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Economically, we’ve groped through a dark and stormy night since 2007; but in mid-2012 the first cool, shy sunlight bathed our souls. The U.S. recovery predicted last year has begun – and should last into mid-2015, when worldwide inflation or deflation begins in earnest. The “fiscal cliff” won’t be steep.

As the U.S. goes, so Canada – to a point. Oil prices remain soft for the first six months, impacting the West. The real estate market, boosted since 2009 by Ottawa’s low interest rates, now holds these as a soft-landing parachute – until 2015. Though relative stability rules, August might bring an “early warning jolt.”

Generally, investors remain luckier than wage earners. Many advances will be made in transportation and communications.

Governments, institutions, hospitals, factories – all swell like sponges in water. Technologies will fight each other – e.g., Apple vs. Samsung. We’ll see even more severe clashes of army-v-citizens or hierarchy-v-rebels. The U.S. might enter/start a small, brief war in June/July.

Dreamers and mystics square off against logical pragmatists. This creates marijuana wars. Hospital wars. Naval expansions and confrontations. Spirituality will flourish, as will research in ocean sciences, optics and astrophysics. Everyday business will go well; large matters such as international trade will meet (legal) barriers.

On cultural fronts, the sexy, grisly, dark crime shows (Bones, CSI, etc.) will lose audience. Brighter, lighter fare will catch the ratings train. We’ll see more “Mom knows best” family value shows. Homelessness as dark comedy.

We should delay starting new projects or relationships from February 23 to March 17, June 26 to July 20, and October 21 to November 10. Don’t start a new love or cultural affair December 21 to January 31, 2014..

Aries - (March 21-April 19)
Through June, life’s fun, fast, filled with new acquaintances, short trips, talks and visits. Enjoy life without worry. Explore and learn.
The second half of 2013 grows more serious – and rewarding. You face the best real estate luck in a decade. Buy, sell or renovate, or seek a better rental. Affection, optimism and cheer fill the home. Visitors from afar might arrive. You’ll benefit from a home office. This is a splendid interval to put down roots, build foundations, to birth or adopt a child, even to expand sales territory. You will face a consequential choice, especially in early August, between home/quietude and ambition/career. Choose home.
Your career continues to change – this spring and autumn, you might rebel against the powers that be; your future plans are involved. Friends arrive in January/February. Your magnetism and determination impress others March/April. A friendly, light romance could start June/July. Contain your impatience, your rough side, in July/August and December. Romance flares September/October. All year, intimacy – and finances – are slow, weighty, but rewarding. Earnings might ebb, but they’ll rebound in 2014.
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Taurus - (April 20-May 20)
The money vault remains open until late June, Taurus. Buy and sell, chase new clients, ask for a pay raise or promotion. What you achieve now (even non-monetarily) can boost you to an earnings plateau that will last for decades. Money could swell from research, investigation, investments, networking, international contacts or higher education.
July begins 12 months of travel, variety, communication, paperwork and friendship. Your curiosity can lead to new research projects and investment opportunities and/or to a fine sensual bond.
All year, others respond slowly in love and business; yet behind that reluctance affection and respect are growing, so don’t give up after your first approach – try, try again. All year, you’ll gain from interaction, lose from being overly-independent.
Someone whispers sweet things in January. Light romantic prospects fill February – what seems over will gain a second life, right into April. Your sexual magnetism glows in May – beware entering a verboten bond. Avoid temper in September/October, just when romance surges. Two love candidates fill November with decisions: your choice could start a major love affair.
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Gemini - (May 21-June 20)
Your luck soars February to June! You’re in charge: you can relocate (or not) pick your lover/mate (or freedom) and choose between many opportunities in business and friendship. Travel abroad, attend higher education, work in publishing or other idea-oriented fields, seek fame, advertise your business, or simply shake a lot more hands. All bring more luck than you expect!
Despite this luck, you might remain wounded from the relationship upheavals of the last 15 years. But that’s over. Spread your emotional arms wide now: someone will fill the space.
From July onward, a money boat docks in your harbour. Do everything to boost your income in a permanent way. A partnership or new vista plays a key role. Hands-on work is recommended, though it will be hard. Avoid delegating. Avoid government offices. Pay taxes promptly.
Love is better the first six months; sex increases the last six. Someone’s attracted January/February. A friendly romance fills April. Your courage and magnetism soar in June. A marriageable attraction lights the autumn, but don’t change homes or start co-habiting in October/November.
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Cancer - (June 21-July 22)
Until late June, your luck hides in quiet places: home, government offices, institutions, warehouses. Delegate chores, rest and recuperate. This is a great time to study, plan, reconnect with your spirit, and perform charitable deeds.
In the second half of 2013 your fortunes do a 180 turn – success, cheerfulness and optimism radiate from you. Employment prospects brighten. You might cross international borders. You can gain from import/export, publishing, higher learning and legal affairs.
Don’t build castles on shaky, imagined foundations in January/February. (This illusion might be rooted in the summer of 2012.) Someone who makes promises might break them.
All year, chase deep romance; let the light stuff go. True, life-long love might arrive(anytime now to 2024). An exciting person draws you in January. An old flame enlivens March. A confidant flirts in June. Your sexual magnetism soars all summer. October to December brings a complicated but fascinating heart thrill.
Work grows intense in January, affectionate in February. Management likes you. Your ambition soars March/April and mid-summer. DON’T let a lawsuit start, February/March. Nutrition improves health.
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Leo - (July 23-Aug. 22)
Wishes come true before July, Leo. Your popularity soars. If you’re single, a light, friendly romance seems almost inevitable. It could turn sweetly serious, as you sense a growing depth of communion. You and others are in a marrying mood, especially January through April. Downplay arguments in January.
July (to mid-2014) brings a quieter mood. Rest, recuperate. Meditate, contemplate where you’ve been and where you want to go. Make plans for next year. Deal with civil servants, be charitable and spiritual, clear up neglected chores and obligations. You might be promoted to a more managerial role, or move up the administrative ladder this summer.
Don’t argue with the boss in May. Meet impatience with a smile. All year, avoid changing careers/jobs: you’d likely jump to something worse. Don’t try to get ahead by skirting boundaries.
Your magnetism surges September into mid-October. December fills your heart with romantic notions. If you’re attached, shower your love with little gifts.
Take a deep rest in November. All year, your home and children demand – and repay – additional care and expense.
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Virgo - (Aug. 23-Sept. 22)
Your career and reputation surge to a June peak. You could be promoted, gain renown, or grab a business opportunity. Bosses and parents-in-law love you. You might have to quit one job/career in order to grab the bigger benefits of another.
July onward (to mid-2014) brings celebration. Your popularity rises, flirtations and light romance spring up everywhere. Your life fills with group activities, entertainment, wish fulfillment and many plans for the future.
Your investments and assets face more changes. Be safe, not risk-prone. Ignore “persuaders.”
Seductive, mystical Neptune recently entered your marriage sign for a long, long stay. A very different, puzzling, fascinating “type” attracts you. Reject substance abusers, accept dreamers. If you are already married, you will either feel your mate has grown more puzzling (but you love it) or you’ll feel unfulfilled, your mate seems to be “old stuff.” Old flames and old friends waltz into your life in March, July and this autumn.
All year, avoid legal hassles. This isn’t the best year for international travel or for beginning a higher education program.
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Libra - (Sept. 23-Oct. 22)
Through June, you’ll gain from higher education, far travel, and cultural involvements. If you face a lawsuit, you’re likely to win. If single, you might wed. The best kind of love awaits you.
From July onward your ambitions sprout – this month begins one of the luckiest career or business years of your life. Higher-ups want to back you. Love, travel and/or culture could be involved in a successful venture. (For example, you might marry – up.) Charge forth!
All year, you continue to be bothered by domestic pressures or changes. You might make money from or spend it on, real estate. Be frugal; your income is mildly restricted all year. Avoid big investments, and commitments based solely on sexual desire. Protect your digestive tract.
Eccentric, fascinating people enter. Your romantic courage could capture a future life mate in January. Someone impresses you in early spring – but is it love or competition? Be careful April/May: a clandestine love is a doorway to sorrow. A wedding, or a long-distance love, could arrive in June. Friends bring romantic wishes true this autumn.
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Scorpio - (Oct. 23-Nov. 21)
February to June invites you to a banquet of opportunities in finances, sexual intimacy, and lifestyle changes. Delve beneath the surface – this leads to profitable insights, even to treasure. Chose investments that yield earnings. Your progress in physical or emotional therapy will please you. An inheritance or settlement (e.g., from divorce) is very possible.
July onward (to mid-2014) opens lucky doors to international travel, school, legal affairs, publishing, and love. If you’re unattached, this second half can bring one of the sweetest, most uplifting affairs of your life. However, you would be wise not to marry or co-habit before March 2014.
January and September/October might bring a promotion. Be gentle with family members in January. Avoid lawsuits July/August.
You have just entered a huge creative and child-oriented phase, lasting to 2025. Love just gets better! Old flames appear in March or July. Relations are fiery April/May. June is sexy; a co-worker sings your song. (You might also make a huge June machinery purchase.) You attract others September/October, but your heart grows indecisive – right into early 2014.
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Sagittarius - (Nov. 22-Dec. 21)
A whole new world, packed with opportunity, awaits you. February to June, you can luckily relocate, marry, negotiate a contract, and profitably deal with strangers or the public at large. Fame is possible! Your luck emerges from relationships, so be willing to befriend, co-operate and cultivate others.
July (into 2014) brings splendid luck in sexual bonding, pregnancy, finances, investments and debt, lifestyle changes, research and health diagnoses. This period will steer the fortunate links of 2013’s first half into intimacy and bonding; business links veer into funding. This is an excellent time to set up an investment program – but avoid speculation, especially in August. Sidestep legal hassles September/October.
Unattached singles find potential mates, happy couples find adventure and travel, and unhappy couples are likely to separate/divorce this year. March/April light your romantic fires – and determination. The summer intensifies relationships, turns them steamy.
Though your progress might seem snail-like in management zones, keep at this area: it creates deep future benefits. Avoid expanding hands-on work. Be diplomatic with impatient bosses and parents this autumn – smile!
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Capricorn - (Dec. 22-Jan. 19)
The first half of 2013 is pure slogging – work, health, watching the kids, repairing machinery, etc. Eat and dress sensibly. Overtime fattens your bank account, especially in February and June. You might be promoted laterally to a bigger task.
By July the drudgery ends – this month into mid-2014, you’ll face lucky chances to relocate, gain new clients, move to a better job, to marry, negotiate lucrative contracts, even to touch fame. But all your luck emerges from goodwill, so treat others kindly and eagerly. You’re immersed in a decade of “self-reconstruction” – 2013/14 forms the “interaction” phase of this. Quality time will diminish stress on the home front.
January offers a sensual link. The spring brings friends. All year, be with light, happy people rather than seek heart-pounding amour. A light, fun link could become a major affair, even marriage. This summer, you move swiftly from attraction to intimacy. You could wed by September, while unhappy couples might separate. In November, you become unforgettably charming to someone – this could lead to powerful love developments in 2014.
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Aquarius-(Jan. 20-Feb. 18)
A powerful romantic trend, delayed since last autumn, grows rockets from February to July. If you aren’t yet in love, you likely will be! Attend functions in February – someone will be attracted. Travel and romance mix in March/April. May brings sweet feelings and home strife – be gentle with kids and spouse. By June, love potentials soar. Someone you considered a friend might become more.
July brings work – a ton of it, stretching into mid-2014. Computers or electrical systems need attention. This work period will fatten your bank account, and it sets you in place for a promotion. Don’t quit a job. Be extra ambitious from November into March 2014 – a management role hangs in the balance. Take care of your daily health: eat and dress sensibly.
Relationships grow fiery August to October: this could bring love or enmity – or both in one package. Love’s light and friendly in October – yet can grow intimate quickly.
All year, avoid retreating into “security mode,” becoming entwined in domestic responsibilities, or investing in food/shelter areas. Do not buy real estate.
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Pisces - (Feb. 19-March 20)
Use the first half of 2013 to secure your base, Pisces. Rest, get your beauty sleep, firm up foundations in business, and – hugely lucky now – buy/sell or renovate property. If you’re a parent, put the children on a stable course: apply for future schools, start savings programs, give them extra hugs. Adoption succeeds.
This strengthening of your base will give you the strength and freedom to grasp the splendid offerings of July 2013 to July/14. Good fortune will touch your career, your creative efforts, and your romantic activities. Expect adventure, games, far-flung travels. You’re on a winning streak!
All year, choose far travel over short, legal documents over casual promises, the profound over the casual. You might fall madly in love after June. An old flame might appear in February/March, when you simmer with sensual magnetism – but many changes of heart can occur. Old flames haunt July (passion’s high) and October/November (tempers and gentle love mix).Your social life brings a parade of sweet prospects from November to March 2014.
Rashes, cuts or burns might need attention September/October.

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