more mysterious (and consequential) ways from Friday to late May. Read “ALL SIGNS” above — don’t start anything, esp. new relationships. (If anything, you might be attracted to a co-worker now.) Be ambitious Sunday/Monday; work hard, but even more work impressively. Happiness, optimism, popularity, and wishes coming true — that’s Tuesday/Wednesday, for you. But retreat, rest and contemplate, Thursday to Saturday. Catch up on neglected chores. Saturday night is all yours — your energy and charisma rise.


scorpio icon  SCORPIO: Oct. 23-Nov. 21

A month of drudgery and health concerns ends Friday, Scorpio. That day starts a month of relationships,, opportunities, relocation themes, and public appearances. But start nothing yet — read “ALL SIGNS” above. Until Friday, even a little beyond, you might be dealing with a job from the past. Intellectual inspiration, gentle love and wisdom come to you Sunday/Monday. Be ambitious Tuesday/Wednesday. Happiness, wish fulfillment, flirting and popularity come to you Thursday to Saturday — this last night, rest and contemplate.


sagittarius icon  SAGITTARIUS: Nov. 22-Dec. 21

Romance and creative projects are the norm until Friday, sage, when a month of work begins. Mars in your domestic sector might be causing friction, or might spur you to do repairs, etc., at home. (Remember, tho’, start nothing before April 25 — read “ALL SIGNS” above.) Sunday/Monday is mysterious and secretive. Money, sex, and lifestyle are major topics. Wisdom, a mellow mood and intellectual curiosity soothe you Tuesday/Wednesday. Be ambitious Thursday to Saturday, when your performance is being observed and noted. Saturday night is for fun and favourite friends. A work surprise might occur. Drive carefully.


capricorn icon  CAPRICORN: Dec. 22-Jan. 20

A month of domestic interests ends Friday, Cap. (Although May will bring another domestic project.) That day begins a month of romance, creative inspiration, and pleasure. Remember, start nothing new before April 25 — read “ALL SIGNS” above. You might be restlessly tripping around town or frequently communicating all April: that’s fine. Sunday/Monday brings relationships, public appearances, and opportunities (remember, don’t grab brand new opportunities — there’s a flaw). Mysteries, commitments and consequences, lust, medical and lifestyle concerns fill Tuesday/Wednesday. A mellow, gently loving mood steals over you Thursday to Saturday. Intellectual and travel activities are favoured. Spend Saturday night with family. A romantic surprise might occur.


Aquarius icon  AQUARIUS: Jan. 21-Feb. 18

A month of much running around, of spewing emails and texts everywhere, of contacts and communications that seem important at the time, but fade later — this month ends Friday, when a month of deep domesticity begins. (A lucky month, as Saturday might demonstrate.) You are hot on the trail of money all April. A former friend is trying to get in touch. Tackle chores Sunday/Monday. Do NOT buy machinery. (Read ‘ALL SIGNS” above.) Tuesday/Wednesday are for relationships, opportunities, relocation ideas, and public appearances. You dive into the mysteries of life and lust, of major financial actions, and medical and lifestyle concerns Thursday through Saturday.


Pisces icon  PISCES: Feb. 19-March 20

The accent on money and simple physical pleasures ends Friday, Pisces, when a month of travel, communications and paperwork begins. You are inspired about money all April and May — don’t waste this lucky income phase in April. A former money source might have appeared recently… So might a former physical partner. But remember, don’t start anything brand new, either. (Read “ALL SIGNS” above.) Sunday/Monday are for romance and creative inspiration. Tackle chores and eat and dress sensibly Tuesday/Wednesday. Relationships fill Thursday to Saturday – so do opportunities, public appearances, and perhaps some opposition. Saturday p.m. holds a surprise that might affect your view of a relationship.




God created man. Man created computers. AI might create a new view of God. (When we look at quantum physics, perhaps we are standing closer to God.)

Two things I noticed about getting old: one, I’m a lot happier (Except for the pain) and two , I noticed that many of the joys of life, many of its colours, have started to fade, gently and subtly. For this reason I would not like to live forever. I think the earthly life might grow very stale after a century or two , depending on technology’s ability to prevent our boredom. Boredom , or stale Ness, if the majority of the population was over 900 years old, would likely lead to immorality, the violating of boundaries merely to fight boredom. If it mortality or something close to it was achievable by science, then we might label Earth “The False Heaven.”


Numbers describe; They don’t create. For instance, if an apartment’s address adds up to five, the number of romance, it’s not bringing romance into the life of its resident, instead it is describing or representing a romantic phase in this resident’s life. To put a More extreme example: 16/7 is the number of division and destruction, but also of illumination. I think it might be a good number for schools. Couples who moved into a 16/7 Address often separate or divorce. But When it happens, the house did not cause the separation. It was a “house of separation” to which the couple was drawn because they were headed for separation. In the same way, we go to the ice cream parlour to enjoy an ice cream. The ice cream parlour always remains an ice cream parlour just as the house of separation always remains where it is. We visit the parlour to eat an ice cream; we visit the house To enter a separation — Or revelations, for stunning new insights and knowledge, For a major awakening… Which many divorces are, at least for men.

I guess the disappointing thing about this is that you can’t really change your life in a specific way by moving into the address or number you want. For example, if you’re going through a five-year dry period in romance, it won’t really help you to move into a five” (i.e., romantic) number address.


I could solve the Trump hush money case in one day — well, not solve, I mean, I could get that corrupt judge Merchan recused, and the trial delayed. I outlined how, in last week’s column. The trouble is, Trump will never know and neither he nor his lawyers nor anyone in his campaign organization will ever hear about this. One reader wrote to say I should get on Trump’s Truth Social and inform someone there. I’ve tried, I estimate 5 times, to get on or access Truth Social, to no avail. It’s as if fate has been programmed to keep me out. It’s a bit like when I predicted the challenger shuttle would blow up, no one at NASA heard about it — and they would have ignored it if they had.


When I was a boy, I used to fantasize that I was in a bubble, strong and impenetrable, and I could float everywhere around the Earth and see everything and every kind of people, and even go down on the heaving sea and not worry about drowning. I could see people skiing in the snow and bathing on the beach. Or families — or ours — having Christmas dinner. But I dropped that fantasy years ago. I can’t remember when, it wasn’t something you would note.

Now my fantasy is to be a bird, to flex between the trees and surge up into the sky, then soar close to the clouds, the warm sun, the huge miniature landscape below.

The bubble kept me safe. A security thing. Maybe it allowed me to think without the interruption of danger. Your awareness of a constant danger will ebb and flow, causing interruptions, lulls, and sudden violent alertness.

I think as a boy, I cherished the bubble fantasy. Then as a man I plunged into life, had sex, several children, married too many times, built a modest company, owned properties, but, still, even though married (off and on) I craved intimacy but didn’t know how to deal with it. It was like an exotic New World in which I could find no bearings, no real pathway, it scared me, although alluring possibilities breathed on every side, at every tenth step. With my great love, J, I was for a long time afraid that I would disappear inside of her and lose myself entirely, I suppose on the outside I would appear mad. Love meant trust, and who could you trust?
Many benefits come from age. (One of the prime ones is that I no longer need anything to such a degree that I would hurt anyone or cause a disturbance to get someone/thing. Temptations recede.)
Another benefit is that you do learn to trust people in many different ways. You trust them because you can see how they will act. The older you get, the more you know about people and the way they do and will act.
Experience has another benefit: it teaches you (mostly thru observation) to let go and chase your goals; life is littered with people who did not, and they stand as reminders. I just wish I had learned this much earlier.
Security is a brother to trust. The need for more security also fades with age — not the physical need, which often increases. But the subject’s perception of his/her need for relationships and the need to be close declines as a factor in his/her perception of emotional security. “I’m alright, Jack,” is the rallying cry of the grey and aged.
As my need for security slowly dissolved (over decades) so did the craving for intimacy — for everything. Your appetites die down as you hit the last ten or so years.


“Hello, gentlemen,” said the reaper to the crowd. “Although I wear a grin my purpose is rather grim.”

If we use “crowd” here, the meaning, the symbol, the implication and thus the empathy invokes humanity in general — a “crowd.” (The “gentlemen” detracts from this intellectually, i.e., logically, but has little effect on the ear or the empathy.)
If we used “small crowd,” our sympathies/empathies would be focused on this group. Where were they from? What did they represent politically and other ways? We would want more identification from them. This demand for deeper or more accurate identification arises because our sympathies are much stronger toward this small group, and we feel the need to confirm their identity or link to prevent ourselves because we do feel so strongly. The higher potency of our feelings in the “small crowd” phrase could be due to the focus being now more narrow and hence more concentrated, hence stronger.
Also, it is easier for us to empathize strongly with something close and personal (‘small crowd”) whereas if the stage was the entire breath of humanity (“crowd”) even the most humane, broad-spirited person would tend to a gentle rather than powerful (tho’ perhaps still tragic or pathetic) empathy,

Here is a mild conundrum: the phrase, small crowd will cause a stronger impression on the reader at both of subconscious and perhaps conscious level. Well and good but as writers, we tend to admire, and perhaps even practice in the zone of philosophy, worldview, law and justice, awareness and consciousness, higher learning, etc. But that all lies in the direction of humanity in general, of the crowd.. So the writer, to gain maximally effect must dessert his goal of exploring consciousness. There is a solution to this, which I think many writers use: they use the “small crowd,” but make it representative of larger things, ultimately of humanity. In English classes, this is called the principal of universality.


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