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Valentine’s Day! I love you all!
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The planet Mercury will turn direct (Feb. 20, 7:52 pm PST) so you can march forward with new things, new people, projects and situations then (Saturday) onward. Until then, avoid new starts, new projects or plans.
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This is both to brag (about my December 2020 prediction) and to reassure:

The Daily Mail reports (Feb. 5/21) that the number of Covid-19 cases has plummeted 40% in the U.S. in one week — 30% worldwide in three weeks. Experts say the primary reason is not vaccines, since only 3% of the U.S. population had been vaccinated.

It is also suspected by a growing number of scientists and officials, that up to 90% of Covid positive test results (indicating you have the disease) are false. False! 90%! That means only 10% of people whom they claim have Covid, have it! Amazing. Medical science. Amazing. Kill 10 million jobs, destroy millions of businesses, when the actual pandemic is 1/10th its “fantasy size.” Amazing.

But this would also mean that the death rate among actual covid-sufferers is — would it be 10 x greater than stated? If we think 100 people are infected, but only 10 are, when 1 dies that is a death rate of 10%, not 1%. That’s terrible news for those who actually catch it.
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aries icon  ARIES:  March 21-April 19

This is your last week of a festive party mood, Aries. Have fun, but realize a month-long atmosphere of more duties and less energy will descend upon you Thursday. You’ll feel pretty mellow, well fed and at ease with the world that day, which bodes well for the few weeks to follow. The happiness does continue on a softer note — and you might find a good friend, or one returns.

Money still flows to you, and, if you aren’t careful, through you.

Your energy and charisma soar Sun. to early evening Tues. A wish could come true, a “true” friend might arrive, Sunday. Monday’s fine. Tuesday morning (PST) might hold an “official” or financial obstacle. Money themes (buy/sell, income, casual sex) arise Tues. night to dawn Friday. Proceed cautiously, your luck’s unreliable, though it gets better Thurs. pm. Errands, trips, communications and paperwork Fri./Sat. Friday’s tough, Saturday’s splendid — a social or flirtatious communication lights you up!

taurus icon  TAURUS:  April 20-May 20

Thursday switches your focus from ambition, status and career, to social delights, wishes, romance and optimism. But be diligent, hard working until Thurs. — bosses are watching (and you could solve a neglected/forgotten work problem, earn praise). You’re still bristling with determination, courage and sexual magnetism. Soon (Thurs. onward) you’ll know what to do with it! Bosses still favour you. Remember, no new starts before Sat., Feb. 20.

Withdraw, find peace and stillness Sun. to early eve Tuesday. Meditate, recharge emotional and physical batteries, be kind, be spiritual. Avoid relationships Tues. Earlier, Sun. might bring career success, or a brilliant idea or ambition’s door opening.

Your energy and charisma surge back Tues. night to dawn Fri. — you’ll need both to solve a series of minor problems (and one big one, involving your “reliability” or career loyalty). Relationships good, fruitful Thurs. night. Wish fulfillment, popularity, social delights, flirtations and joyful optimism arrive Fri. (iffy) and Sat. (good/great!) — and they start four weeks of the same!

gemini icon  GEMINI:  May 21-June 20

Remember, Gemini, don’t start any new projects nor relationships before Sat., Feb. 20. Meanwhile, old flames continue to circle. Do you chance getting burned, or not? Legal, love, far travel, academic and cultural themes dance around you, with lucky portent. All week, you might chew over a conflict between these opportunities (travel, legal, etc.) and a governmental or other “hold back.” (E.g., fly to Europe with Covid?) Continue to avoid dark places and belligerent people. You might excel in sports now.

Wishes, flirtations, popularity and social delights, and a delicious optimism visit you Sun. to early evening (PST) Tues. Tuesday holds obstacles, but Mon.’s fine, smooth, and Sunday holds a big opportunity: concerns, again, those legal, travel, cultural themes, and “you,” and where you live somehow matters also. Good stuff! An old flame might want to mate, long-term.

Withdraw to rest, meditate, and handle gov’t or admin tasks Tues. night to dawn Fri. Don’t exert, don’t rise to challenges (as luck’s dim) — just rest. Thursday starts a month of career and ambition pressures. Friday/Saturday your energy  and charisma hit high notes — careful Fri., but charge ahead Sat.

Cancer icon  CANCER:  June 21-July 22

Remember, Cancer, start no new projects nor relationships before Feb. 20 (this Sat.). But what is the past and what is new mingle this week. For instance, an old sexual partner might re-appear — with a (new) financial proposition. These are still favoured and encouraged (though a little less so Thursday into March): sex, research, investment/debt, lifestyle changes, medical procedures.

Errands, communications and paperwork flurry around you until March 3 — and can be tied to your career prospects. 

Sunday to late suppertime Tues. features your career, worldly status, and ambitions. Sunday holds splendid openings, esp. on research, financial and sexual fronts. Monday’s productive, mild. Tuesday’s difficult.

Your wishes can come true Tues. night to dawn Friday. The aspects are tough, and developments don’t really go your way (except Thurs. night, when they do) but you’ll stay happy, undeterred. Thursday begins four weeks of intellectual, legal, travel, love, learning and cultural pursuits. Withdraw Fri./Sat. — meditate, heal, be spiritual, charitable, and above all, sink into rest.

Leo icon  LEO:  July 23-Aug. 22

The accent remains on relationships, Leo. But Thursday starts a month of the deeper, more private side of relations: sexual intimacy, finances, medical exigencies and lifestyle choices. Before Thurs., a rare bounty of good fortune imbues all relations, could bring love with a former flame. Realize higher-ups remain impatient, temperamental, until March 3.

A wise, mellow, understanding mood steals over you Sun. to late suppertime Tues. Success during this lucky interval can come to your distant travel, international, academic, legal, love, cultural and media interests. Wave to a priest. Sunday’s super-opportunistic. Monday’s fine, smooth. Tuesday, meh.

Steer toward home, family, garden, nature, Tues. night to Fri. dawn. Not much goes well, so give ambitions a rest, and don’t attempt much even at home. Thursday night is good, co-operative. Popularity, social joys, flirtations, happy hopes, entertainment — these come Fri. (iffy) and Sat. (splendid, esp. daytime PST).

virgo icon  VIRGO:  Aug. 23-Sept. 22

The hard work of the last few weeks is dwindling, Virgo — by Thursday you enter a month of relationships and opportunities and fresh horizons! (It will be a foretaste of the splendid relationship luck of 2022.) Remember, start no new projects or contacts before Feb. 20.

Errands, communications and paperwork remain hectic until March 3. But don’t abandon that hard work quite yet — it contains the seeds of a big, slowly developing, decades-long success.

Sunday dawn to suppertime Tues. brings one of the rewards of hard work: money! Chase it Sun./Mon., but be cautious late Mon. night (PST) and Tues. A big “returning” job, or expansion of your present duties, can open a lucky door Sunday.

Errands, calls, emails, travel, paperwork fill Tues. eve to Fri. dawn. Go slowly with these — you might alienate a friend, or start things that shouldn’t be started. All goes well Thurs. night, so act then. Steer toward home, family, nature, garden, nutrition, security and rejuvenation Fri. (a bit of friction) and Sat. (all systems “Go”).

libra icon  LIBRA:  Sept. 23-Oct. 22

The focus remains on romance, Libra. (And creative, sports/games, teaching and “fun” projects.) Remember, start no new relationships nor projects before Feb. 20 (Saturday). An old flame might re-ignite. (If you’re single.) Whether a present love is ongoing or a “returnee,” it might well be the seed, the nucleus, of life-long togetherness.  (A similar prospect faces creative  or teaching projects.) Your sexual side is prominent until early March — same period, avoid impulsive financial or lifestyle actions. 

Relationships take all your energy Sun. morning to Tues. suppertime, but they reward as well, esp. Sunday, when you might know love, a romance, is real. A communication might be involved. A big door opens. Monday’s easy, co-operative. Tuesday’s a bit difficult, esp. in home and $ zones.

Life’s secret side emerges Tues. night to just past dawn Fri. (PST). Sexual and financial temptations are powerful, but so are the obstacles and potential disappointment — except Thurs. eve/night, when “unseen forces” aid you. A mellow, wise mood steals over you Fri. (not so easy) and Sat. (splendid, at least to 2 pm). Legal, travel, learning, media and cultural interests — including weddings — are highlighted.

scorpio icon  SCORPIO:  Oct. 23-Nov. 21

The (lucky and affectionate) emphasis remains on home, kids, garden, nutrition, security, real estate and R&R — but only until Thursday, when a month of romance, beauty and pleasure begins.

(Actually, lots of home-related threads — pretty strong threads, maybe ropes — will remain past this week, and in many important ways, until Dec. 28. This is your year to establish a better, stronger, more solid and prosperous “base” — best chance for this in decades.)

Relationships remain volatile, even incendiary: be diplomatic, put out fires rather than stoke them. Start nothing new/important before Feb. 20. (Grab opportunities from the past.)

Tackle chores Sun. morn to suppertime Tues. You’ll accomplish wonders, esp. Sun./Mon. (Tuesday’s tough.)  Maybe a big real estate or related opportunity Sunday. Relationships Tues. night to Fri. morn (8 am PST). Careful! Be diplomatic. Someone might not fit your home situation. Tackle work Fri. (careful, read instructions) and Sat. (easy accomplishments until early afternoon). A vehicle or machine might be a good buy Sat. before 2 pm. (Despite the Mercury retro until 5 pm.)

sagittarius icon  SAGITTARIUS:  Nov. 22-Dec, 21

The focus remains on travel, vehicles, communications, paperwork, casual contacts, and curiosity. BE that last one. Double-check addresses, numbers, grammar. Remember, avoid new contacts, starting new projects, before Feb. 20. Your work is creative but intense until March 3. Same period, protect your health against sudden temperature changes.

Best thing to do in 2021? Make friends, make partnerships (love or practical), buy a car/truck, revise office and phone systems, and learn, ask, be curious. Thursday starts a month of down-home, family and “regrowth” influences. 

Romance sweetens and brightens Sun. morn to Tues. suppertime. Love (and creative projects) hit a serious, fortunate and hopeful note (mostly Sun.. some Mon.). Tuesday’s difficult. Tackle chores Tues. night to just past dawn Fri. (PST). But proceed cautiously, follow instructions, guard safety. Thursday night’s good, could bring additional $ for a job. Relationships are important Fri. (a bit fractious, argumentative) and Sat. (splendid opportunities, and satisfying harmony).

capricorn icon  CAPRICORN:  Dec. 22-Jan. 19

Remember, Cap, don’t start any new projects, relationships nor major purchases before Sat. (Feb. 20). Instead reprise past situations, opportunities. The main accent, a fortunate one, lies on $, memory, and casual sexual attractions. Your romantic sense is heightened before March 3, but it could cause you to break off an affair rather than start one.Thursday begins 4 weeks of errands, curiosity, paperwork and casual contacts. 

Be home, at least in your heart, Sun. to suppertime Tues. This is a lucky interval, esp. Sunday, when a door might open to a new or expanded income source. If it’s truly new, expect some glitches and indecision down the road. Tuesday needs caution: wishing don’t make it so. 

A sweet romantic openness to beauty emerges Tues. eve to just past dawn Fri. (PST). If you stick with this, beauty, love, wooing, pleasure, games, entertaining children, creative self-expression, you’ll succeed. But in all practical matters, esp. monetary, expect barriers and glitches. Thursday night’s good. Tackle chores and guard your health Fri. (a bit difficult) and Sat. (smooth, fortunate). Buy machinery, tools, car, computer, etc., before 1:45 pm Sat. (Or wait!)

Aquarius icon  AQUARIUS:  Jan. 20-Feb. 18

You remain at the top of your yearly cycle, Aquarius — and in some ways the top of a decade. Use your extra energy and clout now to push ongoing projects, or to revive past opportunities. Perhaps right now you face the confusion of too many choices, but that will soon clear. (Start nothing significant before Feb. 20.)

In 2021 you will cut out a new path for yourself, a strong, growing, lasting one. (A clue: one-on-one will be better than socializing/groups, all ’21.) Careful with “domestic friction” until March 4. 

Sunday morn to suppertime Tues. brings errands, casual contacts, trips, paperwork and communications.  All goes well Sun./Mon. A message could light your heart, ignite hopes. Tuesday’s difficult. Attend to domestic affairs Tues. eve to just past dawn Fri. (PST). Hug the kids, rake the garden, etc. Sleep lots. Sidestep conflict. Romance, creativity, risk/reward flow into your life Fri. (caution) and Sat. (great luck, to mid-afternoon) — have a daytime date!

Pisces icon  PISCES:  Feb. 19-March 20

You’re still a little under the cosmic weather until Thursday, Pisces. This day starts a month of extra energy, charisma, clout and effectiveness — you’ll shine, and accomplish! Still, much of 2021’s progress, for you, will occur in the area of management, gov’t, admin., spirituality, charity — the very zone emphasized in the last few weeks, and to this Thursday. Right now, confusion reigns in this areas, but soon you’ll become clear about your goals.

All ’21, retreat rather than attempt to rule; rest rather than exert: contemplate, see anomalies, plan. Money and communications or travel are linked until March 3. 

Chase money, buy/sell, ask for a pay raise, etc. Sunday morn to Tues. suppertime. Your luck’s good. A gov’t, head office contact, or a warehouse “opening” spells success Sun. Monday’s easy; Tuesday’s difficult.

Errands, paperwork, travel and communications fill Tues. eve to Fri. morning. A lot of barriers and glitches here, so stick with the errands/communications rather than try to tackle love, money, career goals. The gov’t says “no.” Home, family, garden, nature, nutrition, repairs and rest — these dominate Fri. (a bit tough) and Sat. (harmony, success — visit a nursery or building store).



Trees are filled with many imperfect leaves, because bugs feast on them. But is the real imperfection our inability to measure on a larger scale, one that would include the leaf-eating bugs, and their demise in the throats of birds, and the bird’s poop fertilizing the forest, and the sky, and gravity, and nutrients, and, and, and? We simply don’t have the tools or the breadth of consciousness or mathematics to measure the vastness and intricacy of nature’s process. 

There was a problem, for many decades, in proving astrology’s tenets/laws/lore. This problem became so thorny and widely known that an Australian publisher of a compendium on astrology offered a one-million dollar reward to anyone who could show irrefutable proof that astrology “worked.” This was the 1970’s, when $1 million could buy you 30 or 40 houses in my neighbourhood. Today one house in the same area is worth $1 to $2 million. 

Meanwhile, unbeknownst to most of the world, in the 1950’s a French statistician,  M. Gauquelin, set out to disprove astrology. But he found the opposite, that at least one of the key tenets of astrology was statistically true: that certain planets in certain houses at birth, play a large role in determining what this person does as a living — and what skills he has.

For example, more politicians than coincidence could provide, were born with Jupiter in the tenth house; those with Mars rising, became pro athletes; Saturn tenth, scientists; and so on. (This is more remarkable than it seems, for these stats not only showed that planets did affect or “accompany” [my word] a person’s career choice; it also confirmed that astrology’s traditional concept of the nature of each planet was solidly accurate — e.g., Mars “tagged” athletes, Saturn scientists, etc — all astrological equations.

There could be no statistical error, as each study involved thousands, sometimes 10,000+ subjects. No bias, as all subjects were taken from Who’s Whos (I think) — and because the original intent was to disprove astrology. His work was basically ignored by the scientific community because it attacked their foundations, their belief system. (One member of the Academy of Sciences in France is reputed to have said, “If statistics prove astrology, then I no longer believe in statistics.”) And it was largely ignored by the astrological community, perhaps because it demanded re-thinking, or at least re-stating or clarifying, the extent and location of the four crucial houses in astrology charts: the 1st, 4th, 7th and 10th houses. 

Traditionally, in say an equal houses system, if your rising sign was 10 degrees Cancer, then your 10th, or career, cusp would start at 10 degrees Aries, and extend to 10 degrees Taurus. Traditionally, astrologers have said that the career zone is strongest at 10 Aries (in this case) and slowly weakens until it ends at 10 Taurus.

But Gauquelin showed that the 10th (that is, where career/status developments/skills most “display” or occur) starts about halfway through the 9th, and ends halfway through the 10th. (In this example case, the actual, true 10th would run from about 25 degrees Pisces to 25 degrees Aries.) I’m simplifying in all this, as the actual 10th (and 1st and 7th and 4th) looks more like a jagged, many-stepped mountain than a smooth straight line or curve. 

I suspect astrologers have not been quick to embrace Gauquelin’s proof, even though it is the most definitive and irrefutable proof in existence, because doing so would require them to “re-draw their maps” and start changing a few definitions, too — a bigger task than, I think, any contemporary astrologer is willing to take on. 

Gee, do you think that million bucks is still up for grabs?
***   ***

This is why I’m not going to write about politics anymore (much): it is impossible to know the truth. For example, who among us really knows if the U.S. presidential election was “stolen” or not? All we have is opinion.

Everything about the Jan. 6 “invasion of congress” hinges on the unknown truth (a truth kept from us by the very people who were “invaded” — congress?) — was the election stolen or not? 

Years ago, when they charged Trump with Russian collusion, they also charged him with obstruction of justice (the one  they really hoped to destroy him with, because they already knew he was not guilty of collusion before they started their false, punitive investigation).

Only the FBI thugs and the Dems believe you can convict a person of obstruction of justice when there is no justice to obstruct. (Back in Russian times, they were saying: if you don’t believe our lies, then you are obstructing justice because we are, in our own opinion, the only true justice. Our justice is extra-juridical, that’s why Hillary, Comey, McCabe and the others are not and never will be in jail, nor even stand trial. Because we are right, period. We’re right because we say we are.)

In the same vein (no possible “obstruction” crime if no justice existed to obstruct): then, IF Trump was right, and the election was stolen by democratic operatives, it  is NOT a crime to attack Congress and/or the White House, because there is no legitimate congress or president. Biden was being “installed” as president by criminal action, so all members of congress were accomplices engaged in a criminal act (legitimizing a false president).

The protestors invaded at the very time this crime was being committed. So those who stormed the Capital January 6 were actually acting lawfully, in the sense of a massive ”citizen’s arrest.” Even if this is not true they were acting with moral authority, something the Dems lost in their basement.

Another point: if the election was stolen, then the storming of the Capital is equivalent to, and reminiscent of, the Boston Tea Party, and might be followed by “revolution.” Pluto, the planet of destiny, is in the same place it was 250 years ago — when it indicated the 1776 Revolutionary War. That war was fought between a bunch of redneck farmers and colonists, and the pampered elite of Britain. On January 6, we had a bunch of rednecks fighting the pampered elite of America… An elite just as pompous and diseased with pride as Britain’s King George in all his gorgeous gowns. America has become Britain.

But we just don’t know. And they do all they can to prevent our knowledge, which itself speaks of a rigged system. Whatever the FBI learns, they hide. In fact, they are like a vacuum cleaner, scooping up evidence (so no one else can access it) and then we never hear anything again. They did this with the “election fraud,” with Hillary’s emails, wth Bill Clinton’s rape of minors (pedophilia) etc., with Rosenberg, and of course with all their “chief thugs.”

If the election was not stolen, and Trump has knowingly been carrying on a big charade, then I totally condemn Trump. But show me this one fact, yea or nay. (The fact(s) that judges have refused to look at.)

In the absence of truth (about the “election steal”)  I tend to believe Trump, for the simple reason that Dems have lied on a massive scale for at least 4 years — the Russia Hoax, the Ukrainian hoax, and now — Election hoax? Why not, it fits the historical series.


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  1. Phoenix Rising

    Thank you Tim for your posting of the scam PCR machines that are suppose to detect the covid virus. The inventor of the machine, stated the PCR machine can not detect whether it is a cold, flu or a old dead flu cell. The W.H.O. completely manipulated this whole covid situation to shut down the whole economy. Notice, Bonny Henry will not reveal the average age of Death. I have seen Alberta average age of death with covid, which is 83 yrs old which is in line with the average age of death in Canada. I feel very sorry for all those people who have lost their lives due to suicides, drug over doses and job losses. I have looked at North and south Dakota stats. South Dakota opened their economy up. North Dakota completely shut down. South Dakota had no more % deaths vs North Dakota . The truth can only be hidden for so long. The sheep are starting to wake up. Thank god.

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