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You might remember that I’ve said, since 2008, that western democracies were slowly becoming police states. You might also remember the times I have said that the RCMP (Canada’s national police) was corrupt. Now the media reports that in June of this year, after a flood-related mandatory evacuation of the town of High River, Alberta, the RCMP entered the town like an army. They kicked in the doors of 1,900 homes, searched them, and took any guns they found. They caused an average of $ 3,000 damage to every home. High River is not a hot bed of Al Quaeda, and has no more criminals than any town. In fact, it probably has less. The homes were fairly new and middle-class. In a province where gun ownership is culturally accepted, and has existed for centuries, and where many rural citizens own a gun. And, I suppose, most if not all guns found were properly registered. 1,900 homes invaded illegally — by force when the home owners were absent — and their smashed-in front doors left wide open — by a state-supported police force. Is this a police state?

Some (American) readers might protest the rest of this preamble, so let me apologize beforehand: I’m only trying to understand.

Freedom can be imprisoning; its sisters are exile and alienation. (What is most painful, to be imprisoned by your society/humanity, or exiled from it? [Poor Caliban, in Shakespeare’s play, was both.] As the ultimate exile is death, perhaps imprisonment is better.)

In 1776 Pluto was in CAPRICORN. The freest nation on earth, in all history, was born — born through strife, as Pluto, the planet of death and rebirth, of changes and depths, sat in the  “allies and enemies” sector of the U.S. CANCER birth chart. (Cancer and  Capricorn compete, fight, and mate,)

Now, 250 years later (2008-2024) Pluto is back in Capricorn, opposing the U.S. (Cancer Sun). For the first time in its history, America is being forced to renegotiate its place on the world stage, compelled to find a new self-definition and a new direction. Often Pluto in the 7th (where it is now for the United States) brings divorce and alienation — and powerful competitors. Just last week, Britain voted to avoid accompanying the U.S. on the planned Syria war.

During this Pluto transit, no other country might seem so lost, as the U.S. attempts to breast-stroke down a river whose distant delta is unknown, and empties into a sea even more occult. This sense, of being new, of uncharted directions over uncharted waters, of carrying a very valuable item – the concept, the idea and belief of freedom – has both inspired and haunted these citizens throughout history. But when the opposition of Pluto kicks some of the supports out from under America (2008-2024) in economic and political arenas — and kicks them out more drastically than any time since 1776 (for the present thunderclouds are higher and wider — though slower — than during the Great Depression) — those ideals of freedom can suffer. Freedom now brings anxiety, and is attacked from within by such night creatures as the NSA and the ironically labelled Patriot Act.

The lower forms of Americans express their anxiety – for the situation, the environment, is anxiety-producing; one doesn’t stand on the prow of the ship and not feel the wind – they express their subtle fear in violence and anger. For who would not be afraid? They are staring at something totally unknown, though, amazingly (it is a gauge of their zeal) they continue to believe they do see the future. Americans face a far more complex and option-filled future than anyone. Social and economic agility and freedom have replaced the more comfortable, static hierarchies built in Europe or Asia. But that agility and freedom itself are threatened by Pluto in Capricorn, the same planet that presided over its violent birth. Now that Pluto has returned after 250 years, America must die and be reborn in a thousand ways. And they know it:China, a collapsed economy, secret government police, the Sovietization of America, Al Queada — all whisper the death: but where is the rebirth? .

The middle classes of America were always okay with – proud of – their torch of freedom, as long as the wealth continued to flow. But the economic crisis, and China’s ascendancy, has thrown a lot of doubt into their midst, and the middle class is beginning to question the “American Way.”

More sophisticated Americans almost involuntarily draw back from their country’s freedom and the anxiety it breeds. They will not divorce from it, though, and they study it as if it was a phenomena, or part of nature; I almost picture them seated – curled – on warm couches, debating the progress of freedom. If we look at the whole picture, from 1776 to today, progress has occurred, hugely; as if the nation were born in a progress cauldron, and could do nothing else. Its great genius is science and technology. Greater literature has been written; perhaps greater paintings have emerged; but this nation put us on the Moon, and developed the computer and internet; it produces powerful machinery and unbeatable weapons, and with its organizational skills and enthusiasm it has out-horse-traded the world, setting up a web of international companies that in some ways suck the life out of the world and bring it back, in an unconscious expression of tribal loyalty, to America.

But Pluto in the 7th house, as it is for the U.S. now, also produces implacable enemies. Bolivians are fighting Coca-Cola, which has attempted to steal its water for sugar-pop. Brazilians are outraged that the NSA has spied on their President. The Brits have bowed out of the Syria campaign. And Pluto still has 11 years to go in its opposition-fomenting run through Capricorn.

Interesting times. A brief note: the U.S. is called to war in August 2022 to March 2023. This comes at the end of the Pluto-in-Capricorn period, and might be an attempt to  reverse or end the “wrestling with freedom” or the rise of enemies (the two are linked) of the 2008-2024 period. I wonder if this has anything to do with the slight indication that Vancouver burns in 2023?


Aries.svgARIES   March 21-April 19

Loads of work awaits you – plunge in. Protect your health, eat and dress sensibly. A strong romantic streak continues, but a relationship (perhaps a budding one) turns from affection and mutual attraction to a more talkative, restless base. From here forward, intimacy either blossoms, or becomes a point of contention. In business, the rest of September favours commitment and funding, but if these don’t happen, a split occurs. Investments and financial manoeuvres succeed this Wednesday to month’s end. Meet someone you like Sunday morn or for lunch (PDT). Later, and Monday, a conflict arises between your risk-taking side and your more conservative side. Sex, secrets, research, detective work, financial actions fill Monday/Tuesday. (Best Monday pm.) Wisdom, compassion, international themes, gentle love and intellectual pursuits visit you Wednesday/Thursday. Life rewards the ambitious Friday/Saturday – but a deep disagreement might arise between you and a “partner.”


taurus weekly forecastTAURUS   April 20-May 20

A romantic, creative, speculative and pleasure-prone streak continues, but so does potential domestic strife based on sexual urges or male testosterone. Whatever your status or involvements, avoid renting, buying, or moving into a new domicile through mid-October. Tackle chores Sunday. This night through Tuesday, relationships come front and center – they can cause some friction Monday morning, but after this all lights are green, so pursue love, negotiate agreements, investigate relocation, new territory, etc. A lucrative association could be struck late Monday. (Tuesday’s rather ineffectual.) Mysteries, secrets, investments and large finances – and sexual desires, hunger for intimacy – fill Wednesday/Thursday. Charge forth, cement an earlier quasi-agreement. Wisdom, a mellow mood enters Friday/Saturday. Strictly avoid legal fights. If you’ve fallen for someone, tell them now – AFTER 1:30 pm PDT Saturday.


Gemini.svgGEMINI   May 21-June 20

Your sluggish, relaxed mood continues – so does the emphasis on your domicile, family, security, retirement, mother nature, nutrition, stomach and soul. Romance, beauty and pleasure paint your world Sunday. A love matter might be  settled around midday. But this evening through Tuesday brings chores and health concerns. Talking and swift action won’t help, up to 9 a.m. PDT Monday. But after this, Monday offers good luck in tasks, and in health reports. Charge ahead! On Tuesday you can continue tasks already begun Monday, or tackle routine chores. Relationships confront you Wednesday/Thursday, mostly favourably. Be diplomatic yet eager to join. A conversation can lead to a new friend, even a potential partner, Wednesday pm. Sex, lust, secrets, large finances, lifestyle changes or commitments, the need for research – these fill Friday/Saturday: but luck is mixed until midday Sat. – roll with the bad, chase the good: your career/reputation are blessed!


Cancer.svgCANCER   June 21-July 22

Errands, short trips, visits, communications, paperwork, details and daily business continue to fill your days. Be curious, ask questions, seek variety. These add to your knowledge. Siblings might arrive or phone. Casual acquaintances surround you – one of these might become a romantic contact Wednesday onward (into October) if you’re single.  Money flows swiftly to you – bank it, resist spending urges. Rest near home or in nature Sunday. This eve through Tuesday, a romantic influence lures you – unsuccessfully before Monday mid-morn (PDT) and successfully this day/night. Tackle chores Wednesday/Thursday – all’s good, your productivity is solid.  Relationships present a complicated pathway Friday/Saturday: wee disruptions and half-hidden disagreements (perhaps involving your home, kids or security) mingle with sweet loving feelings and career opportunities.


Leo icon, Luck ForecastLEO   July 23-Aug. 22

A new contact, or the shutting down of an old one, marks Sunday. Errands, calls, trips round out the day. This night through Tuesday steers you toward home, rest, recuperation, security, retirement issues. Garden, seek mother nature, hug  your kids. You could be a little too aggressive or hasty Monday morning: gently does it. (Someone is hiding anger.) Your romantic, creative, pleasure-beauty prone, speculative and self-expressive side blossoms Wednesday/Thursday. (Thursday’s best; luck rides with you.) Enjoy this. Even though your main focus this week lies on money, earnings and possessions, your sexual magnetism flares like a furnace, so a sensual or romantic attraction could catch fire. Tackle chores and protect health Friday/Saturday. Love and intimacy are favoured, but work and health need some care – and diplomacy.


Virgo.svgVIRGO   Aug. 23-Sept. 22

Your energy, charisma and effectiveness continue high. Start important projects, see and be seen, ask favours, approach people on your “A” list. Your only Achilles Heels right now are lust (which can tie you to a burdensome personality, or impact your reputation) and/or a possible “detritus from the past” involving a government agency, an institution or large corporation. So step lightly with these, especially Monday morning. (Sunday daytime, shopping, chasing money, go well.) Monday pm could bring a cherished wish true, or bring it closer! Seek friends, issue invitations. Tuesday is a bit of a dud: stick with routine. Your home, family, security and real estate are featured Wednesday/Thursday – all’s well, proceed with these areas. A lucky financial or “intimacy” break could occur Wednesday pm. Good investments. Romance, pleasure and beauty flood in Friday/Saturday – love could arise! But be careful with possessiveness or “greed” Saturday.


Libra.svgLIBRA   Sept. 23-Oct. 22

Continue to rest, contemplate and plan. Be charitable, reconnect with your spirit, and deal with shut-ins, government agencies, and institutions. Protect your health and your reputation. You remain hopeful about a social link and/or a possible romance, even a possible mate. If you’re married, life’s fun and your partner’s witty. Your energy remains mildly high Sunday. This night through  Tuesday brings monetary themes: buy/sell, chase new clients, catalogue your possessions,for insurance purposes, ask for a pay raise, etc. (Monday best —  but be careful with relationships (including your  spouse) early Monday.) Buy  only routine items Tuesday. Siblings and casual friends, errands, paperwork, short trips, visits and calls — these flow in Wednesday/Thursday. Love, or  at least friendly co-operation, blesses Wednesday  pm. Head for home, family Friday/Saturday. Good luck and bad, obstacles and open doors face you. Love’s possible Saturday!


Scorpio.svgSCORPIO   Oct. 23-Nov. 21

Wishes can come true. But bosses remain impatient, temperamental, so you probably need to separate social life from career, and give each your attention. (Be careful with those higher-ups, from parents to police, bosses to VIPs, Sunday night and Monday am.) Rest, Sunday. Your energy and charisma rise Sunday eve through Tuesday. Tuesday’s a bit of a dud, so concentrate your efforts on Monday, when you can successfully begin a significant new project (likely a money, learning or travel one — avoid legal starts). Chase money Wednesday/Thursday — your luck rides high Wednesday, so contact new clients, ask for a pay raise, or find a way to surprise and please that impatient higher-up. It’s a good day to buy a computer or software. Errands, communications, trips, calls and visits fill Friday/Saturday. Luck is mingled but mostly good, especially in love, romance, beauty, and with machinery, tools and a “friendly workplace.” Protect secrets.


Sagittarius.svgSAGITTARIUS   Nov. 22-Dec. 21

Be ambitious. Further plans already in the works. Show bosses your skills. Present proposals. A romance might be approaching a marriage (or proposal) state. If so, you’ll be marrying “upstairs.” Sunday’s for enjoyment, entertainment, light romance, flirting, and wishful thinking or optimism. Something nice might come true around early afternoon. But retreat this night through Tuesday. Deal with head office, government agencies or institutions. Be charitable, spiritual, meditate, make plans. Avoid romance, chase work instead. Monday’s best, Tuesday’s a wee dud. Your energy and charisma – and effectiveness – surge upward Wednesday/Thursday. Start (or chase) friendships or love Wednesday, career Thursday morn. Shop carefully (avoid luxuries, decorative items, cards) Friday/Saturday. A hidden ally, or an affectionate development in the family or home, Friday night. A flirty friend, pleasure trip, even love possible Saturday pm.


Capricorn.svgCAPRICORN   Dec. 22-Jan. 19

The emphasis remains on long journeys, higher learning, law, cultural events, social rituals, and gentle love. You feel wise, mellow. Good. Be wise enough to know that lust is probably not the right road – it lures you all month. So might an unwise or “hasty” investment. (Both, lust and finances, might hit a brick wall Sunday night, Monday morning.) Daytime Sunday features ambition and community standing – you might grab a plum assignment, or gather neighbourhood admiration, or find these collapse and a new one is born. Monday/Tuesday bring happiness, social delights, optimism, entertainment and flirty friends – a wish could come true about a relationship or “far away” opportunity. (If wondering whether to go, follow your dreams.) Wednesday/Thursday nudge you to retreat, rest, contemplate and plan future action. Your energy, charisma and effectiveness soar Friday (great contacts) and Saturday (great home, intimacy and financial results – but avoid a career or prestige argument).

Aquarius.svgAQUARIUS   Jan. 20-Feb. 18

You continue to wade through life’s depths. You’re stirring up your subconscious, so hunches and buried yearnings float to the surface. What you do this month tends to affect your future lifestyle. For example, finances and sexual intimacy are prominent concerns. If you sign a mortgage, or create a baby, your lifestyle will certainly change. Dig deep – don’t be satisfied with surface appearances. Research, be a detective. Relationships are intense – there might be a lot of forceful talk, or you might travel to meet someone special. Do avoid arguments, struggles of will. Sunday’s mellow, thoughtful. This night through Tuesday features ambition, career, prestige relationships, parenting, and your community reputation/status. Careful with these (and with spouse, other crucial links) Sunday night, Monday morning – after this, all goes well, very well: you might convince the boss to enlarge your responsibilities. Friends, happiness Wednesday/Thursday. Retreat, lie low, be silent, contemplate during a rich, warm Friday/Saturday.


Pisces.svgPISCES   Feb. 19-March 20

The accent lies squarely on relationships. Be diplomatic yet eager to join or merge, in business, practical affairs, and love or friendship. You can form a temporary co-worker  alliance that yields money rewards. Sunday daytime pulls a string that lures you into financial commitments or intimate yearnings. Be careful on the financial side, as a problem (perhaps a legal or ethical one) lurks until mid-morning (PDT) Monday. But wisdom and protection flows in Monday/Tuesday. These are loving days, and you could, Monday pm, light love’s fire, even stumble into a viable mate/lover. You’re lucky in creative and pleasure zones, too, and will tend to win gambles. Be ambitious Wednesday/Thursday — higher-ups favour you, are willing to listen to your (money, work and/or machine) proposals with a friendly ear Wednesday. Social joys, invitations, optimism and wish fulfilment arrive Friday/Saturday. (Intimate wishes denied.) You’ll be happy!

The End