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At first it was strange, now it’s familiar.
***   ***

It’s an unwise father who can’t see his son’s virtues. (PC version: They are unwise parents who can’t see their children’s virtues/talents.) Impatience breeds blindness.
***   ***


aries icon  ARIES:  March 21-April 19

Continue to chase money, and to look for opportunities to purchase important or needed items, equipment, luxury items, things for the home or garden, etc. (Tues. and Sat. best for buying; Mon. good, but has flaws.) Realize you lean toward reckless spending now to mid-June, so exercise self-control. (More money will come than usual, but don’t rely on it.) Continue, too, to travel (short trips),communicate and to ask questions — be curious — all through ’21. Friends are now (to mid-May) your source of career opportunities.

Relationships face you Sunday to mid-morn Mon. Both arguments/rejection, and harmony/glad acceptance exist here. Acceptance is esp. likely if you approach a group, rather than a single person. It all ends with a light heart! Dive into secrets, financial situations, research, lifestyle changes, sex (if ethical) Mon. morning (9:30 am PDT onward) to about the same time Wed. Wait until midday Tues. onward to act: earlier holds disappointment.

A wise, mellow mood steals over you Wed. morn to Fri. morn. Cultural, belief, philosophical and intellectual areas draw you — so does love. A good interval, though Thurs. pm might hold some deception, indecision. Be ambitious Fri. morning through Sat. — you could obtain a pay raise or promotion, or additional duties which will turn into promotion. Great luck, so pursue something! Only flaw: possible argument at home Fri. eve.

taurus icon  TAURUS:  April 20-May 20

Your energy, charisma, timing and effectiveness are at a yearly high, Taurus. Be a leader, start things, gather allies and impress people. It’s time to go after what you want. Communications and travel and paperwork will swirl around you until mid June — and these can boost your influence and acceptance on management levels. You will be very busy. Your physical charms shine now also, so you could attract a suitor.

Tackle chores Sun. to mid-morn Mon. Dress and eat sensibly. If buying machinery, Monday’s better. Relationships fill your horizon Monday morning to Wednesday morning. Some opposition exists, but so do some lucky breakthroughs — approach others, be diplomatic, and seek cooperation. A wish might come true Tues.

Life’s deeper side emerges Wed. morning to Fri. morning. (All PDT). Pursue investments, debt reduction, partnership finances, sex, lifestyle changes, medical aid. Possible deception/indecision Thurs. (pm). A sweet, loving, mellow mood steals over you Fri. morning through Sat. This is a bit of a nervous or “high tension” week, and these “nerves” climax Friday, so look forward to a calmer future afterward. You could fall in love Fri./Sat./Sun.

gemini icon  GEMINI:  May 21-June 20

Continue to rest, sleep, contemplate and stay out of active, challenging situations. This is a good time to contact advisers, charities, government, head office or large institutions (hospitals, banks, universities) — and to quietly plan your future. The people in these positions will treat you with grace and caring communications. They will favour your applications (tax return?). More money will flow to you until mid-June — bank it, don’t spend without thought.

Romance beckons Sun. to mid-morn Monday. Hard to say where this will go, as the aspects are contradictory. It’s possible you will join someone to “fight destiny.” Roll up your sleeves and get the work done Mon. midday to Wed. morning. You’ll get a good amount finished — but be slow, careful pre-dawn Tues.

Relationships, new and fresh horizons, opportunities and oppositions face you mid-morning Wednesday to mid-morning Friday. No need to chase anything or anyone… a quiet, passive stance suits you best. Friday morning through Sat. brings secrets, lust, finances, changes, medical stuff… act on any of these 5 pm PDT Friday onward, not before. Success ensues.

Cancer icon  CANCER:  June 21-July 22

It’s a happy, hopeful time, Cancer. Friends gather round, social joys multiply, you feel flirtatious and buoyant. Make and accept invitations. Your sexual magnetism, determination and courage peak now to June 11. This intensifies relationships, but it also spurs you to greater ambitious efforts.

Your home and family, nutrition, rest and security draw your attention Sun. to mid-morn Mon. Love doesn’t go well, but finances and investments do. Romance finds a way — in fact, climaxes — Mon. morn to mid-morn Wed. A few of you will fall madly in love. But if you do so before Tues. dawn (PDT) it will not lead to marriage or co-habitation. Someone who shows up later Tues. could be a viable wedding candidate. You can accomplish a lot, get your way, Mon. and Tues. — but not in partnership zones before Tues. dawn. Work alone.

Tackle chores mid-morn Wed. to mid-morn Fri. A good, productive interval overall, but be cautious about ethics and ideas (and love) Thurs. night. Eat, dress sensibly. Friday morn through Sat. brings relationships — this might lead to argument or intense attraction Fri. daytime (love or war) but this night and Sat. weave sweet emotions and productive harmony — jump on opportunities, relationship openings, public appearances, relocation themes. Some of you could find your real mate this week!

Leo icon  LEO:  July 23-Aug. 22

It’s time to get ambitious, Leo. Your “upper limits” expand now, and a partnership or an opportunity (maybe at a distance) could be the element to boost you up the career or status ladder. Bosses favour you until about May 8. Avoid legal, statistical, and international areas now to June 11. Same period, steer clear of dark alleys and belligerent people.

Errands, paperwork, calls and trips fill Sun. to mid-morn Mon. Some obstacles, but mostly smooth. Be active, curious rather than home-bound. You could write, maybe send, a good career idea/initiative Sun. daytime. Be home (at least in your heart) mid-morn Mon. to mid-morn Wed. Your luck is mingled here, but mostly good — with gov’t, head office Mon., with finances, research Tues. Caution needed with employment, machines/tools and relationships.

Romantic notions tickle you Wed. morn to Fri. mid-morn, but you might not get very far. Worth a try? “Intimacy” (or getting there) might baffle you Thurs. night (PDT).  (By Fri. you might realize career/ambition are your true mates for awhile.) Tackle chores and protect your health Fri. mid-morn through Sat. — a beautifully beneficial period (exception: possible argument Fri. afternoon/eve). Buy any kind of machine, car, or appliance Saturday.

virgo icon  VIRGO:  Aug. 23-Sept. 22

Wisdom sits on your shoulder for the next few weeks, Virgo. Seek understanding, higher learning, law, international affairs, cultural venues and beliefs… and love. You might travel far. All these are touched with the wand of success until May 8. Your social life intensifies but doesn’t expand — within a group, you could meet a hot intimate partner — or a co-investor. You might also join a very physical club (e.g., mountain hiking) or a research group.

Chase money Sun. to mid-morn Mon. Collect, purchase bargains, raise your rates, etc. Luck is mingled, so don’t “go big.” Dive into errands, paperwork, communications and travel mid-morn Mon. to mid-morn Wed. (All PDT.) Monday goes very well. Tuesday pm might bring a compatible love partner — or simply your spouse. Don’t buy machinery for the home.

Speaking of home, that’s where your heart flows, mid-morn Wed. to mid-morn Fri. All’s well with family and property, but you and your partner might not see eye-to-eye Thurs. night. Romance, self-expression, adventure and risk, beauty and pleasure, creative urges — these arrive mid-morn Fri., and make you glow into next Sunday!

libra icon  LIBRA:  Sept. 23-Oct. 22

It’s a sexy time, Libra. Secrets, research, lust, medical and lifestyle decisions, large finances, all blossom with possibility now to late May, but more fortunately before May 8, so don’t procrastinate. Higher-ups are temperamental until mid-June, so step carefully at work and don’t defy police. Though you’re lucky in romance all ’21, these few weeks ahead are lustful rather than romantic — and could even draw you away from your true love.

Your energy and charisma sit nice and high Sun. to mid-morn  Mon. You might hear a secret, or share one. Someone tempts. Romance survives! Chase $ Mon. morn to mid-morn Wed. Buy, sell, memorize, learn. Monday offers casual intimacy, but it won’t overcome domestic problems in the long run. Wednesday brings a good work-mate, or the chance to gain a pay raise.

Errands, communications, paperwork, short trips and curiosity fill Wed. mid-morn to Fri. mid-morn. (All PDT.) Everything’s fine, though there might be a difficulty involving plumbing, germs, a neglected chore or your health Thurs. night. Your home, kids, garden, neighbourhood, all surround you in a rejuvenating way, Fri. morn through Saturday. You might argue Fri. eve, but otherwise this splendid interval shows you something new: for the first time in over a decade, your home is becoming a source of joy or comfort rather than a source of frustrating, restricting problems. (Within 4 years, all the domestic problems will be solved.)

scorpio icon  SCORPIO:  Oct. 23-Nov. 21

Relationships are the prime experience now to late May, Scorpio. Until May 8, others respond affectionately. Until May 3, the sexuality of any relationship is uppermost (or she or he is keeping a secret but is eager to discuss it). Investment and financial opportunities last to May 3. Stay away from all legal matters now (unless it’s your vocation) to mid-June. You might travel for your career.

Lie low, rest and ponder Sun. to mid-morn (PDT) Mon. All’s well. You might receive a very pleasant call from a good, maybe new, maybe young friend. Your energy and charisma surge mid-morning Mon. to mid-morn Wed. Be a leader, gather allies, start projects — you’re the propelling force. Best times for action: Mon. afternoon/eve and Tues. afternoon/night. A relationship might climax — touch someone.

Chase $, seek bargains, memorize and learn mid-morn Wed. to Fri. mid-morning, All goes well except romance, creativity and sports, Thurs. night. Friday morn through Sat. brings errands, paperwork, communications and restless travel. Beware an “argumentative situation” Fri. pm. Otherwise, this is a splendid interval, and could spark an affectionate, happy friendship. (Perhaps “friendly romance.”)

sagittarius icon  SAGITTARIUS: Nov. 22-Dec. 21

Ugh, four weeks of work and drudgery, boredom and health matters. (Actually, 1 week of this is gone, so only 3 more weeks to plod through.) On the plus side, co-workers are social, perky and affectionate — at least until May 8. Remember, ’21 is your year of expansion in communications and local travel — you turn into a bit of a Gemini — which is a good thing to Jan./22. (I’d tell you why, but it’s depressing.) Until mid-June, either a) your work is more interesting and creative; or b) you start a co-worker romance; or c) work is so intense it sparks fights, arguments. I’d pick a) NOT b).

Social joys arrive Sun. to mid-morn Mon. A co-worker (or health worker) might contact you Sunday — with good news. Retreat, lie low, rest and ponder Mon. morn to mid-morning Wed. Monday’s good, flows well, but the actions that are successful this day might meet glitches later. Tuesday night’s great, esp. for domestic matters.

Your energy and charisma return mid-morn Wed. to mid-morn Fri. Charge ahead, lead, see and be seen, start projects. Possible flaw: illusion or deception Thurs. night.  Friday morning through Sat. emphasizes money, buying/selling. An argument might arise Fri. because there isn’t as much money as needed. But this might turn to attraction; in fact, a sexual urge underlies any hostile encounter this day. Saturday’s sweet, lucky — money’s good, shopping’s good.

capricorn icon  CAPRICORN: Dec. 22-Jan.19

Three more weeks of romance, creative surges and rewarding risk-taking, beauty and pleasure, Cap. Mars in your relationship sign until mid-June promises some intense to-and-fros — could be love, could be war. Until May 8, at least, it is far more likely to be love. Remember, your main good fortune this year comes from earnings — so find creative ways to increase your $.

Be ambitious Sun. to mid-morn Mon. You’ll succeed, even if you have a slow start Sun. Possible message from, contact with someone. Purpose: romance. Both nights are potent — you could fall in love! Withdraw for quietude, rest and contemplation Wed. mid-morn to mid-morn Fri. Examine what has brought you here, and where you go from here. Make plans. Contact gov’t or an advisor. Your energy and pizzazz come bouncing back Fri. morn through Sat. Friday features that “love or war” influence mentioned above — but Sat. is pure harmony.

Aquarius icon  AQUARIUS:  Jan. 20-Feb. 18

The emphasis remains on your domicile, family, security, and the foundations you stand on before launching a project (or whole life) Aquarius, until May 20. This area is affectionate and fortunate until May 8, so launch projects early. Garden, landscaping, renovations, changing the kids’ education funds are good actions now — so is pruning: cut out wasteful or stagnant plants, branches, situations and relationships. Your work is hard and intense now; do it without talking too much.

A mellow, wise mood prevails Sun. to mid-morn Mon. Maybe an important, cheerful message from a child or other family member. Contemplate foreign shores, law, publishing, intellectual pursuits. Show ambition Mon. morning to mid-morn Wed. A good interval, esp. Mon. (things come to a peak) and Tues. (opportunities, and good money news). Be careful Mon. midnight to dawn Tues. (PDT).

A surge of popularity (though suppressed by the general “down home” influence) and a smidgeon of social joys, a friendly flirtation, arrive mid-morn Wed. to mid-morn Fri. You’ll feel happy, optimistic. But don’t throw money away Thurs. night. Friday morning through Sat. shunts you into “rest” mode — withdraw, study your past and future, make plans, contact an advisor or a civil servant. Meditate, rest. Sidestep an argument (or an itchy plant like poison ivy) Fri. pm. Saturday brings blessed, mellow peace.

Pisces icon  PISCES: Feb. 19-March 20

Quick, easy chores fill the few weeks ahead, Pisces — errands, paperwork, travel, communications, filing, office systems/protocol. These will go well, esp. before May 9. You might grow passionate about a person, or about money now to mid-June. (Don’t let this turn into a fiasco, don’t try “too big” around June 5.)

Life’s secret doors open for you Sun. to mid-morn Mon. Lust, investigation, financial and “backroom” power plays, life changes, surgery — one of these calls you. Luck’s good and bad; all ends well. A mellow, wise mood flows over you Mon. morn to mid-morn Wed. This is a sweet, mellow interval, good for lovers, esp. those who want to talk about a future together. Best both daytimes — avoid early morning action.

Be ambitious Wed. morning to mid-morn Fri.   Good results. Happiness, social joys, optimism, popularity and wish fulfillment comes Fri. morn through Sat. Careful Fri. pm — an “agitated” person might be seeking love, or a fight. Otherwise, this is a great interval (even into next Sunday) for love, friends, and fun.




“The concept of “systemic racism” derives from critical race theory, which the Heritage Foundation summarizes as the “main philosophical school in the identity politics of today” and an “unremitting attack on all of America’s norms and traditions… that will introduce a more leftist model of governing.”

“The philosophy has come to light in the modern day with the New York Times’ 1619 Project, which Peter Kirsanow, a member of the U.S. Commission on Civil Rights, called ‘one of the most significant attempts to propagandize history.’” Breitbart News reported.

Critical race theory developed in 1937, when Marxist academics from Germany’s Frankfurt School issued a manifesto, “Traditional and Critical Theory,” which contends there are no universal truths. Instead, truths are “competing narratives,” providing a basis for the “Left to impose its own” values.” — Breitbart News

Critical Race Theory (the basis of “systemic racism” accusations; or, the political manifesto of the Green New Deal) was actually developed/announced in 1937 in Europe by Marxist scholars — about the same time eugenics arose, and Nazi-ism.
***   ***

From 2017 through 2020, twice as many Whites were killed by police as Blacks. But  there are almost 5 times as many Whites, so Blacks should be killed at 1/5th the number of White deaths, not 1/2.

In 2020, about 450 Whites were killed by police, versus about 225 Blacks and 100+ Hispanics. (55 police were killed in the line of duty.)

So 450/5 = 90 = expected number of Black deaths. Actual number = 225.

But  you can also look at it this way: if you took only the suspect-killing police in 2020, the average cop killed 2 Whites for every Black. (This is how statistics can lie. This one is false on two levels. First, it ignores that there are 2.5 White suspects for every Black one.)

***   ***

BLM — Did you see that Patrisse Khan-Cullors, a Black co-founder of Black Lives Matter, bought 4 luxury houses in California? She lives in one of them, at a $1.4 million price tag — it’s in a lily-white ‘hood (under 2% black pop). She has also been investigating, said a New York Post report, buying a property in an exclusive Bahamas resort, where her neighbours would be Justin Timberlake and Tiger Woods. Where properties run from $5 to 20 million.

Now I don’t know anything wth certainty about Patrisse or her money. Evidently she is working with Disney and doing other gigs, so she could have earned the few million. I have no idea if she’s corrupt or not, but it deserves a deeper look. (Not by me; I’m no researcher.) The other founder of BLM thought so, and said so.

(Don’t believe America is corrupt? Look at this report from Real Clear Politics:

“Kirk Allen and John Kraft started Edgar County Watchdogs, a government-accountability nonprofit, in 2011. By appearance, it is a humble operation – Allen and Kraft are the group’s only employees. Edgar County, Pop. under 18,000 is smaller than most Illinois townships.

“In terms of impact, however, the Watchdogs punch well above their weight. Allen and Kraft’s investigative work has resulted in 186 indictments, 28 convictions, and the removal of 425 officials and bureaucrats from public office.”

This, from a tiny county in one state, representing about 1/20,000th of the . U.S. pop.)

If BLM’s founders and leaders are corrupt, it weakens the movement — and it undermines Blacks’ faith in themselves and their cause when they learn it was run by corrupt people.

(That Black guy, crinkled greying hair, hoping to earn enough in the next 5 or 10 years to retire, father and husband, worked faithfully all his life, and accepts what he accepts, but knows it hasn’t been fair, and the closer he gets to old age the more he regrets that it wasn’t fair, and so when Black Lives Matter rises up and starts talking about raising Blacks up, he might be inclined to support it, and even to forgive its more violent aspects/incidents, and in supporting he will vote the way BLM approves (left of centre) and perhaps support BLM’s boycotts, etc. But if this Black man sees the founder of BLM — Patrisse Cullors — standing in the same old swamp, knee-deep in corruption, he might turn away from BLM. Part of him might turn away from all political movements; part might reconsider the left-leaning “instruction” of BLM. Again, Patrisse might be innocent, and if you think of her as suburban liberal political woman, she could start any cause she wanted, and would not be accused of being rich.

But home-buying BLM Cullers has said she is a ‘trained Marxist.” That sounds a little more guerrilla than suburban liberal.

Twitter suspended sports writer Jason Whitlock for this tweet: “Black Lives Matter founder buys $1.4 million home in Topanga, which has a black population of 1.4%. She’s with her people!”
***   ***


Did you ever notice that monotheism did not appear until there was a language, and a written version developed enough to 1) preserve the story, and 2) present new ideas to an infant people/nation (Israel)?

Now we see icons and emoticons, et al, replacing words. When literature is abandoned for pictures. (This has begun, ubiquitously yet unremarked — one of the biggest “movers” in this replacement sphere are the writer/illustrators of operating, maintenance and other directions for manufacturers, especially those with international sales. Another influencer: computers and play programs.)

The written language and its thought patterns must obviously be replaced. Think of it this way: those UFO’s the Pentagon now claims do exist, and the 1,000’s of other claims, have one thing in common: the aircrafts move wth amazing agility and speed, operate on some physics, it appears, beyond our comprehension. Now, think of the guy/gal, piloting that thing. Does he/she have time to think about things in a literate, or word-oriented way?

Such a pilot would have to think through pictures, or on skeins beyond pictures, perhaps beyond symbols (which have proved to be an intriguing but rather clumsy way to develop thought, and are part of the reason literate thought is limited, imprecise and slow). Perhaps such a pilot lives in a realm or on a level we cannot even imagine, where communications would take place so swiftly we could not hear them, and thoughts would be faster than light.

As our literate way of thinking ebbs, so will we let go of the religious concepts dependent on it. Already, the “way of the cross” is  being supplemented by “the way of the sphere” (though it has no such title) as in the new inclusive movement (called the diversity, or rainbow  or progressive movement). Unrefined, this can be negative as in “are you in my sphere, or an enemy? If you aren’t in my sphere I’ll cancel you” — or positive, as in, “we must include everybody” (for spheres are inclusive).

In the far future, inclusion will be a given, an already-achieved state. The thing about inclusion is, it cannot stop. (Unless perhaps it reaches a certain mass that cannot sustain or structure itself. Or unless it is an impure inclusion — hence the need for God, spirit, and maybe religion, though of a different sort.) An impurity would be a member or more who are in the sphere with lip service, but don’t really believe in total inclusion; they are still prejudiced, often without realizing it themselves.

Bigots are usually not aware. If these people were truly inclusive, they would not discriminate. To call yourselves inclusive, then attack “racists” and “white supremacists,” creates a “sagging” or “mock” inclusion. (The sphere sags like a soccer ball without air.) The present WOKE movement and Cancel Culture are complicated phenomena, for they

1) might be spherical (i.e., open to anyone), yet they employ hate and fear, vengeance and heartless destruction, and are enemy to another sphere, just as large but far less organized; so in essence, though being spherical, they exclude, reject and prevent the final inclusion of all*, which should be a mortal sin in Catholic terms; and

2) the WOKE and Cancel actions, though often outrageous, cruel, destructive and heartless — and too early, perhaps — prefigure a new world, and take the first rather bold steps into it. Whether it bankrupts the country, or castrates its military, remains to be seen.

  • * Actually, the WOKE and Cancel Culture are “mock” or “sagging” spheres, because they do discriminate: against all who are not in their sphere. But this is a fine line.They could be combatants in a sphere war.

I have no idea whether BLM or Antifa are inclusive or not. Biden’s government is not spherical, nor was Trump’s.

Mock inclusion or “flabby” or “sagging” inclusion would describe a men’s hiking club, or a women’s auxiliary. True inclusion is spherical: up or down, rich or poor, skilled or ignorant, black or purple, criminal or saint, male or female, crippled or sound, you’re welcome. You can still have a mountain climbing club, and have it be contained within the larger or great sphere, simply by accepting all manner of members. If a cripple who needs two men to carry him under the best of conditions wants to come along, well…

Inclusion cannot be racist or prejudicial, as the two cannot co-exist. So eventually, at least theoretically, ten thousand smaller inclusive groups, believers, citizens, whatever, will meld into one thousand, then 500, then 100, then 20… and so on, until the Earth might be covered by one inclusive consciousness. (This melding might occur more on emotional, psychic, political and legal levels than a physical one.) Animals would not be left out of this current.

At present, 2018-2021, there is a portion of the pop. who truly believe in inclusion, and support it. There is another group who think they believe in inclusion but fight against it, even violently, by excluding certain types: “racists” and unborn babies*, for instance. And some are frightened by inclusion — or by the loss of old patterns and psychic environments — in essence, Republicans.

* (By the way, I don’t consider abortion a major sin. Here’s what I think: a soul is about to be reincarnated into the life of its choosing, but before it can breathe in that new world, its life is terminated, and it goes back to the soul pool, where it can next pick a couple who want a child rather than those who did not. It actually benefits the soul… My only quibble would be this doubt: should the human assume God’s role, and make the decision to take a life, and/or to deny a soul entry to its chosen path?)

It would be easy to imagine that the left, Dems, want inclusion and the right, Republicans, fight it. I suspect that’s not true. I think many Blacks want exclusion. The Dems mouth the words of inclusion, but have proven violently intolerant of ideas/experiences/beliefs that they find either frightening or “wrong.” The Republicans generally support religion, Dems tend to be cooler, with an atheistic/humanitarian core. Many evangelicals are right-wing. But these practicing Christians and Jews and Muslims are more ardent believers than the Dems. And although their beliefs are different, they might be first to switch their emotional alliance, because they’re used to believing.


3 thoughts on “~ WEEKLY FORECAST ~ APRIL 25 – MAY 1, 2021

  1. BG


    I’m a Libra. Pluto/Neptune have wrecked havoc with my life in the past decade and Uranus has put soul crushing financial pressure in these last few years. Thankfully, have stayed out of debt so far but the $$ situation just refuses to improve (obviously not the only one with this problem).

    It seems the home problems might be around even after Pluto moves into Aquarius (Natal Uranus, Neptune also in Capricorn with Saturn in Aquarius), hindering chances of a ‘ happy union’ as you mention in your columns.

    Any opportunities/good aspects to gamble/try my luck/turn fortune around with Saturn/Jupiter around in Aquarius later this year?

    Sorry about too many details. Appreciate your input. Thank you very much!

    1. Tim Stephens Post author

      Hi, BG,

      Patience! You are at most 30 years old (by the planet positions you list). I didn’t even get my first full-employment job until I was 32 years old. So you have lots of runway, lots of life to live. When Pluto exits Capricorn, many of your troubles will dissolve. As for ’21, it’s a big romance year.



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