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NOTE:  The annual forecast, the luck forecast & the karmic forecast for 2021 are now available under PLATFORMS, above.


A reader has asked me to list the letters that stand for signs, so I’ve done this in the AFTERAMBLE.


aries icon  ARIES:  March 21-April 19

Tuesday brings the future, Aries. It starts a month of happiness, optimism, popularity, flirtations and social delights. Lots of talk and travel associated with this. It “sets up” the rest of 2021 as a time of love, joy and wish fulfillment. Bosses still favour you and your ideas. Money flows to you through March 3, but bank it, fight the urge to spend.

Lie low Sunday; rest and plan. Your energy and charisma leap upward Mon. to late morning Wednesday. Caution late Tues. to Wed. am, when an “adventure” could earn silent criticism. Otherwise, be a leader, start things. (Short things, as delays/confusion start new week.)

Pursue money, buy/sell, gather clients, Wed. noon through Fri. Careful Wed., when daydoors remain shut to you; charge ahead Thurs./Fri. Errands, calls, friends, easy chores Sat. — dive in; good luck abounds! You might meet a special friend, or one who will become special.

taurus icon  TAURUS:  April 20-May 20

Tuesday begins a month of ambition, prestige relations and worldly standing, Taurus. It should be a good month overall, but delays and confusion/indecision can arrive next week into late Feb., so only start projects that you can complete quickly, or cast your eye on a cherished project/ambition from the past, for it might return as an opportunity soon.

All February, higher-ups will love you. (Well, at least favour you.) This “entry” into an ambitious mood is very significant, for 2021 can give you a solid, generous step up, based in some way on what happens in the weeks ahead.

Hopes, flirtations and delicious hints Sunday. Withdraw to quietude Mon. to late morning Wed. — rest, plan, contribute to spiritual or charitable organizations. Partnerships/marriage might be a wee bit challenged Tues. night. Your energy, charisma and assertiveness bounce back Wed. noon through Friday. Be a leader, start things, enlist others, see and be seen. Thurs./Fri. best. Chase money Saturday, go shopping, call clients, memorize something, or wiggle closer to a “friend with benefits.”

gemini icon  GEMINI:  May 21-June 20

Tuesday begins four weeks of international, legal, travel, intellectual, cultural, love and publishing pursuits, Gemini. Expect much talk and written missives about one or two projects in this zone. This communications side will fall into confusion and delays next week into late Feb., then “everything straightens up” and heads toward decision and solution, in March. This is just the “talk and paperwork” side.

Deeper, great good luck and stability is coming, all year, to your intellectual, publishing, international, legal, cultural interests — and love. You might formally wed someone whom you find very sexy.

Be ambitious Sunday. A sudden break-through might occur. A wish might come true Mon. to late morning Wednesday. Your popularity rises, as does your optimism and happiness. Join a social group. Monday and daytime Tues. go well — Wed. not so much.

Withdraw from the bustle Wed. noon through Friday. Sleep, ponder, plan — but realize your plans will likely change over the few weeks ahead. Most things flow well, but watch legal/ethical implications, esp. if the gov’t or a large corporation involved. Saturday, you shine! Energy, charisma, love and wisdom fill you. Say yes to love.

Cancer icon  CANCER:  June 21-July 22

Tuesday begins a month of secrets, research/investigation, sexual desire, large finances (e.g., investments, debt) medical events and lifestyle changes/decisions. In general, this “secretive” sector will stabilize and grow all year. There will be a fair amount of communication around these interests, confidential discussions, etc. These will fall into confusion/delay late next week to late February, but by March everyone will be agreeing.

Relationships lift your heart — others are gentle, affectionate to January’s end, and you’re social, popular, esp. in career/prestige areas, now to early March. A male friend will do something significant.

Sunday’s for gentle love, understanding, foreign contacts. Abrupt (happy?) surprise — maybe from a friend. Be ambitious, chase career, Mon. to late morning Wed. Success will depend on agreement, Tues./Wed. Wish fulfillment, optimism, social delights, flirtation and happiness fill Wed. noon through Friday. Just don’t do anything to endanger/gamble with your finances, and you’ll be fine. Withdraw, rest, ponder, be spiritual Saturday. All’s good!

Leo icon  LEO:  July 23-Aug. 22

Relationships — significant, good, important relationships — fill the month ahead. (Starts Tues.)   “Relationships” includes relocation possibilities, fresh horizons emotionally and psychically, opportunities, public dealings, negotiations and contracts, litigation and broken promises, co-operation or challenge. (Pick co-operation.) There will be much talk and written communication around these matters, perhaps many visits… and confusion, delay, next week into late February.

An old flame or “ex” might appear. Whether you grab this old flame or not, if you’re single, this communication is introducing a whole year of “joining.” If you’re single, you could be dealing with a true life-mate. (He/she might be a co-worker, or have a disability.)

Sunday’s for sex and finances. Dig deeper. You might make a decision between your ambitions and a relationship. Wisdom, understanding, mellow, gentle love, international, legal and intellectual themes arrive Mon. to late morning Wed. — fine Mon., but be cautious Tues. night (PST) and Wednesday.

Be ambitious Wed. noon through Fri. — you’ll be gratified by your progress. Friends, flirtations, happy optimism, wishes coming true, all Saturday. You could meet real love, but realize the sexual side might not be “forthcoming.”

virgo icon  VIRGO:  Aug. 23-Sept. 22

Tuesday starts a month of work and health concerns, Virgo. You actually like this area, which is a good thing because the whole year ahead expands, blesses and deepens employment, service, machinery, and similar stuff. Much activity and discussion takes place in this area now through mid March.

There will be a phase of confusion and delay from late January to late February, but things will get worked out by March. A former job role might return soon. Do not buy machinery or computers before February 21. There will be many chances to score great machine purchases in ’21. Your finances are likely to rise, as will your income.

A romantic streak enlivens the rest of this month. You might fall in love with someone who inspires both your head and your intimate zone, now through February.

Sunday is for relationships. Your sexual, financial and lifestyle interests are highlighted Mon. to noon Wednesday. These go well early, but exercise caution Tues. evening/night. A mellow, intellectual, loving mood steals over you from Wed. noon through Friday. Love can definitely occur. These couple of days are not particularly good for work, but they are great for human relationships. Be ambitious Saturday: you could encounter people who can help you tremendously in your work and career.

libra iconLIBRA:  Sept. 23-Oct. 22

Ah, sweet romance! If you aren’t in love already, Libra, 2021 will bring one of the best life mate prospects in your life. If you are already married, this time heals family wounds, transforms the children into well behaved munchkins, and nudges you into adventure. (’21’s also good for decorating, yourself or the house.)

A lot of talk concerns love, creativity, adventure and taking a chance — the ideas and proposals will go into a delay/confusion phase late Jan. to late Feb., but will come to agreement by March, and kick off a whole year of deep satisfaction. Your home/family are comforting all Jan. You feel a powerful sexual drive until early March — don’t invest impulsively, same period.

Sunday’s for chores. Relationships and opportunities fill Mon. to noon Wed. Act early — Tues. pm onward isn’t very successful. Be diplomatic. Sexual desire, financial depths, medical procedures and lifestyle changes fill Wed. noon through Friday — mostly with good fortune! (But don’t be “romantic.”)

scorpio icon  SCORPIO:  Oct. 23-Nov. 21

Starting Tuesday, Scorpio, the accent will be on your home, family, security, real estate and related areas — for one month, but this month will “set in motion” great developments here — for instance, you might buy a “perfect” home. Much talk and communication around this, now to mid-March. But a confusion/delay phase affects all this domestic zone from next week to Feb. 20, so don’t plan nor start anything major (e.g., renovations) during this period.

Now to January’s end, communications will be affectionate — but now to early March, you can run into hostility in relationships. Be diplomatic, co-operative. A working partnership might be born.

Sunday’s for romance and creativity, sports and beauty. Tackle chores Mon. to noon Wed. — eat, dress sensibly, esp. Tues. night. You’ll accomplish the most Monday. Relationships rule Wed. noon through Friday. Note the potential “hostility” mentioned above. But this is a benevolent interval, so do approach others, seek agreement, grab opportunities. Saturday is for your favourite things: secrets, investigations, sexual lures, and “big finance” (e.g. investments/debt). It’s a great day, so plunge in!

sagittarius icon  SAGITTARIUS:  Nov. 22-Dec. 21

Tuesday ends a month of money focus, Sage, and starts a more friendly, restless, talkative and errand-filled four weeks. This kicks off a whole year of the same. You might need to ensure you don’t waste the whole year talking, travelling, etc. Instead, orient your communications around earnings, sales, clients — money. Doing so could help you form a bond, a $ contact or a situation that will “pay off” for up to 3 decades.

However, next week through Feb. 20 will bring confusion and delay until late Feb. So talk, think, envision, but save “committed action” for March onward.

Sunday’s for home, family, rest. Romance, beauty, pleasure, sports, risk, and creative projects grab your attention Mon. to noon Wednesday. Slow down Tues. pm, as disagreement or a money difficulty looms. Tackle chores and protect your health, Wed. noon through Fri. This is a generally benevolent interval as long as you stick to practical matters and don’t say too much. Saturday’s for relationships — and in a lucky way! Embrace others, chase opportunities.

capricorn icon  CAPRICORN:  Dec. 22-Jan. 19

Tuesday starts a month of money focus, Cap — the accent will be on earnings/income, possessions, buying/selling, clients, your pay scale at work — and on memory, and casual sex. You’re attractive to the opposite sex all January. In  addition, your romantic (and creative) instincts veer into overdrive January and February, esp. if you’re male. A love affair is quite possible!

This month’s money focus is important, as it begins a year of major developments, and, very possibly, if you work for it, a permanent rise in pay, perhaps a major one. (Making ’21 a great year to start a new job, or produce/sell a new product.) Much discussion can surround these earnings developments, now to mid-March. From next week to late Feb. these communications (and money plans/projects) will suffer a confusion/delay phase — be patient. (A former job or $ source might appear in this interval.)

Sunday’s for talk, errands. Incline toward home/family Mon. to noon Wed.— wee caution Tues. pm, be accepting, gentle. Romance sweetens Wed. noon through Fri. — best Thursday. Don’t pursue money. Tackle chores Sat. Eat, dress sensibly. All succeeds.

Aquarius icon  AQUARIUS:  Jan. 20-Feb. 18

Tuesday begins a month of heightened energy, deep charisma, effectiveness and clout. Be a leader, Aquarius, get out, see people and let your views be known. This “empowerment” trend lasts all 2021, so get ready — you’re going places, whether emotional, geographical, financial…!

This is your great “breakout” year. But it might start with a stumble, if you pursue any particular goal between next week and Feb. 20. Yes, listen to, soak up all communications that pertain to your future, but commit to nothing before late Feb. Your inner world, and contacts with gov’t, head office, are mildly lucky all January. Domestic friction exists until March 4, so step lightly.

Sunday’s for money, shopping, and a sudden revelation about your home/family. Errands, chatter, short trips and paperwork fill Mon. to noon Wednesday. Careful Tues. pm — don’t reveal secrets, nor write/say anything that will later impede you. Life nudges you toward home Wed. noon through Friday. A good, lucky interval! Be diplomatic Wed.. Saturday — romance! (Or charming kids, pleasure, beauty, sports, creative projects.) Plunge in, all’s well. (Daytime best.)

Pisces icon  PISCES:  Feb. 19-March 20

Tuesday ends your revels, and starts a month of inward-ness, of contemplation and planning, charity, spirituality, management, and liaisons with gov’t or head office. Rest often, and take care of your health. Of these activities, planning might not work out, as a period of confusion and delay exists next week to Feb. 20. Still, this trend (quietude, inward-ness) will expand to cover all of ’21. It promises/offers certain benefits: a management position, progress in your career generally.

Your hopes and wishes and social life are mildly and sweetly blessed all January. You might talk too quickly, or be too eager to travel, now through early March.

You’re the star, sort of, Sunday. Let no secrets out. Chase money Mon. to noon Wednesday. Monday best, Tuesday p.m. needs ordinary caution. Monday might offer casual or friendly sex. Errands, communications, visits and paperwork fill Wed. noon through Friday. Luck accompanies you here, so march ahead confidently. Not the best time to tackle gov’t or admin issues. Be home or in the ‘hood Saturday — everything’s mellow and good, kids are happy.



My last wife loved trains. When we were looking for a farm, if it had a railway cutting through the back acres, that’s all she needed. I always wondered why. There is something beautiful and mournful in a train’s deep whistle. It is filled with lovers’ regrets.
***   ***


A and R = Aries

B and I = Taurus

E and X and a sibilant C = Gemini

M and O = Cancer

F and W = Leo

G and N (sometimes J ) = Virgo

L and P = Libra

K and Q and a hard C = Scorpio

U and (usually) J = Sagittarius

H and S and Y = Capricorn

D and V = Aquarius

T and Z = Pisces

You can use these letters anywhere. They’re strongest (most accurate) as the first letter of the first name. They’re good for “estimating” compatibility when you first meet someone. (E.g., I’m Robert, an R, stands for Aries, you might say, so I want a Sage or a Leo name, so I’ll welcome F, W [Leo], U or J [Sage letters].)

***   ***

It would be easy — well, simple but hard— to defeat the Dems in the U.S. civil war. 73 million people voted for Trump. As children do not vote, let’s estimate that twice that number, or 150 million, live in Trump households. If 150,000,000, or roughly half the population, abandoned Twitter, FB, Google/Alphabet, and stopped using Amazon (no more Prime!), Apple, and every leftist company, their revenues would shrink drastically, leading to massive layoffs and severely shrunken profits, even losses.

You can defeat the Dems using that most American of things: consumerism. Boycott every company that has fired employees for being at the Jan. 6 rally, every company that has cut off or banned conservative platforms/accounts, every company that has criticized Trump or demanded his followers be subjected to some form of harm or brainwashing.

For example, refuse to fly with AMERICAN AIRLINES, whose pilot threatened passengers on a flight to Phoenix to end the flight and dump them all in Kansas. The passengers’ sin? They sang “U.S.A., U.S.A.” during the flight — a Trumpism. Unless they shut up, they wouldn’t make it home.

Those 150 million now under-served consumers will provide an eager, swollen market for start-up conservative internet platforms, etc. (and much more — as below). So while Google shrinks to half its size in North America, sites like Parler might rise to rival, even surpass Google in the free market place. As for Apple, simply stop buying their phone (and their apps) — Samsung, too. (Both are Trump haters.) That void will be filled very quickly by rival products

If these 150 million boycott food stores, demand they make PUBLIC conservative statements, contribute only to Republican orgs, or be penalized by losing all conservative customers, the effect will be almost immediate. From Tyson Meats to Safeway, conservatives should demand that corporations be with them, publicly and politically, or they will decimate their business. (This is no different from what the Dems are already doing.)

This might be a good first move, a shot across the bow intended to nudge the Democrats into giving some points politically, or maybe supporting the dividing of big tech and other conservative goals.

And while we’re at it, let’s start conservative elementary and secondary schools, canvass and hire conservative teachers, and hold back applications to universities which have punished conservative students/profs or which continue to espouse leftist content/beliefs while suppressing other views. Republicans have to start working for the future, not “maintaining the past.” I think their best ground for this future lies at the state level.


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