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In early June 2011 Jupiter will once again change signs, bringing a new luck cycle for everyone, lasting into mid-June, 2012. The last cycle was brief, not even six months, and demanded hard choices, even the sacrifice of competing interests. This one is more leisurely, lasing 12 months, and contains no hard choices or sacrifices. It occurs in Taurus, a slow, steady sign that draws its strength from calmness.

Aries - (March 21-April 19)
ARIES, June 2011 to June 2012 brings luck to your money picture. You will earn more, will gain a pay raise, sell items, can buy and sell profitably, can increase your client base, etc. Try to aim for permanent or long-lasting sources of money. For example, overtime might increase your salary for awhile, but a pay raise could benefit you for years.
Your monetary luck can be tied to international companies or dealings, to higher education, the travel industry, legal settlements, publishing, media, broadcasting, to cultural venues, even to love. (You might marry someone wealthy!) Libraries, schools, and travel hubs glow with profit. Your career has been under pressure for some years: this year marks an excellent time to change careers or start a business.
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Taurus - (April 20-May 20)
TAURUS, from June 4, 2011 to June 11, 2012, your personal luck will soar. Paradoxically perhaps, this luck will deeply involve another – or deeply enhance, benefit and expand projects or situations that involve another person, or a partnership of some sort. (For many of you, this will be your spouse, but it can be a business partner/associate, a lover, a friend, someone you want to become intimate with, etc.)
This luck has three phases – three times it will offer a smooth ride or success in a meaningful relationship, and can bring you marriage, great opportunity, a lucky relocation (perhaps to a foreign destination) or a beneficial legal contract. Elements of co-operation combine with elements of investment or sexual intimacy; these in turn combine with elements of higher education, law, publishing, far travel, cultural rituals and/or love. As you can see, many things are on your side! However, hard work will be required, especially in that last “list” (higher education, cultural, love, etc.).
Do pursue financial success, but don’t pursue higher earnings. In money, think value, sharing, investment, long-term. Short, daily, spending, selfish, independent money pursuits, if over-emphasized, will sap success.
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Gemini - (May 21-June 20)
GEMINI, June to June, 2011 to 2012, focuses your luck in a special and often ignored area: the region of retreat, of quiet, peaceful solitude. You will find the time and place for this, perhaps in a park, or a room with a view. You might have gone through a major change recently, or you face a life-changing action (a change of homes, retirement, starting a family...anything). This is not the best time to make this change, but to get your bearings, to contemplate where you really want to go next, to choose what is really meaningful in your life, and to make plans to enact it. Rest up, because huge action, and great luck, will arrive from June 2012 to July 2013. The present twelve months are also a superb time to heal, to seek therapy, to rid yourself of old fears and formerly hidden self-restrictions. Often we go through life encumbered by invisible vines of guilt, of misconceptions, of old hurts or over-reactions. They change our path, make progress a struggle, cause costly mistakes in money or love. The year ahead will shine a light on these hindrances, and help you eradicate them.
To enhance your success, seek advice, seek relationship, forgo independence (while still accepting sweet periods of solitude) invest, plan, research, be charitable, seek spiritual enlightenment, pursue love where you are sexually attracted, not where you feel physically “neutral” ... and avoid the bustling crowd.
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Cancer - (June 21-July 22)
CANCER, your new luck cycle began June 4, 2011 and runs to June 11, 2012. You face one of the luckiest scenarios of any sign these 13 months. Wishes will come true, especially those involving your work and career. But your biggest luck will be social. Your popularity will surge, light romance and flirtations will occur. Make and accept invitations. Entertainment and fun arise everywhere. This is a splendid time to join a new social circle, club or organization, political, service, sports or other-oriented. The people you meet now, and any group you join, can benefit your life for years to come. These new people open vistas of understanding that never leave you. You might meet your future mate in these new circles.
Not all relationships will be easy, for you’re in a 15-year period in which others might be a bit overbearing, secretive and stubborn. But one of these stubborn people could turn out to be your life-long love! In love as in everything now, including fame (which can come to some Cancers) the trick is to be opportunistic, rather than deflated by obstacles. It would be hard to find a luckier year. Life looks and feels brighter; optimism fills your heart and makes you glad to get up every morning!
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Leo - (July 23-Aug. 22)
LEO, from June 4, 2011 to mid-June 2012, your luck will surge in career, ambition, status, and prestige relationships. You could be voted president of your service club, or appointed to a management role at work.
This will be the best year for your career since 1999/2000. Your work will be a bit harder and longer than usual, but your accomplishments will line up to support your ambitions. Higher-ups will notice your increased efforts, and stand ready to reward you with opportunities, a new position, more responsibility, etc. What you achieve this year can last for decades. If you’re approaching marriage, your future parents-in-law approve of you strongly. Your own parents stand proud when they see you, and are more willing than most years to respond to your requests with generosity. (Even judges, police and such authorities will tend to favor you.) You can find that your creative, romantic, or speculative talents – your ability to take a risk – or an educational, legal, international or media/publishing element – contribute luckily to your standing. It’s a great year to start your own business or to invest in your skills.
If you’re single, you might “marry up” or otherwise greet some upward draft in life that would not usually be lumped in with “career.” So do take advantage of your luck to start this new phase in a positive, fruitful direction!
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Virgo - (Aug. 23-Sept. 22)
VIRGO, the twelve months from June 4, 2011 to mid-June 2012 bring wisdom and a broader understanding of life.
Luck streams into your love sector, bringing a uniquely gentle, intellectual harmony with a person who excites your deepest sensual and spiritual regions. A brand new kind of person, tantalizing, elusive, sympathetic and supportive, enters. Strangely and sweetly, the non-physical and the physical merge. Avoid those who overdo drugs or alcohol.
If you’re unhappily married, or separated, this year (June to June) is likely to bring a legal, formal parting of ways. In all cases – new love, renewed love or divorce – this cycle’s events open the curtain on a huge 15-year chapter in your life, with new and different opportunities and relationships. This is a splendid year to see this new horizon, to understand it and form an approach to it.
Your luck in legal matters soars. You can win lawsuits (or end them) or sign contracts that ensure a future profit. This is a hugely beneficial year to attend university or college, travel internationally, join a religion or form a philosophy, write, broadcast, publish, seek fame, wed, or link up with other cultures and minds.
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Libra - (Sept. 23-Oct. 22)
LIBRA, your new luck cycle lasts from June 4, 2011 to mid-June 2012. You could feel the climaxing of major relationship developments. You’re ready for new depths, new situations, even a new world, in almost every relationship – marriage, business associations, dealings with your “public,” etc. You’ll break off associations that cannot move into these depths – a for example, a business association/project that can’t attract funding, or an emotional attraction that won’t move into intimacy. This “year” (June to June) brings great sexual luck – pregnancy to hopeful couples, sensual opportunities to yearning singles, etc. Expect a cornucopia of opportunities in finances, investments, research, diagnosis, investigation, health, lifestyle changes, occultism, relocation – and anything that might change your life in deep, major ways. It’s a very fruitful time for any kind of therapy.
This is a superb time to ensure your future financial security. Take out a mortgage, invest in a business or buy stocks/bonds, retirement funds, etc. A real estate investment could support you for decades – though it might not give flashy “overnight” returns. If you’re young, you’ll have less to invest, but you’ll have longer to enjoy the results. Think “steady, practical, and commitment,” and you’ll win this cycle!
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Scorpio - (Oct. 23-Nov. 21)
SCORPIO, your new luck cycle, from June 4 2011 to mid-June 2012, promotes relationships of all kinds – and their bountiful rewards. This year could bring marriage to singles, divorce/freedom to unhappy couples, and new joys to happy couples. Rewards can spring up from almost any relationship – business, emotional, public dealings, fame, friendships, etc. To succeed, be a joiner, even temporarily a follower – good fortune will come through others, rather than emerge from independent action. Adamantly independent Scorpios could even face strong opposition.
Whether they’re founded on love or more practical motives, your links this year will tend to have a fortunate, perhaps unintended, money result. For example, you could fall in love with someone, or befriend someone, then find they open a door to a new, more lucrative job for you.
At least one big, potentially life-altering opportunity will arrive in employment, client work, sales or another earnings situation. Pounce on any openings at work, seek higher-paying duties. If an opening occurs in a foreign office, or across the country, or across the street to another firm, grab it. This is the luckiest year in a long time to relocate. Any changes you make in your relationships will turn you in a opportunity-laden direction for years to come. You face a huge new future – go forth, embrace it!
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Sagittarius - (Nov. 22-Dec. 21)
SAGITTARIUS, your new luck cycle, from June 4, 2011 to mid-June 2012, will bring piles of work…but there’s gold in that pile. You can easily land a lucrative job, increase your pay scale, or otherwise swell your bank account. If you’re in sales, you’ll attract and keep lucrative clients, because you’ll go that extra mile to serve them.
It’s not a lottery-winning year; it’s a year of much – and expanded – work. But the economic gains you achieve through hard work will merely be the first step in a long, growing financial expansion, due to last to at least 2023. In a lucky way, your “work” might be in areas you love: travel, intellectual, cultural, legal or educational zones. You might also find that your rewards are delayed. For example, hard work studying will pay off when (and after) you earn your degree. The work you perform now can lead to promotions, either now or in 2015/16. Be careful, deliberate, plan and march steadily toward your work goals. In no other year would you be so likely to achieve them! It’s a splendid year to buy tools, equipment, machinery and computers.
This cycle (and overwork) can affect your health, so guard against weight gain, especially around the hips and thighs. Protect these areas from blows, falls, etc.
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Capricorn - (Dec. 22-Jan. 19)
CAPRICORN, from June 4, 2011 to mid-June 2012, you will face splendid romantic luck. You can meet someone who is strong yet gentle. This applies even if you’re a man, as the woman who attracts you now will tend to have good looks combined with a healthy, solid presence, physically as well as emotionally. Paradoxically, perhaps, romance will also entail some responsibility – but you thrive on responsibility. In the most simple sense, this means it won’t be free, but the “duty” that’s attached to love this year is likely to be a happy one – e.g., a wedding, or parenthood. Perhaps you’ll need to help your loved one with some task or burden.
This same influence brings expansion and benefits to other areas, such as creativity (especially verbal or written) arts, pleasure and vacations (an international one is very favoured) sports and games, speculation, risk, and the joys of teaching or raising children.
Dealings with government agencies, head office, institutions, factories, warehouses and studios will be lucky. You could qualify for government aid, or win a grant. Scholarships are available. Your spiritual side rises buoyantly. You already know you’re undergoing deep changes; this makes you very alluring. A love born now could last a lifetime.
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Aquarius-(Jan. 20-Feb. 18)
AQUARIUS, the year from June 4, 2011 to mid-June 2012 blesses you in the realm of home, family, real estate, healing, gardening/agriculture, soul, nutrition, security and retirement. This could be the year you really settle down. Anything you do to improve your domestic situation will pay off for many years to come, financially and/or emotionally. Buy furniture, landscape, renovate – or have a baby! Even if you’re a renter without a down payment, use this luck to move to a more spacious, attractive place. If you only have a bit of money, buy a rural plot for vacation camping or a future retirement cottage.
This luck phase also brings deep, sweet emotional and psychological healing, whether within yourself, or on a broader scale, such as family counselling. Let go of past grief and disappointment – this leads to a rebirth of your freshness, vitality, and optimism about life. Abandon stale or restricting people/projects now: instead, nurture the new. Get plenty of rest. The security and peace you establish this year will give you a platform of strength to meet the exciting romantic, creative, speculative or child-oriented adventures due to come from mid-2012 onward!
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Pisces - (Feb. 19-March 20)
PISCES, June 2011 to June 11, 2012 expands your spheres of travel, communications, casual friends, siblings, details, errands, paperwork and reports. You’ll be curious, and you’ll gather the facts, and you’ll tell a good story. This isn’t the luckiest of luck cycles, simply because it occurs in an area that isn’t hugely important. However, in June 2012 (through June 2013) you will be in a very important luck cycle, one that can establish the home you’ll live in for many years to come, or one which might end one career and start another. So use this present, very lively and informative “year” (June to June) to gather all the facts you can learn and investigate all the possibilities bearing on a possible change of home or career in 2012/13. What you learn now can make your choices so much better next year. For example, if you are planning to move next year, take a few short trips now to investigate the neighbourhood, city/town, or even country you might want to end up in. If you have no idea, follow your nose – it’s a good guide this year!
This is a great time to write, to get that long report or research project finished. Work on this before September or after December 2011.(The research phase is over, so focus on expressing what you learned. Any bit of extra research needed can be done September-December 2011.) If you’re seeking employment, try news media, transportation, telecom, or distribution fields. Your career is changing these years, but not particularly this year. You might notice – and will benefit from – increased communication and travel at your workplace. Don’t neglect necessary conversations, contacts or emails.
You can make some entertaining, lively friends this year. You might also re-unite with long-lost cousins or siblings. Get out, explore – it’s a busy, fun year!
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