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No doubt the universe is unfolding as it should. — Desiderata


Remember the shooter a few months ago at a school, and the FBI is still refusing to release her manifesto? Why, was answered a couple of days ago when part of her manifesto was leaked. The leaked portion revealed that this trans Black (man into woman) was specifically trying to kill white children — “crackers” as “she” called them.

So the Why is obvious: A Black mass-murdering whites does not fit the FBI’s favourite “George Floyd” narrative. (Because it does not fit the “progressive” democrat world-view that whites are racist pigs and blacks are innocent.)





aries icon  ARIES:  March 21-April 19

The focus remains on secrecy, investigations, lust for power or intimacy, major finances, and lifestyle and medical decisions, Aries. As noted previously, Mars in this sector makes this year’s dive into the sub-currents of life (secrecy, sex, finances, etc.) very significant. Maybe (late October to November 22) you’ll start a sexual affair, or make a large, or life-turning investment or decision. You have 3 basic modes, Aries: humorous, assertive/aggressive, and “slow burning” deliberation preceding action. Use the last one now. Someone enters who is a mind-expander, a teacher, for you. He/she’s enthusiastic, optimistic, and temperamental. The love/marriage planet has entered your relationship sector (Nov. 8 – Dec. 4). One you meet now (before Nov. 22 or 24) will combine gentle love with good sex.

All these themes (esp. the secrecy, finances, sex ones) come with extra significance Sunday through suppertime Monday. Be cautious — decide between short-term (e.g., pay check) and long-term (e.g., investment) $. Gentle love, tolerance, far travel, legal, cultural, intellectual/media and educational themes arise Monday eve through Wed. Best time: 8 pm (PT) Monday to pre-dawn Wed. Be ambitious Thursday to the wee hours Sat. — work hard, have a confidential discussion with a boss or power player. It’s a fortunate period, so charge ahead! Saturday, dawn onward, brings hope, friends, flirting and happiness!


taurus icon  TAURUS:  April 20-May 20

The accent remains on relationships, relocation, public appearances, and opportunities — and opposition, so be diplomatic. (Esp. this November, as others can have a chip on the shoulder, or simply be ready to fight. — If you’re dealing with the opposite sex, this could simply mean he/she is intensely attracted.) Your sexual and financial sides “grow lively” now through November. Co-workers are pleasant, gracious until early December.

All this relationship stuff reaches a wee climax Sunday to suppertime Monday (PT). Good and bad luck mingle, so be nimble — charge in, and be ready to back out. Your sexual side awakens Monday night through Wednesday, but circumstances might be “unreliable” — Tuesday best. A tolerant, wise and mellow mood drifts over you Thursday to pre-dawn Sat. Learning, media, law, ethics, cultural venues, far travel are triggered — and fortunate! A (prospective?) partner could make a meaningful gesture, boosting your hopes/love. Saturday’s for ambitious action — do something to enhance your worldly or neighbourhood status.


gemini icon  GEMINI:  May 21-June 20

Only 11 more days of work and drudgery, Gemini. (Sheesh.) But there is some relief — a nice streak of romance has just begun, lasting to Dec. 4. Also, a talkative person either enters now, or becomes more willing to accept you.  (This bond might grow until Dec., fade away mildly Dec. 1 – 22, then he/she might return, Xmas Eve into mid-January. OR: Dec. 1-22 might be your “intimate” stage.) Be cautious with work: follow safety rules, avoid burns, sharp edges, chemicals. Remain hopeful and friendly, for this stance will brin you to good things, good people.

Sunday to suppertime Monday brings messages, errands, quick trips, calls, paperwork — proceed carefully and deliberately. Monday night through Wednesday brings relationships, opportunities, and relocation themes. Luck is jumbled, so be nimble, wait until Thursday to commit to anything/body. Be diplomatic, humble. Your sexual, financial, medical, lifestyle, research and career goals are within “easy reach” Thursday to pre-dawn Sat. Dive in and do your best. Saturday’s for love (best after supper, PT) — and travel, learning, media, big questions, law and philosophy. You might meet a new love, but he/she’s not interested in a partnership.


Cancer icon  CANCER:  June 21-July 22

Ah, romance! You have 11 days of love, creativity, speculation/invention, games, beauty, pleasure and charming kids, Cancer, before a work cycle begins. Romance (et all) could be more intense than usual, perhaps with flare-ups, OR you might be romancing a higher-up, maybe even your boss. (Be careful here, but not discouraged.) Your home will be pleasant, affectionate until Dec. 4. Your work(place) grows more active, verbal, for three weeks. Seven weeks until your dreams start to come true.

Chase love (or dive into a creative or pleasure project) Sunday to suppertime Monday (PT). Some glitches, but some sweet success, too. Tackle chores, seek employment, eat and dress sensibly, Monday eve through Wed. (Don’t act before 7:30 pm PT Monday.) Relationships, opportunities, agreement and opposition, relocation and public appearance themes enter Thursday to pre-dawn Sat. Dive in, as good luck accompanies you — some Cancers might agree to wed. Saturday’s for sex or finances — way better this night, not daytime.


Leo icon  LEO:  July 23-Aug. 22

The emphasis remains on your home, family, neighbourhood, security, food, soul and mother nature, Leo. This area can contain some strife, as Mars is there until late month. Balancing this, a talkative person or “streak” can spark romance for the rest of November. And another trend promises affectionate contacts and casual friendships until Dec. 4. However, wait another 11 days (to Nov. 22) before launching any serious romantic ship.

Sunday to suppertime Monday (PT) doubly emphasizes home, family, rest and security. Good period for hiking, nature. Monday, you’ll feel a tug-o-war between home and outside ambitions. (Home should win.) Romance, pleasure, beauty, creative urges, games — these light up Monday eve through Wednesday — not the best interval, but dream and enjoy! Tackle chores or seek employment Thursday to pre-dawn Sat. Eat, dress sensibly. You’ll get a pile done. Good time to buy machinery or tools, or to speak to employees. (Good time to invest in equipment: suppertime Thursday through Friday.  LateThursday best. Times are Pacific Standard.) Saturday’s for relationships. Keep an eye open for an opportunity.


virgo icon  VIRGO:  Aug. 23-Sept. 22

Eleven more days of errands, calls, paperwork and travel, Virgo. Some of these relate to a financial or sexual (lustful) goal. Don’t be too forceful with your communications, as you might be a little more assertive than usual. Your money picture looks great until Dec. 4. Maybe buy a little luxury item? More communication comes at home, with family, now to November’s end. But “big stuff” here might wait until mid January onward to manifest.

Even more errands, calls, etc., Sunday to Monday suppertime. Be light, newsy — stay away from profound subjects for now. Head for home, family, mother nature Monday eve through Wednesday. (Don’t act Monday eve.) Be nimble, be unperturbed, and you’ll do fine. Romance, creative surges and speculative urges, games, charming kids, pleasure and beauty fill Thursday/Friday. Good luck rides with you here, Virgo, so dive in. Tackle chores Saturday. Eat, drink sensibly. A good week!


libra icon  LIBRA:  Sept. 23-Oct. 22

Continue your pursuit of money, Libra. You might be dealing with a casual sexual attraction right now — if so, this one is a little different than your usual casual type stuff, in that one you think might be just a temporary fling, might have deeper connections to your marriage instincts than you suspect. (Actually you do suspect this a bit — but what to do? I’d just go with their flow and see what happens.) You might start a money partnership. Your good looks and charm radiate nicely now to December 4, and talking with someone gentle and affectionate (but impulsive) lasts all November.

Chase money Sunday to suppertime Monday. Buy and sell. Your luck is mixed, so be ready to pick and choose, to say no to one item/offer, yes to another. Errands, talks, trips and paperwork fill Monday eve through Wed. Again, luck is mingled, so advance, but with a cautious outlook. (Avoid even the tiniest deception Wed.) Head for home, hug the kids, do repairs, putter, rest, think, and eat, Thursday to pre-dawn Sat. This is a very smooth, productive interval, so dive in. You could solve a plumbing or water table issue. Saturday is for romance and creativity — late night, your charm attracts!


scorpio icon  SCORPIO:  Oct. 23-Nov. 21

You’re still in command, Scorpio, still energized, charismatic, and effective — get out, be seen, start projects, get things done. Be gentle, though, not heavy-handed or impulsive. Now to Dec. 4, your relations with head office, institutions, and gov’t go well — a good time to iron out past problems, taxes, apply for grants, etc. Your money picture “becomes lively” through the rest of November — and might induce you to invest. Casual sex appeals — but don’t count anything as “lasting” until January to May (2024) shows you who to be with.

Your energy and magnetism run high Sunday to suppertime Monday (PT) — yes, get things done. A partner or competitor might act unpredictably — don’t overreact. Chase $ Monday eve through Wednesday. Buy/sell. Casual sex, rote learning, possessions grab your attention. Luck is thin, though, so just accomplish reasonable goals. Thursday to pre-dawn Saturday brings errands, communications, travel, paperwork — and curiosity. Exercise that last one, as valuable secrets or hidden gems might reward your queries. This is a superbly beneficial period, so engage in your most important calls, applications, reports, contacts, etc. Romance/creativity soar. Saturday is for home, family, security, rest, repairs, contemplation — all’s well!


sagittarius icon  SAGITTARIUS:  Nov. 22-Dec. 21

Remain in the background, Sage. Rest, contemplate, plan future action, seek advice, and deal with government agencies and management types. Above all, rest and recharge your emotional and physical batteries. You’ll need extra energy in a couple of weeks as good big things start to come your way. To some degree, the weight on you lifts now, as you become more free to speak and offer your opinion. In addition, despite your low magnetism at the moment, friends and acquaintances seem to gravitate toward you, or at least, welcome you graciously.

Lie low Sunday to suppertime Monday. Just follow the advice above about resting and contemplating. Your energy and charisma rise Monday night through Wednesday. This isn’t a huge rise, as you’re still in a quiet period, but it’s a good time to get things done. (Avoid Monday eve, though.) Chase money, buy/sell, hug someone new (I.e., indulge in casual intimacy) or formally learn something, Thursday to pre-dawn Saturday. Your luck here is great, so charge ahead. Real estate or home/family might enter for some reason. Saturday’s for errands, communications, paperwork and trips. Interesting early, intriguing/romantic this night.


capricorn icon   CAPRICORN:  Dec. 22-Jan. 19

You are still in the midst of an upbeat social cycle, Cap. Dream and wish and hope — if you can roll these into one (shouldn’t be hard) your wish just might come true, now or later. A “significant” wish might revolve around security, safety, real estate, parents and children. Higher-ups like you now (to Dec. 4) so take advantage, present your proposals, ask for more responsibility, or whatever. Now to the end of November, communications might centre around your secrets, your management skills, or your connection with government or corporate administrations.

Sunday to suppertime Monday, heightens your social delights, optimism, and happiness. Something unexpected might occur, a sudden attraction perhaps — or you might watch two friends, either arguing or bonding. Follow safety rules around electricity. Retreat, lie low, rest, contemplate and plan Monday eve through Wednesday. This is a good time to deal with government or institutions or head office. (But avoid action Monday.) Some progress, nothing stunning, nothing terrible. Your energy and charisma return handsomely Thursday to pre-dawn Saturday. Great good luck accompanies you, so pick your project, and run with it. “Loving friendship” likely. Saturday’s for shopping, budgeting, banking, paying bills, and casual intimacy.


Aquarius icon  AQUARIUS:  Jan. 20-Feb. 18

Ambition’s pressure cooker remains in place, Aquarius (for 11 more days). So work hard, be ambitious, propose ideas to the boss, ask for more responsibility, etc. BUT realize too that bosses are cranky, impetuous and a bit dictatorial now (to Nov. 24) — so tread lightly, keep a mild sense of humour. Your social life is beginning to perk up (nothing momentous until late November) and zones such as far travel, internationalism, legal affairs, higher learning, culture and media bend sweetly in your favour now to Dec. 4.

Be ambitious Sunday to suppertime Monday — a very lively time, when you might enter a tug-o-war between your outside ambitions and your home/family. Hopes and wishes, popularity and social delights, flirtation, optimism, and general happiness visit you Monday eve through Wednesday. However, avoid Monday eve. Also, don’t “buy” friendship, nor mix money and friends. Retreat, find a quiet place, contemplate and plan, Thursday to pre-dawn Sat. Rest, recharge emotional and physical batteries. Liaise with gov’t or “head office” — this is a very fortunate interval to work things out, or to apply for grants, benefits, etc. Your energy and pizzazz return smartly Saturday — this night (PT) favours love!


Pisces icon  PISCES:  Feb. 19-March 20

The general emphasis remains on legal, international, far travel, cultural venues, media and publishing, large and profound ideas… and gentle love, Pisces. However, these areas might not be so gentle, as a fight or your own assertive monetary/earnings actions could occur. If you can, avoid a lawsuit. Bosses grow more communicative this month. They might introduce a project that will be “abandoned” or “slow” for awhile, then be brought back late Dec. into January. Until Dec. 4, your sexual, financial and “power self” leanings will be me with affectionate or “lucky” responses. This could bring pregnancy to young couples.

Sunday to suppertime Monday (PT) brings everything listed in the first sentence above. You might receive (or make) a surprising comment — in general, you are favoured, so take a chance, esp. Monday morning. Be ambitious Monday eve through Wednesday — bosses are observing. Not a great few days, but progress occurs. Avoid action Monday suppertime/eve. Optimism, social joys, popularity, entertainment and “friendly love” arrive Thursday to pre-dawn Sat. Your luck is superb here, so dive in, join friends, issue and accept invitations.





The recent street-filling protests, lately of anti-Jewish and pro-Palestinian protesters, and earlier the BLM and Antifa riots, all have their roots, or at least a significant cause, in the evolvement of our society. (Jan 6 does not belong in this group.) The anti-Israel protesters in their tens of thousands, shocked me by their volume – and their vehement — and violent — extremism. (And Biden’s DOJ and FBI were calling Catholics extremists last month, it seems.) There is something scary and Hitler-ish about this. I suspect that most of the protesters are relatively young, perhaps with a median age of 30. These people throw themselves so wholeheartedly into protest because they don’t have to earn their living. Many are students, but not all. In the 1950s, magazines from Life to Popular Mechanics ran front page articles extolling the future leisure society. They guessed quite correctly that evolving technology would free human beings from daily drudgery, and that people would have to work much less. In the 50s, the view was optimistic. Today, we live in the leisure society. It’s decadent, as most leisure societies would be, and part of that decadence is the loss of intellectual rigour. How the leisure society ends up is anyone’s guess. But look at China and its regimentation. This is a much earlier stage than the leisure society. It has grown tremendously, while America slides along…


The modern “kill the Jews” outbreaks in America — interesting in a way, because it’s a test in a historical sense. Germany fell to fascism and Hitler near the end of a crippling depression. Also, impoverished Germany was a more structured and homogenous society (almost all whites) than America.

Yet an almost identical phenomena of scapegoating one segment of society is occurring now in the US. But the US is much different than Germany — more democratic, more technocratic, and possessing ideals that centre around freedom and individualism. It will be interesting to see how this phenomena (“kill the Jews”) exists and develops in present-day America. Besides the qualities I’ve just listed, America holds two more: one merely practical: the U.S. is wealthy, Germany was broke; the other is a deep and significant advantage, but you cannot measure it any more than you can measure an ocean wave coming at you: America’s population holds diverse ethnicities, nationalities, and races (though this last is still a source of friction) — this gives them a broader base, a deeper intuition, a more diverse DNA. Looking from a far distance, you might see the present excrescence of rebellion as a wave that moves across the ocean of the nation.

One similarity: both populations were frustrated, felt impotent, and were relatively ignorant. (Unfortunately, in America, even university professors are ignorant of the benefits of tolerance.)


Bright lights obscure what’s behind them.


In the long run, the average wins. The Greeks said moderation is the key to success. And yet the average, if left to itself, will only muddle along without real progress. Inspiration, invention and creative insight usually come from without or from the very fringes of the crowd. A friend told me once that there were certain aboriginal tribes in North America in which the warrior class was banished from the main tribe in times of peace; these warriors had their own camp, and lived apart. They were only called on if war broke out. I suppose they remained too violent for civilian life. This is somewhat analogous to the place of the artist, writer,  Inventor, etc. in our society. A certain alienation, probably a base alienation, almost impossible to uproot, exists between the artist (et al) and the broad community which he/she interprets, inspires, speaks to, whatever. Francis Bacon, the English painter, is prized not so much for his technical skill, although I’m sure it’s high, but for the feeling that he is seeing us from Mars, or as if he has some kind of Martian or Jupiterian glasses on, and through that he manages to hit you with deep, maybe dark, certainly mysterious emotions. They crawl over his work like the natural process of rotting or like scavengers after the proteins of our experiences.