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Another “short” column. Let me know if you prefer these, or want to return to the long “Weekly Forecasts.”
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 I WROTE here a few weeks ago that the stock markets would probably fall “starting mid-July.” I based that on the  lunar node in 10 degrees Sagittarius, a degree of much wealth. The node left 10 degrees and entered 9 degrees on the July 17/18 weekend. On Monday, July 19, the Dow fell over 900 points, or over 2%. (As I write this, July19 — still over an hour of trading to go.)

Oil fell 7%, same day.

Inflation will ease through December. (Should already have started to ease in late July.) But it will be back, Jan. to May, 2022. So use the next 5 months to protect yourself. E.g., renegotiate a long-term fixed rate mortgage on your home. Buy stocks which benefit from inflation, etc.
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aries icon  ARIES:  March 21-April 19

Ah, sweet romance! The weeks ahead bring a surge in romantic moments, creative and speculative urges, adventure, pleasure and beauty. You will be revelling in life, Aries! You have been toying with romance all July; now you put the toys away and grab the real thing. An established attraction/love might simply enter a new, deeper phase (which somehow includes co-operating in work or a health program). Or, you might switch amours, though this seems less likely. A co-worker romance might begin.

Wednesday starts 5 months of wish fulfillment, optimism and popularity — though a happy, bright Sunday might give you a foretaste of this happy trend. Withdraw Mon./Tues. — rest, contemplate and plan. Your energy and charisma leap upward Wed. through early afternoon (PDT) Friday. Wednesday’s particularly good (esp. for love) and Thursday’s adventurous, holds opportunities. Pursue money Fri. pm, Sat. Friday is “money for work.” Caution early Sat; the evening flows sweetly.

taurus icon  TAURUS:  April 20-May 20

The weeks ahead emphasize your domestic side, Taurus — spiff up your home, hug the kids, walk the dog. You are in one of the most nervous, stressed out phases of your life (2018-2025) so periods of deep rest are essential. You can reduce stress by gardening, exercise (especially outdoors) and by turning off the television.

Meditation can help some of you, but is a bad idea for others. (This stress also “pushes you” upward in career and status zones.) So use this month ahead to relax, but also to bury your hands in some work, chopping wood, painting, etc. — call it “relaxation zen.” On another note, August (and part of Sept.) will spark “true romance.” It might not be life-mate stuff, but wait and see!

Sunday’s exactly that — stressful. (An old opportunity raises its face, but the time to seize it is past.) Your hopes climb Monday/Tuesday, as social delights, entertainment, flirtations and blue sky optimism enter. Enjoy! But withdraw from the crowd Wednesday through mid day Friday. Rest, ponder and plan, seek advice and deal with government or administrative types.

Wed. is the best of these days. It also marks the beginning of five months of huge career opportunities and/or success. Your energy and magnetism return Friday afternoon through Saturday. Best plan: be patient until 1 pm PDT Sat. (9 pm Britain, 5 am Sunday in China) then chase anything — success rides with you. (Before 1 pm Sat., you would just raise obstacles.)

gemini icon  GEMINI:  May 21-June 20

Life grows even busier for the next few weeks, Gemini. Writing, speaking, short trips and errands, casual contacts, quips and witticisms, curiosity, news, reports — you’ll be “on the go!”

However, simultaneously, one long-held dream/wish comes down to earth now. (Both meanings: that a wish can crash and burn/end, or be “planted” in a specific locale, to grow. Gardens, earth, home play a key role.) August will bless your home, kids, gardens, security. (Avoid being a tyrant at home, now to mid-September.)

Sunday’s for contemplative, gentle love (so don’t argue!) — send your mind on a search. Be ambitious Monday/Tuesday, as bosses are watching. You will perform up to or beyond expectations, so don’t worry. Life dances with happy possibilities Wednesday to midday Friday. Flirtations, delightful friends, popularity and optimism lift you! Wednesday’s best; Thursday’s adventurous. Retreat for a good rest Fri. pm, Sat. — meditate, plan, seek advice, liaise with head office, gov’t. A good week!

Cancer icon  CANCER:  June 21-July 22

Chase money for the next few weeks, Cancer. Friends and even casual contacts become affectionate for a few weeks. For singles, a casual love affair might blossom. (It won’t lead to marriage.) Thursday starts six weeks of intensified communications and travel involving your career or status.

Now through year’s end, you will face fortunate opportunities in finances/investments, debt reduction, sexual intimacy, medical and lifestyle issues. Those appearing before mid-October will probably have some connection to your past; those that arrive between mid-October and late December will probably be new opportunities.

A hint of those financial, sexual or lifestyle opportunities comes Sunday — observe, don’t commit. A wise, mellow mode steals over you Monday/Tuesday. Handle legal, intellectual, scholastic, insurance and travel matters – all’s good, smooth.

Be ambitious and hard-working Wednesday to mid afternoon Friday. You will make headway, especially Wednesday. Some adventure, a risk, Thurs. (Not much might come of it, but it sounds a note, a trumpet call, of what’s to come now to Dec.) A wish could become reality Fri. pm, Saturday. Socializing, popularity, optimism, flirtations, start a lively weekend. Careful Sat. morning, when obstacles exist.

Leo icon  LEO:  July 23-Aug. 22

Your time has come! You’re the star for the next few weeks, Leo — energetic, charismatic, effective and a starter, a leader. Get out, see and be seen. Your money fortunes quietly improve until mid-August. $ continue to flow toward you past this point, into mid-September, but now the luck is a bit complicated, as debts and spending intrude. Be disciplined, bank profits, earnings.

Relationships perk up now to year’s end — for 5 months, others will be lucky for you, and you’ll gain if you jump on their bandwagon rather than insist on your own direction. Singles might meet a splendid mate, or renew ties with one. (Unhappy marrieds will tend to separate now to December 28.)

Sunday’s full of this — mates, relationships, opportunities — but stay cautious and keep your temper. Mysteries, sexual temptations, medical and lifestyle decisions, research, and financial actions command your attention Mon./Tues. — march forth, all’s good.

You see the wise side of things Wed. to late lunch (PDT) Fri. Gentle love, compassion, and good fortune in studies, law, far travel, cultural and social rituals — Wed.’s best. Friday pm, Sat., steer you upward, to ambitious goals. Friday daytime and Sat. after 10 am (6 pm Britain, 2 am Sun. in China) are best for action. Avoid early Saturday.

virgo icon  VIRGO:  Aug. 23-Sept. 22

You’re starting a month of rest and recuperation, Virgo. Head for a spa, or simply seek a bit of quietude to think, study your progress, and plan the future. A couple of things which you mulled over the past month, and considered doing, now fall by the wayside. Despite your lowered energy and pizzazz (until Aug. 22) you will become increasingly attractive to the opposite sex — and could have a secret affair. Now to year’s end, your work will expand — sparking more profit or a pay raise.

Sunday gives a hint of all the hard work looming this week to Dec. — but I wouldn’t start anything yet. (Wait until at least Wed. onward to initiate any chores, repairs, machine purchases or sales, or any practical project.) Monday/Tues. bring relationships, open or “public” dealings, fresh horizons and opportunities. All’s well, so charge ahead — diplomatically!

Life’s mysteries float to the surface Wed. to late lunchtime Fri. Careful Fri. morning — otherwise, this is a profitable, deep, meaningful few days. Possible results: investment winnings, valuable revelations, medical clarity, or commitments that lead to fortunate consequences. A calm, thoughtful, loving mood enters Fri. pm, Sat. Progress Fri., and esp. Sat. pm, in far travel, cultural and philosophical involvements, law, academics, and love. Many obstacles Sat. pre-noon (PDT).

libra icon  LIBRA:  Sept. 23-Oct. 22

A month of happiness opens for you, Libra. Friendly love, popularity, well-wishers, optimism and entertainment float through these days. You’ve already experienced this — from late June to now, in a romantic, “thin” way. Now the way broadens, from a creek of love, to a river, at least until year’s end. You might have to jettison July’s love, for August’s. Lots of money activity, buying/selling… and an easy, comfortable doorway to intimacy. If gardening, do not over-fertilize.

Sunday’s for romance, the thrill of meeting, and old memories. Tackle chores Mon./Tues. — you’ll get ‘em done easily. Relationships fill Wed. to noon-ish (PDT) Fri. Doors will open to new horizons, relocation themes, partnerships, public appearances, and opportunities. Grab any of these, be co-operative but eager. Good fortune prevails! Tackle chores Fri. pm, Sat. — all’s good if you avoid the first 13 hours of Saturday (PDT).

scorpio icon  SCORPIO:  Oct. 23-Nov. 21

A month of ambition, career goals, prestige relations and worldly standing faces you, Scorpio. Work hard, believe in your ideas/inspiration. Ironically (or maybe meaningfully) this ambitious streak comes just as the opposite side of your world — home, family, property, security — glows with good fortune (now through December). Combining both influences points to renting or buying a more prestigious home.

Lots of career discussions until Aug. 11 — this might signal a change of direction, even of career goals. Your social life might seem slim at the moment, but it will steadily grow in the weeks ahead… and might present a romantic situation.

Sunday’s for home, family, rest — don’t attempt too much. Romance, creative and risk-taking action, pleasure and beauty fill Mon./Tues. — take as big a plunge as you want, there’s water in the swimming pool. Confine your efforts to work, though, Wed. to “late lunch” Fri. (PDT). You’ll get a lot done, this is a fortunate period. (Wednesday’s best.) Relationships arrive Fri. pm, Sat.— difficult the first half of Sat. (PDT), harmonious before and after. Grab a work opportunity Fri., a love opportunity Saturday.

sagittarius icon  SAGITTARIUS:  Nov. 22-Dec. 21

The very things you love most, Sage, will be highlighted over the weeks ahead — far travel, international affairs, foreign people, intellectual questing and philosophy, religion and publishing, law, insurance, logic, fame — and love, gentle, soothing, shared-mood love. (The kind that makes good marriages.)

Sparks of ambition will float around you like fireflies in August; take up on one or two practical or career goals; they will expand (and give you a head start) late Aug. and September.

Calls, contacts, trips, paperwork will expand for the remainder of 2021. Sunday’s for these, but advance carefully. Head toward home, Mon./Tues. All’s well — hug the family, garden, do repairs, etc. Romance has wings, might be huge, Wed. to just past noon Fri. (PDT — 8/9 pm in Europe, pre-dawn Sat. in Asia.) Wednesday best. Also lucky for creative, speculative and games/sports activities. Tackle work Fri. pm through Sat. You’ll get a lot accomplished if you avoid the first 13 hours of Saturday.

capricorn icon  CAPRICORN:  Dec. 22-Jan. 19

Dig deep for treasure, Cap. Research. Much lies hidden for the few weeks ahead. Your subconscious rises to the surface, heightening your intuition. Use that intuition when making the financial, sexual, medical or lifestyle decisions you will face until late August. (Logic will give you the same answers, but without “enthusiasm.”)

This can be a month of surprising progress, and gratifying rewards. Be strictly honest, ethical, or an investment or relationship could collapse or entrap you. You have actually experienced some of this since late June, especially in connection with real estate or family, career and/or love. However, that was streaky, thin; now it widens until Aug. 22, into a more general and broad-based “nudge” toward secrets, finances and lust.

Romance of a mental, gentle kind blossoms for the next 6 weeks, perhaps with someone foreign-born, or a student or intellectual. August through December will add to your cash — maybe magnificently!

Money’s the subject Sunday, but be cautious, don’t seek co-operation. Errands, easy chores, paperwork, travel and communications fill Mon./Tues. — march forth, all’s fine. Be curious; file anecdotes away in memory. Lean toward home, kids, property, garden, security — and rest — Wed. to midday Friday. Wednesday’s best — launch any domestic project. Friday pm, Sat., offer romance, creative and sports/game success, charming kids, beauty and pleasure. Great results, if you can avoid the first 13 hours of Saturday (PDT — add 8/9 or 10 hours for Europe, 16 for China, etc.).

Aquarius icon  AQUARIUS:  Jan. 20-Feb. 18

Powerful relationship occurrences during the weeks ahead, Aquarius. Someone wants you, has wanted you for a long time. Oddly, another (others in general, too) holds the aces now, the ability to call the shots. Yet he/she tends to wait on your “permission,” finds you hard to convince/fathom. You might marry. In the weeks ahead, this powerful urge to merge (or to fight — wrong choice!) will be accompanied by “high lust.” (And maybe by significant financial stakes, agreements.) You might marry.

You might change your whole life in other ways, too: relocation, seizing opportunities, partnering for business or practical goals, etc. You’ve been a little more money/possessions oriented the past 70 or 80 days. This ends now, to bring 5 months of confidence, cheer, courage, hope and socializing!

Your energy remains high Sunday. This day highlights the kind of relationships or opportunities you might face in the next 2 months — but don’t act yet; wait until July 28 onward. Chase money, buy/sell, butter up clients, seek bargains, Mon./Tues. All’s well, go ahead.

Casual friends, errands and trips, paperwork and communications fill Wed. to midday Fri. (PDT). Again, a good interval, so dive in. Ask questions, search, you can learn something valuable. Wednesday’s most productive. Be home midday Fri., Sat. Hug the kids, garden, repair, etc. Rest, snooze, ponder. The first half of Sat. isn’t great, so act before and after.

Pisces icon  PISCES:  Feb. 19-March 20

Welcome to 4 weeks of drudgery, Pisces. Ah, well, it happens to every one. Just set your shoulders and plug away. You’ve already been busy with work and chores, but that was a streak — this is a broad, general influence. Not a bad time to buy tools, machines. Despite the accent on work (and health) some intriguing relationship occurrences await you all August and much of September. Small romantic moments will have you dreaming.

Now through December, your stock rises in management, government, warehousing, institutional, nursing, charity and spiritual circles. A fine few months to take up meditation.

Sunday’s meditative, quiet — rest, plan, avoid confrontations. Your energy and pizzazz pop upward Mon./Tues. — go forth, see and be seen, lead others, launch projects. You’ll win, get your way. Chase money and bargains Wed. to midday Fri. A good, lucky interval, so charge ahead, esp. in earnings, selling, memorizing/learning, and casual intimate situations. Friday midday (PDT) and Sat. make you busy with errands, calls, messages, emails, trips, paperwork. Act Fri., or after 1 pm for success.



GEE, a couple of weeks ago Trump launched a lawsuit against the Ministries of Truth, Facebook, Google et al, based on the claim that they were colluding with the government, which is prima fasciae absolutely true — and highly illegal.  Suddenly Biden and his administration, who for months have been sharing the same cooing lovers’ pillow with Facebook, turn like snarling dogs  on the company. Huge criticisms of Facebook. Why? Well I’m sure you can guess why. In fact, FB might have been in the planning sessions to come up with this false “we’re enemies” scheme. It’s a blatant attempt to discredit or protect against Trump’s lawsuit, to make a big public display of NOT being buddies, not colluding. It’s so obvious, yet might be effective, especially in the court of public opinion. These Democrats are semi-smart and deeply slimy.

***   ***

TELL ME THIS:  If hydroxychloroquine could have saved thousands of lives during the pandemic, and someone who controlled all information knew this yet hid this fact and thereby effectively denied the drug to covid patients, is that person not at least culpable for manslaughter? A murderer, responsible for 1,000’s of homicides? That person is 3: Jack Dorsey, Mark Zuckerberg and Sundar Pichai. They should have been arrested months ago.

And they know it. Expect to see a huge covert effort to control the 2022 elections by these murderers, because they know they must have a liberal government to cover for them.

Is there no one in America brave enough to enact a citizen’s arrest of these 3 criminals? Probably not, because that would trigger the FBI to destroy such a hero. At least Trump is suing them.
***   ***

A persons interior life is often reflected in their expression and complexion.
***   ***

Ultimately, we will all sit down together and find joy.
***   ***

1983 – 2229 ending era, and the 2229 start of mega-era.

Our present era, 1983 – 2229, is  defined by the chart of Pluto’s entry into Scorpio (in Nov./83). This chart is overwhelmingly Scorpionic: Sun, Moon, Pluto, Mercury and Saturn — almost half of all 8 planets.  Scorpio gives us long periods of calm punctuated by sudden upheavals: e.g., the Bosnian war, 9/11, the credit crisis of 2006-08. Scorpio works secretly and deals in sex and power.

Hillary and Biden are both Scorpios; so is Eric Swalwell (think Russian dossier, Hillary; think stolen election, Biden; Swalwell, communist spy). The FBI is acting extremely Scorpionic, also. The remarkable pile-up of planets and luminaries in Scorpio during the 1983 return prompted me two decades ago to predict a police state was coming. The lunar north node in Gemini pointed to George Bush’s win.

Dostoyevsky, often proclaimed as the novelist who revealed the recesses of the human soul, was a Scorpio with a Gemini Moon so, “someone who tells” (Gemini) “(soul) secrets” (Scorpio).
***   ***

My good friend Jurgen in Montreal has sent me two fascinating articles.

One is a scientific study which asserts, basically, that (many?) character traits are formed in the first few moments of birth. (Astrology birth charts, ideally, are drawn for the moment of first breath.) I have yet to slog through it, as the language is technical, but I think that’s the gist of it. I’ll revise or add to this if I learn anything.

(It’s ironic that the scientific community, which has spent decades, even centuries, attacking astrology as a deluded fantasy, is now beginning to provide supporting evidence for astrology without, perhaps, realizing what they are doing. Eventually, scientists will work in an area or with “presences” we would term miraculous. This discovery that a newborn’s brain activity at birth determines personality characteristics, just working with such fine, complex stuff is in a way miraculous.)

Here is the article:

Variability in Infants’ Functional Brain Network Connectivity Is Associated With Differences in Affect and Behavior

Caroline M. Kelsey 1,2, Katrina Farris 2,3 and Tobias Grossmann2,4*

1 Division of Developmental Medicine, Department of Pediatrics, Boston Children’s Hospital, Boston, MA, United States,

2 Department of Psychology, University of Virginia, Charlottesville, VA, United States,

3 Department of Psychology, Georgia State University, Atlanta, GA, United States,

4 Max Planck Institute for Human Cognitive and Brain Sciences, Leipzig, Germany

The second was not really an article but a question. Evidently scientists, economists, archeologists — a broad range of scientific communities — have been in agreement for some time that 536 AD was the worst year in at least the last 2,000. A “fog” descended upon the entire earth, or at least the northern hemisphere, for 18 months. The sun did not shine any brighter than a moon. Researchers now think 3 Icelandic volcanoes erupted that year, or closely following. It snowed in summer, crops died world-wide, it was akin to a “nuclear winter.”

A Black plague hit the Roman Empire, and wiped out 1/3 to 1/2 of Roman citizens, leading to the fall of the Eastern Roman Empire. (Does this ring a bell from the Bible’s Revelation, which predicts 1/3 of people will die?) Not only was 536 a worst year;  the 4 or 5 years following were similar. In some ways, this began the “Dark Ages” (usually counted as 500 to 1,000 AD).

So Jurgen asked, what astrological phenomena could have indicated such an event? Well, glad you asked, but I can’t find any overwhelming planetary indications of such a disaster.

Earlier, in 505 AD, Pluto entered Scorpio, setting up the next 247 years. This Pluto era chart shows Saturn (hard times) square (negative) the Sun, from the career sector and sign, but in the international segment of the career zone. Saturn is directly “above” the Sun (1st to 10th) which indicates dampening or obscuring the Sun. Additionally, Saturn is at 22 degrees Leo, the Sun at 23 Scorpio — Saturn is one degree “behind” an exact square, which gives the square the effect of a 12th-house grip on the Sun — in other words, Saturn not only controlled, it also “hid” the Sun.

Same 505 AD chart: the lunar s. node, meaning difficulties, lay in the sector of hands-on work, but also in one of the three signs of agriculture, Taurus. Saturn, sitting alone at the top of the chart (nothing else within 2 signs) could easily be the “fog” of Icelandic volcanic ash falling over the world. Saturn is in Leo, a fire sign, and Scorpio rules fire-spouting volcanoes. The ONLY food sign that has anything in it is Taurus, with the lunar s. node — indicating starvation, poverty, etc.

The north node, indicating protection and success, was in Scorpio, sign of secret power (which exactly describes the Middle or “Dark” Ages). Uranus, ruling farms in this chart, is in Aries, a sign of thinness, sparseness, heat and fire, drought — not a good sign for growing crops. These influences would have lasted, ultimately, until 751 AD, when a new Pluto era began.

Closer to the disaster of 536 AD:

In late 533, Pluto entered Capricorn (where it actually is again today, many orbits later).  This usually points to a destruction and subsequent rebirth, or transformation, of the hierarchy.  The accompanying fall of the Roman Empire was a transformation of hierarchy of there ever was one.

The Capricorn Pluto’s tendency to both destroy and empower the ruling class is showing right now in the U.S., where the Republican structure — and indeed the entire governing structure — has largely been dismantled or compromised by corruption and its constant mate, the FBI.

Bush Junior started this police state by spying on Americans. The Democrats have perfected it, have in essence enlisted the police state, and are working at creating a structure of rule to reflect that control and power. To make it palatable, they will use socialism/communism, rather than fascism. They want to be seen as “giving,” rather than “ruling.” (The irony of communism is, they give you so much that you’re left with nothing.)

There is no “date” to hang a 536 AD chart on. So I’ll use Jan. 1, 536. This means we must ignore the Moon, Sun, Mercury, Venus and Mars, which will markedly change their positions and signs through the year.

So what’s left: the lunar s. node in the 9th (international) and in Virgo (THE sign of agriculture, esp. of harvests) = crop failures. Saturn of “little reward” is also in the sign of harvests, Virgo, with Uranus (the unexpected). Uranus is in its “enemy sign,” Leo, but also in the 8th house with Saturn. The 8th means “stored valuables” — and Saturn and Uranus — Uranus particularly — point to “skinny returns.” Jupiter’s in Scorpio, which expands the secrecy-power thing.

That’s all. I can’t find anything else.


2 thoughts on “~ WEEKLY FORECAST ~ JULY 25 – 31, 2021

  1. Genius2021

    Tim. Spoke to you once over a decade ago. Simply not much has changed. No money luck in over 11 years. No romance luck, and no friendship luck, and no work luck yet to prove its wage.
    Though in 2019 I did attend film school, only to encounter every discrimination known to man, all under one roof. Luckily persistence and great teachers got me through to my diploma.
    I’ve always been strongly left brained thinking to describe it as I saw it in a show recently. And, here is what I think.
    The best crime is the one done in plain site. FB & FBI have so much in common. They both have eyes on the world. If I was the owner of FB, I doubt I would have the power to protect identities, but I would have the power to allow several breaches over a 10 year period, so enough info could leak. so if both were the same entity, who would really know? Just thinking out loud. Sometimes, the answers are staring us in the face, or are under our noses, or in sight of our I’s.
    Your weekly astrology Tim is by far the most accurate I ever read. Sometimes I wonder if your my twin, but then you write some super clever things, and realize, it couldn’t be true.

    In case its true, when would be a great time to disclose a partial truth? Right after a breach of course.

    Take care of yourself. I need you to be around for another 30 years or so.


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