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(You can skip the general discussion below, and go right to your own sign’s forecast, by scrolling down.)

Neptunians (people born with Neptune rising, and PISCES natives) are “quick learners” of psychic abilities. Some Neptunians have the ability to find criminals or name the last city you visited; some foretell the future as readers and diviners. Basically, psychic abilities come from a tendency to flow past regular boundaries – one of Pisces’—and Neptune’s – main characteristics. Often, Pisces often cannot even perceive, or believe in, regular boundaries. To the sensitized or meditating Pisces, the boundary between corporeal life and “the other side” is like a transparent membrane of water, or a saran wrap that one can float through.
Neptune rules perception and deception, truth and illusion. It rules healing and addiction, charlatans and true gurus. Christ is often thought to be a Pisces, and Christianity is generally accepted by astrologers as a Piscean religion. (Fish, the center of New Testament nurturing and miracles, are the modern symbol of Pisces.)
Like GEMINI, VIRGO and SAGITTARIUS, Pisces is a “mutable” or “double-bodied” sign. These signs tend to embrace both sides of any experience or perception – as such, they are frequently indecisive, restless, and possess “two’s” – two careers, two cars, two or more houses – they often marry more than once. If you show them a card painted black, they’ll involuntarily also image the unseen, unpainted, white side.
So Neptune rules both sides of many things: spiritual leaders, and pornography (and sometimes in the same vessel) sympathy and sadism (more correctly, sado-masochism).
Here are some things Neptune rules, or tends to bring us: pornography, spies, spiritualism, drugs, alcohol, meditation, yoga, perfumes, the subconscious, dreams, sleep, fantasy, lingerie, factories (in the sense of assembly lines) warehouses, government bureaucracies, hospitals, respite, palliative care, seniors’ homes, recuperation, nurses, solitude, contemplation, jails, corporate administrative departments, welfare, sympathy, secrets (partly: Pluto is the Grand Pooh-Bah of secrets) addiction, and optics, telescopes, and eyes – those with a poor Neptune often have eye problems.
This fascinating planet takes 164 years to orbit the Sun, so none of us who are alive today have experienced Neptune in its home sign, Pisces. Last April to August, 2011, this planet first put a toe into the ocean of Pisces, then pulled back; then in February 2012 it entered with more determination, and will swim through Pisces for 14 years, finally exiting in early 2026. During this time, all of us will “touch base” in a new and deep way with this sign and this planet.

Here, then, is the influence of Neptune on your Sun sign from 2011 to 2026:

Aries - (March 21-April 19)
ARIES, from 2011 to 2026 Neptune will enhance your inner world. For decades, it might have seemed that your private life has been an open book for any passer-by to glance into, or that your deepest yearnings, dreams and spiritual quests have been sloshed back and forth by larger, stronger events: friendships, marriage, kids’ demands, group dealings. Now, your soul returns to its rightful, proper home: in you. You’ll grow more familiar with what the new agers call your “inner child,” and with your own intuition, hunches, sensations, emotions. This is a deep, necessary step on your road to wisdom. It’s “know thyself” (or at least “explore thyself”) time.
You might find, now to 2026, that you become fascinated (or more fascinated) with spiritualism, meditation, yoga, psychic phenomena, other-worldly things. The more earthy among you could find that warehouses, premises, assembly lines, factories, government agencies, institutions, therapies, health procedures and security become more prevalent. Home, property, career and finances become more “comfortable,” as your intuition takes over. At the same time, your social zone clears, and enjoyable, crisp, eccentric people enter – laughter rises!
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Taurus - (April 20-May 20)
TAURUS, Neptune beautifully sculpts your friendships, popularity, fame, your plans for the future, your hopes and wishes, and your happiness, now to 2026. This sculpting will not happen overnight, nor in big, clear strokes. Instead, it will be like the surf sculpts the sand, or the ocean sculpts pillars and hollows in the shore. Ideas (especially hopeful, inspiring ideas for ventures, love or friendship projects, entertainment, etc.) will sometimes build slowly, over years, softly hinting here now, there then, until the picture emerges. But sometimes inspiration will come in a moment’s insight, idea or feeling – follow your hunches; don’t mistrust them.
Neptune will end the last 15 years of career uncertainty or worry: that area is finally open to straight-forward action without second-guessing yourself. Your social life is opening now onto new vistas. You could become a “gatherer of friends” until you have too many to count. Fame, renown are possible. You might also grow quite shy about friends and groups – but your popularity will still grow, whether quickly or slowly, over the 15 years ahead. You might befriend psychics, counsellors, nurses, social workers, and anyone who works to aid suffering humanity. Your own happiness will increase if you join the ranks of charities, aid workers, government offices or institutions, warehouse operators, etc.
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Gemini - (May 21-June 20)
GEMINI, Neptune in Pisces from 2011 to 2026 will definitely enhance your career. You might be drawn to a new career, especially in fields of sympathy, such as social work, nursing, charity, etc. Even if you stay in your present job, you might experience a deepening of appreciation for your career, and for the higher-ups, parents and VIPs around you. (This appreciation is a great asset, for when you understand or appreciate someone, they subconsciously favour you.) Your reputation will grow. Bosses will consider promoting you.
Your intuition will grow regarding ambition and career, earnings, money, possessions, and investments (debt, too). Your research abilities will rise, also.
In all this, don’t expect flashes of brilliance, overnight success, or anything sudden: Neptune will imbue this entire zone of ambition with a shifting, flowing, poetic ocean of impressions, memories, hunches, quiet insights, and empathic moments, strongly boosting your ability to understand the motives, prods and worries behind another’s actions. One thing: you will be known for what you do, so don’t over-imbibe, in drink, drugs, or anything “dreamy.” Pisces people might become important figures in your ambitious climbing. You are “set for success” if your first name begins with T or Z.
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Cancer - (June 21-July 22)
CANCER, Neptune in Pisces until January 2026 brings you out of the dark (1996-2011) into the light. For more than a decade, you have based your values on financial, sexual, physical and power motives. Now, a subtle but deep and vast transference occurs: more and more, you will see the things of earth (money, ambition, power, sex, etc.) as less important than spiritual, idealistic things. Not that you’ll abandon your ambitions and your love of earthly life – but you’ll see beyond these, to a greater social good, and a greater cosmic design. Your mind will wander into more mellow, wise, contemplative vistas. You’ll understand why the law works and why it is necessary; you’ll understand other cultures, and mankind generally. God makes more sense.
You’ll grow more interested in foreign lands and peoples. Many of you will fly over an ocean, cruise or undertake a major sea voyage – four of these are promised, if you want them. The arts, especially video and film, will draw you. This is an excellent 15 years to join a film festival or video club. Writers and artists (especially script writers and actors) will expand their vision, and broadcasting or publishing are boosted. You could taste fame.
In all intellectual pursuits, intuition will outperform logic, or be logic’s guide. If you’re researching something, try opening any book in the section/area that interests you, and there on the page you might find an answer or clue. Your inspiration will flow more successfully if you exercise it near an ocean, lake or pool-side. A wedding looms, if you’re single
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Leo - (July 23-Aug. 22)
LEO, from 2011 to early 2026, the planet Neptune will abide in PISCES, your sign of mystery – and of secrets revealed. Over the previous 15 years, you might have experienced illusion in relationships, followed by disillusionment. (Though if you were attached, the sex wasn’t bad.) You were ready to make a shining fantasy of almost anybody, and when the shine wore off, you found you had bought used shoes, not new ones. (If you were a saint and bought nothing, then you saw people with increasing clarity and depth.) That 15 years is over.
Now to 2026, this fascinating, elusive planet leaves your partnership sector, and reveals a new strength – the ability to reveal. It will pour clues upon you, solve mysteries and pique your curiosity about new ones. This grants you subtle new insights and abilities in the following zones: finances, investments, interest rates, research, investigation, diagnosis, occultism, sex and intimacy, dreams, sleep, and interfacing with your subconscious. Your intuition will grow; you’ll sense the right way to turn in many situations – nonverbally and without conscious logic. You’ll become a human lie detector. Sex will become a magic, dreamy joy. Some Leos will amass a fortune. All Leos will sense the depth and power of spirit. And you’re freed to pursue true love!
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Virgo - (Aug. 23-Sept. 22)
VIRGO, until January 2026, Neptune travels through your partnership sector. This zone includes marriage, relocation, contracts, negotiations, new horizons, opportunities, dealings with the public, possible fame, as well as challenge, opposition, enmity and the need for diplomacy and co-operation. During this entire 15 years, two heads are better than one.
Neptune holds the best (true love, the magic of bonding, great insight and perception) and the worst (illusion, deception, worry, dissolving results). Which of these occurs depends on you. If you’re unselfish, compassionate, empathic, and want nothing for yourself, you’ll find true perception – and pure love. If you’re self-aggrandizing, have an agenda, or fail to sympathize with others, you’ll be fooled and disillusioned. The most spiritual, fascinating people can appear, perfect mates who balance your logical, detailed, analytical mind with their intuitive, imaginative heart. Avoid anyone who over-imbibes in alcohol or drugs, or sets him/herself up as a guru.
You might relocate across an ocean – or move closer to one. Your indecision increases, while your intuition does also. Don’t decide big questions on logic alone: go with the flow of life, and the little quiet nudges inside. Your subconscious is rising, making its secrets available.
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Libra - (Sept. 23-Oct. 22)
LIBRA, Neptune in PISCES from 2011 to 2026 will not have a huge effect on you, but it will enhance your work efforts – you’ll become more intuitive, more willing to “free flow” through chores, and more capable in management, administration, policy and committee duties. You might display a flair for these, which can raise you to management level, or admit you “closed door” meetings. For this entire 15 years, be sympathetic toward others and their problems on the work front. The prime symptom of a lack of sympathy is worry: if you disregard others’ needs, you can find yourself anxious about your own job stability. (You might not connect these dots, for they are linked on a slightly subconscious level.) Watch your health: you might grow more susceptible to blood sugar disorders, mold and fungus, and tainted water.
Neptune’s 15-year stay will improve your prospects in certain fields: nursing (though most Librans hate gooey messes, so think this one through) social work, coaching, agent work, therapy, natural gas and oil pipelines, hydrology, oceanography, optics, film, video, script writing, spiritualism, iconography, religion (mostly in the sense of retreat, e.g., nuns and monks) boiler work, plumbing, psi-pressure stuff, night clubs, alcohol, pharmaceuticals, lingerie, government, administrative and similar work.
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Scorpio - (Oct. 23-Nov. 21)
SCORPIO, now to January 2026 you will experience one of the most exciting, creative, pleasurable, beauty-filled, poetic and romantic periods of your life. The past decade and a half of romance, for most of you, was rather casual. If you did find depth in a new love, it was a puzzling depth, filled with wrong turns and backtracking. Now everything changes: life, instead of frustrating love, or making you wait, welcomes you to a place of emotional readiness and calmness, wherein you can meet true, life-long love. This long period also boosts your creative talents, especially in film, video, and water colour. You’ll become more expressive, no matter what your position or lifestyle. Married Scorpios will feel blessed by their children (and their children’s families, if applicable). Your intuition will flow much more smoothly, especially in regard to love, children, creativity and speculative ventures. This can be a decade and a half of huge success if you are willing to take a risk, whether in love, on the stock market, or in creative works.
This superb trend will not fill your whole life – ups and downs will still exist, and you will have to contribute, too. Think of it this way: in your life’s evolving picture, a great master has now painted the background. You need to fill in the foreground, with all its details, yourself. At the end of this long period – in the 2020’s – you will begin to establish a new, stronger foundation for your life. That new foundation will be built upon the love you find now to then.
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Sagittarius - (Nov. 22-Dec. 21)
SAGITTARIUS, Neptune’s transit through Pisces (2011 to 2026) will bring a new sense of depth to your domestic life for fifteen years. There’s a good and a bad to this. On the bad side, you can become anxious about your home and those in your care, about your security, even about your retirement. Legitimate but small problems can balloon into apprehensive anxiety that in turn can prevent you from solving difficulties. You could become passive and indecisive. To learn how to avoid such negative states we need to learn what causes them. The answer is simple: pride, independence, and being selfish, or maintaining a fearful grip on your home, children, etc., will breed anxiety. Being unselfish, embracing and nurturing others, will cause worries to dissipate like morning mist in midday sunshine.
Other things can also calm you and bring confidence during this period: 1) live on waterfront, or in view of it, 2) have children; 3) own property (as paradoxical as that might sound) and 4) grow older. The fourth, of course, we do naturally.
So much for the difficult side. On the plus side, Neptune will bring you a surprisingly strong intuition about these domestic areas: home, real estate, children, security, gardening, nutrition, digestion and soul. These things will live with a new depth and “truthfulness.”
On a practical level, be alert to plumbing, ground water, mold and foundational issues in the house – especially if you are buying one.
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Capricorn - (Dec. 22-Jan. 19)
CAPRICORN, Neptune in Pisces until January 2026, enhances your skills as a communicator. You’ll be less propelled by logic, more by intuition and feeling – in communicating, but also in the “everyday” areas of thought, such as plans, business systems, practical details, costs, etc. Little nudges of impulse, small impressions, not only move you when doing errands, lists, talking, emailing, but also lead you correctly. If you’re a student (or writer) you’ll meet confusion if you attempt to write a logical piece, but will find great insights and expressions if you simply go with the flow. You’re no lightweight, but now (to 2026) your thinking will become deeper, drawing you to insights and vistas you’ve never known.
Travel over water or to water will occur – this could be anything from flying over the ocean to another continent, to visiting the seashore or a lake. More Caps than usual will buy a boat, large or small. You’ll enjoy reading articles on optics, stock rumours, interest rate movements, oceanography and such subjects. Spy movies will lure you. During the first eight years of this period (2011-2018) you’ll feel restless on the home front. So travel more: this will relieve your restlessness and prevent home disruptions caused by frustration; and/or travel will introduce you to the home you’ll tend reside in from 2026 onward.
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Aquarius-(Jan. 20-Feb. 18)
AQUARIUS, the planet Neptune will be in your money sector from 2011 to 2026. This heralds a new trend in your earnings, but the most important part of this phenomenon is what it leaves behind. You are now free of the indecisiveness of the 1998 to 2011 period. No longer will you feel stuck between various options, especially in monetary actions. Even more important, no longer will you give others false impressions, or, more correctly, let them project their fantasies onto you. (This always leads to their disillusion in the end, especially in love relationships.) No longer will you be a reservoir of various – and mostly nameless – anxieties and worries.
Your confidence will return, your decisiveness too, and with them your ability to form (whether instantly or gradually) solid relationships that have no “shifting shadows” around them. Your intuition regarding money, possessions and sensual (not love) relationships will steadily rise for the whole 15 years of this trend. You could find new sources of income in oceans, cruise lines, sailboats, marine life, marine food, film, video, lingerie, alcohol or drugs, nursing, optics of any kind, sympathy trades (e.g., social work) plumbing, basement restoration/drying, well-digging, natural gas and oil pipelines, and generally anything to do with liquids, gas or “luxuriant perception.” If you don’t work in these fields, you might invest in them (but if so, favour dividend-producers.) Generally, Aquarius, 2012 onward should bring a huge sigh of relief.
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Pisces - (Feb. 19-March 20)
PISCES, Neptune is your ruling planet. For the first time in 164 years, Neptune will travel through your own sign (2011 to 2026) bringing a new sense of self – especially, a new self-worth, as your natural talents – intuition, psychic awareness, “flowability” and flexibility – are enhanced and strengthened. Generally, frustration will ebb, as restrictions and “fate” fade to let you be captain of your own destiny. (Since destiny is a thing held in our unconscious, perhaps this means you will delve deeper, naturally and easily, into your own hidden layers, to discover more and more about who you are, and why past behavior patterns have occurred.) You thinking will become more fluid and accurate. You know how sometimes you think of the perfect “come back” an hour after you’ve left the person who teased you? Well, in these 15 years, you’ll “have” the right response immediately: even if that response is only a lifted eyebrow.
I will promise you more power, influence and “presence” in the world; but I can’t promise you more money. You might face a mild dilemma at some point (perhaps 2016): do you go for a bigger paycheque, or for a more spiritual or “happily humble” life? If you are a practising diviner, psychic, Tarot reader, psychological or physical therapist, or counsellor in any field, even financial ones, you will find yourself in much demand. But the most beautiful aspect of this Neptune change is the beauty and pure magic of life, as it grows anew in your heart.
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