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APRIL 28 – MAY 4, 2013
by Tim Stephens

All times/dates are Pacific Daylight Time.

AN IMPORTANT ANNOUNCEMENT: The folks who have operated this web site,, have graciously agreed to let me assume ownership of the entire site by May 12. This is a brand new adventure, and I hope to add new features… however, I am a techno-dodo, so I am trying to find a web master who can work cheaply and do a good job. I’m on the hunt now. (Yes, please send your resume if you are interested.) However, glitches can occur, so in case you can’t find the site, or anything else goes wrong, please write down my email address and phone number:, and 604-886-4808 (in Canada) for future reference... As the astral column will not be in the newspapers, this web site is your only link to me.

We’re getting close to June 25, the day another 54-week luck cycle begins for every sign. So let’s plunge in:

ARIES, the past 12 months have favoured and boosted your casual communications, short travel, and acquaintances. (Now to 2018 is one of the best phases of your life to accumulate friends. And don’t ignore people you’ve met since March 2011 – one or two of those will “stick” with you for many years/decades.) But to a large degree, the past year (June 2012-June 2013) has kept you very busy, while not yielding super-fruitful results. The mid-2013 to mid-2014 period is different on both fronts: 1) everything is slower, haste ebbs; and 2) the fruit, or result, can be tremendous. This is the best year since 01/02 for real estate dealings. (In this recommendation I am ignoring the real estate market – whether it is good or bad – probably good in the U.S., bad in Canada – you will tend to pick the winners, to get the best deal, to purchase a place thast expands your life and your understanding. This is the year, if you have one going, to drop a stubborn or fruitless lawsuit and steer your money (and efforts) into finding, buying and/or building a home for yourself. If you’re already well set up, think about revenue properties.

This year ahead will also bless your soul and your children. It’s a great time to retire or plan a new retirement (financial) program, to renovate the kitchen, to revise your food intake, to meditate, do yoga, and to end stale relationships and situations, and begin new ones.

TAURUS, the year ahead will not solve a lot of your problems (and Lord knows you have a few) – but it will certainly distract you from them, and lift your heart from the rather heavy place it’s been in for the last half-year or more. You face puzzles, yet you might have completely forgotten that many puzzles dissolve in the face of knowledge, and knowledge is there for the taking, in libraries, newspapers and on the internet. The 54 weeks ahead (beginning June 25, 2013) bring a huge boost to your “information access.” You’ll probably read more, And certainly will find yourself in many conversations, with relatives, friends, and strangers. Coffee shops might become your second home! The great thing about all this talk and reading, is that they contain deep things, secrets, the answers to mysteries, etc. – especially about 3 main subjects: health, finances and sex. Someone’s casual comment can become your key to a treasure of understanding – even to profit and good investments. Expect an increase in travel, phone calls, emails, visits, paperwork, errands and details. Pay special attention to paperwork involving taxes and pensions.     

Start Nothing:
9:37 p.m. Sun. to 5:21 a.m. Mon.,
7:07 a.m. to 7:20 a.m. Wed.,
and 9:24 p.m. Thurs. to 11:25 a.m. Fri.

Aries - (March 21-April 19)
Chase money, but carefully – examine your motives in any new money opportunity/situation. If in doubt (very unlike you!) now to February 2014, choose investment, mutually held funds or possessions, growth of net worth, over “cash flow.” In buying, also, chose appreciating items over depreciating -- e.g., a house over a car. Sunday’s mellow, thoughtful, wise. You might hear or read a message denoting gentle love. Call someone attractive. Be ambitious Monday/Tuesday, show your best face to higher-ups – yes, there will be disruptions and barriers, but there will also be success.
Taurus - (April 20-May 20)
Your energy, magnetism and clout are at a yearly high now through May, Taurus. You could conquer the world! But it would be wiser, this year, to conquer yourself first. Put another way, all that clout you carry now should be used in the service of others, or to attract or deal with others. Seek advice, reject an independent stance. Otherwise you could end like the I Ching aphorism: conquering an empty city. Your determination is powerful now; use it to examine, solve and rid yourself of past limitations and emotional ghosts. Sunday holds lucky investments and sweet intimate moments.
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Gemini - (May 21-June 20)
Lie low, rest, contemplate, now into late May. You need a breather. However, don’t sink completely out of sight: this would not be healthy, and could cause some valuable ties to wither. Though this is usually a good planning period, cast a skeptical eye on any plans you form now: June will bring better ones. Government-related or admin concerns seem to meet delay after delay: be patient, all should work out if you maintain a polite, cheerful demeanor. Sex, secrets, subconscious promptings and good investments (and some bad!) fill Monday/Tuesday: conservative wins, impulse loses.
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Cancer - (June 21-July 22)
Hopes and wishes come true over the weeks ahead, Cancer – but remain alert and don’t expect a lot. There’s an odd paradox floating around now: if you chase a wish, it’s manifestation will elude you; but if you don’t even wish, the cosmos might grant one. It’s a karmic thing. Your popularity and social life expand now; but don’t be so social that you neglect a potential or blossoming romance. (This one could lead to marriage, after a long “up ramp.”) Chores, Sunday. Relationships disrupt and anger, yet please and succeed Monday/Tuesday – pick and choose. Love, wisdom late week.
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Leo - (July 23-Aug. 22)
You’re ambitious, and higher-ups demand your presence (and acquiescence) to late May. Remain alert, aware of your own motives. You push too hard, or resent it when VIPs don’t adopt your suggestions or project. Leo, higher-ups will “ignore” you until next February. That’s a blessing in disguise. Keep your head low, stick with the status quo, smile, and let higher-ups run affairs on their own. Pushing them (or changing jobs/careers) will have unfortunate results. Chase romance or pleasure Sunday. To work Monday/Tuesday. Exciting attraction Thursday! Changes, mysteries late week.
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Virgo - (Aug. 23-Sept. 22)
The weeks ahead bring wisdom, gentle love, a feeling that the world “makes sense” – and this brings calm and mellowness. In truth, though, this is one of those times when wisdom itself is foolish, when wise men are fools. (Think Polonius in Hamlet.) Culture, foreign films/revues, far travel, higher learning, legal matters – these are promoted during the weeks ahead. But that luck and apparent cosmic favour might come to nothing: some glitch might cause interminable delays. If this happens, say thanks: delay is your friend right now. DO NOT enter a lawsuit before March 2014.
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Libra - (Sept. 23-Oct. 22)
A large temptation can face you now into late May. Strictly AVOID investing, opening a new chapter in your sexual/intimate life, changing your lifestyle dramatically, or making ill-considered commitments to others. You can also find research and/or detective work prove fruitless (or worse, lead you to “discoveries” which will later prove wrong or useless). Instead, accept surface appearances and focus on your own earnings: here safety and ease walk with you. Buy depreciating assets, not appreciating ones. Joy, Sunday. Be ambitious early week and Friday. Romance , beauty Thursday.
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Scorpio - (Oct. 23-Nov. 21)
Relationships fill the weeks ahead. Relationships bring co-operation or opposition, and these in turn generate opportunities. However, this May (and generally to next February) you’d be wise to maintain an independent stance. This is not the best time to marry, form a business partnership, relocate, deal with the public, or chase opportunities. (Be skeptical in these, of your and others’ motives.) Sometimes where we are is the best place to be. Chase money Sunday. Travel, communications Monday/Tuesday. Rest, nurture family midweek. Romance, pleasure arrive, Friday/Saturday.
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Sagittarius - (Nov. 22-Dec. 21)
Work and health concerns fill the weeks ahead, Sage. Give these areas their due, not more. Lean toward administrative duties, management, delegating tasks rather than picking up the shovel yourself. Kids need care, but handle them like little employees: let them do their own chores. Your spiritual side blossoms (if you let it!) now to February. Your energy soars Sunday: a Gemini wants to meld, a Virgo wants to help your career. Chase money Monday/Tuesday. Speak softly Tuesday night. Casual friends, talk, travel fill midweek. Settle into home, family, nature Friday/Saturday.
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Capricorn - (Dec. 22-Jan. 19)
Light romance is better than the heavy variety now to early 2014 – especially this May. Groups and entertainment are better than solitary (or couple-only) pleasures. Keep a constant eye on your future: it’s your “guiding anchor.” Rest, Sunday. Your energy and charisma surge upward Monday/Tuesday: start significant projects – but NOT in romance, art, creative zones, speculation or dealings with children. An assertive person is headed for frustration. Chase money Wednesday (cautiously) and Thursday (lucky daytime). Friends and siblings, talks, travel and visits fill late week.
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Aquarius-(Jan. 20-Feb. 18)
The focus remains on home, kids, security, nutrition, mother nature, retirement, rest-oriented vacations and foundations, in home and business. Don’t sacrifice your other life – your career, for instance – to these zones. DON’T buy real estate (this advice lasts through February 2014). Sunday’s for social delights. Retreat, rest, study and plan Monday/Tuesday. Your energy and charisma return at least partially Wednesday (challenging) and Thursday (lucky). Chase money Friday/Saturday. A bit of work could make/save a lot. For the next seventeen years, your money abilities increase.
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Pisces - (Feb. 19-March 20)
Trips, visits., paperwork, details, siblings and acquaintances fill the weeks ahead. Don’t get so wrapped up in these things that you forget the “profound side” of life. Now to next March is not a good time to ignore far travel, legal matters, education or love, just to maintain a friendly, busy lifestyle. Slow down, think. Five minutes pondering in a park is worth a whole day of hectic errands. Be ambitious Sunday. Social joys, popularity, perhaps light romance visit you Monday/Tuesday. Retreat midweek; rest, contemplate and plan. Your energy and magnetism soar late week.

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