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aries icon  ARIES:  March 21-April 19

The month ahead focuses on career, prestige relations, ambitions and worldly standing — with lots of talk and details through early January. Both Saturn and Jupiter have just left this area (last week) so the time ahead should be less intense, and less significant. (At the same time, your social/happy zone begins “building.” But your best focus is on career and hard effort.

The 4 weeks ahead are a good time to push a project or career you started in 2020, esp. recently.) Your mental, intellectual and travel pursuits go well, now to Jan. 8. And your determination is great. 

Sequester yourself Sun. to early Mon. afternoon (PST) — you’re tired, need rest — and you need some pondering and planning time. Your energy soars Mon. afternoon through Wed. Be ambitious Monday. Tuesday morning is sweet, but this eve into Wednesday presents problems and definite choices. Don’t start a struggle with a higher-up. You’d lose.

Chase money, buy/sell, Thurs. to mid-afternoon Sat. Be cautious pre-dawn Thurs., but otherwise this is a superb time with good luck. Make a play for a pay raise, promotion, more responsibility — or chase non-career ambitions. A language or other rote learning, if started now, will go very well. A casual sexual encounter now could last quite awhile — but might interfere with your wishes and social circle as 2021 progresses.

Saturday night is good for a date, conversations.

taurus icon  TAURUS:  April 20-May 20

The month ahead accents far travel, international affairs, higher learning, statistics, insurance and science, potential fame, cultural, social rituals and beliefs systems — and love. Take the love part seriously, as your love planet weaves its way in and out of these zones/affairs for the next 3 weeks. At the very least, intriguing flirtations should occur. Your sexual and intimate life is boosted during the same three weeks. (Young couples could become pregnant.)

If you started any project in 2020 before Dec. 17, especially in these travel and legal and publishing areas, January will help you push them into prominence/success. Continue to avoid belligerent people — by Jan. 6, this influence will be gone for a long time, so breathe a side of relief!

Happiness prevails Sun. to mid-afternoon Mon. — meet and greet. A wish might come true Sun. Retreat, rest, ponder and plan, deal with gov’t or head office, be charitable Monday pm through Wed. This is a rather dicey interval, so don’t try anything too big. Tuesday morning could bring you a sweet moment. But after this ethics and morals seem to struggle with repressed desires. Avoid violent people.

Your energy and charisma return smartly Thursday pre-dawn (PST) to Sat. mid-afternoon. Ask for what you want. Get out and be seen, push for your most cherished goals. Be a leader, enlist others. Saturday eve favours money.

gemini icon  GEMINI:  May 21-June 20

If you love sex, high finance, secrets and investigations, or lifestyle changes, you will love the month ahead, Gemini. This time can also include surgery or other medical procedures. They should go well, as long as they don’t occur on December 23, 28-31. (I’ll maybe post the January dates next week.)

Other people, from someone just met on the street, all the way to your most important associations, partners, spouse, treat you with affection until Jan. 8. Your hopes remain intact, at least till January 7. Until then, act to make your dreams come true.

Be ambitious, Sunday to mid afternoon Monday. Good luck rides with you, so show your talents and propose projects. An interval of social delights, popularity and optimism, flirtations and wish fulfilment arrives Monday afternoon through Wednesday.

Events are not the best, but it’s hard for them to dent your good mood. Good! But be careful not to mix or combine your financial and or sexual drives with your social and friendship environment. This could cause a cruel result. Late Mon. night and early Tuesday morning favour love and sweet unions.

Retreat from the crowd Thurs. predawn to Sat. mid afternoon. Rest, sleep, restart your health, contemplate and make plans, be charitable and spiritual, and deal with civil servants, admin or health workers. This is a mild, fortunate few days, which hints that there is not much wrong with you in a medical sense, and also that the government — such as the tax department — is mainly on your side. Saturday night, you’re the star!

Cancer icon  CANCER:  June 21-July 22

Relationships of all kinds fill the four weeks ahead, Cancer. “Relationships” includes your environment generally, fresh horizons and relocation themes and opportunities, public dealings and possible fame. Be cooperative, not challenging. Expect a fair amount of conversations and visits to accompany this trend until January 8. Also to January 8, your workplace and coworkers will be pleasant and cooperative. Your career scene remains volatile and intense, but continues to offer opportunities to climb.

Wisdom sits gently beside you Sunday to mid afternoon Monday. It is a mellow, loving and understanding time — and a pretty good interval to start any sort of project that needs stability and growth, esp. in assets and sex.

A career oriented interval starts Monday afternoon and lasts through Wednesday. Be ambitious but also careful, as certain factors or people might be lined up against you. Early Wed. morning is mildly lucky and productive. (Before 8 am PST.)

Hopes and happiness visit you Thursday pre-dawn to Saturday afternoon. This is a beautiful interval, with tremendous good luck, so chase someone or flirt with your spouse. A fine time to make or improve all kinds of relationships, or to seize opportunities. Retreat Sat. night — you need a restful place, stance.

Leo icon  LEO:  July 23-Aug. 22

A month of work and drudgery starts now, Leo. You face this every year end. Until Jan. 8, expect many meetings, talks on the work front. Protect your health, and make sure dependants are provided for. This could be an excellent time to purchase or repair machinery, especially computers before December 28. (Best days for computer-related or electronic items: December 20, 21 (early) 24, 26 (after 4 pm PST) and 27.)

Romance remains significant and sweet until Jan. 8, but as you’re falling in, look ahead and make sure that this relationship can work. (Huge relationship developments will occur now forward through 2021. If single, you could meet a “10” life mate. Continue to guard against legal difficulties and unnecessary foreign travel until January 8.

Sunday to mid afternoon Monday brings secrets, sexual desires, financial doorways, and possible medical or lifestyle decisions. Your luck is pretty good here, so I wouldn’t hesitate: just go ahead.

Your legal, international, intellectual, cultural, media, philosophical and love interest are highlighted Mon.afternoon through Wed. — but not in an easy way. Anyone of these areas could run smack into a dominating force, such as the government, or your boss at work, etc. So step carefully. Monday eve to 8 am Tuesday (PST) is a very nice little interval: have a romantic date or otherwise invite love into your life.

Show your ambition and skills to higher-ups from Thursday predawn to Saturday afternoon. This is an excellent interval to launch a work project, seek employment, or try to contact VIPs. You could climb the ambition/career ladder in a day! Saturday night is for celebration, friends, flirting, golden plans for the future.

virgo icon  VIRGO:  Aug. 23-Sept. 22

Ah, romance! The month ahead brings you the prospect of love, as well as a boost in your creative juices, risk-taking urges, beauty and pleasure pursuits, and joy in children. This area has been heavy since 2009, but was doubly heavy in 2019, and triple heavy in 2020. I don’t mean heavy in the sense of many romances, but in a sense that this area has had a very significant effect on your life. Now, as 2021 approaches, romance becomes merely, only, heavy.

Your sexual urges remain strong until January 8; so does your courage and determination when facing the opposite sex. Much work lives ahead of you, but don’t tackle it too soon… enjoy this month of beauty and pleasure. Your family remains affectionate and cooperative until January 8. A major new work influence has just started, and will expand your duties.

Sunday through mid afternoon Monday features relationships, dealings with the public, new opportunities and distant horizons. Go forth here, start things if you want.

Your sexual, financial, medical and lifestyle concerns arise Mon. afternoon through Wednesday. This is a tough interval, so stay aware and be cautious about committing to anything. One exception: Mon. night and early Tues. morning (PST) offers affection at home, as well as a seemingly good real estate opportunity. Take the affection, let the opportunity go.

A mellow, wise and understanding mood steals over you predawn Thursday to Saturday afternoon. This is a lovely interval for love, family, long distance calls, international affairs, legal, media and intellectual pursuits — and love. Saturday night, be ambitious, call the boss with an idea, or jot it down for later.

libra icon  LIBRA:  Sept. 23-Oct. 22

The month ahead shifts the spotlight onto your domestic environment, Libra. In general, this will be a good time to renovate, repair, decorate, landscape and all that. Also a good time to hug the kids and ensure their scholastic and adult futures.

Since 2009, you have had some unsolvable difficulties with your home or other premises. Some difficulties were solvable, but as soon as you did so another problem came to fill the gap. In 2019 these problems deepened. In 2020, they deepened and expanded (and perhaps gave you a door to freedom). Now, going forward, 2/3rds of those difficulties are vanishing. Good! At last, you are ready for a real love, one that won’t be kicked around by your domestic struggles (or circumstances).

Until January 8, friends and acquaintances treat you with affection; in addition, there will be lots of talk about property, home, kids in a way that examines both the restrictions that these cause, and the philosophical and wise way to deal with them. Relationships remain intense and powerful – there might be some last-minute wedding plans (or practical associations) announced.

Tackle chores and protect your health Sunday to mid afternoon Monday (PST). All is well, and you should get a good solid bit of work accomplished.

Relationships arise powerfully Monday eve through Wed.. Monday night to about 8 am Tuesday promises success for love and sweet nothings. But the rest of this interval is rather negative. The one you want to bond with is still tripping over some of those remaining domestic snags. Or, he/she might have some problem with career or the law which prevents a satisfying union.  Be diplomatic, don’t press things.

Big finances, sexual desires/temptations, lifestyle changes, possible medical procedures — these fill Thursday to Saturday afternoon. Dig deep for treasure; the surface has little value. Good luck rides with you. Thursday night could be a great time to buy a computer or software. Also a good time to start a little group that meets at your home. Saturday night is for love and understanding.

scorpio icon  SCORPIO:  Oct. 23-Nov. 21

The month ahead is filled with errands, filing and paperwork, reports and anecdotes, short trips, casual acquaintances and communications. You will be especially busy until January 8. Also to Jan. 8, you will receive good fortune in money and possessions (and sex). Your work continues to be hard and long, but that trend will end in the first week of January.

From Jan. 8 onward, you’ll encounter affection, perhaps even love, while you are running your errands and doing all your busywork. Your home is going to be a “big deal” in 2021. (Read last week’s column for details.) 

Sunday to mid afternoon Monday brings you romance, a poetic kind of beauty, creative, speculative, and pleasure oriented urges. All’s good — charge ahead. Tackle chores and protect your health Monday afternoon through Wednesday. This is a tough interval, so go slowly and remain alert to hints of trouble, especially Tues. night and Wed. morning. Earlier, Monday night to 8 am (PST) Tuesday, you can reach agreement with a partner or spouse, solve some interior or private problems, or simply flirt with someone.

Relationships loom large predawn Thurs. to Sat. afternoon. This is a beautifully lucky interval, so make your bid in love or in practical areas. Seize opportunities. Contemplate relocation. Saturday night is for intimacy, research or financial actions.

sagittarius icon  SAGITTARIUS:  Nov. 22-Dec. 21

The month ahead features earnings and income, expenses and purchases, possessions, rote learning (such as learning a language), and casual sex (without any deep romance or love). You are still riding a romantic, creative and risk-taking streak, until January 6.

Until Jan. 8, your charms shine, and you’re a little softer, sweeter than usual. Also, you’re talkative about money, and willing to engage another/ask advice about $ and purchases, again to Jan. 8. 

Be home, or at least listen to family members, Sunday to mid afternoon Monday. This is a good time to reach agreement or start domestic projects. Romance, creativity and speculation, beauty and pleasure glow in front of you Mon. afternoon through Wednesday. Most of this interval is tough. Love could be affected by money: don’t be selfish! One good period: Monday night to 8 am (PST) Tuesday – a beautiful romantic interlude could occur.

Tackle chores and do what you can to prevent poor health predawn Thursday to afternoon Saturday. This is a smooth, effective fortunate interval, so charge ahead without hesitation. You’ll accomplish wonders. This is also a great interval for buying or repairing or using machinery of any kind, esp. computer-related items.

Saturday night brings important relationships, and a weekend filled with fresh horizons and opportunities.

capricorn icon  CAPRICORN:  Dec. 22-Jan. 19

It’s your time to shine, Cap! The month ahead raises your energy levels, your effectiveness and timing, magnetism and leadership abilities. You will be a bit restless and quite communicative until January 8. Also to Jan. 8, your inner world and your dealings with government and head offices are mildly blessed and gracious.

Your home/family, and/or your desire to quit a certain situation and try again — these remain intense until January 6. Overall, this is an excellent time to build, as what you start or create now will tend to grow for three decades, especially in monetary/income areas. 

Swift, easy chores, errands and visits, travel and communications, paperwork and casual acquaintances fill Sun. to mid afternoon Monday. All is easy and smooth, so go ahead without hesitation.

Your home, family, security, property and mother nature, these come into focus Monday afternoon through Wednesday. There is one good phase here: Mon. night to 8 am Tues. (PST), when affection prevails. But the rest of this interval is filled with hard problems, so look at what you’re stepping in before you step in it.

Sweet romance arrives predawn Thursday to Saturday afternoon. Creative and speculative urges, beauty and pleasure, sports and raising children are included here. Good fortune rides with you this entire interval, so charge ahead. If a new love starts, it’s probably a keeper. Tackle chores Saturday night.

Aquarius icon  AQUARIUS:  Jan. 20-Feb. 18

Retreat, find quietude during the month ahead, Aquarius. Study, sleep, plan, observe, be spiritual and charitable and interact with civil servants, admin workers, priest types, advisers and agents. Don’t try to lead a big parade, in any meaning of the words. Your hopes remain high, especially about love, an intellectual or legal affair, or travel. Confidential conversations occur now to January 7. You are on the cusp of a bright new world and a bright new future.

Chase money, buy and sell, find new clients, or learn something by memory such as a language, Sun. to Mon. afternoon (PST). It’s an affection and benevolent interval.

Errands, short trips, communications, paperwork and casual acquaintances fill Mon. afternoon through Wed. This interval contains some fairly bad luck, in which a boss or money person tries to squelch your social ties and hopes. It also holds one lovely period, Mon. night to 8 am Tues., when love, affection find a clear path.

Turn your attention to home, security, property pre-dawn Thurs. to Sat. afternoon. This is a splendid interval, filled with luck. Plunge in. Saturday night is for love, beauty and pleasure.

Pisces icon  PISCES:  Feb. 19-March 20

Wishes (probably two) can come true in the month ahead, Pisces. Popularity, optimism, flirtations, social joys and “causes” will surround you. You’ll be happy! Higher-ups continue to favour you until Jan. 8. Same period, you’ll make and receive many calls, emails, invitations. Your money continues to flow to Jan. 6 — remember to avoid spending, new debt. 

Sunday to Mon. afternoon boosts your energy, charisma and effectiveness. A good time to start new projects, to lead others, to get attention. Be careful with $ Mon. afternoon through Wed. — a difficult interval, with one ray of sunshine: Mon. night to 8 am Tues. (PST) offers good progress/luck where money meets career. NOT a good time to start a love/sex affair, nor to set up/start any long-term money projects.

Errands, trips, communications and paperwork call for your attention pre-dawn Thurs. to Sat. afternoon. This is a fortunate interval, so march ahead without hesitation. If you’re single, a casual conversation could spark a good love; if you’re attached, it’s a good time for discussions, agreements. Good for trip planning, too. Saturday night is for home, kids, and comfort — a light shines inside you.



I suspect we’ve always had monsters. I know we have since the witches of the Brothers Grimm all the way to our cinematic Transformers. Perhaps it’s the delight of being scared while knowing you’re safe, or it’s some way of exorcizing our own fears/guilt. I was always struck by the fierce malevolent/terrible faces on the totem poles of the Pacific Northwest. Surely these people saw/imagined monsters. But what guilt did they have to expiate?

Something unusual has happened in the monster field. It began in the 1970’s, and is firmly established now: the humanizing of monsters. That’s not the best phrase; it doesn’t express the downright affection, forgiveness, and joy we show toward monsters; they have become loveable.

This is a manifestation of a major shift in humanity. Two things bother me, but much is pleasing about this shift. I believe it is as necessary as the leaves turning brown in winter — but much more radical, and not a mere seasonal change but one with era, perhaps even mega-era significance.

(An era, for me, is 247 years, following Pluto’s orbit — round it to 250. A mega-era is variable, usually lasting about 2,500 to 5,000 years. We’re near the very end — the last 2 centuries — of a mega-era that brought us literature, the alphabet, monotheism, armies and nations, technology, and the ability to leave the earth. I’ve discussed how to determine mega-eras in other places.)

The change sounds innocent, even “light,” but it’s astounding: the loving of monsters shows our divorce from violence, our embrace of mercy, our understanding that all beings deserve a free, sensual and fruitful life. It embraces diversity, says nobody’s ugly or offensive. It also teaches that those who are different are not threatening, but valuable. And that fear (in this case, of monsters) sparks hostility, and hostility sparks more hostility, which is the way countries go to war, and the way America now is engaged in political warfare.

This is an astounding change. It’s really the granddaughter of the hippie movement of the ’60’s, but it is much wider, deeper, academically supported, and in some ways is one of perhaps a sequence of evolutionary change. (Politics is just nature in disguise.) 

Nothing in nature is pure and simple; just as Millennials and younger cadres are displaying a remarkable, species-wide rejection of war, et al, they (through Antifa, etc.) are also engaging in the American “street war” — as well as in various political movements such as BLM.

(The violence has died down recently, I suspect because the Democrats are worried any violence will act against them in a judge’s mind. Wait until 2021 — or until a verdict is rendered in Biden v. Donald) to see whether the Dems really will drop the violence. 

I said two things bother me:

1) that those affected tend to think and act like sheep; fashions, intellectual and otherwise, are strong in these people, and
2) they are so adamant in their views, and might be naive: losing traditional freedoms but maybe gaining more subtle ones (a prisoner can dream outside the prison walls, until the mind is controlled).

In effect, they are almost asking to become Borgs (from Star Trek). But who knows? Maybe that’s one step to becoming angels? Or one step toward hive behaviour, slavery (all for all, or all for the few) or toward dehumanizing and homogenizing humanity, or toward psychic freedom. I don’t know.
***   ***

I have mentioned several times that it was the Democratic Party who were the slave owners in America, and who fought the Civil War in order to keep their slaves. But I didn’t know all of the following, as pointed out by PJ Media. The quote is from them:

“After (losing) the Civil War, Democrats founded the Ku Klux Klan which terrorized blacks and Union sympathizers in the South. It violently drove some Republicans, and particularly black Republicans, from office. Republican President Ulysses S. Grant prosecuted the KKK and subsequent presidents drove it nearly to extinction — until President Woodrow Wilson, a progressive Democrat, screened a pro-KKK movie, Birth of a Nation, in the White House and lavished praise on it in 1915.

Wilson enacted racist segregationist policies, throwing out decades of progress for black Americans, and the Klan was reborn. That all happened thanks to the same Democratic Party to which state Rep. Cynthia Johnson belongs.” 

In the last couple of months many Democrat politicians (AOC, the Cynthia Johnson mentioned above, et. al) have called for doxing, violence, rounding up and putting in prisons, and subjecting to Chinese style re-education all Trump supporters. How criminal is this party? How Chinese is it?
***   ***

I think the only way Trump can right the voting wrongs is to declare martial law (which 2 retired generals have advised him to do). I don’t think he will, because Trump is much more of a peaceful, non-aggressive type than most people think. He’s not well enough acquainted with human baseness to win this “election.”

Remember, if Biden is sworn in, the American citizenry has bought a haunted house. It irks me to see criminals take over the election and put their pet con man in the POTUS seat, with absolutely no consequences for the law breakers. In many ways, as I wrote here maybe a year ago, there is no law in the U.S. This nation will decline because of it.
***   ***

Trump doesn’t need to worry about his place in history. He will be one of the most studied presidents. He will be even more studied, make more of a dent in history, if he is limited to one term. Scholars will revel in the fact that he was a businessman who became president and was simultaneously more effective than most presidents and one of the most if not the most scapegoated presidents.

That, and the swamp, will provide historians with tunnel after tunnel of theories and discoveries and dead-ends, lined with facts and anecdotes like lush vegetation. If he declares martial law and forces a re-vote, everything changes.
***   ***

To cure America, they will have to find out why Democrats are so angry. (Another possibility: that the Dems are in bed with China, so all their crimes, election and other, do not come from anger, but from collusion and treason.)
***   ***

There is one way Trump can defeat all the election fraud and perhaps prevail for the presidency, but I doubt he has the fortitude. Here’s how: put Arizona, Nevada, Georgia, Michigan, Wisconsin, and Pennsylvania under martial law. Move the national guard in, have them confiscate all election materials including machines, and lock them up.

Then have not a recount, but a revote. With strict rules: you must vote in person by the deadline (Jan. 5, same date as the Georgia run-off?) or by absentee ballot if confirmed and closely monitored in terms of addresses, mail out and reception. Mail ballots face the exact same deadline as in-person voters. All election vote counters of all kinds, right up to the Secretary of State, must be evenly split between democrats and the GOP.

Then everywhere a Democrat is tabulating votes, he or she must be seated right beside a Republican vote counter. Poll watchers must be evenly divided between Republicans and Democrats, three lawyers must be allowed in every ballot counting area and at least 10 armed National Guard in every tabulation premises. If worse comes to worst, post National Guards at every polling station.

The Guards must be instructed to step in when a Democratic election officer tries to bully any Republican vote counter or a pole watcher. Upper sections of state governments should be arrested immediately and jailed without habeas corpus until the vote is over, to prevent them from obscuring or distorting the vote.

He must arrest the top 10 executives at Google, Twitter, and Facebook and keep them in prison until the voting is over. He must also ban Google, Twitter and Facebook from the Internet from day one until the election is over. He must order the arrest of every crooked voter — there will be thousands (1,700 plus in Nevada, a small state) maybe even hundreds of thousands.

Abe Lincoln did much more than this. He arrested over 100 newspaper publishers and threw their owners and publishers in jail without habeas corpus. Perhaps Trump could also impound Congress with a national guard (don’t know if this is possible) and root out all the Senators and Congresspersons who are in bed with the Chinese. (Some of them also have Chinese spies on their staffs, as was revealed in the Eric Swalwell scandal.)

Oh, and yes — a special prosecutor to investigate Hunter Biden and everything/one around him, as many are already calling for.

But, does Trump have the backbone?
***   ***

I wrote here months ago that many judges were corrupt (and political). Now this election fracas has proven that — 70 to 80 judges, and the U.S. Supreme Court, have refused to accept evidence, affidavits or even to let the Trump lawyers have a court appearance. When judges are political, as they evidently are, it opens the door to cowardice. The 9 Supreme Court judges look like cowards to me, so do the 70 or 80 local judges who seem to want to pee their pants before they ever uphold the law, when the law does not agree with their political masters.

SCOTUS judge Roberts is a proven liar. How can the Supreme Court possibly keep him on as a judge?