Before my weekly forecast, I’ll answer Persephone’s question: if she’s in Australia, how does she convert the “Start Nothing” times to her time zone? — She also wondered if the SN times are simply the “Moon Void-of-Course” times. Yes, they are. Soon, hopefully, I will link or put a time conversion table on this blog.

Until then, you can go to World Time Zones.

[expand title=”Or, here’s my rough guide”]

All the times/dates I write in this blog (until November) are PDT (Pacific Daylight) as I live on the west coast of Canada. To convert, PDT is 7 hours “before” GMT. (Pacific Time, w/o Daylight, is 8 hours before GMT.) For example the first Start Nothing time below (just under this preamble) begins at 1:29 a.m. Let’s call it 1 a.m. I am not familiar with who is and isn’t on daylight time, so I’m assuming every nation is.
1 a.m. (PDT) here on the west coast of Canada is:
  • 2 a.m. in the western prairies (MDT)
  • 3 a.m. in the “Midwest” (CDT)
  • 4 a.m. in Ontario, Florida, New York, etc. (EDT)
  • 5 a.m. in ADT (Jamaica, Trinidad, Nova Scotia, etc.)
  • In England, 1 a.m. PDT is 9 a.m. BDT.
  • Central Europe, add 9 hours to PDT.
  • Eastern Europe, Iraq, etc., 1 a.m. Pacific is 10 a.m.
  • India, add 13.5 hours (or 12.5 hours if you are NOT on Daylight – yes, I know you never are).
  • China, Australia, etc., add 16 hours (so 5 p.m.) – but if you are on Standard Time, only add 15 hours (so 4 p.m.).
  • And so on…


Now, I did promise to continue the Luck Forecasts:

CANCER, the year ahead, from June 25/13 to July 15, 2014, will bring a wave of personal luck, but one that involves work or health factors. “Luck with responsibilities,” you might call it. Nevertheless, you’ll be outgoing, optimistic, cheerful, lucky and friendly. A new confidence will buoy your steps. The past year of restriction and relative solitude (mid-2012 to mid- 2013) will dissolve from June 25 onward.

You are almost certain to succeed in whatever area you choose, especially in employment, business, health, with service trades, in pet ownership and children, and to some degree in higher education, law, foreign travel, publishing, broadcasting, religion/philosophy, or in any cultural venue – particularly if these involve your work. Create your own opportunities. This could be counted as a beneficial legal period; however, it might merely expand a legal situation, causing a huge increase in lawyer’s fees – so be careful. Squelch any tendency to be pompous. You’ll feel like you know the truth this year ahead, and you’ll be more than willing to enlighten all the poor uninformed souls around you. One area where your luck might fail: in entertainment venues, in social groups, in addressing public desires. Choose deep romance, not the light, friendly variety.

Do expect a mountain of extra work – welcome this, as it will boost your income, either now or later, and/or lead to a promotion down the road. (Perhaps now, perhaps in 2 years, or in 4.)

1:29 a.m. to 9:16 a.m. Sun.
2:15 p.m. Mon. to 9:58 p.m. Tues.
and 4:14 a.m. to 9:26 a.m. Fri.


Weekly Forecast, AriesARIES March 21-April 19

The accent continues on communications, short trips, siblings and casual acquaintances, errands, and curiosity – exercise the last. A small trip, or a “little friendship” could turn into something bigger. Home, family and Mother Nature call Sun. to Tues. – good time to putter around the house, garden, repair, play with kids. But a conflict or tug-o-war might arise between home and career. Career wins, this time. Your intuition about finances, sex, and/or investments is right on – act on it. Romance calls midweek, but I wouldn’t start seeking it before 4 p.m. (PDT) Wed. Tackle chores Fri. morn thru the weekend.

Weekly Forecast, TaurusTAURUS April 20-May 20

Continue to chase money, Taurus. Set up new earnings projects, seek a pay raise, buy/sell. This week and next are a very significant time – you might not obtain more money “right now” but what you start could be a financial stairway you’ll climb for a long time. (Actually, chances are strong that you will receive money now: but grab your Achilles heel – spending – and wrap it so tight it can’t operate. Applies all June, into mid-July.) A sensual attraction is almost guaranteed: make sure it is not socially verboten (e.g., a marital triangle). Short trips, communications and casual friends (and one significant relationship that might be “pulling apart”) slated Sun. to Tues. Sink into home, family, nature midweek. Romantic notions, creativity, pleasure jaunts fill Friday and the weekend.

Gemini, Weekly ForecastGEMINI May 21-June 20

Your energy, charisma, clout and effectiveness, your sexual magnetism and sense of timing, and your “friendship quotient” ride a yearly – and in some ways a decade – high. Take advantage, and soon, because a) your run of personal luck ends June 25, and b) Mercury sparks a slow-down and mistake-prone period June 26 (to July 20). Start a major project; or continue with one begun during the last 12 months. Chase money, buy/sell, Sun. to Tues. – but take care, be alert to subtle clues, because you face a fairly important choice between short-term and long-term money. Opt for the long-term, the appreciating asset. The same sexually: go for depth, leave the “easy fun” alone. Friends, trips, calls, emails, errands fill midweek – be curious Wed. eve. Seek home, family, garden, rest, soak up the weather Fri. and the weekend.

Cancer, Weekly ForecastCANCER June 21-July 22

You need rest, so indulge yourself. Protect your health and reputation. Pray, contemplate, plan. You and a “confidential group” might be working on a big (proto?) project, or you might find a closer connection with a charitable or religious/spiritual group. Go over insurance plans, retirement programs, taxes, etc. The government might reward you. Your energy and charisma, and physical presence reach a breezy peak Sun. thru Tues. But you might encounter someone whose quiet manner hides a stubborn, inscrutable person, who has all the basic ingredients of success. You might attach to this person, slowly and in stages. Chase money midweek. Errands, communications, variety fill Fri./Sat.

Leo, Weekly ForecastLEO July 23-Aug. 22

The accent remains on wishful thinking, popularity, social joys, entertainment, and a bright, optimistic view of your future. That rising popularity of yours could spark a light, friendly but significant romance, one that could turn to a wedding someday – either this month, quickly, or after mid-2014. Retreat Sun. To Tues., lie low, rest, contemplate, plan – handle requests from head office or government agencies. Someone might ask you to work harder than you should. Your energy and charisma surge upward Wed./Thurs. Start important projects – AFTER 4 p.m. PDT Wed. (Or after 9 a.m. if affection is not part of the situation.) Chase money Friday into the weekend.

Virgo, Weekly ForecastVIRGO Aug. 23-Sept. 22

Remain ambitious. The chance of a breakthrough is still strong this month. (Though the last week will bring a Mercury retro that will send you spiraling back a few paces – so act now, not then.) Your advancement (I’ve said this before) might entail the loss of a job. You’re at a major crossroad, for your change of direction now (career-wise) will set the road for many years to come. Higher-ups are temperamental, impatient all June; but they are also your source of funding. You might even feel (lustfully) attracted to one. Happiness, popularity and hope visit you early week. Retreat Wed./Thurs. – rest, protect your health, research and plan. Your energy soars Friday/Sat. – start something!

Libra, Weekly ForecastLIBRA Sept. 23-October 22

You’re in a contemplative, gentle, philosophical mood. That doesn’t mean “weak” – in fact, your thoughts are rather assertive, especially when you think about others, enemies, lovers, and your mate (or prospective mates). You see life and people profoundly now, and want them to conform to your vision of life. That might happen, might not. (Clues to “why not” appear Tues. afternoon: your residence or family is calling the shots, even by simply existing.) Money and work are on an even keel – Libras starting a new job or career now have a long, smooth road ahead. All June, Libran lovers are close to marriage (or at least to a proposal). Unattached Librans could meet a future mate. Realize this: your future family finances might be a puzzle if you marry now; so might the intermittency of sex. If you start a lawsuit now, you’ll probably win, but face swiftly expanding fees. Think carefully. Be ambitious Sun. to Tues. Happiness, social delights midweek. Retreat, lie low Fri. into the weekend.

Scorpio, Weekly ForecastSCORPIO Oct. 23-Nov. 21

A lust for power, for possessions, for growth, perhaps for another lifestyle, and for another body (take it both ways) fill this month. Be aware of your health – be proactive, see a doctor if you experience pains (especially in the hip/thigh or eliminative areas). You could make a splendid investment (perhaps the best investment in a decade) or begin a very potent/passionate “lust affair.” But do these well before late month. (When delay – and an old flame – could enter.)You could become pregnant. Intellectual pursuits, far travel, gentle love and learning fill Sun. thru Tues. Be ambitious midweek. Optimism, happiness, entertainment, popularity and light romance visit you Fri. Into the weekend – hold or attend a party.

Sagittarius, Weekly ForecastSAGITTARIUS Nov. 22-Dec. 21

Relationships are of ultimate importance this month. You could marry, or meet a future mate. If married and unhappy, you could divorce/separate. These are trends that have been growing for the last 12 months, and climax now. Benefits accrue if you sign contracts, negotiate, relocate, deal with the public, and generally go out toward others, encourage other’s desires/needs. Be the ultimate opportunist and the ultimate salesperson now, Sage! But hurry, as June 26 begins a slow-down phase. Sunday thru Tues. brings depths, mysteries, sensual longing, intimacy – overall, a clue to the 12 months ahead (though these matters will be luckier then than now). Gentle love, understanding, far travel or foreign influences/movies/writers midweek. Be ambitious Fri./Sat.

Capricorn, Weekly ForecastCAPRICORN Dec. 22-Jan. 19

Your work pile seems to grow and grow. Well, dispatch those chores one at a time. Tackle the small things first, as they carry as much “worry weight” as the big ones. But tackle some big ones also, as the last week of June will bring a slow-down and mistake-prone period (instructions will be misunderstood). The good news: after June, the large sack of responsibilities you’ve carried for a year will slowly dissolve, leaving in its place fresh horizons, new opportunities, and lively, lucky relationships! But for now, work hard and pamper your health. A foretaste of those looming opportunities and fresh horizons (but without the luck, yet) visits you Sun. to Tues. Depths, secrets, subconscious desires burst to the surface midweek. Gentle love, understanding, Fri. and the weekend.

Aquarius Weekly ForecastAQUARIUS Jan. 20-Feb. 18

Whether you’re in love or not, you can feel the sweet poetry of life, the sheer pleasure of life and beauty. If married, chase creative ventures, speculate, express yourself, entertain children. If single, seek someone’s attention. Your romantic luck is high (has been for months). One of the great affairs of your life could loom, waiting for you to make a plunge. If you can’t find anyone, join a group, sports club, political party, etc. Someone’s waiting! Tackle chores Sun. To Tues. Midweek brings exciting meetings, love’s invitations – and possible opposition if you push too hard. Depths, intimacy, secrets, research, large finances and possible health concerns fill Fri. and the weekend.

Pisces.svgPISCES Feb. 19-March 20

This is the end of something (probably involving your career, reputation or status) and the beginning of something (probably involving birth, home, real estate) – or more correctly, the climax of the ending and beginning. If you have not yet (since June 2012) changed homes or offices, bought real estate or sought a better rental deal, June is your last best chance for awhile. (Seek a prestige address.) It’s also a great month for establishing sales/business territory, starting a diet or nutritional regimen, gardening, giving birth or adopting a child…and making friends with the neighbours. Hurry, as slowdowns begin soon – and soon, too, a partner will be less “on board,” will grow indecisive. Passion, romance, beauty Sun. to Tues. Work, midweek. Exciting meetings, opportunities Fri. into the weekend.